UNREAL: Liberal Columnist Says Ambassador Stevens Was NOT Murdered In Benghazi Attack

Prepare to be appalled. This is Eleanor Clift, liberal columnist, talking about the attack in Benghazi with the panel on The McLaughlin Group on Friday.

It wasn’t murder, it was SMOKE INHALATION? That is so patently absurd it’s hard to believe it’s not a parody. SMOKE. INHALATION. The poor reasoning here really requires no explanation. And that’s not the only digging she does in this hole. She goes on to suggest it really was all about a video, that Petraeus should be on trial, not Hillary, and basically sneer at the entire thing as if it was no more consequential than someone who happpened to get a flat tire on the way to the office.

Absolutely despicable, stupid, ignorant, lame, America-hating, partisan, hacky, rationalizing, moronic, flippant, uncaring, insensitive, dismissive, superior, sneering, LIBERAL garbage. I have another word, but this site has standards to maintain.

(h/t: RCP)

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