Trey Gowdy slams Democrats for willingness to cede congressional power to Obama

The House today voted against allowing HHS the right to waive the work requirements, and Gowdy gave a short but passionate speech to the Democrats on why there must remain limits on power delegated to the three branches. In short, he schools them on the Constitution.


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  • T Pixidust

    I’d like to see this guy Attorney General.

    • skspls

      …or President of the United States.

    • BTeboe

      I know isn’t he fantastic!!! I loved it when he schooled Sebelius on the 1st Amendment. Classic. I agree he would make a great AG.

    • T Pixidust

      Another idea: Trey Gowdy for “roll-back” czar. He’s in charge of undoing all of the BHO administration’s unconstitutional acts.

      • crosshr

        that will give liberals some one million sleepless night, ops thats hell !

      • dong_ha68

        I say speaker. At least he has BALLS.

        • i take that back about ATG..Speaker!!! get rid of Bonner he’s worthless he has not done a damn thing how long has he been in congress? TOO LONG

    • me too

    • Dukehoopsfan

      How about speaker of the house to start? Gowdy calls them as he sees them. We could use a speaker with stones.

  • 911Infidel

    HHS has no legislative power. That belongs to the Congress. This entire administartion and their Dhimirat reps need to be thrown into political file 13. See ya in November Dhimiratz.

    Oh and many likes to you Trey Gowdy. Another guy who needs to be appointed to a higher position in his political life.

    • keyesforpres

      I don’t now, I think we need him right where he is. I’d like to see him as the Speaker.

      • 911Infidel

        Senate majority leader…AG…Speaker…all good jobs for a smart guy like him.

  • That’ll leave a mark. Well done again Rep. Gowdy!

    Why do I have a sudden urge to watch Davy Crockett?

    • Joe

      That’s funny right there!

    • Rshill7

      ‘Cuz Gowdy be King of the wild frontier, sister!

      I loved it especially when he said: “No sir you will not!”

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I am telling you this guy’s just another warrior, I love this guy. I was one of the lucky ones to watch this on C-SPAN live. But this is just posturing because if they really wanted to do something they could just defund everything Obama doing.

    • WinMissouri

      If only defunding would do it, we could stop the Executive Order for the Dream Act, Obamacare…….

      I agree, Congressman Gowdy is great and each time I see him, he is articulate and a straight shooter.

    • Rshill7

      How can the House defund something all by themselves?

      • Rshill7

        Anybody? How?

      • Use “Deem and Pass”? Like they did with Obamacare?

      • T Pixidust

        Can’t be under the Constitution.
        See Art. 1, Sec. 7 – it takes both the House and the Senate to pass [any] laws.
        Under clause 1, only the “Bills for raising Revenue” must “originate” in the House of Representatives; this does not prohibit the Senate from “originating” a law that SPENDS from the Treasury revenues already raised elsewhere. For example, the Senate regularly “originates” laws that “raid” from the Social Security trust fund. Those funds have already “been raised”, so to speak; and they (Senate) don’t need the House of Representatives to “originate” such spending.
        See Art. 1, Sec. 9, Cl. 6… “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law…” –
        Once an appropriation (funding) is “made by law” it would definitely take another law passed in accordance with Art. 1, Sec. 7, to supersede the original appropriation.
        Of course, we know Obamacare has all kind of baggage re: “origination” of this putrid act… but as Mark Levin says… who ya gonna complain to? The Supremes aren’t going to dig into these weeds, no way.
        Nevertheless… to defund Obamacare –
        That process must be conducted per Art. 1, Sec. 7… clause 2; which requires the approval of both “houses” of Congress, plus the president’s signature. (Under the terms of Art. 1, Sec. 7, Cl. 3, Congress may override any possible presidential veto by a 2/3rds majority of BOTH “houses”.)
        Essentially, once “funds” are appropriated by virtue of the application (consequence) of any law, that funding is essentially written in stone until the law sunsets (if applicable) or Congress acts jointly to reverse course.

  • Joe

    Was he speaking to John “spineless” Boehner?

    I am sure he was thinking about Johnny Boy

    If becomes AG – I hope he prosecutes HOLDER

    • toongoon

      Didn’t you hear? Holder found himself not guilty. Move along, nothing to see here.

      • Joe

        Sorry for bad thoughts

        Boo Hoo !

  • keyesforpres

    Scoop this is a great video playing in some swing states about the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama.

  • lambfound

    He is another star on the Republican bench. The Democrat bench? Crazy Joe Biden and old, tired, fat, buck toothed Hillary. Hope that doesn’t sound mean…..

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I like Trey. I just wish he could wave a wand and make things happen the way he envisions them. Might as well do away with the House of Representatives and the Senate if King Noblama keeps going around them. Man, November 6th can’t get here soon enough for me. On election day I’d like to do what the Dimocrats do: Vote early, vote often!!!

    • toongoon

      Can’t get rid of them, he will still need the House and Senate to blame for his screw ups.

  • sjmom

    I pray Congressman Gowdy goes far and stays long because we need men like him in govt.

  • armyvet10

    The cretin liberal congress people that wish not to do their job should resign and forfeit their pay checks. No other career-field, or job would allow you to collect a salary for refusing to do your job. This is paramount to giving kids alcohol for their prom, then complaining about one of them getting injured or killed while blaming someone else. “What’s right isn’t always popular, what’s popular isn’t always right.” Howard Cosell Mr. Obama hasn’t really done his job so he shouldn’t be trying to do the jobs of others. The only thing he has done is try to be hip and popular.

    • BikerHoop

      Of course he’s been trying to be hip and popular. That’s his only shot at reelection. That’s what got him elected in the first place. He had no more of a record to run on then than he does now. The reason he’s hobnobbing with all the celebs is that he’s hoping being seen with them will make him more popular. Kinda like the geek in high school who tries to hang with the jocks and cheerleaders.

  • I am so very thankful for men like Gowdy. Why do they always seem to be Republicans and I have yet to think this of a Democrat? That’s a rhetorical question, btw.

  • opinionatedhermit

    Rock on Brotha’ Gowdy!

    Perfectly said!

  • And now…Mr. Speaker Trey Gowdy

    • I’d rather see him Mr. Attorney General.. Madame Speaker, Michelle Bachmann has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think? 😀

      • Would love to hear Madame Speaker Bachmann. But, who is replacing the congressman if he could become the AG?

        I have not been a big fan of tapping people who are already elected officials by their district or state. Unless, of course, it is helpful to the Conservative cause. One example, appoint McCain as dog catcher or ambassador to some far flung nation and allow Gov. of AZ to appoint a person to take his spot (hoping she finds someone even more to the right of McCain).

        I would though deeply enjoy hearing Madame Speaker Bachmann.

        • You bring up a good point Puritan. I didn’t think of that. That’s where I’m glad for my friends who know more about American politics so I can learn! 😀

          • I have as well learned much from interacting with those who comment here regularly, and especially those with a uniquely Northern bent 🙂

  • peter3_8

    Lucky Americans in the 4th district in SC to have this powerhouse representing them! I concur… Mr. “G” is a man that would serve well as Attorney General. I see him on Fox News and he is always on POINT! That is how you get “votes”. I hope Mitt was watching.

  • westernhunter

    Wish I had him as my congressman.

  • Sober_Thinking

    He’s a rockstar.

    What a tragic state of affairs that only a few in Congress, really get it. Al Franken and the rest of these ungrateful, self-absorbed, babies think it’s all candy and perks now that they’ve made it. Heck, thanks to Harry Reid in particular and especially because of this pResident, they haven’t really had to do their jobs at all… they seem to think this is a free ride and that this is how it’s supposed to be.

    But the Freshman class of 2010 rose up and moved to the front of the pack… and if these fine folks need to repeatedly school those chumps on the other side, so be it. Trey Gowdy is indeed right: some day there will be a Republican President… someone who knows what they are doing and cares about this country. Someone who won’t stand for the BS and games those clowns have been pulling. And I suspect that after this election, there will be a whole lot more Republicans and Tea Party Freshman who will continue to school those chumps (at least those who are left) and enlighten them further on what their role should be. Freedom isn’t free.

    Thank you Congressman Gowdy for your service and example! May God bless you.

  • Charm4sure

    He gives me a hint of what it was like to listen to the great orators of our founding fathers. I wish we had real debate in congress. All we have is back room deals.

  • jgilman1

    Derfinitely speaker.

    • wodiej

      never seen him cry either.

      • poljunkie

        I think I’ve seen him make others want to cry.

      • jgilman1

        A tear here or there is a good thing, shows that you are human. Can you name a lib that has ever shown any physical emotion whatsoever? I can’t. Probably why they have to keep telling us they are compassionate.

  • poljunkie


    He is amazing.

    Small edit.

  • PFFV

    We need Constitutionalists in Power and Yesterday! Government must be cut in half in the next four years or we will face the collapse of the US Dollar! It’s as simple as that. Our Government is a bloated beast of consumption. It takes in 1 tax dollar and spends 5 on the Chinese Credit Card or prints it out of thin air. All of the above ends badly for the People of The United States of America. You can tax the people 100% and it still will NOT keep up with Government Spending… It’s out of control! Cut Spending NOW!

    • kong1967

      Obama studied the Constitution. Are you saying his knowledge isn’t good enough? Oh, you mean we need someone that isn’t trying to destroy the Constitution. Well, that would leave Obama out, lol.

      I don’t think there’s any way they can cut the government in half over the next four years. We will need a super majority in both Congress and the Senate, and we definitely won’t get it in the Senate. We have to push for as much as we can get, though.

  • kong1967

    I love seeing someone in Congress actually doing his (her) job and not abusing it or ignoring his duty to protect the Constitution.

  • Yazz55

    Asking a liberal to respect and honor the US constitution is asking them to violate their religion of liberalism, where one of the main tenents is to do away with the US constitution.

  • 3EYE

    He is one of a few, that have balls, to take on Obama, and Eric Holder. He doesn’t mince his words. He was elected to represent us, the people. I am glad, he steps up and defends are rights. Those same rights, that Obama and Holder, who has been trampling on. Ignoring laws,they do not want to enforce, because they think it is wrong, and put their versions,out there, ignoring, the separations of power. Wish more in Congress,would take his attitude, and fight back against Obama and the misuse of his Executive power, ignoring that he walking all over Congress. Obama’s statement,if Congress won’t do it, he would. Scary statement, what else does he have up his sleeve,to override any other established process, with Executive Power.

  • skspls

    The Obama presidency has made it clear that serious limits must be placed on the use of executive orders and the ability to legislate through regulation.

  • wodiej

    I like Gowdy. He’s always passionate about whatever subject he is speaking on. He’s absolutely right about this as well. They are allowing people on welfare to use meditation and other things to fulfill work requirements that are anything but.

  • WordsFailMe

    The longer you keep doing things the same way, the longer you keep getting the same results.

    Sometimes I think of the Republicans in Congress as members of the band on the deck of the Titanic bravely doing what they have always done and just barely able to maintain a calmness among the doomed passengers.

  • Philo Beddoe

    He’s a Revolutionary War patriot reincarnated into a moderen day Congressman.

  • Pardon me if I’m not too impressed. Congress ceded it’s power a long, long, time ago with all of Obama’s many “czars,” not to mention all of his Executive Orders that are illegal, such as the one he issued on immigration. Congress should have taken a stand years ago but did not, so you can’t really come back now and say that you’re “shocked, shocked,” that Obama is trying to take over power. Time to put an end to Obama’s administration now in November. That’s the only way you’re going to stop this power grab by the Executive Branch.

  • TJinNJ

    The Marxist masks are off the Demonic-rats now. Amazing how far we”ve sunk in 3 years. But will enough people understand what that means come Nov?

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    He stands before us all as proof positive that God is indeed expressing Himself here in the human condition, and he spoke through this wonderful man!

  • 1tootall

    GOD BLESS THIS GUY!! It has to come as a shock when we heard a firebrand like this who must remind the UNITED STATES CONGRESS WHAT THE CONSTITUTION SAYS!!! What a shambles we have. At least the House did the right thing today.

  • Theconservativechic

    “Mr. Speaker, the sun does not always shine on the same people all the time.”

    Come November, let’s take away that Shiny Sun from Obama and send him packing!!!

  • Orangeone

    He makes me want to move to South Carolina so I know my rights are being protected.

  • Idahoser

    If we got rid of the 17th he might even be correct.

  • Now this is a true constitutional representative in the halls of congress. How refreshing!

  • agas84363

    At a way Trey…I would be willing to give up congressional oversight on this subject….. Obama can Mandate that every citizen watch and research this speech….other than that NO!

  • docdave1

    Good Points Trey, BUT you spoke of our country as a democracy. It is NOT a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. There is a difference. Ben Franklin said that a democracy is two wolves voting on what to eat for dinner, but in a REPUBLIC the sheep is armed.

  • 2besusie

    Trey Gowdy’s integrity shines every time he speaks!

  • steprock

    Wise man. Very wise.

    You guys remember in Star Wars III when the Senate gave up its power to the Chancellor in the name of getting things done faster? My favorite line: “So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.”

  • Stehekin912

    Trey! Trey! Trey!

    Thank you, sir!

  • Thank you. I’ve been saying this forever. When will Democrats realize that they are not ceding power to just Obama. They are ceding power to every executive official that comes after him. They are ceding that power to the OFFICE of President. If George Bush III became president tomorrow they would rethink every power they cede to this branch. Unfortunately liberals are too short sighted to recognized and understand even the most simple on concepts.

  • Kit_Jefferson

    Unless the voters do their job to place into office other patriots and to rid the White House and the Senate of the current elements of tyranny then all will be for naught. The battle to re-secure this nation begins on November 6. VOTE!

  • We’ve seen Obama ”Go Around Congress” on various laws…Wars, Immigration, HHS, Recess Appts, etc… Obama should have been ”IMPEACHED” by now… God help us if Obama is re-elected… He’ll run ROUGH-SHOD over Every American!! He’s a ‘MARXIST” who’s hell-bent on ‘destroying America from within”!! KUDOS to Rep. Gowdy… I’m glad to see him STAND UP FOR THE ”CONSTITUTION”…

  • BRILLIANT! Good for him! It is so refreshing to see somebody stand up for the truth, for our Constitution, and for this great nation!!!!

  • Recon5

    I like Trey a lot. But the entire time I watched this, I was remembering that Congress had just ceded their right and responsibility to investigate and oversee Presidential appointments.

  • repubboy

    I second the motion….

  • This is my district’s Congressman! I’m SO proud of him! We replaced Bob Inglis with him. Best trade we ever made.

  • This is my district’s Congressman! I’m SO proud of him! We replaced Bob Inglis with him. Best trade we ever made.

  • As Democrat Pelosi Saids, we have to pass it to find out whats in it. Never trust A Democrat.
    Vote them out 2012.

    Tea Party Patriot

  • Gawdy is a former prosecutor He knows how use his espertise in the bs that the Demorats are putting down.