Trey Gowdy does what Trey Gowdy does…and it’s fantastic

Trey Gowdy makes a great point while trapping a witness in their own hypocrisy. In short, he asks that if Obama can ignore parts of immigration law and parts of Obamacare and so on and so forth, then can he do the same with election law?

Watch the witness squirm:

(h/t: Hotair)

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  • misterlogic0013

    excellent .. on the road, direction correct. Train to DC ..

  • Mike Bittner

    This scares the living HELL out of me!

  • SunnyJS

    There just isn’t any way out of it…this POTUS as gone beyond reasonable and is in your face breaking the law…both the letter and the spirit. Very scary.

  • friskyness

    and this country is officially in a dictatorship…….no one does anything about it……

    • Sentinel


  • LibertyLinda

    okay, so what committee is this and what is the context of this questioning? are they determining impeachment probabilities? YES we are in a Constitutional crisis, which is why the beginning of the Convention of the States is this Saturday!

    • TexasPGRRider

      Do you know Where ?

    • CapeLady

      This was a committee hearing to determine whether Obama has exceeded his authority and how. Turley is a liberal professor but he was honest, the other guy is in the tank for Obama.

  • Wigglesworth

    Nice going Trey now back that up with a NO vote on amnesty.

    • keyesforpres

      Does Trey get it that they must not pass any immigration laws. He’s been supporting the Dream Act because he does not believe that children should be punished for the crimes of his parents….well Trey, they shouldn’t be rewarded for the crimes of their parents either.
      Trey has actually said that if the House passes an immigration bill it won’t go to committee with the Senate bill. ……..of course it would!

      • CapeLady

        I think Trey has come out since the shutdown and said that clearly Obama cannot be trusted and that no immigration bill should go to committee. Now, does he have enough power to make that stick? That’s the question – there are very powerful forces promoting amnesty, even in the GOP,

      • warpmine

        I support the Common Sense Act whereby these children are given legal status but never allowed near a voting ballot until they are 90 years old. Same with the illegal migrants. No citizenship ever until they re-enter the country via their home country through immigration channels. Work permit, not a problem. Welfare and social programs, forget it.

      • Patriot077

        The elephant in the room is the children of citizens who are being discriminated against because they are not a minority. Need and scholarship do not have standing when they apply for colleges.
        Also, these illegal families have already hurt American families in ways that never do get discussed.
        If they can break laws and still be rewarded, then what laws can we citizens disregard with impunity and/or reward? That’s right. NONE.

  • TexasPGRRider

    What would our Founding Fathers do ? I`ve got a pretty good idea….

  • doorsxp

    Squirm-tastic! Nice1 Gowdy!

  • Emmel Jones

    Excellent! I wish Trey Gowdy was our Attorney General.

  • Sentinel

    Watching Trey Gowdy work these liars over is like watching Fred Astaire dancing with Elaine Benes (Seinfeld). ANY time he can trip up, harass or make these bastards squirm and sweat is front row entertainment. Much respect Trey… you rock!!!

    • Teletwang101

      Elaine’s famous party crashing dance moves! lol.. I’d forgotten about that.

      • Sentinel

        Exactly… still cracks me up. 🙂

  • edsmanedup

    I defer to my remarks at the Mark Levin post…be very afraid…

  • edsmanedup

    L/Linda…what State where and when?

    • Patriot077

      States sending delegates (26, I believe) to meeting to discuss requirements, protections and possibilities. I think Indiana initiated and has passed some legislation to pave the way.

  • Press Watchusa

    Can you imagine if HE was the Atty General?

    • Jaels_Song

      Yippie! That would make me happy.

  • edsmanedup

    that’s what we need Press

  • Teletwang101

    That old man… is an idiot.

  • PapaLouie

    The only remedy for a President who violates the Constitution and usurps the authority of the legislature is to impeach. But Democrats despise the Constitution and want Obama to rule as a tyrant. They have always been in love with the idea of Camelot, which means having a king who rules by edict. So they are not going to do anything to curb Obama’s excesses. The only solution is to vote Democrats out, elect a Republican majority, and then impeach.

  • PVG

    Standing O Mr. Gowdy!!!

  • golfmax13

    Who the heck was that lady in the back row there? Talk about squirming — she was grinding her teeth, licking and biting her lips, fidgeting, making faces — was she the guy’s wife. WTH?

  • ember

    Wow. Trey Gowdy held that guy to the flame.

  • nibblesyble

    Yay, Trey time! Where is my popcorn?!

  • Kevin

    And with that Mrs. Jackson Lee.

    Sir. do you believe in white privilege? And does the white man…

    • nibblesyble

      heh, dead on!

  • satchmo22

    This really is obama’s impeachment hearing, god’s speed dear sirs

  • Gary Dickson

    This is extremely frightening.

    By Mr. Obama’s refusal to enforce the law in certain cases, he is essentially:
    1. As was said, making Congress powerless and therefore irrelevant;
    2. Telling America that he is able and willing to refuse to enforce any laws.

    As an example, he can refuse to enforce the 22nd Amendment.

    And for those who think that he would be impeached for refusing to enforce the law, think again. Where would articles of impeachment come from and be enforced?

    • Patriot077

      This makes Mark Levin’s Article 5 convention even more relevant and urgent.

  • Scott Snoopy

    if congress had any balls, save for a few members…the current White House occupant would have been impeached already. He has openly said and his social justice dept..did not enforce DOMA, border security, his own obummer care, creating new firearms regulations out of thin air, abandoning the folks in Benghazi, his blatant abuse of his position for play and its obscene associated cost, flat out lies about obummer care…etc etc

  • SurfinUSA

    Turley made a good point there at the last, that the courts have become dominate in deciding the boundaries of legislative and executive power. He rightfully worries about Congress become less revelant in this lawless and extra-Constitutional world. Gowdy is a great prosecutor. I’d like him to lead the Impeachment team. He would be better than Henry Hyde was when Slick Willie had his day in the Senate.

  • disqusloumarley

    Very surprised with Turley’s honesty. If more people spoke on principle rather then covering for this usurper he would have to adjust his behavior do to the ridicule of his peers. Of course we won’t see that on the Nightly news. That right there should be national news, and Dems should be afraid as well. They will be in the minority with a Repub President soon and the chickens will…………..

    • GRITSMama

      Ballot box tampering, voter fraud- as we talk, talk, talk, they are perfecting their strategy and methodology to steal the elections.

  • datou1

    Cruz/West in 16. Gowdy as AG. Palin Sec. of Interior. Bolton as Sec. of State…

  • DHardy

    The Fact is he needs to follow the rule of law and he hasn’t the president should not be breaking the law..

    • HCTUB

      He only follows himself , and that needs to stop KNOW . I ask myself what has he done for our country , but dived our people , and everything else has been a disaster . He should be impeached for his INCOMPETENTS ( I ) think.

  • DHardy

    I would charge them with contempt of Congress. they are purposefully riding out Gowdy’s time so that they don’t have to answer. if they can’t answer those questions than who can?

  • Legatus legionis

    Enough of this rhetoric! Do your fricken job and appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Holder and Obama for crimes! Start the Impeachment process!

    • HCTUB

      I’m with you .

      • pajamakat

        Same here !!!!

        • ratizbad

          Agree..What’s the hold up!

    • MattMusson

      Special Prosecutor law expired. There is no more Special Prosecutor. The best they can do is a Select Committee.

  • sdharms

    How come the Congress doesn’t realize they have the Constitutional authority and obligation to abolish those judicial positions that Obama has packed?

    • palintologist

      I believe most of them are in on the master plan, devised by Soros and the One Global Govt crowd. I believe they have been told it is inevitable and to disabuse themselves of the notion that they could fight it.

  • NYGino

    Congress…”It’s not only being circumvented, it’s being denied its ability to enforce its inherent powers.” ….”This body (Congress) is becoming less and less relevant.”

    These two statements are true and are the result of illegal actions and decrees by the Obama administration. When Congress loses its role in our government it changes the whole concept of our nation. We no longer are a constitutional republic, a nation of laws, we become an oligarchy or a dictatorship.

    These illegal actions and decrees, among many other administration failures which by nature have shown to be detrimental to our country, are more than enough to mount a successful impeachment action.

    Congress must regain its relevancy and do the job it was elected to do.

  • John Q. Jones

    So…when are these Congressmen going to do something about it? We’ve been waiting a few years already…anyone?

    • Sandra123456

      Exactly! Talk, talk, talk. Hearings, hearings, hearings. Then, nothing, nothing, nothing.

      We need some doing.

      • LdinNevada

        We need leadership in the House AND the Senate with enough courage to do something. Republicans are afraid of the blowback which would result by moving ahead with Articles of Impeachment in the House and not getting a conviction in the Senate.

    • nwwapiti

      The House can vote to impeach everyday of the week but it’s the Seante that has the task of agreeing with that and carrying forward to hold the procedings which will never happen under Dingy Harry.

      • MattMusson

        It is not just the President. The Entire Democrat party is complicit. They want power at the expense of freedom.

        Anyone who has watched they steal elections knows they have no integrity. But then, they are the party of non-believers.

      • FreeManWalking

        But it is something that Hairy Reed can’t just sweep under the rug. and The House could bring up articles of impeachment every week.

  • 31068

    The more that we hear about Obama the more he convinces everyone that he is indeed a lawless President who picks and chooses what laws he will follow and what laws he won’t. It is too bad that we did not hear what Shelia Jackson Lee had to say, she is always good for laughs. The women is a excellent example of the Peter Principle.

    • badbadlibs

      Here’s a link to the entire hearing.

    • Carolyn Flair

      Truth is- Obama has made a farce of our constitution and I would like to see proof that he was ever a Constitutional Law Professor.

  • $73426719

    Mr Gowdy is an exceptional interrogator.

    When do we get an exceptional prosecutor?

  • mikwcas

    stunning can someone say articles of impeachment?

  • Carol Marie

    as ever, rep gowdy is focused, clear, and concise something like a laser beam!!

    so……. when is congress going to move to limit obama????

  • FreeManWalking

    Trey Gowdy, The Jack Bauer of the House!

  • palintologist

    Many of the commenters here keep calling for impeachment. Remember, impeachment does not mean removal. Impeachment is simply a blemish on the presidential record. Doesn’t seem to have hurt slick Willie any.
    The congressional Sergeant-at-Arms is the only person who can arrest Obozo, and he was appointed by Harry Reid.

    • LdinNevada

      The reason Clinton wasn’t removed from office was because the Senate didn’t convict him on the Articles passed in the House. If they had, he would have been removed and Al Gore would have been sworn in as president.

    • Josh

      Also remember that if he was impeached, that would at the very least be SOMETHING! Our Representatives are currently doing NOTHING that would even draw attention to this. At least an impeachment trial would draw attention to the COUNTLESS acts of brazen lawlessness that Obama has enacted.

  • Dale

    The problem is for 2 years now all these hearings and evidence being exposed for corruption and perjury have resulted in zero results.

  • catfood

    Its been obvious for a while that Bomba is outside the law , We know it , congress knows it , everyone knows it , the one nagging question that nobody can answer..Where do we find a cop to make the arrest?

    • Dale

      Once that hurdle is overcome, the administration will fall. I wonder about the troops also.

    • NYGino

      The United States Marshals Service in all probability would make the arrest once an arrest warrant has been issued.

      • lawngren

        I work near a U.S. Marshals’ office, and have had dealings with them on several occasions. They’ll be in their office again on Friday the 13th. I’ll ask them about that. Thank you for the idea.

        And if I get arrested for asking, will you help me meet bail?

        • NYGino

          I’d say it’s pretty certain that most of the folks at TRS would chip in and help you.

          • lawngren

            I’ll keep everyone posted.

        • ginger

          sure will.

          • lawngren

            Thank you.

  • badbadlibs

    If that first guy didn’t have a stuttering problem before that question and answer session, he does now!

  • lawngren

    When Gowdy asked what the remedy was, I wish the professor’s response had been, “Impeach the son of satan and jail or hang him.”

    Going through the court system would take years, and the damage is being done, and is increasing greatly, as we speak. There is no more time for proper, formal, fruitless legal consideration.

  • Gene Stephens

    Mr. Gowdy’s question of what can we do is simple and spelled out in the Constitution. Impeachment.

  • phil

    although Gowdy is a little squishy on amnesty,

    he has done a great job here,

    • mercedes

      Gowdy, one of the good ones. I hope he doesn’t support Amnesty or I will have to not support Gowdy.

      • phil

        the problem is, that a vote for amnesty will bring him more power and money to buy more votes then a vote against amnesty could ever deliver,

        so i guess the only viable option for us is to start primary a couple of the other double mouth republicans who already voiced support for this noxious legislation, so to scare the living hell out of the other guys who are on the fence,

  • Call him insane and say that he’s unfit to carry out the duties of the presidency. Hey, even if the people elected a megalomaniacal 21st century version of Nero the Mad, doesn’t mean we all have to br prisoners in a lunatic asylum. Put him in a strait jacket and then leave him to give speeches to nurses in white coats, “Let me be clear, I will not eat my broccoli…”

  • Deborah Woolley

    I WISH he would represent THE PEOPLE against Obama and his Administration!!!

  • Dee Dunbar

    Thank GOD for this man who GETS IT!

  • Don Hellbound

    its hard to believe these people took a government paycheck for 30, 40 years and they don’t know anything about their jobs. it must be fuckin nice.


      This is what I was setting here thinking!!!! I would of just ask that old man if he needs help cleaning his butt or does he still remember how to do that !!! Some time some people just get to old to work and I think that is the case of most of them there in d.c !!! Do they remember were there from or even there names at times or have alot of them just became to old to hold office ?? We need to look into how old is just to old !!!

  • phil

    i may not be very political when it come to this stuff i can almost fix anything but even i cant fix stupid. What’s the friggen problem here? The man is obviously trying to undermine and subdue our country into submission the is a raciest and a lire and a thief,if as a people we continue to allow this to go then we deserve what is coming.were are all the people standing on the white house lawn with picket sing’s demanding impeachment like with nixion.or are we so complacent that we just don’t give a [email protected]*k any more so all we do is ist back and complain as our leader is leading us to the slaughter like dum assed cattle.with that note ill can say is “mooooooooo!”

    • kong1967

      Problem is, we can’t impeach him. Sure, Congress can, but the Senate won’t convict no matter what he does. It would be another Bill Clinton. Looks good on paper, but he stays in office and continues to crush us.

  • Darrell Griffin

    Gowdy for Attorney General 2016 !!!!!

    • Herb

      I like your idea better than president Darrell!

    • Timmogul7

      Oh Hell Yeah!

  • Jody Stafford


  • shisaisama

    Gowdy for President of the United States!

    • ginger

      How about Justice??

      • shisaisama

        Of the supreme court? I’d second that.

        • ginger

          Actually holder’s job.

          • shisaisama

            Oh, you mean the Dept. of Justice, specifically the attorney general’s position, don’t you? Yes, get rid of Holder and replace him with Gowdy. I agree.

  • Jacqueline Garcia-Green


  • steprock

    I say again: ignoring enforcement of a law is a violation of the oath of office and is clear grounds for impeachment. The president has already confessed.

  • BD BOY


  • BD BOY


  • Laurel

    Well done!


    hmm This is what I was setting here thinking!!!! I would of just ask that old man if he needs help cleaning his butt or does he still remember how to do that !!! Some time some people just get to old to work and I think that is the case of most of them there in d.c !!! Do they remember were there from or even there names at times or have alot of them just became to old to hold office ?? We need to look into how old is just to old !!!

    • anestat

      If the President or Atty. General can interpret any law as they want, refuse to enforce any law they choose, or change any law any way they want, why does congress bother to make the laws. The president apparently has NO controls on his power to do ANYTHING.

      • Anisha Dunne

        It is pretty clear that if the executive branch can supercede the legislative and judicial, then what does that tell you? The president is NOT operating within a Republic of law (Constitutional chains on the Office), b/c if he was there would certainly be very strict checks and balances on the powers of his Office and if he strayed even just a bit, there would be other Officers who would hold him in check. But clearly that is not the case and it hasn’t been for a very, very long time now especially since 1913 Federal Reserve private central banking was unlawfully installed. “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, … The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire.
        And I control the money supply.” -Nathan Rothschild, banker on steroids.

    • ginger

      It is not a question of age but a question of competency..and we see how well that works in the government.

  • Bee Judy



    …BRAVO, Mr.Gowdy, BRAVO .”

  • kong1967

    Lol, Obama and Democrats actually do ignore election laws. Just sayin’. Great question by Gowdy, though.

  • denvy42

    keep up the good job Trey Gowdy

  • Wayne Jones

    Impeach obumma !!!!! NOW!!!!!

  • Wayne Jones

    We need MORE Trey Gowdys in congress !!!!

  • jimbrown1776

    Impeach Obama! He hates America, and he is a piece of sh!t.

  • Kate

    Trey Gowdy was outstanding and makes absolute sense. I have observed what people respond during hearings and I think they have been coached. The witnesses may be getting coached; I’ve seen several make that same comment “that’s above my pay grade”. Surely Americans are not so ignorant to believe that Mr. President is breaking the laws for our benefit. Wake up America, the handwriting is on the wall.

    • Edward Cannon

      Many people do believe he’s doing it for their benefit, mainly the non-white and low income,

  • Jerry Baustian

    The problem with Congress is not that it does too much, or that it doesn’t do enough, or that it wastes too much money. The problem is that it has delegated too much power to the agencies and the bureaucracy in the executive department. It is supposed to represent the people, but it has given up so many powers that it can now do little to protect the people from the executive.

    Right at the end, Turley says the Congress has become “less and less relevant.” That is the key point. Nothing that Trey Gowdy says or does means a thing — Congress now lacks the power to rein in an executive who breaks the law on a daily basis.

    • Individual Patriot

      I agree all the way down to the last sentence. Congress still has the power needed–it’s just that they meekly refuse to exercise said power. And yes, it is to the point now that if they truly DID exercise the power vested in it by the Constitution, all hell would likely break loose.

    • Guest

      Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., just a couple of days ago in this same hearing, correctly accused this president of high crimes and misdemeanors. Take a listen:

  • greatjoy

    Become a PCP (Precinct Committee Person) in the Republican Party.
    Attend meetings. Bring your friends. Vote and participate in the
    leadership of the Republican Party. PCPs are the most powerful
    elected position an individual can do. If you are Christian person you
    have a duty to be part of the process of self-governing. Or become
    educated in the law, and make it your aim to return us to the Bible,
    God, and the Constitution. Run for city council. Or County Commissioner.
    Or water board, Or school board. Get into the decision making process.
    Learn about Agenda 21. Understand The Negro Project goals.
    Make it your aim to act upon what you believe.

    • Edward Cannon

      I get your sentiment and all these background subjects need to be understood. But Jefferson might disagree with some of your objective.

  • loracanna

    It’s clear what needs to be done. Impeachment…….and It’s not happening quick enough.. Theses sessions, hearings, etc…seem to be on going. And it seems the Question is Has the President Obama broken any Laws? Clearly the answer is YES.
    How many different ways can you ask the same dam question? The answer will be the same Yes. Meanwhile, as we move on to the next hearing, meeting , session and so forth. This Man Obama has a PEN in his hand…
    I understand we have protocol and certain steps and procedures to follow. And I am by no means an expert on this. But I feel the longer we drag this on the more dangerous this Man becomes.It appears to me each time Mr.Obama put’s HIS signature on a piece of paper, We the American People loose something.
    I may not have a full understanding of Politics and Government .(work in progress)
    But it doesn’t take a Genius to know, the longer a criminal’s activity is ALLOWED to continue the more crimes he WILL commit. After each crime is committed. Criminals get a mind set of being invincible.
    When a person commits a crime (an act done that is against the Law ) And it is know that this person committed this crime and it is known by law that it is a crime..HE IS ARRESTED. Why is Mr Obama any different then you or I ?….

  • Robert Caleb Potter

    The gauntlet has been thrown down, the challenge needs to be accepted. House Republicans must take bold steps that either force Democrats to back off of their assault on our Constitution or move us to full revolt. There is no longer any middle ground.

    • Sheila Barr

      Wouldn’t it be awesome if “The United States Of America””””” “Citizens” could go back to looking at each and every ONE of US…as our {Almighty GOD’s CREATION}!! I TOTALLY SUPPORT TREY GOWDY!!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIM!!!! HALLELUJAH JESUS!!!

  • jgilman1

    Would have loved to hear Lee’s comments.
    This guy needs to run for higher office, his ability to dispense with dingbats and their arguments is profound and unprecedented.
    Jon Sununu although a rhino, does it equally well though much more entertaining.

  • Individual Patriot

    MAN! I like Trey Gowdy!!

    How many times does the point have to be made before this nitwit sees it? Actually he does see the point and doesn’t want to go near it.

    And thank you for cutting off the video before the dingbat he called on next got started! I can’t afford to destroy another monitor after she starts flapping her gums.

  • Individual Patriot

    In this same hearing, Rep. Bob Goodlatte did a magnificent job as well when he correctly accuses this president of high crimes and misdemeanors. Take a careful listen to what he says in this video:

    “We cannot allow the separation of powers enshrined in our constitution to be abandoned”

  • Sheila Barr

    Trey Gowdy does what Trey Gowdy does…and it’s fantastic

  • phil

    does anybody realize the loved and adored “preza-dent” meaning the dent he has put in our ass’es opukema by giving 4.3 billion dollars to iran scumbag’s the equates to about 1.2 million if it were divided equally between all 300 mil. of us in the us we could use the money there would be no homeless no poor and we all have obumer phones but he would find a way to take it from us illegally and say it was for the good of america. just food for thought…lol