UH OH: Country Music Awards mocks Obamacare to loud applause

Note at the end Taylor Swift looking like “can they do that…can they really make fun of Obamacare?”

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  • tvlgds

    It was hilarious! My jaw hit the floor–I know Brad Paisley and his bride are big Obama fans. Ugh!

    • Pat Osborne

      EXACTLY….. even obamas ‘fans’ know obamacare is CRAP!!!

      • tvlgds

        And finally the hypcocrites in the lamestream are blasting it–had they done that from the beginning, we wouldn’t be stuck with that garbage!

  • Swamp Fox


  • wales777

    HA!! Woo hoo!

  • Ruined ANOTHER keyboard! Still laughing.

  • InfoDump

    That’s funny right there.

  • Guest


  • keyesforpres

    Yes Taylor, we can make fun of Obamacare…according to that little thingy called the CONSTITUTION.

    • giveususfree

      She had a look on her face like…..”What’s Obamacare?”

      • keyesforpres

        I thought she looked like, “I can’t believe they made fun of Obamacare!”

        • giveususfree

          Could be that too. And I can’t be too hard on her for not knowing anything about Obamacare, I was blissfully ignorant when I was 23 as well.

          • Darrell Griffin

            Weren’t we all ? Sometimes I miss those days.

          • keyesforpres

            I tried to be informed back then, but it was hard without the internet. There is no excuse today. Heck, just spend 10 minutes a day on what is called “conservative sites” and a person will have a clue.

            • giveususfree

              I was somewhat interested in being more informed, but the contrast between what I saw and heard in the immense amount of pop culture I was consuming at the time, and what I saw, experienced and felt in my own real life – I didn’t know who or exactly what to believe or where to go for some real unbiased truth.
              Then 9/11 happened 4 years later, that was my cue to wake the hell up.

            • kcroofer

              what is called a “conservative site”, omg, I can’t stop laughing at the humor. Hope your not talking about Fox, whole heap of BS on there. Thanks for the laugh……………..

              • keyesforpres

                No hon, I’m talking about sites like ATLAS SHRUGS, JIHAD WATCH, BARE NAKED ISLAM, AMERICAN THINKER, ETC.
                Check it out.
                Thanks to your hero O’s policies, Christians are being slaughtered at a faster pace THAN ANYTHIME IN HISTORY.
                You would think that was funny though.

                • kcroofer

                  No bible major but I would think the number of Christians being slaughter was greater during Jesus time, or when they were fighting for control over Jerusalem. Sure lot of BS and opinions on a lot of websites, heck I found one were they claimed Obama was putting a tracking beacon in their bodies. After many people called the town in question it was found to be a hoax. Gotta be careful what you read and take as truth. I wouldn’t laugh at people dying, not my cup of tea. But what I do find sad is the number of soldiers who died for Weapons of Mass Destruction, which still haven’t been found. That is sad. Might take a look at the American thinker but jihad watch and bare naked islam have no chance. Their names remind of that wack out site called infowars. Page is full of crazy unproven theories and looks like time square with all the ads across the page. Wonder how much they make on those ads?

      • Darrell Griffin

        That sir/maam , is what we call “deer in the headlights”.

        You now have a perfect exemplar for the phrase.

      • Paula

        Hell~ their rich they don’t have a clue what reality is at that point in their life~ 🙂

        • Lynne Allen

          99% of them started out poor and unlike the liberal hollywood crowd know where they came from and never forget it!

          • Ben Strong

            Most of the older artists (or more seasoned) started out from humble roots, but those like Taylor came from money. That’s the only reason she got anywhere – someone was writing checks for her.

  • notsofastthere

    The South ‘may rise again’. They seem to be the ones who really get it.

    • kcroofer

      Is that why the largest amount of citizens living on entitlements is in the SOUTH. Their gonna rise off of my taxes to get a beer and that’s about it.

      • keyesforpres

        I doubt that is true. Most folks on welfare live in cities.
        I do know that the majority of folks serving in the military come from the South though.

        • kcroofer

          Well news flash the south has plenty of cities. And yes it is true do any research and you will find that they are the biggest entitlement drawers. It was talked about a lot in the last election. A lot of it has to do with they are Right to Work states, that have some of the lowest wages for working families.

  • Colene Guthrie


  • poljunkie

    No surprise!

  • giveususfree

    Nah! They don’t dislike Obamacare because you can’t get on the website, or because when you do the plans are expensive as hell, or because when you do your sensitive personal info is wide open to theft, or because it’s 2,000+ pages of indecipherable legalese, or because it was passed unconstitutionally through rule breaking, threats and bribery, or because it makes you pay for coverage you don’t want and/or need, or because it kicks you off the cheaper and better plan you already have, or because you can’t go to the hospital you like, or because you can’t keep the doctor you like, or because of all it’s added taxes, or because the cost has tripled from what we were told it’ll cost, or simply because they understand that General Rule of Life #1 is: Everything the Government touches turns to crap.

    • giveususfree

      ^^^Three people didn’t get the joke, lol.

      • $41878293

        That was so obviously sarcasm, how could anyone not get it?

        • Press Watchusa

          Dope and “Dope”

    • Press Watchusa

      I knew it!

  • doorsxp

    I don’t care who you are, that right there was hilarious.

  • You know whats even funnier? We knew it was crap since 2009!! How ’bout that??
    Enjoy it morons!

    • SineWaveII

      We knew it was crap since 1993, it’s the reason we voted the dumpocrats out of both houses of congress in 1994.

  • Darrell Griffin

    I so needed that…………

  • Darrell Griffin

    Obligatory liberal race card in 5,4,3,2……

  • Guein

    IRS audit soon to follow.

  • Press Watchusa

    A message from Ray Stevens – How prophetic – made before the vote

    Check out his channel here for more https://www.youtube.com/user/raystevensmusic?feature=watch

    • I love Ray Stevens!! He’s brilliant!

      • Press Watchusa

        I like him too – He’s always on target with his parodies

    • tinlizzieowner

      Excellent. 🙂

  • Nick

    Tarylor Swift didn’t look like that, she looked like “what’s an Obamacare?”

  • Eph18

    What about Gayrth Brooks?

  • ace65

    obamacare is the future ….just like Solyndra solar panels and the government motors chevy volt.

  • Laurel

    Excellent! 🙂

  • david pope

    i see the irs showing up for audit before long

    • Johnny Right

      I was gonna say, the IRS just sent an alert 60 to their SWAT team. “We’ve been expecting you Mr. Paisley.”

  • Obamacare for your family….. 666,666. oo
    Tax on insurance………………. 666. oo
    penalty for not enrolling …….. 6,666. oo

    Taylor Swift’s shocked expression priceless

    • kcroofer

      Penalty for not enrolling is 1% of your gross wages, so by your figure you would be a millionaire.

  • c4pfan

    Yes, they can make fun of it…it’s called the 1st Amendment!

  • abbygal64

    Most every other level headed person is mocking obamacare, more power to anyone who does, wish the white house occupant would get the hint!!!

    • InfoDump

      …yeah, get the hint and LEAVE! I can dream.

  • Joliet Jake
    • Darrell Griffin

      My new FB banner 😀

    • Jaels_Song

      LOL! That is a HOOT!

  • Travis Berndt

    I think Taylor’s expression was less “I can’t believe they just made fun of Obama” and a whole lot more “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuurr what just happened? Why everyone sing?”

  • Joy Lynn

    Ummm she makes that face all the time…

  • Totally awesome – cute!

  • sallyjohanna

    PRICELESS!! If they were in Russia they would be in Siberia by now…wait a …does anybody know where the man that made the “video” that sparked Benghazi is? Has Otyrant released him yet?

    • InfoDump

      Eh, he was handed over to the MB in Egypt months ago. He has been “dealt with”.

      • Ray Mizell

        That’s to bad. I was waiting for a video mocking the White House as the American people sent the muslim bastard on the road back to Kenya.

    • OneThinDime

      He was released but haven’t heard anything lately. There is a price for his death so I have to wonder if he was quietly handed over by the O regime in exchange for the reward. Sadly, it would not surprise me.

  • johnny

    Brain dead Swift does not seem to understand that real awake Americans, smart Americans, do NOT follow O’Blamer nor listen to his consistant lying and false hope. Not everyone is a dumb following Libturd sheep with no brain. Socialism always starts with Healthcare and disarming the public.

  • summer43224

    That skank Underoo is why I no longer watch the awards

    • poptart

      Skank??? who Carrie?

    • tinlizzieowner

      Go back over to the MTV Music Awards. From the sound of your posts on other sites, it’s more your style. 😉

    • socialist suck

      only “skank” i see is you

  • Rhonda Dodd

    I actually think Taylors reaction was more like “I can’t believe they are brave enough to do this. Don’t they realizethat they have to file taxes soon?” And, who knows, they may get on the Hillary (s)hit list!

    • Lady_Penguin

      I think Taylor’s reaction was her puzzlement over the “only six signed up so far.” Very few people know that and she looked like she was trying to process the information. She might not even know that the Obamacare website and plans are a disaster…

  • Matilda Tripp

    Obamacare code cannot be fixed (deliberately).

    • Pyrran

      That’s why they call it code…it’s secret.

    • badbadlibs

      “Jewish fixit man”. It’s those damn joooooos again.
      (When will I learn NOT to not to click on these stupid you tube links.)

      • I never click on an unexplained link unless it’s by one of you folks I hang out with here. I don’t understand why people can’t explain where they are linking to, or at least put it in context.

        • badbadlibs

          Totally agree!
          Hope I’ve learned my lesson.

  • Ronnie Dale Matthews

    Welcome to the Future.

    • freeperjim

      “Welcome to the Machine”

      h/t R.Waters

  • kong1967

    Lol, they mocked the website. Everyone knows the website doesn’t work, but that doesn’t mean they don’t support the law. Of course, country listeners are more conservative, so we’ll see.

    • Sadly, like “evangelicals,” the country music crowd is moving steadily away from conservatism. Country music was seriously revived as a major industry thanks to Ray Charles and a few others showing that it was full of soul, at a time when most people thought it was all twang.

      One side effect was that country became a haven for failed Rock musicians. I.E., If you haven’t broken into the rock scene by age twenty, you go to Nashville and start over. This is one reason why so many leftists are rising through the ranks.

      • kong1967

        No surprise. Leftists are coming out of the woodwork everywhere.

      • Dodge

        Perfect example of a failed rock artist…. Kenny Rogers

        • Noreen Gardner

          you consider a change for the better as a “fail”?

          • Cindy Bigham Sutton

            change for the better, now that’s even funnier than the skit!!

            • Tersun22

              Surely Noreen was being sarcastic~Oh my! I really hope she was! smh

          • Dodge

            To this yes I do. Country has been a lifestyle to some people. And those who exploit it for monetary gains and not having a real clue what exactly they are singing about is sad and a slap in the face to those who live that life. It is not a fad or the easy road to money and fame, It is a lifestyle and perspective of life. There are a lot of people who do not live that life, and there are more of them than there are those whom who do, that tend to dictate what is popular for country. Which again sadly out number those who actually live it. So you really cannot blame them for the decline of country music and the acceptance of these folks that are just there for the money. It is the fake weekend country people or wannabe cowboys that are and have ruined it for those who really are and do live that life. It is getting hard to find a real country artist these days.

        • Well, not him. Also, not Kid Rock. Those guys (whether you like their music or not) sold hugely in the Rock market before moving to Country. Darius Rucker’s former band wasn’t exactly Rock, but it was Pop, and they did well, too.

          Those three examples are more like Ray Charles, in that they liked Country a lot, even while playing in other genres.

          But a LOT of people working in Nashville have never set foot on a farm, ranch, or worked a construction job. It’s not a slam against them. Many of them are among the best in the business. But they aren’t from the hard-boiled side of Country, and frequently prefer the Hollywood crowd to the Bluegrass scene.

  • spin43

    Just give them some bribe money and they will change their tune. Taylor Swift may get a visit from the IRS! Remember, this is no longer a free country, just because your allowed to watch football. The rulers have the weapons.

  • Julie Hanratty-Jacobs

    Look like the $500,000 grant given to Hollywood to promote Obamacare isn’t working out to well…..

    • SPELL9

      Nashville is NOT Hollywood.

  • Terrenceor

    The look on the faces of some in the audience is the same look you would get if someone in Russia criticized Putin or you criticized Castro in Cuba. FEAR
    Good for the CMAs and ABC for letting them mock our dear leader.
    How many people will be singing that tune all day now? Obamacare by morning,
    Why does it take so long?
    I’m going to get hemroids
    If I sit here till dawn

    • CalCoolidge

      You have a point. This, and late-night humor are beginning to sound like old Commie humor – shortages, long lines, hoarding.

      One classic is the guy sees a second guy with a roll of toilet paper, and the first guy, who doesn’t have any toilet paper is excited, and asks where did you get that and do they have any more. The second guy explains it’s the same one he had all along, he just took down to the river to wash.

      Check google. In 2009, Cuba ran out of toilet paper. Venezuela ran out this year. Central Planning.

  • poorhardworker

    Deer in the headlights look from Obama supporters!!! LOMFOF!!! Enjoy!

  • armyvet10

    1st let me say this was just too funny; and I loved the song selection used in the skit. 2nd, to any of the left that wish to chime in with your hatred and vile innuendo, go back and condemn all of the SNL skits ridiculing any and all who has had the nerve to speak out against Obama’s agenda; which by the way, even some Democrats are publically speaking out against the Affordable Healthcare Act. 3rd, it is great to use humor to lessen a person’s angst and fears of the uncertain. it has been said by many and for centuries; “Laughter is the best medicine.” As for the look on Ms. Swifts face, I am afraid it is the result of years of brain washing our youth to rely on others more than we rely on ourselves.

  • Arig Antass


  • Sentinel

    Can you imagine this being done at a Beyoncé concert? Nah, me either.

  • Cindy Bigham Sutton

    genius!! I’m glad to see those with a lot of publicity actually saying what most of us think. If the lefties and liberals want to cry that this is “racist” or whatever name of the day they want to use, I have 2 words. GROW UP. It was a skit, and so far, freedom of speech is still allowed.

    • Tersun22

      “So far”, is right! I wonder what kind of “punishment” they’ll get for this skit…

  • Noreen Gardner

    my comment was that Kenny Rogers rock to Country was not a “fail” but change for the better.Maybe it ‘s the age gap.

  • harglide

    It’s about time that a lot of the rest of America WAKES up!!!

    Hopefully this nobama and his care will continue to gain more attention and that it shuts itself down from imploding within!

  • 24fan

    @taylor swift of course hon it mocks itself

  • Right_Wingnut

    Re: Taylor Swift. That’s what happens when you date a Kennedy.

    • OneThinDime

      That Kennedy thing didn’t last long….

      • tvlgds

        No, but Ethel was there on video raving about her and congratulating her on the Pinnacle Award.

        • OneThinDime

          Didn’t Swift buy a house near or next door to the Kennedy guy?

          • tvlgds

            Yes, she did.

      • demographicallychallenged

        Just a couple of songs!

        • OneThinDime

          Hah! Measure Swift’s relationships by the # of songs released. Good one.

  • Right_Wingnut

    It doesn’t look like Keith Urban approved either.

  • Sandra123456

    I needed that laugh!

  • Hannah Norton

    Of course Keith Urban and Taylor Swift didn’t approve, they’re on the wrong team.

  • Denise Moore

    Check out Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s faces. They voted for Obummer…LOL!

    • Right_Wingnut

      Could be, but in their defense, it was very early on. It wasn’t clear from the beginning that they were going to mock ObamaCare. I would have liked to have seen their expressions toward the end.

    • tvlgds

      Yeah, I saw that too. I knew they were democrats, but wouldn’t have figured they were so liberal.

  • Shannon C Williamson

    OMG that was freakin hilarious!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! Great way to start my day

  • DHardy

    I’m disappointed in Swift…I thought she smarter than that. apparently she is a hopeless liberal..

    • OneThinDime

      She is a hopeless liberal that gets face time on liberal TV shows. One need only watch her move from man to man to see she has not realized her internal self-worth either. Until you can realize that, you can not recognize how others, including our governments, use and abuse you.

    • A J Jackson Gum

      She is just 24, so give her time to grow up. She’ll turn around.

  • DHardy

    The only thing better than Obamacare Not working would have been if it Did work in all it’s thuggery and mind warping glory pounding people into submission. Now that would draw liberals away form this Obama love fest. Nothing like a costly “Freebee” to get a Liberals attention.

  • singcanary

    I bet they both get Audited by the IRS now….or their homes get invaded for speaking against Obamacare….HaHaHaHaaaaa Hooray for country folk!

  • Robin Milligan

    I love it! Yes I woke up singing “obamacare by morning” LOL

  • Cat Jockster

    The IRS is old news now. They are going to throw them in the FEMA camps and gas them.

  • Logan Byler

    Who cares about all that. Carrie looks AMAZING!

    • MiketheMarine

      Right? Damn………..

    • Mark

      For real! But the skit they put on is hilarious!

  • Jody

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny and too bad what the others in the audience think because they all have the best health care and it will not affect them anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rightcompass


  • OneThinDime

    “Over 6 people served” Well they may have “health insurance” but have they received any “health care” yet only to find there is a HUGE deductible and HUGE co-pays? 70-30 doesn’t sound bad until the bill is $1,500 and you have to pay $450 of it.

  • Curt Mudgen

    Gosh, nothing like watching a music show and having to listen to politics.

    • Johnny Right

      Is it political to dislike crappy service- forced to pay for?

      • demographicallychallenged

        No it’s expected.

      • Curt Mudgen

        Why don’t you learn a little about the subject before you make ridiculously uniformed comments about something you obviously know little about? If you can’t afford it, you don’t have to get it. However, which is more affordable? Health insurance or a $50,000 hospital bill for a heart attack or car accident? Oh, that’s right. I have to pay that via taxes for lazy stupid rednecks who can’t get their own insurance.

        • Johnny Right

          “If you can’t afford it, you don’t have to get it. ”

          You left out the rest of that equation – you’ll pay a fine if you can’t afford the insurance. So not only will people still not be insured, but they’ll be paying to not be insured. What a deal!

    • JesseC

      Yeah cuz that just neeeeeever happens.

    • CaptGene

      Right, Curt – Just like watching the academy awards and not hearing politikal statements there, right? Had this been an anti-Ted Cruz or Rand Paul or anti-Conservative anything, you would have found it entertaining, right?

      • Curt Mudgen

        You really should stop making assumptions, Capt. If I’m watching a music show or an awards show I wouldn’t care to hear anything political, regardless of which side was discussed. I’m wanting to watch the show, not listen to politics.

        • CaptGene

          That is not an assumption: It is based on your own comments. If you really don’t want to hear the political commentary, then turn off the sound.

  • RowdyinTexas

    Loved it last night! Awesome show!

  • Mike Griggs

    Love it….

  • badbadlibs

    I want to laugh, I’m sure days past I would have. However, with facing coming up with an extra $250.00 a month and my daughter struggling because of being cut back to 29hrs a week from a job where she lived by the overtime, I just can’t.

    • trytothink

      We feel for you. Ridiculing Obamacare is a great way to influence those sheep in the middle who don’t really think about politics in a deep way.

      • badbadlibs

        I hope it works and thank you for your concern.

    • JesseC

      Sorry to hear that 🙁

      • badbadlibs

        Thank you, JesseC.

    • nwwapiti

      The IRS is using facial recognition software to identify everyone in the audience that was laughing and scheduling audits accordingly.

      • Kim MacArthur (Anita Xanax)

        …and this surprises us how? Obastard hired 15,000 more IRS agents so he can tap our tax returns and bank accounts for his fees and fines because we REFUSE his garbage insurance as we don’t WANT it and didn’t ASK for it!!

    • Beth S

      I understand! My job cut me back to under 30 hours as well. I wish obama would see the problem with that, but he doesn’t. its not fair.

      • badbadlibs

        obammy cares only for himself, I’m not sure the thing he married or his kids even reach his radar.
        My daughter may have to move back home, after raising two kids by herself. She managed to keep a home for them, food and clothes and even extras. Her baby will be 18 in a few months and will be moving in with his father. When things should be getting easier for her, because of DEMOCRATS (every last stinking last one of them) she is hitting a terrible low.
        I hope you fare much better, Beth.

    • Kim MacArthur (Anita Xanax)

      LOL I’m a NURSE!! Lose your insurance=no hospital=no JOB for us!! Imagine that…thousands of health care employees around the country UNEMPLOYED or UNDEREMPLOYED because OBASTARDCARE took their patient’s insurance away! Until the shooting starts that is; then we ICU nurses will be balls to the wall keeping American citizens alive as they DEFEND THEIR COUNTRY!!

    • lawngren

      Here’s a possibility for your daughter: security work, full or part-time. Not the best choice, but a job if you’ve got to have one.

      • badbadlibs

        Thanks, Lawngren. I will keep this in mind as we try and brain storm her next move. I’ve saved your email to my inbox. You’re very thoughtful!

    • zhinka

      Thousands of jobs in the oilpatch available in my state, most starting at $35.00 bucks an hour plus benefits, if she isn’t a priss she could go work oilfield, there are alot of tiny women under 100 pounds working the rigs, your daughter could do that too, no excuses for women to not enter the oilfields anymore.
      Rigs are literally so desperate for people they will fly out applicants and get them places to live, stop whining and move to where there are jobs, no excuses, they even pay your moving expenses.

      • zhinka

        if she can pass the drug test,she can start work next week at most places http://www.rigzone.com no more excuses, no more brainstorming, here is a career for her. She can even be an wheelchair and get a job in the field,they need office people.

        • badbadlibs

          WOW, awesome! She’s no “priss”, she’s a hard working woman, I will pass this on to her, THANKS!

        • Ozzia

          This link is freaking amazing! Thank you for posting it.

  • Hmm. I noticed the stone faces on long-time Democrats Faith Hill and Mr. Faith Hill.

    • lawngren

      It’s good for them to hear this. Let them know their views are not respected or respect-worthy, and a lot of people don’t buy the spin.

  • tbonpc

    That’s Real Country Performers! Taylor Swift is a yuppie and not Country at all, she backs odummer and I always change the station when she comes on. Daris Rucker was really like it though, he is Country and Solid as a Rock. Hootie and the Blowfish always got me to turn up the volume, Good ole George Straight was having a Ball. This is why I love Country.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Wasn’t Brad a dem too?

      • Kim MacArthur (Anita Xanax)

        Some people learn…

        • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

          We can only pray!

    • smmy33

      I’ve never seen Taylor Swift back Obama… The only time she talks about politics, she said she didn’t think “it was a celebrity job tell the public who they should vote or what their politics were.”

      And Brad Paisley sang at the White House and At one of those concerts Obama did before he was elected…. While Taylor Swift who’s probably a singer their daughters like and isn’t some tramp like the rest of these 20’s out today has probably been invited numerous times to the White House has never gone……. So get your facts right.

      • tbonpc


        “I’ve never gotten to meet her before and I’d always just been really
        nervous about meeting her ’cause I’m such a big fan and she’s such a
        role model,” Swift explained (quote via Big Machine Records). “And she
        was so cool! She was so cool and she was so nice, and I met her

    • LaBeaux

      A yuppie is someone from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you’ve been watching too much duck dynasty….

      • Jason

        I think you mean yooper.

      • Larry Scott

        A yuppie is a former hippie who woke up and realized that there is no utopian society

  • jpeters3270

    Carrie and Brad had better Accountant and Lawyer up quick!! They are about to get an audit that will feel remarkably like a colonoscopy.

    • Mark

      They will be fine haha

  • good clean fun.

  • joyfulgiver

    Taylor Swift’s look…shock and awe, maybe?!?!?…Scoop you took the words right out of my mouth, Yes, they can really do that, it’s called FREE speech, at least for now!

  • lawngren

    Sent this out to my contacts. I was really glad to hear the audience response. Makes me feel good to hear some fellow Americans not being quiet.

  • Kim MacArthur (Anita Xanax)

    Now that’s just plain funny

  • Barry Soetoro

    Good for them

  • April Plummer McGill

    Love it!! lol!!!

  • Billy Johnson

    Now that what people, that are” LEAGLEY” in the US, think of obamacare ,they LAUGH at it, you see the president was not laughing?????

  • F’ing CLASSIC! The first time not being able to get a song outta my head is something I approve of! LMAO!!!

  • Don Bolyard

    Taylor Swift always looks so clueless.

    • helen willis

      I heard her perform before she was known, and she is not clueless and never was. She is extremely focused and, at this point in her life, has solid values. She is not typical Holly Wood.

      • Guest

        yeah… riiiiiight….

      • Kate

        Hate to break it to you but while she may have been wholesome once, she is now just another Hollywood indoctrinated bimbo who really needs to come up with a new subject for her music.

        • helen willis

          That is also true of Pink, and I like her, too. That is the case with many performers, regardless of genre. As long as the music sells, nothing changes because “it ain’t broke”. I didn’t say she was wholesome; I said she was focused.

          • Kate

            Being focused doesn’t do you much good when your focus is on all the wrong things….

          • Kate

            Good thing she’s focused on something that will actually matter in life…..

      • OneThinDime

        Solid values? The oneliners about Swift are how swiftly she jumps from one guy to the next.

      • Kenzie

        You would know since Hollywood is apparently two words now.

        • helen willis

          I was right. It’s Holly Wood.

    • Adibobea9

      She is clueless. Why is she at the Country Music Awards when she no longer makes country music…

      • Craig

        Why is anyone there? There is no country music on the CMA’s and hasn’t been for years. It’s all one step removed from Britney Spears with a little twang added.

    • 12grace

      Looks can be deceiving.

    • zhinka

      She IS clueless,she gave a concert here and was in a panic because she could not get out of the building…the door was a pull,not a push, for real, was working security and we all watched her struggle, was hard to stay expressionless.

  • helen willis

    Taylor is wondering how long it will take IRS to audit them and for their albums to sink into oblivion.

  • sjmom

    We conservatives even put the libs to shame with comedy skits because this one was humorous unlike some I’ve seen on SNL.

  • Stephanie Ferguson Bell

    Awesome song! They ought to make it a full length song – bet it would be a number 1 hit!

    • Fitz Gerald

      song was authentically STUPID!!

    • OneThinDime

      Great idea. If I may add, the proceeds should be donated to a nonprofit organization like Little Sisters of the Poor.

  • 12grace

    Love it!

  • OldmanRick

    Not to worry, folks. The brat doesn’t like Country music. He’s more into rap. Besides, he won’t see any of this since it won’t be on his local news channels. He won’t even hear about it since he doesn’t have time for those boring briefings.

  • tinlizzieowner

    The libs are going apoplectic over this. Obamacare is spiraling in the bottom of the toilet like the excrement it is, so it’s time to shoot the messenger. 😉 😉

  • Elphie Jo

    the Obamacare bit was really in bad form. Everyone deserves to have insure at a reasonable rate.

    • badbadlibs

      Maybe you just crawled out from under your rock, but here’s a newsflash, there’s nothing reasonable about the rates and that’s just for starters, genius.

    • tinlizzieowner

      News Flash:

      Nobody ‘deserves’ anything. Under free market capitalism, insurance companies compete the give YOU the best price for what YOU want to buy. Not what the government thinks you ought to have.
      Get a little informed and come on back. 😉 😉

    • ZacharyH83

      Reasonable rates Elphie ?

      Obamacare wants over $800 for me and my family a month. That is $600 more than what we are paying through work.

      Explain to me how that is reasonable? LoL. The people that support this forced insurance are detached from reality.

      Start doing some reading instead of just believe everything that you’re spoon fed.

    • Michael

      yea reasonable rate……

    • Jeremy Evans

      Reasonable for Obama. To sum up everything, it’s a TAX.

    • Jason

      Amazing that you libs can’t take a joke. Shocking from the self-proclaimed “most tolerant” party on planet Earth. I can only assume that you think it was a racist song and that Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are one step away from joining the klan. Sad existence you libs have these days.

    • PNWShan

      I agree that everyone deserves to be able to purchase insurance at a reasonable rate. However, Obamacare does NOT provide that. Only a decentralized, free market approach will provide that. Unfortunately, state governments have been overregulating the insurance industry for years, witht the result that fewer people can find affordable insurance.

      This all began as a plea to help the “30 million uninsured.” Only a handful of them have been helped, at great cost to everyone else. Instead, because of the onerous and expensive requirements of ACA, millions of people have seen their jobs turn from full-time to part-time, others have been let go, others haven’t been hired at all, and those who were buying their insurance individually have universally seen their costs GO UP! How is that affordable? When the mandate kicks in for businesses, we’ll see even more people kicked off their insurance plans because the businesses simply cannot afford it, and even more people will be in worse shape than before.

      You may want to help people, but this plan does NOT help people. It is hurting people.

    • Chris Busing

      Sure, everybody does deserve insurance at a reasonable rate, but Obummercare does not offer that.

    • Debiq1830

      What does that man to you? My family is a single income, blue collar household. When the employer mandate hits, I fear what our rates will be. As it is, our perfectly healthy family of seven would cost 1-week’s pay PLUS almost another week’s pay to cover our annual deductible under the ?A?F?F?O?R?D?A?B?L?E care act. 1/2 of our income for health insurance. What we will pay each year EXCEEDS the total amount of health care we have used in the past three years combined, INCLUDING the portion the insurance company has paid.

      • badbadlibs

        The nightmare stories keep piling up. God only knows when or if Americans in the numbers needed are going to wake up to the hellish condition democrats are creating for millions of people.

      • Elphie Jo

        c&o(commander and chief) but so does paying for the salaries of the government officials and we don’t say it will cost us half this or half that…

    • weststar280

      I have got an investment – you cannot lose – you interested?

    • AllisonBL

      I do agree, everyone does deserve to have insurance at a reasonable rate. However, Obamacare is not offering that.

      My husband and I are both teachers at a very small, private school. The school does not have a lot of employees, and does not offer their employees any health insurance or benefits of any kind. So we do not have health insurance. Also, we, as teachers, are only paid $1 more than minimum wage. We have looked into getting private health insurance but haven’t gotten it because we cannot afford it. We also do not qualify for Medicaid because we are barely over the income cutoff. I have checked into the Affordable Care Act, and it is more expensive for us to get insurance through Obamacare. If we could pay what it was asking us to, we would have already had insurance, but we can’t. So while it may help some, it is definitely not helping everyone.

      • Heather Dupuis

        I checked About prices in the state I’m moving to and it will cost my husband And i nearly 800 dollars a month and that’s with a 12000 dollar deductible. When you make more then what Medicaid would allow then there is a problem. For something to be affordable, it had to actually be affordable to all.

      • georgewbusted

        You need to educate yourself. If you were only slightly over the Medicaid cutoff then the expansion of Medicaid under the ACA will now mean that your are covered. Unless you are unlucky enough to live in a Red State in which case you can thank your Republican Governor for your lack of insurance.

        • AllisonBL

          I have been “educating myself” on the topic for quite some time. When you are exposed to children daily and the illnesses that run rampant in school during the school year, you typically get sick pretty frequently and need to visit a doctor for medicine. I have been looking into different insurance options, including Medicaid, for several years now, and am always told the same thing: that we make just a little “too much” to qualify. Now, I am not complaining about that. Actually, I wasn’t complaining about anything to begin with. I was simply stating my circumstances to give others a view into someone’s life that this is not helping at all. So when we first heard about the ACA and all that it was supposed to do, I was happy. I thought this might make insurance possible for us. Yet I’m still told that we make a little “too much”. With the ACA, I would be required to pay $550 for health insurance a month. While that may not seem like a lot of money to some people (I know some pay a lot more than that), that’s also an entire paycheck for my household. We simply can’t afford to pay that much. Now, if I or my husband could find a job in the public school system in our area (which is nearly impossible to do because the school system typically hires retired teachers to fill their openings so they can pay less), it wouldn’t be so bad. When I worked in the public school system before, I only paid $120 a month for insurance for my husband and I both. We could pay that, even now. But definitely not $550.
          And as for my governor, he’s a Democrat.

          • Gary

            Was that $550 after your subsidy? If you are just above the medicaid cutoff, you should be receiving a subsidy. Your prices may be different but in Michigan, the price for a silver plan is $179 for both husband and wife after applied subsidy (Humana HMO, $2000 deductible, $3000 out of pocket max, $20 Primary, $30 Specialist, etc). This isnt a top notch plan by far but affordable.

    • Denver

      learn to spell insurance then put your tid bit in ok. Lets give the.government more power over our rights. im not the type of person to comment on ignorance but wow. The government has done so well with Medicaid and Medicare why not give.them this.power over health insurance. we as a.country need to all become.constitution thumpers and stop.this revocation of our guaranteed rights.

  • Jerry Garland Brown

    Uhhh! Blond moment Taylor? What rock have you been hiding under? She has no clue what all the commotion’s about. Great skit!

    • OneThinDime

      It’s not like she’s impacted and frankly neither is the Aussie Keith Urban.

  • Julie North

    is so sad that all the so called Country stars and singers are
    getting old in age. To me that is Country those stars the so called old
    ones. Country music is not like it was years ago . They will always be
    the true meaning of country . We have lost so many legends not many left
    . I really was moved by the George Jones tribute last night on the C M
    A awards . there are only a few old ones left. So to all of them I
    salute you and your true Country talent . Kenny is right thru the years
    we have seen them come and go and that is sad .Today’s country is just
    not the same to me I will take Johnny Cash and Patsy and George any day
    of the week for they are our country just to name a few. How do you
    feel about today’s country ?

    • disqus_BtLHgPHkwG

      You must be what some call a senior citizen me I am just old and love country music from the 20s thru about the late 70s when they started doing more country rock. Now I do not even turn the radio on to what they call the country music channel. I pull out my tapes yep and all my records put on tape years ago and some even on cds.

    • poljunkie

      Nothing wrong with George Strait.

    • georgewbusted

      Johnny Cash was a leftie.

  • Paul

    obamacare is a joke, just like saying the president is Christian.. NOT…. the skit was hilarious, taylor swift lost over commotion because it wasn’t a song over someone she dated… but to George Strait ..a True Class Act..awesome singer…

  • Fitz Gerald

    wasn’t funny…

    • barney59

      Hey Fitz, it’s was also a test to see if you were infected with Liberalism.

  • Estone

    Awesome! About time the celebrities got some sense and stood up for what is right. Obamacare is a joke.

    • weststar280

      Obumbles is a BIGGER Joke!

  • odin147

    Racist rednecks…obamazombies would say

  • DHardy

    I believe in the free market. But many tend blame Insurance for the high costs of health care and it’s simply not so..our healthcare costs are horrible and Insurance companies are the only thing between you and them. The agenda of a health insurance to get a large pool of people on their plans and then use that power to negotiate lower costs. In numbers their is power. God forbid you ever need your insurance but when you do demand an itemized bill. you will not believe what your insurance is paying on your behalf. I had a Kidney stone blasted a couple of years ago and it cost me 3000 out of pocket and I thought that was awful until I seen the bill…they charged my insurance company 28000.00 for that out patient procedure. I about fainted and that did not include the ex rays that I paid zero out of pocket for by my insurance paid nearly 500.00 dollars for each. I pay 320.00 a month for mine and my wifes plan and at that rate how long will it take before my insurance will see a profit from me? I don’t think they ever will. We have to get the costs of health care lowered and medical devises as well if it’s has to do with health care it’s got a 1000% markup…it’s not right!

    • don cummings

      I sure don’t have the answer, but I know that you could have negotiated a price for cash with the hospital and it would have been at least 50% of what your bill was. I work in the medical field. Both the insurance industry and healthcare orgs. are partially responsible. Something needs to be done. One problem is that we believe we are entitled to care no matter the cost. Uninsured people using the system is also a huge problem.

      • BearNJ

        Its what happens when you have a third party payer. I would
        deregulate and allow people to shop for policies nationwide allowing
        free market competition, expand the use of health savings accounts and make them permanent for life, bring more market forces to bear, do tort reform to limit expensive tests and make health users shoppers with market driven forces. The government which is ripped off hundreds of millions in medicare fraud need to audit better and stop the waste.

        • PNWShan

          Excellent. One of the factors driving up health insurance costs has been state regulatory agencies demanding that they cover X, Y and Z for everyone, and also just breathing down their necks. So the insurance companies increase prices, or leave that state. Purchasing across state lines might also encourage state agencies to compete with one another to allow their providers to provide more choices.
          Btw, I love my HSA plan, which took too long to get enacted in my state.

          • Jbled6

            I completely agree about the mark up. It needs to be addressed but the insurance companies definitely are not innocent in any of this either. They come up with new ways of denying claims all the time. Even have seminars about it for their employees. People think that Obamacare is going to “crack down” on these issues and make the insurance companies cover certain things, but really, who do you think is going to pick up the tab? It sure as hell isn’t going to be the insurance companies. That’s why people are seeing their company/employer premiums increase for 2014. Middle class gets the shaft again.

            • PNWShan

              I agree. Insurance companies are no angels either.

          • barney59

            Right on PNWSHan / Gov regulations created this mess.

        • keyesforpres

          …and deport illegals. They waltze in and get medical treatment and very rarely pay a penny.

    • Jbled6

      They may have billed your insurance for $28,000, but I doubt that your insurance company actually paid that much. Healthcare providers and insurance companies usually have contracts between them that set reimbursement rates. They both agree to certain set rates and that is what the allowable amount is. This is why you have “in network” and “out of network” providers.

    • sallyjohanna

      My husband was bitten by a copperhead this summer. The anti venom cost $33,000…hospital room approx $10,000/day. Do we have any great minds left in the country? We need to fix this..with the free market…I don’t think anyone has ever tried? The Democrats always ignore the Constitution and run down the path to Socialism. We are obligated to fix this in the free market and I am confident we could, if it was made an absolute PRIORITY…GOP have been asleep at the wheel!! We should demand they come up with a free market approach.

      • Dang! I’m glad your husband is ok from that!! but wow on the bills.
        Free Market, across state lines, tort reform, pay as you go, there are other ways of fixing the costs. Socialzied ‘care’ is not the answer- to the government it’s only about power. Nothing else.

        • sallyjohanna

          Yeah, let me tell you we learned a venomous snake bite is one of the most painful things that can happen to you.

          We have been lousy stewards on this issue…counter productive, our own worst enemies!!

          WE could do this..there is a well crafted solution, if we would put our minds to it…like the mission to the moon!!

        • georgewbusted

          We had tort reform in Florida and it didn’t do diddly squat for the cost of healthcare. Besides if some idiot Doctor kills your loved one because of his incompetence why should you not have the right to sue him. As for you Sally I don’t think you know what the “free market” is. Those Companies that handed you the high bills were the free market. If you had Government healthcare like Medicare or Medicaid or VA you would have been fine.

          • Jacob McReynolds

            If government ran health care is so good why have Canadian officials say people have died waiting to be seen by a doctor. Or what about Canadians telling me they come to america to see the doctors. And since when gas are government been good at running things they got involved in are schools the education system has been on a slippery slope so please continue talking about how the government makes stuff better

            • AltairWolfe .

              Jacob. Please cite your source. I want to find out more about all these people dying waiting for Doctors in Canada. It sounds truly awful. AARP did a study about the Canadian health care system, but apparently it was all liberal lies because they disagreed with everything you just said. I need to find out where to get my “real” news from.

              • Do your own homework. If you bother to pay attention, these problems have been documented for Britain, Canada and elsewhere in many places, by many news agencies and by healthcare experts.

                • AltairWolfe .

                  Sarcasm is lost on ideologues. LOL

                • Just like a criminal assumes everyone else is a crook, so does a leftist assume everyone else is an idealogue.

                  No wonder you people don’t understand reality.

                • AltairWolfe .

                  “I reject your reality and substitute my own” — Adam Savage, Mythbusters.

                  Key word… Myths. 😉

                • Reality bothering you?

              • Instead of listening and reading progressive crap studies by AARP, you might want to talk to a Canadian who has gone through the crap system.

                • AltairWolfe .

                  Every system, even a free-market one, will have holes and horror stories.

                  “The financial burdens associated with access to post-transplant medications can be significant. For example, kidney transplant recipients who qualify for Medicare coverage based solely on end-stage renal disease (ESRD) currently receive 80-percent coverage for immunosuppressant medications for a maximum period of 36 months. Given that the average half-life of a deceased donor kidney transplant (i.e., the point at which 50 percent of the organs will have survived and 50 percent will have failed) is 10 years and the average cost of the immunosuppressant medications is approximately $1,500 to $2,000 per month, even with ESRD Medicare coverage, poor kidney transplant recipients can expect to face medication costs of $300 to $400 per month for the first three years of their transplant and $1,500 to $2,000 per month thereafter, or as much as $182,400 over 10 years in costs not reimbursed by Medicare.” — American Medical Association

                  So if you’re poor or uninsured and can’t afford medications you can just die, because health care isn’t a “right” in this country. I don’t say that to advocate a single payer system, just to point out that there will be people that fall through the cracks no matter where you live. Individual stories can be a catalyst to make changes for the better. So the question becomes, “Does the system work well as a whole?” and to that end; most government run single payer systems in the industrialized world do.

                • Most government single payer systems in the industrialized world do… Which is why the people who can afford it, come to the US for treatment.

                  Trust me, the only good thing about Canada’s system is that it was going in the toilet so badly that they allowed people to purchase private insurance to cover everything government wouldn’t. But if you can’t afford the private, you’re screwed.

                • AltairWolfe .

                  I’ll address both points there. Suppose it was time for me to buy a new car. At my old job, I might have been able to afford a Ford Focus. Once I changed companies and went up the ladder I can now buy a BMW 128i. Am I getting a better car? In some ways yes, but on a fundamental basic transportation level… not really. You can always throw money at something and obtain a service with a perceived higher value. But that isn’t the fricking point of Universal Health Care. People with lots of money really don’t give a crap about private/public systems. They will buy whatever they want to. And no respectable source has ever proven the great southern exodus of Canadian health customers. “researchers say it’s a bit like getting struck by lighting — it’s extremely rare, but when it happens, everyone talks about it.”

                  Two: If you are alluding to the fact that most Canadians buy private supplemental insurance to cover services and procedures not covered by the public system (which isn’t a lot, really)… One word. Aflac. A majority of Americans purchase supplemental insurance to cover gaps in prescription, vision, dental, etc… that their primary care doesn’t cover.

                  Doubt we’ll change each other’s minds. But it has been fun and devoid of name calling, something rare on Discuss boards. LOL

                • AltairWolfe .

                  UPDATE: After some more research I will concede a point. While Canada does not currently allow citizens to purchase private “primary care” health insurance, they are actively pursuing policies to open up the private market to citizens. This is an option that would be exorcised primarily by high wage earners and would purportedly provide a relief valve for high wait times for non-critical procedures.

                  However, they are using as a model not America, but Australia, Switzerland, Norway, etc… all countries with 100% public funded universal systems using that type of policy. There is still spirited debate as to whether better management could do just as much to streamline their public system.


                • keyesforpres

                  If you like socialism…LEAVE.

                • AltairWolfe .

                  If you like rational, intellectual debate… oh wait, nevermind. LOL

                • Well I came here from Canada- so I know the system there is messed. We have other posters here from the UK who could enlighten on things from the other side of the pond.
                  I understand your points, and while I can agree that people do often buy supplimental- isn’t that the whole point of having PRIVATE insurance, NOT Government MANDATED coverage? Whether or not everyone is getting their insurance messed up (which many are) it’s not the government’s business to run healthcare. There are other ways to do it, which they would never consider because other options don’t give them the power they have by being in control of all data on every citizen they force into the system.

                  On that note, I’m done too- got a lot to do. But appreciate the conversation sans insults too. 🙂

              • keyesforpres

                The reason Canadian socialized medicine “works” is because 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border.

                • AltairWolfe .

                  LMAO! Don’t agree with you, but that was frickin’ funny.

          • CBDenver

            I don’t believe you have a valid understanding of tort reform.Tort reform does not disallow you from suing if a doctor kills your loved one through incompetence. Tort reform restricts frivolous lawsuits and hefty punitive damages that do not reflect the actual loss due to the medical injury.

            As for your claims about the free market, we do not currently have a free market in health care and have not had one for many years. The government has mandated programs like Medicare and Medicaid where the government pays for healthcare costs for certain groups of people. The payments made by the government rarely reflect the actual cost of providing the service. Others not in the government healthcare plans pick up the remainder via higher costs.

          • sallyjohanna

            Wrong “privately” owned insurance companies are heavily regulated by the Federal government. You could call them government controlled privately operated. Obamacare is increasing regulations on policy and premium rates and forcing insurers to go along to get along markets. They know they are doomed…Obama goal is single payer….that would be the Federal Gov’t. Obamacare forced our midsize insurer out of business in 2011, after 30 years of excellent service. I am talking about a truly free enterprise COMPETITIVE market without government interference.

  • Kenzie

    No, Taylor Swift looks like, “Obamacare? Huh? What is that?” # clueless. Brad and Carrie and hysterical together. They should host everything.

  • sallyjohanna

    Chalk one up for FREEDOM of SPEECH….thanks for having the guts to do this skit..under Otyrant who knows how long we will have our first amendment rights!

    • georgewbusted

      Really I don’t think it took any guts at all. The Dixie Chicks they had guts. Bashing a black President in a building full of Country Musicians is about as risk free as you can get.

      • AltairWolfe .

        GeorgeWBusted… LOL you are my new hero. I remember the Dixie Chicks getting death threats for daring to break ranks from the Republican/Country Music establishment. Would love to see if anyone gets any hate mail for this skit or just chalks it up to just another Obamacare uninformed joke. SNL did it better though. ROFL. I like country music, but dislike much of their politics.

        • Your “new hero” is a skin-color-obsessed leftist who thinks Bush is still responsible for something. That’s a pretty low threshold for “hero” status.

          • AltairWolfe .

            You are apparently not versed enough in hyperbole. Total strangers do not heroes make. But, whatever. ROFL

            • “whatever ROFL” pretty much sums up your waste of time here.

        • CBDenver

          They didn’t “break ranks with the Republican/Country Music establishment. They want overseas to England and bashed the President of the United States. Most people see that as an offense akin to criticizing your spouse in front of complete strangers. If the Dixie Chicks had daring they would have voiced their criticism of President Bush at home.

          • AltairWolfe .

            Hmmmm. How about make a movie about the whole thing that played in America and doubling down on their stance? Sounds domestic enough.

          • Actually they did- they insulted their fans as well, and tried (unsuccessfully I might add) to break into pop music because they were sick of fawning redneck fans.

        • sallyjohanna

          Dixie Chicks broke ranks with America…it was anti American and air headed….the back lash from a majority of Americans was what she deserved…the people spoke!

          • AltairWolfe .

            I always find it fascinating that the people that scream anti-American the loudest are the ones who seem to have no respect for the 1st Amendment when someone’s opinion differs from their own. Death threats were “deserved” huh?

            “I don’t even know the Dixie Chicks, but I find it an insult for all the men and women who fought and died in past wars when almost the majority of America jumped down their throats for voicing an opinion. It was like a verbal witch-hunt and lynching” – Merle Haggard

            • AltairWolfe .

              Oh, and for good measure; it must have been so terrible to have been the Dixie Chicks after this controversy:

              “In 2006, Taking the Long Way was the ninth best-selling album in the United States. At the 49th Grammy Awards Show on February 11, 2007, the group won all five categories for which they were nominated, including the top awards of Song of the Year and Record of the Year, both for “Not Ready to Make Nice”, and Album of the Year, for Taking the Long Way… It had been 14 years since an artist had swept those three awards.[85]After the Grammys, Taking the Long Way hit No. 8 on Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the country album charts and “Not Ready to Make Nice” re-entered the charts at No. 4 on theBillboard Hot 100. The music video for “Not Ready to Make Nice” was nominated for the 2007 CMT Music Video Awards in the categories of Video of the Year and Group Video of the Year, but did not win.[86] The group was nominated for the 2007 Country Music Association’s award for Top Vocal Group, but lost to Rascal Flatts.[87]” — Wikipedia

              • keyesforpres

                Well then, what’s all the belly aching about??

            • sallyjohanna

              Death threats??? All I said is, her statement in a foreign country was anti American…America responded.

              That is what happens when you use a bully pulpit as your own personal megaphone…people responded.

              She used her freedom of speech…she was not hauled away in handcuffs and jailed. If they boycotted her business they are within their rights….death threats I assuming come with the territory of being a high profile persona…even more reason to think about what you are going to say before it tumbles out of your mouth!

            • keyesforpres

              No one jumped down their throats.
              Many Americans chose to boycott their records and concerts. I say bravo!

              • AltairWolfe .

                I think people boycotting their records was fine, for the same reasoning that I won’t eat at Chik-fil-a. I took at issue that somehow disagreeing with the sitting President on the issue of a dubious war is somehow un-American and therefore deserving of harsh treatment since Sally’s comment followed a mention of death threats. I think the boycott is a great form of protest. It gives the boycott-er a warm fuzzy feeling that they are standing their ground… sends a clear financial message to the boycott-ee and doesn’t require that anyone open their mouths to hate speech.

                The quote was to illustrate that even country royalty is smart enough to realize when things go too far.

          • AltairWolfe .

            Just one more dig so you have another reason to keep your powder dry.

            Dixie Chicks did their thing in 2003. Since 2005, polls of whether the Iraq War was a mistake (at issue in their comments) have never dipped below 50%. They weren’t un-American; they were ahead of their time.

            It’d be great if people actually knew what that word un-American meant.

            • sallyjohanna

              Did you know that Al Qaeda hit us 5 times under Clinton. The first WTC bombing was in 1993. Clinton never retaliated.

              The 9/11 terrorist took flying lessons in America under Clinton’s nose. Their last attack on Clinton’s watch was the USS Cole..no retaliation. Right before the 2000 election.

              GWB was in office 7 months when they brought down the towers. THAT WAS AN ACT OF WAR!!! GWB governed with the peace through strength strategy, he took the war to the ME shores. IRAQ is a non issue…congress sanctioned it, Bill Clinton sanctioned it in 1998. They brought down the towers because Clinton had no strategy..or maybe he was too busy buying cigars to care.

              The Iraq people praised GWB for liberating them. Hussein’s sons would feed people to their pet tigers!!

              Yes, there is a peace no war crowd…but peace through strength, in my opinion, is proven to work. GWB kept us safe. He spent his entire Presidency doing that. He did plenty of things wrong that can be criticized…but it is not Iraq.

              Polls are subjective and relative. We have low info voters and that is interchangeable with low info people being polled. It is the dumbing down of America.

              After Ms. Manies comment went viral, the people reacted and overwhelming rejected it….isn’t that kinda of like a poll. This is silly..truce!

            • sallyjohanna

              I said anti American…against an American decision, policy etc., un American is you don’t believe in the whole American kit and kaboddle to start with.. period.

              • AltairWolfe .

                Usually I am the first to argue semantics and claim “words matter,” but in this case I think it’s the same thing. Using your logic I could say this… “The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is the law of the land, passed by Congress and signed by the President. Therefore to disagree with the law is just anti-American.”

                Whether you like the war personally or not the country has been split pretty much 50/50 since its inception. To protest that war loudly and proudly is about as American as you can get. Try that same tactic in China and see how quickly your family is pleading for your release.

                • sallyjohanna

                  Are you an American? If you are, and know the Constitution, you know the ACA is un Constitutional, because it is Socialism.

                  A large segment of this country spoke and acted loudly against it…with law suits and challenges by states, religious organizations, etc.. Temporarily we lost the battle, but we are still emboldened with our original principals, we will remain so. Lately with the results of the roll out, maybe you can see why true Americans are so stead fast in their beliefs. Enacted laws are debatable and can an will be repealed…they are not written in stone. It is not illegal for Americans to challenge an act or a war, or to protest, or speak out against a policy. Ms Maines took a risk with a stand and a statement….the people responded. Her statement sounded and in fact could be called anti American…America was at war at the time. She retained her freedom of speech her citizenship and her liberty. You want a retroactive apology to her without warrant…it is not going to happen…………let it go!

            • sallyjohanna

              BTW..keep your powder dry is an old English saying that means..trust in God, but be prepared and save your resources until you need them.

              • AltairWolfe .

                I am familiar with Mr. Cromwell. A maxim created by a genocidal protestant Lord invading and slaughtering Irish Catholics, telling his troops to keep their gun powder dry for a successful invasion… is not exactly my idea of a innocuous “saying.” I do study history.

                • sallyjohanna

                  In your vast reservoir…do you know what a colloquialism is? Uh….”being prepared” is not a restricted policy limited to only Cromwell….I am sure it is still liberally applied to all military strategy to this day!!

                • AltairWolfe .

                  A word or phrase that is not formal or literary, typically one used in ordinary or familiar conversation. “Scared as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs” would be a colloquialism. Keeping your powder dry is a suggestion to get ready to load your guns and fight. I find the references to armed rebellion in this country offensive. People think we have it so bad here, calling Obama mien Furer and other ridiculous hyperbole. Those people need to go live in a country like Syria or North Korea and learn what the actual definition of tyranny is and not the whiny butthurt “I don’t like somebody” excuse for citizenship that gets bandied about.

                • sallyjohanna

                  I do not agree…it suggest if you want to succeed always be at the ready, be prepared….if your powder is “wet” you will find yourself, in an indefensible position.

                  The Boy Scout motto is always be prepared….a small lapse in preparedness could make the difference in survival.

                  We elect our POTUS to represent us, we the people are self governing. The POTUS takes and oath to uphold the Constitution. If we believe the POTUS is not upholding their oath, we have every right to speak as loudly as we want, in fact it is our duty, we have the right to impeach and remove if warranted. The POTUS works for us and the Constitution…they have to earn our respect.

                  Conservatives saw in 2008 that Obama was not vetted and held Socialist ideology and agenda. “Spreading the wealth” is the main tenet of Communism which is the mortal enemy of the Constitution. Obama has more than proven we were right in our protest.

                  You are the one who needs a dose of tyranny and dictators. You obviously supported Obama. You voted for the fundamental change to our liberty, freedom and Constitution. You are a Socialist Progressive.

                  Un American is when you chose the dissolution of the Constitution of America….that is what you supported.

      • CBDenver

        They weren’t bashing Obama. They were bashing the law passed by the Democrat party that takes over healthcare in the United States and destroys it by government incompetence. Please try to keep up.

        • Elphie Jo

          perhaps we need to bash the obnoxious government official salaries…

      • You skin-color-obsessed types are like watching the KKK in slow motion, trying to figure out how math works. You’re done here.

        Go find a racist site to sell that crap.

      • sallyjohanna

        Bush was authorized by both parties in Congress to go into Iraq..because we were at war. Liberals and the GOP sanctioned the action….so where does Dixie Chick Maines get off…she is an air headed anti American tool…I guess no one she loved died in the towers on 9/11.

        Obama is a wrecking ball POTUS…he is destroying us. He is intimidating the media with threats, he has a Hollywood zombie army that are in lock step….praising his every move! A lot of the zombie army were in attendance last night.

        You better believe it took GUTS to mock a mad drone killing dictator POTUS

        • J.D. Readon

          bush lied like a dog to get the Liberals and gop to sanctioned the war. The reason we really went to war was Sadam sent a hit squad to kill bush sr. and bush jr. wanted revenge on Sadam. Remember there were no WMDS. It as plain as the nose on your face if you have a nose.

          • Travis

            You really need to do the history first. It was Clinton and Gore who started the WMDs first. Bush went off the intelligence they provided. Clinton and Gore was screaming this long before Bush JR.

          • sallyjohanna

            No he did not. Saddam caused the first Gulf War, he invaded Kuwait. Congress would not let Bush Sr. go into Iraq and remove Saddam….fast forward to the 1998 he is now a major threat. Bill Clinton addressed the Nation! We know he had them he used them on his own people. WE gave Saddam years to get rid of any evidence. Saddam was harboring terrorists after 9/11 and it was a strategic part of the ME to operate the war…you are the one who needs an education. Here is Bill Clinton’s address to the nation in 1998…start educating yourself.


            • J.D. Readon

              You need to get educated. The gas Sadam used on his people was sold to him by let me think, yes now I remember. It was sold to Sadam by POTUS reagan and bush sr. Go to Youtube and search george bush, chenny and Sadam. You can see the three of them hugging and kissing. No telling what would had happen if they weren’t on camera.

              • sallyjohanna

                Give me a link to a “legitimate” news source.

                • J.D. Readon

                  since you info. on BILL CLINTON was from you tube I would guess you accept yo tube as “legitimate” so here you go

                • sallyjohanna

                  Check it…my link was an official WH recording of President Clinton giving an address to the nation, out of the horse’s mouth is as real as it gets. You can’t be serious, Chris Matthews, MSNBC…they make stuff up and should have their license revoked.

              • keyesforpres

                Well sweet cheeks….guess you are just ducky the way O helped the Muslim Brotherhood come to power in Egypt. Thankfully, they threw the Brotherhood out.

          • keyesforpres

            Ha! Ha! Saddam sent his WMDs into Syria. He had an agreement with Syria that if attack looked imminent he’d send ’em to Syria. One of Saddam’s generals was interviewed after we went in there and he said he personally escorted planeloads of the WMDs to Syria.

          • You have a lot to learn. Clinton Admin was claiming there were WMD’s when he was still in charge. What, all of that changed the day Bush took office?
            You need to grow out of your Bush derangement syndrome and learn for yourself.

      • keyesforpres

        Ha! Ha! You’re funny.
        I see you have two alter egos….as I know no one else would have voted that comment up.
        Dixie Chicks had guts? Why? Bush didn’t go after them and Bush didn’t go after the American ppl that disagreed with them. Bush didn’t have the IRS target left wing groups….like O had the IRS target the Tea Party.

  • Thomas Walsh

    That was beautiful!

  • Dave Wesley

    I bet that both of them will be audited by the IRS soon…

    • Elphie Jo

      like the jersey housewife thing…

  • marketcomp

    This was so funny!



    • CrazyforYeshua

      He doesn’t

  • dinki

    Taylor Swift looks clueless… haha
    “What’s Obamacare? And why is it in the mornin’?”

  • sallyjohanna

    In addition to looking like the ceiling is going to collapse, Taylor Swift looks like she is thinking….hey didn’t you get the memo….you are not allowed to “diss” the “Dear Leader”

  • ihatedavidjay


  • scotfahey

    love it

  • Scott Wisniewski

    We already pay for insurance to those who make too little. I get my healthcare from my work and I like it. I already lose a good portion of my paycheck for taxes on things like cell phones for the poor, or paying rent for some one who chooses not to work. I realize there are those our there who genuinely need help and I am more than willing to do so. However, alot of people use those who bust their ass at work everyday so they don’t have too. I could go on and on but the system is screwed up and because we like country does not mean we are all racists like Kayne West, oh wait.

    • Ryan

      I really respect the way you worded your comment. I would shake your hand if I could. I’ve been on food stamps for three years now (about to be off of them, do to a higher paying job) and I am tired of people saying “those lazy ass’s on foodstamps need to get a job”. I’m glad someone finally realizes that some of us actually work, some very hard, and still don’t make enough to cover groceries. Thank you!

      • NeoKnot

        It really doesn’t help that in three years Milk went from $1.99 to $3.98, bread from $1.29 to $289….does it?

  • Um, that was more of “What are they talking about?” look on Swift’s part.

  • Mudkipp

    mmmm keep it “Classy”, CMA’s. *eye roll*

  • outlander

    It seemed like everyone was nervous about laughing. They wanted to laugh but were afraid they would piss the Obama off.

    • barney59

      They probably don’t want an audit…

    • Ryan

      Shortly after the show the entire audience was listed as a terrorist threat. Adolf Obama is getting his shower ready as we speak.

  • John Perry

    oBAMA CARE is biggest farce in our countries history !!

    • georgewbusted

      What worse than Iraq?

      • CBDenver


      • If you’re too dumb to realize Bush isn’t the President anymore, we can’t help you here. Go find help elsewhere.

      • Elphie Jo

        nothing is worse than Iraq? but that was a war started by a Rep (which by the way is short for Republic)

      • loozer paloozr

        yes……………..WAY WORSE than Iraq………..which by the way we are still in. because that too, was another lie, the big man “miss spoke”….

    • Michael Rayford Powell

      Obamacare is one of the biggest Farces of all time as it was created by an Ignorant Farce…Obama! MRP

  • Carin Reynolds

    Why does Taylor always have that goofy smile look like she is a passenger on the short bus.

    • barney59

      My guess would be that she’s an Obama Kool-Aid drinker…

  • Liz McG

    I think it was comical but very unprofessional..

    • glenda julen

      I think it showed their ignorance. It was not funny whatsoever.

      • It takes a rather massive amount of ignorance to believe the website worked. Good luck with that.

        • Bree Kellett Lowry

          Or that Obamacare is a GOOD thing. That takes a massive amount of willful ignorance. It also takes a lot of ignorance not to notice that other awards shows have been making fun of or outright spewing hatred about Bush for years. You know, it’s one thing to BE an idiot and another thing to CHOOSE to be an idiot.

      • Michael Rayford Powell

        The Screwing that we are getting from OBAMA himself, the Biggest Treasonous Traitor that has ever graced our Republic, and busy tearing it apart, and those that voted for this Marxist Communist is the true definition to Ignorance, if you need a good definition of it! It wasn’t funny, but it was the absolute truth that they acted out…It was too much like Reality with Obamacare for it to be a joke! MRP

      • Debbie Pool James

        It was HILARIOUS!!

    • They got paid to do it, so it’s professional.

      • Liz McG

        Yeah and so are hookers.. that doesn’t make it ethical

        • What part of “It’s entertainment” don’t you understand?

          • Liz McG

            Entertainment would have been them doing what they were there to do… county music. They could have been entertaining in many different ways. Leave the controversial topics out of it

            • Not that I ever watch any of these shows anymore, but where have you been? They’ve all been doing these skits and political jokes for years. Some have been so carried away they’ve lost the humor, but it’s nothing new.

              • Liz McG

                Exactly… it’s getting old. Tired of hearing about religion and politics. I’d like to see them entertain people.. try and please the masses. We already know that politicians are a joke.

                • Well, good luck finding plain entertainment anymore- there isn’t much to be found without poltical messages anymore.

                • Liz McG

                  Yeah, that’s probably why I watch so much Netflix. At least I can control what I’m watching.

                • Connie Rivera

                  LOL Yep!!! : )

                • Justin Jones

                  So you are mad because they chose to be entertaining in a way that many people would enjoy and understand. I mean they did use country music to do so. Correct me if I am wrong ( I am sure you will either way) but most programs now have performers doing comedy skits including the grammy’s. On a side note what is you obsession with using the name of a well known historical figure to insult people, I am sure his relatives appreciate the respect you show for their dead relative.

                • Liz McG

                  Justin, I have spent too much time on this thread already. I gave my opinion, that’s what this thread is about… opinion. If you don’t like what I have to say, then scroll on. I think it’s safe to say that not everyone that watched the CMA’s thought the skit was funny. Nothing original about it. I found parts of it comical but no chuckling. About me being mad… seriously? If I was mad you would see capital letters and exclamation points everywhere. If Einstein’s relatives read my posts, then let them say something about it if they don’t like it, then I might apologize…

            • Connie Rivera


            • NeoKnot

              Or, you could just not watch! Ever hear of a guy named Howard Stern? I didn’t like him, thought he was vulgar, but he still had a career and people like you defended him. I just shut him off.

              • Liz McG

                Ummm you shouldn’t comment on things you are clueless about. I didn’t watch the CMA’s only this clip out of curiosity. People like me that defend Howard Stern?? Well here’s some news for you, Einstein… I don’t like him either and I didn’t listen to his show… so what is there to defend? So much for your theory… but that’s ok… I remember my first beer…

                • NeoKnot

                  You are one of those low info Obama voters. Shame on you.

                • Liz McG

                  GONG! Wrong again! I didn’t like either candidate, I’m a independent voter. Who’s low info now? lol! You’ll have to do better than that, Einstein.. Like I said earlier… don’t comment on something that you are clueless about.. you’re only making yourself look silly

                • NeoKnot

                  Either candidate? Which are the two CANDIDATES and who do you like and not like? I wasn’t aware that we were talking about an election with candidates. Please, enlighten me. Which candidates were you speaking of?

                • Liz McG

                  You accused me of being an Obama voter, did you not?? So the other candidate was obviously Romney. As I stated in my earlier post I didn’t like either of them… I didn’t vote…. although I will say that Biden made Ryan look like an anus canal. Do you feel enlightened now?

                • NeoKnot

                  I am not sure if I should hand you a shovel or a paddle.

                • NeoKnot

                  Lets start with your dear Leaders TRANSPARENCY, You didn’t like either candidate but you thought Insert-Foot-in Mouth Biden did well? And if you expect intelligent people to believe that you didn’t vote….why are you arguing so hard for your guy? Gimme a break chick, I don’t even vote in the US and you are the epitome of the stupid American

                • Liz McG

                  Lol! Is that the best you can do?? The whole country was watching the debate… We all saw Ryan look like a fool against Biden, republican and dems alike… just like Obama looked like a fool in the first debate. C’mon, seriously?? The whole country was talking about it… good grief,,, it common knowledge lol. I’ve wasted too much time on you already.. and I’m done with this thread. I can tell you need the last word so you’re welcome to it… enjoy 🙂

                • NeoKnot

                  You are about as independent as Obama’s dog Bo

        • NeoKnot

          Said was PROFESSIONAL, ethics are relative.

        • david lee

          And my wife just made a good point. Obama’s a professional too. He gets paid to screw you over and over and over again.

          • Liz McG

            That’s true… just like most presidents before him.. and congress, lawyers, the list goes on… but then they aren’t in the entertainment industry. Not every professional is good at what they do. Comedy should be left to ‘professional’ comedians.. they have a much better chance at getting away with jokes that are in bad taste.

            • sallyjohanna

              Why was it in bad taste? It is true!! It reflects just what is going on with Obamacare. Obamacare is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of hard working middle class Americans. Did you hear the applause from the audience?

              • Liz McG

                It was in bad taste because it was the CMA’s… I thought they had more class than that… at least they used to. Stick to the country music already. people could go on all day about Obama and Romney both… let it go… it’s old

                • keyesforpres

                  Old????? Really???? The O-NO-care website was just launched. It’s not old.

                • sallyjohanna

                  Rubbish…it was inspired. Millions of Americans are hurting because of Obamacare and more importantly the steel boot of Obama forcing the misery on them. It was a way of speaking for millions that have no way to vent their immense frustration…it was a brief moment where people did not feel alone. BTW…I saw your low class comment on Ryan/Biden. Pretty disgusting if you remember what Jason Biggs tweeted about Ryan’s wife….like minds low class!

                • Liz McG

                  Just because you say so, doesn’t make it true.

                • sallyjohanna

                  Correct, it is my opinion! You have yours and I have mine!

                • Liz McG

                  You’re welcome to it.. enjoy your evening

              • fearsome

                agreed, it was in bad taste. there is a time and place for most everything. its more about the message they are sending, here is a big venue, millions watching and there calling out our President. weather you hate him or not does not change the fact that hes our figure head of our government and not the only voice or person with his finger on the trigger. its like i love ice cream then turn around and throw it to the ground stomp on it when it starts to melt. i don’t like some of the things the government is doing but were not there to see the choices being made. got a better idea how to fix things? i am all ears. its easy to howl at the wind but if you don’t have answers your complains wont mean a dam thing.

                • sallyjohanna

                  I did NOT believe it was in bad taste…Liz McG did.

                  Our leaders are not God. They deserve our loyalty and respect by earning it.

                  It is NOT o.k. to slander or lie about a POTUS because you disagree with their politics. This did not cross that threshold. It was a parody of real events.

                  I don’t pretend to know the motives of the CMA

                  So, it is o.k. for SNL to make fun of the Speaker, or for the countless Liberals in the media, to make fun of the POTUS or any other politician if the venue is smaller?

                  4 million Americans lost their health insurance these past weeks. Some in the middle of battling serious illness. They paid for those policies. Majority can’t even get on the Obamacare website to look at the alternative, and the ones that do, are looking at premiums and deductibles that cost more than what they can pay! This debacle is hurting real people!

                  I imagine, it felt good to have their point of view echoed for all America to hear. The applause sounded unanimous!

                  I vote!

            • Debbie Pool James

              Aw Liz.. Are woo mad cus somebody made fun of your President?? He’s a JOKE! That was the highlight of the awards~~for me, anyway! BOOM!

              • Liz McG

                Ummm he’s not my president… I didn’t like either candidate so I didn’t vote. I didn’t want to be held responsible either way… As I told ‘Einstein’ I’m an independent voter. I would have had the same opinion if the joke was about Romney.

                • keyesforpres

                  Pathetic. You stayed home. I have NOTHING but contempt for you and the rest of the fence sitters….independence who stayed home.

                • Liz McG

                  That’s right… if the choice is between two losers, I won’t pick either one..

            • keyesforpres

              This skit was not in bad taste. They simply told the truth.
              O is evil. You are a fool to think he’s like other presidents.

        • rwagg

          But you would just love the Dixie Chicks calling Bush Hitler.

          • Liz McG

            I must have missed that… I may have enjoyed it on Saturday Night Live… not the CMA’s.or the Grammys. Let me put it the way… I’m SICK of politics.. we’ve all been bombarded with political commercials, satire etc, on TV, Facebook, radio… it’s OLD. They need to find a new topic.. there are millions of things/people to make fun of on this planet… move on for pete’s sake!

            • keyesforpres

              How do you move on from O-NO-care? We are going to be denied medical treatment.
              I suggest you look up the video, “Dr. Janda Obamacare”.

            • rwagg

              Fair enough….it does get old.

        • HunterM

          just because it may be unethical, or looked down upon doesnt mean it isnt professional… even a professional hitman may do his work with integrity and class. Doesnt mean its ethical… 2 completely different things..

      • Ryan

        Thankyou… I’m glad I’m not the only one that understands the definition of “professional” lol

    • keyesforpres

      Watch MSNBC if you want to see unprofessional.

  • Ray

    Loved it…just plain loved it! Good job…get me some more! 🙂

  • Susan Barwick

    People, good grief. They have been doing this for years and bring the house down every time. They make fun of lots of things and people including many in the industry. Go to youtube and catch the highlights from previous years. You will laugh. Great comedy team.

  • Jimmy Worthington

    Der Fuhrer is gonna be mad!!!

  • Elphie Jo

    you want is funny is that I could ruffle people feathers all day. I love this!

  • sallyjohanna

    The POTUS can not be criticized…PERIOD!! He is Purple.

  • Russ Carney

    Taylor looked like, they ‘re saying negative things about my president. Your right Saylor Twitt.

  • jtak101

    Swift is one of obamas clueless useful idiots….obviously a room full of patriotic country music artists is not her like her usual phony hollywood pop star crowd.

  • sallyjohanna

    Taylor Swifts face says it all. Jon Stewart, Kimmel, SNL, Mahr etc…can get away with criticizing Obama…. but the CMA reaches a massive audience of middle class viewers of all ages….it was majorly unexpected….but listen to the clapping.. the audience appreciated it! Swift was stunned…she is programmed to know it is a NO-NO!

  • Travis

    LOL And just think both of these supported Obama and I bet Ol Brad won’t be invited to the White House again while Obama is there anymore.

  • friskyness

    looks like the liberals can’t take it……they can shovel it out, but just can’t take it……all the years they bashed Bush, but they can’t take it……poor babies……racists!

  • Palinpower

    Taylor Swift was dating the Kennedys. She has been brainwashed a bit.

  • bluerose75

    Delicious and so deserving to the Imperial Twit…he is mocked all over the world, no one likes him except the left wing loons and these two made a mockery of the man who is a backbenching nothing of a clown with the IQ of an ant. He soo deserves this and Taylor Swift is no more country than Kanye West….She is a modern day moonbeam and her music stinks….she will not be thought of 5 years from now and she is nothing more than a phony hollywood harlot….take a Swift Hike lady if you do not like….this mockery is LONG OVERDUE!

  • Caleb

    It’s country music, what do expect? It’s real life.

  • TheDepersonalization

    Oh yes dear people it’s all just the libs and us cons isn’t it. I get such a laugh everytime you commoners dance like chimps everytime you think it’s a game of them vs you. You’re Americans. Or is that not PC in your country?

    • Tilon

      People who believe in individual rights and being left alone cannot coexist with collectivists who insist on central control.

      Since you’ve never read a serious philosophical work in your life, you wouldn’t know such nuance.

    • sallyjohanna

      What is not PC…is for the Socialist Progressive Democrats to take an oath to uphold our Constitution and then turn around and try their damnedest to destroy it and replace it with their oligarchy. To true Americans, that is subversive tyranny and we will fight them.

      • You’re feisty sallyjohanna. 🙂 I like you!

        • sallyjohanna

          LOL…thanks…I like you as well!

          • 😀 Have a Blessed Friday! Night!

            • sallyjohanna

              Thank you…I will. God bless you and yours…keep your powder dry patriot!

      • Jason Felts

        You Rock!

        • sallyjohanna

          Thank you so much! A welcome vote of confidence….

  • Matt

    Its not even about free healthcare anymore damn it. The way our government is supposed to work is by having both sides come across the aisle to find a middle ground resolution while satisfying as many people as possible. This rape-legislation dubbed ‘Obamacare’ is killing my faith in government.

  • Travis

    Is it 2016 yet?

    • sallyjohanna

      No you are still here…get in the time machine and try again 😉

  • Jeff

    Taylor Swift has no reason to concern herself with the ACA. I don’t think she knew what Obamacare was. Touring isn’t conducive to staying current on World Events.

  • PVG


  • Whitney Bulfone

    Kudos for maturity……… If you can’t beat them, just make fun of them. Is it time for recess yet?

  • not a millionaire

    you know this might be funny if the people sitting there doing that were not millionaires.

    • funnygirl123

      you know that was part of the joke, right?

    • Ethan Deitz

      they’re still people who’ll be affected by it. It’s nice that someone who’s widely known is speaking against it.

  • Chester

    Taylor Swift is a mouth-breather.

  • Old Guy

    Obamacare fell on it’s own sword.

  • Walt curran

    You are again being distracted from the real situation, Namely this Obamascare Programe is about health care not insurance as is heing foisted as the big problem (software etc,),

    Aren’t you aware that the real threat is about the Thousands of regulations routines programs inspections all implemerbted by Goverrnment Scripted bureaucrats. These actions will affect every Doctor, Nurse, Health Aid, Hospital, Health care clinic, equipment manufacturers, insurance agents, insurance companies.
    These bureaucrats, well jntentioned are people trapped into a system whose total, prime purpose , like all Socialist is CONTROL.
    The Socialist poposals always sound SOOO GOOOO)d for the people BUT they always end up directly against HUMAN NATURE!
    Talk direcftly with any citizen of Canada or Euroean socialist medical system to get the truth!
    There is not one Socialkist Government in the world today!
    Some refer to Sweden, not Socialist BUT TAXES UP TO 80% of income!

  • Walt curran

    In addition Costs will soar as they do every time Governments get involved!

  • PleaseEducateYoSelf

    …racism removed by moderator…

    • Marc Brothers

      If any of the empirical data would support your suppositions, you would have an extremely valid point. However, what has happened is nothing of the sort. In reality what has happened is an INCREASE of uninsured persons who cannot pay their new higher premiums because their plan (which the President promised they could keep, BTW) no longer meets the government’s version of requirements.

      No one is looking at the second source of the problem, which is the increasing costs of liability. Doctors, who were doing everything they knew to do, are now being sued for Billions (ten to the ninth power) because updated research indicates that these things may be harmful 40 years after they were done. What’s worse is the amount of money that is spent in research trying to jump through the hoops the FDA sets in front of medical providers for no reason other than justifying their existence.

      Your final effort to play the race card is hilarious.

      As a final note, if you were posting your post as a satire of someone who drank the Obamacare Koolaid, and I missed it; I apologize. You have presented the best satire EVER!

      • AltairWolfe .

        Interesting point, and I think an excellent example of the fact that health care is incredibly complex and impacted by factors across multiple industries, regulations and policies.

        But here’s empirical data. The typical hospital in Paris, France charges $4.73 for a bag of saline. That’s salt water… water with salt in it for any uninformed readers out there (don’t mean you). An average cost for that same bag in the U.S. is… drum roll please… $576. Some have even charged as high as $787 dollars.

        Are you saying that malpractice costs and FDA regulations are the only thing to blame for this kind of capricious billing? Our system was broken in numerous ways. It is still broken under the ACA, but at least nowhere near the same. The law has made progress, not set things back.

        There is indeed plenty of empirical data. California, and ironically Rand Paul’s home state of Kentucky, are just two places where state run exchanges are successful and costs/premiums are coming out lower than anyone expected. No doubt the federal exchange, embattled by Congressional obstructionism, has floundered and been a public relations disaster that threatens to impair the solvency of the system…. but the underlying law is helping real people and harming very few.

        • You have to ignore a lot of data to make that claim. People are not only being hurt, but many are being forced to abandon critical treatment and will die, thanks to this massive, unconstitutional, illegal takeover of healthcare.

        • Bill

          I happen to live in Kentucky, and my premiums just went up 98.65% They doubled. As far as I’m concerned, Obama care in Kentucky is a complete failure!

  • Kathy Messer

    exactly for real tell the real truth how bad he is screwing up everything I thing he sucks as a president and sucks at everything eles mrs. Clinton should of been there not him

    • AltairWolfe .

      Curious if you think Republican obstructionism would have been any less zealous with another Clinton in the Oval Office? I was a Hillary supporter during the primaries, but felt no great loss with the choice of Obama when he got the nomination. I think she would have pursued very similar policies and faced the exact post-policy nihilism that have made governing in general, but as the figurehead of that government, Obama specifically seem far more impotent than he ought to be.

      • Steve Ahle

        He was a community organizer in Chicago.

        If you did 10 minutes of research into his career, he did nothing but incite fear and hate in order to help small groups of people, and these people effectively made him a U.S. senator.

        It’s funny though…One of his greatest “successes” as an advocate for community members was a housing discrimination law-suit. Most of the people awarded loans/mortgages on their homes were not able to afford them, did not understand that they couldn’t, and are now out of their homes.

        Obama didn’t mention to them that they realistically could not afford the homes. That would defeat the purpose of crying racism.

        His practices in the past were all literally meant to divide to pass political agendas that are so far away from actual human needs & interests, that it’s only logical to assume that his impotency is on purpose.

        He thinks he’s doing right — which is good enough for most liberals. As poor of a job I believe Hillary would have done, she would have at least recognized her failures and improved herself based on them.

        Obama’s so used to being told how great he is — people are somehow surprised that he is unable to improve himself or take advice. Ask any journalist what happens when they criticize the President. His ego represents American life today perfectly…his voter-base acts no differently. Incoherently biased toward a cause so lost in the fog, that it can never be found. Good intent does not produce good results.

    • Curt Mudgen

      You failed at education, didn’t you? My cat could compose a more grammatically correct sentence than that rubbish.