The Huck is Stuck: Newly-available hard data reveals gaping hole where the audience should be

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  • tinker_thinker

    Uhoh…looks like only the stop rush bullies are watching Huck. Wrong time, wrong market, sorry Huck…stick to Fox.

  • 911Infidel

    Now why would a resonable, sound conservative want to switch channels from Limbaugh to listen to the dull, boring, ineffectual sounds of Huckleberry? If the libsticks think that their boy Huckleberry is going to compete against Limbaugh and win, then they are truely the dellusional dolts that I keep claiming them to be.

  • 4Hoppes2

    One thing for sure, Huck will never be remembered as a legend at WABC in New York where Bob Grant set the stage for engaging talk radio. Mark Levin uses the phrase “get off my phone” that was originally one of Bob Grants favorite phrases. I used to listen to reruns of Bob Grant in West Mi. late at night crystal clear long before Rush Limbaugh became the metric by which all talkers were measured. Sorry Huck, Rush Limbaugh has over twenty years of competing in this market and knows how to keep his listeners listening.

  • Donya G

    After listening to Rush for 20 years, I don’t think I can listen to Huck. I can’t even stomach watching his FOX’s show.

  • CowBell_Fever

    What was Cumulus thinking? Oh yeah, I guess they really weren’t, huh? I live in the Dallas market – the WBAP lineup was great till they took over and ruined it.

  • nibblesyble

    Well we all called it…dismal failure. As it should be…no one can touch Rush!

    • Neal Boortz is retiring from WSB Radio here in ATL in January 2013 🙁 I’m sooo disappointed… he’s a staple here…and Herman Cain is going to replace him… :Sigh:

      • nibblesyble

        Cain used to do radio right? Is he not good at it, or do you think no one can replace Boortz? Kinda like Huck with Rush right?

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012


    Why was my prior comment here removed? It certainly did not violate the Comment Policy. What gives?


  • Huck agrees with the Obamas more than a Republican should…. he said its a wonderful idea giving illegals “legal” status. Who is he or any of the “DREAMERS” to freely give away citizen rights to whomever for whatever reason?

  • NoToTyrants

    Beneath his amiable good ol’ boy demeanor, beats the heart of a power craved statist.