UGH: Ann Coulter wants Romney AGAIN in 2016, says Ted Cruz a ‘disaster’ on immigration

Once again Ann Coulter finds a way to make herself irrelevant when it comes to picking candidates for 2016 (h/t: Hotair):

How is Ted Cruz a disaster on immigration? Because he tried to call the Senate’s bluff with an amendment that would bring illegals out of the shadows but disallow them from ever becoming citizens? Isn’t that what those who were pushing for immigration reform were arguing, that we needed to get people out of the shadows? Cruz knew they wouldn’t pass it. But let’s just say for some reason they adopted his amendment. Do you think he still would have voted for that 1200 page immigration reform bill? Heck no.

Ann is right to point out however, just as Mark Levin has pointed out time and time again, that there will never be a legal 2nd class of people in the US for any significant period of time. Why? Because Democrats will immediately argue that anything less than citizenship is discrimination and will push and push until the ‘2nd classers’ become full American citizens.

So does she think Cruz doesn’t realize this?

I appreciate Ann’s commitment to stopping illegal immigration the right way and pushing for a candidate who would do that. But Romney? If there’s one thing we know about Romney, especially given his past, he would end up being like Boehner on immigration – he’d fold like a cheap suit against any media pressure that painted him as a bigot.

Ted Cruz is one of the very few that actually has the strength of conviction and leadership needed to be president. Mitt Romney is a good man, but not one that would be able to defeat the likes of Hillary Clinton. Heck, he couldn’t even defeat Obama when he was pretty dang vulnerable.

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  • jrt

    Not a fan of Ann. Fool me once Ann shame on you…. fool me twice shame on me. She also loved and touted Chris C.

    I want less Ann C. on Fox Media and more Michelle Malkin

    • DakConserve

      Agree…. I’ve had about enough of her antics….

    • 57thunderbird

      Like Dick Morris in drag.

      • nibblesyble


        • 57thunderbird


      • …with “man hands”.

    • marketcomp

      I know! By way where is Michelle Maulkin? I don’t see her on FOX or Hannity.

      • 57thunderbird

        Yeah.I haven’t heard from her in some time.Michelle rocks!

      • DakConserve

        Agreed, I like Michelle

        • jrt

          Michelle is the real deal but she puts family first after God as it should be.

      • jrt

        Maul-kin…..I like that …She does Maul the left…. fierce

      • BearNJ

        Fox is Bushie/Rove/Rino Central.

        • 57thunderbird

          True that!

      • Crassus

        She’s out at her local head shop in Colorado buying weed for medicinal purposes. She can take the highway on out of town following Coulter for all I care.

  • Darrell Griffin

    Stick to bashing liberals Ann. We’re good on that one.

    On policy and candidates, you have been consistently wrong and have the credibility of the Obama administration’s “:numbers”.

  • 57thunderbird

    Ann has always endorsed RINO’s.Who cares what she says.She is irrelevant in my book.

  • Observer

    Ann has a strange attraction for NE RINO’s

    • jrt

      or a salary… from Mitt camp

    • BearNJ

      It’s a “conservative” talking head issue. Today George Will came out for Jeb Bush. Ann is for Romney.

      Why don’t they dig up Hoover and try to resurrect his name and image too? What Losers.

      • Crassus

        Will didn’t exactly come out in favor of Jebber. He just said he needs to be given a fair hearing by Republican primary voters. Whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

        • BearNJ

          In the 2012 Presidential in exit polls the low information still blamed his brother. Will wants an amnesty candidate. I guess handling the Democrats 10 million new voters is brilliant. This is so pathetically shallow that I’m convinced this DC crowd is on the take. Jeb Bush, to use a Karl Rove term, is unelectable.

      • NPC

        Let’s just get this over with, and blame it on Bush. See,? done. That was easy.

  • Gtrjag

    The reason Mitt Romney is “so good” on immigration, Ms. Coulter, is because he is a panderer.

  • Ann, please. I had no problem for voting for Romney, and think he would be much better than what we have at the helm, but please, should this come to pass, tell him to go by Willard. Willard says kick ass. Mitt says tricolored boat shoes at the country club.

  • Dana Garcia

    Senator Sessions is the only one who is trustworthy. It’s sad that almost no Republicans can be trusted to enforce American sovereignty from a world full of invaders.

  • jrt

    I take it Cruz has nothing to offer Ann as in Benjamin’s and Mitt does.

    follow the money to the endorsements

  • I’m starting to wonder about her stability. Reminds me of folks who haven’t been watching their blood sugar or blood pressure. One minute she’s making great sense, and the next she’s making up weird nonsense and standing on it as if it was certified fact.

    If it wasn’t so bizarrely inconsistent (Christie good, Christie Bad, Christie Good again), I’d say she was like the Pauls. But those guys are only wrong about particular things, very consistently. Ann is unpredictable. Who needs that?

    • jrt

      She has always struck me as odd/cold … she isn’t in it for the right reasons. Not all conservatives are good people just because they are conservatives.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Well, Ann Coulter dated both Bill Maher and Matt Drudge.

      That speaks volumes.

  • She sounds either exhausted or inebriated. Running words together, and making weird pauses and weird pitch changes. Her voice cracks at 2:32.

    I’m guessing this is a third glass of wine interview.

    • nibblesyble

      I am guessing you are right!

    • jrt

      I didn’t even bother to watch but now I’m intrigued

    • Patriot077

      Slurred words too. I’m sure you’re right! I just want her to shut up about Romney. He may be articulate and competent but he did nothing to flip the partisan conversation and accusations. If a candidate can’t handle the lying Democrats and their media, they can’t win.
      And yes, Ann, he is a big gov’t loving RINO though he is has far more principles than most.

      • Crassus

        The problem is that Mittenz wasn’t really all that articulate. He always sounded as though he was running for CEO of the United States instead of POTUS. He was never really specific on anything, be it domestic or foreign policy. Just basically vote for me because I’m not Obama.

        • Patriot077

          I thought he was articulate, but couldn’t connect with people. He seemed like a Ken doll to me.
          I came to the conclusion that he was stiff because he wasn’t necessarily being honest and isn’t enough of a politician for that to feel right … Even so, I’d rather have him in the WH than who we got. At least he doesn’t have visceral hatred for America.

    • Obomination

      Thinking Mitt Romney would be tough on immigration. I’d say she was on her third bottle.

      • Heh. (She’s too thin for that)

  • nibblesyble

    Seriously Ann? Go away please and come back sensible again!

  • Sentinel

    You know, every time I try to like her and give her another chance, she goes all left field on us again – literally and figuratively. She was insufferable when she wanted to spoon Christie. But to knock Ted down and call him a disaster (on immigration) is insane. Now she’s pro-Romney? Are you kidding me? Millions chose not to vote for him (MILLIONS). Terribly flakey. Nope, I’m done… she’s dead to me. She’s another Dick Morris. So sad.

    • jrt

      I was never a fan of Morris because he ripped apart Christine O’Donnell. But he has a new talk show out of Philly where he does after the Rush talk….summarizing his take on Rush’s show each day. I have been very very impressed and he even had Christine O’Donnell on as one of his first guessed and praised her efforts. Good for him.

      • Sentinel

        I’m not a fan of his whatsoever. I bought two of his books and they weren’t good. I feel like he’s just saying what he needs to say to make money. He predicted that Romney would sweep over 300 electoral votes in 2012… ugh. I used to like him… not any more.

        • jrt67

          I agree, never could stand him and would never pay money for his book. that’s why his show is so funny because he seems to have turned over a new leaf, and to here him touting Christine O’Donnell after he crucified her years ago…..odd

    • Crassus

      Anyone who despises Hillary the Hag with as much passion as Dick Morris is a great American in my eyes. I don’t care if he is a terrible political prognosticator. He knows these liberal scumbags for what they are.

      • jrt

        great point. He does seethe and brings her up often on his show.

      • Sentinel

        It takes one to know one. (meaning, Dick Morris is a scumbag) 🙂

  • marketcomp

    What is wrong with this woman? Has she not had a conversation with Ted Cruz? Ann, call Senator Cruz and ask him where he stands on immigration. Really, you cannot be this stupid. Personally, I welcome the debate between Sen. Cruz and Mitt Romney b/c Romney will lose.

    • jrt

      but she is depending/ and desperate on you being that stupid and being soooo impressed by her smarts and beauty that you jump on board the s hi t wagon she it pulling

      • marketcomp

        You know I just feel sorry for Ann right now. I mean I can understand her support for Romney, some what. But, that Chris Christie now that is unforgiveable.

  • I’m actually beginning to wonder if Annie’s had a stroke.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    She has been sniffing to much fingernail polish.

  • PatriotInk

    Ann is an extremely intelligent woman. She does a great job of going for the political jugular of liberal sewage. I have all of her books and have read them. That said, I have never endorsed any candidate she endorses. In that arena she remains for me, an enigma. Her endorsements fly in the face of what she writes. I honestly don’t get it.

    I believe that most of us KNOW that we need strict Constitutional Conservatives to set this Republic back to the course we should have never veered, especially as POTUS.

    It is the Constitution and those on the hill are not afraid to use it to “chain the mischief of government” that is causing so much constipation among liberal excrement. We don’t need any more pretenders of Conservatism to keep movng our great nation on the slower track to the tyrannical hell hole of socialism…

    • Stehekin912

      I don’t get her either. I have stopped trying, and stick with people who seem to be much clearer in their viewpoints. But Demonic was a good book.

      • nibblesyble

        It was a good book, very informative and she is right on immigration too, but man she is a total ditz when it comes to Romney and other big gov’t types!

    • jrt

      As a constitutional lawyer that is conservative Ted Cruz is the best of the best. I call him better than Reagan. Did you see that liberty speech poster here on the scoop yesterday? He is pivotal when it comes to the establishment…..leaps and bounds ahead….

      • PatriotInk

        I agree 100%!!!

        I listened to Cruz’s speech at Liberty University three timeson RS. I always learn something new with him. For example, I didn’t know about the 4 chaplains that gave up their life vests to save their fellow soldiers. There was a lot more…

        Cruz has such a heart felt way of communicating what makes this Republic so great. And, his adherence to the Constitution drives the liberals nuts…Remember the dialogue with Diane Feinkenstein over the issue of “gun control.” He is a master of painting lawless liberals into a corner and making them squirm….

        Rush Limbaugh calls Ted Cruz, “The real deal.” Alan Dershowitz said that, “Ted Cruz is probably the most intelligent student I ever taught.” Mark Levin said, “When it comes to Ted Cruz, he a man of integrity, honesty, and is a fearless fighter for the Constitution.”

        • jrt

          Its a God given gift he possesses. His spirit is quite contagious. After a decade of dictator/laws from Obama we are in dire need of real leadership of his magnitude.
          May God Bless him as we head into this next election

        • Patriot077

          Just FYI, I first heard of these honorable, selfless chaplains in a speech that Michele Bachmann gave 2 or 3 years ago. Very moving. Sure wish I could support her re-election.

  • Patriot077

    Great analysis, Scoop.

  • Conniption Fitz

    If that’s not bad enough, George Will is pushing Jeb Bush.

    The establishment elite are determined to shove their sorry faux conservative (Fabian Socialist/Globalist/Big Government) candidates down our throats.

    • 57thunderbird

      Good grief!Just what we need,another globalist Bush. 🙁

  • wales777

    Ann needs to re-read some of her own books.Perhaps she’s been talking to Liberal a little ‘too’ much…

  • LibertyLinda

    Like you said, Coulter is irrelevant. I’m done with the same old, same old – it didn’t work then and won’t now.

  • joyfulgiver

    I’m growing weary over the inconsistancy of Ms. Coulter and the GOP. They counter everything conservatives believe in with this kind of stupid talk. While I do believe Mitt would be an excellent person to right the financial ship of America, so to speak, I don’t think he would win as the republican candidate. Quite honestly, though, I also don’t believe the GOP or the RNC are going to make the conservative decision we all agree on here at TRS. It’s frightening to think what America will look like if we don’t RISE UP and take her back.

  • GodspeedJPS

    Seriously Ann? Please . . . I have lost so much respect for you.

    • Toby66

      Mine went out the door when she had a crush on Christie.

      • GodspeedJPS

        That was ANOTHER flag that popped up and made me slow down with my admiration for her. Continuing to be focused on Levin.

  • This video is the proof that Cruz played the Senate like someone landing a 60′ muskie on 5lb test.

    Senator Cruz Closing Statement on Senate Immigration Reform Bill Markup

    • marketcomp

      Thank you K-Bob. I just wish that Coulter would have just taken the time to do some research before spreading her venom and showing that she really is a RINO lover.

  • Let’s lay it out explicitly here, and hopefully someone can ‘splain it to Ann.

    The Senate crafted a Bill with Amnesty in it. This bill was going to pass no matter what Republicans did. If all it said was that all illegals now are citizens, it would still have passed the Senate.

    Cruz, not being a Democrat, is smart enough to see that his only chance of educating the American public would be to magnanimously grant to the Dems that, “Yes, we need to fix our immigration system and laws in America.”

    This is the first step in winning the argument by granting that the opposition’s base premise is correct. You accept their premise, and you immediately destroy it by working to “help” them achieve it. You see, Cruz knew that the Unions would accept Amnesty, because the illegals are unskilled labor, and not a threat to skilled labor jobs. Further, the Unions know for a fact that illegals take non-union jobs away from citizens. Thus the unions want to strengthen the Democrat/Union/Government complex by giving them more voters, while simultaneously trying to scare people into joining the union to keep immigrants from replacing them.

    Cruz took the premise that we need more immigrants and offered amendments to do just that: increase immigration caps. He didn’t do this to see our numbers go up. He did it to show that Democrats don’t really want more skilled, qualified immigrants. They want voters, period.

    His defeated amendments PROVED this fact.

    Cruz took the premise that Democrats supported border security, and offered an Amendment to do just that. It was voted down again, by 100% of the Democrats. So they clearly don’t want increased security.

    He got to state this, on the record, and you can see the video.

    So Ann and everyone claiming Cruz is for Amnesty is either ignorant or shilling for some other candidate. Cruz and Lee have been fighting this rush to amnesty since day one.

    • Taurnil Oronar

      That is the best boil down I have ever read about the immigration issue. I do so hope Cruz runs for President.

      • B-Funk

        I don’t think he was born here. I could be wrong, but I thought Canada was his birthplace.

        • Taurnil Oronar

          If I recall he was born in Canada but has or had dual citizenship.

        • Wherever he was born (it was Canada), he was born to a US citizen, who remained a Citizen, and moved back here to live ever since. End of story.

          • B-Funk

            Ah, gotcha. I thought a President had to be physically born in America. Not just to American Parents.

            Next question. Did the problem with Obummer’s birthplace have to do with his Dad not being an American citizen? Or, does a President have to have only one?

            • The problem is, he lied. Several times. In his book, they promoted him as foreign born. He’s used fake Social Security numbers. He’s probably lied about who his actual father is. No one can tell for sure anymore since he’s used the instrumentalities of government to bury it all.

              I don’t think anyone has actually determined beyond reasonable doubt where he was born (other than Hawaii).

              But as far as current rulings and de facto outcomes go, having one citizen as a parent, regardless of birth, can get you on the ballot in all fifty states, and eventually elected.

              • B-Funk

                Awesome! Thanks for the info. Then, I’m a Cruz man all the way!

    • KenInMontana

      “So Ann and everyone claiming Cruz is for Amnesty is either ignorant or shilling for some other candidate.” ~ K-Bob.
      I think this where you nailed it, Coulter is and has been an establishment shill. I have more respect for Rove at least he’s always been up front about being a member of the old guard.

      • Patriot077

        It’s too bad that Ann is establishment because she is fabulous on so many issues. I quit buying any of her books after she started promoting the RINOS last time around. And it appears I was right to do so.

      • Good point. For all of his faults, he’s neither antagonistic nor wishy-washy about his position.

    • Wigglesworth

      That’s what I’ve been saying about Cruz for a while. Several establishment mouthpieces like AP over at Hot Air repeat it over and over that Cruz is no different than the other amnesty supporters. For example if a conservative senator proposed an amendment to the Obamacare bill to remove the waiver provisions does that mean the senator supports Obamacare? Of course not. What he’s doing is saying ok if Obamacare is really so good then you’re not going to be able to exempt your political allies.

      • B-Funk

        Very clever. Sun Tzu would be proud.

      • That’s funny. AP is such a squish on Conservative issues that he leaves wet footprints. So for him to claim Cruz is no different implies that he actually would know the difference to begin with.

  • Carmen P

    Ann’s cheese slipped off her cracker a long time ago. Didn’t she argue (at CPAC a few election cycles ago) that Romney would be a disastrous candidate?

    Dr. Jekyll, are you experimenting on GOP talking heads again?

    • badbadlibs

      She may have been a target of the EPA….an experiment gone terribly wrong.

  • WordsFailMe

    Screw off, progressive hag.

  • Crassus

    Several years ago, Michael Savage referred to Ann Coulter as the Paris Hilton of conservatism. It turns out that he was right. She’s become a buffoon and a caricature of herself.

    • jrt

      I like Savage but he can sometimes backtrack on his opinion. I used to get him every night on the radio but now I don’t get him on any stations. He is one of my all time favorite radio personalities

      • NJK

        If you have tunein radio you can get him across the U.S. He’s on at 3:00 P.M. Eastern time, or 9:00 P.M. on many stations too. Get the tunein radio app. and search for Michael Savage.

        • jrt

          Thx I do but need to keep trying. I listen to Jeff Krun-er there.
          I haven’t checked there at 3 as I was used to and lived the night time radio while in bed.

    • B-Funk

      We need to get her a rat-dog to carry around to complete the image. ~_^

  • Stop the Magnet

    Perhaps she is doing this to put the heat on Cruz to get it exactly right…don’t know. He did save us on this issue a couple of times via his public statements BUT he supports a 4 X increase on number of current visa levels…..

  • PhillyCon

    Even the Rove wing has moved on from Romney.

    Great analysis, Scoop.

  • c4pfan

    I don’t even bother with her any more.

    • $12112543

      Ann Cuckoo?
      It’s almost a surprise now when she makes sense.

  • Jim Alexander

    Ann is both right and wrong.

    Mitt Romney was the most qualified and capable candidate of any party in the last half century and I would vote for him in a nano second. Would the American public vote for him now given the dismal performance of the current misfit in office, NO. Why? Simple, he is not flashy enough, the right gender or the right color, He is simply to white in the old fashioned way and to intelligent and experienced for the public as a whole to even understand what this man brings to the table. What America is left with is a population arguing fighting and moving forward in life like the patrons at last call, and last call it may very well be.

    • TLaMana

      Cain was the best candidate and that is why Hunt and Romney took him out before he got too much traction.

      • B-Funk

        I’ve kinda wondered what it would’ve been like to have him as Prezy. He may have been weak on certain issues, but the most important thing he had a history of doing was surrounding himself with “smarter” people in various fields of expertise. That’s a real leader there because you know how to bring the real talent together in one place.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Romney was a liar equal to Obama. I caught 8 brazen lies in the Jacksonville debate and many more during the primary. Romney as governor was radical left and his health care program and push of radical agendas was the precursor of Obama’s presidency.

      Romney is a Bush Big Government Fabian socialist.

      • $12112543

        I’d like to se.e Romney as the Democrat candidate

        • ODA315

          Damn….wasn’t he?

    • jrt

      Jim, You’re way off. Romney was weak and didn’t go for the jugular during his entire campaign. He was playing softball, and the Chicago machine was playing hard ball and rigging to poll booths.
      Did Romney spend any time looking at the blatant fraud. He was just as big a puppet as Barack.

      Cruz is no puppet and answers to no one but God

    • NJK

      Mitt Romney should have spent more time trying to tell the truth about Obama, instead of trying to play nice with a man who calls terrorists friends.

      By the way, Romney and Ryan both knew their voters were being disenfranchised by the IRS in 2012, and said nothing. That’s an unforgivable betrayal, and I wouldn’t vote for the GOP ticket again, because of it. Ryan can go to hell, too.

      • jrt


  • Amjean

    In this instance, a third time is not a charm!

  • timsrighty

    Been suspicious of Ann for a while now. True conservative? Don’t think so. And did she just wake up with a hangover? Seemed out of it to me.

    • B-Funk

      Maybe that’s the explanation for her behavior. They drug her and force her to support rinos. ~_^

    • Not after she was bashing the tea party and chubby-chasing Christie last election. That was it for me.

  • NJK

    Is she working for the other side? Is she nuts? Romney can run, but he won’t even win a primary this time, and certainly not against Cruz.

    Cruz runs, he wins.

    • jrt


    • B-Funk

      Cruz wasn’t born here, unfortunately.

      • Cruz was born an American citizen (how many times do we have to say this.) If he were not, he would have had to become a naturalized citizen before becoming a Senator. He didn’t because he was born a US citizen–he’s eligible.

        • We have folks on our side that refuse to accept it. It’s bad enough we have to defeat the Progressives and the Rockerfeller Republicans, but it’s shaeful these folks refuse to see what has been carefully laid out in front of them over and over again.

          You can see the excellent case made by Professor Jacobson over at LegalInsurrection for starters.

          Then there’s the 2009 paper prepared by the Congressional Research Office, since the eligibility of Obama was questioned.

          And then to slap back the typical objections, read this piece by Coliano and Conterio at Wester Free Press on the top ten “birther” arguments against Cruz.

          The smart position here is to recognize—at the very least—that there’s room for a difference of opinion on the NBC clause, and that despite the declarations otherwise, it was absolutely not made explicit by the founders. People can dismiss anything they want, but they cannot invent a fact where none exists.

          Moving from there, it’s simply a matter of coming to a definition of the NBC clause that’s in the best interests of the nation.

          In the meanwhile, despite such reasonable things we can be doing, two facts remain obvious and unchallengeable:
          1) No one has standing to challenge the NBC clause.
          2) Obama is President, and will never be removed from office due to the NBC clause.

          So it’s a sad thing to watch people who claim to love the Constitution state such bizarre things as Cruz “demeans” the Constitution or “shreds” it. Such scurrilous accusations are based on an unproven, and unprovable, claim.

          • Yep K-Bob, and he’s one of the few politicians that actually understands the Constitution and knows it front to back.

            But I suspect the reason for the vitriol is because they have another candidate in mind (whether that person will run or not) and they can see that Cruz would totally outshine him/her. That and they’re reading things into the Constitution that just aren’t there.

            • That might be the case. There are some really good, staunch Constitutionalists out there who have a following, but who will never make it through the primary process, for various reasons (money, looks, height, you name it). And people will fight like heck to see them nominated.

              There used to be a serious, hardcore Duncan Hunter fan over at FreeRepublic back in the days of the 2008 elections that they eventually had to ban. The guy was right about all of the basic issues, and had been a long-time member of the site, but he kept disparaging every single candidate other than Hunter, to the point where he was nothing more than a troll.

              When they finally banned him it was like when your headache goes away.

              People need to have a sense of perspective.

    • LuscombeFlyer

      But I’m quite concerned about his citizenship status; I really wish he’d clear that up in the courts NOW and not two weeks before the general election.

  • “Ted Cruz is one of the very few that actually has the strength of conviction and leadership needed to be president.”

    Ted Cruz is also one they’re not going to be able to label as a bigot against Hispanics (although I’m sure some will try to claim he’s not “Hispanic enough”).

    • B-Funk

      Like the guy in Florida who was forced to shoot Trayvon. That was idiotic as anyone could see how latino he is.

      • They’ll have a little bit harder time with a name like “Cruz” than they did with Zimmerman. That was primarily a media gaffe, because they assumed Zimmerman was the name of a white, possibly Jewish, guy.

  • Chester Simms

    I wonder why she likes Romney this time around. He’s not even fat.

  • kansasguy

    Scoop: I humbly advise you to simply ignore Coulter. She lost me when she said that she was going to campaign for Hillary if McCain were the nominee. Of course she never did. Coulter is the Rosie O’Donnell of political commentary – no talent, but always trying to attract attention. She may be a Cornell grad, but she is an airhead.

    • B-Funk

      I’m learning more and more that higher education doesn’t truly make someone smart.

  • Wigglesworth

    Romney promised amnesty in his 1st year. We’d already have it if he won. Cruz has talked squishy, but he has fought against amnesty more than any other senator except Sessions. He offered amendments to the Senate immigration bill to try and drive a wedge in the gang banger coalition. He voted no every step of the way. He even called Boehner’s immigration proposal ‘amnesty’. You won’t hear that from Romney.

  • ApplePie101

    Fresh off the CPAC stage, Ann Coulter returns to the Vichy republican cocktail party.

  • keyesforpres

    The one thing Ted Cruz does not have to be president is natural born status.
    Truly mind blowing that conservative sites keep pushing him.
    Palin/West 2016.

    • I’d totally support that ticket. But until you invent a time machine, Cruz is eligible.

      • Darrell Griffin

        It. Posts. The. Same. Idiocy. Multiple. Times. On, Every. Thread. Where. Cruz. Is. Mentioned.

        Stuck on stupid this one is. I don’t even reply to it anymore, I ignore it. Seriously, it’s bordering on the “spam” nonsense.

        It’s a copy paste from other threads. You can see “Truly mind blowing that conservative sites keep pushing him.” Every time this idiot pushes it.

        • Well, no, not an idiot. Just wrong on this issue. keyesforpres and I agree on probably 95 out of 100 issues. But it looks like we’re gonna have to fight this one all the way to the end. I think we’ll just spar lightly, and I hope keyesforpres sticks around.

          My point all along on the NBC thing is that the folks with the hardcore interpretation are correct, as far as “general intentions” go, and frankly, they are correct about what is best for the nation, in the long term.

          But that’s like saying “patriotism is good.” It is a true statement, and only a fool would try to argue against it. But it isn’t law.

          The “born here, to citizens” advocates have no standing, and that particular interpretation was never codified. It was also subject to various interpretations from DAY ONE, and at no time was it 100% accepted, without qualifiers and exceptions, by all founders.

          They know all of this, of course, but they refuse to acknowledge any of it, because they want that particular interpretation to be used now. And I don’t blame them for wanting it. But it’s going to take an Amendment to make that happen.

          Until such an amendment is ratified, Obama stays in office, and Cruz is eligible. Nothing they do or say will alter that.

          • Darrell Griffin

            LOL. This is why you are a moderator and I am not.

            The hammer would drop on Cruz Birthers and Paulbots without mercy or remorse.

            I would be like Barack Obama and his pen.


            keys and I agree on most issues as well, which is probably why it drives me even more nuts.

            • Well, as long as we don’t make it personal, we can all go at it, hammer and tongs.

              Some folks think I’m angry or mean, when all I’m doing is insisting on well-framed reason. I don’t soft peddle it in an argument, so that can be interpreted by some as being upset or angry. But I seem to have been born with a defective “anger” gene. It takes a lot to make me mad, and ten minutes later, I’m not going to be mad. Too much trouble, I guess.

              Of course, as a mod, trolling and flames get stepped on here, no matter what else is in play. It’s Scoop’s rules. Like a well-appointed lounge with all the amenities. On my own site, I’d probably allow a rowdier tone, like a meade hall, with few amenities, lots of room for arm wrestling, and bones and peanut shells (and several unidentifiable things) littering the floor.

              • Darrell Griffin

                Sounds like something out of Skyrim.

                • I’m gonna have to Google that one.

    • jrt

      After a decade of Obama…. this is your biggest worry of ted….
      watch the liberty speech the sccop posted the other day of Cruz.
      Cruz is better than Reagan and that’s what is needed.
      Sarah…. speaker of the house. She needs a senate seat.

      • keyesforpres

        Um, hello….we got Obama because we ignored the natural born requirement.
        George Washington explained it in his farewell address. He said that foreign influence is what destroys republics.

      • keyesforpres

        …and if Cruz truly loves this country and respects our Constitution, he will just come out and admit he is not eligible.

      • keyesforpres

        If Sarah has a Senate seat, she can’t be “Speaker of the House”. She would need to have a House seat for that.

  • NewWest 123

    It is quite apparent that the RNC is paying Coulter big bucks to push their moderate progressives and do everything to hurt the conservatives.

    • jrt

      ding ding ding ding

  • B-Funk

    This gal’s career is a goner anyway. Cruz can’t be Prezy, much as we want it, as he was not born here.

    • tvlgds

      He was, however, born to American parents. He’s far more eligible than Ovomit! This issue has already been resolved!

      • B-Funk

        That’s good. I thought a President had to be physically born in America.

        • tvlgds

          As long as one parent is a US citizen, he is a natural born citizen. That’s how Ovomit got in since he was allegedly born in HI, but we know he was born in Kenya, and had Indonesian citizenship. His mother was American, but she had not lived in the country for 5 yrs as an adult, so technically, he’d have been ineligible even had he been born in HI. (or so the story went when all the questions came about)

  • LuscombeFlyer

    What the heck is in the water? Yesterday George Will thinks that “Jeb deserves a chance”, now Ann Coulter is panning Ted Cruz and stumping for Romney?

  • ODA315

    What….no Chris Christie, Ann????


  • Wigglesworth

    Everyone should read K-Bob’s post below on what Cruz was doing when the Senate immigration bill was working through the chamber.

  • I don’t have the patience for Coulter. She has very poor judgement on these folks. Doesn’t she do this for a living? These days she’s become a Republican shill. Clueless on Christie, Romney…heck she might even endorse Jeb if she has the chance.

    It’s been over 30 years. It’s time for a conservative. I’m still mulling over a couple of guys right now.

  • tvlgds

    I haven’t paid any attention to Ann Coulter since her endless salivating over Chris Christie before the last election. I wanted to puke. She has exactly ZERO credibility with me anymore.

  • marketcomp

    If at first. No at second. No at third you don’t succeed try, try try….again and again and again.

  • Obomination

    Mitt Romney tough on immigration? What a loon.

  • lugita15

    It looks like Mitt Romney also supports a guest worker program:
    So I don’t see what distinction Ann Coulter sees between Romney and Cruz.

    And also look at this quote by Romney from the November 22, 2011 GOP debate: “I’m not going to start drawing lines here about who gets to stay. The answer is we’re going to have a system that gives people who come legally a card that identifies them as coming here legally. Employers are going to be expected to inspect that card, see if they’re here legally. On that basis we’re going to be able to bring you to this country.”

  • jlbs

    I haven’t read Ann Coulter for two years —- since she endorsed Romney last time, as I thought she was smarter than that.

  • TedCruzsLostTwin

    RINO Ann.

  • CapeLady

    Ann Coulter has lost all credibility… she supported Chris Christie… now she wants Romney to run again (Really?)… and she can’t understand why conservatives are “being so hard on” Mitch McConnell….? She needs to go back to doing what she does well- writing and hawking her books. Leave the commentary to people who have a clue!

  • sjmom

    Ann who? I wrote her off a long time ago.

  • Bette

    Thank God, I never contributed to her livelihood by buying her books. She has really turned out to be a sporatic thinker. She should have been a comedy writer not a political pundit.

  • Gene White

    I remember at one time she was great. Sadly, that time is gone.

  • Autonoe

    Just another reason why I’m not an Ann Coulter fan.

  • Lyle Lafee

    Romney may the only one,who may defeat Hillary,but do we want another Reagan??????

    • Poptoy1949

      I would take another Ronald Reagan any day. Trouble is nobody could ever take his place.

      • Flossy

        The guy who defeated Hillarycare and outmaneuvered her hubby to pass balanced budgets legislation for the first & only times in decades… right after he led the Republican Revolution (the largest landslide sweep of congress in history)… could be the next near-Reagan.

        Hillary certainly doesn’t want to run against him.

        • Poptoy1949

          I gotta agree with you on that one. He would be pretty good at that….but I wonder what his stand on immigration is?

          • Flossy

            Here it is:

            • Poptoy1949

              I thank you for that Flossy. That was a very nice gesture and it is enlightening ! Again, Thank YOU.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Uh, …….. Yes?????

  • sDee

    Coulter is a pundit. She opens her mouth for the highest bidder.

    We really cannot trust any of these bastards. The power of the white house is staggering. It must be curtailed.

    Cruz and Paul must stay in Congress where they have the power to reign in the white house.

    Palin must run for President.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      When I lived in the hood, there where also women on the corners who would open their mouths (and other orifices) to the highest bidders. We didn’t call them pundits, though.

  • Ordinary Joe

    one conservative who wishes this woman to just go away.

  • Mickey Sooner

    My litmus test when it comes to voting in Republican primaries: Stay the hell away from any candidate endorsed by Ann Coulter.

    Romney, Christie, and McConnell…what a joke.

  • Gene White

    At least we are getting smarter. When first faced with Obama, some of us had trouble identifying him as an idiot. Now, it’s a clear shot. He’s an Idiot.

    Ann Coulter has reached that threshold. I don’t think it necessary, to elaborate on the details.

  • Larchmonter445

    Any human who beds with Bill Maher, even in a drunken stupor, isn’t worth listening to on any topic like President.

    She needs Establishment candidates. Loved Christie.

    Bad taste with long legs, bleached hair and acerbic wit.

    • Gene White

      Attack her politics, not her person. She has been a spokesperson for the Conservative cause for a long time. It is only recently, that she has waivered.

  • Steven Valdez

    Lol, see what happened there, and this site has been warming up to Ann Coulter recently.

    She does more damage to her own party than she does bashing liberals. You can high five her all day for that but watch when she goes to chop off the head of the candidate you like. It’s best to ignore and discredit everything she says..

    • Dr. Strangelove

      I’m not warming up to her. Since she bashed the other candidates while carrying Mitt’s water I am not a fan. Next time I read one of her books is when I find one at the Goodwill for $.50. And I’ll ask them if they’ll take a quarter for it.

    • Joshua Rojas

      I hate when TRS favors establishment candidates and commentators like Ann Coulter and Rick Perry. Might as well quote Mike Savage.

      • marketcomp

        No, I don’t think RS favors the establishment. By posting what they do and say RS is informing us.

    • Laurel

      I disagree.

      Real thinkers applaud the good and criticize the bad regardless of who the person may be. I believe it is ‘giving credit where it is due’.

  • Gene White

    This whole thing, about who will be the next President, has produced some unusual conversations, to say the least. Because we don’t currently have a leader, it is quite natural to dream of having one.

    No question Ted Cruz could do the job. Not hard to like the man. Reminds me of Reagan. He seems a man of principle. Not afraid to speak his mind. I like that, about him.

    I like Allen West. A military man. God knows, we don’t have any military men in Washington anymore. Part of the reason we find ourselves with all these problems. He also is one of the few people in Washington who has a knowledge of our history. You would think that would be a basic requirement, for running for public office. Unfortunately, you would be wrong in that assumption.

    And then there is Sarah. I sometimes struggle, to keep my own sentiments and love for her, in the background, as I discuss her, as a candidate.

    I always lose that battle. Because I can’t think of her, or talk about her, without all the emotions that I feel about her, coming forth and taking over what I started out trying to say.

    Let me try to put it to you in simple terms. As a President, I first and foremost want someone who believes in this country, heart and soul.

    Sarah does that.

    Second, I want my next President to be solidly grounded in moral values. A belief in God and family, that is simply unshakeable.

    Sarah does that.

    Third, I want, as a President, someone who understands that ordinary Americans are suffering from a bad economy, and are having a hard time putting bread on the table, for their families.

    I think Sarah understands that.

    Fourth, Sarah has a good grasp of the role the Military plays in all of this. Because none of what I just mentioned above, is even remotely possible, so long as we are led by a President whose only goal, is to decimate our Military, and take us to what is basically, a third world status, militarily speaking.

    Sarah understands that.

    I’ll take Ted. I’ll take Allen West. Anything, to save this country, from what this madman proposes. But I would just love to have Sarah. Wouldn’t you?

    • Joshua Rojas

      I love Sarah Palin but as VP maybe… She’s been trashed so much im scared of a second go round….They will never be able to call Ted Cruz or Allen West “stupid” like they do with Palin and others… But she is fantastic. I would support her 100%, though she is my 3rd choice. West would be #1 but he has so many soundbites that im afraid would be baggage for the GOPe and mainstream media. That leaves Cruz who is spotless in every way..
      1. Ted Cruz
      2. Allen West
      3. Sarah Palin

      • jrt

        CRUZ/WEST 2016…..
        Sarah would be an excellent speaker of the house.
        she needs to run as a senate seat or congressman

      • Gene White

        There is truth in what you both say. She certainly would easily fill that role.

        • Joshua Rojas

          Sign the petition for Cruz at
          If West of Palin get a grassroots website (official) we need to sign those too.

    • jrt

      Cruz/ West 2016
      Sarah Palin needs to be speaker of the house. Congressman

  • $9898556

    WTF? Seriously? What a joke.

  • PVG

    She sounds drunk………

  • Joshua Rojas

    That insult is a badge of honor for Ted Cruz…

  • feralcat

    “But Romney? If there’s one thing we know about Romney, especially given his past, he would end up being like Boehner on immigration – he’d fold like a cheap suit against any media pressure that painted him as a

    Verdict first. Evidence later. Off with his head!

    Well, that is what you sound like, the Queen of Hearts. And I’m quite sure the Queen of Hearts was a leftist.

    • Laurel

      Do you have a point?

  • Mac in Texas

    Don’t forget Ann can be a bit of a chameleon…….who really wants as president……. yep you guessed it……christi.

  • Ann, more and more, you just need to STFU. Really. Save what’s left of your reputation. There are still a few believers…somewhere. Just do yourself a favor and go relax. Your time here is done.

    You’re part of the GOP. You’re not needed or wanted anymore. Thanks for your past “service”. You’ve been good for quite a few laughs. That part of your life has ended. Enjoy the rest of your life. Stop intruding on ours.

    You and Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and several others should buy a private island where you can be your own masters. While I’m at it, why don’t you take Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Charlie Crist, and Scott Brown with you for good measure?

    Thanks. Enjoy your life. Y’all can invite Barack over for lunch and golf every other weekend after his presidency…George Soros has the rest of Barry’s weekend’s reserved. Y’all can share custody of him. Hope you’ll like it.

  • TJinNJ

    She is part of the Establishment media complex and should be ignored.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    After scrolling through the comments, my advice to Coulter would be not to waste her money advertising her next book on TRS.

    • Darrell Griffin

      I have always found her books to be over rated.

      Last one I read was “Godless”, and it didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know.

      • marketcomp

        Good point. Her books always reaffirm what those of us who are informed already know. If she loves Romney so much how does she justify Romney care? What a hypocrite.

      • Dr. Strangelove

        Oddly enough, “Godless” was also the last one I read. It had some interesting aspects to it, like abortion being the sacrifice of the liberal religion. I lent it out and never got it back, doubt I’ll buy another copy unless I find one at a garage sale for $.50 and I can talk them down to a quarter.

  • Leende

    I can get you don’t want MR to run but please he should have won against the liar we call president and would have but for voter fraud and lies.

    • Freedomswatch

      I really doubt that, because he didn’t win a single swing state, and I don’t think it was only because of fraud. Romney totally ignored the conservative base and played to the independents. It’s a given anyone would have been better than Obama, but Romney ignored the base at his peril.

      • Ax2root

        RINOS have an addiction to ignoring Base…THUS supporting wrong candidates and losing elections…….

        For which loss they then BLAME THE BASE

  • SurfinUSA

    How long do we have to put up with this skinny blonde’s rants and reversals? She has an opinion on everything but I see no signs of a well thought out conservative philosophy. She’s all over the place.

    She seems to be welcomed whenever a TV camera is switched on and she clings to it like a moth to a light bulb.

    Your 15 minutes are up Ann.

  • maynardb50

    That anorexic woman sometimes just needs to sit down and shut up.

  • El Mac

    Ann, you are becoming more irrelevant every day. Sad.

  • James Brown

    I think Ann Coulter has lost her mind. I suspect she has finally succumbed to Beltway Disease. A mental disorder caused by spending too much time at Tina Brown’s Friday evening cocktail parties. I think Ann finally got tired of being invited to them as a conversation piece and has finally been broken and she wants her progressive acquaintances to actually like her. Or it could be that she has become an elitist and cannot admit when she’s made a mistake.

  • Texas_TEA_Time

    Howie Carr: “So, people are saying, no Ann, no, no more RINOs.”
    Ann Coulter: “Well, that’s just mobs, the mob taking over conservatives…”

    The last Coulter book I bought was “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America”. So now she believes Tea Party conservatives are no different than the liberal mob? That is how the RINOs see us, so now we know Coulter is one of them. Mark Levin is right, “Charlatan”.

  • Freedomswatch

    Coulter is still crying in her wine because Christie boy was smeared with Bridgegate, Now she is falling back to Romney, just wait Jeb Bush will be next. She is not representative of Conservatives, if she were she would know that Cruz is the best Presidential candidate to take America in the right direction.

  • USMC 64-68

    Hit the road Coulter. You’re hitting the bottle – or something!

  • Laurel

    Has anyone checked her mental health lately?

    She has become increasingly nonsensical.

  • Brenda Hoover Saxe

    I agree with her, except the people in this country believe the lies and prob. wouldn’t vote for him…which is too bad as he would be the best thing for our country

  • Ax2root

    Didn’t know Washington and Lincoln were Govs….OH THAT’s right THEY WEREN’T…( no need for basic history lesson satire) ..but they WERE CONSTITUTIONALISTS….( except Lincoln HUGE mistake Habeus corpus)

    Even so…civil war…do you want Constitutionalist Ted Cruz or RINO Romney!!

  • stage9

    Why doesn’t Coulter just elope with Obamney already and be done with it? Her infatuation with him is becoming utterly nauseating.

  • GaryZiz

    At least Cruz is putting forward some ideas. What does Coulter want? The cost to deport would be many magnitudes greater than the negatives of having illegal aliens stay and some cheat the welfare system. Controlling the border and keeping future illegals out is the critical part of immigration reform.

    • Kyle Lyles

      Screw border control! Serious prison time for any employer knowingly hiring an illegal. Seize their business and sell it to honest American business people! That is how self deportation works my friend.

      • GaryZiz

        The last thing the economy needs are more regulations. Seizing businesses and putting employers in prison is a good way to raise the unemployment rate and ensure that immigrants of any ethnicity have a harder time finding work.

        • jodyhall77

          People who hire illegals have caused thousands of employers who insist on doing what’s right to go OUT OF BUSINESS costing Americans their jobs. Know the facts before you spout off!.

      • jodyhall77

        I agree…If you can’t hire American workers and pay a decent wage then you should not be in business.

        • GaryZiz

          And if you believe it’s an employer’s job to pay “a decent wage” you have no business voting Republican. Go vote for Elizabeth Warren. The job of a business is to deliver products or services to consumers that fill a need at a price that consumers will pay all the while making the largest profit possible.

          Businesses aren’t charities.

      • We have to control the borders, because right now, living within a few hundred miles of the border is incredibly dangerous for Americans. Cartels and many non-Mexican illegals are causing the ranks of some very bad people to swell.

        If you don’t control the borders, you may as well set fire to the whole shebang.

  • barney59

    Ann. Please. Go. Away… and take Mitt with you.

  • Hillary Shackley

    Another crazy woman… again women and politics just don’t mix. The worst thing ever to happen to America was allowing women to vote. Sorry but true… look at Obama- in office because of us.

    • tvlgds

      No, the worst thing ever to happen to America was allowing STUPID people to vote! Obama is not in office because of me, that’s for darned sure.

  • gibbygoo56

    What an idiot!

  • jodyhall77

    What do you mean Cruz is a “disaster on Immigration”? Are you nucking futs?!! There are only two reasons we are not being invaded by 30 million new voters and their names are TED CRUZ and JEFF SESSIONS. Go away you moronic clown!

    • tvlgds

      Must have Cruz mixed up w/Rubio!

  • clubgitmo

    She has become even less than irrelevant. I don’t even bother reading her columns anymore.