UNBELIEVABLE: Principal bans kindergartners from singing ‘God Bless the USA’ to keep from offending other cultures

If they aren’t banning the flag on t-shirts, they’re banning kindergartners from singing patriotic songs about this great country. Just unbelievable, political correctness gone to extreme ridiculousness. Ugh. (via Weasel Zippers)

NY POST – A controversial Coney Island principal has pulled the plug on patriotism.

Her refusal to let students sing “God Bless the USA” at their graduation has sparked fireworks at a school filled with proud immigrants.

Greta Hawkins, principal of PS 90, the Edna Cohen School, won’t allow kindergartners to belt out the beloved Lee Greenwood ballad, also known as “Proud to be an American,” at their moving-up ceremony.

Five classes spent months learning the patriotic song, which skyrocketed in popularity after the 9/11 attacks and the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

It was to be the rousing finale of their musical show at the June 20 commencement. The kids, dressed up for their big day, would wave tiny American flags — which, as the lyrics proclaim, “still stand for freedom.”

But Hawkins marched in on a recent rehearsal and ordered a CD playing the anthem to be shut off, staffers said.

She told the teachers to drop the song from the program.

“We don’t want to offend other cultures,” they quoted her as explaining.

The curt edict stunned both staff and parents.

“A lot of people fought to move to America to live freely, so that song should be sung with a whole lot of pride,” said mom Luz Lozada, whose son, Daniel, is in kindergarten.

In honor of these kindergartners, here’s one of my favorite renditions on YT of Lee Greenwood performing God Bless the USA:

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  • Right_Wingnut


    Feel free to delete this after it’s fixed.

    • Homonym typos get me all the time. Thanks for catching that.

      • Nukeman60

        I know what you mean about Homonyms. They’re there to make us think two times before their meaning is understood, too. 🙂

      • RKflorida

        The school principal is your “PAL”.

        • agas84363

          not that one

    • Homonym typos get me all the time. Thanks for catching that.

  • Great, when I go to China this summer, should I tell their government to stop playing communist songs and epitomizing Mao?

    • Watchman74

      In China you would probably get arrested for it. Here you can say silly things like that but you can still say it. That freedom alone should make one proud to be an American.

  • If anyone doesn’t support their own country who lives in their country, they should ask why they live here. Is it because America is a great country that offers opportunity and freedom? If they agree, then they support this country, and they don’t support banning patriotic songs. If they disagree, then they wouldn’t want to live here. If they do live here, then they–by their own actions–would appear to agree.

  • Nukeman60

    Let’s offend all Americans just so we don’t offend those that don’t want to be proud to be here. Michelle couldn’t be proud of America until it gave her husband an entitlement. Hyphenated-Americans don’t want to be proud of it. Black Panthers can’t be proud of it ever. I think it’s time we gave this principal her official green card (Heeeere’s your sign).

    From now on she should be known as Imanidiot-American. It’s a small, rarely listened to and quickly becoming extinct left-wing organization.

  • sjmom

    So, is someone going to fire the principal and will the parents take a stand??

    • wodiej

      sounds like it’s overdue.

  • MortimusMaximus

    It’s all over the news here. Instead they’re going to sing Justin Bieber’s Baby. Gotta love the Libbies

  • badbadlibs

    *bangs head on keyboard*

  • Islam_Sucks

    Ooohh how bout this one instead.

    The flag on high! The ranks tightly closed!
    The SA march with quiet, steady step.
    Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries
    March in spirit within our ranks.

    Clear the streets for the brown battalions,
    Clear the streets for the stormtrooper!
    Millions are looking upon the swastika full of hope,
    The day of freedom and of bread dawns!

    For the last time, the call to arms is sounded!
    For the fight, we all stand prepared!
    Soon Hitler’s banners will fly over all streets.
    The time of bondage will last but a little while now!

    The flag on high! The ranks tightly closed!
    The SA march with quiet, steady step.
    Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries
    March in spirit within our ranks.

    “The Flag On High” Nazi Party national anthem 1933 – 1945

    but of course … Nazi’s wouldn’t be offended by the principal’s decision.

    • Nukeman60

      No, the Nazi’s wouldn’t be offended if the principal refused to let the kids sing it. She would just quietly disappear.

    • ApplePie101

      Or this one:
      Countries of unprecedented free children
      Today we proudly sing this song
      About the most powerful party in the world
      About the greatest man himself

      Beaming in glory, the will is soldered,
      Grow in strength and health for ever and ever
      The party of Lenin, the party of Stalin,
      Wise party of the Bolsheviks!

      Wait, it gets better:

      The rotten hordes of vile traitors
      You have threatened to sweep them away.
      You’re the pride of the people, you’re the wisdom of the people
      You are the heart and conscious of the people.

      (Bolshevik party anthem, 1938)

  • MaxineCA

    This woman shouldn’t be anywhere close to influencing children, let alone the principal of a school. Looks like it’s not the first time she tried to shut down patriotism in the school, but the staff fought back. Read the full NY Post article (saw it on Drudge this a.m.).


    She is truly an un-american, racist, evil person. I hope the parents and staff fight back again. She needs to be fired!

    • wodiej

      yikes…thanks for the link. She’s got some issues.

    • Theconservativechic

      She needs to stand in the front lines of battle and see what she can do on her own. She would run like the coward she is and cry like a baby asking for “her” life to be spared. She and others who think this way are poor excuses for being called human.

      • MaxineCA

        Being called human is one thing. But I certainly would say she cannot call herself an American! There is the huge difference. Unfortunately, there are too many like her here trying to destroy our great country that so many have fought for and continue to fight for. She is a disgrace to this nation.

    • sara holy land

      I was unable to see – “We’re sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found or does not exist on NYPOST.COM.”
      Still, thanks.

  • In NY no less.
    From a person who lived there at the time of 9 / 11 , I can tell you flags where “everywhere” for months if not years and NO ONE was offended then (except Jihadis or commies and who cares) , nor are they now.

    The schools sang patriotic songs, prayed, we had flags,prayers,rabbis, preists … UNITY.
    what happened?

    • MaxineCA

      And the rest of the country was with all of the people in NY, PA and the pentagon. We cried and prayed with everyone who experienced it first hand for weeks, months and even to this day. All of the stores in my area ran out of flags, every vehicle displayed a flag in some form, every fire truck had huge flags waving as they rushed to an emergency. We were all with you then, still are and remain patriotic. We will never forget!

      What happened since 9/11? The progressives (marxists, communists, jihadists, etc.) have taken advantage of our freedom of speech and have used the greatness of our nation against us. If we resist, they call us racist or intolerant.

      I think many of us are tired of being tolerant, turning the other cheek and are saying NO MORE. If you don’t like our country……. get the hell out!

      • poljunkie

        Reminds me of one of my favorite Skynyd songs Maxine, they say the same thing as you–GET the HELL OUT!:

        Red White and Blue (its not a great video, but still a great song)

      • StandingGround

        Your words really moved me to vividly remember how our nation responded at that time, MaxineCA. Great points.

        Since I can’t hit “like” a hundred times, I wanted to repeat a couple of your points:

        “We were all with you then, still are and remain patriotic. We will never forget!”

        “I think many of us are tired of being tolerant, turning the other cheek and are saying NO MORE!”

        “If you don’t like our country……. get the hell out!”…

        And to me, that means everyone from this principal to the POTUS!

        • MaxineCA

          Thanks SG. I think our tolerance meters have exploded. It’s about time the silent majority became the very over whelming loud voice of our country to make all of this garbage stop. After all, we are the majority. Tolerance – no more. Put a fork in me cause I’m done being nice and tolerant. I want my country back!

      • sara holy land

        You’re right in a million percent.!!!!!!!!!!!
        We have the same problem.

  • DCGere

    Reason number 999 to homeschool. Gubmint educajun is a PC-infested disease.

  • wodiej

    That is one of the best songs to describe living in this country.

    I have to wonder-if immigrants from around the world came to the USA, it must have been because it was better than where they were coming from. So why would they be offended? People of all backgrounds maintain their culture and singing God Bless the USA does not keep them from doing it. How ridiculous. You can’t say Merry Christmas, have a school Christmas pageant, put up Christmas decorations or a Christmas tree because 5% of the population may or may not be offended. What I find offensive is an American born citizen finding it offensive to play this song!!

    • MaxineCA

      Actually, the many immigrant parents there weren’t offended. They had been using this song for a couple of years and all of the parents gave them a standing ovation each time. Seems like the only one offended was this pathetic principal.

      • Patriot077

        I saw that and also that the principal won’t even stand in respect of the daily pledge of allegiance much less participate in it. But I’m sure she likes her good old US of A taxpayer provided pay and benefits.

  • Alborn

    Is there any wonder why our children come out of these schools with no pride or knowledge of this countries founders. This is our country and out culture, if someone is living here to He– with their culture. Go back to their own country if they do not like the display of our proud heritage. I am sick of this crap. If I were a parent I would organize a singing right after the in school performance outside or somewhere for these children to proudly sing this song. Go to the school board and petition to get rid of this principal.

  • Does anyone notice the way the Left forces things onto us “main street” Americans who think our country is exceptional, but they then also have to slap us on the other cheek by taking away some of our most basic and rudimentary rights in this Christian founded nation?! We are always the ones who must change to the PC of their agenda and anytime we try to push our wholesome ideals they accuse us of hatred bigotry and rigidity!! The PC people will be the end of this great nation and institution of freedom, a beacon to the world before the kids who are now high school will even have to worry about if social security will be there for them!! We must work hard now to stop this tsunami!! Much more devastation as a result of this wave than the one that devastated Japan!!

  • poljunkie

    We’re living in some crazy times people.

    Im offended by…this principal.

    • sara holy land

      Should not take offense.
      Those who are not fit to live in my country with my flag and with my national anthem,
      Can go to hell and still choose where just because of the state in which he lives.

      God Bless USA & ISRAEL

  • hbnolikeee

    Wonderful song, soon we’ll have to hold secret meetings to hear it.

    As a bit of a sidebar what they did to Jerry Lewis regarding this telethon is beyond obscene.

    • Nukeman60

      Wonderful song, soon we’ll have to hold secret meetings to hear it.‘ – hb

      The party’s at my house. We’re hooking up the outdoor speakers even as we speak. 🙂

      • hbnolikeee

        don’t forget the black window shades and the acoustic tiling to soundproof your home.

        • Nukeman60

          Not going to work when we blast it outside, right alongside the 6 foot flag flying proudly. I’ll just make sure I have plenty of bail money handy. 🙂

      • tish59

        I’ll bring the chips – you bring the dip. Oh yeah – and we’ll SING our little hearts out about our great country and gratitude to our Heavenly Father for giving us this choice land!

  • steve talley

    I am more poed now .. i went to the schools website to get this b*tc*s email address so i can email her a piece of my mind. I went to the faculty’s page, and it was blank. It just had a link to the school districs website. They deleted it all so that we cant email her. What a crock. Sh should be fired, and sent to china or something.

  • Joe

    I was actually born in that area – It was great in the 50’s

    THEN got pretty horrible in the 60’s and 70’s

    BUT now it is getting back on track in a good way

    It will interesting to see how this develops

    The parents appear to be pretty angry and this principal is controversial

    The area is made up of proud immigrants from all over and this will be a test to see if this jerk survives the pressure

    She is the reason why our school system is going backwards

    BUT we all know this anyway -!

    We need some conservatives to kick some butt here !

    I remember seeing NYGINO on the beach trying to pick up some bikini babes
    (no bites as I recall)

  • aPLWBinAK

    Sometimes you read a story and you just feel like Charlie Brown, when he bangs his head against the tree and says “I can’t stand it, I just can’t stand it”. Whose ‘culture’ is this Loony tunes worried about offending? Because she certainly succeeded in offending the American culture, but I guess we don’t count anymore.

  • PJRodman

    Who was it just came out against the National Anthem? I know you had it Scoop. Here’s an answer to that jackwagon….like….its two octaves and like….haaard.

    • Nukeman60

      My God, don’t show that video to the Coney Island Principal. She’ll give the kid detention.

      Sweet voice.

      • PJRodman

        Thanks Y’all…wasn’t that just plain great?

        • toongoon

          The videos that were this one is just as amazing, I recommend “A Note to God” after you finish this video.

          Thanks PJ, this a top link.

          • Cindy09

            I lean a lot for Rhema Marvanne’s rendition! She is amazing!

    • MaxineCA

      WOW…. what a great job! Thanks for sharing, that was so sweet. (I can no longer hit the high notes, but it doesn’t stop me from standing proud, hand over heart and singing off tune or not.)

    • poljunkie

      Amazing! Thanks!!!!

    • Joe



      —————————– AMERICA’S IDOL


      1,000 likes for sharing this


      • Amazing! Why don’t they ever get wonderful singers like her at ballgames? Instead we get “pop stars” that either can’t sing it, denigrated it by the way they sing it, or just plain should never be left near a microphone.

    • Cindy09

      Oops! I replied to Toongoon’s recommendation before seeing your post and that you have already selected Rhema Marvanne!! Love Rhema’s voice!! 🙂

      • tvlgds

        Wow. I have tears rolling down my face (the anthem usually does that anyway). That child has an amazing voice. Just wow!

  • vackraamina

    They sang “God Bless” Not Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, whatever, et cetera.

  • richarddonna

    The only difference between Greta Hawkins and Osama bin Laden is that she is alive.

  • Joe

    This link was posted by PJRodman below (or above)


    He has humbly – not made a big deal about this video he’s found

    It’s awesome and is a must watch for everyone

    I believe Romney should have this talented young lady on his tour as long as she is allowed and close or open each appearance with her

    WoW! She is awesome!

    Remember to give credit to PJRodman below (or above)

    and I thank him again for brightening up my evening!

  • Hey RS did you see the update to this story?

    very very interesting .

    She’s some sort of racist bully principal

    • Ok sorry I couldnt remember where I saw it at first but you can go to

      IOTW . com
      dont know if you allow links so I’m not posting but seriously
      GO check it out …………. its a bombshell

  • Cindy09

    What an ignoramus!! This Principal ought to know that people from diverse cultures coming to the United States and opting for Naturalization get to hear a powerful rendition of “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood on the day the ceremony is held in all pomp and flag waiving! Offend other cultures?? No, Madam!! People from other cultures are Proud to be called “Americans” and share in “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”! I’ll never renege my new found pride and privileges!

    • sara holy land

      have a son who lives in the U.S. – not an American citizen.
      He also did not want citizenship (he is a citizen of Israel).
      He has no problem with his children stand and sing the national anthem when the flag waving.
      in the Israel’s Independence Day he is hanging two flags.
      Sense of belonging and a sense of national pride, is part of our being – military service and sacrifice. part of our existence.

  • Obama – Bloomberg, must be proud.

    Tea Part Patiot

  • Obama – Bloomberg, must be proud.

    Tea Part Patiot

  • ApplePie101

    They’ll keep pushing us as long as we keep backing away, and it will only stop when we push back. In this case, that means removing our kids from their schools.

  • Wrong. This isn’t political correctness. That’s just being used as an excuse. This woman (the principal) is an anti-American, racebaiting, white-hating, b*tch. There are far too many of her type. It’s tragic that so many blacks have been taught to hate the USA from the day they were born. Like Arabs being taught to hate Jews/Israelis. This woman needs to be fired. Period. She is evil.

  • obamaville, cultureville, democratville, and leftistville, seems they live in the country of Un-Americanville.

    Tea Party Patriot

  • A. Kindergarteners don’t need a graduation ceremony.
    B. Screw other cultures. We’re proud to be Americans.
    C. If we didn’t already have a masterful national anthem, Lee Greenwood’s wonderful song would make a perfect national anthem.

    • Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing! All 4 points are out of the ballpark!

    • DebbyX

      That was an inspiring version of our Nation Anthem, I loved it. Also watched Whitney Houston sing at the Super Bowl, another one of my favorite renditions!

  • Teaching and Teachers Gone Wild, a Series in Progress

    I can’t exactly say I had teachers as much as I had commandants in my formative years; I was taught by Sisters of Charity nuns who, too often, were less concerned with charity and teaching than with disciplining rambunctious male students.

    Still, thanks to the good nuns’ rigidity and penchant for incessant drilling and memorization, I feel I received a better education than kids who attended South Bronx public schools–an education devoid of left-wing teachers and liberal propaganda.

    Back then, the early and mid-1950s, the NYC public school system was noted for excellence–and also for a marked liberality with regard to student behavior and instruction, a liberality my Irish parents abhorred and, so, I was consigned to the local Catholic school.

    Things have radically and negatively changed in both parochial and public schools over the last 50 years. Although those changes have infected Catholic education, they are most pronounced in the public sphere.

    Aside from the National Education Association and teacher unions, few would contest that America’s public educational system is in a sorry pickle.

    We manage to produce a number of excellent students who outshine kids in other areas of the world, but they’re relative rarities.

    The United States spends more on education than the rest of the planet combined yet a recent analysis showed we rank 29th in problem solving, 28th in math, and 22nd in science among 41 industrialized nations and some areas where the abacus was in use not very long ago out-performed American students.

    For the most part, American schools are turning out semi-literate graduates who excel in unfounded self esteem but who can barely read or count.

    (See “You’re Not Special,” http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=25302, for details on one high school commencement speaker who told students where to go with their hyperinflated self-esteem.)

    Our students may not be special but they have learned a great deal in certain fields which won’t help them much as adults or in their worklives, except perhaps in their bedrooms or should they work for lecherous employers.

    Many have learned a great deal in their sex education classes and from predatory male and female teachers who practice a hands-on approach–pun intended–to instruction, but little else.

    Some public schools throughout the country have become hotbeds–another intended pun–for seductions by gay and straight pedophiles posing as professional educators. Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s New York City is the clear leader of the perv pack but by no means owns exclusive claim to that dubious title.

    In at least one instance, black male students vied for the opportunity to bed–in black jargon, “get with”–a 26 year old white, female, now-former Global Studies teacher.

    Preface to the latter occurred outside Manhattan Theater Lab High School in NYC and, although there is no substantive proof that student Eric Arty scored with teacher Julie Warning, Arty did win a $500 bet with his buddies that he could “get with” Ms. Warning first. . . .

    (Read more at http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=24960.)

  • James1754

    This is the second time I have seen this story. What I really feel sorry for is that Ms. Hawkins does not understand what the song, let alone the country she lives in, is about. But these people fought and died so she could have her opinion, no matter how stupid it may be.

  • Susitna

    Greta Hawkins and Bill Press should wear orange and get a job cleaning the toilets in Guantanamo. They could also sing Guantanomera to avoid offending anyone……

  • Sober_Thinking

    Any public school that doesn’t embrace our American coulture or heritage should be defunded.

    This principal should be fired. We are not living in “The Idiot Zone”.

  • Joe

    ZERO sets the tone with this one – This Veterans story was swept under the rug >>>>>


    If POTUS had a sincere thread of Patriotism in him – He would call the Principal and have a chat

    This stuff really has to stop

    • I’d missed that news item. Thanks for the link.

    • NYGino

      He ‘d probably congratulate her on her PC and after mentioning that those who take offense with her are ignorant clingers and, by the way, when you’re in the Washington area, stop by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and we’ll have a couple of beers together. Better yet, I’ll get my million dollar black bus out, you know, the one I used once, and I’ll swing up by you. Would love to get away from this place for a while, reminds me too much of America and patriotism.

  • sara holy land

    God Bless USA. State of freedom and liberty !
    Although I am a citizen of Israel, I was thrilled to hear the song.
    Gives a sense of pride to be a patriot.

  • If the kids want to celebrate “other cultures” let them go and live there! This is STILL America where we celebrate AMERICAN culture! Love it or LEAVE it! Principle should be taken behind the barn and had a stern talking to if you know what I mean.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Time to abandon the “don’t look now” mantra. We have indeed reached the “tipping point”. Enough is enough. Where does Romney stand?

  • bobemakk

    What a disgrace, the most patriotic song ever written. Leave it to the liberal/socialists worrying about offending others, they are all impossible to live with.

  • tvlgds

    My Mom sent me that yesterday and I was sickened and disgusted. America, we have a problem!

  • agas84363

    fire this idiot,and, anyone offended by this great song can LEAVE!!!! end of story!!

  • tvlgds

    If other cultures are “offended” by the country they CHOSE, then they need to get the hell out!

  • I found this article because of my online newspaper, The American Liberty Gazette. The story was there from the Right Source or something like that. I also saw your post. This is despicable to say the least. Thanks for posting this with the song. I did the same with a different version. Any version of this song is great.

  • Oh yes, my blog is at wiseconservatism.com