Trump plays the VICTIM on Twitter, THREATENS to press charges against Michelle Fields!!

The cheeto-faced toupee’d totalitarian has taken to Twitter to disprove what’s plainly obvious in the video that the police released of Corey Lewandowski assaulting Michelle Fields.

And it has all the TrumperTantrum you’d expect:

Here’s the video, but if you’re a Trump supporter, don’t believe your lying eyes because they probably voted for Cruz and they’re deceiving your brains:

Trumpo continues:

As we’ve pointed out, this is a lie. Michelle Fiends hasn’t changed her story, it’s just that Trump and his followers are illiterate.

I don’t know what Trump thinks this screenshot proves because he’s just reaching into his coat here.

Words have no meaning for these morons. “Almost” and “try” don’t exist in their eyesight and in their vocabularies.

Amazingly, he defended Corey before by saying that he never touched her, but NOW he’s implying that she deserved to be bruised because she touched him. Which is it? Whichever he wants his followers to believe, they’ll regurgitate.

It is sad and pathetic that the GOP frontrunner is behaving like a spoiled child. I hope the voters turn away from this idiocy.

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