Univ. of Michigan removes Christian group from campus for not allowing gays/lesbians in leadership

In the name of an ‘all-comers’ policy, apparently it’s legal, via a 2010 Supreme Court decision, for universities to now discriminate against Christian groups like Intervarsity for not allowing gays and lesbians to serve in leadership positions. And the University of Michigan has just thrown off campus the Asian Intervaristy chapter for this very reason.

So much for academic tolerance:

CBN NEWS – InterVarsity Christian Fellowship said this week the University of Michigan has removed its Asian InterVarsity chapter from campus over their refusal to allow gays and lesbians to serve as student leaders.

The chapter is one of 10 InterVarsity chapters at the University of Michigan. CBN News has asked the university to comment on the situation but so far has not received a response.

The pressure on college ministries to abandon faith-based leadership requirements has increased since a 2010 Supreme Court decision.

In Christian Legal Society vs. Martinez, the court ruled that a public college may enforce an “all-comers” policy on a religious group without violating the First Amendment, as long as it applies the policy to all campus groups.

Greg Jao, national field director for InterVarsity wrote in Christianity Today last month that the organization has contested the policy on dozens of campuses in the last semester.

Jao said the cases demand substantial time and energy from students and staff. But he also noted that it’s been a character-building period for InterVarsity students and has also presented them with new evangelism opportunities.

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  • Rshill7

    Freedom of association? No. Freedom of religion? No.

    • Don

      Wondering if the same institutions are requiring Islamic groups on campus to have homosexuals, lesbians and transexuals in leadership capacities too. Just asking.

      • bobbybstrd

        Do you know if they are acting on their attraction, or are you just assuming?

    • pdxlady

      My thought exactly, Rshill. Is not Freedom of association Constitutionally protected? This is an outrage.

      • Rshill7

        “…2010 Supreme Court decision.

        In Christian Legal Society vs. Martinez, the court ruled that a public college may enforce an “all-comers” policy on a religious group without violating the First Amendment, as long as it applies the policy to all campus groups.”

        Looks like the court ruled they could do it this way, so the University decided to do it that way.

        • pdxlady

          Yeah, all things are equal except where it concerns Christians. Well I don’t like it! (for what that’s worth)

          Thank you for the research reference.

        • cabensg

          So it is because it’s publicly funded, meaning government funded whether by state or federal funds. That’s what I was wondering. More private colleges are needed.

        • clockwindingdown

          Can other races join single race groups? What about groups based on sex, mens basketball or woman’s swim-team, are these allowed other genders?

          I’m going to have to do some research on what is meant by “All-comers” policy…

          Seems they would have to enforce it equally, so it applies to everything on campus, and I do mean everything, otherwise they would be opened to discrimination lawsuits.

        • 12grace

          But, why haven’t they done that with ALL groups?


          This group even separates girls from boys as they state it. Say, isn’t that discrimination?

  • marketcomp

    We have to take a stand somewhere because its overdue.

    • stage9

      We need to stop talking about taking a stand and do it!

      Who on here lives in Michigan? Stand up!

  • stage9

    Where’s the local Christian outcry?


    • marketcomp

      In Michigan, what religion is local anymore?

      • stage9

        yeah really….but you’d think at the very least churches would rise up, but I know I’m expecting too much from my fellow believers.

        • marketcomp

          Yes, they need to support these young people in every way. I wonder if they have reached out to the local churches.

        • cabensg

          What are the churches supposed to stand up for. These are publicly funded schools that the court rules on. If we want freedom to include and exclude who we want we’re going to have to invest in private colleges. That’s the only place you’ll see freedom of religion and freedom of speech. We’ve already seen the discrimination against conservative organizations who are supposed to be protected by this court order. You can be assured just like the Boy Scouts any private institution will be pressured to accept anyone and anything.

    • B-Funk

      These groups should meet anyway. They don’t need to be recognized by the university. They can start doing house meetings. This culture needs some civil disobedience sometime soon…

      • 12grace

        Or all the Christians could drop out of this college and spend their money elsewhere.

        • PatrickHenrysBody

          Here’s a list of alternative higher institutions of learning for those who decide to attend after graduating from high school or for those who drop out from a state-run re-education center:


  • Orangeone

    And gays and lesbians wonder why society doesn’t accept them.

    • B-Funk

      So true! For one thing, who wants to give any credibility to a group of people who bases their whole identity on what they do? It’s so dysfunctional, and I feel bad for them. They certainly feel like they need to shove it down our throats, though, don’t they…

      • wodiej

        Perhaps we should stop giving credibility to men as well since most of their behavior is based on what they do….sex, sports, power, control etc.

    • sjmom

      Its all about THEM and what THEY want. The epitome of self centered, selfish behavior but then again isn’t that what the world is all about; ME!

      • wodiej

        The world is full of self centered, selfish people and the overwhelming majority are heterosexual. It’s really sad to see Christians turn away gay people who can learn about Christian values and then chastise the gay people for not living a better life.

        • bbitter

          I agree… but there is a difference.
          Christians are taught to love the sinner, hate the sin. But these people identify themselves with the sin. That doesn’t man I stop loving them, but as long as they define themselves by their hormones and dedicate their lives to the propagation of that lifestyle, I cannot accept them, as it would be accepting the sin. This goes for ALL sins, not just homosexuality.

          However, as a result of this self-identification, it no longer is politically acceptable to be a moral upstanding Christian who is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as Paul taught us to be. Homosexuality has become a near religion that dictates actions, ideology, and a life-long work. They say ‘I’m gay’, and evangelize as much as I say ‘I’m Christian’ and evangelize.

          sjmom was right, this is about THEM and what THEY want. This is about forcing social acceptance; something they can’t legislate, but they are trying to, desperately. Now some have realized that the word ‘marriage’ doesn’t grant social acceptance, so they’ve moved to the next step: forced acceptance into social circles. That’s what this is all about; shoving gay down our throats until we accept it or die. I don’t like either, so I find the arguments against ‘pushing back’ kinda ridiculous.

          Please don’t confuse the push-back as ‘hate’. Yes, some are chastised and pushed away, but they are only pushed away because they ARE gay. We’re not pushing away people, we’re pushing away sin. If they refuse to let go, then the sin might just take them with it. And don’t forget, they are pushing twice as hard.

          I truly wish them the best happiness in all eternity, but God is their judge, not man.

        • bbitter

          btw, your statement about ‘the overwhelming majority’ of selfish people being heterosexual is kinda funny. Of course it is; the vast, overwhelming majority of people are heterosexual… mother nature kinda makes sure of that, actually. If we have a vast majority of homosexuals for just one generation, we’re in serous trouble. Take that up with mother nature if you have issues with it.

        • 12grace

          Christianity opposes their lifestyle but they do not hate Gay people. If they joined the Christian group they would have to give up their lifestyle.

        • SweetMarmot

          As far as I can tell, nobody is telling the gays they can’t belong to the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. They’re just saying they can’t be leaders in the group. Heck, most of the people involved in that group aren’t leaders. Why can’t the gays be satisfied with simple membership, like the vast majority of the people involved in Intrvarsity?

  • Conniption Fitz

    This is an outright violation of the Christian group’s constitutional rights.

    • stage9

      Christians don’t have “Constitutional Rights”

      • Sober_Thinking

        That seems to be more and more true each day.

        God is in control… and we should be on our knees, praying for him to change this evil. However, His will be done…

      • sjmom

        We have Heaven’s rights; bought and paid for by the Blood Covenant and I’ll put that against any other rights. The Lord will see to our Constitutional rights we will be protected.

        “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.” Isaiah 54:17 KJV

        They don’t know WHO they’re messin’ with. 🙂

        • stage9

          You’re right but something is still bothering me more and more lately.

          1) Christians talk a good talk but they rarely, if EVER, put their faith in action. (unless it includes a meal at Chick-fi-la)

          In other words it’s as though Christians keep looking for God to swoop in and save them from the horrors of this world so that they don’t have to face the responsibility of living in it. But scripture doesn’t assure any such thing!

          God was still in control when nazi stormtroopers murdered their way across Europe; and when the Bolsheviks seized power and began to implement oppressive communist policies, God was still in control. And do you know what? Most Christians were SILENT THEN TOO!

          2) My second point is, that the truth of scripture does not exempt us from action.

          We just keep thinking that because we’re Christians the extent of our responsibility on this earth is to go to church, sing a couple of praise songs and that’s it. Yet, we’ll sit and complain the rest of the week about the loss of rights disappearing all around us! It’s sickening and hypocritical!

          We’ll travel to the other side of the world to feed a starving child who is the victim of a despotic government, but sit here in the States and never lift a finger to stop a despotic government from rising up around our own homes which will directly affect OUR OWN CHILDREN! (And frankly, many only travel to the other side of the world to help starving children so that they can punch their “Christian card” and feel better about themselves.)

          I would never suggest that God is not in control; I wouldn’t, or that He won’t receive glory no matter what happens, but how many lives could have been saved if the Christian church in Germany would’ve stepped up and led an effort to oppose the nazis (some did, I know but most didn’t); or what if the churches in countries like Romania had stood up rather than surrender, or even become complicit in, the atrocities perpetrated by communism?

          I guess I’m just tired of the anecdotes. God gives us the opportunity to oppose the rise of evil. If we ignore the opportunity then we are complicit in it.

          I don’t know….

  • I wonder how many Jews would be in leadership positions in MSA? I wonder how many Baptists would be in leadership in AHA (Athiest/humanist/agnostic) ?
    Ah I know. Tolerance for me, but none for thee.

    “There are those who hate Christianity and call their hatred an all-embracing love for all religions.”
    G.K. Chesterton

    • stage9


      Weren’t you the one I was talking to several weeks ago who was putting together some sort of Conservative organization? You had a website and everything? How’s that coming along?

      • The website is up now stage9. It’s got some glitches which are hopefully going to get worked on- but you can see it here: http://cfp4us.org/

        We’re on facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/CFP4US/
        have over 600 on there now.

        I’ve taken a few days of a needed break from making the videos, and need to start back on researching stuff. It’s coming along though. Thank you very much for asking.

        • stage9

          How can I help?

          We’ve got tons of talent and skill on this site that can get this thing going.

          It’s time to stop all the yapping and start doing. It’s time to put our necks out there and crawl out of the shadows.

          • I need to go out for a bit- but I sure appreciate that! Yes we need help! And YES we have a lot of talent here.
            I’ll let you know when I get back in a couple of hours. Thank you so much!!

            We’re also on twitter too- @CFP4US.

            See you in a bit.

          • I’m back stage9. Sorry ’bout that. It’s necessary to get groceries for a 12 y/o who eats like a 19 y/o 😉

            I guess one of the things we need to ask first, is what is your talent. I know one of them is writing and thinking 😉 But what can you offer? Time would be very helpful. As much as I stay awake- often until wee morning hours, there’s still more to do.

            I think the main thing right now besides helping to spread the word about us, is I need folks wherever they are- to talk to friends, acquaintances and family members whom have a solid grasp and love for the Constitution, and see if they (or yourselves!) are willing to run for office. We need to start somewhere, and while we’d love to see major changes in Washington, we need to be realistic that not all of us are cut out for that. But local offices, from school boards, county commissioner, mayor whatever. Our newest Congressman from my district is Trey Radel. He’s great, and he never ran for anything local before, although he’s well known in our neck of the woods because he was a businessman and also one of our local news anchors for a while. But the point is, he quit his job at the station to run, because he was sick of what was happening.

            We need to get folks who are interested in running on our party and registered (more on that later as we find them).

            For now:
            Anyone who can and will be willing to help gather research on media bias, liberal bias in colleges and education, un Constitutional actions of local, state and federal politicians… things to counter the culture, education and media propaganda that we’ve had so long. News stories, you tube stuff, and local news anything that we can use to show how much the schools, news media, entertainment and social programs from the government are socialist and hypocritical.
            Oh, and we need to investigate the real possibility that massive voter fraud went on all around the country. Those who live in districts, or close to those where it seemed possible, need to investigate some how to find out or try and find proof. We may be too late to do something about it- but knowing will help the next time what to watch for.

            We need to start one on one with people we know who are sheep and educate them by showing them. They won’t listen to arguments of words, but maybe by showing short you tube videos or actual news stories they at least may start thinking. That’s why I’ve started doing the videos, and not just the Benghazi ones. People have short attention spans, so I purposely keep most of the videos 10 minutes or less. We need to educate. I can’t keep up doing the videos and gathering all the research for what I need. Some others are helping and have helped, but there’s so much out there, I can always use more. Anytime you see anything, either e mail : [email protected] or post me a few links here.

            If anyone is good at writing short essays- same things. I hope to start posting on the CFP blog more articles having to do with Constitutional issues and also short essays which highlight more points I can’t always include on the videos.
            For example, I just wrote one last week on the court decision on dear leader’s appointments to the NLRB, and orangeone helped by getting me quotes from the legal briefs.

            I had help from Puritan and toongoon on the wording of the CFP platform as well which can be seen under the latest story. Anyone who is interested in writing let me know here or at the e mail.

            We need to keep posting news like Scoop does- especially with video, but we also need to start posting ideas on what WE CAN do to fix things. Posting news on gun rights and anti gun legislation, local sheriffs etc. is fine because we’re facing real threats from that.

            We can also post things about other legislation in our areas which might not be making news to be aware. That way folks from the same areas can help each other by shining a light on problems, but also work together for fighting back.

            We desperately need to re kindle the fire of the founders, we need to offer up prayer for our country… and yes, even for our “leaders” as hard as that may seem at times- but is SO needed.

            I hope I didn’t bombard you or anyone else happening to see this. But you’re right stage9. We need to quit talking about action and do something. These are the only things I can think of right now, and am always open to suggestions!

            • stage9

              I’ll try and read through this later and contact you through the website if that’s ok. I don’t like posting personal info on the internet. Look for my e-mail later.

              • One of the glitches is the sending comments on the website stage9- just e mail directly to [email protected] (it’s my own e mail for the site so no one sees it but me) and I’ll check it. Thank you brother. I appreciate it.

              • gotroy22

                I love the intolerance of the Democrat diversity crowd.

            • 12grace

              Congratulations! I want to look over your list and see how I can best help you. I’ll email you, ABC

        • sjmom

          Love it, ABC!!!!!!!!!!

        • pdxlady

          Thank you for posting the website info ABiC. You are doing such a wonderful job, and I appreciate and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

          I have enjoyed all of the videos and understand the amount of time you have put in to make this all possible.

          I pray…”That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;” Eph. 3:16

          • You have NO idea what that just meant to me now pdxlady. And the encouragement from you and others. Thank you so much!!!! God bless you sweet sister. xoxoo

            • pdxlady

              Well…I did have some idea, sis. 🙂 Just the quality and quantity of the work you are doing is exhausting ME!

              And I thought you needed prayer to be STRENGTHENED. With POWER. By His SPIRIT. Into the INNER MAN. (as we all do, to carry on daily)

              You are doing a great work…do not come down or be distracted…I love Nehemiah Chapter 6. I believe it applies here. 🙂

              (((XOXOX))) back atcha!

              • I know you do, but I so appreciate it anyway! And I’ll read Nehemiah 6 tonight. 🙂 Thank you girlie!! xoxoxo

                • pdxlady

                  I’m happy to do a small part. Enjoy your day. (It’s just after noon out here on the West Coast) 🙂

                • You have a blessed afternoon sweet lady! 😀 xoxo

    • I personally think what you posted should be the very basis they use to fight back. Just as the left wants to make everyone on the right live by their own rules via Alinsky, then the right should do the exact same thing. Start over taking these groups and forcing the same rules to apply. I would be willing to donate money if they want to fight it all the way up the chain.

      • I think that’s what we’ve GOT to do Laurel. Use the Alinsky type tactic- but in a more civil way if we can use that word. We need to take back the culture, the media and social issues that the left has used for so long to smear us. We don’t have to be uncivil and smear- just combat with the truth.

        • One doesn’t need to lie to take over their turf. Make them live by their rules. Join an atheist group and push Christianity. Join a Muslim group and push Christianity….and so on and so forth. Conservative gays should be taking Muslims to the wood shed.

          I would fight fire with fire. Fire can be cleansing or it can be damaging. Depends on how it is wielded. Like George Washington said…’a dangerous servant or a fearful master’.

          “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended there are other views.” ~William F. Buckley

          • I really like you Laurel. 🙂 I like the way you think. Exactly.

            • Thank you ABiC.

              P.S. I like your website and will be sending it to friends.

              • Thank you very much! I appreciate that! 🙂

                • My daughter is surfing it right now. She also used it to win a debate. I sent her the link this morning and received a text from her.

                • OH how cool! 😀 That makes me happy lol! Can you tell me what the debate was?

                • The demise of the Republican Party. She works at Heritage Foundation.

                  I should add she is gathering a lot of data on that very topic.

                • Oh wow! Cool!! Thanks Laurel! That must be a cool job too.

  • aposematic

    Wonder if U of MI has any Islamist groups that allow Gays/Lesbians to serve in Leadership positions?

    • Great point!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Brilliant observation!

    • notsofastthere

      The Islamists know how to take care of infidels. No Gay, Lesbian, Transvestite, would even think to join them. Christians turn the other cheek and get knocked unconscious.

      • sjmom

        No, but we have a very powerful Sword in our hand and should use it.

      • wodiej

        I guess women are infidels too then. Sick.

    • It just doesnt fit the progressive profile to go after Islam

  • Even though the world denies God’s great plan doesn’t mean a plan is not in fact fully functional.
    Operation Whupass is going to be quite a spectacle. I hope I’m here to see it.

    • Sober_Thinking


    • sjmom

      That’s for sure. God’s plan will be fulfilled and I pray to be a part of it.

  • Sober_Thinking

    End times…

    I’m sure the community knows about this… Huh? No? Because the corrupt media didn’t report it… or report it honestly? Alright, for those conservatives and lovers of liberty who do know about this, I’m sure they’re organizing some sort of protest… same with local churches, etc. Right? Anyone? Beuhler? Anyone?

    Nice precedent… let our children be indoctrinated in academic ignorance and atheism but cast out the only possible groups who can help spread the good news and make REAL, positive change in our kids lives…

    I’m sure O’Reilly will cover this and call out this sham university. Right?

    All it takes is one faithful person…

    • ST,

      How are things going? It has been awhile. Anyway, the UofM is an interesting thing. I know that Dearborn is essentially under Sharia Law. The best way to have UofM change policy is to go directly to their boosters and alumni. Nothing speaks louder than $$$.

      Yet, parents need to step it up as well and stop sending their children.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Going well overall… always nice to hear from you my friend!

        Good comment – great points.

  • Political Correctness is a poor substitute for real thinking. Would someone please explain to me how this falls under ‘diversity’ as well? Since the aim here is to let all comers in and make everyone look the same how is that diversified?

    • Conniption Fitz

      FACTS ABOUT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and those who proclaim it:

      1. The PC crowd attacks any and every person or group that stands in their way.

      2. The PC crowd demand tolerance and diversity, but cannot tolerate difference or dissent.

      3. The PC stance has NOTHING to do with evidence, facts, logic, reason, science, Scripture or statistics or reality – it is based on politics and pressure. THEY determine the correct narrative and others must conform to it or be subjected to Alinsky terrorist tactics, even jailed or assaulted.

      4. There is no fixed or consistent PC standard, quite the opposite. The same people who screech and weep about a ‘war on women,’ female genital mutilation, pansexuality (any/every kind of sexual proclivity) and violence will screech in support of Islamists. The same people who want to save baby seals and whales screech in support of abortion, even third trimester and post-birth abortion.

      5. PC really stands for Punitive Conformity and they mean to enforce it by any means.

      6. Finally, from the best bumper sticker of the year…Politically Correct Isn’t.

      • “Punitive Conformity” sums that up nicely.

    • Nukeman60

      They are not called Diversities, they are called Universities. You must be like them when you enter, or else you will be like them when you leave.

      • Not this girl…nor her child.

        We tend to leave marks that are sometimes painful. More than a few teachers and profs have incurred a wrath that they never saw coming. 🙂

        • Nukeman60

          Heh, I know how you feel, as I’ve been there myself. 🙂

          • The single biggest weakness the left has is they assume everyone agrees with them so they prattle on and usually end up shooting their mouth off thinking they are safe.

            • Nukeman60

              Yeah, one just the other day tried to tell me maybe she taught my kids, assuming I guess that it would be an insult to me. I told her it was not possible, because my kids would have straightened her out.

              • And in actuality Nukeman that is our best weapon against the left. Teach your children well and teach them to have the courage of their convictions.

      • Wow! now that was some interesting thought there. Loved the Di vs. Uni. Thanks for the great observation and ‘shake of the head’.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Scoop, I’m about ready for another cat video or something… I can’t take too much more of all this evil…

    • Can we make it a dog one?

      • c4pfan

        Yeah. Or the one with Sophia (Chuck Heath Jr’s daughter) playing with their pet cat in a box? LOL

      • Sober_Thinking


        As long as it has fur and is cute… I’m cool with that.

      • sjmom

        If I knew how to do it I’d send you my grand dog who was naughty when she knocked over the trash can and explored the contents. My son sent us a video of her being corrected and the guilt ridden pup made for good video. Last week she ate the cake, donuts, cookies and some candy with wrappers. A real sweet tooth.

        • Sounds adorable! I love animals but I must admit dogs are my real soft spot. Last night I was watching something and I said “What an adorably cute dog!” and my husband said “You think all dogs are cute!”

          He is right. I can’t help myself. I love them. They make my heart happy.

          • colliemum

            I know exactly how you feel!

            I, for example, cannot keep my hands off other people’s dogs whom I meet when going to the shops. One look from them, and a wag – and I’m gone … don’t care what’s in between, size, colour, breed: it doesn’t matter. I always think it’s rude not to greet back a dog who obviously wants to say hello to me.
            That’s why members of my family suddenly don’t know me when we’re out together.

            • Ummm…I carry dog treats in my cars and purse. I feel guilty if I’m out of them. Dogs come up to me because they are smart. They know a sap when they see one. 😉

              • colliemum

                Dog treats …. yep, there are always some in my pockets, left over from the housewolf-walkies. And in the other pocket there usually rests a spare bag or two, to pick up what comes out of a dog’s furry behind … saps and suckers, the lot of us, as far as dogs are concerned! :-))

      • note: I have take over dmacs keyboard.
        no, we cats rule.
        if its a dog friendly cat then I would accept that.
        I now release mind control back to dmac.

        • dammit, maggie took over again.

  • The next thing they’ll demand (and already are) is the right for an atheist to lead their Christian groups. Someone, maybe the Supreme Court (perhaps even Justice Roberts) can explain to the people this infringement on people of faith and their ability to practice their religion without being impinged. All we’ve seen in the past several decades and full onslaught now is the right of the atheist, LGBT to deny us our right to our faith, and the practice there of.

    • sjmom

      They can try to stop us but they cannot stop God. Let ’em try. hmmm. thunder, lightning, drowning in the nearest sea. Fools all of them.

  • notsofastthere

    The Girl Scouts have caved in. Boy Scouts are about to cave in. Military has caved in. Colleges joyfully haven’t caved in, because they support this anti-cultural, anti-traditional crap. A society in decline, in real time, before our very eyes. A bit like watching the Twin Towers collapse.

    • ryanomaniac

      Seems Christians gave in first. If Christians are the majority then none of those things would’ve happened. Its pretty sad.

  • wales777

    Time for a law suit.

  • c4pfan

    This is just plain wrong.

  • Sandra123456

    Will they demand that Muslim groups include Homos as well?

    …I don’t think so.

    • notsofastthere

      1) No Homo is brave enough
      2) The Homo would disappear, and any investigation would be a sham
      3) Obama and authorities would agree, the Homo had no right to insult the Religion Of Peace and the prophet Muhammud

    • pdxlady

      Yes, especially there in Michigan, the Islamic capital of the US*, with Dearbornistan there.

      We (Christians) should begin infiltrating their groups and demand our “rights;” although I personally wouldn’t be interested in doing that. Too dangerous.


  • sjmom

    Perhaps, a church would allow them access and I think this is what Christians are going to have to do…………..stick together. We’re going to have to join forces with one another, regardless of denominational bent and fight for what we believe in. If Jesus died for us we can fight for Him in His Name.

    • wodiej

      Jesus died for all sinners not just the heterosexual ones.

      • sjmom

        Absolutely, but as those who are called by His Name we must stand and fight against darkness. If we don’t who will????

        God forgives anyone who comes to Him with a humble, sincere heart but also hates sin. Love the sinner hate the sin.

        • maybetoday777

          Sorry but more church garbage here. God hates the sin and hates the sinner UNLESS that sinner comes to Jesus Christ. If not, then, that sinner is a hell bound fool!

          And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

          God is a God of love, but also of consuming fire. And, I dont mean separation from God. Know what a faggot is? It is a bundle of sticks used for burning! Jesus Christ said, as it was in the days of Lot so shall it be when the son of man is revealed. What Jesus is saying that right before His immediate return the faggots and queers would be setting up the days of Lot.

          Where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenced!

      • so you would allow a satanist to lead a christian fellowship?

      • maybetoday777

        Big deal. The Book says He died for the ungodly! It doesn’t mean that I welcome unsaved hellbound people into my home who REJECT Jesus Christ as their Saviour. You are a damn fool!

  • bobbybstrd

    There are two issues here.
    First off, gay and lesbian students should be welcomed with open arms into the Christian club. This idea that we as Christians shouldn’t love people who sin differently than the rest of us is a perversion of scripture. News flash to all of you throwing stones: YOU ALL SIN, that’s the WHOLE POINT OF CHRIST. Christianity 101 is so TOUGH!
    The issue is leadership. If someone knowingly is violating teachings of the faith, they shouldn’t be in leadership positions. Are the bylaws of the club written that way? If so, then fine, the university is overstepping, as it is forcing the club to violate it’s rules set in its beliefs.
    The inability to separate these two issues is appalling to me. Don’t wonder why we’re viewed as anti-gay when you show such knee-jerk reaction because these folks sin differently than YOU DO. Now, go read the story of the woman who was going to be stoned and Jesus’ reaction, and learn something.

    • notsofastthere

      My understanding is that Gays are not forbidden from meetings or services, but are prohibited from leadership roles.
      Would the college or courts defend the right of a Christian or Jew from a leadership role in a Muslim Mosque?
      We elect people to congress who take an oath they refuse to believe in and judges who don’t uphold the constitution….Look where that has lead us….destruction of the organization.

  • If they’re Asian, they may be affiliated with my church (Japanese Christian Fellowship), which means they’ve (U of M) acquired a very loud and uncompromising enemy.

    Guess who that is.

    • 1tootall

      It’s certainly consistent with recent policy statements we have received in alum mailings. I’m ashamed to say I attended their for both degrees. I refused to allow either of my sons to go there.

  • Since a college education is almost useless now that they are shutting down the country, Christians should probably just pull out of these colleges. The best protest would be a mass exodus of students.

    • Landscaper

      Spot on. Mom and Dads money walks away [ with the student. ] Followed by a letter to the president on the university with an explanation.

      BTW, if this Christian group had a student member who’s parent was a high level $$$ booster or politically connected, this would NOT have happened. Political correctness gets fuzzy when it hits someone’s wallet

    • maybetoday777

      The Holy Spirit said that “men of high degree (higher education) are a lie (Psalm 62:9). Higher education is nothing but trying to get rid of Absolute Truth.

      • I have always thought that mankind was better off ignorant of certain things. It is better to live by faith, than to risk the pride of certain knowledge. The more you know, the more responsibility you have.

    • I am too old for university but if I could do it again I would likely go to a Christian university

  • Nukeman60

    I find it disingenuous for this University to refuse a group entry into their campus for not allowing gays entry into that group’s leadership. They are performing the same action that they claim is unacceptable.

    ‘In Christian Legal Society vs. Martinez, the court ruled that a public college may enforce an “all-comers” policy on a religious group without violating the First Amendment, as long as it applies the policy to all campus groups.’

    Do they, though?

    Of course, we all know that it’s okay to refuse infidels the right to belong to Muslim groups or anti-gays to belong to gay groups, because these groups have the right to their own beliefs, but Christians are a special case, whereby discriminating against them is okay.

    (granted a gay person may well claim to be a Christian, but if their belief system clashes with that of the group, why would they want to be a member in that group anyway, let alone in leadership roles?)

    So, should a pro-abortion person be allowed to be a leader of a pro-choice group? Would that even make sense at all? Or perhaps, we need more extreme liberals in the Young-Republican ranks. That would be oh so fine to them.

    The goal is to compromise and distort the base beliefs of any group they infiltrate.

    • pdxlady

      “The goal is to compromise and distort the base beliefs of any group they infiltrate.”

      Exactly, Nukeman.

      “Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself.” 1 Tim. 6:5 KJV

      Perverse. Disputings.

      • maybetoday777

        and this verse has been changed or altered in all modern “bibles” to teach some thing else. Now, I wonder who(!) would want to do that?! He couldn’t be a bible reviser (Gen 3:5), could he?

  • TickedWhiteDude

    Well then, gay groups on campus should have to adopt and display satanic symbols, or get off campus.

  • sDee

    SO, does anyone know if the Muslim Student Association at the UNiverstiy of Michigan has beencontacted about its policy on gay and lesbian leaders?

    It looks like they MSA is using the University’s facilities:

    Or is it the more likely case that the same cowards are to damn chicken sh’t to apply to the MSA.

  • I think a Christian pastor should go lead a gay group. They will realize the values are different and then descriminate.

  • cabensg

    Is this because of government funding for Universities or just an arbitrary homosexual right handed down from the court? Get the government out of all education funding and in every other way. Start up more private colleges that can admit or omit anyone they choose.

  • hxpro

    The thing about being gay is, all I need to do to be gay is to say I’m gay. There is no way anyone can prove or disprove how a person feels about their sexual attraction. So, all of the members of Intervarsity should just claim they are gay or bisexual. What can the university do? Say they are all making it up? Then make the university prove it. How can the university say they have the right to determine who is is really gay and who is just saying they are gay. If they wanted to, Intervarsity could turn this whole thing upside down.

  • wodiej

    It never fails to amaze me how many people call themselves Christians then behave in un Christian ways. So the “Christian” group thinks it’s ok to discriminate against gay Christians-and yes there is such a thing…but they don’t think it’s Ok for them to be discriminated against. This is hypocrisy at it’s finest Just like the boy scouts, when gay people attempt to live a decent life of character they are turned away by the very people who should be showing Christ’s love. And that is really the only thing that helps anyone. Judgment, intolerance and hate are not Christian virtues no matter how you want to twist it.

    • 1tootall

      I am always fascinated by those who identify what they deem to be “Christian” or “un-Christian” behavior. I imagine they would have accused Jesus of being “un-Christian” in most cases. The right to have a private group and to determine who their leaders should be has been part and parcel of all groups’ leadership protocol for time immemorial. Although highly cynical, motivation for gays to “want” to be in leadership for Christian groups, especially those who actually believe what the Bible says about homosexuals, is highly suspect in my book. Other that wanting to tear down any beliefs that might be antithetical to their own, gays wanting to be in leadership of Christian groups in order to “force” their morals down the throats of the Christian members strikes me as a bit fascistic. Yes, it is completely okay to self-determine one’s leaders, and that by definition IS discrimination!! So what?? I fail to see why that is a problem!! The Bible says Jesus is the only way to Heaven. That ALSO sounds discriminatory. Unless the gays want to water down what the Bible says, why would they want any part of that. Judgement is most certainly part of the Bible. So is hate and intolerance. I suggest you look up the word “holy” before you continue to embarrass yourself any more. You sound like the classic “do-gooder” who doesn’t have a clue what the Bible actually SAYS!! (Hint: start with the first chapter of the Gospel of John, and then come back and tell us how “intolerant” THAT is!!)

    • d00mie

      It’s not hate. It’s obeying God. Sexually immoral activity is prohibited. So is eating food dedicated to idols.

    • you stoned?

    • maybetoday777

      any Scripture to back up your satanic lies? Oh no we are all out!

  • ApplePie101

    There are legal forces and there are market forces. When Christians stop buying education from universities that discriminate against Christian beliefs, then they may expect to be taken seriously, and not until then.

    • I live in Canada many parents have pulled their children out of the public school system and enrolled them in Charter schools to avoid the progressive drivel taught in the public school system

  • Don’t these organizations have a right to determine their leaders or not? What the heck is going on here?

  • BeyondPolls

    This type of thing has been going around the country, according to my sources.

  • Josh

    Just checked, and yes there IS a Muslim Students’ Association at University of Michigan. I think it would be great to have their by-laws audited by the School. Can’t wait for the leadership to show their openly gay leaders to the world.


  • d00mie

    Easy way around this is to require abstinence for unmarried student leaders. Which should probably be a requirement anyway.

  • NoFunBen

    stockpile bibles for there will soon be a day where the bible will be banned in the US.

    and people try to stock up on guns. go the china where the bible is banned and a bible at times has sold for a years wages on the black market.

    • maybetoday777

      No need, Satan just counterfeited it and revised it more than 200 times since 1611 via Westcott and Hort and Aland Metzger.

  • Constance

    What would gays and lesbians actually bring to this Christian group? Any actual Christianity? Should we open up the Christian group to Buddhists and anarchists too?

  • Curiousmoi

    Fair is only defined by the left

  • DebbyX

    Plus I’m hearing that the Boy Scouts are going to cave to the pressure of allowing gay Scout Leaders! This really upsets me. Our son was in scouting, it’s the best thing for a boy to be a part of. They are moral and teach love of Country. Of course the Left would want to infiltrate something as noble as that. Gotta bring it down to their level in the gutter. This is so disappointing.

  • 12grace

    I wonder if Islamic groups allow gays in their organizations?

    I would sue the school.

  • maybetoday777

    You know who chooses your friends when you are in jail? The federal govt does! This is the same garbage. Americans you are by far the dumbest people to walk the face of the earth EVER. You love apartheid (Civil Righs Act of 1964) then you are going to get in the neck.

  • 12grace



    Anyone wonder if the Muslim Student Association allows Gays?

    The Christian group needs to sue the University.

  • I used to love diversity then I went to university

  • There is no diversity if you don’t allow groups to support their own agenda; ie: Christians, Jews….

  • How do you explain being a Christian and then having a gay or lesbian in the ranks? that is a conflict right there!, and why do gays and lesbians want to be involved with Christians and people of faith who believe that the lifestyle that they live is a sin. Live like you want, but stop forcing your messed up choice of life on me and the faith I have, we still see it as a sin.