UM…This is how they plan to advertise Obamacare?

Don’t tap into your beer money to pay for health care? Really?


In other words, save your money for unhealthy activities like getting wasted at keg parties. Yeah, that’s a real winner.

Brought to you by Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education…

(h/t: TheDC)

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  • OneThinDime

    “” Designed and selected by those educated in public schools? Please Colorado, rid yourselves of the Progressive crazies….best of luck on the upcoming recall.

    • I wonder who that url was designed for. People who routinely don’t speak proper English? Who are they? Well, they come from many races these days, but it would definitely be included in what some call Ebonics.

      I gots an I.D. for another couple of ’em:

      Why not use proper English? Had we not prevailed in WWII would they be using proper German or proper Japanese?

      Are my url’s waacist? If you think they are, you might be the racist one. And by racist I mean not treating the races equally. I mean being perfectly willing to make fun of some but not others. Racist schmacist! Shut up weenies! I will treat all races equally. That is the opposite of being racist.

      Not speaking to you here at the end OneThinDime. I am speaking to week-kneed weenies, you know, those controlled and intimidated into silence. I will not be intimidated by anyone. Not a black person, not a yellow person, not a red person, not a brown person, not ANY person or group. I will make fun of any, based on their BEHAVIOR, even as I and my beliefs are ridiculed with reckless abandon, hourly, based on nothing at all but lies! If some want to ridicule my Christianity, my whiteness, or my Conservatism, go for it. I am more than used to it.

      • OneThinDime

        Ugh. Do you see it in the lower right corner of their ad?

        • I do saw it. I seen it this moorning two.

    • las1

      Checking out the site, I was kinda disappointed they didn’t have a portal for voter registration. The dummies… shouldn’t that be first on their list… to create a permanent voter base?

      • OneThinDime

        I wonder if they do at the end of the registration. Been hearing that illegal aliens are signing up for Obamacare in order to get their voter registration. Wonder if they are using stolen bank and cc information to complete the app.

      • The Fed site does have a portal for that Las. At least some have seen it. So far, it’s tough to get that far.

        My family will not even try to sign up for Obamacare…not ever, regardless of the fines. I would rather pay to not have it, than pay to have it.

        Regarding Obamacare lawsuits though. Check this out:

  • stage9


    Ya know, a crashing plane careening towards the earth is also said to be “making progress”; and with a similar result to ObamaCare.

    • Yep. When teetering on a precipice, the last thing you want to be is progressive.

      • stage9

        lol. unless you’re a regressive progressive!

        • A regressive progressive could be a “pillar” of the community.

          Kinda’ like Lot’s wife 🙂

  • Sandra123456

    This is a joke… right? You gotta be kiddin’ me.

  • Laurel

    Our tax dollars hard at work.

  • waffle_anna

    Is this a Jersey Shore shot…?

    • Kiyoti

      ~~ Yep it is….by Jersey Shore type personalities !!!

      • waffle_anna

        Oh god… here in Europe we pity you guys for having to put up with the left’s crazy shit. What in God’s name has happened to you all?

        • Kiyoti

          ~~ Miss Anna….we are wonderin’ that too !!!
          BUT….we’re gonna fix it !!!
          Somehow….someway….sometime !!!

          • waffle_anna

            God willing, you will. European countries have their own Tea Party now. The UK has the UKIP, France has the Front National, the Dutch have Geert Wilders and so on. That’s saying a lot, considering that the left here in Europe is not nearly as rabid and deranged as the RINOcrats in DC.

  • Does this ad look like it’s targeted to smart folks or skulls full of mash and mush? They look like future wards of the State to me, who don’t know nuttin’ about nuttin’.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      They are mindless drones, of which Obama is chief!

  • Bill in Tennessee

    It’s a spoof by someone… amusing and droll, but not as knee-slapping hilarious as they thought it would be. If you go to the website listed in the ad (doyougotinsurance dot com) you get automatically bounced to the Colorado obamacare site…it’s scary in a way because there are some really odd looking “typical consumers” shown there for Colorado. I thought CO was the HEALTHIEST state, with hippies, and vegans, and bicyclers, and all that 420 mellowness….some of the porkers shown there really need to go on a diet before they start costing ME money!!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Unfortunately some have died playing thos juvenile dangerous drinking games! If there was any doubt that this government is being run by children, this removes it!

    • Kiyoti

      ~~ Naw….its cool, its hip, like the most coolest man in the world !!!

      • Conservative_Hippie

        Oh yeah I forgot Obama is cool, lol!

        • stage9

          Cool like crap on a winter morning.

          • Conservative_Hippie

            that’s funny!

  • las1

    And that’s exactly how the Obama Democrats think of Americans.

    Canada had a similar incident in Parliament when a Liberal Party operative denigrated Canadians as the “beer and popcorn” crowd.

    Back in the Canadian Federal 2006 election, the Liberal Party communications director said that giving Canadians back their own money for child care expenses is like giving them “25 bucks a day to blow on beer and popcorn… give them child care spaces that work”.

    What’s that liberal meme again?… oh yeah.. it’s for the children… it’s for childcare… it’s for working families… it’s for the uninsured… it’s for the seniors… its for the teachers… it’s for dumb college students… oops! uh uh.. blah blah blah.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Is it just me or shouldn’t we be trusting and thanking God for good health. Apparently Obamacare has taken the place of God. Sheesh!

    • Kiyoti

      ~~ You Hippie friend are on the right track !!!
      Unfortunately….these people….
      “don’t know the difference between come here and sic’ em” !!!

    • stage9

      Well, he is a closet marxist and that’s what they believe.

  • Kiyoti

    ~~ Looks like they may be of the Miley Cyrus genera !!!
    Got a little “tongue action” goin’ on there….same thought process !!!

  • Sentinel

    Lol… it’s so lame and stupid. ‘Rob, Zach & Sam: Slaves for life!’

  • Sentinel

    This is SO racist! Where are the black people? Are they saying that all whites are beer-drinking acrobats? Why is the beer hose black? They’re un-American because they fly the wrong flag! This is sooo anti-drunk! Beer corporations should be mad about this! (/sarc)
    What does M.A.D.D. have to say about this?

    • lawngren

      LOL! Thanks, I needed that!

    • giveususfree

      Everyone who sees this is going to think all white people drink heavily and do keg stands, like, all the time. I know I’m offended.

      • Sentinel


    • tinlizzieowner

      ‘Mothers Aligned with Drunk Democrats’ doesn’t care about this anymore than Women’s Liberalizationists care about the plight of Muslim women or the ‘media’ cares about Black on White ‘hate’ crimes.

  • standbesideherUSA

    Neil Cavuto just went on a clever and lengthy diatribe about Obama constantly comparing Apple to Obamacare.

    He concluded with, (paraphrasing) Apple is Apple. Obamacare is the pits.

    Rob, Zach and Sam wouldn’t get it. Too many big words in rapid succession.

  • doorsxp

    “thanks obamacare”…???

    We need to co-opt that one. Ridiculous.

    My hours were cut….thanks obamacare!
    I lost my job…thanks obamacare!
    My insurance plan has been dropped…thanks obamacare!
    My costs have skyrocketed…thanks obamacare!

    • giveususfree

      But he’s, like, the first black president, that’s soooo cool.

      • Right, a golden opportunity blown to bits! Whoever pulled some of those strings, way up top, somewhere behind the curtain, is pure scum. When you consider all of the black talent this country has to offer. Obama’s firsts are more than a tragedy.

        I can think of several black patriots I’d vote for. As we all know, despite the left’s portrayal of us as waacists, this country spawns patriots of every color under the sun.

        It ain’t a color thing. It’s a wisdom thing, and no race has a monopoly on that. God created all men equal. It’s just that some of those men, have ruined other men. That goes for women too.

        It’s the left who is racist to the nth degree,

        ‘Twas ever thus.

        Just please watch this for starters. This young black man is nothing short of incredible. I’m not even kidding. I wish Scoop would post this too. Scoop, if you see this, please post it as a thread, and give my lovely bride the “hat tip”:

        Now try to tell me that accomplishment is a race thing, lefties! I will never believe it! It’s a human thing! We are all endowed with the seeds of greatness.

        P.S. You here who I’ve responded to. Much of this is not in direct response to you. It’s for everyone 🙂

        • giveususfree

          I’ve thought that for the last few years, that it’s such a shame someone like Obama had to be the first black president, and that I hope he doesn’t sour the reputation and feelings the public has towards future black Pols who truly are exceptional.

          • NPC

            Well we see how that worked out. He’s not doing his bro’s any favors, as I see it.

    • My doctor converted to cash only…thanks O’commiecare!

  • iaintlyin

    hmmmmm, no diversity? Are white males the(ir) target? Don’t answer, I don’t care. Whatever the strategy is, we’ll never hear the truth about it anyway. Do you got insurance? Hilarious, 0’s team must have gotten that from the UFT English Teacher of the year. Oh wait, maybe its just the continuation of dumbing down America aimed at those 26 year olds that have trickled by and aren’t talking like complete imbeciles already.

    • giveususfree

      Well, showing a minority involved in a keg stand would be waaaay raaaacist. So would be showing a minority alongside improper english.


    …ignorance is running rampant through your Country , I pray every night for your salvation . But every time I check into RS for the news I am beginning to think it is to late.”

    Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior , please consider him to be yours .

    • lawngren

      Amen, brother. I can’t wait to get off this planet. The epidemic of stupid is turning into a pandemic.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour too!

  • kong1967

    Might sound stupid to us, but to a lot of college kids this will be on target….and that’s who they’re targeting. It doesn’t matter. Even a college kid that parties all the time can see the cost. Obama has been telling them repeatedly that it will be cheap. Cheap doesn’t even matter if they don’t want it to begin with, and when they go sign up anyway because they have to they will find out that it isn’t cheap. There’s nothing Obama can do to spin the sticker shock.

    • Especially while at the same time, causing their already barely survivable hours, to be cut by another 25%, and causing their already expensive gasoline prices to double.

      To me, this is part of that “top down, bottom up, inside out”, death spiral.

      Will they cut their cell phones, or their Wi-Fi? No. Will they drive less? Maybe a little less. Will they finally realize the foolishness of their votes? Wouldn’t that be cool? The kids of the sixties rebelled. I am looking for that alter-rebellion.

      Wooooo! I’ll be out there with them this time. Me and all my kids. My parents too 🙂

      Heretofore, time was measured with clocks. Those clocks had pendulums. A pendulum must swing back once it hits it’s leftward zenith, right?


      I’m looking for a Conservative Reformation.

      Do I have a dream? You bet I do!

      • tinlizzieowner

        Exactly the way Obama’s Communist pal, Van Jones said it would be. 🙁

        • kong1967

          Yeah, an avowed communist. There was a day when a communist wouldn’t openly admit his affiliation. Not any more, and it’s accepted by the idiots of the left.

          • tinlizzieowner

            Accepted? It’s a resume enhancement.

            “I’m a crook, a liar and I’m a Communist”. OK here’s your DNC membership card. 😉 😉

            • kong1967

              Lol, let accuracy prevail. You’re right.

      • kong1967

        “To me, this is part of that “top down, bottom up, inside out”, death spiral.” — Rshill7

        It’s definitely part of the death spiral. People working 20 hours a week at $7 or $8 an hour have no money to spare. Some college kids work even less. What about ones that don’t really make any money but work for the college to pay for their enrollment? There are programs out there like that. How will they buy insurance?

        The youth are going to be pi**ed.

  • Caption should be:

    “We’re partying as hard as we can, because we know we’ll be paying for Boomers’ healthcare for the rest of our lives.”

    • DebbyX

      Yes, all us Boomers are really botching up the works. Too bad our parents didn’t have HBO or Net Flix, it would have cut down on the population growth. /sarc

  • lawngren

    Not one phrase of that ad makes any sense at all.

    And “brosurance”? And “doyou GOT insurance”?

    I’m afraid that the Party of Stupid just dropped to 2nd place in the competition for the Nobel Prize for Dumba$$.

    If we can fend off tyranny for another year or two, the Left will have forgotten how to speak words, period. Their brains are dying; just not quite fast enough.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Considering the demographic they are aiming at …….. (stupid, young, White, guys).

    If there were 3 Black guys (or even 2, or 1), the Anti-defamation league would be suing them for ‘stereotyping’.

    • iaintlyin

      they ain’t targeting blacks because the colleges are full of more white dopes that aren’t 26 years old yet, convinced (wrongfully) someone other than themselves will be paying for the as of now untargeted black pop..

  • iaintlyin

    I gotta tell ya something, the more I look at this ad the more I’m amazed. These jerks running this country have such a low expectation of our youth and an equal amount of desire to make us all a bunch of gov’t dependent morons. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    • tinlizzieowner

      There’s a 3rd emotion here for some of us ‘old farts’. 😉

  • JoelDick

    Moral hazard at its best.

  • JoelDick

    At least it’s not false advertising.

    “Party all you want, because Obama’s got you covered.”

    It’s the definition of socialism – don’t bother getting a job, don’t bother taking care of your health, don’t bother with family, because the state will support you.

    • giveususfree

      I’ve wondered if we might see a spike in smoking because of this law, but I suppose that could go for every vice across the board. When people feel they can abuse their body more freely, and someone else will pick up the tab, some people will naturally do things they normally would do, or more of something they may only merely dabble in currently.

      • NPC

        Ain’t no sweat, we’re good, as long as we don’t run out of OPM.

  • tinlizzieowner

    To paraphrase Karl Marx,
    “From those with the ability, to those with the ‘weed”. 😉 😉

  • John Q. Jones

    Pay a college chump a dollar and they’ll do anything…ANYTHING.

    • stage9

      I think the legal term is “bribery” isn’t it? And isn’t that a crime?

  • topsy turvey

    I’m just embarrassed by this. This country is more than halfway to hell in a hand basket.

  • Jaels_Song

    Looks like Obama found temporary work for a few of his buddies from the Chicago bath house district.

  • NPC

    Their new tactic is to go door to door and ask “You wouldn’t want to buy some insurance would you”? Oh yeah, that should work.


    I just got back from the Ted Cruz rally in Arlington, TX. This was the first such event I have attended. It was amazing! The venue had 1000 seats and was standing room only. Senator Cruz got a 14 minutes standing ovation! There is a photo on his Facebook page.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Thanks for the link, JJ

    • JohnCraven

      It seems like his standing ovations are getting longer and longer deep in the heart of Texas! That’s great! Ask him to come visit us here! We need his help to get rid of Senator Hillary Landrieu.
      John Craven
      New Orleans

  • steprock

    Oh Colorado, you are making me ashamed. Though I blame the Californians moving here.

  • aposematic

    Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education… They obviously know their Market well…

  • sybilll

    I think they meant “got free birth control?” They clearly want a hook-up with Sandra Fluke.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Maybe that`ll be the next billboard, sybill

  • shafeke

    are not all these boys under 26 on their parents plan? They do not even have to sign up!

  • NYGino

    This AD reflects the maturity of the regime.

  • sallyjohanna

    The Progressive saga of “the deliberate dumbing down” of America continues.

  • B-Funk

    This reflects the average intellectual level of the average democrap voter.

  • rjcylon

    Yeah dude, it’s just like having a second car payment! If we keep pulling off these youthful shennanigans we’re likely to injure ourselves. We’re just a basketball or skateboard accident away from being in a full body cast. It’s dangerous to be a bro these days.

  • TexasPGRRider

    How Racist can we get ? ? ? Three white guys representing what “All” Americans “Need” to be…Slaves to govt. “health-care”… Dare I say, Gimme a Break…(sarc)

  • JohnCraven

    I think these guys must have designed the ObamaCare website for Nero Obama during one their beer summits in the Rose Garden.
    John Craven
    New Orleans

  • spin43

    The whole idea of this is to praise Obama and have the government eventually take over health insurance and care.


    You know where you can put OOOOBAMACARE, now flush .

  • The problem is they HAVE to get young people to sign up so they can pay for older people who on average have more health problems. Most of those in the 20-30 range think they’re bullet-proof. This is also why they allowed parents to keep their kids on their insurance until they’re 26. Won’t be surprised to see them raise the age to 30 because parents are more likely to shell out the $$ to keep their kid insured that the young “adult” will.