Van Jones: Republican Party doesn’t believe in science, has divorced itself from reality

Van Jones was interviewed by MRCtv on his opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline, saying that Obama approving it would be like “lighting the fuse on a carbon bomb” and that Republicans only support it because they are anti-science and have divorced themselves from reality. Jones claims to have the backing of 96% of scientists on Climate Change, but then you know how that goes.


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  • jleinf

    Project much Vanster?

  • bbitter

    Just from the title, I was going to come here and rip Van a new one, but I think he might be right… from his point of view.

    The Republican party, and the majority of America for that matter, doesn’t believe in Van’s religion of ‘science’, where fact is secondary to political agenda.

    The majority of America still believes in Christianity. And I’m alright with that. They’ve been pitting Christianity against Science for centuries now, forgetting that ‘science’ is a collection of ‘we think it’s true until we tell you it’s not’, which requires more of what they call ‘blind faith’ than Christianity ever has.

    When I need help, I call out to God and He answers. Every time.

    When Van calls out to ‘science’, politics and agenda answers. I wonder how often Van meets facts. Talk about a heartless and brutal god… “Science” gave us eugenics, death camps, starvation, etc. With science, there are no morals, and everything can be rationalized, which is what Van Jones wants.

    I’m happy that the Republican party doesn’t “believe in science” according to Van. I hope and pray to the Lord God, that they never do.

    • warpmine

      That’s just it, Van regards facts as trivial unless politics steps in to verify them. O total, complete quack.

  • Environmental wackos Vs Union workers… Who will win???

    (Brings our deck chair and 6 pack… This could become fun to watch)

  • Sandra123456

    Oh, just make it up.

    There are currently 2,307,981 miles of pipeline in/under America. When is the last time you knew about a major leak/problem etc?

    Pipeline FAQs :

    • las1

      Yeah but the oil sands oil (gotta love that “tar” sands smear) has less of a carbon footprint than Chavez’s Venezuelan oil. So tell us again there Van why you are not targeting Venezuela’s “dirty oil” and calling for a ban on its importation.

      Oh yeah… that’s right… Chavez is a leader you can respect. Right… got it.

    • Nukeman60

      Yep, 2.3 million miles, but it’s the next six feet that they worry about. Don’t talk about yesterday and today. It’s tomorrow that is so deadly to them.

  • I hope Van Jones keeps talking exactly like this because, as more and more Americans become aware of the grand hoax being perpetrated by watermelons like Jones, Al Gore, etc., they expose themselves as the bald-faced liars with an anti-American agenda that they are.

  • las1

    Classic demagoguery… The Republicans are this, the Republicans are that.

    I’m kinda disappointed he didn’t go on a roll and say islamophobe-homophobe-watercontaminators-environmentdestroying-womenhating-babykilling-bigots-racists.

    On a roll they say babykilling… but it’s not really out thing… it’s theirs.

    Did I say racists?

  • deTocqueville1

    Yes indeed, Lefty Logic. Republicans support XL because they are anti science. These guys are just the epitomy of dramatic irony.

  • aPLWBinAK

    This from the morally vacuous Einstein who wants the U.N. to grant equal Human Rights status to ‘Mother Nature’

  • colliemum

    he’s wrong: it was 97% of ‘scientists’ who ‘agreed’. Mind – the actual number was 87, out of thousands, but there ye go, maths is hard for lefties, especially when it is used to debunk their religion.

    Btw: “Russia and China blocked efforts last Friday to have climate change recognised as an international security threat by the UN Security Council (UNSC).”


    Too little too late – but at least a step in the right direction.

    Soo – are they all unscientific dolts, like the ‘Republicans’ of whom Van Jones talks? Or are they in fact realists?

    • warpmine

      I bet they’re still backing away from energy from fission though.

      • colliemum

        They (the Germans, I suppose) still do, byt hypocrisy is the game: they import electricity from France which comes from nuclear generators …

        It astonishes me that politicians are apparently incapable of seeing how their lofty, idealistic laws are being scammed as soon as they hit the ground. Happens again and again, in all walks of life. One would think they’d notice, and try to block that. But noooo …. ideology really beats common sense, every time.

  • Consider the source.

    • martha chandler

      No one is more disconnected from reality than the left. Nice try Van.

    • 1endtimes2020

      There are too many like him on television. He isn’t even up to date on the science. He needs to get out of 1st gear.

  • deeme

    If we had a fair and balanced media you might be introduced to all the thousands of scientists who dispute global warming..better yet just look it up yourself..or watch your local weather’s highs and lows…we had much warmer weather before there were even cars..What we have a problem with, is people getting rich off schemes on taxpayer’s dollars..the louder you shout the richer you are..what’s even sadder is scientists are missing so much like asteroids hitting Russia…but God knew about it all before it even we place our faith in that greater good..I would also like to know, just how many things, these people use in their own lives, to be comfortable that are brought to them by the very fuels they demonize..?? It’s so easy to see why God gets in their way??

    That people may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is none besides me; I am the Lord, and there is no other. I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the Lord, who does all these things. Isaiah 45/6-7

    • 1endtimes2020

      God made wine from water and increased the number of fish and loaves of bread, just by willing it. He could fill the earth with all the oil that has been used up so far. When he rules the world, He’ll show us what He can do.
      Science is the pursuit of knowledge. God is all knowing. After all, He created everything. I want to be on His side forever.

      • deeme

        We know the end and it is not a bad thing..I can only dream of a day when evil is abolished . I love believing in that which I can not see ,but know exists..I pray for everyone to have faith. I want everyone to be on the right side..In the meantime we all have to pay the price of sin. I have trouble sleeping at night if I think of the evil that is happening. , especially to children.

        • 1endtimes2020

          Prayer is so powerful. Like you, I’m very concerned how evil is targeting children. Schools that want to teach sex to minors is especially an agenda of those adults who don’t believe in sin and have a grudge against Christianity. That’s why so many parents are homeschooling. Those parents who don’t have the capability, send them to parents who do. I have seen the lessons, and the lessons are written to make it easy for parents to teach. The education is top rate, and when graduates, who must pass the state regulations, apply for university, they impress the universities with their grades. However, professors are the problem with their indoctrination, but at least, they have to deal with grown up children, and not 6 and 7 year olds.

          • This was emailed to me a long time ago. I don’t know the source, but your comment reminded me about it. Here it is:

            As The Tree Is Bent
            It’s been said, As a tree is bent…
            so then shall it grow.
            The teaching that you give your child,
            determines where they’ll go.

            Teach your child to honor GOD,
            in all the many ways.
            Also teach them how to give
            our worthy GOD HIS praise.

            Scripture says that foolishness
            in a child is “bound.”
            “Your” corrections are required…
            if peace is to be found.

            By withholding your instruction,
            a disservice you allow.
            Your child will then be unprepared
            for problems here and now.

            Teach them to say, “thank you”
            for a kindness that is due.
            To let them feel “entitled” …
            reflects poorly upon you.

            It’s up to “you” to teach them
            to follow GOD’S instruction.
            If you fail to do this…
            you pave the way for their destruction.

            Temptations fill the world around us,
            of every evil kind.
            Be sure to teach them of our GOD,
            and salvation they will find.

            Teach the Ten Commandments
            that were given for our good.
            A child must have direction
            to live the way they should.

            There is one commandment
            that is like unto another;
            It tells us to show Honor
            to your Father and your Mother.

            This commandment is for both
            the Daughter or the Son.
            “Cursed” is the one who dishonors either one.

            A child is taught by our example,
            and through the pace we set.
            If you teach them while they’re young…
            they won’t soon forget.

            Just keep in mind they’re “watching”
            at everything “you” do.
            Some day they will be grown
            and perhaps want to be like “you”.

            How will your child survive this life
            and know which way to go?
            They will learn by your example…
            or they may never know.

            How will your Son gain knowledge
            to find a Godly wife?
            To know when he has found her,
            with whom to make a life?

            When your daughter seeks to find,
            a Godly man of merit…
            Will she know what is required,
            then will she know to share it?

            All these things are up to “you”
            dear Mother and dear Dad.
            Teach your child in GODLY ways
            to know the Good from Bad.

            • deeme

              I love that may I share it ??

              • I don’t own it and shared it! Feel free! 🙂 Good messages deserve to be free! 🙂

                • deeme

                  Thank you..My daughters will love it..raising kids in these times are hard..good messages are goldmines…

                • I would have given the credit had I know it. I *always* give credit when it’s due… unfortunately, I don’t know who wrote this… But it is *great advice* if I may describe it that way. God bless you and your daughters! Amen!

                • deeme

                  I try to do the same thing..sometimes the people who wrote the greatest things were very humble and wanted to remain unknown..Alot of times emails come incomplete..God Bless you too..

                • Thank you deeme! God bless you too!

            • 1endtimes2020

              Thank you for the time you took to provide those wise thoughts.
              Every student should have a copy in their school bag, to remind them, from time to time, of the difference between good teaching and indoctrination.
              This is the kind of information children need to appreciate their parents.
              Thanks again. God bless you.

              • Thank you. God bless you too my friend!

          • deeme

            I got lucky with my kids , the teachers were very Christian we had christian events at public schools..until my youngest , got in fifth grade, that’s when I homeschooled for a short while, he wanted to play football so he graduated from Public high school and then college..I saw things start to change , I can’t even think about how awful it is now..God Bless all the homeschoolers. I’ve read many articles about how bright they are..There are alot of good private schools here as well..I assume the smaller the classroom the better the education. I wonder why if we are in control of the Education system , as taxpayers, we have let it get so awful..ARe parents too busy to get involved..I would believe that considering how much everything has skyrocketed..I feel sorry for people..I had nothing no car , no computer, no cell cable..but back then it wasn’t the norm it’s harder..I feel for and pray constantly for all parents..One thing for sure..teach your children to think for themselves..I am always surprised at how smart they are..They see right through those professors who don’t show both sides..

            • 1endtimes2020

              I’m impressed about the time line when you first started to notice the change in education. Even at parent-teachers meetings, I don’tever remember a teacher informing me of social issuesentering into academia.
              Today, the so-called separation of church and state, which has been misconstrued from the actual wording in the Constitution, somehow is okay when it maginalizes Christian teachings—but sex education that includes porn attributes, is considered to be absolutely necessary. Parents, and especially Christian parents are looked down as being archaic. Sex itself, and sin, is archaic, so there’s no need to consider self-styled ‘experts’ as knowing more than parents what is best for their children.
              It’s time to protest with marches on the schools and Congressmen/Senators, and overwhelm the media with criticism of their meddling and enabling of our enemies. I appreciate your contribution to the cause.

              • deeme

                I agree and am even more surprised more teachers don’t complain..Parents and teachers used to work together for the goodness of the child..not the destruction of their value system..I have read alot about Church and State it began to protect church from everything , not the other way around..once agains activist judges decided things not We The People..

  • Rshill7

    Right Van. I see Republicans floating around all the time. They still somehow manage to throw each other under the bus though, while leaving Progressives unscathed. Yep, the Laws of Physics are a bunch of bunk.

    It’s the Theories that are fact.

    Van looks a little like Ben Carson in that coat, hat, and glasses. That’s where the similarity abruptly ends. By the way, what Ben does, even though he calls himself an independent, might be called science.

    Here’s a nonscientific elixir though: Eye of Newt, ideology of Cruz, and the directness of Rand Paul. Mix conservatively with liberal amounts of Palin steeped tea with honey, and well…down the Hatch.

    Just kidding about the Hatch 🙂

  • Nukeman60

    Van Jones…truth…reality…uh, yeah. I’m definitely seeing a disconnect here. Keep talking, Van. The more you talk, the less uninformed the low-information voters become and the less (if that’s possible) relevant you become.

  • Who cares what that ape has to say. And no, I’m not calling him an ape because he’s black, I’m calling him an ape because he’s a moron (less evolved).

  • GSR

    The very fact that Van Jones is interviewed by anyone, is laughable.

    Van Jones is proof these are the end times.



    …the REPUBLICAN PARTY is DEAD just like the DEMOCRAT PARTY a third party is starting to RISE and will end this MERRY GO ROUND OF POLITICAL NONSENSE which will bring back the U.S.A. to #1, its proper place in this geo political mess .”

  • sDee

    I have been seeing an interesting bumper sticker around…..

    “If Science is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Science”

    After listening to the Communist Community Organizer, now I get it.

    • JRD1

      I see bumper stickers that say “Free carbon credits, suck here!”

  • Betsey_Ross

    Van Jones has divorced himself from reality and the Constitution. The man is a Communist and that also means taking down the government of the USA as it was founded. This man is an enemy of the state. Why doesn’t someone call him on it?

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Speaking of being divorced from reality……how ’bout the obama administration, Van?

  • JRD1

    Conservatives only support it because we recognize the Marxist agenda of red on the inside and green on the outside.

    But then if we call you a watermelon we are racist, right.

  • A good way to tell if someone is lying is when they pull out this ‘96% or 98% of scientists or economists agree.’ Hey Van! Your nose is growing.

  • The real science deniers are the Progressives when they deny that a fetus in the womb is a human life.

    • PhillyCon

      That was my first reaction when I read the headline. Secondly, people who “believe” in science don’t falsify data either.

      Its like we are living in some parallel universe.

  • There are over 30,000 scientists (many PHds) who are protesting the supposedly “settled science” of climate change! This is the biggest, most expensive hoax in human history – and the liberals charge conservatives with being in denial? There was a period of global warming from 950AD to 1350AD and it certainly wasn’t emissions back then! The earth clearly has cycles and only the liberals are arrogant enough to believe that humans can alter those cycles!

  • PhillyCon

    No, Mr. Jones “science” is only a means to an end for your agenda.

  • Oh Vanny Boy!
    What’s in that pipe you’re smoking?
    You’re spreading lies, mistruths and plain bulls#!t!
    We all see it, the lies are so apparent!
    So shut your mouth!
    And please just go away!

    And don’t come back!
    We don’t want to see yooou!
    We’ve had enough of all your BS carp!

    (To the tune of O Danny Boy)

  • MominNV

    van jones is Straight Jacket READY just like the rest of the progressive marxist.

  • Sober_Thinking


  • I believe in science and genetic dispositions that can cause stupidity and the inability to formulate intelligent comments and for my first example I will use you.

  • Guest1776rcp

    Hey Van, here’s a little science for ya: Human life begins at conception and if allowed to continue the human life cycle those ‘fetuses’ are each a unique individual in the early stages of that human life cycle.

    Now tell me again who don’t believe in science, aszhole.

  • jim Asherman

    It is very hard to accept the “burning up the planet” rhetoric, when it is obviously quite cold.
    Van can’t even get his BS straight.
    When quoting made up statistics 97% is the accepted quota that makes your viewpoint correct and PC, not 96 %. Look it up /

  • tinlizzieowner

    We’re all carbon in the end and Jones is one piece of carbon I could live without.

    • Bet you’d like to stamp your carbon footprint right in his rear end? 😉

  • RonPaulSupporter2

    What Mr. Jones doesn’t understand is that the OIL WILL BE COMING TO THE U.S.A. ANYWAY.

    Based on what I’ve read, if the pipeline isn’t built, the oil will come to the refineries in the south via railroad. Statistically, I have to believe there’s more of a chance for an environmental disaster with the oil in train cars than in a pipeline, never mind the carbon footprint of the locomotives bringing the trainloads to the refineries.

    Also, the railroad that most likely will transport the oil is the BNSF railroad that is owned by Warren Buffett, a big supporter of the democrats and Obama. So it also smells of a political payback.

  • Kordane

    Van Jones is wrong, of course, but he is just articulating the perception that people have towards the Right’s penchant for medievalist views, especially amongst the religious Right. I myself get very frustrated with the Right’s frequent reliance on faith, rather than reason, and religion, rather than science. It’s often like talking to people from the middle ages, rather than the people from the 21st century. A lot of rational people are driven to the Left, simply because they’re disgusted by all the medievalist views on the Right. The Left is able to offer themselves as the “modern”, “progressive” and “pro-reason” alternative to the Right’s obsession with medievalism. Those rational people should be on the Right, fighting for the cause of liberty, but all of this medievalist crap has pushed them straight into Obama’s lap. All of this gives the Left a narrative to play with; a narrative in which the Right is seen as “anti-science”, “anti-modernity”, “regressive”, “irrational” and “anti-reason”.

    It’s very hard to argue that reason is on the side of liberty when, for instance, liberty’s defenders on the Right can’t even explain the existence of unalienable individual rights without calling them “God given”. How does the Right expect any rationally-minded individual to accept the validity of unalienable individual rights, if they’re based on “faith” in supernatural entities that nobody can perceive nor prove the existence of. That’s not exactly a persuasive argument. All it will do is make those rationally-minded individuals think that there is no such thing as unalienable individual rights, and that therefore the only source of rights is the government, thus making them statists.

    Personally, I want all this medievalism taken out of politics. We’re not a bloody theocracy, for crying out loud.

    • Rshill7

      Nothing medieval about Christians in 2013. Nothing rational or reasonable about atheism in any period.

      Excuse me, gotta go order a guy to drive my favorite oxcart through a gauntlet of cart washers and ox groomers before I check on my other serfs. Then I’m gonna pick up another 40 round magazine for my crossbow and see if the Cathedral up the road will let me sneak a peak at their Vulgate.

      • Kordane

        It comes across as that. When I listen to it, read it, or watch it, that is the sense that I get from it, and I don’t think I’m alone in that. I think a great many people sense it too. The only way I can describe it is medievalism, because it’s pre-Rennaisance; it’s straight out of the dark ages. It both frustrates me and scares the crap out of me because if these are our largest group who are defending liberty, then liberty has a shockingly poor defense.

        That’s the most honest explanation I can give you for it.

        • The problem is, if we try to describe unalienable rights without resorting to “Our Creator” (which was artfully done on purpose, by men who had this same discussion), then we have to squeeze people’s minds through several volumes of dry philosophy, for which only geeks like you and me would ever have the stomach.

          Philosophy has to be accessible, which is probably why Nick Gillespie always wears a black leather jacket. But making it accessible requires letting go of a lot of detail.

          Sort of like telling people gasoline is a fuel because it burns so well, and not going into the fantastic world of hydrocarbon cracking, and the differences between petrol, jet, and diesel.

          • Kordane

            I say that “our creator” is reality/nature, and that unalienable individual right are necessitated by our nature as rational beings.

            Sure, that’s a little bit tougher to explain than if you just say “God did it. Have faith.”

            But if you do base them on religion, then you’re only ever going to attract religious people. You alienate all atheists and agnostics, and people who say they’re religious but then don’t go to church, don’t pray and don’t read the bible. That’s a LOT of people right there, instantly alienated and pushed to the alternative, which the Left are all too happy to offer.

            Contrast how the Left views Rights. They think that Rights are granted and may be revoked by government. This argument at least has the benefit of it being perceivable (unlike God, which isn’t perceivable), since government is seen giving special Rights (“privileges” to me & you) to certain groups of people, and so it’s very easy for people (especially non-religious or less-religious people) to accept that view. You don’t need to “have faith” in some fairy tale supernatural being; you can just see the government doing these things, very easily.

            This is why I think that we have to do our best to give those “dry philosophy” explanations for the basis of unalienable individual rights (and other aspects of individual liberty). We have to present ourselves as being the opposite of what Van Jones portrays us as, no matter how hard it is to explain our ideas, otherwise the cause of liberty is doomed. There are some great voices on the Right that explain all that “dry philosophy” stuff in simple analogies, explanations and examples. Look at the great work that Milton Friedman did. Look at the great work Ayn Rand did (“Atlas Shrugged” being an example of how you can present Objectivism without it being too complicated). Look at the great work that Friedrich Hayek did with his “Road to Serfdom”.

            There needs to be a fundamental change on the Right, more towards rational, pro-reality, pro-reason explanations/justifications for the cause of liberty — and less towards all the religious medievalist stuff. Van Jones is telling you what you’re doing wrong, without even realizing that he’s doing that.

            I know from my own personal life that I have friends who went Liberal because of all the religiosity and medievalism on the Right – It disgusted them on an intellectual level. One such friend is now an Objectivist (thanks to my efforts), but the others remain ardent statists. I can’t even talk to them about politics because they’re so far gone now.

            • Oh I get all of that, Kordane, but I prefer people bring something to the effort themselves.

              Back when they came up with that phrase, “our Creator” they were giving the atheists of the day a little acknowledgement. A chance to see that they are included in this concept of sovereignty of the individual.

              I think your problem has a lot more to do with our current crop of political leaders, and not the use of that phrase.

              If I’ve learned anything over the decades of studying rhetoric, legal formulations, and the ramblings of philosophers, it’s that the surest way to diminish and dilute a principle, rule, or standard is to use too many words.

              Seen against the florid writing of the day, the Declaration’s preamble and the entire Constitution are an amazingly economical use of words.

      • GWShrub

        I was out checking out new ox-carts at the dealer the other day, lotsa shillings for a new one. Then I stopped in & picked a couple boxes of .00 tipped arrows for my crossbow. 🙂

        • Rshill7

          By the rood sir! Tonight we ride on Harlech Castle!

          • GWShrub

            Aye, M’lord….and after there shall be great quantities of ale….

      • GWShrub

        I was out checking out new ox-carts at the dealer the other day, lotsa shillings for a new one. Then I stopped in & picked a couple boxes of .00 tipped arrows for my crossbow. 🙂

      • Jaels_Song

        I have a Septuagint you can borrow. =)

    • RonPaulSupporter2

      Interesting post. I agree with you partially but from my experience, liberals / progressives / statists / democrats / etc. rely more on EMOTION (i.e. jealousy towards the rich, class warfare, etc.) when most people I talk to who are TRUE conservatives / libertarians / etc. who rely on FACT.

      A good example of this is the negative effect of the minimum wage laws on young black males, lower skilled workers, etc. Yet, liberals / progressives / statists / democrats / etc. push for higher minimum wages and claim things like:

      “It’s a fairness issue!” spoken by the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

      We TRUE conservatives and libertarians know that the FACTS say that every time the minimum wage rate goes up, unemployment especially among young black males goes up to match so the policy has the opposite effect to what it was intended to do. But, again based on emotion and not facts, liberals / progresives / statists / democrats / etc. never talk about that.

      • Kordane

        I fully acknowledge that the Right is more cognitive in their thinking, whereas the Left is more emotional, but the issue is with the perception that people have towards the Right, as a consequence of the Right’s penchant for medievalist thinking. That’s not to say that all on the Right are like that, but whenever people hear the Right speak on issues, it’s almost always God this, God that, Faith this, Faith that – Rational people don’t want to hear that crap. This is the 21st century, not the middle ages. We’re supposed to have had a renaissance that did away with the dominance of mysticism and faith, and opened up the doors to objective reality and reason. Religion was supposed to have become a personal and private affair, not go back to being the basis for politics and the Right’s intellectual arguments.

        One of the things that frustrates me so much is that the Right has perfectly rational and good secular arguments for why Man has individual rights, for why Capitalism and a Free Market is the ideal system, and for why all forms of tyranny are immoral – Yet all we hear from the Right, at least the most vocal voice, is that all of these things are based on “Faith in God”. It’s no bloody wonder that the Left is able to get away with conning people into thinking that they’re the rational, secular and intellectual alternative, like Van Jones is articulating the perception of.

        We don’t need any more of the Right’s witch doctors defending liberty. We need a pro-reality, pro-reason, pro-rationality and pro-science defense of liberty. Secular voices on the Right should be the dominant ones. If you want to practice religion, then go do it on a personal/private level, but don’t interject it into politics, and don’t come out with this codswallop about how all our intellectual justifications for liberty are based on “Faith in God”. For all the good it does us, they might as well say that our intellectual arguments are based on ghosts, fairies, unicorns and other fairy tales.

        The great minds on the Right did NOT exert all their intellectual effort to provide pro-reality and pro-reason arguments for liberty, just so that religious Conservatives could sabotage all their work by basing everything on bloody fairy tales.

  • Can you say ching ching $$$$$ thats what this BS is all about atleast for the politicians up in the WH, But science needs to be included with this pipelines building….

  • How the hell do you become anti-science and then at the same time support oil and natural gas, which need science to extract?


  • Conservator1

    Van Jones actually stated that approving the KeyStone pipeline would be like “lighting a fuse on a carbon bomb. Certainly 96% of all scientist would disagree with this moronic comment by a socialist like Jones who is scientifically ignorant.

    After all, he graduated from law school and didn’t minor in any science degree just like Al Gore who majored in government. These are the carpetbaggers of the 20th and 21st centuries. They use fear to motivate the masses and fairy-tale science is their firearm of choice.

    • Well, see, it’s just that carbon, like water, is highly explosive.

      Especially if you can yell “BOOM!” really loudly after lighting the fuse.

      • Conservator1

        I wish I came up with that – excellent concise reply.

  • RonPaulSupporter2

    Philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) said the following:

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    I believe the USA is currently in the “violently opposed” stage and people like Van Jones are the poster children for this. I don’t think there’s a single thing that this man says and/or believes that isn’t in violent opposition to the REAL truth. His whole existence is based on falsehoods.

  • PapaLouie

    If by “science” Van Jones means “political consensus”, then yes, I’m guilty as charged. The problem is, he has no idea what science is. He thinks an opinion poll is the basis for science. If that were the case, we would still be living in the dark ages believing the sun orbits around the earth.

  • Wait, he says Republicans don’t believe in science yet he believes in Communism, green jobs, and global warming?!?!?!

  • OneThinDime

    So has Mr. Jones and his fan club given up their automobiles, cell phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, designer purses, houses, cooking apparatuses, and all other things that are made from petroleum or that require petroleum in the manufacturing process? What about those expensive clothes that took energy to manufacturer? Of course not.

  • Sciency-ness and mathy-ness are what the leftists “believe” in. None of them can actually do much hard science or math. Especially math.

  • syvyn11

    Rememberer what the demo-craps think ‘science’ is. Whatever they say it is.

    I have this conversation many times. People say since I’m conservative, I must therefore hate science. When I use scientific fact to torpedo ‘global warming’, they stick their fingers in their ears and cry “LA LA LA LA LA”.

    Liberalism, a disease where no truth gets through.

  • 57thunderbird

    No Mr.Commie.What we don’t believe in is junk science and scientists trying to control our lives and steal our liberty!We are tired of others trying to tell us what is best for us!

  • MadAsHellJack

    Hey Van you dumbass lefty/marxist/socialist mouthpiece, nobody gives a damn what you have to say, so why don’t you STFU!

    In case you all haven’t noticed, I am a little MADDER than usual today!

  • Van Jones is a communist pig. I’m stunned anybody listens to this miscreant, unless of course they are other communist pigs which, unfortunately, inhabit the White House as we speak.

  • Van Jones is a communist pig. I’m stunned anybody listens to this miscreant, unless of course they are other communist pigs which, unfortunately, inhabit the White House as we speak.

  • jgilman1

    Awful interviewer, didn’t even challenge him. At least Dan Joeseph would have been funny and made him look foolish.

  • Earthforce1

    Not according to famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson:

    Who’s More Pro-Science, Republicans or Democrats?

  • Conniption Fitz

    Van ‘Projection-Reality Rejection’ Jones.

    That’s the name of the game for leftists.

    They call their opposition what they themselves are and do.

    The truth is the direct opposite of what they say.

    The left appeals to non-thinkers.

    Leftist Voters are people whose brains are pickled with sound-bites and spin.

    They live by their emotions, not logic, reason, data.

  • sue-marie

    Well…let’s see now…we have one party that “supposedly” does not believe in science….but I DO know for SURE that we have another party that does NOT understand MATH. It’s not easy to collapse an economy unless you don’t understand how 2 + 2 = 16.5 Trillion Dollars!

  • Jaels_Song

    Van Jones… I challenge you to a duel in Science. A TEAS V test… anywhere, anytime. Bring your brown britches buddy… you’re going to need them.

    Better yet… Nukeman… you challenge him, in which case, Van Jones is going to need to bring some nitroglycerin to slip under his tongue.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    A man like jones who has been detached from reality for most of his adult life – would view republicans detached from his reality…. The only claim that science/theory can make with some certainty is that the climate changes about every one hundred years..

    All the other crap like the hockey stick etc. have been proven fantasy… Now those that believe in some form of a killer climate change or global warming or global cooling then do what YOU and your friends can do to help prevent it.. And leave the rest of the people the he!! alone… Also since your climate religion is a minority religion why don’t you all put your money together and buy a climate safe space rocket and blast your a$$e$ off to some new planet!!!!!

  • Herb Benty

    100 years of oil in Canada ready to go and Russia/ China mouthpiece Jones can’t let that happen because that would make both America and Canada stronger. He uses the word tar- sands which is false as tar is coal, the correct term is oilsands- Canada simply removes the oil from the sand- what a dirty sin! Arab oil billionaires are financeing these protests against this huge resourse because it will diminish OPEC’s leverage. One last point to consider…OIL IS BIODEGRADEABLE ( to anyone who is still sane out there). Oh ya, excuse me there is another thing FROM science- many years ago the Arctic was semi tropical… and not a F-150 in sight.

  • 911Infidel

    Some smart dude ay another blog coined the phrase fact-less science. I thought that Van Jones was just a feckless commie agitprop clown car salesman. But I like that bloggers thinking. It also fits Van Jones and his crowd to a “T”.

    By the way, there’s an article at AT on the actual crowd numbers (oh duh). It seems that the enemedia overestimated the crowd size…again…It was more like 4,000 people. And many of them were old dried up hippies from the 60’s.

  • For Van Jones and his crowd science is nothing – religion is everything. The religion of paganism mixed with marxism rooted in weak minds who are slaves to P.C. pressure. This generation’s “useful idiots.”

  • mikeinidaho

    Thank you for your insight Mr. Communist Agitator.
    Please stay in California with the other fruits and nuts and SHUT UP.