This may be the worst political ad of the year

It’s just bad. It doesn’t need a ton of analysis explaining why it’s bad. Just watch it and you’ll see. It’s terrible:

Next time they should just say exactly what they mean instead of trying to come up with a catchy phrase that works with Debbie Stabenow. Because they apparently suck at it.


UPDATE: Just to be clear, my beef with this ad has nothing to do with the Asian girl talking about China. That is probably the best part. My problem is that the message gets completely upended by the “spenditnow” vs “spenditnot” slogans. It just comes across as thoughtless.

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  • Im sorry I disagree, I think this add was awesome. LoL, we need to stop being so offended by little things like this.

    • I’m not offended. I just think as an ad, it sucks.

      • The ad did not explain the principles of what they were trying to go against. It needed more detail and facts. Newt and Rick would do a better job of teaching the principles of sound economic policy.

        It’s strange to hear the leftists screech and squeal, demonstrating and shouting against the Tea Partiers for wanting sound economic policy…calling it terrorism, hate, bigotry, etc.

        It makes me wonder how liberals conduct their own financial lives…Are they in huge debt? Do they bounce checks? Live in luxury at others’ expense? Do they pay their taxes? (some of Obama’s appointees were caught owing hundreds of thousands) Do they steal from their employers? Do they give to charities?

        Why do they want our nation to do what a sane and responsible individual would not do and a crook would go to jail for doing?

        • Anonymous

          OBVIOUSLY, THEY don’t have problems like this. It’s just us they have to protect us against. However, I completely understand what the ad is saying. Govenrnmnet spends too much … it has to borrow more. More from China. However, it doesn’t lump taxes and regulations, but then the commercial at that point would be too convoluted to get the point across … which in my opinion it did very well.

        • bobemakk

          What the young lady in the commercial said is so true, but I DON’T WANT communist China owning US, they are closer every day that the Obama regime keeps spending and increasing our deficit.

      • Anonymous

        You are wrong. It is awesome and pimp-tastic!

        • Anonymous

          I be her number one man. She say “Hey round eye, you come love me long time”

      • Anonymous

        Most political adds suck. This was no worse than most others.

  • Anonymous

    LOL – I thought it was funny. So, maybe you’re right; it’s pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Pete is the top candidate, in terms of money raised, to unseat Debbie Stabenow. He just proved why having a lot of money does not necessarily make you a good candidate. Clark Durant is my choice for the job.

  • Anonymous

    I like her broken english, the stereotypical hat and the rice fields… nice touch.

    Honestly, it’s better than some of Romney’s or the DNC’s ads…

  • Anonymous

    I watched twice, just too make sure I didn’t miss anything. I didn’t. You’re right Scoop, this is childish.

  • Sheya

    But the ad is getting enormous attention, isn’t that the point? Plus the message is quite clear. While you might not like the script the ad does serve the purpose.

  • Joe

    THIS is the best commercial ad (by Clint Eastwood >>

    Watch it before Chrysler pulls it – They pulled it once

    If a ploituician van emulate it – It would be golden

    • Anonymous

      It’s a well done commercial, but it looks like an Obama commercial to me. Halftime? Are they saying Obama needs a second term to finish the bailout? Did we pay $3.5 million for a superbowl campaign ad?

      Also, it’s interesting to note that Eastwood’s movie, ‘Gran Torino’, featured a Ford, which has done well while not taking the bailouts.

  • The Republicans just keep shooting themselves in the foot.

    • Anonymous

      Scoop said violence will not be tolerated. You are forever banned, Ricardo!!

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I would have changed is to put pictures of Obama, Reid and Stabenow in the ad and call it the “Spend It Now” Democrat Party.

  • Here’s another one in the same tradition –

    I don’t know which of these candidates is D or R, but I would guess Debbie is a Democrat.

    Whatever the party….

    We must put the stops on some of our trade policies to protect American jobs.

    We must also stop foreign hackers from stealing and pirating American technology and inventions.

    Violating trademarks is a crime. Foreign or national.

    We must get out of debt, individual and corporately, privately and nationally.

    We must return to sound and sane economic AND foreign policies.

    It’s time to get the big irresponsible spenders out.

    • Make that “We must return to sound and sane, *principled, legal and honorable* economic AND foreign policies.”

      This election and the last year, has taught us that all ‘capitalism’ and free enterprise is not good.

  • Anonymous

    We’ve met Pete Hoekstra many times at different Republican get togethers, like Lincoln Day Dinners etc. He’s going to be the guy that unseats Stabenow we hope. He’s got our vote here in Michigan.

    In 2010 he tried running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination here but lost it to Snyder, who campaigned as the outsider who is nerdy, but brilliant in business and everything else. The people were ready for an outsider and Hoekstra was in the US House of Representatives. 2010 was a major victory across the board for Republicans in Michigan.

    Regarding the ad, I neither love it nor hate it. The spend-it-now thing should schtick, I mean, stick. It ran here during the Superbowl last night 🙂

    Stabenow’s a union prostitute. It’d be nice to retire her.

    • Anonymous

      I loved the ad. It was catchy, concise, and made a point. It probably was low on the production cost side, but, hey, it was awesomeness!!!!!!!

    • K-Bob

      If only we could get rid of Carl Levin and John Dingell.

      • Anonymous

        Amen! But, I call him John Dingleberry! 😉

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, it stinks. Did “The Donald” write that ad?

  • Anonymous

    That is the best commercial ever! Debbie SpenditNow is gonna get rolled by my boy Pete Spenditnot.

    • Anonymous

      Hey steve – the fact that Stabenow is going to get rolled by Hoekstra deserves lots of “likes” (regardless of the cringeworthy ad). 😉

  • Persephone

    The problem with using the “Spend it Now” phrase…is that it might actually appeal to the people who want the government to ‘spend it now’ to help them out.

    And “Spend it Not” sort of reinforces that ‘party of No’ label that the Dems have been using for a long time to tar Republicans with.
    They could very well use this as an example of how “those evil Republicans don’t want to help you at a time when you’re hurting”.

    So despite being kind of trite, this ad could end up backfiring and doing more harm than good.

    I like the idea of using the ‘Chinese girl’ to highlight how stupid it is for us to be continuing to run up our debt to China.
    It’s the “spend it now/spend it not” thing that is a bit lame and cringeworthy.

  • Anonymous

    This is certainly a unique ad but it is far from the worst and it does make a good point.

  • well done ad.
    Chinese young communist female thanks a lot “useful idiots with money” from U.S.A.

    Right in the teeth Ad.

  • Well, it does play to racial stereotypes. Does that make it a bad ad? It isn’t something I’d run, but maybe that’s just me.

    • cabensg

      OMG! we should pull it immediately. Having a Chinese looking girl playing a Chinese girl is just unacceptable.

      We should have had a white American looking girl (whatever that is) using broken Chinese explaining how she was raised in China by Chinese parents who didn’t speak English so she was expressing their opinion and thanks for American money. After which she would have said how her government is also thankful for American money and she’s glad she isn’t in America because it’s better living in a peaceful successful communist government where they don’t need American money.

      That should fix it.

      • I don’t think there are many children that fit that bill.

        Also, if she were raised in China by Chinese parents, why would she speak broken Chinese? She’d be a native speaker…

  • That girl was obviously an American pretending to have poor English grammar skills. It reminds me of old Hollywood movies, though I don’t see it as racist. It’s lame, but so are most political ads.

  • StNikao

    This election is about a struggle between opposing worldviews concerning the principles of economic prosperity and capitalism as much as it is about political parties, values and religions. Big resentments are festering between these groups.

    Here is a quote that I thought capsulated one level of the struggle:

    “And, after a while, people who pay their bills on time start to feel like suckers. I think we’ve reached that point now:

    * People who pay their mortgages – often at considerable personal sacrifice – see others who didn’t bother get special assistance.

    * People who took jobs they didn’t particularly want just to pay the bills see others who didn’t getting extended unemployment benefits.

    * People who took risks to build their businesses and succeeded see others, who failed, getting bailouts. It rankles at all levels.”

    From ‘The Makers vs The Takers’ linked here at one of my favorite Christian news blogs:

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with it at all.

  • Anonymous

    Well the dame saying “Debbie Spend It Now” was mildly arousing.

    Other than that it sucky sucky big time!

  • Anonymous

    Errrr… I’m with Scoop. What just happened?!!!

  • I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta agree with RS on this. The important message regarding Stabenow and fellow Democrats’ profligate spending is completely lost on a lame “SpenditNow” catchphrase that will simply never catch on – paired with the sunny predisposition of an attractive Asian woman who is supposed to convey the ominous threat behind China’s domination. of the US economy. Methinks Hoekstra & Co. should have consulted the folks at Citizens Against Government Waste, who brilliantly marketed the same message about China’s sinister intent, in the following ad:

    • Psyphurr Lock

      Stop alluding and tell the truth. So tired of the political correctness.

      • Anonymous

        Psy Lock: CAGW, the organization which created the ad, is a non-profit, non-partisan group which generally advocates for conservative causes. Unfortunately, their 501(c)(3) non-profit status prevents them from doing precisely what you request.

        However, I’m sure if the people behind Hoekstra had used the ad as a template to improve upon the one currently being broadcast, they would’ve splashed Stabenow and the Democrat party’s name all over it, as this is who/what he’s running against.

        • Psyphurr Lock

          I was agreeing with you. I am also a Michigander. I just want the truth to be told like it is and for people to stop with the PC crap. I don’t care who the challenger is to her position, as long as they are far more consertive and successfully removes her from office. We have to take back our country!

          • Anonymous

            My bad, PL…and couldn’t agree more with your last post!

    • Anonymous

      At Super Bowl ad prices, they have to keep it pithy!

    • Anonymous

      Where is the Constitution and the Declaration in the Republican Party?

      It is time for a new Party based on the Constitution. Dems? Republicans? Independents?

  • David Casey

    I also like this ad. Sometimes the truth is hard to swollow. We have entered the Age of Truth, having just exited the Age of Fantasy.

  • I really don’t care what any of you say.

    She’s hot.

  • wow… that ad is horrific – and just intellectually stupid

    • Anonymous

      So is Debbie Stabenow.

  • I really don’t care what any of you say.

    She’s hot.

  • Anonymous

    Fox is all over this one now!

  • I don’t see the problem with this ad. It would only be offensive if it featured a ugly, haggered, old lady.

    • cabensg

      Now you’ve done it.

      U. H. and O. are never allowed to be used when describing women. All the leftist female comedians will be picketing your house shortly.

  • cabensg

    I have to give them a break on this one. You have to look at who their trying to appeal to. Although his statement at the end was as you said lame.

    He could have called her spend it now, said he wouldn’t and approved it. Wouldn’t have come across quite to silly.

  • Anonymous

    I liked it; my bad.

  • Anonymous

    Lets see here. China’s economy is growing at 9% and ours is growing at 1%? Hmm, gee I wonder why? Sarc.

  • Anonymous

    Me likey the ad….

    …..Me likey long-time.

    What an ad. The only thing missing is the Fry rice and the math book.

    Is Ann Coulter advising Hoekstra?

  • Terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Considering the fact that I have seen so much worse form the Democrat Party I think this ad is just fine. Yes, two wrongs don’t make a right, Scoop but this year is not a normal election year. Conservatives need to obtain the Presidency and the Senate. Fighting ABC, CBS, and especially NBC and MSBBC (Obama Channel) is extremely difficult.

  • Anonymous

    And just what’s so bad about it? It’s right on the $

  • Anonymous

    Yes, she is hot.

    But your second reaction should be your palm to your forehead. This is NOWHERE NEAR as bad as that Dan Adler ad from CA:

    But this is pretty horrible. How could you conceive of something so stupid?!