Trump: My investigators in Hawaii can’t believe what they are finding

If you thought Trump was doubling down before, then buckle up cause we’re in for a ride:

Do you think given all the issues that this country is facing that this is something that resonates with the public? That they care about this?

The Constitution of the United States…great document. And you agree with it?

Yeah, sure.

It says you have to be born in this country. Essential. Have to be born in this country, okay? If he wasn’t born in this country, he has conned the whole world.

But you’re saying it’s a con. That’s what you’re saying.

I’m not saying anything. I’m saying–

Sure you are.

I am saying I want to see the birth certificate. It’s very simple. I want to see the birth certificate. How come his own family doesn’t know which hospital he was born in? How come– forget about birth certificates. Let’s say there’s no birth certificate. How come in the hospital itself, okay? This is one of the…in the hospital itself, there’s no records of his birth. In other words, it doesn’t say how much they paid, where is the doctor, here’s your room bill. You know, all the

You’ve been privy to all of this to know this?

Well, I have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re talking.

You have people now out there searching– I mean, in Hawaii?

Absolutely. And they cannot believe what they’re finding. And I’m serious

(h/t: Fox Nation)

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  • Blue

    I pray the truth comes out!

    • Anonymous

      It would be nice.

    • sDee

      The truth is already out. He is not eligible and he knows it. Obama openly claims his father was a not a US citizen:

      “As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.”

      It is no coincidence that Obama’s cabal put this information out early in the campaign. They have set the rules of the game. Trump is either naively chasing down the same decoys that many before him have, or he is orchestrating a grand distraction (or setup).

      Leo Donofrio lays out the Constitutional chess game. Read, learn and decide for yourself.

      • Lee0521

        If Obama Sr. IS his father. The mother was also known to have had an affair with another black man. Either way, Obama’s credentials as POTS is null and void. He is an imposter, a liar, a con artist in the true sense of the word.

      • Anonymous

        At one time the UK and US allowed dual citizenship. If I’m not mistaken, the UK no longer allows that – The UK does not give up their citizens easily.

        • We don’t live in the UK. We live in the U.S. and are subject ONLY to U.S. laws. If you prefer to go by the UK laws, you are welcome to live there.

          • Anonymous

            HUH??? Such anger!! Did I say something to offend you?

            I was speaking of British East Africa circa 1961 and their laws which would have governed any offspring of it’s citizens – no matter where they were born. Their law states that a wife (time of marriage) and/or offspring (at birth) of their citizens automatically become British citizens, i.e. “natural-born subject”. They considered the act of birth itself was an act of naturalization that required no prior consent.

            Furthermore, birth is viewed as enjoining a “perpetual allegiance” upon all that could never be severed or altered by any change of time or act of anyone.

      • So, you’re saying that anybody born to a British father and an American mother cannot have American citizenship, because FOREIGN LAWS TRUMP U.S. LAWS ON U.S. SOIL? I believe you have drunk the tea and have reality issues.

        • Marie

          In layman’s terms, a person running for the office of The Presidency must, by Constituional Law be a natural born citizen of the USA. If I understand it correctly, the founders set it up this way for the purpose of protecting this country. They determined that a man will remain loyal to his homeland, and would always place the best interests of America first. They were taking precautions against the risk of his being influenced by foriegn powers or used by hidden enemies to destroy the nation. They were also concerned that he could be torn between the loyalties of the country he served, and the land of his nativity.

          This was the reason Arnold couldn’t make a run for the office, and this is also the reason that some Americans continue to press the issue of Obama’s birth certificate, rightfully suspicious of him, since he refuses to co-operate.

        • Persephone

          Let me make it simpler for you:

          You can become a ‘citizen’ different ways.
          Born here…or immigrate, then naturalized.

          But the only citizens who are eligible to President…are Natural Born Citizens.
          That means…born on US soil, of two parents who are citizens at the time of birth.

          Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen, because his father was not a citizen.
          We were not allowed to point that out during the campaign…because to question the One, has been declared ‘racist’.

          • Ann

            According to your definition, Trump would not be a natural born citizen either. His mother was born in Scotland. Not a problem for you right?

            • Persephone

              It’s not my definition.
              It’s in the Constitution.

              And from what I understand, Trump’s mother became a citizen before he was born.
              So he would be eligible.
              Judge Napolitano was talking about this, that week that Trump released his own birth certificate.

              You said….”Not a problem for you right?”

              Not sure what you mean by that.
              If you are implying that I want Trump for President…No, not really.
              I will vote for whomever gets the Republican Nomination.
              I hope we get someone better than Trump.
              But if he gets it…I’ll vote for him.
              I could never vote for Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Shine the Light in the Dark Place! Bring it on Trump!

  • Anonymous


  • Finally!!!! Please don’t stop investigating Mr. Trump… we need to know the truth, one way or another.

  • zytekfan

    If the real truth comes out, so be it, but Trump is putting his chances on the line with that one issue…

    • sDee

      This may well be his only purpose for being in the race. The question is, for whom is he a spoiler?

      • Anonymous

        Excellent observation; NOW YOU’RE THINKING, outside the box. I really hope that conservative Americans will do some serious DUE DILIGENCE on the party nominees for 2012 POTUS election. In the dark is not a place that one can make EDUCATED decisions…

  • Anonymous

    The WSJ and FOX had meetings in March of 2008 before the election about the birth place of Obama. The senior editors basically agreed he was not born in the USA but chose not to pursue the story. PROVE ME WRONG RUPPERT!
    You go Trump, I will accept a Constitution Crisis and the voiding of all of the Obama agenda and Executive Orders.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with you, but do you have a credible source on this?

    • Persephone

      It grieves me to think that this might’ve happened…
      But it does have the ring of truth to it.

      They have enjoyed record high ratings since Obama was elected.
      Which would’ve been predictable.
      If John McCain had been elected…Fox/WSJ would’ve been faced with being in a defensive position for anything horrible that McCain did [and there probably would’ve been a lot].

      Lets face it…when it comes to digging out the Truth.
      We are pretty much on our own.

  • I think the Donald really means that he can’t believe what they are NOT finding!

  • Go Donald Go!
    Anyone but Obama 2012!!

  • Anonymous

    The Constitution of the United States…great document. And you agree with it?

    Yeah, sure.

    Did anyone else find this amusing?

    • EuropTravl

      Yeah, sure. (rolls eyes)

      See. They left out that part.

      • sDee

        The Left and Progressives do not actually respect the Constitution itself. They worship the vast body of Constitutional law that lets them contort and subvert it.

        For them the original Constitution is a product of a bunch of backward bigots and racists who they must pay lip service to in order to advance Constitutional law to their ends.

    • Publius

      I know what you mean, but did I find it amusing? Not in the least. Infuriating.

      Also, Donald is not quite there. To be Pres, the Constitution does not JUST say or suggest you have to be born in this country. It says you have to be “natural born.” How many really believes that there is a diference between citizen and natural born citizen? And how many don’t believe natural born mean both parents have to be citizens?

    • Lee0521

      I think her response was PATHETIC and disturbing.

  • trump has the money, but why is he playing this game. He knows he cannot win Potus. split the vote? what happens if it is proven obama is not legally to be
    potus? Biden takes over? Watch the left hand. thanks scoop

    • poljunkie

      Right, Biden moves up, and then Boehner moves up —At least thats what I always thought??… so we would have a truly Bi-partisian “partnership” leading ( for a short time) .

      • BigDog4Truth

        IMO When Obama gets declared to be ineligible, his ticket that ran for Pres/VP is null and void also, the whole election. By default Boehner becomes POTUS until the next election, special or in 2012. The truth will come out, it always does. Pelosi is gonna be pissed when she figures all this out and missed her chance to do the right thing while she was Speaker.

        • Cindy08

          Exactly, you cannot rule out that Biden has been an accomplice in this farce.

      • Davamdean

        Boehner moves up and appoints a VP.

        • Davamdean

          I mean, Biden moves up and appoints a VP.

    • sDee

      If if Trump proves Obama was not born on US soil, what makes anyone think it would change anything? Our government has made it clear they will not pursue it.

      Congress, the DOJ ,and the Supreme Court already know, from Obama’s admission, that he is ineligible but they have rejected all legal challenges. The DNc knowing certified him. The Supreme Court has refuse to hear any of the cases brought forward. The corruption runs very deep.

      Original intent interpretation of the US Constitution is the last obstacle for the globalists. Setting precedent that the President of the US does not need to be a natural born citizen basically lets anyone from any country become POTUS. This is the end game to which Trump is an unwitting fool to, or, part of.

  • Anonymous

    People, don’t put your faith in Donald Trump! There is something wrong with his picture!

    Folks! Please read the U.S. Constitution. There is much more to Obama’s illegality than his place of birth and the damn birth certificate. Just being born in the United States alone does not qualify a person to be eligible as a candidate for the Office of the President!

    Article 1 Section 2 Clause 2 says….No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen. Then Article 1 Section 3 Clause 3 says….No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.

    Have you gotten that? To be a member of the House or Senate a person must be a citizen!

    But go to the part about the president… The Founding Fathers changed something. Article 2 Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution says….No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

    Did you see that? Two separate and distinct classes of citizenship had been created by the Founding fathers!

    So shouldn’t the question be….What is the difference between a citizen and a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as intended by America’s Founding Fathers? Why is it that it seems the Donald Trump’s and Bill O’Reilly’s of America just can’t ask this question? Why is it that they are obsessed with Obama’s place of birth or birth certificate when there is great potential that Obama’s place of birth and his birth certificate are irrelevant?

    Has anyone ever heard the Bill O’Reilly’s of America, even discuss the U.S. Constitution’s NATURAL BORN CITIZEN clause? Donald Trump, has he talked about NATURAL BORN CITIZEN? Have any of them ever explained what the Founding fathers meant by NATURAL BORN CITIZEN? I don’t think so. But I distinctly recall the Bill O’Reilly’s of America calling people “BIRTHERS” just for questioning Obama’s legality! Isn’t that strange? These highly intelligent television people who have research staff that work for them never mention NATURAL BORN CITIZEN but will freely call people “BIRTHERS” for being Constitutionally minded citizens who ask about Obama’s eligibility to be a U.S. President. Now, why is that?

    Folks! Here’s the problem that people like myself have. We read the U.S. Constitution. We also read the NATURAL BORN CITIZEN clause. We never hear about NATURAL BORN CITIZEN on Fox News or MSNBC, so therefore we ask questions! WE GET CALLED BIRTHERS IN RETURN!

    But we didn’t just read the U.S. Constitution. We began to Google NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and learned some very interesting things that don’t get talked about here in America by any of our elected servants and protectors of the U.S. Constitution nor the Bill O’Reilly’s of America.

    People! Google the 1874 U.S. Supreme Court case of Minor. V. Happersett. In that case, the seventh United States Supreme Court Chief Justice MORRISON R. WAITE provides the Founding Fathers of America definition of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is defined as being born to a mother and father whom are both U.S. citizens at the time of birth. Now why is this not news worthy? If some idiot goes swimming in the ocean and a shark takes a chunk out of their butt….that becomes national news. But have a legitimate discrepancy about the legality of a possible usurper living in America’s White House….SILENCE! NOW WHY IS THAT?

    • Anonymous

      The age requirement is 35 not 25. And to prove that, you would need to provide a BC. And I am not real sure his dad was anything but a citizen of Kenya. if you think this is some kind of off the wall issue, a Hispanic man in my state that was a Iraq war veteran was running for nomination as a state rep and Obamas friend..(D) Robin Carnahan..Sec of State sent him a letter and said he needed to provide his BC. He thought they were joking…they confirmed it was no joke. no name on a ballot.
      He further said he provided his and asked if it would be on file for all to see?? They replied..Absolutely!..He said then so is Obamas?? He said..they had nothing. Why is this anything but Democrat crap tricks and racist? Obama should have a copy on file with Illinois ..where he got elected by getting the other candidates disqualified.

      Further more, to those people that call everyone BIRTHERS and idiots and every other name, at no time in history have we had a president born to foreign parents, raised in a foreign country..and has an aunt that lived here as an illegal alien. And you think they are crazy for asking a simple question??

      • Anonymous

        Can you please clarify what you mean by 35/25? I think you may have misread. I never made a reference to the POTUS age requirement!

        • Anonymous

          Sorry..I mistook…No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years****

          • Anonymous

            Don’t you think that Representatives and Voters ought to be equal? Or do you think that the U.S. Constitution part of WE THE PEOPLE is some sort of joke?

    • sickandtired

      Why dont yu send this to Beck and see what happens with it!!

      • sDee

        Beck refused to touch this one. The corruption runs to the deepest levels. Lou Dobbs learned.

    • sDee

      “I smell a rat” Patrick Henry.

      Yup – I don’t think we know what Trump’s game is. Something is rotten in Denmark.

      Did I mention Trump donated $50,000 to Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral campaign. That’d be Rahm, the usuper’s engineer.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmm, maybe Trump is being used by the Obama administration to gin up this Birther stuff right before the election cycle to make conservatives look like extremist?

        • sDee

          By now the cabal could have any sort of certificates and documents they want in place on Hawaii.

          When Trump “investigators” “find” the birth certificate, everyone is discredited – even the people focused on the real danger – natural born citizen ineligibility.

      • Anonymous

        Trump loves Hillary, maybe that’s why he is pushing this! Clinton’s can’t do this, it would look to desperate. She comes into the race, to save the day, Just thinking!

  • Pauline

    Thank G-d for Donald Trump. DT knows that if he can prove that obama is not eligible to be president and is impeached all of the anti-Constitutional legislation obama stuffed down our throats during his dictatorship will be null and void.

  • Pauline

    Thank G-d for Donald Trump. DT knows that if he can prove that obama is not eligible to be president and is impeached all of the anti-Constitutional legislation obama stuffed down our throats during his dictatorship will be null and void.

  • Pauline

    Thank G-d for Donald Trump. DT knows that if he can prove that obama is not eligible to be president and is impeached all of the anti-Constitutional legislation obama stuffed down our throats during his dictatorship will be null and void.

  • Pauline

    Thank G-d for Donald Trump. DT knows that if he can prove that obama is not eligible to be president and is impeached all of the anti-Constitutional legislation obama stuffed down our throats during his dictatorship will be null and void.

  • Pauline

    Thank G-d for Donald Trump. DT knows that if he can prove that obama is not eligible to be president and is impeached all of the anti-Constitutional legislation obama stuffed down our throats during his dictatorship will be null and void.

  • Joey

    Wait Obama said he was going to be transparent. So is he transparent? Long Form Birth Certificate? FAIL College Transcripts? Fail College Applications? Fail Thesis? Fail Passport? Fail

    Why hasn’t the republican party released a statement on what they did or did not investigate? Because they are a bunch of wimps. Lets see the long form Barry.

  • Lol. The Right Scoop has been infected with dumb birthers.

    • Hey mental midget.,… GO BACK TO HUF PO

      TROLL ALERT – do not waste your time responding

      NOTE: above poster IS a leftwing-NUT, libratard, progressive, Dumb-O-cRAT TROLL.

      HUF PO refugee, looking for a home since Arianna Huffington tossed them overboard.

      Expand IT’S profile to confirm.

      This is a NEWBI poster (65 comments) so I think IT has just been created to stir the pot

      • sDee

        Well………..if we fall for the birth certificate issue yet again, what are we?

        The real Constitutional issues of eligibility has long been on the table for McCain (Jus soli) and Obamam (jus sanguinis).

        All three branches of our government have refused to resolve it in the Supreme Court.

    • Hey mental midget.,… GO BACK TO HUF PO

      TROLL ALERT – do not waste your time responding

      NOTE: above poster IS a leftwing-NUT, libratard, progressive, Dumb-O-cRAT TROLL.

      HUF PO refugee, looking for a home since Arianna Huffington tossed them overboard.

      Expand IT’S profile to confirm.

      This is a NEWBI poster (65 comments) so I think IT has just been created to stir the pot

  • Ok. Here we go. Just REMEMBER,.. the TRUTH HURTS,.. Occam’s Razor logic.

    1) Originally NO ONE on the DumbocRATs side thought Barry would beat Hillary.

    2) Because of the above, Barry WAS NOT COMPLETELY vetted.

    3) It was also ASSUMED he would NOT have any major problems.

    4) When it WAS realized there really WAS a problem,
    it was too LATE to do any thing OTHER than COVER it up.

    5) The Lame-stream media KNOW this.(Only the top people know)

    6) IF,..or WHEN the cat finally does get out of the bag,…

    a) No one will believe this, so there will not be a problem,…
    (this is the Birther strategy – Ridicule, Rule 5 Alinsky and IT IS WORKING)

    b) OR,..The BOMB DROPS,…

    Indisputable proof arises that Barry IS in fact NOT legally ELIGIBLE.

    7) There are 3 possible out come to this,…

    A) So what?? He has All-Ready been the President for 2-3 years,
    whats the BIG DEAL??? Will be the fist response from the Media AND the LEFT.

    B) 90% of the black population WILL NOT believe ANY indisputable proof and will cry
    RACIST from the roof tops.(along with the HARD CORE LEFT)

    C) The RIGHT will ALSO go NUTS and demand Barry be IMPEACHED and ALL of his
    programs be NULL and void. There will also be a witch hunt for ANYONE they
    can find that new about Barry being ineligible. Jail time for those implicated
    will be the LEAST of their worries

    8) They(the powers that be and are aware of the truth)are afraid (sort of) of a
    REAL CIVIL WAR breaking out over this. The longer Barry goes WITHOUT
    getting caught the LESS this worries them.

    This was the line being told to the media to keep them complicit in the
    beginning. It also explains WHY the media IS and HAS been in the bag
    for BArry since the beginning.

    If you have committed a crime, you cannot confess unless you know you will not go to jail. Hence continuing media support.

    So you can take off your tin foil hats now. Or put them on. Your choice.

    Do you want the RED pill? Or the Blue pill?


  • Anonymous

    i have been appalled that NO one has insisted on bho producing such an important document. and the politician who passes this off by “he says he was born in hawaii” is soft and not worthy of my vote.

  • Trump is working hard to get Obama re-elected. I am grieved that so many conservatives are being taken in by this guy.

    • Anonymous

      Sure you are.

      • Trump is being pushed by the MSM because they know he’s a clown. If he gets the nomination they will paint as a kook fringe Birther lunatic.

        Unless of course that’s what YOU want.

        • Anonymous

          Donald Trump doesn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell of getting the nomination.

          • Really? Have you seen the WSJ poll where Trump is at #2 behind Romney? McCain was in last place at this point in 2008.

            Just sayin’

  • Anonymous

    Why no video of this interview?

    Trump pretty much blew any momentum he had last week when he released his certificate of live birth and the media jumped down his throat because that’s not a “real” birth certificate. He had the perfect opportunity to make the point that it is NOT, in fact, a real birth certificate so WHY THE HELL DOES THE MEDIA ACCEPT IT FROM OBAMA? He could have gotten a lot of mileage out of that when he released his real one, but he didn’t. He treated it like it was a mistake on his part. Instead of “oh, a COLB is good enough for OBAMA, but you media want a real one from ME?, OK, here it is, now go ask for Obama’s real one” he blew it with “oh, sorry, my mistake, here’s the real one”.


    I think this whole “campaign” is just a very clever promotional gimmick for Celebrity Apprentice. And hey, it worked. I started watching it after ignoring it for years. What a stupid show. But I gotta admit I’ll probably keep watching it until he fires Gary Busey.

  • Dlsinkler


    • BigM

      Of course it wasn’t 2 million. Trump was off by a few hundred thousand. It was probably more like 2.5 million. Dlsinkler…get a clue man. If he was born here, he would of made that clear a long time ago by producing what is required….PERIOD!!

    • RyokTHEgod

      Why are you yelling?

  • Carkrueger

    Trupalisious! This is beautiful, just beautiful.

  • Has anyone considered the fact that they might not be finding anything because medical records are among the most well protected documents around?

    Hospitals won’t come forth and say if he was born there or not because it’s illegal for them to do so.

  • RyokTHEgod

    I believe that Trump believes, that if he solves this, and shows it to be true, that he’s a shoe in for president.

  • Spartan

    You know Trump has the ability to market HIMSELF in a way just like Obama. He has established enough clout in the business world that nobody questions his dealings. I’m not buying into this load of crap with him. Or with WND and their investigations. If it really is SOOOO important for Trump to know this, it should have been the very first thing on his agenda when all of this was breaking in 2008. If Trump voted just like everyone else in the ‘cattle car’ in 2008? Then I don’t want him to be leading our country. Because leading a great country is not about being part of the fad and the thing to do. That’s why we are in such despearte times now. We don’t need another celebrity fad.

    Principles are everything Trump. Not everything in your business dealings have turned to gold. And this country is not a business that can be shuttered when the going gets tough.

    • He has established enough clout in the business world that nobody questions his dealings.

      You’re aware that we’re talking about a trust fund kid that sent three companies into bankruptcy, right?

      I am, however, excited for the inevitable ad (should he make it that far) which will feature increasingly harrowing-looking images from the past 3-4 years alongside increasingly scary music for 27 seconds until it cuts to a close up of Trump who says “President Obama, you’re fired.”

      That’ll be exciting.

  • Dirtmonkey

    Stop and think for a moment, why are the LSM pushing “The Donald” so hard? All of the press time, the phony polls showing he is a favorite among the Tea Party. Blech. I think the LSM is pushing “The Donald” into the limelight much like they did with McCain. They are both RINOs and we can do much better. Sure, I’ll admit it is entertaining to watch “The Donald” with the birth certificate stuff, but I would not vote for him in 2012. His popularity outside of the New England area is not as great as the LSM makes it to be. He has a couple of good ideas, especially in dealing with China, but we have heard “great ideas” before and look where this country is headed now. We need a true Conservative candidate for 2012, not some RINO or some other establishment type.
    My $0.02

    • Forcefield

      Here’s what I know about Mr Trump.I worked in the city at the time they were trying to build the Ice Rink.The city had control of the project and it just wasn’t going anywhere-Code this-Union that-shoddy work-bad materal-this that and the other thing.So Trump says to the City-I’ll do it for you-This much money-This much time.Everybody thought it some sort of play on his part to bleed the City-Get the contract and then load it up with Ryders and Change Notices to pad the bill.But that didn’t happen.The Rink was done under budget and completed early.Say What You Will-NYC is tough for business.He thrives there.I wouldn’t bet aganist him in this thing.It’s too early to tell who he really is and we can’t make that mistake again,but he’s worth watching for a little at least.

  • Forcefield

    As far as the birther issue goes it’s only one of many outright lies this fool has told to the American people.Looking at this interview it’s easy to see how we got to this point.Anything he says is automaticly force fed to a public that is so uneducated as to believe it.I have always tried to give every President the benefit of the doubt,so to speak but this one has told so many lies back to back that he has lost that.It’s true that the “Natural Born debate has been going on even back in the Founders time and has been open to challange.One parent-two parents has never been resolved,just tolerated,for many years.I also believe the 14th amendment has been misapplied in the the “Birthright” issue.So What.He’s in office.The only “Hope” we have in this country is to “Change” things in this next election cycle.If you want”Change”,start now.And Please-VOTE

    • Persephone

      “So what”…

      Okay…here is ‘so what’.

      Obama has set a Legal Precedent here, by not being a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ as set forth in the Constitution.
      Natural Born Citizen…doesn’t just mean ‘born here’.
      It means ‘both parents are citizens at the time of the birth’.
      Obama clearly does not meet this simple requirement.

      So, even with a birth certificate that shows he was ‘born here’…he still is not a Natural Born Citizen.
      And still not eligible to be President.

      Obama is a lawyer.
      He even studied Constitutional Law, and lectured on it.
      He knows what he has done.
      If this Legal Precedent is not challenged by we-the-people, then it effectively changes the Constitution and becomes the new defacto law…just like Roe v. Wade did with making abortion legal.

      Why does this matter?
      Because we currently are seeing ‘Maternity Mills’ where pregnant women are coming here to give birth, and then returning to their home countries with a Birth Certificate for their child that was born here.
      Why are they doing this?
      One can only speculate as to why…and it has likely been going on for some time.
      But those babies will be eligible to be President someday, if Obama’s precedent is not challenged, and nullified.

      Obama will be known as….’Precedent Obama’, the One who destroyed our Constitution.

  • justathought

    I wonder what kind of information the Clintons have on this subject. Doesn’t anyone think it odd that Hillary is in her position after the way she was treated during the presidential campaign? Then after Obama is elected Bill and O have a meeting, then voila Hillary is Secretary of State. Seems kind of odd to me. Makes me think maybe Bill and O had an “understanding”. “You give my wife a position in your cabinet or “the cat is out of the bag.”” Just a thought!

    • Persephone

      I think that is exactly what happened.

      It was Hillary’s people who started the ‘whisper campaign’ about Obama’s BC, back in spring of ’08.
      Its a safe bet that the Clintons know something.
      They are complicit in this.
      So is the DNC who certified that Obama was eligible, and Nancy Pelosi who certified their certification.

  • Persephone

    Meridith Vieria:
    “You have people now out there searching…in Hawaii?”

    Yes Meridith.
    Like you and your media cohorts should have done 2 years ago, instead of giving Obama a complete wave-through to the White House!

    Hah….I love this.
    Please keep asking about this, Donald!
    It is probably the single most important question out there, for the future of our Country.

  • hugh jardonne

    Obama is a FRAUD pure and simple

    …If he wasn’t born in this country, he has conned the whole world.
    But you’re saying it’s a con. That’s what you’re saying.
    I’m not saying anything. I’m saying–
    Sure you are.

    My Goodness Meredith – you can NOT understand a simple conditional statement?!!?

    One point I have for you, Meredith –
    HUNDREDS of Lawyers went to Alaska to vet(Dig up dirt on,) Sarah Palin.
    She has withstood all of the trash & gossip(really) because what they found was not true and most of what was brought up was false on its face, common sense eliminated most of it right away.

    Question: How much vetting of this type has your network and any other of the ‘investigative agencies’ engaged in, regarding Barack Obama’s background, credentials, Law career, friends, neighbors, garbage collectors, librarians, town rabble rousers, etc. ? hmmmmmm?
    You’re asking him what he knows! HA!
    Aren’t YOU the reporters?
    You and all your fellow HACKS?!
    I think Trump is basically pointing and laughing at ALL of YOU!
    😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 me too!

  • Anonymous

    Would this be a gift from heaven? You betcha!

  • Gboys

    Show the cert!

  • Gboys

    For the love of Pete, Donald get a haircut or a new piece! He’s as rich as you can dream of being and he can’t get that hair to look any better?

  • Maybe this is Trump’s convoluted way of taking the Birther issue off the table. Nobody wants to publicly be a member of the Silly Club, so people will drop out like flies. His claims of sending researchers to Hawaii is still unsubstantiated, and any genealogy researcher could find the info he says he wants.

  • Nancy

    This is to Donald Trump!!! I am from Parkersburg, WV. I like your show. I find you amusing. I think you are probably a money making brainiac. BUT. I have never seen someone disagree with you and not be attacked. Number 1 rule in your book -DO NOT CROSS ME OR I WILL MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A PIECE OF CRAP IN EVERY NEWSPAPER, ON EVERY NETWORK, ON EVERY COMPUTER IN AMERICA AND ABROAD!!!!!!! Do you realize that… wait, sorry, ofcourse you do, that when you go on someone elses show. meaning ‘not yours’ and they try to do they’re job and ask you questions you just keep saying EXCUSE ME!!! EXCUSE ME!!! EXCUSE ME!!! over top of them till they shut up and let the only one that matters in the room talk. Every one I talked to loves, really loves your show. We love when you walk into the board room with your eyebrows down and your lips all puckered up acting like everybody is afraid of you, good show, really funny We ALLLL feel the exact same way. A leader needs to know how to listen, you don’t. A leader needs to take criticism, good and bad. That ain’t you! A leader needs compromise, you just want people to do what they are told. By the time you were done insulting and belitteling the leaders of all the other Countries and Nations, you single handedly would probably bring about nuclear war and the end of the world as we know it.
    Nancy I.

  • Nancy

    Sorry, Nancy from Parkersburg, WV again. I forgot to tell you the thing that bothered me the most about you. I have raised my children to always make themselves look good by doing good NOT by making the person standing beside them look bad.
    Since you have even hinted at running for President it has not been based on the fact that you would be a good President BUT constantly pointing out that Obama is a piece of crap and AT LEAST you would be better then him. Kinda sad.
    Do you know what makes all this a little weird? I don’t like Obama! I didn’t vote for Obama! Can’t see myself ever voting for Obama.
    Asolutely under no circumstances can I EVER see myself voting for someone that keeps saying over and over ‘ that guy’s a piece of crap! At least I’m better then him!’
    Kinda sad. Could you answer one question? If the birth certificate was such a big deal why didn’t you bring it up when he was running? Why wait till you decided you wanted to play and gonna win no matter what?