Train Wreck: Mark Levin interviews Gloria Allred

OMG! This is almost a collision of epic proportions! You almost have to hear it to believe it. Levin was asking Gloria Allred (the lawyer for the illegal immigrant Meg Whitman hired) the most basic of questions and she got defensive from the outset. She wanted to talk about Meg Whitman and Levin told her he would do that after he asked a few questions. She persisted though and as a result Levin had to be very aggressive to get answers to his questions and he even had to lower her several times as Allred just droned on and on. To be honest, I’m not sure if I remember a coherent argument she made other than her blabbing on and on about how she respects maids and so forth.

I’ll note that there was a small segment in the middle that I missed due to Mark Levin’s online audio player not coming back from break until he was leaving the segment. But from the 3rd segment, I gather it doesn’t matter that much. I think I have all the red meat right here.

This runs for 17 minutes but I assure you its worth the listen. Enjoy!

I’m being told now that the middle segment wasn’t anything more than a segue, so we’re all good. Enjoy!

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  • You guyz are sooo fast! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    She’s says her illegal immigrant client is just trying to work hard and that there is nothing wrong with her illegally taking a job… …then she proceeds to say that Meg Whitman is wrong for giving her a job.

    • Ulsterstan

      Doe,s that mean they will send her packing back over the border ,she admits to being a law breaker,right.

  • I loved when he paused while she was talking non-sense and allowed her to make herself look stupid without dignifying her with a response to that line of BS.

    Purely awesome- I can’t stand Levin, but he’s a good attack dog for the liberal shills….

    • joyfulgiver

      Gloria Allred – arrogant, ignorant, liar, defending a woman that broke the law to live in America – for a refund of hours not paid in over time. What bull!

      Allred should keep her mouth shut. She’s an idiot! She is working for the devil. She is lying through her teeth. She doesn’t even listen to the questions before she answers.

      • Anonymous

        I gotta say, I’m no fan of Gloria Allred, but

        “arrogant, ignorant, liar,”

        could just as easily describe Mark Levin

        • Paulchri

          …….and all of humanity. Everyone who comments with an opinion is proving that they don’t know everything, think they know something. And everyone has lied. So touche’.

          • Anonymous

            I never claimed to know everything. Mark Levin perhaps never has either, but he certainly acts like it.

            • Paulchri

              Don’t get me wrong, I was just being philosophical. Levin is a smart guy. Smart guys tend to come accross that way. I respect his conviction in what he says. She is just a tool. Who knows who is swinger her and for what reasons, but she obviously is not doing it out of conviction.

  • JW

    Typical of an illiberal not answering the questions. She’s suing for mileage and she earned $23/hr? Many Americans would love to earn that kind of money with so many unemployed.

    This is so convenient that they come up with this type of sleezy political malfeases when the elections are so near.

    I hope the true Californians will see how far the left will do to steal the election.

    • Puma for Life

      Where I live, and as a technical writer, I make $25/hr. I have a college degree and I am a US citizen, born here. My heart bleeds.

  • jbluv

    Has this woman lawyer even won a single case?

    • Paulchri

      depends on the judge.

    • Paulchri

      depends on the judge.

  • Anonymous

    This is ownage on an unprecedented scale.

  • Allred should be disbarred. She has willfully exposed her client to deportation and a federal felony for forging a social security document and taking it public. Her liberalism wants her to defeat Whitman, and now her client is in major trouble solely because of Allred herself.

  • Allred should be disbarred. She has willfully exposed her client to deportation and a federal felony for forging a social security document and taking it public. Her liberalism wants her to defeat Whitman, and now her client is in major trouble solely because of Allred herself.

  • More importantly. Is Jerry Brown, the current California’s Attorney General, going to uphold the law and throw Ms. Santillan out of the country on her ear?

    • Extremely Right

      No. The left will demonize Meg Whitman for “exploiting” a poor “undocumented” (illegal) worker.

      • Ray Gun

        Sounds like she had plenty of documents to me. Phoney ones, but she had them.

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t fall in his purview.

    • Paulchri

      Depends on which side he is on. Globalists, or soveriegntists. I’m betting on the globalists. He probably wouldn’t be attorney general unless globalists put him there.

  • Cheryl~

    Wow…it is unbelievable that Allred is a lawyer…she is either incredibly dumb or very antaganistic…it indeed sounds like they were looking for ANYTHING to pin on Whitman and all Allred seems to be doing is focusing on some back pay…obviously they are trying their best to make Whitman look bad because they can’t really discuss the issues in CA …I guess the left is doing all they can to persuade anyone that is sitting on the fence in CA by playing this game…this is WHY AMERICA is in deep trouble! NOT BECAUSE OF THE ILLEGALS…BUT BECAUSE OF THE IDIOTS THAT RUN THIS COUNTRY…IT IS REALLY TIME TO VOTE THEM ALL OUT…!!! At the end of the tape what Allred says is the TRUTH about WHY this has suddenly come forward…BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT WHITMAN to win and become governor! She exposes herself and the truth…VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paulchri

      Evil people aren’t necessarily dumb, be they can be. I don’t think they are most of the time.

    • Ulsterstan

      Typical showing of how the liberal socialists work , like ugly Mike Moore they love the Capitolists money but want a commie country send them packing to China if they’d have them.

  • Aardvark19562002

    A superb lesson — and worth paying for — in how to conduct a deposition.

  • surge

    Mark Levin is a great American, thanks for putting clips of his show on the site. Allred deserved what she got.

  • Extremely Right

    Oh boy. Social justice at it’s finest. Dirt bag lawyers.

  • robnj

    Barak Obama lied many times, Im sure she thinks he should be president.

    I would love to see how much she pays her maid.

  • Sybilll

    If there wasn’t such a thing as ear porn before now, this just made it so.

  • Anonymous

    A housekeeper that needs an Advocate…….at $23.00 per hour. I wonder if the election has anything to do with Gloria’s hissy. Gee, the Black Panthers were relieved by Perez and Holder. Where are my Rights to have the LAWS upheld and enforced in the USA. We are a Nation of Laws and Gloria should be Disbarred.

    • Paulchri

      Criminals don’t follow the laws, they make them. The laws are just for us, and when they want to use them. They pass tons of laws, so they can pick an choose when they want to enact their tyrany.

  • I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. That is the greatest interview ever. Mark is a damn hero for this one.

  • Holy God.

    You’d have to be a complete idiot to want this slip-and-fall ambulance-chaser representing you in anything. She seems completely flustered and flummoxed in her little conversation with Mark, stammering at critical points as badly as Obama when his teleprompter takes a dump. Even as she’s calling him insecure and afraid of the truth, its quite clear that she’s the insecure one, the incompetent, and deathly afraid of truth, like the average cockroach is of a hot spotlight. A couple of times, I thought she went poopy in her pants, she was stammering and floundering so badly. I would LOVE to see this idiot in a real courtroom setting over a felony case crossing swords with Mark Levin. Wow, too bad Obama didn’t make her (the ‘superlawyer’) USAG.

  • kes

    allred makes women look stupid. would not ever use one like her. just in it for publicity.

  • Josie

    Listening to the way Gloria Allred spins things clears up the question how/why this country got so messed up.

  • Ray Gun

    Does Allrude EVER give a straight answer?

    Let me see if I have this right. This illegal alien committed fraud to obtain employment and a driver’s license, and is now filing a complaint that she was underpaid for times that she used her own car on the job. And this proves that the person she defrauded is a liar and hypocrite, and therefore unqualified to be a politician?? Huh?

    And implied in all of that Gerry Brown is not a liar and a hypocrite, because otherwise what difference does it make if Whitman is?

  • Susankaschel

    Tommy, why don’t you tell everyone that you are a Democrat and vote for everything that Obama votes for. You sir are a liar! S. Kaschel

  • Smcaronx

    Isn’t “illegal alien” a legal term?

    How can you take offense of a legal term?

  • Thunderstruck


    Has anyone bothered to ask if this poor “undocumented worker” bothered paying her fair share income tax on said wages received?

    What a bunch of crap!

  • JMac me out illegal alien has the right to file claim against an employer?!? Does anyone else thing that is just wrong??

    • Paulchri

      Health insurance, a house, a car, a job, are all rights. Why not illegal-legal status? Reality: We are not a nation of laws. We have a supreme legal document (constitution) that lawmakers break ALL THE TIME. If “nation of laws” means that we make tons of them and break them at will while using them only on political disedents, then yes we are a nation of laws.

    • Ulsterstan

      Dead wrong but with all the commie liberal socialists in the Government today she will be allowed to be an exampe lawbreaker to all the other lawbreaking illegals from over the border.

  • Anonymous


  • Arlene_greene

    Gloria Allred is hijacking our democracy and should be DISBARRED immediately and her “client” should be DEPORTED immediately. And Meg Whitman should sue both if them for “defamation”.

  • She wins because she plays with a corrupt ball inside a corrupt system