Two Temple students harassed, girl SMASHED in face with brick by group of young teens

A couple of Temple students were just minding their own business when a group of at least 10 youth, ranging from 8-14 yrs old, began harassing them. The boyfriend told NBC 10 News that the group began shouting at them and messing with his girlfriend’s hair and wouldn’t leave them alone. After following and harassing them for a while, one of the girls in the group hit the female Temple student in the face with a brick. The student was rushed to the hospital and had to have emergency surgery. The police are currently looking for the group of attackers.

Despite interviewing the boyfriend, there is no mention of the description of the teens in the news report, just their ages. Yeah, you probably expected that.


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  • Crassus

    They’re here. They’re there. They’re everywhere. The sons of Obama have struck again.

  • notsofastthere

    This is just soooo typical of White gangs beating up on hard working college Blacks who want an education. It’s not a hate crime; it’s just college place mischief.

  • Just did some intense searching on this. Nobody with any credibility is reporting on anything other than the ages of these kids.

    We’re only a few years away from people having to wear security cams on their clothing.

    • notsofastthere

      If it’s Whites, they report their race immediately. Like fatal car accidents, if the occupants were wearing seat belts they don’t report it. They won’t report that seat belts didn’t save their lives.
      We do have to be aware of what they don’t report and make assumptions.

      • DakConserve

        Agreed, if the attackers had been white the media would be fretting over our “racist” society and Obamzo would be invoking his imaginary son!

    • Temple University is in the ghetto which is Paul Ryan speak for black.

  • Ken

    This story is insane. I can 100% guarantee you that if they had a gun to defend themself and shot and killed one of the attackers, they would be put in jail and prosecuted. Not to mention if the attacker was any other race than white….

    if it was me, one or two of them would be going to the hospital with us.

    • Truth Gun

      Video tape with a cell phone if possible..

    • James1754

      The two victims were college students from a liberal college. You expect them to have a gun?

  • $3273457

    The pervasive double-standard when it comes to racism is due, I believe, to the non-stop narrative that has been drilled into our heads for several decades now, mostly by liberals with an agenda. The picture of the stereotypical racist is a White male, preferably of Southern heritage, always a Republican. We are told that Black folks can’t possibly be racist, while ALL White folks are racist to one degree or another….even if they don’t know it. We’re even told that it’s in White people’s DNA to be racist. Black folks have been taught for a long time that White racism is the cause of all of their problems. This narrative has become an indelible part of our culture. How many movies have been produced that feature Black people being treated horribly by White folks? A majority of these movies harken back to the slavery or segregation era. Two of the more recently notable examples of such movies are “The Butler,” and “12 Years A Slave.” Meanwhile, any book or movie that depicts the growing trend of racist Black-on-White violence (such as “White Girl Bleed A Lot”) is dismissed as racist propaganda. In other words, like global warming, debate will not be allowed when it comes to the issue of racism. The “science has been settled.”

    Yes, this nation has a shameful past when it comes to the treatment of Black people. However, we have also proven that we can triumph over it, as we have in nearly every regard. We have overcome segregation and racial division. We have made HUGE strides toward racial harmony, at least in terms of Whites’ mistreatment of Blacks. But no matter how much progress we make in race relations, we’re told that it’s never enough. You see, there is just too much political power to be reaped by sowing racial division, and that’s why we will not reach a state of true racial harmony while the race hustlers still control a large part of the debate (and that includes our president). Until then, we continue to see more and more of the extremely racist Black-on-White hate crimes being covered up or watered down by a vast majority of the media.

  • ivan

    Welcome to the real life Night Of The Living dead; zombies attacking without motive those that are not them.

  • Yazz55

    Seems like the knockout game is advancing to the next level. Not just fists punching you in the head anymore. Now its bricks. Just a matter of time until it graduates to another level, such as knives or guns.
    Don’t expect to hear any condemnation from the like of the justice bros – aka Jackson & Sharpton either.

    • lawngren

      And a whole group instead of one or two, and very young participants. Monsters in training.

    • Brian Jones

      Please…PLEASE…do not EVER suggest that again. If it catches on, we really will be screwed. I can *TOTALLY* see it escalating that far (just randomly stabbing someone from behind and then running), and if we keep talking about that eventuality, it will eventually come to pass.

      Let’s not give anyone the idea…even though you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!

      • $3273457

        That already happens with gang initiations. Here’s an example.

        The story refers to the victim as “random,” but you soon realize that he was not chosen randomly. This is a case of a Black thug targeting a White victim. The victim even knew the perp for 10 years, referring to him as a “friend”! And yet, the thug is willing to snuff him out and steal his wheels without any remorse whatsoever. He even laughs at his victim in court while his family (the perp’s) cheers him on. It’s actually an inspiring story, but also very, very disturbing when you consider the broader societal implications.

        • Brian Jones

          Oh my God…my Anger-Management is failing me!!! ………….. Good post Samwise. This made me profoundly sad, especially since this kid OBVIOUSLY has parents that care very much for him. This was almost a tragedy of EXPONENTIAL magnitudes for his family, and all over a stupid-ass gang-initiation (which happens ALL THE TIME out here in L.A., btw…)

          • $3273457

            I know. It’s really heart-wrenching. So inspiring, yet so depressing! That family needs to get the heck out of Detroit!!

            • Brian Jones

              He should’ve just listened to his instincts. He KNEW not to go over there…there’s a reason his “friend” was begging him for a long time to drive him there…he KNEW something was off, but chose to ignore his instincts, and he almost died because of it.

              He’ll never do that again though…I assure you…and that’s also going to have long-lasting implications in his development into adult relationships…

              • $3273457

                And I’m sure that there was an element of him not wanting to seem “judgmental” toward his “friend.” PC dogma dictates that it is racist to assume that someone is up to no good simply because that person comes from a certain neighborhood. Sadly, it is stories like this that validate and even necessitate the wisdom of profiling in certain cases. Not to say that every black kid from the hood is a bad egg; however, the bad eggs do tend to be the rule rather than the exception…especially in that neck of the woods. Like you said, he suppressed all his instincts that were warning him of red flags. He stated very plainly that that was not a safe neighborhood by any stretch of the imagination, but he figured that his “friend” wouldn’t willingly put him in harm’s way. He could not have possibly been more wrong!

                What really sickens me is that his “friend” premeditated the plan for such a long period of time. It was neither random nor spontaneous. It was pure evil. And then his family cheered him on in court, as they taunted and mocked his victim! That floored me! A single wayward youth is one thing, but for his whole family to actually celebrate his actions?! Things must be MUCH worse than we can possibly imagine!

                I don’t know.
                Maybe I’m inferring too much from the story. What do you think?

                • Brian Jones

                  No, you’re not inferring too much. I’m 28 years old, and I grew up with many situations like his (I’ve never been shot, but I did get jumped by a gang of black guys while walking home from school and choked out with barbed wire, for example…).

                  This has been happening for A LONG TIME…it’s just that things have finally reached critical-mass, and all those assholes that did those things to me have now raised another generation of even bigger shitheads, and apparently *THAT* is finally starting to be the last straw…

                • $3273457

                  Whoa! You obviously have a more direct and visceral point of reference on this whole issue. The worst I had it was when Leroy from my kindergarten class would say “Do what I say, boy!” as he chucked rocks at me on the playground. It’s easy to get over that kind of stuff (especially since Leroy thankfully had very bad aim). I laugh about it now. It’s nothing compared to your experience!

                  You’re right; it has been going on for a long time. It has been covered up and ignored so much that it emboldens the thugs and teaches them that they can up the ante, and do so with impunity. It doesn’t help matters that there’ve been fed a steady diet of “White folks are all racists, and they are to blame for your sh*tty life.” You’re also right when you say that it gets worse with each generation. Question is, how much worse can it get?? What will it take to finally break through the firewall of political correctness?

                • Brian Jones

                  “Question is, how much worse can it get. What will it take to finally break through the firewall of political correctness?”

                  That’s why I like to re-iterate my favorite quote from a TV Show Character named Christopher Chance (From “Human Target”): “In this life, you get pushed around just about as long as you don’t push back.”

                  That is the truest, most succinct explanation for the bully mentality AND how to deal with those bullies, all in one sentence, that I have ever heard in my entire life!

                  We’ve been tolerating being pushed around for generations, and we are JUST NOW at the “just about as long” stage in my quote…we are JUST ABOUT to start pushing back, and THEN shit is going to hit the fan!

                • $3273457

                  Yup. It’s inevitable. There’s way too much frustration that’s been bottled up for too long. Folks are tired of being sacrificial lambs to this PC culture. I call it “guilt fatigue.” The race card had been WAY overplayed and abused.

                  For me, it’s not as much about black vs. white, as it is about good vs. evil. I’ll take a good black person over an evil white one every time. However, there is an undeniable evil that has been festering within the urban black community for far too long. None dare call it “racism,” but that’s what it is. Actually, it’s mutated into something worse. The word “racism” doesn’t quite describe it anymore.

                  We are indeed reaching a tipping point. You’re right; it ain’t gonna be pretty.

                • Brian Jones

                  I like to refer to it as “racial animosity”. I think everyone has a certain amount of racism in them (God knows I do), but that’s human-nature (it’s called “instinct”, whether the instinct is right or wrong is irrelevant).

                  But THEIR racism is animous HATRED towards anything Caucasian (even our music, our hair, OUR EYES, the way we carry ourselves, the way we talk, our ears, OUR LIPS, I’ve heard it all, because they make fun of us for ALL OF IT…).

                  You are absolutely correct…it is far beyond simple racism now. It’s even past violent-racism. We are now at culturally-accepted, UNIVERSALLY-TOLERATED, racial-animosity…and I believe Genocide is the next step in the road to damnation, and I have to wonder if the media would even cover that (should it ever come to pass)…well, until we start mowing people down with our well-trained marksmanship, that is! Then the media will be all over it!

                • $3273457

                  It’s not just hatred toward Caucasians, but also toward the “Uncle Toms” who “act White.” A desire to excel in school, or to improve one’s lot in life is considered “acting White.” So, much of their plight is self-inflicted. The ghetto, or the hood, or whatever you want to call it, has become an indelible part of the “Black experience” in America. Even having a criminal record is seen as a badge if “honor”!
                  African immigrants come here and they do just fine….until they are told to get with the program and stop being all uppity.
                  I like to say that the chip on the shoulder of so many Black Americans is so big that it is crushing them. Too many of them are walking around with a damn redwood tree on their shoulders!

                  It’s a damn shame, especially since the race hustlers are more than happy to keep feeding them lies to stoke their hatred. As long as they keep voting Democrat! Obama is the ultimate race hustler. That will be his legacy.

                  Eh, I could go on all day about this. Unfortunately, I gotta hit it. Thanks for the back & forth. It was informative!

                • Brian Jones

                  It sure was informative! Thanks! Have a great day!

                  And yeah…I can EASILY go on all day about this too…

  • lawngren

    It was probably a bunch of whites who hate their own race for being oppressors. Or Lithuanian Christians who thought their victims were black. Or a local Very Young Republicans gang attacking inoffensive democrats.

    The USA has become a war zone. Like Vietnam, no place is “behind the lines”. Be prepared or become a victim.

    • It was a roving gang of Amish yutes.

      • lawngren

        Of course! The M.O. fits like a glove! How could I have overlooked them?

        Detective Lieutenant Columbo would be disgusted with me.

  • dabbobean

    Hey NBC 10….how about a simple description of the suspects please!
    I’d like to know that in-case I find myself in the same situation.

    • Conservator1

      While it’s been over 15 years, I use to travel to that region of Philadelphia. My guess is they are black, Latinos or a combination of both. Thus, I doubt you will ever see that description on TV.

    • tinlizzieowner

      ‘They didn’t give a description.’
      That IS your description. If it had been a bunch of White ‘tea party supporters’, you would have known about it. 😉 😉

      • wodiej


  • Truth Gun

    Concealed carry. Problem solved.

  • Lippenheimer

    Looks like a bad place to be walking around without at least a can of pepper spray.

    • Army_Pilot1967

      A .45 pistol would be better. That would make a bunch of thugs and punks scatter, I believe.

  • Sentinel

    So in Obama’s America, is it really a hate crime if the victims aren’t black? I hope they capture one or more of those animals – ESPECIALLY the brick-layer – and lock them up for many years. There is no excuse whatsoever for this!!! Wow, I’m so mad right now… so senseless.

    • $13245463

      Next time students, Travon Martin their [email protected]@es!

      • Brian Jones

        We can’t…we’re not allowed to arm ourselves on campus (unless you’re black…and have a brick…and are willing to attack an innocent person).

  • misterlogic0013

    Ridiculous report of what happen .. wtf is wrong with media .. a joke .. cover up for who, what? Philly a mess, media aiding, zero responsibility? Obama world, here we go, here we are .. not a joke. zero respect for themselves, anyone else. Dangerous times, much more to come?

  • timsrighty

    Is it me or does the boyfriend sound like a real wussy? One would think he could have managed to knock the teeth out of the mouths of at least three or four of those 8 to 14 year olds. He sounded like he was about to cry during the interview. Maybe while his girlfriend is recovering he can grow a pair.

    • Red Dirt Ready

      It isnt you – he’s a wuss. But in his defense, had he struck back, he would probably be sitting in jail awaiting Holders minions to put him on a cross.

    • Conservator1

      Having been born and raised in one of NYC’s worst ghettos, the South Bronx, I can tell you there comes a time when fighting back regardless of any fear, is your only option.

      I could recall countless incidents when I was attacked because of my skin color. On one occasion, a few friends and I were beaten by bats by a large group of black kids.

      And that was the last straw. My friends and I got a large group that also included some Puerto Ricans and Cubans who had been attacked as well and as often. We had our bats and went looking for them and found them. We beat the [email protected] out of them and yes the cops were called. When they arrived, and some some were black officers, they recognized a few of those we faught who had been arrested previously.

      At that point we were freed to go. And that was the last time we were ever made victims again. Sometimes, regardless of fear or bodily harm, you must defend yourselves to put an end to VICTIMHOOD.

      • Brian Jones

        “In this life, you get pushed around just about as long as you don’t push back” – Christopher Chance

  • Celtic Crazy

    8, 14, 40…. I wouldn’t think twice about filling some young punks ass with a few rounds of lead especially the leader of the pack and I would be well within my rights WITH THE ONE WIELDING THE BRICK.

  • stage9


  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    Ohhh how nice my alma mater! Ahh reminds me of the good old days driving through the hood every day on my way to class (earning my USELESS degree society said I needed to get ahead in life now I live wiped out and jobless) never bringing my car to a total stop!

    • wodiej

      I feel your pain. Thousands in debt in student loan and 4 years later working at a part time job and can barely pay the bills.

      • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

        Yea but you see Im a story NO ONE wants to tell! I am an extreme example of long term unemployed… Cant get a job b/c last job I held was in mortgage industry (I LEFT right before crash) so “everything was my fault” and then once you are unemployed for 6 mos or greater per a recruiter you are “unemployable”.. this turned out to be true b/c no one will hire college educated guy with YEARS of experience who is unemployed. Because I am LTUE no one will hire me you have to have a job to get a job! The employment numbers are base on ppl going from job A to job B

        • Laurel

          That is true. It is much easier to get a job, any job, when you have one. Currently the labor market is against you but hang in there because it won’t stay that way.

          • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

            when I say extreme I mean EXTREME in terms of years unemployed (and no to any trolls out there I never took 1 cent from the govt)…. I gave up hanging on, hoping for a job years ago

      • Laurel

        I am sorry. Hang in there!

  • olddog

    Imagine (D)at Bro???…

  • Time4Offense

    The implied conclusion to this matter (since the liberal media won’t address the real issues):
    On-campus: a gun-free, brick-free, harassment-free zone (like Disney World on steroids)
    Off-campus: like Gotham City in a Batman movie
    Lesson for next time: buy the meal plan and eat on campus!

  • James1754

    No description of the attackers? Must have been a editing mistake.

  • wodiej

    Maybe these folks will just finally kill each other off and quit wasting space and air.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    A few years ago, I had to drive to Philadelphia for a week-long seminar. Every day that I drove that city, there was a Colt 1911 .45 between under my right leg, cocked and locked, just in case. Never had to pull it, but it was comforting knowing it was there in the City of Brotherly Love. Same if I had to go to Chicago…rather be tried by 12 men than buried by 6.

  • Kiyoti

    ~~ Yep….if even the threat of a CW being available….many crimes would not even be perpetrated.

  • ernst1776

    Black Americans strike again????

  • dhebler

    When you get the media involved like NBC;
    a ultra liberal news station, it seems to me,
    that they always gloss over the whole truth
    to fit their own liberal agenda….

    The victims were white…..
    The gang of teenagers were black!
    I think, NBC forgot to tell its audience
    the “whole story”..

    More and more attacks occurring on whites
    than blacks these days in America.

    I wonder who the racists are in American today?

  • Laurel

    The youth of this country is becoming feral.

    • notsofastthere

      If only bricks were outlawed
      If only we spent more money on quality education
      If only we allowed more on the EBT cards and higher minimum wage
      If only the Village idiots would have raised the children
      If only Obama didn’t have so many kids who looked like him
      If only more people didn’t insult the prophet of Islam – we would have a peaceful nation.
      If only Democrats controlled everything – we’d be in fine shape

      • Laurel

        Now that is well written sarcasm.

        • notsofastthere

          Thanks Laurel, and I’m sure you could add a thousand more “If only…..”

    • James1754

      Not all of them.

      • Brian Jones

        You got THAT right!!! Funny how you just don’t see White people behaving this way…

        • James1754

          Actually you do. It is just not reported because it is white on white crime and is not considered news worthy. They come from the same
          socio-economic background. Both poor, uneducated, broken families and proud of it.

          • TheRealBear

            If it’s not reported how do you know it’s true? Are you just Assuming? Show us your proof or shut up!

            • James1754

              I was a cop for thirty years an dealt with these people. That said, if you cannot be polite, do not bother to make a comment, it will be ignored. And if it is reported in a biased media, how do you know it is true?

              • TheRealBear

                So, you got nothing? Just as everyone figured. Several family members are cops in NYC for many years (family tradition actually) and they very matter of factly disagree with you. As far as the biased media, they would jump at the opportunity to trash whites so to say they wouldn’t report it is ludicrous. They would over report on the topic if white kids were involved.

                • James1754

                  You honestly are going to try that line. I got family members who are cops, give me a break. And no the media is not interested in white on white crime.

                • TheRealBear

                  James, I get it. You’re not the sharpest knife in the draw. My family stinks of retired NYPD. I still have a nephew who was recently promoted from his position as sergeant in a detective squad in the Bronx not sure what his new title is. He joined force in July 2001 one of his first assignments was to drive body parts from ground zero to the morgue in midtown. Another nephew transferred from walking a beat in Brooklyn to putting out fires in Queens. I was asked to join the force back in the 80’s but I was a college grad and already had a better job and I really wanted to be a firefighter but never got the call despite a 100 on the written test and 100 on the physical because the results kept getting thrown out due to lawsuits from first women and the second time from minorities. I was too white!!!

                • James1754

                  I do not read past the first insult.

                • TheRealBear


                • James1754

                  If you do not understand, then I cannot explain it to you.

          • Laurel

            Baloney. Enough of them are. Remember it doesn’t take a majority to wreak havoc as evidenced by the Revolution.

            And the fact that even one is becoming feral should be of concern.

            And I would like to know where you are getting the information you based your post on.

            • James1754

              Only a fool judges by the group. The vast majority of our youth are good young people.

              • Laurel

                Only you here on this thread are taking the big picture to extremes. No one else is.

                However you simply cannot deny that bad behavior is becoming an increasing problem and I’m not just referring to the knockout game either.

                • James1754

                  Still judging by the group and not the individual.

                • Laurel

                  No James I am judging by the stats from the government. there is a reason minorities take up the most jail space in numbers and percentages.

                  Now have a nice day dear because this conversation is over.

                • James1754

                  Still judging by the group and have no understand of what is actually going on.

                • Laurel

                  Now it is you making assumptions and judgments.

                  And I doubt you were ever a cop.

          • Brian Jones

            No…actually, you don’t…

            • James1754

              Yes they do, I was a cop for thirty years and saw it.

              • Brian Jones

                Any examples? Just one will work…even local newspaper articles! Hell, you can even quote a friend of yours…but give me ONE example…I’ll wait…

                • James1754

                  One example of whites being stupid? Try reading the paper on occasion. Crime is not restricted to blacks and what you see here is mob mentality.
                  For wanting to see whites being stupid, in groups, I suggest you go back and look at the anarchist demonstrations in Oakland.

                • Brian Jones

                  No, not one example of Whites being stupid. One example of a White person slamming a random person in the face with a brick, dislodging all their teeth and sending them into Emergency Surgery…or anything somehow similar to this story, will do…

                  And as far as your example, that was pretty lame…as far as I can recall, there was no innocent people getting smashed in the face with bricks at all (or anything even REMOTELY similar to that level of discriminatory violence)…

                • James1754

                  Now you want specifies of weapon and type of attack? I would doubt that bricks are used very often as a weapon on a yearly basis nationally. If this is your argument, you are very badly in need of a review on your prejudices.

                • Brian Jones

                  No, my point is that you can’t compare a bar-brawl to a random, vicious attack by a roving gang of TEENAGE women on a complete stranger with a brick to her face in broad daylight. THAT IS MY POINT. So if you have an apples-to-apples comparison, then please (by all means) share it!

                  Show me an example where a White aggressor was JUST AS VICIOUS as the black aggressors in this post (or any of the other hundreds of BS flash-mobs, riots, polar-bear hunts, and “beat whitey day”s)…THAT is what I’m waiting for, and so far all I’ve gotten is conjecture and argumentation without any actual data to back up anything you’ve claimed..

                  Which leads me to believe that in all of your “30 years on the police force”, there’s not a single incident of White aggression that stands out to you, unlike all these other vicious incidents involving black-on-white violence.

                • James1754

                  Teens are by definition not women. If you are going to yell, I stop reading.
                  When you want to be polite we can continue.

                • Brian Jones

                  LOL! Anything for an easy-out huh…well, that’s cool. See ya…

      • Laurel

        Enough of them….and take note it is you that jumped to ‘all’.

        • James1754

          No, only a very small minority.

          • Laurel

            You keep telling yourself that.

            • James1754

              Truth bothers you? Or do you just enjoy judging by the group and not the individual?

              • Laurel

                James…I’m sorry but I cannot dumb down enough to have a conversation with you so therefore I am done with this conversation.

                Have a nice day dear.

  • Maybe it’s like schools where there is a quota for the number of black students who can be punished and as there, maybe the quota has been met this year for the number of 12 year old black girls who hit white girls with bricks.

  • Johnny Right

    I’d ask for a description of these teenagers but I don’t want to be labeled a racist.

    • I want to know their description and you can label me anything you like. I DON’T CARE.

  • We are now reaping the rewards of allowing the left to sow racial hatred for all these years in minority precincts. It’s time to start calling these people on their hypocrisy and duplicity or this violence will escalate into something none of us wants.

  • imatellau

    the only time there is a description is when the perp is Caucasian. The media still is telling us everything, by not telling us…. The victims boyfriend could not give a description? enable much?

  • yallcomebacknow

    white girl bleed alot – thats what the “urban teens” say

    Way to go boyfriend, your lifelong training to be a sheep has been rewarded by you letting and watching your gal get her face smashed in while doing NOTHING. Didnt see any bruises on him at all. what a man.

  • James Madison

    Sounds like a pajama boy type oblivious to the prospect that he has a responsibility to defend himself and his loved ones.

  • Marky_D

    I wonder if even the police are allowed to be given a description or would that also be considered racist?

    • notsofastthere

      There have been proposals for police not to mention race in search for suspects. Insanity prevails.

  • Brian Jones

    …just sadness anymore…

    • PVG

      Thinking/feeling the same.

  • lonestar

    When my kid got solicitation mail from Temple and UPenn, I promptly threw them out. Told him he wasn’t spending 4 years in that cesspool.

  • John Smith

    North Philly has a lot of black neighborhoods. I guarantee that these animals were either black and/or Hispanic filth. I don’t care if people think that’s racist. If you hit someone with a brick for no reason, then your gutter trash filth, in my opinion – regardless of race. This is why CCWs should be allowed more in urban centers. All you would have to do is shoot one of these pieces of garbage and the rest of the cowards would run away.

  • If no mention of race, then 99 times out of 100 they’re Black!

    “Teens” and “youths” are the terms that so-called “journalists” use when the suspects are of relatively young age and Black.

  • Quitthevictimhood

    Black thugs as usual. Never let your guard down around these people. EVER!

  • mcgurn

    I’ll bet the farm they are “Obama Kin”. What other race of people have done this besides blacks? None. And yet the cops refuse to put the donut box down and call it as it is. And the msm surely can’t offend Barry by saying they are black, that would be profiling! So now we have gangs of Obama wannabes attacking women,children & the old & the crippled. One thing these punks have accomplished in their quest to be obamanistic, they are all cowards just like their idol.

  • ericpedersen

    I do not support college students being smashed in the face with bricks unless they are liberals

  • famouswolf

    If that had been my girl, there would have been a litter of little black corpses for a few blocks, at least…

  • herb benty

    Ah, time to fight back I’d say.

  • Angie Wooten

    Mabey people should start smashing journalist in the faces with bricks

  • stang289

    The Philadelphia Police Department’s Central Detectives Division is looking to identify the suspects who assaulted a 19 year-old female. here is your perps

  • nam_vet6869

    Surprised they even reported on this, after all it was just another example of “no hate crime” by black youth. This is why I live in a state where I can own, carry, and use a gun to defend myself and my family. Until we start punishing some of these “urban youth” this will continue. The police are not even allowed to say race in a description in many cities around the country. How many more have to be injured before they admit that BLACKS are capable of hate and racism. These attacks ARE hate crimes, stop hiding the facts and report the truth.

  • John

    I’m a Christian and I will do everything in my power to avoid violence, but the only one eating a brick would be that freak holding it if I so much as seen her flinch with it in her hand. I guarantee that horde of morons would lose their enthusiasm after that. I could care less what race she/he is. This type of senseless behavior infuriates me. Animals in the wild behave with more civility than some “civilized” human beings we see in today’s world.

  • woodsman1st

    When blacks are close to you, one or a dozen, have your hand on your gun; cover your back like in a doorway; Then God help you because everything will be against you even if you are attacked.
    Sure is”cool” having a half black president isn’t it?
    Boy I sure didn’t expect this from our 1st black president, did you?
    The 1st Sasquatch gave him a fist bump when he was elected, Cool right?
    The 1st Sasquatch said she was proud of America for the 1st time, cool, right?
    Bathhouse Barry had Larry Sinclair as a reference; very cool right?
    In spite of Barry’s lack of experience I was surprised that EVERYTHING HE TRIED FAILED, EVERYTHING! I mean he was cool. Right??
    Every black leader in the history of the entire world was corrupt, lied, murdered his own people by the thousands; mere coincidence,, right? right??
    I betcha the next black president works out; Right???
    Meanwhile, when blacks get close to you, have that hand on your gun….and be sure to say your prayers.
    Al Sharpton isjust waiting for the 1st shooting that he can get a parade going; you just may be the reason for Al Sharptons next parade.
    We sure do have a cool president….right?

  • Josh1776

    One thing is for sure .. if im attack and they go hit me with a brick and fail at hitting me with it then im gonna take the brick and smash one of those bastards face in with it.

    Notice how the media wont give a discription of the bastards… had it been the other way around the media would have blown this completely up.

    This is exactly why society looks down on blacks. And the blacks sit up here and scream victim all the time when its them doing the shit. This is exactly why society looks down on them and why jobs dont like hiring them.

  • Lindakl

    I bet you can’t carry a gun in Philadelphia.

  • 5466ron

    Hmmmm, that’s odd, no mention of race.

  • airvet1968

    I would bet 10 t0 1 they were Black kids.

  • TheRealBear

    Philadelphia is a cesspool. NBC (the National Barack channel) is never going to mention race unless the accused is white.

  • Speakthetruth

    I’m just wondering where all those civil rights groups are with their signs. The same ones that would be demanding the heads of the perpetrators if it had been the other way around. How about a message from the President stating that these two kids could have been his (he is half white you know). Maybe instead of black leaders preaching hate and racism, they should be preaching that you are the only person keeping you down and racism is wrong no matter what color the racist is. But, I’m sure that every person here that says that this is in fact a racist hate crime will be called a racist…especially if they are white (or at least perceived to be). Amazing how this Country has changed from racism being almost dead to it being OK to attack 2 kids going for food just because they are white!

  • African American Temple Studen

    I think its extremely sad that racism is this prevalent in 2014. One crime is committed by an African American and now my entire race is trash and garbage ? I don’t walk around with bricks assaulting innocent people and when I was 8-14 I didn’t participate in such actions either but that doesn’t matter because my skin is black and it will always be black. The accomplishments of African Americans never get told. So assumptions of all African Americans are formed based on ignorance and it is expected of all parties of that race. From all of your raging comments, I see that not only is it expected but sadly is accepted as well. What happened to that young lady wasn’t right but bashing an entire race for the actions of a few wont make it right either.

    • farrightextreme

      Oh cry me a river. If blacks commit crimes on whites for racist reasons, live with it.

      • African American Temple Studen

        Your ignorance is excused and I seriously feel sorry for you. One day maybe you’ll realize that your hatred for an entire race for the actions of a few is ridiculous. At the end of the day God still has to judge you and accept you into heaven (if you even believe in him) lol. Have a good day though cause I will lmao

    • $3273457

      It’s really nothing to do with skin color. Like I’ve said before in previous posts, it’s not about Black vs. White; it’s about good vs. evil. I’ll take a good Black person over an evil White person any day! In fact, I’d love nothing more than to see Allen West in the Oval Office! Also, I happen to be married to someone who is of a different race.

      That said, I can’t speak for everyone here, and I haven’t read every single comment, but I think that there is a weariness when it comes to the glaring double-standard about the issue of racism these days. For some reason, these evil acts are either being ignored or excused.

      You have to admit that this story is not an isolated incident. Whether it’s this story, or the so-called “knock-out game,” or incidents of “flash mobs” and “wilding,” there is a growing trend of racial violence where Blacks are targeting Whites for attack. These stories only seem to get reported on Conservative sites. The MSM all but ignores them. When they do cover them, they gloss over the blatant racist aspect. If the story was about a Black college girl having her face caved in by a mob of brick-wielding White youths, I think it’s safe to assume that it would be much more widely-reported.

      I’m sorry that you feel that you are personally being attacked because of your race. However, the only “attacks” here are done with harsh words, not fists or weapons. Again, I can’t speak for everyone, but I think that lots of White folks are just tired of being branded as the only people who are guilty of racism, while blatantly hateful, violent, and yes racist Black-on-White attacks are occurring on a daily basis. The only response that we seem to hear is either 1) you’re just being paranoid; 2) you’re being racist for pointing out the perps’ race; 3) your people did this to Black people for years, and now it’s payback time.

      Obviously, not every Black youth is a racist thug who targets White people. However, there does seem to be a cancer of race hatred and violence that is festering within inner city Black communities. It would be nice if someone would actually address that issue, and maybe even condemn it rather than excusing it. But our PC culture doesn’t seem capable of doing that.

    • Michele Warner

      Notice that you did not condemn what these thugs did. That is very telling.

      • African American Temple Studen

        ” What happened to that young lady wasn’t right but bashing an entire race for the actions of a few wont make it right either.” Last sentence just incase you missed it

  • Melissa Montana

    Patriots and Citizens: Slice through the illusions conjured up by clowns like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart: