Trey Gowdy: What Would Happen If Our Fellow Citizens Knew That Al Qaeda Really Wasn’t On The Run

“Up until two weeks ago Susan Rice was the only person on the planet who thought a video had something to do with our attack, and now that number has increased by 100%. It’s gone from one to now two.”

South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy appeared on Justice With Jeanine on Fox News yesterday and discussed the recent New York Times article about the attack in Benghazi.

“So what would happen if our fellow citizens knew that Al Qaeda really wasn’t on the run,” he asks. “In fact, they were walking to the front gate of our facility in Benghazi getting ready to kill our ambassador …” A chilling point. Judge Pirro once again raises the question of whether the NYT has been actively and willfully aiding the President and/or Hillary Clinton through their coverage of this story. Given the preponderance of information and so many unanswered questions, it’s a more than reasonable subject for speculation.

Below is the transcript of the above clip:

Gowdy: I don’t know. I’ve got more questions than i do answers having read that article, that exhaustive article, Judge, including how many attackers were there? Of the universe of attackers, of that number, how many did you talk to? How many cited the video as the impetus behind the attack and what did you do to cross-examine or corroborate the information that you were given? Because up until two weeks ago Susan Rice was the only person on the planet who thought a video had something to do with our attack, and now that number has increased by 100%. It’s gone from one to now two.

Pirro: It’s interesting when you say did you cross-examine your people regarding this information that you now come out 15 months later and say is so important, their own newspaper reporters contradicted what this latest story is. Do you think this whole thing about, oh, it’s not Al Qaeda, just fits in with the Hillary, oh what difference does it make, and the 2014 elections, the 2016 presidential election?

Gowdy: Well here’s what I do know. Go back to when Benghazi happened, what was the narrative? At every rally right after the president said if you like your health insurance, you can keep it, what did he say? Osama Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run. So what would happen if our fellow citizens knew that Al Qaeda really wasn’t on the run? In fact, they were walking to the front gate of our facility in Benghazi getting ready to kill our ambassador, three other fellow Americans and set it on fire? How would that have impacted the election? I don’t think it would have helped the president in 2012. It’s not going to help democrats in 2014. And the fact that her name, Hillary Clinton’s name was never mentioned in this exhaustive treatise on Benghazi. Nothing!

Trey Gowdy BLASTS NY Times Benghazi report and in one question DESTROYS video narrative
Former CIA Analyst: New York Times Benghazi Article Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

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  • ernst1776

    This guy is no non-sense. I like him.

  • Exodus2011


    BAD as this Obamacare BULLSCHMIDT is, and bad as the NSA scandal is, and bad as the attack on the Press and the 1st Amendment is, and bad as the IRS Enemies List scandal is, ……. they PALE in comparison to what went down in Benghazi before 9/11/12, ON 9/11/12 and in the aftermath of 9/11/12

    it’s good to know that a further 13 Benghazi witnesses have been deposed , before being called to testify in future rounds of hearings

    we will get to the bottom of this shocking traitorous episode … it will take many months to hear all the testimony, and for the American Public to absorb the enormity of what went down on 9/11/12 … and I personally believe there was PRE-MEDITATION involved

    May the terrible truth be FULLY EXPOSED

    until we hear all the Benghazi witnesses including testimony from the 3 Generals and 1 Admiral who were fired by Obama, plus the first 67 hours of emails exchanged between Benghazi and DC, we won’t know the full truth

    and now we have the Hero David Ubben, who fought alongside Woods and Doherty, appearing again after spending months in Walter Reed …. this man managed to SURVIVE Benghazi despite waiting more than 20 HOURS to receive medical attention for his SHREDDED LEG, —->>>> DEO GRATIAS

    (It’s almost as if the individual who gave the “Stand Down!” order was TRYING to run out the clock on this BRAVE AMERICAN’S LIFE!….. .. B*STARD! )

    We The People want to HEAR TESTIMONY from this man ….

    we need to find out WHY Killary and Obama made those shocking decisions which led to the deaths of FOUR AMERICANS

    DEO GRATIAS the investigation will continue and a large majority of the American Public support this action

    I want to hear from that video-maker too …. the 0 Regime may still have him in jail

    I would like to hear him questioned, under oath, about his connections to the WH …

    I think the other scandals will soften up the Obama Regime, but Benghazi, fully revealed, will DECAPITATE it ……. Deo Volente …

    • johnfromjersey

      Excellent post… and I agree.

  • nibblesyble

    Everytime I see Gowdy I want to cheer! Thanks for uploading Caleb!

  • “So what would happen if our fellow citizens knew that Al Qaeda really wasn’t on the run?”
    Thankfully some people are trying to inform fellow citizens that not only hasn’t Al Qaida been on the run, but they’ve been gaining time thanks to dear leader and his policies to recruit, be better organized and better trained. Especially with the weapons that dear leader, John McCain and Lindsey Graham have given them.

    • Al-Qaeda are on the run so… oh wait… They just took over Fallujah

      Imagine what they’d be doing if they weren’t on the run and have a government covering for them by blaming a stupid video tape!

      • I actually wrote a bit about this in my most recent article, but it’s not posted yet.
        Now ketchup boy says we’ll help Iraq but not with troops. This administration is so freaking disgusting, all these hypocrites who blamed GW yet gave the enemy a definite date of withdrawal… how the he!! do you win a war by telling the enemy what you’re going to do? Oh wait… winning a war…
        Democraps love to start them, but don’t give a crap about winning them.
        And before I get people telling me Bush started this war and that it was illegal, I know he retaliated, he didn’t start it- it was brought to us. But the dems have given more comfort to the enemy by degrading our troops….
        oh crap just forget it. this makes me sick.

        • Ketchup boy! I love it! LOL! 🙂

        • nirvana

          Lol, I made a graphic of Kerry with Ketchup bottles squirting, years ago. Heinz special! You would get a kick out of this one……..

          • Post it please! 🙂

            • nirvana

              It’s animated Wolfie, so it isn’t as effective here. Made during the “Swift Boat” days…..

              • nirvana

                It even gets changed to a .jpg when uploaded here. I’ve read that some disqus sites are now allowing animations.

              • Now that I just lol’ed !! What an a$$

                • nirvana

                  Yep, he’s just like Obozo, very ‘wimpy’ looking….

              • Pity Disqus won’t let you show it. 🙁

                • nirvana

                  I know! 🙁

              • LOL!!! 🙂

          • uhm

            • nirvana

              Lol, I didn’t make that one!! Kerry just wasn’t good at duck hunting so someone ‘helped him out’, hehe.

          • I think our Duckie is the hunter and bags a Kerry! 🙂

            • ROFLBO!! You’re something else wolfie. This is hilarious! Thank you for the much needed laugh!!!

            • nirvana

              Oh wow, I missed seeing this one, lolol. Love it!!


    Senator Gowdy, here is the full transcript, of 0bama doing his speech to “blame the video”; This where you can word count and find that he used the word terror 1 time in reference to Iran, and no other country. Please if you haven’t already done this, read it over and over and watch it over and over:
    This took place less than 2-weeks of 9/11/2012 and a week and a 1/2 after Susan Rice went on 5 different news shows stating repeatedly “that it was the video that caused the deaths of 4 diplomats”.

    This is Treason and Dereliction of Duty by the Commander in Chief Barack H. Obama and the then Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.


    President Obama’s 2012 address to U.N. General Assembly (Full text)

  • clockwindingdown

    Hillary is a video believer, but only to the public… and of course in a fathers face at his son’s funeral!

  • sjmom

    What little credibility the NYT had left they lost on this Benghazi article. Actually, omitting Hillary’s name did her more harm than good so if they were trying to help her it backfired.

  • Yazz55

    The timing of the nyslimes Benghazi video story could just be a diversion…for the obamacare mess.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      If so, it dredged up the memory of a mess that cost lives and injuries.

  • joyfulgiver

    I’ve thought that all along, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

  • timsrighty

    Pretty scary. Not one terrorist has been held accountable for the murders, not one politician has been held accountable for covering it all up, and as far as NYT goes no surprise here. The terrorists are luvin’ every minute of it. The families of the dead are not. Another example of blood on liberals’ hands.

  • Lafango

    Half the country is stupid.
    They don’t care Al Qaeda is not on the run.
    For them, it’s all politics.
    Their Messiah would not lie to them!

  • blueday

    Trey Gowdy for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flyoverman

    Of they are on the run. They are running right at us. Our Commander in Chief could care less.

  • deTocqueville1

    Remember, Gowdy is an amnesty supporter.

    • PVG

      “But Gowdy’s newfound pessimism on immigration, especially since he is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee that deals with these matters, is significant. It comes on the heels of Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID), a supporter of immigration reform, saying that it would be “crazy” for House leadership to negotiate with Obama and Reid on immigration legislation after the way they handled these fiscal fights.”

      Hopefully he sees the handwriting on the wall.

      • lawngren

        How can we trust him, if he once supported amnesty? He’s gotten a brain transplant or had a Damascus Road experience since then?

        Amnesty is “a clear and present danger”. Those who are or were supporters either knew they were betraying America, or else they were such colossal fools that they should be in assisted living facilities.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      But we have to work with whom we have.

      • lawngren

        I think it’s change to “we have to work over what we have” – to force them to do their job. And we don’t seem to be able to do that. The best of them is all careful talk, and no action.

    • ptm

      Amnesty for WHOM?


    Benghazi is , and will always be obama and Clinton lie that killed 4 of our people for they own agenda .

  • Common_Sense_Post

    So Obama is a liar. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those that have a brain and those who think Obama is telling the truth when he talks. It is shameful how many of the latter we seem to have in this country.

  • lawngren

    “…what would happen if our fellow citizens knew that Al Qaeda really wasn’t on the run”?

    We DO know. What are we supposed to do about it?

    Better question, Mr. Gowdy: what are YOU supposed to do about it, and why haven’t you done it, a long time ago?

    Don’t try to hand off your responsibility to us, sir. You know what should be done, and before it comes down to We the People, there are multiple layers of government personnel who have a RESPONSIBILITY to take action. Action, Mr. Gowdy, not words.

  • proquci

    Now come on folks. Lets stop this ignorance. Thousands of us who spent years in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan understands full well who operated AL CIAeda.. And, that as we add the recent invasions in Libya and Syria, the real name is AL CIAeda and until you start using the real name for this US CIA operated militant group, then you will continue to fail yourself and everyone else. Identifying the enemy is the point, so do it and stop pissing in the wind.

  • lawngren

    A couple of weeks back, a Coptic Christian who managed to emigrate from Egypt told me, “It is already too late for America. You have let the muslims get control.”

  • LiberalsArePoison

    So it’s plain and simple to see the character of obama AND clinton….they will do ANYTHING for power…so lets not forget it when Hillary thinks she can cake walk into the WH in 2016

  • BobbyPFalcon

    It’s apparently lost on this guy that Obama has killed more terrorists than the last three presidents combined… But the lame GOP attempt to politicize the Benghazi consulate tragedy only gained traction with the wingnuts. The same wingnuts who ignored the thousands of dead American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis.
    Now we not only have wingnuts who believe Obama is a Kenyan-born commie anti-christ – they believe a sitting President would somehow personally oversee and monitor the security for our nearly 300 embassies and consulates worldwide… If they believe that – I guess they can believe anything…

    • Prospector

      Apparently, there are some who think that Obama personally killed all those terrorists*.

      *Including many standing near terrorists or mistaken for terrorists.

      The truth is he IS responsible for both: the wars he pursues and for the diplomatic corps that serve in foreign lands to represent him. If the commander in chief is not responsbile, then who is?

      BTW, Benghazi was not a “tragedy”. Benghazi was an atrocity.

      • MDaveno1

        Hillary Benghazi C for President [sarc]

    • ptm

      It’s lost on you that MORE innocents have been killed, including American citizens, by O Bumbler with his DRONE strikes then ALL the previous Presidents combined!

  • MDaveno1

    If Obama really wants to make government smarter; he’d get together with Jeff Bozo of Amazon: Disguise that killer drone as a book-gift-from-America drone

  • ptm

    If she can lie seamlessly about getting machine gunned in Bosnia, she’ll lie about ANYTHING!

  • GameTime

    If Americans knew that al Qaeda wasn’t on the run they would figure that Obama is still a liar.

  • Lamb Chop

    Overheard spoken by David Axleslime in a White House meeting room on September 12, 2012
    ”Mr. President, what would happen to your campaign if Americans were to find out that Al Qaeda really wasn’t on the run?”