This is funny: MSNBC host asks Glenn Greenwald if he ‘crosses a line’ in defending Snowden…

No matter where you come down on Edward Snowden, I think you should be able to see the irony/hypocrisy in this semgment as MSNBC suggests Glenn Greenwald is crossing a journalistic line in defending Edward Snowden. Greenwald agrees that he does have an agenda and says he’s open about it, however, he then turns it right back around on MSNBC and shoves it in their faces:

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  • Nukeman60

    “…Not everyone on MSNBC does that [defends Obama] 24 hours a day…”

    Yep. I’m sure they could take a survey and find ONE person who might not defend him all of 5 minutes. That would justify her comments. But at least she admitted in front of the cameras that, much to no one’s surprise and for the most part, they do. Nice job.

    • toongoon

      That ONE person is one of the secretaries and its only eight hours per day; while she’s at work. She’d lose her job if they found out.

      • timerunnersc


    • Lady_Penguin

      Good catch. By saying “not everyone” she acknowledged what MSNBC does…

    • Yazz55

      My kneejerk reaction to that line was…
      Really? which one on this (msnbc) network doesn’t promote and defend the obamessiah & his regime 24/7/365???
      I’d expect a minute of silence from the msnbc talking head, as I don’t think they would have any sort of a response for it.

  • tdaly

    Good for him, and if it wasn’t for Snowden, we wouldn’t know about all the spying and corruption from our government and big corps that push it.

    • Bill589

      “big corps” – aka, DC’s crony-capitalists. One and the same ‘Axis’, in the war of DC vs The People.

      • timerunnersc

        Well Said!

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    Technically, Snowden might be a traitor, but I am glad to know about what he divulged. If he is a traitor, however, then Ubama and most of his henchmen should be tried as traitor’s as well.

    • lawngren

      Amen to that. Let the worst traitors be tried for treason and the sentence carried out before we worry about Snowden.

      • Steve Angell

        Exactly. The NSA and everyone that knew about this should be tried for Treason and shot.

        Snowden should be given immunity in exchange for testifying against them. That would be actual blind justice.

        But we have class justice. The upper class is immune from justice 99% of the time.

        • timerunnersc

          I’m not sure about the treason yes, shot part hum?, maybe a long stay in at Club gitmo.

          Now if we’re talking about Benghazi, that’s a different story. I’d be willing to stand the line.

          • Steve Angell

            Yes I realize the libs would never actually allow real justice. But real justice would be a firing squad.

            I see the spying a greater problem than the incompetence that caused those four deaths. Every American was affected by this spying and American freedom completely destroyed.

            • timerunnersc

              Every American was affected yes, but privacy and freedoms were violated, but not destroyed. Mr Klayman and Judge Richard Leon proved that much. Besides if freedom was destroyed as stated, there would be a firing squads, many of them.

        • lawngren

          I agree. Although justice is sometimes achievable when no “protected” persons are involved, the usual result of a clash between “an average Joe” and someone wired into the power structure is a foregone conclusion. And the power structure isn’t always about money or political connections either. Just ask George Zimmerman.

      • PVG

        After Cruz is elected, maybe he will pardon Snowden.

        • timerunnersc

          Maybe after Obama is Impeached Mr Snowden won’t have to wait until 2016.

      • timerunnersc

        ditto that!

    • timerunnersc

      The henchmen should be tried first, then bring in Snowden as a witness against the henchmen and we’ll get to see what today being a true American hero is.
      We need many more heroes as is Mr Snowden, to come foreword with more evidence about this lawless regime.

  • lawngren

    All you MSNBC obama suckups can go right on lying, for all I care. I don’t waste my time listening to you (except sometimes when Scoop posts an MSNBC clip) because, contrary to what Greenwald said, you are NOT journalists and you ARE liars and you DO promote the obama REGIME 24/7/365, no matter how stupid or anti-American or anti-freedom or deliberately destructive they are. MSNBC is a propaganda machine for the Left, and that is all. You have zero journalistic credentials or ability. Shrivel up and blow away, will you?

  • aposematic

    Exposure of treachery against the US Constitutional Republic, even if it is treachery by our own Government, is welcome in MHO.

  • Patriot077

    No matter what we think of Greenwald and Snowden, this concise MSLSD takedown should be enjoyable to all. That girl couldn’t think of a thing in defense of her worthless colleagues. LOLOLOL!

    • Lady_Penguin

      You could tell she didn’t like the FACT that he identified MSNBC as the propaganda arm of Obama, the Dems, and their agenda. Also note, that he got in the FACT that they do everything they can to undermine the Republican Party.

      • Patriot077

        He sure had the first and the last word! I was actually shocked when I heard his remark about their attacks on Republicans. Good stuff, huh, LadyP?


    …Keep On, Keeping On Glenn Greenwald the TRUTH shall set us all FREE !”

  • timsrighty

    I guess Greenwald won’t be invited back to MSNBC anytime soon. The info-babe stepped right into that one LOL…I love MSNBC for a laugh. GAWD!

  • toongoon

    Its good to hear a media outlet admit that MSNBC is an arm of the democrat party and Obama. Its awesome when you hear it on MSNBC.

  • FreeManWalking

    These MSM Personalities Defending 0b0, need their own Democrat Anonymous Meeting Group.

    Hi I’m Julia, and I have been defending Socialist Democrat scum all my life.
    Group: Welcome Julia

    • Jaels_Song

      Julia, for your first 12 months of Oberity, you’re not allowed to have any propagandist relationships.

    • toongoon

      Is liberalism rehab covered by obamacare?

      • timerunnersc

        Excellent avatar!

      • FreeManWalking

        wouldn’t that be kind of a Catch22?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Julia, honesty is so important in the road to recovery, so would you tell us, is your name really Julius, with ‘Man’ in your name and a mustached male as your icon?

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Journalism, I thought, was supposed to be straight news casting/reporting whereas news commentators and editorial columnists were supposed to be opinion givers. However, MSNBC is, as this guy rightly intimated, part of Obama’s Ministry of Propaganda.

    • timerunnersc

      The last I heard obama now has 20 or more news journalist / propagandist working with him at the white house, so your right on the mark.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        If you listen to the first part of this clip and think Obama in the place of Snowden’s name…. select group of ‘journalists’ he’s chosen to give information to, people who have become spokesmen/women for Obama…and she just demonstrated what she would say to someone who accused the station of being one of those outlets!

        • timerunnersc

          Notice right off she miss spoke, she said journalist Smoke / spoke Snowden. I wonder where she heard that before? (-;

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            Do you suppose she used a bong before doing the segment? Or is it just that she’s used to journalists blowing smoke? Or had she just misspoke when she said smoke?

            • timerunnersc

              At this point I’ll say hard to say for sure what the problems with liberals speaking. I have noticed it for years they have a very hard time speakings complete sentences without screwing up a word, Whether intentional or the reason why not sure.

              But by accident I heard Eliz. Warren on a radio show this past week and she was speaking her normal dribble, but I notice every time she would say the word fundamental, she sounded more like she was saying the word, femidamental(s). Everytime she would say the word it was in a flash speak, not in a normal slow said word, so I had to listen for her to say the word again, if she would, and she did say the word at least 5 more times in about a 2 minute span, every time she would say the word, she said it the same way. Her other words were clear easily understood, so I thought hum why is she speaking that word that way? The subject matter was about women not able to get a job because of bad credit. She said the word fundamentals throughout the short radio segment, fundamental change & obama change came to my mind over and over. Warren more implied than said directly.
              (Fundamentals) or Femidamentals?
              I’m sure Warren was saying Femdamentals?.
              Spelling like sounded.
              I was thinking as I listened is this a Secret/Coded Word?
              Seriously strange.

    • sjmom

      I too always thought journalism was straight news reporting but it seems the universities who teach it have changed the definition. This is why very few trust them anymore.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        ‘liked’ with proviso- very few on this board trust them and likely very few conservatives (if any)…. but there are many others, unfortunately, as you know, who plain gullible or living in ignorance, swallow what they hear from the Ministry of Propaganda.

  • timerunnersc

    Just as Mr Larry Klayman said without the information Mr Snowden released, Mr Klayman would have had no case against the NSA, a case he won in court. This link is where he made the statement about Mr Snowden:

    The Judge Said pdf file 68 pages:

    We Americans who love our freedoms and our liberty should be thanking Mr Snowden, Mr Greenwald, L.Klayman and his honor Judge Richard Leon.

    Mr Klayman’s info @ .

    American Tea Party

  • tinlizzieowner

    Here we go again, another friggin spammer.
    You’ve just been ‘flagged’, 😉

  • Vick’s Dog

    MSNBC has ridiculous barriers placed upon them –because the Corporate demands on the scope of their content — they look silly –they must be getting paid well to be such fools –they can’t possibly believe what they submit

    • johnfromjersey

      Hi Richie, I gave you a thumbs up but I disagree. I think they DO believe all the stuff they say. They’re true believers, they believe that socialism will work, if only we had the right person in charge. Poor deluded souls.

  • spin43

    Don’t we all realize at this point in time that MSNBC is working for the Obama Regime?

  • Dr. Strangelove

    I’m not sure info-broad was even aware she just got spanked. True believer.

  • Keith Rabinowitz


  • CalCoolidge

    When she said NOT EVERYONE on MS-LSD advocates for Obama, she was referring to the occasional guest, right?

  • sjmom

    I’ll give Glenn an A+ for this interview. He hit the nail on the head and though the host tried to slough it off he came right back at her.Good for him.