TRUTH – Allen West on exposing Democrats: Lynching and mobs did not come from Republicans

Allen West spoke recently at a GOP dinner and gave another fantastic speech. Very inspiring. He spoke a lot about Republicans and how they aren’t exposing the truth about Democrats. He said they aren’t even going into the inner cities and explaining the party of Lincoln, the party of opportunity.

Below is an excerpt:

We are the party of opportunity. We are the party that looks at a young man born in the inner city of Atlanta, GA, and says you’re not a victim. You don’t have to be dependent. You can achieve whatever greatness, whatever your hearts desire! But the thing is we refuse to go into the neighborhoods today and tell that story about the party of Lincoln, about who we are.

See, we refuse to expose the other side and what they believe in – I call it the four S’s. The Democrat Party has stood for this. They have stood for slavery. They have stood for secession. They have stood for segregation – if you don’t believe me go back and read. Jim Crow did not come from Republicans. Poll taxes and literacy tests did not come from Republicans. Lynching and mobs did not come from Republicans. And today, now this party stands for socialism.

There’s much more including a ‘hint, hint’ about a possible run for president.


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  • marketcomp

    Telling the truth as usual. Yes, I can see the rise of the tea party people-Cruz/West or West/Cruz! I am ok with either one!

    • StandProudNow

      I sorta (Just *sorta* 😉 )like Palin on the top ticket….. and then maybe Cruz? (I like him a LOT, but am watching closely… he has to prove himself a bit more)

      Palin is the ONLY one with a proven record!!

      • marketcomp

        I completely love Sarah Palin but I don’t know if she wants to be President! But I can guarantee one thing and that is that if anyone of these men were selected as the candidate she would support both of them, without hesitation. She supported both in their elections and Sen. Cruz credits her support in helping him close the gap with his opponent. So I am OK with all three of them.

        • palin/cruz or palin/west, or palin/carson would be the ticket to vote for. Palin is not afraid to get out there and tell it like it is. she is strong and not a wimp like mccain and graham who attacked paul, cruz and rubio calling them whacko birds. guess they think palin is a whacko bird too because she helped get these senators elected.

          • Carson has proven himself as an exceptional neurosurgeon, but that’s it so far. I hope that he gets involved though.

            • marketcomp

              I agree.

            • OneThinDime

              Carson has also proven that he doesn’t support the 2nd Amendment. He can serve a vital role educating young people of accountability, personal responsibility, education, hard work. That’s a huge role to promote responsible voting. He’s good there but would not want him in an important office!

      • freechic

        Unfortunately, Palin has been so demonized by the left that she would start from behind.
        I say make her Secretary of Energy. Let her take everything handled by that department and turn it over to the private sector and completely dismantle that department permanently. Might take 8 years, but she could do it. 🙂

        • trixiewoobeans

          That and the Dept. of Education!

    • Sober_Thinking

      My current dream team. 🙂

  • Good job picking up the cue from Cruz about opportunity. It’s true and important, and I enjoy West’s fighting spirit. But, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and all the Founders stood for Secession, and rightly so. And, while it might sound appealing to ‘low-information voters’, the GOP must not govern as ‘the party of Lincoln’, but rather decisively reject and apologize for his corporatism, his tyranny, and his war crimes.

    • Dude statements like that are why liberals are able to paint the party as racist when you call the guy who many consider to be the greatest president ever to be a war criminal. Stop it. Your making it too easy for the left.

      • sDee

        The Progressives always paint history their way. The only thing for certain i that the any American hisotry we were fed in school is to be seriously questioned..

        Nothing said, or left unsaid, will reverse 50 years of schools and media brainwashing America that Republicans are racists, bigots, homophobes and woman haters.

        We cannot act like them and discuss only what we like to discuss.

        I do not know Lincoln but very well but want to learn from all perspectives, what is surely a complex and bloody period of our history. For too long, Republicans were afraid to discuss the dirty progressive secrets of FDR and Wilson, and a great opportunity to educate many generations about American Marxism was lost.

        • Sure. But the proctologist’s dilemma is that you don’t really learn a lot about a man when you only focus on one area. That’s what drives me crazy about the few cranky libertarians that hate Lincoln.

      • Ridiculous. “Liberals” have only one reason for making false accusations of racism. It is their first, last, and only resort because they have no recourse to logic or facts.

        You make it easy for the Left by being intimidated by their bullying tactics.

        • I’m not intimidated by it I just have common sense, If you really want to talk war criminals then how about we talk about the Democrats who lynched people afterword and the KKK. And just so you know I happen to be a Lincoln fan. I am not your enemy I am trying to give some helpful advice.

    • Not this crap again.

      No man is perfect, and great men often come with great imperfections. But all of this Boothian crap is just pointless. I’m pro Liberty all the way, but when a war as great and horrible as the Civil War is underway, and the unthinkable could happen (ie, a loss to a bunch of pro-slavery states), one would be a fool to expect that extraordinary measures, something like the firebombing of Dresden in WWII, were off the table.

      Just as the man who was shot five times while attacking a woman and her children was completely to blame, Dresden was Hitler’s fault.

      Even so, Lincoln’s extraordinary measures are always inflated, in the usual moral equivalence style, to try and make him out to be a tyrant. By those standards, Barack would be way out past Stalin.

      John Wilkes Booth was an epic, murdering scumbag. Lincoln freed the slaves. I have no trouble siding with Lincoln in that contest.

      • the unthinkable could happen (ie, a loss to a bunch of pro-slavery states)

        A better way to prevent a loss in war is to not start one.

        Just as the man who was shot five times while attacking a woman and her children was completely to blame, Dresden was Hitler’s fault.

        Were newspaper editors in New York, jailed without trial, to blame? Were legislators in northern states, jailed without trial prior to the war, to blame?

        Lincoln freed the slaves.

        False. The Emancipation Proclamation (1862, two years after the war began) explicitly excluded slaves that could actually be freed (in Kentucky and Maryland, for example). The 13th Amendment abolished slavery and was passed by Congress.

        John Wilkes Booth was an epic, murdering scumbag. Lincoln freed the slaves. I have no trouble siding with Lincoln in that contest.

        To suggest that I have any advocacy for Booth, or for assassination in general, is not only vile and reprehensible, but also a straw man unnecessary for those whose position is supported by facts.

        • Those are all quibbles about extraordinary measures, taken in extremis, elevated to equivalence with tyranny. Since Lincoln we’ve had Japanese Americans put in internment camps, and LOTS of extra-constitutional crap going on. Lincoln only engaged in what was necessary to win a war right here, on our soil, which, unlike either a win or a loss in Vietnam, would have permanently altered this country into two separate nations (at best) and left the loser at the mercy of the winner, which was a slave-holding “nation”. Absolutely intolerable.

          You can quibble about the actual, signed “instruments” and get exremely precise about which slaves were freed when, but no one is going to take away the authorship of freed slaves from Lincoln on such a basis. Just because the instruments had to go through some process? That would be as absurd as claiming Martin Luther King, Jr. was just “some guy in those marches in Alabama, because hey, other guys marched, too.”

          Sorry, but moral equivalence is considered a fallacy for damn good reason.

          And who the hell “suggested” you were advocating assassination? What absolute bullsh*t. You invented words I did not write, to make your very own “vile and reprehensible” man of straw. So take it home with you, it ain’t mine.

          Booth and conspirators were carping about the same exact crap that the “neo” and fringe libertarians (as opposed to the regular libertarians) go on about. That’s what makes it “Boothian,” not the fact that he was a murderer. The “Lincoln was a tyrant” fans cannot possibly escape the fact that they are using Booth’s same exact arguments by declaring they would never seek his criminal “solution.”

          This is exactly what pushed me away from libertarians, after all the study I did on libertarian philosophy. Like some leftist nutjjob accusing soldiers of “murder” for shooting the enemy in battle, too many neo-libertarians have damaged the brand by going on about what freaking tyrant Lincoln was. Meanwhile we have mass graves and concentration camps and gulags and the disappeared aplenty to show us what real tyranny looks like. Sorry, but Lincoln does not fit that mold at all. He may not have been perfect, but neither are you and neither am I.

          • Lincoln’s refusal to free slaves that actually could be freed prior to enactment of the 13th amendment demonstrates his lack of commitment to do so and that slavery was not the noble purpose for the war that revisionists would have you believe.

            I’ll agree with the Founders who did not consider violations of individual liberties and state sovereignty, including redistribution of wealth (and which need not be inflated), to be ‘quibbles’.

            Booth’s motivation is secondary. He was an assassin first and foremost. “Boothian” is no more than a label you use to attempt to taint my arguments with the crime of assassination.

            I’m not a Libertarian either.

            FDR’s crimes (or quibbles, if you prefer) don’t excuse Lincoln’s.

            You keep saying those words. I don’t think they mean what you think they mean. You have made no effort to refute a comparison that I have actually made.

            Lincoln only engaged in what was necessary to win a war right here, on our soil, which, unlike either a win or a loss in Vietnam, would have permanently altered this country

            That would be an example of moral equivalence. If you’re equating Hitler and rapists with secessionists, then that would be another example of the same fallacy.

            Tyranny and war crimes don’t have to come with a little square mustache. If your primary objection to my comments is that Lincoln’s actions weren’t as bad as (name your favorite tyrant)’s, that would be yet another example of moral equivalence.

      • Vongoh

        The main issue with Lincoln:

        1) He never wanted to free slaves. He wanted to get rid of them, ship them out of the country. He was thoroughly racist and considered blacks inferior to whites

        2) The war was not fought to “free the slaves”. It was fought because Lincoln’s elite cronies in the North could not compete economically with an independent South that had a labor cost advantage from slavery.


        I mean, what you’re saying would be somewhat reasonable if the “Lincoln was a great, caring abolitionist that freed the American slaves” story was not totally propoganda and B.S. lol.

        It just is.

      • Vongoh

        The main issue with Lincoln:

        1) He never wanted to free slaves. He wanted to get rid of them, ship them out of the country. He was thoroughly racist and considered blacks inferior to whites

        2) The war was not fought to “free the slaves”. It was fought because Lincoln’s elite cronies in the North could not compete economically with an independent South that had a labor cost advantage from slavery.


        I mean, what you’re saying would be somewhat reasonable if the “Lincoln was a great, caring abolitionist that freed the American slaves” story was not totally propoganda and B.S. lol.

        It just is.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Sorry my friend, but you are OFF the mark on this one, and I say that as a Virginian, the state that hosted the capitol of the Confederacy in Richmond. When you refer to Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Madison, and the other Founders, yes, they were for secession from the English Kings Tyranny, NOT from a federal union they pledged their lives and their wealth and their honor to achieve. These men are responsible for founding the United States, a federal union.
      As for Lincoln, he did exactly what he was elected to do, Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States.
      So Mark, I have to say that I just don’t get your point. VG

      • “But the indissoluble link of union between the people of the several States of this confederated nation is, after all, not in the RIGHT, but in the HEART. If the day should ever come (may Heaven avert it!) when the affections of the people of these States shall be alienated from each other, when the fraternal spirit shall give way to cold indifference, or collision of interests shall fester into hatred, the bonds of political association — will not long hold together parties no longer attracted by the magnetism of conciliated interests and kindly sympathies; and far better will it be for the people of the disunited States to part in friendship with each other than to be held together by constraint. Then will be the time for reverting to the precedents which occurred at the formation and adoption of the Constitution, to form again a more perfect Union, by dissolving that which could no longer bind, and to leave the separated parts to be reunited by the law of political gravitation to the center.” –John Quincy Adams

        The Founders acknowledged the universal applicability of the “precedents” which led to secession from England. Lincoln claimed to agree:

        “Any people, anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable and most sacred right – a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world.”

        It’s a matter of historical fact that Lincoln violated the Constitution. Are you unaware that he jailed people without trial, or even charge, in northern states? Newspaper editors were jailed to prevent the free and peaceful expression of an opposing opinion. State congressmen were jailed to prevent legislation in opposition to Lincoln’s war.

        • WordsFailMe

          Your comment got me to thinkin…This is not really a reply.

          I remember the golden baritone, James Earl Jones in an old movie where he played an ignorant, but sensitive, farm worker, just after the end of the civil war and he said, “Mistah Lincoln done freed the slaves! Hallelujah!”

          It doesn’t seem that we’ve come that far since fall of 1865 because few of the beneficiaries of emancipation can grasp the concept that Lincoln did more for this country than sign the executive order ending slavery.

          I say “He ended slavery.” He did not free the slaves. A slave, born of parents selected for him by members of the Democratic Party for 400 years, cannot be made “free” by a signature. Each man and woman must free himself from the yoke of bondage or forever remain a slave in his mind.

          Lincoln knew the difference between ending the legal right of an institution to continue and literally freeing people who lived under Democratic Party rule for 400 years, bred for purposes which suited those Democrats. I wish the glib Mistah Lincoln had left a few words of advice for the former slaves. I wonder what he would have said?

          I can hear him now, “I grant you Emancipation my children. But, if you want EBT cards, you are going to have to join the Democratic arty of your former masters and those who selectively bred you, like you know what, and you will need to remain slaves and victims for another 400 years.”

          “But that is your choice, my children. I can loose the chains on your legs, but what the Democratic Party has done to you and your children and your children’s children must be accomplished by each of you, on you own.”

    • OneThinDime

      Amen! Lincoln was not the great potus he is held up to be. He circumvented Congress and that should never be honored by any potus.

  • clockwindingdown


    He gets it, he says it! The leaders of the GOP are complicit in what is happening in our country, I am convinced they are happy at the direction our Country is moving.

  • Joe

    He always tells it like it is

    I can’t understand why Col. West hasn’t gained more traction

    I believe the GOP sabotaged his election with lack of support

    I really wish there was a strong 3rd party

    • Patriot077

      The GOP sabotaged his election when they re-districted him. I’m sure the RNC and the Florida state rinos worked that out together.

      • sDee

        Indeed and then they scurried back to their cesspools when there was 140% voter turnout and other fraud.

        • Patriot077

          I wonder if True the Vote has had any success in their lawsuit for the election fraud in his district. Heads should roll for what was done to him.

    • OneThinDime

      98% of blacks voted for the Hope and Change, 95% of black women voted for Obama. They want freebies, want to blame whites for slavery instead of accepting history for what it is, history, and learning to treat others better than their ancestors were treated.

      On the same lines, this is women’s history month. Have you seen anything about the struggles of women in the US? Did you know the constitutional amendment giving them the right to vote was 50 years AFTER blacks? Silence from the MSM. Are women suing for reparations? Nope. And very little outcry about muslims still selling and forcing women into marriage, rape, honor killings.

  • StandProudNow

    I used to be a very strong West supporter. Worked on his campaign in 2010, have heard him live many tines and even met him personally.

    His voting record disappointed me. (He sounds fantastic, but how did he vote on stuff???) He also called the Tea Party “Schizophrenic” (Uhm….who got you elected????) when he VOTED TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING.

    Ho DOES give great speeches! And from the cuff!

    But for me the jury is DEFINITELY out.

    • cabensg

      He would make a good Rep or Senator but without some governing experience I see no reason to call for a presidential run. We need him and others like him to continue their aggressive truth telling which he does very well. I think losing his election bid will enable him to learn more about conservative issues and the Tea Party as he travels around giving speeches. He does have a fearless quality about calling out liberals and their agenda which is very refreshing and much needed.

    • OneThinDime

      Didn’t he also vote for NDAA?

    • aposematic

      Personally, I would love to see West as Secretary of Defense. I’m sure he knows where most of the Leftist/Islam sympathizers are hanging/hiding out in the Pentagon, Military Command, and Government.

  • Oh I SO love this man!! West 2016!!! Please!! Common sense, man parts to call things out in the GOP, military leadership, and just plain incredible! Lord, I would So love to see this man as our true Commander in Chief!!

  • sDee

    Thanks TRS. West stands. Always.

    Run West! We are still here and ready to tar and feather the lot of them. Point us at the hill Colonel. We are ready to tar and feather the whole lot of these beltway quislings.

    And rest assured. No monkey business here – West is a Natural Born Citizen, He would be the first to tell us if he had a shred of doubt and precisely why.

  • sDee

    I just have to link back to probably the best post on TRS…..

    • PVG

      Somehow I missed this…..thanks sDee!

    • WordsFailMe

      You know I hate to say this but beyond understanding that the Emancipation Proclamation meant the Black American citizens of African decent, on this continent would be expected, even by Abraham Lincoln himself, to begin feeding themselves June 20, 1863, the conversation of the black culture in this country, unlike any other population of Africans, never seems to get beyond race. Is it a language problem> DO their mother raise them from infancy talking only about race, race, race? Hmmm.

      It seems like that black culture has been organically predisposed toward an upper limit of the ability to comprehend ideas which are more complex than color. Possibly such concepts are simply beyond the grasp…(Don’t infants pass though a recognition of color stage at about 2.5 years followed by a period where they learn to speak in full sentences from their mothers?)

      That like trading ankle chains for brain chains. This culture has nothing further to offer the rest of humanity. Too bad- there are some damned fine black thinkers and professionals but they are belittled, taunted, shunned and reviled by the swarming, greedy mass on morons. We can thank the democrats for the suppression of black culture. They’ve done a fine job discrediting an entire race.

  • Ray

    Alan West, a man screwed by REPUBLICANS who were in charge of redrawing his congressional district so he could not win! Yet he still is covering for them!

    • bbitter

      He’s still covering for the IDEAL. He specifically called them out in the beginning of this speech, as picking losers… erm, candidates, from their approved ‘who’s next?’ list. If you listen carefully, he’s praising those who stand true to the ideal, and calling-out everyone else.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    What West says is true about the Democrappic party. They have been on the wrong side of freedom and liberty for decades, with very few exceptions. You will not hear any of this in the revisionist history classes of our state-run re-education centers.

  • Damn. I can’t wait till 2015. Too many choices. I feel like a fat kid in a chocolate factory.

    • aposematic

      Time might weed some out but hopefully add many more.

  • stage9

    HA! He said it!

    Choosing a candidate based on “Whose turn is it next?”

    I’ve made that argument since Bob Dole!

    • sDee
      • It would allow me to see it sDee, but it did say something about post turtle. ’nuff said.

    • chatterbox365

      That’s the truth!!! I cracked up when he almost uttered the word “loser.”

      Now the clown establishment is trying to push “dough boy” out in New Jersey as a contender for 2016.

      • bbitter

        …well… when it get’s hot in the kitchen, Dough boy has proven that he will roll over and butter-up for the federal bread-line so he can bring home the bacon.

        Well… look what good it has done for NJ. If CC had taken the opportunity to turn out the unions and expose them for the greedy, prosperity-blocking and help-blocking bastards that they are, you’d see NJ fixed by now. How long did it take for them to get power? How many willing crews of linemen did they turn away?

        …and how long did it take for congress to push out the $$? The federal teat gives sour milk. I can’t understand how long it is taking for people to understand that.

    • we have a “it’s my turn” for governor here in virginia come the fall. we have odd year elections for state run offices. when the conservative attorney general decided to run for governor, he got his base up and running and on committees. Now we have a closed primary- thank goodness – and the ‘it’s my turn” candidate is deciding whether to run as an independent or not. he’s taking his marbles home and pouting that he didn’t get the nomination for the republican party. he’s served as lt. governor for 8 years and has not been very effective.

  • PVG

    It would take a MIRACLE for West to win the WH in 2016. That said, I believe in a God of miracles!!!

  • garyinaz66

    kind of funny, we republicans are supposed to be “racist” but the stars in the republican party are cruz, west and lee. seems pretty diverse to me.

    go figure.

  • BubbaTex

    God Bless Allen for coming out and speaking the truth about DemoRats

  • Rocco11

    Allen West is the anti-Obama, love him.

  • Allen West is THE man. I would vote for him in a heartbeat. But I still think he needs some more time in elected office, if for anything else just to establish more political credibility with the low information voters out there. Although Obama was a US Senator for less than two years before he ran for president, he at least was in the Illinois legislature for a few years before that. West only served one term in Congress. That may not be enough for some voters out there, but it certainly is enough for me. We need a man like Allen West so very badly in Washington today. I hope he gets there.

    • “But I still think he needs some more time in elected office”-

      That is not what leadership is about, being an experienced insider- A leader leads, gives the orders based on his ideals and goals, the end result direction he/she wants the nation to go in, and end up as, and is not adherent to how much experience he has.

      Regardless, in Rep. LtCol Allen West’s case, he has more than enough experience as a leader in the Military, the Community, and Congress, more than Obama ever had, thus with Obama you see his vision and end goal direction resulting from his policies- ie; the internal destruction and collapse of America, of Capitalism, of Individual Freedom and Liberty.

      Career elitist permanent political class politicians are whom and what helped to get us into this mess, and what is preventing us from getting out of this mess, so I do not see your basis of experience level has any credibility on this issue.

      I would take a Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Allen West, Michelle Bachmann, Mia Love, or any other newly elected freshman in Congress, over career permanent political elitist politicians, any day of the week, month, or year- for it’s their conservative American ideals, values, and core principles of protecting, defending, and adhering to the US Constitution, supporting Free market Capitalism, Democracy, Freedom and Liberty that are their guiding virtues that give them direction as a leader, not any radical ideological political agenda, let alone personal benefit of power and financial gain, that comes from exploiting the people of this Nation.

      • OneThinDime

        I hope Mia Love runs in 2014. If she does, and I pray she does, we need to get behind her! Hopefully Mike Lee will also get behind her!

    • obama may have been in the Ill legislature but he more often than not voted present. he did little to improve lives of chicago voters. he was always going after the next level, quitting before serving out his full term in both IL and the U.S. Senate.
      If you look at what he’s done as president, he’s pretty much “quit” on that too giving the resposibility over to democrats, except for the executive orders he’s thrown on us.

  • bornfreeamerican

    God Bless you Allen West! Please keep speaking! Thank you sir for your service and Patriotism!

  • Guest

    S.C.R.E.W. Jeb Bush, his “Bought and Paid For” Waterboy and the Republican controlled legislature in Florida who was so threatened by this man that they chose to redistrict him out of his congressional seat instead of the DNC Chair socialist Wasserman-Schultz.

    S.C.R.E.W. the gopE who would rather carpet bomb freedom loving Americans than fight the Democrats.

    S.C.R.E.W. Marco Rubio who can’t talk half as good as this man, who voted for Hanoi John, Brennan, and refused to call out corruptocrat Jack Lew, who’d rather partner with Chuck U. Screwmer, who doesn’t know want it means to work and not live on the government dole.

    The gopE is my enemy because they believe “Better a Democrat than anyone who is not one of us.”

    I’m only voting for freedom not the Fabian socialists in the Bush mafia. Cast in concrete.

    • WordsFailMe

      I’ll give you this,. guest—you really know your Bush, my friend!

      To H.E.L.L. with the National Socialist Republican’s party.

    • OneThinDime

      Excellent! One more important point about Rubio, he ran on rule of law, border enforcement and no amnesty and is now preaching AMNESTY to his race. He is about race over country, Constitution and Rule of Law and that is unacceptable.

  • Mr. West with all due respect, your viewpoints are anathema to 96% of the Negroes in this country who only care about getting “free stuff”. They are also unacceptable to many White Southern Conservatives such as myself. We are not ashamed that our ancestors seceded from the tyrannical Washington government and many of us admire John Wilkes Booth and abjure Lincoln. As a Southerner who has lived in an integrated society from childhood, I can assure you and your Northern White Republican followers that your pleas to the Negro community will fall on deaf ears. You think “If we could just explain to these Black Folks that the Republican party freed the slaves then they would vote for us out of gratitude”. Not likely, since you want to cut back on their “free stuff” and kick them off the modern day equivalent of the nice, safe plantation. Get this and get it good, the Republican Party needs to write the Negroes off and begin solidifying it’s support among Whites. Had Mr. Romney gotten 64 % of the White vote instead of 61% he would be President this morning. What we must make White people see is that the Democrats are solely in the business of giving “free stuff” to the Negroes and discriminating against Whites, which given the present environment should be easy to do. Fan the flames of resentment and turn the Democrats into a party that only represents the interests of minorities, which is in point of fact, the truth. You can have the Negro vote or you can have the vote of White Southerners, but you cannot have both.

    • WordsFailMe

      The bleeping Yankee, in his white-bread , racist communities in New york and the rest of New England will never take a minute, even a New York minute to try to understand another human being. The Hannity’s and the rest of the Madison Avenue, cocktail conservatives will go on pointing out the hypocrisy of the left as if someone will become so motivated that they will change their vote.

      Yankees are born stupid. I think its because of the years of incestuous and racist behavior common in the clannish neighborhoods from the Hamptons to the Bronx.

      No President hailing from Illinois will ever understand either. We are on our own, my friend.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “You can have the Negro vote or you can have the vote of White Southerners, but you cannot have both.”

      Not ‘exactly’ correct. The number of Black conservatives in the south is growing every day. They will always be the ‘minority’ within the minority but don’t write them off. Contrary to the ‘spin’ propagated by the ‘media’, the south is probably the most successfully ‘integrated’ part of the nation. It’s the northeastern and mid western Black communities promoting the ‘separate and unequal’ mantra spurred on by racist crooks like Charlie Rangel and Barack Obama. The south has the likes of Col. West and Herman Cain, among others. The south will rise again and it will be the the southern Black community that will first figure out they have been played for a batch of suckers, by the Democratic Party.
      “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson (D) to two governors on Air Force One –

      “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ

      • cabensg

        To help the minority conservative black vote in the south I think a political ad using the two statements by LBJ would be a good start to solidify that. If I was black and was already leaning conservative those would be fighting words. Of course we know this is the attitude of political liberals everywhere so we could throw in a couple more recent quotes to go along with it.

        • OneThinDime

          The black conservatives preachers and leaders are much more effective than the old white guy LBJ.

          • cabensg

            Yeh! but LBJ just solidifies, in his comments, the racist attitude we know liberal Democrats have towards blacks.

            • OneThinDime

              I agree with you have to be able to relate to the audience. They’ve been brainwashed into believing they are entitled because of “slavery”, “whites are bad”, etc. Continuing to focus on the past just won’t get us there. People have to be taught that you are dealt a hand in life and need to take that hand and improve yourself.

          • tinlizzieowner

            2 words. Alfonzo Rachel. 😉
            The libs can deal with old Black Conservatives in suits but ‘Zo’ is a whole different ball game. He’s ‘hip’ (to use a word from my generation). Young black kids (and White lids too) will watch his stuff.

            • OneThinDime

              Those are the best 2 words I’ve read on this thread! Add in the young man Colion Noir and have them tag team and wouldn’t that be a site to see! I would pay for seats to that event.

              • tinlizzieowner

                Write to ‘The Five’ and ‘Red Eye’ and insist they book Alfonzo Rachel, like I have. I’d pay to watch ‘Zo’ and Beckel go at it. 😉
                ‘Zo’ has done late night TV before, you know. 😉 😉

                • OneThinDime

                  That is awesome! I will do as you suggest and agree, would love to see Zo take on Beckel!

      • OneThinDime

        Great points! Examples: Chicago, Phili, Detroit, Mpls, all armpits which huge minority populations with their hands out.

  • soraja

    I would follow this MAN whit a can of gas in my left and right hand walking trough hell and back.

    This is the leadership we need, to stay free and safe !

  • Ray

    Lynchings may not have have started with Republicans and were in the south, however, selling human beings and keeping the profits is a thing of the north. I find the self-righteousness of this issue a little pompous.
    Republicans did however make Big Centralized Government a thing we all live under today.

  • aposematic

    Its not about moderating the message…its about taking a stand… Gosh, I love this man Alan West.

  • trixiewoobeans

    So many “stars” in the Conservative heaven these days. Hoping the long, dry spell is over and we’ll have our pick of excellent, praiseworthy, trustworthy candidates lined up for many offices!

  • PFFV

    Allen is my hero! I hope to get the chance to vote for him as a real commander in chief! God bless him, his family and all true conservatives fighting the good fight! Everyone else can go to hell because they are the problem!

  • 57thunderbird

    God bless you Colonel West.I would proudly cast my vote for you for President!

  • I’d share a foxhole with this man anywhere any time.

    • soraja

      start digging you need room for one more

  • tesmith47

    West is either a liar, or a cad. the fact of the matter is at that time the racist whites were mostly democrats, at this time the racist whites are mostly republicans, but the name is not important the institution of capitalism uses racism to further its goals of profit for a few, at the expense of the many; be they black or white!!!

  • mmmjv

    Allen West thinks he’s Harriet Tubman. He also thinks that black people are too stupid to vote Republican should they so desire and so they need some “latter day Harriet Tubman” to guide them. He’s also constantly using the race card. claiming President Obama wants to be our slave master, and I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s used the phrase “Democratic plantation” not to mention his latter day Harriet Tubman comment.

  • AMDove2

    TO mmmjv : Are you so uninformed as to believe the Democratic propaganda OR is it that your is out for anything you can get and ‘to Hell’ with our country. Which are you?

  • mmmjv

    Neither, it’s that Allen West is batshit crazy. And that’s even without his expecting the voters of today to base their votes on what happened 100 years ago

  • mmmjv

    For the record the Democrats voted for the 1964 Civil Rights act. The rightwing often lies about that and says they didn’t, but they did

  • seanearlyaug

    The democrat party at the time of Lincoln was a big shot loving, slavery loving party. I would hope that if I lived then I would not have joined. The republican party at that time was the opposite. 
    Today the republican party is a big shot loving party. And one the represses civil liberties that I feel are crucial. And wants to tax the little guy, and destroy his life. 
    The parties have shifted agendas over time. Some time around Wilson or Hover they swapped, and today the Repbulicans are not the party of Lincoln. The south eventually understood that, and stood up for the party of racists that the Rep. were in the late 60s. Again, time and them have moved on.