US revokes Edward Snowden’s passport as Ecuador says they are considering his asylum request

Reuters is reporting that the US has revoked Snowden’s passport which means they are uncertain how he’s been able to travel. Despite that he’s apparently landed in Russia and Ecuador has admitted they are considering granting Asylum for Snowden. Wikileaks is helping Snowden and apparently has a great relationship with the Ecuadorian president:

REUTERS – Fugitive former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden is seeking asylum in Ecuador, the Quito government said on Sunday, after Hong Kong let him leave its territory despite Washington’s efforts to extradite him on espionage charges.

An aircraft believed to be carrying Snowden landed in Moscow, and the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks said in a statement he was “bound for the Republic of Ecuador via a safe route for the purposes of asylum”.

Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, visiting Vietnam, tweeted: “The Government of Ecuador has received an asylum request from Edward J. #Snowden.”

Ecuador is sheltering WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange at its London embassy, and Ecuador’s ambassador to Russia said he expected to meet Snowden in Moscow on Sunday.

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa has good ties with WikiLeaks and is in a politically confident mood after his recent landslide re-election.

Snowden’s departure from Hong Kong, a former British colony that returned to China in 1997, is likely to be highly embarrassing for the administration of President Barack Obama. U.S. authorities had said only on Saturday they were optimistic Hong Kong would cooperate over Snowden, who revealed extensive U.S. government surveillance in the United States and abroad.

Earlier, a source at the Russian airline Aeroflot had said Snowden would fly on from Moscow within 24 hours to Cuba, although the source said he planned to go on to Venezuela.

Venezuela, Cuba and Ecuador are all members of the ALBA bloc, an alliance of leftist governments in Latin America that pride themselves on their “anti-imperialist” credentials.

Ecuadorean Ambassador Patricio Alberto Chavez Zavala told reporters at a Moscow airport hotel that he would hold talks with Snowden and Sarah Harrison, a WikiLeaks representative. “We’re waiting for Sarah. We’re going to talk to them,” he said, without revealing what the discussion would cover.


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  • taurnil

    Obama has turned this country into a joke and frittered away what little respect out country had with others. Obama is the traitor.

    • WordsFailMe

      taurnil Obama, with the able assistance of the federal employee unions, the Democratic Party, the president of the Senate, the Former Speaker of the House, the wife of a former president, the American Socialist party, the liberal traitors in the US military, the Congressional Black Caucus, NBC, ABC, The New York Times, GE, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs…..

      • PaulMarek1

        WordsFailMe taurnil … why didn’t you add the GOP elite to your list?  Just look at their comments about Snowden … no different than the DNC.  They all knew about the depth of NSA warrantless searching; and they know more than you could possibly imagine.  The entire GOP elite are bought and paid for … or have long ago been neutralized with dirt that they wish remain hidden.  You own party is up to it’s posterior in this garbage as surely as the DNC … and that includes Bolton, Cheney, Bush, and many many others.

        • WordsFailMe

          PaulMarek1 WordsFailMe taurnil and the National Socialist Republican’s Party!!!

        • strangernfiction

          PaulMarek1 WordsFailMe taurnil Exactly

  • jalangaya

    Good luck & Godspeed to Fast Eddie Snowden. May he always avoid Obama’s chain-gang bloodhounds & night riding lynch mobs.

  • StevenValdez

    Snowden is not the problem, government is. – Sarah Palin.
    It’s not a good thing to eradicate the 4th amendment. Do I really think the government is doing this for my own good? Hell to the NO!

    • strangernfiction

      StevenValdez And those that will tell you Snowden is the problem are part of the problem.

    • doofuschmartz

      Yup…that about says it…

  • doofuschmartz

    I think its prudent, at this point, to reserve judgement on Snowden and his true motive(s) for leaking the NSA information. I am NEVER in favor of people breaking the law, UNLESS, in doing so they avoid breaking one of God’s laws, which always have the pre-eminence. (Acts 4:18-19). That said, I truly have my doubts about WHAT ELSE Edward Snowden has information on. I don’t think it’s so much about what (that information has been out since the Bush administration), but more about WHO and specifically WHAT has been done to certain people to make them compliant to the Obama Thugocracy. Moreover, I believe it will turn out to be people in High offices of government, Media (think Rupie), and especially businesses and corporations. Snowden probably played the Double Crosser role while he was at the NSA so he could collect all of this data, knowing all along that he would do what he’s doing now. Only time will tell, but I truly hope Snowden thought out his escape route well in advance (as it appears, he did), otherwise he is toast…Obama and his Thugocracy want to get their hands on him just way too badly…there’s definitely more to this story than we are being told…

    • standbesideherUSA

      Good post.  What you say makes sense.  There’s definitely more….

      The ‘JUSTICE’ department wants to get his guy?  What JUSTICE has come out of the Justice department of late?  So, they want justice for ‘whom?’  🙂

      This story will over-take the news cycle while amnesty wins and the American People LOSE.  Can you say diversionary tactic?  Is it possible that’s all this is…
      …Like doofusschmarts said…there’s definitely more going on here….my trust level on the information coming out is very low at this point.

      • doofuschmartz

        Excellent follow-up. You’re right, expecting justice from from the Holder Justice Department is a non-starter…hopefully, “the tide will turn, and the worm will squirm” as the saying goes. BTW: The NBP thug who was caught on tape in Philly, during the 08 election, threatening old folks, (the one Eric the Red refused to prosecute), was arrested on possession of illegal guns and ammo charges in New York. He may be looking at three years in prison…

        • standbesideherUSA

          Really.  A possibility of prison time for him after all?  God works in mysterious ways and in His own time, but he does come through, doofusschmartz (with a ‘z’)..sorry ’bout that…  🙂
          My Granny always said, “The worm turns.”  I knew what she meant even as a little kid.  
          Hopefully, this little ‘worm’ will do the time he has rightfully earned.  Thanks.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    RS, I’m interested on your position on Snowden.  You are reporting the news about Snowden, but nmot giving us your usual editrorial slant?
    I know my own feelings are somewhere ion between.  On the one hand Snowden has exposed a dirty side of Government which I am grateful he did, but on the other hand he’s being given asylum by our enemies.  The later is what has me wondering if his motives are not entirely honorable and patriotic. 
    Again just curious about your two cents worth on Snowden.  Thanks.

    • ChesterSimms

      I agree.  Even if Snowden’s initial intentions were honorable and he was only trying to get the public to understand NSA’s overbearing procedures, the people who are giving him succor might do so merely to extract what he knows in exchange for his safety.
      What I am interested in knowing is when we’re going to haul NSA folks in for questioning and see exactly how far up the chain the NSA eavesdropping on citizens goes.

    • applepie101

      There’s a story about a grave robber who broke open a coffin to steal a ring, and accidentally saved a man who’d been buried alive. Like the man in the coffin, I’m less concerned about the honor of Snowden’s motives than the fact that we’re no longer in the dark about the NSA.

      • Godisright

        applepie101 Good point. My thinking is in that direction as well.

  • Pancake3

    US Government, in the form of the NSA, operates outside Constitutional limitations.  Snowden reports on the lawbreaking.   Government cancels the passport and attempts to arrest Snowden for revealing the lawbreaking.  Are we up-side-down, or what?  Are the American people going to put up with this ridiculous state of affairs forever?

    • applepie101

      You can gauge the effectiveness of a strike by the reaction. Snowden’s expose obviously caused damage to Obama’s machine. We saw the same sort of reaction against the Tea party. Very unlike the kabuki theater ‘fights’ staged in congress.


    …Gods speed Edward Snowden to freedom for the sake of everyone’s Gods given right to LIBERTY .”

  • The Sentinel

    Why is he in Russia? I’m starting to wonder about this guy.

    • Laurel A

      The Sentinel Starting?

      • The Sentinel

        Laurel A The Sentinel  
        Wasn’t sure what to make of him… still not sure. But this doesn’t bode well imo.

        • Laurel A

          The Sentinel  Laurel A For me the tell tale signs were his methods. People tend to focus too much on motive and in this case the motive is murky so they get confused.
          Focusing on methods tells me quite a bit.

        • The Sentinel

          Laurel A The Sentinel  
          Good point.
          Now I’m focusing on the madness. 🙂

  • Godisright

    Can’t wait for the movie. This is far from over – four laptops ? We haven’t got through the first hard drive yet.

    • doofuschmartz

      I wonder if Snowden ever tried to reach out to anyone besides the WaPo journalist or the one at the UK Guardian? Probably not, and for good reasons as we are seeing now, every one in both Media and Politics is sympathetic to the Obama administration and/or in bed with them. Besides that, whistleblowers who had tried reaching out, have been threatened, maligned, and intimidated…or even worse…he may have felt that he had no other choice. As I said earlier, I reserve judgement where Snowden is concerned because he may just be looking for significance (after all he WAS A HS dropout), or he may have a genuine desire to get the information out to the public to let the people know what their Government is doing under the guise of National Security…

      • Godisright

        doofuschmartz A lot of people have the opinion that America is in the hand basket and on the way, but I was thinking that Snowden may in fact think, having knowledge of things that far out weighs what you or I know, that America is at a point of no return regarding its’ political/governmental condition. I am also saddened that the government that is supposed to keep us safe makes no qualms about breaching the privacy of the citizens to which it is accountable. Things have come to a head and to think that asylum in a communist country must be contemplated for survival is a bit unreal at this point. I have mixed feelings, but I am glad that the lines crossed by the NSA regarding the citizens of this Country have been exposed.

        • doofuschmartz

          My gut tells me that Snowden has information on people who were not only specifically targeted, but then blackmailed by the Obama Thugocracy in some nefarious manner. And if not blackmailed, then threatened. Those hard drives that he has, may have very, very incriminating information on people who could make the whole house of cards topple…just a gut feeling…

  • Halthouse1

    China and Russia are bogarting the proverbial ‘joint’ in the Edward Snowden NSA scandal!
    The Edward Snowden foreign policy and national security fiasco is just the latest in a long line of Obama administration failures in these two arenas. 
    In this article I use the analogy of bogarting a joint to provide some context that the President and the rest of his administration can hopefully understand! 

    • Stoptheusurper

      Halthouse1 So when is the US Congress going to evict the Fraud in Chief from the sleeper cell at 1600 Penn Ave.  Wow!  It seems The Right Scoop has missed this latest scoop scandal where a Whistle Blower from Albany NY has proof that Barry Soetoro (aka Barack H. Obama) enrolled at Occidental and Columbia as a foreign student (Indonesian and dual citizen).  Snowden is a small change when compared to this massive scandal that is about to break in Washington DC.   I will post it since Right Scoop has decided to black out anything related to this scandal.

  • Matt2Matt

    Why doesn’t he go to the White House?  No one on the planet hates the United States of America more than Barack Hussein Obama…

  • Laurel A

    The left always tells us that ‘the world will love us again’ every single time a Democrat runs for office and is elected. So tell me does it look like Ecuador, an ally that we import a lot of crops from at the expense of our farmers, loves us? If that is love then what is hate?

  • physicsnut

    Consider real traitors:
    If you want to see Marxists – look at those “representatives” the USA sent to the Founding Convention of the U.N.
    Here they are – with their KGB code names.
    Solomon Adler = “SACHS” in Golos-Bentley group – in Treasury Dept
    Virginius Frank Coe = “PEAK” – was in Treasury Dept – US rep to IMF
    Laurence Duggan = “FRANK” PRINCE” or “SHERWOOD”
    Noel Field – in State Dept
    Harold Glasser = “RUBLE” – Perlo Group – Treasury dept, War Production Board
    Alger Hiss = “ALES” in State Dept, FDR advisor at Yalta – worked for GRU – Chairman at UN conference
    Victor Perlo = “RAIDER” was at Treasury and War Production Board
    Abraham George Silverman = “AILERON” – Asst chief of Air staff – Silvermaster Group
    Nathan Gregory Silvermaster = “PAL” “ROBERT” Board of Economic Warfare
    William Taylor – Silvermaster Group – at Treasury
    William Ludwig Ullman – Silvermaster Group – at Treasury
    Henry Julian Wadleigh – at State Dept
    Harry Dexter White = “JURIST” “LAWYER” “RICHARD” asst Sec of Treasury – wrote a tax plan for Soviet Union !
    Do you think that maybe I should be a wee bit concerned about whether these people were representing America ?
    how about those VOTING FOR AMNESTY = 50 million folks who are going to CANCEL YOUR VOTE.