[VIDEO] Angela Corey describes George Zimmerman as a ‘murderer’, Trayvon Martin as his ‘prey’

Ugh. Angela Corey was asked to describe George Zimmerman in one word, she chose ‘murderer’. She described Trayvon Martin as his ‘prey’:

Ugh. The prosecution is still trying to milk this for all it’s worth, doing their part to legitimize the anger and frustration out there. They disgust me.

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  • RocklinConservative

    Well… Seriously they have to talk like that since their case SUCKED!!!
    However since they ARE the justice system, they should be saying loud and clear to all that the rule if law should be respected. Instead tgey are fanning the flames of hatred.

  • marketcomp

    And I describe District Attorney General Angela Corey as an ugly old hang!

  • odin147


  • brjohnson

    Pretty sure this Prosecutor lives in a gated community for the same reason Zimmerman lives in a gated community, does that make her a potential murderer.

  • GregoryGorski

    How does this ignorant and racist woman ever get a law degree?

    • stage9

      GregoryGorski It’s a prerequisite for law like approving of sodomy is a prerequisite before obtaining a psychology degree.

      • Orangeone

        stage9 GregoryGorski Hey, many good people have psychology degrees, like Michele Bachmann’s husband!

  • OhPlease

    She’s trying to keep the heat off of herself, her indictment and the fact that she failed to do her job.  Does anyone really believe that a prosecutor spends this much time demagoguing any of their cases like this?  No, they don’t…..they move on to the next case.  She sees an opportunity for a diversion and she’s snatched it up and run with it.

  • StevenValdez

    Wow, what a slap in the face to the jury of 6 women, someone bang the war on women drum, nah can’t do that, only lefties can do that.
    Someone give Angela Corey a gun, and give someone else a sidewalk, and let that someone bash and beat her head in and I want to know when she will pull the trigger or doesn’t, then call Zimmerman a murderer you a-hole!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Reprehensible, unethical and disingenuous – liars.
    How much is Obama paying these people?  Or are they hard-core communists too?

    • Conniption Fitz

      Orange jumpsuits and losing their law licenses forever is too good for them.

  • StevenValdez

    Can Zimmerman sue Angela Corey, the state, for slander?

    • E Lee Zimmerman

      StevenValdez That’s what I’m thinking.  I don’t know how these comments would ever be considered anything other than defamation.

  • stage9

    I’ll describe liberalism in one word: insanelystupididioticfoolishmorons.

    • strangernfiction

      stage9 Evil is the word I’d use.

  • terpsez11

    Corey is a pathetic token– hand picked —a loser — probably got affirmative action advancement is why they had a mediocre prosecution that only 6 Black Panthers would have convicted Zimmerman—too bad she didn’t get the OJ Jury —they with held evidence skewed the truth and is still lying through her teeth—- we have to remember LAWYERS don’t lie they speak in idioms –so the words they use are not the words we use and she is not responsible for what she says—

  • PaulClayton1

    She is just a swore looser that there little plan, probably initiated by the Obama administrator failed.  She is making a Mockery of our Judicial system..  People like her are a disgrace to this great country.  Suggest a boycott of HLN.

  • KarlRogue

    She should not be allowed to ever again set foot in a courtroom, except in an orange jumpsuit.

    Thanks again, Rick Scott and Pam Blondi–idiots


    • NJK

      Are we sure it’s a woman?  Look at her.

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    Uh … isn’t this defamation?

    • Orangeone

      E Lee Zimmerman Why yes it is! Zimmerman’s attorneys will become very wealthy :}

  • airvet1968

    She needs to be beat MMA style !

  • NJK

    She needs to take note of what happened to Mike Nyfong.  He went to prison and was disbarred.  She’s a Neanderthal.

    • NJK That’s very insulting to Neanderthals. Please refrain from attacking them in that manner. She is a Rep Lee look alike.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    One word to describe Angela Corey:  LOSER!!!!!!!!!!

  • poorhardworker

    This woman is despicable and is known for her “heavy-handed tactics”.  Obama politicized this with his “Trevon could have been my son” or some such “touchy-feely” crap and every unthinking person took the bait hook, line and sinker!  Her first step should have been to take it to a Grand Jury…but, noooo, she canceled that!  They filed a charge they had no evidence for and then got the judge to accept an “amendment” to the charge…and STILL lost!!!!  JUSTICE WAS SERVED!!!  And then she fired ther person who was going to exposed her hiding of exculpatory evidence???  Good Grief, people…

  • SwTkthe1

    Zimmerman Not frigging guilty.  That was the only thing as a professional and representative of the Florida Legal System, she COULD HAVE SAID ETHICALLY!  Something stinks bad here.  
    She should be disbarred.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Despicable, unethical and criminal.

  • SheerPolitics

    I hope he sues the crap out of them like NBC for slander!

  • tinlizzieowner

    You need any more proof that this Bi*ch was in Holder’s pocket from the start.

    • kong1967

      tinlizzieowner  Nope, and what I don’t get is that she’s supposedly a Republican.  The only way you can be making her arguments is if you don’t believe in the use of guns for self defense.  It would be one thing if that’s the way the law was written and she was filing charges according to the law, but the law doesn’t even agree with her.  She’s as liberal as the sky is blue.

      • tinlizzieowner

        “Nope, and what I don’t get is that she’s supposedly a Republican.”
        So was our last Governor, until he ‘came out of the closet’ and changed to a Democrat.
        It’s the way things work down here, Liberal ‘RINOS’ can get elected if the step in ‘the right ‘squares’. 😉 😉

  • KathySchildroth

    Describe Angela Corey in one word……………….”dishonorable”.

  • kong1967

    This really gets under my skin.  Of all people that should respect a jury’s decision it’s the prosecutors.  They are not supposed to have an agenda, and they are not supposed to be stoking the fires for violence and protests.  I can’t believe this is happening right before our very eyes.  Our own government…since Obama got elected…is involved in activism and retaliation on the streets and it’s appalling.  
    Three and a half more years, people.  That’s a lot of damage yet to come, and Obama will have the ME and our own country in tatters.

    • toongoon

      The left lives and breathes their agenda. There is no debate. If it isn’t done their way they stoke peoples emotions until it is.

  • enoughofthenonsense


    • kong1967

      enoughofthenonsense  Exactly, and it’s very unprofessional to be stoking the fires knowing how bad racial tensions are because of this.  Very, very reckless.  In her case, it’s intentional and she’s in activist mode now.

      • RightStuff1

        kong1967 enoughofthenonsense They need to be charged with inciting racial hatred and violence. Cahrge ’em! charge them now! Hold them in contempt of the counrt’s ruling!. If people die or are injured they should be charged accordingly.

        These two bags of filth are perfect for each other. They typify what is dangerously and seriously wrong with our country.

        • kong1967

          RightStuff1  I agree with you except I don’t know if it rises to the level of charging them with anything because they aren’t directly calling on people to protest or retaliate.  At very least they are being reckless and should know better.  Much in the same way that Obama should know better than to insert himself by saying “if I had a son it would look like Trayvon”.

  • Susanb958

    One word to describe them, Scum.

  • njmom

    I’ll give a word to George. Sue Angela Corey. Okay that was 3 but worth it.

  • SheerPolitics

    BTW, Piers Morgan is interviewing Rachel Jeantel tonight.
    Battle of the mental midgets!

  • Susanb958

    Never forget she’s a Jeb Bush appointee.

    • CalCoolidge

      Susanb958 If he gets elected, he could nominate her for the Supreme Court.

      • MaroonRepublic

        Lol. Jeb Bush as president?

  • 57thunderbird

    What a piece of work these people are.The verdict is in,so shut your faces and accept it!

  • NullUnit60

    I wonder if she has started round two of trying to get Dershowitz fired at Harvard.

  • mcgurn

    I’ll describe her in one word…..Pig. One word to describe Trayvon…..Punk. And one word to describe this whole situation…….obamanation.

  • CalCoolidge

    I have one word to describe each of them.
    Mike Nifong

  • NullUnit60

    I hope she is ready, the depositions will be a bitch!
    And very enlightening…

  • toongoon

    Whatever happened to responsible attorneys who are satisfied with the decision of the jury?

    • 57thunderbird

      toongoon They disappeared after Obama took office.

      • Las1

        57thunderbird toongoon   … and now occupy the offices of the Justice Department.

        • toongoon

          Las1 57thunderbird toongoon 
          Sweet. We’re finally having that courageous discussion on race that Holder was talking about.  /s

  • CalCoolidge

    Am I mistaken, or does Al Sharpton have the same control over the media that Big Brother had in Ocreana?
    Every time that racist opens his fetid pie hole to emit some flatulence, it is sounded to the four corners of this country, as if God himself had blazed out another tablet of commandments.

  • nosilasunny

    I have a lot more words than one to describe her. Unconscionable, vile, corrupt, evil, narcissistic, unethical, morally bankrupt, power hungry…need I go on? As for her little sidekick lacky…he is a slimy toad who ran around that courtroom like an absolute buffoon lying about his own evidence and witnesses. The both deserve to be permanently stripped of the law licenses and imprisoned for the travesty they created against GZ.

    • DawgfanInFL

      Keep going, keep going! I will sit here and keep nodding my head in agreement. : )

  • toongoon

    This would be a good time for our poser president to show some leadership and douse the flames of discontentment in the country and perhaps even save a few lives.

    • BetseyRoss

      toongoon Not in his DNA.

      • toongoon

        BetseyRoss toongoon 
        Nor is it on his teleprompter.

      • DawgfanInFL

        And not his objective. His plan is a resounding success. Rick Scott, again, you should be ashamed instead of trying to toot your horn about all the part-time jobs available in Florida.

    • Las1

      Snap out of it there my fine forearmed friend.  You’re having a relapse of “hope” in this poseur.

      • toongoon

        Las1 toongoon 
        I know I am. Since I haven’t heard him say the jury acted stupidly I figured there’s still a chance……..

    • badbadlibs

      toongoon But of course you know he’s rubbing his nasty hands together with glee.

      • DawgfanInFL

        It’s his first success in office.

  • LouisLaGuardiaIII

    That is sickening. Ms. Corey should be helping to bring our country together to heal after this whole thing and all she’s doing is putting more gasoline on the fire. If she or Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson, or any of these so called civil rights leaders are not going to help in the healing process, then they need to do themselves and all of us a favor and shut up, get out the way a let those that want to step for to lead our country in racial healing do so.

  • These two are despicable.  I especially find Ms. Corey to be an intensely corrupt individual.

  • bluerose3335

    Corey is the LAUGHING STOCK OF THE LEGAL WORLD…YOU LOST FATTIE and you DESERVED TO LOSE you left wing hack.  You thought you were so powerful withholding discovery from the defense, not cooperating, reaching for a crime of Murder than when everyone with an UNBIAS EYE could see YOU WERE LOSING FATTIE and now SOUR GRAPES Angela.  Who wants you now FAILURE WOMAN?  A lawyer that has the reputation of a nasty backbencher and now Angela your career shall we say is taking a FLUSH and with that WHOPPER BODY it better be a toilet big enough for Godzilla.
    You lady are a disgrace to the legal profession and Mark O Meara CLEANED YOUR CLOCK LADY and with a FEMALE JURY…I just love the irony for all the liberal females hacks!

  • jalangaya

    “Murderer”? Was she at the snack machine when the judge read the “Not Guilty” part?

  • uncmetsgal

    If we didn’t live in Bizzarro World, this hack would be disbarred, and then investigated (her and her office) by the DOH for the civil rights violations of one Mr. George Zimmerman.

  • Objective Analysis

    DISBAR every last one of these idiots.  Did any of these folks go to law school?  Pass the Florida Bar?  I mean you would think these idiots (and I am a lawyer and hate to disparage any of my own) would know that it is their DUTY to PROVE THE CASE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT TO THE JURORS/JUDGE/PUBLIC.  These folks had witness (e.g. coronor) who did not even examine Trayvon Martin so that the juror could know during the trial how he died and be credible enough to pin it to Zimmerman.  This is all trumped up to create a race war because the race baiters need money with 35% of the black/latino community unemployed.

  • Lil Ol Me

    Asshat , one word

  • SigEliteDark

    Can’t Zimmerman sue these two for slander now that he had been exonerated for all charges in a court of law?  They just did this in front of a large audience!

    • badbadlibs

      I hope so.

    • DawgfanInFL

      Yes he can. Defamation clear as day. Zimmerman has every opportunity to pay for Law School, yet never have to work a day for the rest of his life.

      • SigEliteDark

        DawgfanInFL Then, I hope he and a good team of lawyers pursue this, as well as any of the news media who choose to take this terribly erroneous path.

  • clubgitmo

    That’s how losers talk.

  • badbadlibs

    These people know no shame. The left are beyond the pale and are getting worse by the minute.
    Greta has the Martin family lawyer on…O M G! She must have been spawned in a petri dish with some of corey’s DNA!  She’s talking about her role and duty is to “SOCIAL ENGINEER”! I fear this is long from over thanks to the leftists.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      badbadlibs How much you want to bet the Martin family lawyer was recommended by the Justice Brothers?

    • DawgfanInFL

      I caught the tail-end of that interview. Greta made mince-meat of the little social engineer. What the heck is that. Couldn’t believe she actually said that it was a higher priority than her work as a lawyer. Please.

      • badbadlibs

        Stunning that such a young lawyer has turned into a hack in short order. No doubt she had some seriously anti America Marxist professors.

  • DawgfanInFL

    I would be ashamed if I worked in any department of the State Attorney’s office. Angela Corey is walking in the footsteps of Nancy Grace. Shame on you, Rick Scott.

    • JohnCraven

      Are you saying this flagrant hack of a sheister was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott and that means she can be unappointed?
      If so we should be stormin’ down his door and ringing the phone off his hook to get it done
      John Craven – New Orleans

      • DawgfanInFL
        • JohnCraven

          Well, since it was both Rick Scott and Pam Bondi who were responsible for this travesty of a kangaroo court proceeding with their selection of this sheister, Angela Corey, than I think they both should be put on the no-fly list when it comes to either of them seeking any higher office, especially if they seek to have this hack disbarred.
          John Craven – New Orleans

        • DawgfanInFL

          The have edged their way up on my **** list, preceded by Rubio, Crist, Scarborough…sadly that list is so much longer than my favorites list. 🙁

  • nibblesyble

    Over at Ace, he describes her a monstrous hag…cannot add to that at all!

  • petertoronto22

    Shameful ..she just slapped the jurors in the face….she should immediately apologize or be fired…this is so wrong .no class no ..shame

  • hbnolikeee

    She needs to lose her job.  What a pathetic biach.

  • RReaganRepublic

    This disgusting appalling so called prosecutor, Angela Corey, must be investigated and disbarred, for her intentional manipulation of exculpatory evidence on affidavits, and a battery list of other major ethics violations, just like NC DA Mike Nifong in the Duke La Cross false rape case.
    Between Obama, Holder, and their radical leftist Social Racial Justice corrupt, abusive sycophant lawless prosecutors, it’s no wonder why we no longer have real Equal Justice in this country. What we now have is a lawless bunch of radical America hating Racists, Bigots, Marxists running the Nation, destroying America from the inside out.
    This is not a game, and the Truth that which I just stated is not a pretty picture. From a once economically, socially, politically prosperous and healthy Nation of 30 years ago..  to an internally rotting corrupt subversive insidious and seditious govt.,bent on destroying our Nation, our Republic, our US Constitutional Framework and Laws, our very core ideals, values, and founding principles- our Society and Culture like a cancer spreading uncontrollably, unchecked, and unchallenged.

    • jazzee

      RReaganRepublic excellent post

    • JohnCraven

      RReaganRepublic, we have six, count them six, courageous women who served on this jury in this show trial of a kangaroo court who we have to thank for standing up to this hack and her clones.  This jury deserves the thanks of a greatful nation.  They have my admiration.
      John Craven – New Orleans

  • jazzee

    as a girl I can say this…first this woman stinks what a political hack
    secondly, she needs a new hairdo and any woman knows if you have heavy legs wear nylons for goodness sake
    she is not acting like a professional at all….typical leftie who thinks we’re all so dumb out here in real world we can’t read or understand the secret law….please lady move on retire maybe??

  • K-Bob

    Let the lawsuits begin!
    I hope Mr. Zimmerman has the stomach to sue these hacks for every penny he can get.  He’s going to need it.
    I want to see them all driven right into destitution. Sharpton, Jackson, the “Conga Line of MSLSD Hosts,” and anyone else who tried to use the instrumentalities of government to lynch a man for defending his life.

    • Conniption Fitz

      K-Bob AMEN to that!!!!

  • snowshooze

    Gee, shen is pretty sore about losing her own rigged game. 
      I cannot believe the lack of humility here. 
      You go to trial, you take your best shot… and may the best man win. 
      When you lose, don’t you normally congratulete the opposition?
     That is what I do. Yeah, you won. Good job. Well done.

      Let’s take another run at it next week.

  • K-Bob

    Let’s call Angela Corey: Fired!
    That’s what she needs to be called.

  • Laurel A

    Angela Corey should be disbarred and those prosecutors should be fired. The case they put forward was an absolute farce.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Not just disbarred and fired, but incarcerated.

      • Laurel A

        Conniption Fitz I don’t know if it is a jail-able offense. Wouldn’t surprise me though since we have a law for everything.

  • JohnCraven

    I agree with Mark Levin that first ethics charges should be brought against this scumbag prosecutor, Angela Correy and her despicable partners in injustice and then as Laurel A so rightly said Angela Corey should be disbarred and the rest of her team should be fired and held in complete contempt.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  • Conniption Fitz

    This woman has no respect for the law or the legal and civil rights of others.
    This prosecutor needs to be prosecuted.

    • No_BlahBlah

      Conniption Fitz She is just following her orders to create an environment for massive civil unrest.
      Guess what happens next.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    What’s this? Word association for lame-brained liberal losers? Gimme a major break. I hope Zimmerman sues the living crap out of these (insert your favorite epithets here).

  • The Sentinel

    Wow. She’s still not in jail?

  • Larchmonter

    These two are the star prosecutors of the state of Florida. Florida has the death penalty. They have put hundreds of murderers in prison and some to death. Most of those convicted are Black. You wonder how many of those persons were really guilty, how much “discovery, exculpatory evidence” those defendants received with these two vicious, loudmouth unethical prosecutors running the ‘near star chamber’ in their districts.
    Someone should check out how fair those prosecutions were that made Angela Corey and her lacky so big time famous.

    • JohnCraven

      Larchmonster, you make excellent points here and I agree with your summation that the cases these two prosecutors served on should be re-examined.
      Just out of curiosity, what party are these two hacks affiliated with?
      John Craven – New Orleans

  • lawngreen

    There ought to be an exam people have to take before being issued vocal cords.
    This is inciting to riot, nothing less.

  • marmo

    you have to realize Obama insisted on this woman to get involved.  this is the way he brings the country together.  however, think about what he has done to alienated the Hispanic communities.  This just may back fire on him with the upcoming 2014 elections.  I hope so, he has done more to divide this country, even al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have to take a back seat to him.  I prayed for Mr Zimmerman’s vindication and thank those 6 brave women who declared him innocent.  I really believe the Hispanics care about this country and want to work and make a contribution to it.  God bless you Mr Zimmerman, you are supported by many Americans..of all color….

    • JohnCraven

      marmo, I would have to think that Hispanic Americans, regardless of who they supported in the last two presidential elections, must be taking note that it is Nero Obama’s black BORG drone supporters who are targeting the Hispanic community for violence in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict and they must be also taking note that Nero Obama and Eric Holder are in many ways actually encouraging the violence being whipped up against Hispanics in America.
      I would think it is giving many Democrat Party Hispanic Americans pause to think about whether this is the thanks they get for supporting Democrats all these years – that when it comes down to it – Democrats who are black are saying that Hispanics have no right to defend themselves or their property.
      As an aside, recently, here in Louisiana three state legislators changed their party affililiation from Democrat to Republican and in so doing it changed the control of the Louisiana state senate from Democrat to Republican.  Perhaps, with the Zimmerman verdict’s aftermath a lot of people in the Hispanic community will do the same.
      John Craven – New Orleans

  • mrterry50

    They’re trying to start a race war in America.  Vinnie Politan has used the most incendiary language since the verdict was announced.  Maybe they feel in their liberal hearts that they missed the civil rights movement and they want to recreate it so they can say they had a part in history.  Hacks!

    • bahamianhoosier

      mrterry50 With most of them I truly believe is all about MONEY! Sharpie, JJ and Bammy all want money so pick cases to raise their agenda and drive donations to their causes. If you offered these bums with billion dollars or end of racism which do you think they would pick?! They truly know race war ends with them as losers every time and just wan the cash to keep them warm in their lonely beds!

  • deathmask

    She is yet another “terrified” white women. She will say what she needs to say to protect her career, her self and her family. The Obama administration is a terrorist operation of the first order.