Unbelievable: Racist abortion doctor defends killing “ugly black babies”

Operation Save America paid a visit to the home of Charlotte abortionist Ron Virmani and what he told them is shocking to the ears. He defends the practice of abortion by saying that he doesn’t want to pay for them on the public dole with this taxes, or that he doesn’t want them to grow up and mass murder people like the guy in Colorado. When OSA replied that they want to adopt those babies, he challenged them saying:

“Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.”

Here is what OSA wrote on their website about the visit:

It was recorded on a neighborhood visit by OSA on July 26th, 2012. Abortionist Ron Vermani of Charlotte, North Carolina, has a problem – now he is giving it to everyone else. Several years ago he was removed from the staff of Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte because of his shoddy medical practices and record keeping. Upon his removal, he purposed in his heart that he, “would not deliver pretty babies anymore.” He has kept his promise in spades! (You can read the article in which Ron Virmani states this called “My American Dream Turned into a Nightmare” here)

Upon his request, I visited him three weeks ago at his home. I sat and listened to him attempting to justify himself as to why he kills babies and what causes him to do it. Most abortionists that I have been in contact with over the years always seem eager to justify themselves to those of us out on the sidewalks bringing Christ to moms in crisis pregnancy situations. Abortionist Vermani is filled with bitterness and rage. It wasn’t long before the fulisade of four letter words poured out of his mouth. He called me a racist because I had often said to those entering the abortion mill that he was a bad doctor.

Why is he filled with such fury and venom? Because he believes Presbyterian Hospital is racist and fired him because of his Indian ethnicity. Because he is divorced and has two children that he doesn’t see much. Because he is all alone now, and assuages his deep seated hatred for almost everyone by killing “ugly black babies.” By the way, Ron kills “ugly white babies” too. To his twisted mind, making ugly babies out of the beautiful ones God creates, is somehow payback justice for what the Presbyterian Hospital, his wife, and life did to him. Ron Vermani believes he is a victim.

His solution to crime in America, is to kill babies. His solution to welfare in America, is to kill babies. His solution to rising taxes in America, is to kill babies. His solution to stanch the flow of bitterness that fills his heart, is to kill babies. Murder is his answer to everything. Sounds just like the Democratic Party doesn’t it? Kill the old, kill the new, kill all those who disagree with you.

Jesus cannot save “victims.” He can only save sinners. As a matter of fact, Jesus is the friend of sinners. Yes, he is a friend to every man who finally comes to the realization of how wretched he really is and confesses this truth to the only One who can save him from his sorry self – Jesus!

Please Pray for abortionist Ron Vermani. ~ Flip

(h/t: Life News)

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  • Marky_D

    OMFG – that despicable little pr*** has just made me so damn angry!!!! I actually want to hit something right now…AAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH….

  • Obama is a big fan of Margaret Sanger the founder of the “kill black babies” movement. Brain-dead liberal “do-gooders” have killed more blacks through legal abortion than the KKK ever dreamed of killing.

    • Yep this man is just voicing the sentiments of Margaret Sanger when she first started PP back in the day.

    • librtifirst

      PP definitely targets the minorities, but the organizations behind them want most of the people in the world dead.

  • 911Infidel

    Ah, yes, Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project” is alive and well isn’t it?

    • warpmine

      Fulfilling the other half of that dream, the DemonRat party keeps the ones that manage to survive dumber than dogturd via public education.

      • Joe

        Please forgive the correction my friend

        It’s demonRAT –

        But on second thought the entire word is correct and accurate

        • shimauma

          demoncrap works well also!

      • librtifirst

        That would make an excellent poster: A red rat with horns, fangs, and drool dripping out of its mouth, and wearing a donkey tee shirt.

  • denbren52

    That beast is no more evil than any other mass-murdering abortionist. He is just more open and honest about his evil intentions. How can any decent person vote for a president who so vehemently supports the murder of babies?

    • p m

      Agree, denbren, and it wasn’t like his views were unknown. They were part of his record, one of the few times he actually voted in Illinois was against a bill that would save babies who had survived late-term abortions, by starving them to death then literally throwing them away. I cannot imagine that such thinking could come from a sane person, only the devil.

  • Watchman74

    He’s a real piece of work.

  • Joe

    This is nothing less than disgusting

    Obviously this man is insane and should lose his license at the very least

    and should be evaluated for being committed to an institution.

    • keninil

      But no one will say anything till his “late term” abortions are to those who have been out of the womb for decades.

      Can he still do Harry Reid?

  • daisybud

    He is filled with the same venom and fury as Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of the minions who follow in lockstep with his punishment of Americans. Obama is an advocate for killing babies too. And for everyone who isn’t killed, he is trying his very best to destroy them financially and morally. This monster “doctor” is more than happy to kill “ugly Black babies”. Blacks have their eyes and ears closed to all of this. They still don’t recognize the full agenda of the Communists they have put in charge and will vote for in the next election.

  • toongoon

    The truth of the Leftists comes out in some of the strangest ways.

    This “doctor”???, headhunter is more like it, doesn’t abort for fun and profit but just to kill ugly babies to keep them from being a burden on himself.

    This is scourge that has been tearing the United States down for forty years. You know he isn’t the only one with a degree who thinks this way.

    Please Pray for abortionist Ron Vermani. ~ Flip
    Please Pray for deliverance from the hard left reprobates that have brought us here.

  • MrMicawber

    How absolutely horrifying – I hope this is seen by every black person in America. I hope they wake up to their incipient serfdom.

    • keninil

      I’m betting he has just vocalized what many abortionists feel but are too politically correct to say.

      • MrMicawber

        Sadly, I think you’re right.

      • Well no, you mean “too intelligent” to say. Their intentions are obvious. It would demonstrate a complete lack of intelligence to go shouting their intentions, for everyone to hear.

    • sDee

      They will more likely see what they have been conditioned to see – a white racist who happens to be an abortionist.

      • MrMicawber

        Maybe you’re right.

        Consider though: tie it into history (Sanger, etc) and the abortion rate for blacks, and maybe they’d wake up?

      • The abortionist is Indian (South Asian) you dummy.

  • shimauma

    May God inflict this man with His wisdom and with His eyes.

  • Disgusting.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    After reading the written description of what the video contains, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I don’t support abortion and watching that so-called doctor rant about killing babies would only upset me and create despair as to what this world is coming to. If you don’t want infants/babies use birth control, don’t kill innocent, harmless beings. That just doesn’t make sense. People are too sorry/lazy/etc. to use birth control, but they can drag their sorry/lazy/etc. butts to a clinic to have their fetus killed. I just don’t get it.

  • johnos2112

    Is it me or is there more hate and vitriol than even before in this nation? I see so much hate and it is really disturbing. Our govt engages in it everyday. It puts me in a foul mood quite frankly!

    • MrMicawber

      I know – its truly upsetting to see the hatefulness, most of it from statists/collectivists.

      It really does have a way of ruining my day – keeps me up at night and so on.

      I look at it this way – I have never had to fight, or sacrifice very much at all, for my country; the least I can do is be very informed and try my best to educate others. It’s rather difficult but truly a small cross to bear when compared with so many others.

  • deeme

    The mindset of the culture of death, and they think it’s time to talk about law abiding citizens owning guns, how about being a mouthpiece for the millions of babies who have no voice, more butchered then all the wars and murders combined..

    The angel of the Family is Woman. Mother, wife, or sister, Woman is the caress of life, the soothing sweetness of affection shed over its toils, a reflection for the individual of the loving providence which watches over Humanity. In her there is treasure enough of consoling tenderness to allay every pain. Moreover for every one of us she is the initiator of the future. The mother’s first kiss teaches the child love; the first holy kiss of the woman he loves teaches man hope and faith in life; and love and faith create a desire for perfection and the power of reaching towards it step by step; create the future, in short, of which the living symbol is the child, link between us and the generations to come. Through her the Family, with its divine mystery of reproduction, points to Eternity.
    Giuseppe Mazzini quotes

    • MrMicawber

      Wow, very nice quote – what is that from?

      • deeme

        It came from my pro life quotes with Mother Teresa and the link is gone, which is no surprise..all I know is he was considered the beating heart of Italy and Karl Marx didn’t like him…he called him that everlasting old ass in return Giuseppe said of Marx ..he was a destructive spirit whose heart was filled with hatred rather then love of mankind.

    • sDee

      and who knows.. have we aborted the saviors, the saints, the silent heros, the fiercely loving mothers, the brave fathers, sent to us as the very stalwart of this evil and suffering?

  • kamiller42

    NAACP, with the help of ABC, will tie this to the Tea Party. “This is what the extreme anti-tax position of the Tea Party does to people. It makes them racist.”

  • Cindy09

    Most abortionists have got a way of hiding their true colors but this guy is spiraling his way down to hell. I pray he gets his “Damascus Road” visitation! He sure looks he is about to crash. May it be in God’s loving arms!!

  • Nukeman60

    I can’t watch this POS. I detest abortion. I don’t care if you cut it off at 12 weeks, 2nd trimester, birth, 2 years old or 14. There’s no difference. Killing our children is the most despicable act we could ever come up with as a people.

    I wonder if these idiots realize that many, many more liberal-minded people have abortions than conservative-minded people. That means the liberal population is being abolished at its roots. Much like with gays, they will be soon be put on the extinct species list, due to lack of propagation.

    Maybe then, we can abolish abortion forever.

  • Joseph ewing

    Abortion Rate All Races – 19.5 per 1,000 women
    Abortion Rate Black – 48.2 per 1,000 women

    Yet, most blacks support a party that is part of their own genocide.

    I’ll never understand it.

    • johnos2112

      Spiritual, economical and political genocide for blacks!

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Christian adoption can serve as a model and an example to the women considering abortion. Show them that there are families that will care for a child and love them. Don’t leave them in the hands of the abortionists. Show them that there are alternatives.

  • This could be the obama supporter who when there is a botched abortion leaves the infant dieing on a shelf. Obama stated he supports this treatment 100% and his party backs him.
    Could he (obama) possibly lead or care for any nations constitution, people, or otherwise lead them towards any possitive progress? for this jerk!…impossible!

    tea party patriot

    • Wisewoman2

      And Obama justified his support for this hideous act by saying the woman had contracted for a dead baby not a live one. That is true and was in an article in the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Suntimes.

      • That’s why every American should shiver at the thought of the number of contracts in obamacare!
        If unborn babies or shelved babies aren’t favored and protected how can we adults expect any better treatment from obamacares democrat party when our lives are underscored? We can’t.

  • Naturally, the Christians are the bad guys for confronting this poor, innocent, private citizen.

  • When you erase the bright lines of moral prudence in your mind, you become a vessel of pure evil. I’m not sure such people can achieve redemption. It’s actual brain damage that ensues. (Some would say the damage would first be necessary before your mind would allow the moral lines to be crossed.)

    This also includes supposedly “great” men and women, who have chosen to cross only one of those lines, “for the greater good.” For example, the live-birth abortion policy that Obama supported.

    Once you go that route, the evil consumes you like a fire at the base of a tree.

    • I guess I’m not sure what “redemption” you’re referring to. This abortionist is no more in need of the eternal redemption offered only by Christ than you or I. Having violated any part of God’s Law, I have broken it in its entirety and proven myself unworthy of Him. I can, and do, put on some veneer of righteousness. I’m no murder or adulterer, and that’s great as far as it goes. But all that may be considered good in me is tainted by my own nature as a sinner inherited from Adam. So, I need Jesus every bit as much as this abortionist. If he’s beyond hope, then so am I. With man redemption is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

      • I meant the more human sort of redemption. It’s nice that we can all take solace in genuine Redemption, which comes from only one place. But I’m talking about the kind of redemption where the man is able to once again partake of society and not be shunned, nor have people worrying what he will do next.

        It’s not like he was a pickpocket or car thief.

  • sjmom

    I won’t even watch this video. Despiccable!

  • notebene

    Jesus can only save those who repent! This man is not repenting for what he does, he’s trying to justify it! He is evil and deserves the full wrath of h e l l! His soul needs saving, but he’s already sold it to s a t an. So protecting abortion “rights” makes women safer, huh? Not with this evil piece of garbage around! His ilk are like cockroaches and lurch in the darkness.

    • silicasandra

      Jesus can save anyone, but out of love for us God gives us free will. This doctor’s soul does indeed need saving, but even with the great evil he has already done he can still accept Christ into his life. Only after his death will it be too late for him to change his mind.

      We need to pray for this poor man and for all of the people whose lives have been hurt or destroyed by him.

      • notebene

        I agree with you that Jesus can save anyone. However because of the free will God endowed us, it only can happen when one repents. Nothing about this man is sorry for what he has done and he obviously has given his soul to the other side! While praying for his soul is something we can do, we also need to recognize evil and call it out! Not just pray for it to change! Discernment is another gift that God gives us. We have the ability to recognize when we see satan and we also have the power to call him out in Jesus’ name! If you watch the video, there is very little doubt that this man is clearly possessed by demonic force. This is not about some easy, feel-good prayertime….this is Holy Water, heavy-duty exorcism that this man needs!

        • silicasandra

          I don’t think we are in disagreement; your follow-up comment made the clarification that I didn’t understand in your first. Yes, major intervention is needed here for the saving of this man’s soul, and it may not happen, but yes – it is still possible. Sometimes, I think we make the error of assuming someone must be a lost cause and we give up prayer of all kinds, when clearly this man is in very great need of prayers as you point out. I do not mean to advocate a mere “easy, feel-good prayertime.” I find it very difficult to pray for those who are so persistent in advocating evil, but it is still something we must do.

  • Jeff_the_Macedonian

    Margaret, Sanger, Adolf Hitler and other prominent progressives belived in abortion as part of their devotion to eugenics.

  • and they call us crazy for pointing out that this is a REAL plan to “KILL black babies!!!!!!!

  • realheadline

    A typical Progressive. Margret Sanger would be so proud.

  • nibblesyble


  • Wisewoman2

    As a 66 yr old, African American grandmother, this issue finally hit home with the adoption of my now 3 year old grandbaby. While I have always been personally opposed to abortions I always thought that there were hundreds of thousands of black babies languishing in foster care with no one to adopt them. Much to my utter surprise when my daughter tried to adopt after seven years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, she found that there were only 7 babies under the age of 1 in the whole United States for adoption. THE SCHOCKING FACT WAS THAT THOUSANDS OF BLACK BABIES WERE BEING ABORTED WHILE GOOD COUPLES LIKE HER WERE ACHING TO ADOPT AND PROVIDE HOMES FOR THESE CHILDREN! She was fortunate in that one mother who did not abort left her baby on the steps of the hospital. After 2 years into the adoption process, she was called to come get this newborn, a baby girl. Since that day I am still in utter disbelief of the actual facts of black adoption. She was fortunate again in that about 3 weeks after she adopted she became pregnant. Now I have 2 lovely granddaughters. If only these young pregnant women would sacrifice 9 months of their life to give life to their child it would be the greatest gift a mother could give, life.

  • obessed56

    fatuous1 says lets hang both their RACIST AZZES HIGH!
    One White Piece of SHIT and another Black Piece of SHIT!
    Gosnell Trial: 15-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Helped Kill Live Babies at Hellish Pa. Abortion Clinic
    Apr. 11, 2013 11:00pm Jason Howerton
    In this March 8, 2010 photo, Dr. Kermit Gosnell is seen during an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News at his attorney’s office in Philadelphia. (Photo: Philadelphia Daily News, Yong Kim.)
    PHILADELPHIA (TheBlaze/AP) — An unlicensed doctor fled out the back the night the FBI raided a Philadelphia medical clinic in 2010, a witness testified Thursday as a murder trial centered on the unorthodox facility. It is just the latest horrific revelation to surface in the trial.
    Abortion provider Kermit Gosnell, 72, is charged with killing a woman patient and seven babies allegedly born alive, and with performing illegal, late-term abortions at his thriving inner-city clinic. Co-defendant Eileen O’Neill, 56, of Phoenixville, is charged with billing as a doctor and participating in a corrupt organization.
    Eight former employees have pleaded guilty, some to third-degree murder, and have testified this month about nightmarish, often-chaotic practices at the clinic.
    Ashley Baldwin spoke Thursday of starting there at age 15 through a high school training program, and soon assisting with abortions and administering intravenous drugs. Baldwin, now 22, said she worked nearly 50-hour weeks, often well past midnight, when abortions were routinely performed.
    At least twice, she saw aborted babies move after the procedure, only to have Gosnell explain that it an involuntary response. In one case, she said, “the chest was moving.”
    Her mother, Tina Baldwin, had started at the clinic in 2002, referred by a business school where she had studied to be a medical assistant. She mostly worked at the front desk, where her duties included giving patients medicine to start their contractions.
    She described O’Neill as a caring doctor who saw mostly older patients for high blood pressure or diabetes. O’Neill kept her office neat, in contrast to the rest of the clinic, Tina Baldwin said. So that’s where Gosnell steered wealthy or white patients, she said. Gosnell also met with them and administered their medications himself, she said.
    “Nine out of 10 times, if the patient was white … he didn’t want me to (administer the drugs), because he wanted to meet with them himself,” she said.
    Gosnell, who is black, would apologize to his mostly black staff, but say “that’s the way it is,” Tina Baldwin testified.
    Gosnell performed as many as 1,000 abortions a year, charging from several hundred dollars for an early abortion to several thousand for a three-day, late-term procedure. Prosecutors contend that he made millions over the years, especially since he relied on untrained, low-paid staff.
    In March, a medical assistant told a jury that she snipped the spines of at least 10 babies during her time at the abortion Philadelphia clinic.
    fatuous1 is MARK TRAINA an outspoken Civil Rights Activist/Certified School Psychologist from South East Louisiana. Mr. Traina is the Author of “THE REALIST”, a book published in 2012, shortly after his retirement from the JPPSS. He is also very famous for his so-called TRAINAISMS, for example, “Good parents know that structure, discipline and respect for authority must start in the home or it will never end up in the School!” Mr. Traina writings have been Published in News Papers, Magazines and Blog Sites across the Globe!
    FACTS: Mr. Traina obtained his B.A. in Economic (1979)and also obtained an M.A. in Counseling Psychology (1983) from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. The fatuous1 can be reached at or by cell at (504) 231-3056. His personal website is (http://www.marktraina.webs.com)