US Jews vastly prefer Obama to Romney

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  • NoToTyrants

    I have heard all the explanations as to why this is true, yet it still befuddles me.

    Why would the Jewish community, of their own free will, chose to elect a leader that loathes Israel and the Jewish people?

    I know, for the most part, these are secular Jews that put Communism before Judaism. But, don’t they realize that Obama, Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of their ilk, despise all Jews whether they are secular Communist Jews or not. They side, and will always side, with the Islam-o-nazi’s that openly seek a second holocaust, even though they are renowned for denying the first one.

    It defies all logic.

    • WordsFailMe

      I remember the story of Pinocchio when I was a boy. Not sure why, but the puppet’s passionate wish, “to be a real boy,” always struck me as heart-breaking. Wanting something he would never have.

      The self-loathing these American Jews feel must be overwhelming.
      Thanks Noto.

      • I don’t know if it’s self-loathing, so much as self-identification as Democrats and/or liberals. I’m an agnostic Jewish guy from NY, and I believe this article to be correct. Short of declaring an admiration for Adolf Hitler, I don’t believe Obama could say or do anything that would keep a majority of American Jews from voting for him.

        I think part of the reason why American Jews vote Democrat is that there is a tremendous longing to be liked among Jews, to be seen as “reasonable” and “fair” and so on by the supposed sophisticates who manufacture their daily intake of news and information. There’s a great deal of cognitive dissonance associated with being Jewish and supporting the Democrat Party: e.g., I have family members who were outraged by the MSM’s blatant lies about the so-called “massacre” in Jenin a few years back, and who have noticed on more than one occasion that this is a trend, i.e., that the NY Times is biased against Israel to the point where they will publish untruths about that country. Noting this outrage, I took it for an opportunity to open my relatives’ eyes: “If the New York Times is willing to lie about one thing to advance their political agenda, doesn’t it stand to reason that they’d be willing to lie about other things for political purposes?” Yes, they suppose so, my relatives answered… and then went back to reading the New York Times as their main source of news and information.

        The most absurd part of it is, as Dennis Praeger has often observed, Jews lead largely conservative lives: they study hard, work hard, save, and strive to keep their families intact, etc.

        • leaky_sink

          I’ve wondered about this and read many article and opinions on it, but your post explained a lot. Thank you.

          It’s sad though, they’re so much desperate to be liked that they’re willing to go to the path of self-destruction, consciously or unconsciously.

  • There is no logic to this.

  • Guest1776rcp

    US Jews vastly prefer Obama to Romney

    So do I! Gridlock is underrated and would be more conservative by default than Romney and the GOP controlling both houses. I fear Romney and the GOP that gave us expanded entitlements, a doubling of the debt and increase of the size and scope of government more than I fear a lame duck second termer. Bush and the GOPe delivered Nancy and Harry then Obama and Romney and that same GOPe will end up delivering Hillary or worse. I’d rather lose this battle and win the war than win this battle and lose the war.

    • Though many may disagree with your logic, it does make some sense, though it would seem that Obama continues to do this run-around thing. Until the Repub’s gets it figured out that they own the purse strings of the government, it will continue.

      However, the purpose for the US Jews are for Obama is because he has a D after his name. This does not make any sense whatsoever. My grandfather was deeply upset with the way Dukakis handled his campaign. He was so sure he would win. I was completely befuddled at this, until I took the time to learn about this “liberal” bent of the US Jew that was so complete that they feel guilt, guilt, guilt for their position. Generally they keep thinking that if they just demonstrate their “compassion” via government, then everything will be okay.

    • StrangernFiction

      Yours is not a popular opinion, but I agree with it.

  • 911Infidel

    Ever heard the term Kapos? In the concentration camps there were Kapos. And Jesus had his Judas. There have always been Jewish Kapos and Jewish patriots. Maybe that’s why even the Scriptures mention only 144,000 who will be saved in the end.

    Shema Yisreal. Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad !!

  • RobertMahoney

    The best explanation I heard regarding this is what David Horowitz said to Rush Limbaugh when he asked this very question.

    His answer was simply this… when you are a liberal, you are a liberal first, and everything else comes second.

    I was at a thanksgiving dinner with some of my wifes friends and they were educators in Austin, Texas (Where we lived at the time) and some of their guests got into a discussion about creationism and science. Now, these people were Catholic and yet they deplored Intelligent Design. They said that ID was nothing more than backdoor 6 day creationism. I explained to them they while some ID do believe in 6-24hr days, a lot of them do not and when you read their material most don’t even come anywhere even close to discussing the days of creation. I have books by ID who are simple Deists. I also said that ID didn’t say that Darwinism shouldn’t be taught in schools, they just said that it should be taught as theory and that there are differing views on how we all got here. Let people hear the evidence and let them make up their own minds. They objected and argued and I simply asked them if they believed in God and that He brought all that exists into being from nothing. They said they did. I then asked why they would object to the theory of intelligent design and they let the cat out of the bag…

    “Because of the right wing in this country”

    I said to them “Hold on a sec, I didn’t ask you about politics, but that seems to be the only lens you can look at anything with.”

    See, they were liberals who personally believed that the universe and all that is came into being by God, yet, they would rather Atheistic ideas of the universe be taught for fear that the alternative might lead to someone becoming a conservative.

    Liberal first, everything else comes second.