Trey Gowdy lays the smack down on Obama lawlessness in fantastic floor speech

Trey Gowdy gives an incredible speech on the House floor on Obama’s lawlessness, even getting a standing ovation at the end.


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  • misterlogic0013

    Gaining steam .. applaud, America’s Rising ..

  • stage9

    OH SNAP!

    TREY GOWDY is by FAR my FAVORITE House Representative. This guy is just a bulldog! I respect him more than any other Rep in Congress. He gets it.

    • DarkKnight2016

      But, but, but…he supports amnesty.

      • stage9


        “Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) became the second GOP congressman initially supportive of some type of immigration legislation to publicly buck any efforts from President Barack Obama to grant amnesty to America’s at least 11 million illegal immigrants.”

        He is one of the authors of the SAFE Act. What is the SAFE Act?

        “This wide-ranging immigration enforcement bill would make unlawful presence in the United States a criminal act punishable with jail time, greatly expand detention of immigrants, authorize states and local governments to create their own immigration enforcement laws, and impose harsher penalties and restrictions for immigration violations, among other enforcement-related provisions.”

      • ryanomaniac

        Yep, he does. Abortion and amnesty are non negotiable to me. He does some great things but amnesty is no joke. There will no longer be a free republic ever again if illegal immigration is made legal. Gowdy wants to bring them “out of the shadows.”

      • factsobill

        Nobody in Congress has better conservative credentials than Trey. Yet his philosophy on amnesty is kind of out of kelter with most conservatives! Who does he owe politically to take such a stance to the disadvantage of unemployed Americans out of work! To the draining of tax dollars by the billions for these poor illegal aliens! Why such great perks for scofflaws who thumb their nose at our culture and drain our Treasury ! LIke Desi used to say ” you got some ‘splaining to do, Trey!”

    • TheoSentrik

      Gohmert is my favorite, next is Bridenstine. But, I do love to hear Gowdy speak.

  • Great speech, and I think he made his best point near the end when he talked about why the House isn’t popular.

  • Conservative_Hippie


  • yennikcm


  • joyfulgiver

    AWESOME! This one needs to go viral, I’m sending the link to this site to all my contacts. The truth needs to be heard, straight from the horses mouth. Words, they’re are a nasty thing, they always come back and bite you.

    ***I wrote the above, before watching the video because I thought it was this one, another great speech on the floor by Trey Gowdy:

  • Curiousmoi

    Backbone, courage, knowing the truth and speaking it is what will turn this country around.
    GET ROUDY FOR GOWDY!!!!!!!!! (Sounds like a campaign slogan to me)

    • factsobill

      Roudy? What exactly does roudy mean? Rowdy is defined as rough or disorderly behavior! The democRats are in in disarray with terrible costs coming to them in November! I googled Roudy and there were roudyberry bushes and Roudy Hendricks. One is apparently something to do with birdfood. While Mr. Henricks,a trayvon-like figure, died at age 21, in a shootout with police! Just goes to show you when you spell it wrong, you could leave the wrong impression!

      • Conservator1

        It’s a typo – rowdy appears to be what he/her wanted to post IMO. Thus it is ‘ROWDY FOR GOWDY’ which is a good line.

  • Kiyoti

    ~~ That right there was a 5 minute Civics Refresher Course for the WHOLE of Congress !!!

  • badbadlibs

    Were there any democrats within 50 yards of his speech? Because I’m wondering who has to clean up the mess from exploding heads. Or did the dems limit their reaction to just ordinary head spinning?
    Speeches like that are epic and need to be made on a regular basis, like every single day congress is in session.
    I greatly respect Rep. Gowdy, I pray for his safety and God’s favor in his life.

  • Darrell Griffin

    Gowdy for Cruz’s Attorney General.

    • joyfulgiver

      I could live with this :o)

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Oh yeah!

  • joyfulgiver
  • This man always give me hope.

    • kong1967

      At least until the other 534 members blow it all the he**.

  • kong1967

    Bad deal is that Obama is going to veto the bill. Something is wrong with our system when the criminal can strike down any attempt to deal with his corruption. It’s like putting a man on trial and he can veto the jury’s verdict.

    The Democrat party has lost all sight of ethics whatsoever. Politicians used to hide their corruption and their lawlessness, but the Democrat party has become so brazen they do it right out in the open. There will be no fast track for lawsuits against Obama’s lawlessness.

    • joyfulgiver

      Well, then Gowdy should use O’s own words against him when he O goes to veto the law. Because Senator O would have voted in FAVOR of this law.

      • kong1967

        Yeah, but when does the media or the public ever listen? Obama is untouchable. This is the largest black spot in our history, and the pun is not intended.

    • BoSplosion

      Obama won’t get the chance to veto, because Senate Democrats aren’t going to support it.

  • Conservator1

    I just had my Chris Matthews moment – I felt a thrill up my leg with one exception. Trey Gowdy is honest man who knows the constitution as a former great federal prosecutor.

    Barack, was a dishonest community organizer thug who’s mission is to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

    • factsobill

      Why’d you have to put the image of CM into this conversation! You kind of made me throw-up in the back of my throat! Why on this earth would you admit to that?

      • Conservator1

        Why did 11 others get my jestful post while you didn’t seems to be a more appropriate question? Matthews is lefty loon that deserves sarcasm.

        Don’t ever allow yourself to get sick over this moron. He is a joke that no one watches and thus, should be laughed at.

        If not for videos of Matthews at the Scoop and other conservative sites, I wouldn’t know or care what this far left extremist dolt ever stated. If you can’t laugh at Matthews, then you are taking him to serious and that’s what got you sick.

  • Amjean

    This guy is involved in helping take back our government from this
    evil regime. Awesome!

  • olddog

    IF..the knuklehead (R)s win the POTUS this guy should be the AG/DOJ..he”ll clean up the (D)ung-Hole infestation, otherwise it’ll be 50 years before you get these TRAITORS OUT..if ever.

  • BoSplosion

    Worth noting that House Democrats voted against legislation designed to force the President to keep his oath of office and maintain constitutional checks and balances…many of them the same Democrats who were calling for W’s impeachment for overreach.

    • Conservative_Hippie


    • Dramamama

      And I read on another site that Obama will veto this bill….he can’t function and follow laws!

      • Kansas Gal

        He can veto it, but it will be hard to explain why he opposes having to do the job he swore to do. Hard to explain why he will not follow the laws already on the book. Plus a veto can be over-ridden, so even if he vetoes it, we need to have this bill on his desk.

  • BoSplosion

    Hey, I think we finally located Boehnor’s balls…Gowdy for Speaker!

  • Nukeman60

    How the HELL does South Carolina elect THIS man and at the same time put the likes of Lindsey Graham in office. You did good with Trey Gowdy. Now correct your mistake with Graham and get him the HELL out of Washington.

    Where are all the OTHER voices in Washington? Gowdy, Cruz, and a few others should not have to be the only ones who speak the truth, while the rest of the corrupt, self-serving sleazeballs, who call themselves Congressmen and women, sit back and enjoy the fruits of their corrupt labor.

    How soon will the idiot McCain come out to lambast Gowdy as a ‘Hobbit’ and a ‘wacko-bird’ and how soon will we dump wimpy Boehner for a Trey Gowdy as Speaker of the House?

    So many questions that need to be answered in the 2014 and 2016 elections. We cannot wait any longer.

    • sDee

      “How the HELL does South Carolina elect THIS man and at the same time put the likes of Lindsey Graham in office”

      Treasonous puppet Senators like Graham were the design and intent of the 17th Amendment – to take the power and representation away from the States

      It must be repealed

    • USPatriot

      Is YOUR home State pure and without its own burdens like Graham? Throwing stones/glass houses stuff Nuke?
      We moved to SC a little over a year ago and this is my understanding. Old school GOP straight ticket voters and transplant liberals in the heavily populated parts of South Carolina = Graham. The area called the Upstate vote for the likes like Trey Gowdy.
      Nancy Mace (R) is Grahams opponent in 2014 and can only afford radio air time. Graham is buying radio and tons of TV. She probably has no chance, but Graham will NEVER get our vote. I wouldn’t spit on the guy if he were on fire.

      • Nukeman60

        To be honest, not one of our states is pure and I don’t believe I was badmouthing SC. Just asking a legitimate question isn’t exactly throwing stones and living in a glass house. Having been there only one year, you sure do sound defensive, though.

        But I do appreciate your info on the voting makeup there, as SC is one of the states I have on my short list to move to. There are more ways nowadays to reach the people than the LameStream Media, and that is where we come in to spread the word.

  • I’m glad you found this, Scoop. I saw it earlier and it looks like we FINALLY have our “Ted Kennedy, Lie after lie” moment.

    As The IJ Review site slugged it, this speech “May be a defining moment for America

    Amen, and hallelujah.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    If Obama’s been violating the Constitution then why hasn’t the People’s House started impeachment procedures. I love love love this speech, but at the end of the day, it’s just talk unless someone, anyone, has the cojones to start the darn impeachment process!!!

    • sDee

      yes. they could stop much like this in today’s news

      “Stolen” F-35 Secrets Now Showing Up in China’s Stealth Fighter

      “Pentagon technology security officials in 2011 opposed a joint venture between General Electric and AVIC over concerns that U.S. fighter jet technology would be diverted to AVIC’s military aircraft programs.

      The Obama administration ignored the concerns and instead has since promoted the systematic loosening of technology controls on transfers to China.”

      • Conservative_Hippie

        Oh brother!

    • HCTUB

      Harry stands in the way .

      • Conservative_Hippie

        What I mean is since the House is mostly Republicans how come they haven’t brought it to a vote? I know Reid will poo poo in the Senate, but How come the R’s aren’t doing their job in the House?

        • HCTUB

          What you say is true , but harry is still the problem . Maybe after November things will change 🙂 .

          • Conservative_Hippie


    • Shawn Heidingsfelder

      The House has nothing to do with Impeachment. The Senate is the only one that can bring Impeachment charges up, and as long as Harry Reid is around, that will never happen.

  • spydaweb

    I hope someone makes a dozen Ads out of this and blankets them over the airwaves of every contested primary in the country.

  • Dramamama

    Gowdy for president!

    • Joengima

      Gowdy for Speaker!

  • rsfan1

    Gowdy was on fire during that speech.

  • mcgurn

    I take it he was talking about Obama? Ha Ha!!!! Hell Yes!!

  • “I hereby declare, an oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty of whom or which I heretofore been a subject or citizen;
    That I will support and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
    that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
    That’s the oath I swore.
    Our “representatives” and the President swear to protect and uphold the Constitution. Well done Mr. Gowdy. While millions do obey the laws, we watch our politicians skirt, wiggle, crawl around and blatantly disregard laws which if we did the same, we’d be in prison.
    We the people would most likely hold our government in higher regard if those in our government would do as they swore, and since they are considered leaders, this means to lead with integrity, honor, and courage- not treat your elected positions as a life long career for your own gain and power.

    Mr. Gowdy, I pray by this time 3 years from now, if we still have a country left- that you will be our Attorney General, someone who knows the meaning of oaths sworn to uphold the law, and doing so without preference to one group over another. Doing so because you respect the Constitution.
    I needed this. Thanks Scoop.

    • BlueGood

      Spoken like a true patriot & integrity filled person…Proud of ya Duckie!

      your Canadian friend….


    • TexasPGRRider

      Character Counts in my book. The path you have taken gives you a unique perspective, and I consider it an Honor having crossed it. Welcome Home, Sister Soldier for Truth ! ! ! !

      • You are an incredible blessing Texas brother. I’m the honored one. Thank you. It’s good to be home!!

  • Proud Nana

    Love Trey Gowdy,fearless and right 🙂

  • notsofastthere

    About time we saw someone who looked alive in congress. Gowdy did his speech from the heart, with passion, and he’s also correct!

  • miltonbasshayek

    Obama’s a punk and a chump! Before long, the government is going to have to use those millions of purchased rounds to prevent an uprising.

  • Kansas Gal

    I want him for attorney general!

  • Sentinel

    Wow! What truth! Straight from his heart and out of his head… awesome! Love Trey… love him! Future Attorney General? Future President?

  • palintologist

    This guy has closed-door meetings with Paul Ryan and Shmucky Schumer on AMNESTY. He conveniently must be forgetting the Constitutional oath he took when he plots with them.

    Rubio and Ryan had everybody fooled for a while, too.

  • Yazz55

    I sure hope someone is paying attention who does Republican ads. There’s a whole bunch of potential soundbytes in that speech.
    And the ads can feature a “no teleprompters” ending.

  • Joshua Rojas

    Not impressed. He is in the establishment.

  • happytrails5

    They stand, but they should all be saying the same or very similar things. Few have the courage to speak up like Mr. Gowdy.

  • Clare

    All the sycophant Congress persons that did clap when the President said they could go on vacation permanently with pay, should be recalled. Why haven’t they been recalled yet? Because the burden is on the people to initiate recall and in some states there is no choice to recall. It is an arduous process. Yes, we can vote them out, but that ain’t firing; to be fired is to” get out now”. Much of the media has crapped out so recalling for these usurpations has extra resistance; a citizen needs a dang committee to recall.

  • MontyRay

    We need states to take Mark Levin’s recommendation. It’s the only way out of this. Don’t think for a minute that if the GOP elite get the presidency next that they plan to recede the power that has been vacuumed by the executive branch. I believe in a Federal Government, but the balance of state power vs. Fed is just as far out of kilter as it was the other direction pre-civil war. In other words, Lincoln did well to get the balance corrected, but the pendulum has swung. The only way back is for the states to demand the balance be restored.

    • Both parties have ceded much power to the president, and have stood by and done nothing when the executive branch commits blatent acts of criminality. The democrats did nothing to stop Bush, and the republicans have done nothing to stop Obama. Congress cannot prosecute the presidency without exposing their own criminality. That is why they exempt themselves from laws that we are held under such as inside trading. The president might give the orders and sign the law into fruition, but congress initiates it all. If you steal drugs and money from a drug dealer, the drug dealer doesn’t go to legitimate authority to get justice, and neither can the people of this country go to government to get justice for the crimes that government commits against them. When justice cannot be had from the existing authorities, then those authorities are no longer legitimate, but criminal. This sums up congress in a nutshell.

    • Ryan H.

      Levin’s recommendation isn’t the only way. You said it yourself:

      “The only way back is for the states to demand the balance be restored.”


  • Ok. So congress makes law. I say that law already exists, and congress just writes and passes it in a man made institution. Most of the laws that they write go against God’s natural law, and are illegal according to man’s supreme law in the US. We have a natural right to eat what food we want to, but the US has a law banning raw milk. “Congress” is now synonimous with “criminal”. 90% of what it does is not authorized by our supreme law, and goes against that which is supposed to be the natural rights of the people.
    A gangster can do a good thing, and the other nine crimes that he commits makes him no less of a habitual criminal. Why would we give congress respect just because they operate under the pretense of being government who supposedly represents the people. They lie to us every day. They hide most of what they do. They spy on our private communications and private papers without warant. They detain us without charge and due process. They can order us killed without proof of wrong doing. They fund baby murder rather than protecting the innocent. They kill millions of people around the world where 60% of the lives lost are considered acceptable amounts of collateral damage. They are theives who steal the fruits our blood sweat and tears to give it to corporations and whoever they please. They destroy our currency and put us in poverty and debt. They lie about all of it, and both parties do it all. There is a time to consider that they do not hold legitimate office over the people any longer. That time came some time ago. They are no longer legitimately elected representatives of the people due to their dictatorial manipulation of elections. They conspire with corporations and media to force their candidates on us. They cast only illusions of choice, so they are deceivers. They will write their laws until there is no more need to enact tyranny through laws, because the day will come in which we will be held prisoner in our own country by a single dictator, and it will be directly attributable to all of those laws that they made right up to that point. Most all of which were illegitimate, illegal, and plain evil.

  • Curiousmoi

    My error I thought his name was spelled Goudy…anyway you got it

  • Curiousmoi

    I meant to make some noise for the guy standing up like that to Obama

  • Marridge

    IRS audit comin’.

  • BA Baracus

    This man should be the next president of the United States.

    • B-Funk

      I would like to second that motion!

    • CapeLady

      I would like to see him as AG, not president. I was very impressed with him until he voted for that recent budget bill that cut our veteran’s benefits – true conservatives voted against that bill – even if only because they were not given sufficient time to read it – like so many bills these days, it was written in secret and pushed through the House. Trey Gowdy may not be as conservative as I want our next president to be, but he would make an outstanding AG!

      • BA Baracus

        I agree, vets should be on the top of the list when it comes to getting paid. You never hear let’s cut the welfare benefits. We need a constitutionalist not a conservative.

  • TexasPGRRider

    7:37pm CST, 13 March 2014…”Hat Tip, Right Scoop”…Mark Levin`s intro to this clip of Rep. Trey Gowdy…MOST XLNT ! ! ! !

    • YAY!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I was in my truck when I heard it! Sweet!

  • CaptScientist

    Proud to say he’s my rep in congress

    • sno_warrior

      I wish he was mine!

  • Al Bumen

    Unless an unwavering commitment to liberty is reinvigorated, democratic processes are at risk of being hijacked by a combination of those under the spells of collectivist illusions and those bribed by the spoils of plunder.

  • wodiej

    good stuff. thanks for sharing.

  • janeladney

    Trey is the man! Wish we had a dozen with his backbone, no nonsense attitude and ability to speak forcefully…yet politely)!