Union members push Hostess Brands Inc. out of business, costing 18,500 jobs

The bakers’ union rejected a deal by the court to reduce salaries by 8% in the first year of a five year agreement. Ultimately when not enough of them would cross the picket line Hostess decided it could no longer weather the strike and has decided to liquidate the company. This will cost 18,500 people their jobs. For those in the bakers’ union that can’t do math, that’s a 100% reduction in salaries for everyone.

Here’s the low down:

CNN MONEY – Hostess Brands — the maker of such iconic baked goods as Twinkies, Devil Dogs and Wonder Bread — announced Friday that it is asking a federal bankruptcy court for permission to close its operations, blaming a strike by bakers protesting a new contract imposed on them.

The closing will result in Hostess’ nearly 18,500 workers losing their jobs as the company shuts 33 bakeries and 565 distribution centers nationwide, as well as 570 outlet stores. The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union represents around 5,000.

“We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike,” said CEO Gregory Rayburn in a statement. …

Asked if the shutdown decision could be reversed if the Bakers’ union agreed to immediately return to work, he responded, “Too late.”


In September, one of its major unions, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, voted narrowly to accept a new contract with reduced wages and benefits. The bakers’ union rejected the deal, however, prompting Hostess management to secure permission from a bankruptcy court to force a new concession contract on workers.

The Teamsters union, which represents 7,500 Hostess workers, has been sharply critical of the smaller Bakers’ decision to strike, saying it was forcing the company to the cusp of liquidation. The Teamsters said Thursday that the Bakers’ union should hold a secret ballot vote on the company’s offer, rather than the voice votes that were held in union halls around the country that authorized the decision to strike.

“It is difficult for Teamster members to believe that is what the [Bakers union] Hostess members ultimately wanted to accomplish when they went out on strike,” said the Teamsters’ statement.

The Bakers’ union has made several statements earlier in the week saying management is to blame for the condition of the company, not the strike.

The new contract cut salaries across the company by 8% in the first year of the five-year agreement. Salaries were then scheduled to bump up 3% in the next three years and 1% in the final year.

Hostess also reduced its pension obligations and its contribution to the employees’ health care plan. In exchange, the company offered concessions, including a 25% equity stake for workers and the inclusion of two union representatives on an eight-member board of directors.

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  • Rshill7

    The Union strikes again…parasites…and the host gives up the ghost.

    This happens time and time again. In my community and yours. See all the deserted factories?

    Unions: Terminal Cancer

    • Sober_Thinking

      Well said.

      • AtlEsquire1973

        I agree, and it appears that the sh!t has hit the fan. It appears all these companies were hoping for a Romney win, and just as Europe went into recession this week, we too are on the verge, if not already in recession. What ya going to do mr. President? (finish off the country?). I dont undertand how that many millions of people could whistle past the graveyard. When the high income people can’t pay anymore taxes, the gravy train runs out.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Spot on.

        • pajamakat

          Obama will just borrow more money from China. They are going to own this country along with everything in it. I am waiting for the day when somebody from China knocks on my door and tells me they own my house and to please vacate asap.

    • sDee

      This caught my eye in the Orlando Sentinel: “Striking workers at the Merita Bread Bakery in Orlando said Thursday that they were discouraged by a light turnout of union members but hopeful that Hostess Brands Inc. would follow through with a threat to sell off its bakery operations as part of the company’s bankruptcy proceedings. “That would be the best thing for employees,” said Ron Hopkins, vice president of the AFL-CIO’s Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 103″

      Smells to me like the union bosses intentionally stalemated this to a liquidation because they know they will get a GM-like deal via leftist judges, to fill their coffers first.

      Destroy a company and ensure their members are laid off, to coverup their pilfering of Union pension funds.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Methinks Showbama won’t consider a bail-out as he’d have Moochelle throwing a lamp at him once he gets home for the evening.

      • Rshill7

        Yep. I worked at that bakery for about two months in the late 80’s and had a groin injury as a result. They hung me out to dry. Zero compensation. The plant manager got fired for sexually molesting/harassment other men too. Yes, he was a man. He and his assistant mgr (another “man”) would disappear into his office for hours at a time.

        The following year, when I was manager of an Orlando Burger King, he was the bun delivery man. OMG I despised that guy…and the Bakers Union.

        • BOB KASH

          lol uw orked for 2 months, u dont get benefits in 2 months, nice try trying to rip them off..

          • Rshill7

            It was an on the job injury dingbat. You don’t know much about much do you? Ever heard of Worker’s Compensation? Workers are covered under that from the first millisecond of work.

    • Jazzee


  • Islam_Sucks

    Now if unions could just do the same thing for public schools…. that’d be great!

    • las1

      Now that is absolutely the bestest comment I’ve read in a long long time.

      One thousand likes.

    • Betsey_Ross

      This does bring up one of the tactics that the National Education Association and their state and local affiliates used to do when it came to negotiaions. Although the NEA always insited that they weren’t a union and never called a strike in my county, they negotiated our salaries and working conditions. Their mantra was and probably still is that the government always had the money, they weren’t willing to part with it. LOL. They were so stupid or thought we were so stupid that the money our local government had was our money in the first place. LOL.

      I’ll bet these Hostess bakers were told the same thing. The company was bluffing. Well, I guess not. They killed the golden goose and now they don’t have any jobs. The same with steel workers and auto workers. All gone. Now they will have to move to Right to Work states, but will vote as they did in their old states. Hopefully they will stay where they are and figure it out. I know, it’s wishful thinking.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      I believe we’ll see they are in the process already.

      But as someone else commented, why doesn’t the union buy the Hostess company and put all those bakers back to work?

      • Jazzee

        great idea then they can negotiate with themselves and strike again LOL

      • white531

        Because unions don’t produce anything. They just take from those who do produce.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • 1vote

    Just the first wave, folks. More gov cks & food stamps etc.

    • johnos2112

      More people collecting vs less people working: The collapse of the USA! But it is okay because it is Bush’ fault. Bush does hold some responsibility that is for sure.

  • las1

    The Bakers’ union has made several statements earlier in the week saying management is to blame for the condition of the company, not the strike.

    Of course they’d say that.

    The thug in the school yard says, “I didn’t wanna hit you, but you made me do it”.


  • welltempered2

    The walls of society are buckling.

    • mikeinidaho

      let’s hope it goes quickly so We the People can get about the business of rebuilding the Republic without the unions and the communists. God bless America!

  • johnos2112

    Ah yes. The unions care about you! Sure!

  • PhillyCon

    Hey, that’s 18,500 more people dependent on government! Woo-hoo!! More voters to pad the margins.

    • maynardb50

      Those Union workers were already voting Democrat, so it does not matter.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Well, there are a handful of union leaders in this scenario — the ones who required the public vote rather than secret ballot — and then there are the 18000+ workers who likely did not want to lose their jobs and benefits, but who felt pressure in the public vote to vote as all the other sheeple were voting. And this is what happens.

    Now, the question is, are there 18000+ enlightened people who now feel the union did not act in their best interest? Or will they blame this on a greedy corporation? The left has done such a good job of poisoning the sheeple’s minds to think corporations exist as philanthropic organizations who OWE YOU a salary, benefits, automatic raises, etc., regardless of the profitability of the company, so I’m guessing they will blame this on the greedy corporation, because the brainwashed really never learn.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Yep, I vote ‘greedy corporation’.

    • warpmine

      This just has to be the fault of GW Bush, has to.

  • Darkbella007

    That really is too bad. Unions have out lived their usefulness a long time ago. I used to work at a union plant but didn’t join it. (Right to work state) I couldn’t believe the flagrant use of breaks every few hours. No one really seemed to actually work but a few hours a day. They stewards did ask me a few times to join since 99% of the plant was but I told them in no uncertain terms to shut the pie hole. They asked why not? We work for YOU! I said, no you don’t. You work for yourselves and I don’t want that dues I’d have to pay to go to union fat cats who spend it wherever they want with barely any accounting. (I worked as a nurse in a Tyson’s plant). How many came in with imagined hurts and pains I won’t even go in to.

    • Good for you! It’s bad enough that the government takes so much of our money and puts it in places that many disagree with, why have yet another group do the same-what in the world will be left in your check?

    • obama_spoke_now_im_broke

      my conveyor company is non union. everytime we would go into a plant that was union they would always talk bad about us behind our backs, hide our tools. They always bitched saying that we shouldnt be in there doing the work. they thought they should do the work. We said fine go ahead do it. a job that took us one day to do they did it in 5. They are all effin scammers. welcome to the new america

      • white531

        Thank you for bringing that up. That was always my experience, too.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Welcome to the new America.

    You can only extort so much money from companies before they dry up and can no longer function. Unions are robbers, criminals and thugs – parasites of the worst kind.

    I applaud Hostess for standing up to these jack wagons. Unions are a curse on this world… If they want to bleed their host to death, then I congratulate Hostess for not playing their game. I like Hostess products very much and will miss them… but this world cannot tolerate this newly imposed NWO. Let the accursed unions feel the pain of their decisions.

    Obama must be so proud of his union brothers.

    • Very well said. Thanks for stating your thoughts (and mine) so well.

      • Sober_Thinking


  • detectivedick

    I am sure Bloomberg supports the closing. I hope these former employees can find “green jobs”.

    • sjmom

      You mean at companies like Solyndra????

  • iaintlyin

    Okay folks, right this way. You’ll notice this little crag here that we’ll have to jump over to get to that next level down there. Like we warned you at the beginning of the tour, there will be a few obstacles before we get to the Ruins of America. Just keep your eyes closed and don’t mind the threatening voices along the way, those are just union leaders making sure everyone stays in line. Figure them to just be assistant tour guides. Oh, look up ahead, that’s known as the Dr. Cash Only Chasm. C’mon if we move along we can camp out at Camp 0 tonight and get out popcorn dinner for free.

  • white531

    This is a trend that has been developing ever since Obama was first elected.

    In 2008, a friend of mine owned a small manufacturing business that employed about thirty workers. His business declined after Obama took office. Gradually, he began to downsize the business and eventually closed it completely.

    When he started the process, we went out in the parking lot and made a list of all the employees with Obama stickers on their cars. They were the first ones to go.

    More recently, in the city where I live, a medium sized produce distributor, serving about 30 local restaurants, was approached by union organizers to enter his property and sign up his employees. He refused. They said, “then we’ll sue you.” His reply was, “you can’t sue a company that doesn’t exist.” They said, “you wouldn’t dare close a successful business!”

    The next morning, he gave pink slips to all his employees, closed the doors, and put his fleet of trucks up for sale. I believe he said he was moving to Singapore.

    • Sad, but unfortunately this IS WHAT OBAMA wants to happen!

  • bongobear

    So 18,000 plus people lose their jobs because 5,000 union members are unable to face financial reality. I would say unbelievable but it isn’t. Greed and resentment trump reality again.

    • Constance

      I read your post, and I immediately applied the same logic nationwide. Hence, the same failure remains in the White House and the same failures remain in leadership positions in the House and Senate.

      • bongobear

        Very good point.

  • Union Cockroaches destroy Twinkies, let that be the lesson learned. Only sorry it didn’t happen before the election, Obama doesn’t have to fudge the job loss numbers now.

  • Sandra123456

    Companies cannot print money. If Obama keeps making it more expensive to do business, then there won’t be the money to give raises.

    When I saw the headline my first thought was, Obamacare kills Twinkies. Bet it would since Hostess was already cutting health benefit contributions.

  • Constance

    I have always remained a faithful Twinkie girl. Love those things! There is nothing better than a Twinkie on a Sunday morning with my coffee, watching the world wake up in the city where I live. That is my Sunday morning treat. Dammit. Nothing, and I mean, nothing will ever be the same as my beloved Twinkie. 🙁

    • Betsey_Ross

      About 30 years ago there was a lady that tried to copy recipes of famous food that we all love so you could make it at home. Check the internet because you may just find a recipe that is very much like Twinkies and probably better.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        Yep. There are actually several out there on Youtube. I have one bookmarked, – Cooking with Karma: http://www.youtube.com/user/CookingwithKarma

        • poljunkie

          Cooking with Karma- I love that its posted by you C_H.

          • Conservative_Hippie

            LOL, purely coincidence 🙂

      • Betsey_Ross

        Ok, the lady I was thinking about is Gloria Pitzer. The one and only recipe I kept was for the fried chicken that was supposed to taste like KFC. I actually think it is better, but it called for tomato cup-a-soup that disappeard for over 20 years. She has books and books of receipes, but you can google Hostess Twinkies and find lots of stuff.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Twinkies will be missed by many. Dang unions!

  • I’m glad Ihave a twinkie filling recipe. I’m good. And I won’t make any for union members.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Haha, excellent!

    • poljunkie

      I’ll be there at 6:00.

  • Joengima

    Unions killed the Twinkie. Unions want the Fiscal Cliff. The Fiscal Cliff means Higher Taxes. Obama wants Higher Taxes.

    Obama and the Unions killed the Twinkie. What else will we let them kill?

    • Betsey_Ross

      Obama could confiscate the entire economy and still not have enough to give to everyone. He could last two weeks.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        He could squeeze in a lotta golf in two weeks.

  • Rocco11

    Michelle “Let’s Move” Obama set her sights on Hostess…

  • Landscaper

    All the POT smokers are freaking out right now. A run on the shelves today.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I was wondering if someone would mention this, you beat me to it!

      • Landscaper

        college 🙂

        • Conservative_Hippie


      • poljunkie

        Speaking of: anyone ever go to a Hostess “thrift store”, its their outlet store usually attached to the wearhouse, or factory. It has the irregulars, or day olds —-
        Um goood stuff. I went a few times during college days.

      • gunclinger

        Well, at least you can set them in the window sill, and they NEVER go bad!

        • Conservative_Hippie


  • KM

    With these massive job layoffs, the obama government’s national unemployment numbers will likely drop to less than 7%…

    Just sayin’…….

  • 401_Unauthorised

    Workers of the world unite!

    Obama’s micro, ground-level plan being put to quick operation.

  • wallwatchman

    I know so many people who are out of work! What they wouldn’t give for a job, any job! And these people had one and threw it away. We’re in a recession you guys! Everyone is having salary cuts or benefit cuts! Get over it! At least you had a job! You’re getting greedy folks, and the companies can’t survive that way. Now everyone at hostess loses, and we customers as well. Thanks! (sarc)

  • SirSullivan

    I can just feel the up rising begin. Hundreds of companies have begun to reduce the hours that employees work, hundreds more have laid off employees. Unemployment claims have jumped 75,000 the first week after the election, talks of a new UN treaty that will take away our right to bear arms, Israel on the verge of war, new regulation that reduce the amount of drilling allowed of federal lands, new talk about carbon tax, new regulations on coal. Oh, when does it stop!! It’s hard to believe that we have a group of people that are so h*ll bent on ruining this country and bringing us down to the level of Europe.
    All of these factors may not affect us now but it’s called trickle down economics. When things get bad at the top, cuts get made. When cuts get made, employees get hurt. When working families get hurt, they spend less. When they spend less, things get worse at the top and it all begins again. It’s coming….

    • All I can see to those who ask is: we tried to tell you not to vote the way you did. Yep there would have been sacrafices on the otherside as well but you would have jobs. That would have a great impact on other issues. We would be better off than we are now.

  • tinker_thinker

    Isn’t this going to offend the pot smokers?

  • Haywoodjbl

    Let’s see….Job or no job?….hmm …..you ca go to Hawaii or have a Lobotomy?

    Interesting decisions the Unions made

  • callie1984

    Asolutely no difference whatsoever between the unions and the Obama administration!
    It absolutely boggles the mind how this man was re-elected. Well ok, the lying MSM and the fools who listen, but still!

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    After all, I believe it was the French who first said, “Let them eat Ding Dongs.”

  • phyrric win – we’ll die, but we “won”.
    Brainless oafs.

  • maynardb50

    I guess Moochelle is not going to let Barack stand up for Twinkies.

  • sjmom

    Reminds me of when Reagan fired the air traffic controllers. I think we’ll be seeing more of this and the shame is there are others involved; like the bakers’ families who now have nothing rather than 8% less to work with or the people who work in the offices and their families.

    Business does not have to bow its knee to anyone because it’s their money and Obama and the unions are about to learn difficult life lesson; they are not God and cannot force anyone to do anything. There is only One God and He reigns in Heaven upon His Throne, praised be His Name.

  • sjmom


    🙁 🙁 🙁

  • They can’t compete on a level playing field, therefore they require protection of law.
    They are parasites of the lowest type.

  • Arrrggghhh

    While I’m sad that Hostess will be going out of business, that’s how it works. As far as I know, everything was an arm’s length agreement. Other companies will buy up the assets, possibly including the brand name, and produce them at a lower cost – probably without union labor (unless the unions threaten violence, which is likely).

    I just bought two boxes this morning.

  • poljunkie

    In an unprecedented report the unemployment rate for December will be 6%. Those who voted for Obama will likely believe it.

    PS, Anyone remember the chocolate covered twinkie?

  • 18,500 unemployed, and you people call that “good news”? Yeah, go unions. Go straight to hell and take your greedy members with you.

  • no hope, no change, no twinkies

  • 911Infidel

    Time for Bain or someone to buy up Hostess. Twinkies are a legend and should not be allowed to go away because a bunch of union thugs think that they own the company or the world. Eff ’em.

    • poljunkie

      Headline: Bain saves the Twinkie; Gov Romney to blame

      : Edit, I know he left Bain years back, but it wouldnt matter

      • 911Infidel

        No doubt. The enemedia can take a day filled with sunshine and turn it into a Sandy.
        They suck that bad.

    • Time for Romney/Ryan to purchase the company and make it profitable! Allowing those who voted Obama the chance “see” he actually knew what he was talking about and what the country lost. Work here under one condition “No Unions allowed” you want to work with a union this isn’t the place for you.

      • 911Infidel

        Oh, I think that someone will buy up Hostess brands. I can’t see the Twinkie and Wonder Bread et al going the way of the do-do bird. I don’t however see the unions getting back in; when some foreign (read Chinese or European) manufacturer buys up the company at firesale prices. It’d be better if Bain or some company like them were to try and rescue the brand; even if it means higher retail prices for their products.

  • I don’t understand why someone doesn’t file a lawsuit on the grounds that their first amendment rights are violated because they are unable to create a permanent, non-union corporation. At any time a union can come in and take over a company… I want to create a non-union company that I can advertise through my first amendment that it will be non-union now, and forever. You can’t do that today, and that means we are no longer free.

    • No they can’t! They can approach any one at any time however, your company must chose a union. Make your company worthy to be non unions and keep them out. Bring in people that have been involved in unions for information.

  • RestlessLegs

    At the unionized college where I work, we had a university-wide meeting at the start of the year. College officials painted a grim picture – the college is in the red, enrollment is down for yet another year, the state has cut its funding to us, the state still owed us millions from the previous year, funding is being cut for all sorts of services across campus. Then, a union guy got up and announced that everyone is getting pay raises! About half of the idiots in the room cheered.

  • KenInMontana
  • Yazz55

    Another Obamanomics success story. Now an additional 18,500 people can collect unemployment, welfare and food stamps. And maybe some Chinese company will start producing Twinkies and export them to the USA.

  • BHliberty

    A tragedy to be sure! It will be interesting to see who buys up their assets and keeps the brand name! ( My husband knows someone who just lost a job to Hostess. They just had a baby and had planned on buying a home. I pray he finds another job. )

    Anyhow, I came across an interesting website called Daily Job Cuts. It outlines those companies who have either announced layoffs or plan to. But on the flipside, it also lists companies who are currently hiring. Something to check out!

    On a side note: If you look at the companies hiring, GM is hiring 10,000 IT employees! hmmmm……aren’t they owned by the taxpayer now! Just saying!

  • Landscaper

    Those things are bad for you. Fat, useless and unhealthy to the body and mental health. Their consumption decreases ambition, increases laziness and has been medically proved to increase low selfesteem.

    That’s way I am not for Unions…..

    • poljunkie

      Ha ha, awesome.

    • OHJan

      Oh… the UNIONS… for a second there I thought you were talking about the twinkies:)

  • demographicallychallenged

    I once asked a Union Organizer what union they belong to. His answer was they don’t pay Union dues they are Management. True story, and the next year they all had to join the Union they represented.

  • 18,500 more Democratic voters. Obama will give them just about anything they want, ESPECIALLY since almost all of them are union members. And with Obamacare coming on line soon and 99 weeks of unemployment, what’s to worry about?

  • Strikes are just a grown-up temper tantrum. Crybaby unions.

    • kong1967

      For the union bosses and for Democrat politicians, it’s about siphoning money out of the employees pockets for their own gain. They are leeches. They have spoiled the workers beyond belief and have turned them into entitlement junkies. I used to know a guy that worked for Boeing. He bitched and moaned for what seemed like hours because he was used to having 100% of his doctor bills covered and he was going to have to start paying a $7 co-pay. Are you kidding me?

      If any jobs need to be lost in this country, it’s the unionized jobs. We need to change the law on organizing unions. Just ban them. In my opinion if you don’t go to work, you’re terminatated. Terminate the unions.

  • LiveFreeOrDieAmerica

    Miserable parasitic unions. Seriously. How long will lazy America tolerate their absolutely selfish and machiavellian behavior? Maybe when they can’t eat their twinkie at the end of a lazy union day they’ll wake up and realize what’s hit them!

  • kong1967

    Eh, they may have a 100% reduction in salaries and wages, but now they get to join Obama’s long list of people in the unemployment line and draw a check for two or three years sitting on their twinkies. I’m sure they get some termination benefits coming their way, too.

    This is what needs to happen to every company overtaken by unions. It’s the only way employees will get away from the spoiled brat entitlement mindset. There needs to be a law preventing the federal government from bailing out businesses in order to save their pocket stuffing unions. Let them go under. “Too big to fail” is a crock of sh**! Any business that big will leave a vacuum that many other non-unionized business and investors will suck up and take over. Dems always convince people that the jobs will be gone forever and we won’t have any cars. They are the biggest liars and scare mongers that ever lived.

    • Daniel Domenico

      Good point. Similar to mine when people say Obama ‘saved’ the auto industry. Nope, he just propped up the loser. If a carpentry, plumbing, construction company needed to buy a work truck, they would not have gone without, just because there was no GM. Maybe they would have bought a Ford truck instead. Ford should be screaming at the top of their lungs that the federal government is subsidizing their main competitor. He saved nothing, just prolonged the inevitable. I will miss my Zingers for sure, but some company will take the space on that shelf. I just hope its not chinese import dessert pastries that do it… I feel badly for the majority of the workers, who were NOT union, who have also been sent home. Terrible time to be out of work. Of course the union will be covering their expenses for awhile, right? Solidarity? ALL about the workers right?

      • kong1967

        Lol, I believe that’s wishful thinking. Yeah, I feel bad for the non-union workers that got fired right along with the rest of them. As far as the union workers go, though, good riddance. If you don’t go to work you deserve to be fired.

  • gilamonster8

    Hostess Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Wonder Bras, and Benghazigate! Are we sure these story’s are not linked?

  • mikeinidaho

    Hey all you union workers for Hostess, how ya’ like your union thug leaders now?
    Heh, heh, heh, you get what you vote for, idgets.

  • Go and get your twinkies and zingers now because they will be gone!

  • Oh well. They’ve been planning bankruptcy for a while. Twinkies are kind of gross anyways. Now Zingers are much better.

  • James1754

    Another great success for the American workers! A company on the edge of insolvency forced to lay off 18,500 workers by the small union that would not help the company get back on it’s feet. I wonder how all those bakers who will now be looking for work feel about the union leadership that still have their jobs?

  • There is a video out there by Abbott and Costello discussing the unions and bakers. It would of been ideal to put that video with this story and see the irony behind the great comedic skit by the greatest comedic dual on the play on words.
    Here is a quote from that video and can be seen on youtube….” Costello-can I get a job there? Abbott-no! You have to belong to the union. Costello-you mean I have to belong to the union in order to loaf! Abbott-that’s right! Costello-well how about that…I have to belong to a union of loafers!.
    Check out the video and get back to me. You will see the irony behind one of their greatest skits as it relates to what just happened to a great company we once greatly patronized…Hostess. Sad to see it go!

  • DCGere

    Forward! Union members are useful idiots for the union brass that will just move on to another union, reaping their high-paying jobs to “protect” the little people.

  • physicsnut

    They are so focussed on “you gotta fight” that they don’t pay any attention to what they get if they win, and don’t do their homework anyway. And they don’t care.

  • American_WhiteBoy

    I truley hope these union members are forced into poverty. I hope they get the taste of what its like to go from their 25-45.00 per hour jobs to nothing. After they loose their homes, wipe out their 401K, and are forced to tap out their credit cards, maybe then they will realize that in todays day and age, you must be thankfull for every dollar you get. Greed is what put us in these economic times we are in. Not the Pres, Not the senate or House…. WE THE PEOPLE did it. This story goes to show how truley entitled we ALL feel.

  • ZedBear

    If an “honest” jobs report is ever published again (something I’m quite dubious to believe now that the “professor” has been re-elected), I predict we will see over 10% unemployment by spring.

  • Since the union workers said there was no need to accept the deal since they could make more money on unemployment, this should be classified as a voluntary job separation and therefore union workers should not be able to receive unemployment benefits. Usually, you can’t collect unemployment when you chose to end your job.

    • DebbyX

      I believe now there’s just a waiting period.

      Nothing stops the gravy train!

  • Dukehoopsfan

    Well, there go 18,000+ union jobs … only a couple of million to go. labor unions had their place around 1870 – 1930. Today they are parasites and should be de-certified and banned.

  • Lives4Freedom

    The Twinkie, once humorously thought of as the indestructible pastry, right at home on the emergency bomb shelter shelves, is facing extinction today at the hands of a parasite, known as the Union.

    My condolences to those who simply wanted to go to work and do their job, and now, no longer have one.

  • iaintlyin

    Ya gotta love this story after reading about what that moron Trumpka had to say yesterday. I’ve said this time and time again, Anyone elected to a paid position (unions and politicians et el) should then be required to supply their tax returns to the constituents who elected them. If these idiot bakers ever saw what the Executive Officers of their union made, including writeoffs, expense accounts and other perks, there would never have been a strike in the first place. They would have kept the money they were paying in union dues and their jobs. The only ones unemployed would have been the seven member board that is ripping their members off.

    Unions, jeez, wound up going from totally necessary to the biggest organized crime racket in the country. Whatever way you look at it, whoever hijacked the other I can’t quite figure it out but, between the two of them, the democratic party and the unions have brought this Republic to its knees. They’ve bamboozled the of the general population into believing in socialism. But the best is, none of ’em realize it (except the teachers, those rat bas….s know what they’re doing). What a scam.

  • RantMan

    Oh Noes! What will we fat people do?! 😉

  • TheLittleRedHen

    Trumpka is such an idiot. He is spouting off claims of crony capitialism, etc. I think he is using Atlas Shrugged as his talking points. It’s Crazy.

    “These workers, who consistently make great products Americans love and have offered multiple concessions, want their company to succeed,” Trumka said in the statement. “

    Okay Labor boss, here is something I learned as a child. The Story of “The Little Red Hen” – Who bought the ingredients to make those “great Products”? Who paid for the tools and utensils to make the product? Who’s Money bought the land and built the factory where the workers labored? Whose money paid the utilities and bills and insurance on the factories? I could go on, but you just can’t see past the invisible room filled with cash you think every successful businessman has.

  • I know it’s cool to bash unions now, but I urge folks to be specific in the discussion. I know some really great, pro-second amendment folks who are morally conservative, but have lived their entire lives, through several generations, under the umbrella of union organizations. They think of themselves as a brotherhood, similar to those in the military (don’t take that as an insult, you military folks!). So they know the country is going to hell, but the union is strong, so they stick with the union as their hope for survival.

    In other words, the members feel trapped, but also feel a form of solidarity we should not lightly dismiss.

    They are not really the problem.

    The problem is the pipeline between 1) Coerced union membership (in non-right-to-work states), leading to 2) Union dues collected by deduction from paychecks, being funneled 3) to one party, exclusively, and in perpetuity.

    It is a form of organized corruption that should have been forseen by the founders and expressly forbidden. It is up to each state to criminalize and end this practice, separately. It will take twenty years, unless some big states step up and make it a severe penalty NOW.

    It’s not the brothers in trade unions (although in the teachers union, it IS the union members that are the problem). It’s the corrupt system that allows a guy like Trumpka—the former head of the UMW, which is being KILLED by the Obama administration—to become a de-facto part of the government, unelected by and not representing the citizens. He is far worse than any corporatist entity in Obama’s orbit.

    Finally, the most fully corrupt practice of unions is when it’s in the public sector. Because you add the fact that they take taxpayer money and give it to one party, exclusively. This should be a practice that is punished by the most severe penalties possible, including life without parole.

    This is where we must focus our energies. Not on yelling at workers for being in unions.

    As I always tell folks, you do NOT want to be hanging iron 150 feet up in the air without a union hall at your back. And you should never go a quarter mile underground in man-made shafts without being in a union.

    • white531

      K-Bob, you are the rock of sensibility and levity in these nightly conversations. You are right, in that the motivations of the members are different than the motivations of the Union Leaders. I agree with you. It does feel good to belong to a brotherhood. We have something of a brotherhood here on Scoop, and it does feel good.

      “As I always tell folks, you do NOT want to be hanging iron 150 feet up in the air without a union hall at your back. And you should never go a quarter mile underground in man-made shafts without being in a union.”

      You had me with hanging iron 150 feet up. Jobs like that require training and discipline. No argument from me on that one.

      But it’s unionizing things that don’t require unionizing, that is the problem.

      Ron’s Produce here in Tucson, is a perfect example. All of their drivers and warehouse employees were happy to have a job. Been like that for a long time now.

      The owner of Ron’s Produce was not a tyrant. The few people I know who worked for him, had no complaints.

      Regardless, they are unemployed, as I write this.

      What business does a Union have, to come into an environment like that, and cause trouble and place these people’s lives in jeopardy? For what, may I ask? To make the Union stronger? To make the Union fat cats fatter?

      Those people have families. Wives and children. This is going to be a lean Christmas for those families.

      And then there are the Teacher’s Unions and the Unions that support our Government employees. Not even going to go there. Waste of my time, frankly.

      • Thanks, w!

        • white531

          No, K-Bob. The thanks are to you, for all you do here, to make this work.

    • 80s_kid_wants_rainbow_back

      Good thoughts. I think sometimes unions are good, other times they are bad. My MIL who taught braille for thirty years suffered from job related carpal tunnel. Her union went to bat for her and rightfully so when her employer refused to pay her workers comp bills. On the other hand my BIL didn’t like his job at UPS, he repreatedly skipped work without any notification to his employer. This went on for five months and UPS could not fire him because his union kept intervening for him. Never been a member myself and hope to keep it that way.

  • The only thing good about this is that the ignorant union workers cut their own throat. I hope they can’t find a job at McDonald’s. This is precisely what they did to Detroit. They simply don’t learn; you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip.

    I have absolutely zero sympathy for union workers who milk a company until it’s insolvent then move on to the next one. Unions are nothing more than legalized extortion; plain and simple.

    • People like you are blinded by the myths and bs people like fox news put out, I bet you didnt know that when hostess brand filed the first time and the unions took a 8% cut in pay they increased the salary of there ceo’s from 750,000$ to 2.5 million, yet you want to blame people that are barely above the poverty threshold for the mis-management of a company.

      • obama_spoke_now_im_broke

        an 8 percent cut in pay, so boo effin hoo, they were making what, 45 dollars down to 35 dollars? don’t know the math of that but you get my drift, right? unions are nothing but trouble..look at all the bs the unions are causing for sparrows point in maryland old bethlem steel plant. Unions are as one other person said already on here, legalized extortion that’s all it is.
        Another reason why unions suck? they turned away men offering to help for hurricane sandy because they weren’t union? I mean really?

        • white531

          Good comment, but I am a little confused. Why would you, “like” the comment made by Lime Lite, and then respond with a comment in the opposite direction?

          • obama_spoke_now_im_broke

            i am new to this i believe i hit like by accident lol

            • white531


        • you should try checking all your facts, these people wernt making anywhere near 35-45$ an hour,, more like 16$ and hour if you were lucky,, route drivers were making around 40k per year, 8% cut in pay, plus drop in pensions, let alone the company stopped paying pensions it was contractually obligated to. And just to smear it in the workers face, they upped the CEO’s pay.

          So lets see based on how you think, you believe that business owners and/or people running it, should be able to just cut employee’s pay so that they can put it in there pocket instead as if they wernt over paid already? While in the mean time prices to survive go up? How do you expect people to pay there own insurance, cover there own pensions, get most of the entitlements cut from the government when you dont pay people enough to cover those costs?

          My question to you, is this, what business do you own or run?

      • Hey sport, it’s free enterprise; those who take the risks reap the benefits. You union types are parasites who want to dictate rather than earn. Go to the bank, withdrawal your life savings and invest it in a start-up business then, just when you think you have a winner and you’re living the life, let me unionize your business and slowly choke the life out of it. Then, come back here and we’ll talk. Your wages aren’t based on how well the CEO is doing. If that were the case, every Microsoft employee would be entitled to a salary of $500k a year. Get an education and a real job and you wouldn’t need the unions to extort wages and benefits for you; you could actually earn them.

        • And what you said right there is why the US has become the arm pit of the world, since the 70’s wage for workers decreased and barely came back up over what it was at, while CEO/owner pay went up over 120%, yes being the owner of the company should entitle you to making more then your workers no doubt, but here is the kicker, during this same time, increase in the cost of living has exceeded the pay of workers, so ceo/owner is fine he makes big bucks, worker is no longer fine, he has to ask for the government to help him out, government says we will help you out, now we have to find a way to pay for this, so government starts putting in taxes and restrictions on business’s, people etc etc, well the business says ok ok, we will just pass that cost to the buyer (which is the worker), worker ends up with extra tax and cost passed down from business, so now worker is even further in the hole, business gripes because now he has to pay insurance etc, well how do you expect worker to pay for his own insurance etc when your sticking it to them everytime. Your concept of get a education etc etc is FAIL, if you dont have workers guess what you dont have a business, there will always be workers, and not everyone in the US can own a business otherwise the country would go no where. Union tries to make the playing field even, instead of allowing the capitalists like you choke off the workers that you think are slaves.

          And as for me, dont insult my intelligence, i dont own a business i have no intention of owning a business as I dont need to, I left a job that paid 27$ an hour because it wasnt worth it, and i make more then what i use to. The difference between me and you, I care more about this country where as you obviously care about nothing more then how much you can accumulate. It will however be funny to watch if the dollar collapses as all these CEO/Owner have money that is worthless and they run to the workers to help them out because they dont even know how to grow there own food. I dont however think i will see that in my time.

    • Lime Lite

      Hey James, no problem. Now no one has jobs. You keep on with that hate though – it’s sure to get you far in life.

  • jrt1031

    When you spit in the face of Capitolism… sometimes it spits you out of a job

  • releggneh

    Now they get 100% of no wages or benefits. I guess no one explained, a job with cuts are better than no job.

  • blame it on the unions as always. Why would anyone want a living wage in this country. Kudos to the union for standing up to these corporate pigs. Salary Increases at Hostess while filing for bankrupcy earlier this year. Average bakers salary is around $35,000

    Brian Driscoll, CEO, around $750,000 to $2,550,000.
    Gary Wandschneider, EVP, $500,000 to $900,000.
    John Stewart, EVP, $400,000 to $700,000.
    David Loeser, EVP, $375,000 to $656,256.
    Kent Magill, EVP, $375,000 to $656,256.
    Richard Seban, EVP, $375,000 to $656,256.
    John Akeson, SVP, $300,000 to $480,000.
    Steven Birgfeld, SVP, $240,000 to $360,000.
    Martha Ross, SVP, $240,000 to $360,000.
    Rob Kissick, SVP, $182,000 to $273,008.

    • morecowbell21

      $35,000 is better than $0!! so roughly 7 million dollars in corporate salaries for a company with $2.5 billion in sales per year. sounds like money well earned. the problem with the company was legacy costs/benefits due to all of the unions. Every meaningful stage of production and distribution of Hostess products was controlled by a union, with crazy rules which made distributing their product much more costly and inefficient. They had to deal with dozens of unions to get their products out to market. Union inefficiency, pay and benefits made them unprofitable, especially in the current economic climate. This is how capitalism works. Unions, like Obama voters, are economically illiterate and think they have won. Sadly, there are no winners. My guess is most of the honest, hard working union workers would have agreed to the concessions if given the cold hard truth by their corrupt union leaders. I feel bad for those workers.

      • 80s_kid_wants_rainbow_back

        Me too, and right before Christmas. Very sad for these families.

    • chatterbox365

      Go fly a kite Greg. Since when are executive positions comparable to a baker? Does the baker have all the responsibility and accountable of the CEO? This type of comparison is stupid because a baker does not have the same skill set required for an executive management position. If the baker wants more money, they should try to get promoted or look for another line of work.

      BTW, how much does the Union representatives make while their people are on strike?

      Thanks for posting these salaries. It just inspires me to work harder so that some day, I may end up in one of these positions making six figures.

    • aware_americancitizen

      thank you seems someone else does get it

  • I heard some people say that unions help the middle class and protect jobs. Weird.

  • ApplePie101

    Hostess is going Galt.

  • 1217Chic

    Enjoyed their goodies as a kid, what a shame, another American tradition gone.

  • chatterbox365

    I’m going to miss my Twinkies, but let’s hope some other company or equity firm sees the value in the branding and buys Hostess. How about Romney?! Even though he lost the presidency, he can redeem himself by saving our Twinkies.

    Gillette went through the same thing and they came back from the dead.

    And yes, I blame the idiotic union thugs. The days of Norma Rea are gone and unions have done nothing but cripple and destroy companies.

  • aware_americancitizen

    wow how quickly you all forget how much the unions do for everyone, union and non. They set the standard for higher wage better benifits and safer working conditions. THink if there were no unions most people would be making min. wage paying out of pocket for health care no retirement and be working in deplorable conditions. Yeah let the companies miss manage thier finances for year, give out massive bounes year after year, but the second they can blame it on someone else they jump at the chance. Please it is the unions fault a comapany that has been around for 100 years falls to pieces with a strike i dont think so, hostess was looking for a way out.

  • When the employee’s give their voice to the union they lose control of their choice. That is too bad that workers and unions alike couldn’t understand the economics of the decisions all over the world are now finding themselves in. The conflict of how do we as a company keep the doors open verses the stubornness of unions and people. I’m affair we will be seeing more of this in the unfortunate new year. There are consequences for the decisions many made 1 1/2 weeks ago and they are happening in full force. Sad to see our country fall from the inside out.

  • drphibes

    Twinky the Kid is a cowboy. His all american values won’t allow him to be pushed around by greedy unions. He’d sooner get out of Dodge altogether. And that’s just what he did, pardner.

  • chatterbox365

    There was a time when unions were needed and were instrumental in changing the workplace for the better. As I stated in another post, the days of Norma Rea are gone. Government regulations and state laws provide protection for workers.

    Unions only make up 1-2% of today’s work environment and most companies get along fine without them.

    Business has changed and what worked 100 years ago, 50 years ago, 25 years ago, does not work today. In case you didn’t know…we are a global economy

    And how much mismanagement and wasteful spending goes on in a union organization? While the leadership has their people strike with no pay, they continue to collect their salaries.

    If Hostess was looking for a way out, then the Bakers’ Union handed it to them with a big red bow. Now Hostess can rid itself from the parasitic union and really turn the company around.

  • I must say it really is amazing that the conservatives have actually convinced you that unions are bad! Incredible. I never in my life thought I would hear such a thing from the middle class/working class of america. They have really brainwashed you. Stop believing corporations have your best interests at heart, because they don’t.

    • xerocky

      It’s much more complicated than all that.