VIDEO: Civilian Called Out For Wearing Ranger Uniform Offers Explanation

Recently, a civilian wearing a military uniform, and wearing it improperly, was called out and caught on video, as we mentioned here at the Right Scoop.

Today, The Blaze has a follow-up story telling more about the man and what he says his reasons were for wearing the fraudulent uniform.

In an interview with local station KXTV, the man says, “I was just supporting my cousins and my family in the military. And to those who I upset and made mad, I do apologize.”

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“I’d serve today,” said the man, Joseph Scott. “One phone call and I’d be gone.”

It sounds as if the man meant no disrespect. However, more responsible voices, including the recruiter who told Scott where to buy the uniform gear, should have informed him about wearing the uniform in public. And while one can certainly sympathize with Scott, it in no way suggests any wrongdoing on the part of the soldiers who called him out in the now-viral video of the confrontation. That uniform must be earned. Not everyone can make it. And as sad as it may make some civilians, not everyone is even going to have the chance to try.

One hopes that some lessons were learned by multiple parties in this incident. And of course, the fervor with which Scott supports his country and the military can be lauded, though it does not excuse his lying. What he needs, and hopefully can find, is a different and more honest way to show it.

And who knows, maybe there’s a beer summit coming in the near future. That would certainly make for a nice end to the story.

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  • PatriotInk

    While I chalk this up to youthful indiscretion, he did tell the guys who called him out that “I am a ranger.” He knew he was lying when he said it. It is also why he walked away from them. At least he felt guilt. That is an admirable quality. In addition, why didn’t he simply tell the guys who called him out what he is now expressing?

    • warpmine

      He couldn’t think of the lie when confronted.

      • PatriotInk


    • tinlizzieowner

      “In addition, why didn’t he simply tell the guys who called him out what he is now expressing?”
      Because this is all a line of krap.

      “However, more responsible voices, including the recruiter who told
      Scott where to buy the uniform gear, should have informed him about wearing the uniform in public.”
      Excuse me? If he was really pro law enforcement, would the desk Sgt. tell him where to buy a police uniform?

      “I’d serve today,” said the man, Joseph Scott. “One phone call and I’d be gone.”
      There’s no draft, they don’t call you. Apparently, you know where the recruiter’s office is, if you were interested in doing more than ‘playing soldier’, you could have been gone already.

      “One hopes that some lessons were learned by multiple parties in this incident”.
      “Multiple parties”? A liberal term used when they want to deflect attention off an ass they can’t cover. 😉 😉

  • LVR

    I can understand the ire of those who would be angry at this man who did not earn the privilege of wearing the uniform. I do not think this young man had any other intent but to feel a part of something he aspires to.What I do not understand is why fellow Americans don’t have the same values of their US citizenship and would give it away to lawbreakers “because we have to do something”

    • tinlizzieowner

      “I do not think this young man had any other intent but to feel a part of something he aspires to.”
      If he was interested in doing more than ‘playing soldier’, there was nothing stopping him..
      “I’d serve today,” said the man, Joseph Scott. “One phone call and I’d be gone.”

      • MaxineCA

        I felt the same way initially, until I watched to clip. He’s tried to sign up but can’t pass the test, probably for the same reason he was in spec ed, and couldn’t make it through high school.

        • tinlizzieowner

          There were apparently people all around him who had served and KNEW what kind of a potential flap it would cause if he went out impersonating a soldier. Where was their ‘concern’ for him?
          I have a grandson with Asperger’s Syndrome. He also tried to join the Air Force (he’s a computer whiz he could pilot a drone all day long). He couldn’t get in either. The last thing on the planet I would do would be to buy him an Air Force uniform to wear around.

          • Taurnil Oronar

            My thoughts exactly about those around him.

    • Taurnil Oronar

      Yes and we all know the kind of path good intentions travel.

    • NPC

      Doing something like that is doing it the wrong way.

  • notsofastthere

    I’ll give him a pass because he isn’t too bright, was sincerely apologetic and just wanted to be somebody. My bigger concern was all those Jihadi guys who got hold of uniforms in Afghanistan and Iraqi, then opened fire on our troops as well as those fighting for their country. This kid did learn the error he made.

    • NPC

      You’re right. We can only hope so. It’s just that it gives other not so friendly, ideas.

    • Army_Pilot1967

      He could have/should have stayed home if he wanted to wear a military uniform that he purchased somewhere.

  • but didn’t he repeatedly say HE was a ranger or am I thinking of a different story?

  • timerunnersc

    American men Stay man up, don’t let the sissy’s wear you down. You can buy these clothes/ uniforms at the ARMY navy store, wear it proudly and defend it proudly. Oh and by the way did Eric Holder have a problem with the black Panthers IE panties waste boyz, wearing their black camouflage and wheeling their black batons at the local voting booths?
    Never apologize to these aholes, for being a proud American regardless of the clothes you wear, tell them to take a hike and tell them, remind them no one owns the only rights to be a proud patriot and darn proud American.
    PS: If the media reports and they don’t like it, That’s when your doing the right thing and you love it.
    Even hunters wear como so now are the commies gonna say you can’t or rather give you permission? tell them to kiss off.

    Tea Party American.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    He could have/should have worn some camo clothing like hunters wear, minus any military patches/tapes. Nobody would have said anything at all about that. But don’t pretend to be a soldier when you’re not….that’s not cool.

    • timerunnersc

      If any American dresses as you say, pretend, isn’t he or she in same way putting their lives on the line on our soil when we consider how many Rad Muslims Obama’s are in country? then considering how many Obama and his party have allowed in our White house? and consider this that this man wearing a uniform in respect of his family or patriotism is not only protecting his fellow American but is also possibly causing a would be terrorist or mass killer from performing his dastardly deed? I say give the man a hand, I see great courage and patriotism, not cowardliness or oh owe is me, I see a man ready to give up his life to defend his countrymen and nation if he sees the need.
      If we wait on authorities, Obama and his regime then we’re already dead men walking who are deserving of no country.
      The days of Kum ba yah are over and long gone, the sooner we Americans get a grip on that fact of real life the better off all Americans will become.
      Here is a perfect example of the confusion caused by the lack of communication between Americans who lack respect for other patriot American’s. Sorry about the language and the program, but the point is made clear in this video. We all must work together if we’re to save our nation, if.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        Sorry I don’t agree with you on this subject. If someone wants to wear a military uniform for whatever reason, he/she needs to join the military and earn the right to wear a United States military uniform. A lot of people have given their lives while wearing a military uniform, so it’s not to be taken lightly whenever someone just decides on their own to wear one. If that particular young man can’t qualify to join the military, so be it. Sorry, but he shouldn’t don a uniform that he is not authorized to wear.

        • poorhardworker

          And he should not have lied about his ID! He should have apologized and said that he meant no disprect but was only honoring relatives! He is lying now too!

          • timerunnersc

            This man broke no laws, his is a patriot who loves his country and the military.
            Now if he wore a Leftest uniform the media would be defending him 100% so in contrast I will support this American for all the reasons he stated and for all the other good reasons as well.
            All of this reminds me of how Arlene Spector portrayed the states local militias during the senate hearings. The media spreading the crap notion he is stupid, not smart enough to know better. The constitution bad, big government good brainwashing crap is good.
            We Americans had better start thinking smarter or we’re going to be wishing we had, that is for those who are still stuck on, the hey man whats the problem mod?
            I strangely stand by this man and I hope he will get away from his family and get with other like minded Americans. He needs to join a local Tea Party Core and dump the dummies who are dumping on him because it will only get worse for him.

            • People don’t break any laws either when they trash, stand on, tear or burn our flag. Doesn’t mean it’s right to do it.

            • Army_Pilot1967

              Unless regulations have changed it is illegal to wear a uniform with “US ARMY”, or “US NAVY” or “US AIR FORCE” or “US MARINES” tape on the uniform. That was in the regulation when I was on active duty. It could have changed, but I doubt it has.

              • timerunnersc

                It probably still is against the law, but with so many patriots and jackets, rings etc on the market that patriots can buy in honor of the military the law is not enforced.
                It was against the law when i was in the service too. And if you were in the military you had better not get caught in a public location such as a store or restaurant wearing your military fatigues, it was a serious offense.
                Today where we live we are surrounded by Air force, Army and Marine bases, and we love it, we see these men and women all over the place in public wearing their fatigues, in fact we have bought meals for them and thanked them for their service. You should see the shock on their faces and gratitude. We wish we could do that more often. Seriously because It makes us feel pretty good too.

        • timerunnersc

          Wearing a uniform doesn’t make you military nor does wearing any units patch make you a member of that unit. But like any American having high regard for a particular unit, it’s something Americans wear proudly, like a badge of honor and they should not be discouraged from doing so. America needs all her patriots standing tall, standing proud and the enemy needs to know we stand together as Americans, regardless of unit and creed.
          No matter what clothes we Americans wear we are all in a battle for the life and death of our nation, whether we like it or not that’s fact.
          Sadly to many of our fellow Americans have already learned that fact the hard way, either they’ve lost everything they worked for all their lives or they’ve died homeless.

          • Caleb Howe

            Strongly disagree. And I think it is highly naive to suggest that a civilian in the states wearing a military uniform is “similarly” risking their life as a service member in theater.

            • timerunnersc

              Hey Caleb,
              I would not for a second consider or compare his danger to those serving in a war zone such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Bosnia Herzegovina, Ukraine, Chicago, Russia etc, but even so he as an Amerian at home in uniform in some university or walking through the airport or attending a democrat rally or visiting a Muslim infested city or state such as Chicago, Illinois or N.Y. would put this man in as serious danger as mentioned above. Yet, he must know all this and yet, he did wear the uniform. I do not believe the guy has a death wish, so we can only conclude he did this to encourage, embolden and to inspire others to be strong and support the our service men and women and our nation regardless of the cost.
              If that is native, I’ll take it any day compared to the so called national heroes we see today who only show weakness and complacency with the enemies within..
              Right now as we speak, there are American citizens, Not Cops or military etc, who every day put their lives on the line that are asking for no recognition and if someone steals their lime light without a word they are more than understanding and are appreciative because they know we are at war here in America in some ways more than we. Our troops are overseas, it’s just too shameful not enough Americans understand this war. But there it is.
              As Always Celeb, we appreciate your work, your post and all you do to bring information that defends our freedom and liberty.
              PS: Our troops are special, all of them, in what ever complicity they serve, and there are many troops and many ways.

              Tea Party American

            • timerunnersc

              Hey Caleb, I agree with you and I really don’t think any one on America’s soil is in any danger compared to being in a war zone or based in a camp near war battle area. But I do think any American in uniform does inspire. But they shouldn’t claim to be what they aren’t, and if asked openly explain the reason your in the uniform.
              by the way thanks for telling me about him posting on Facebook that he was a Ranger and has earned medals, I wasn’t aware of that fact. That is definitly not the right thing to do. Those 2 lies are to high a mountains to clime.

          • timerunner, I agree with your thought that one can be a true patriot willing to defend this country with their life without wearing the uniform- that’s just it, there are some of us who would defend it, WITHOUT wearing the uniform.
            Crap, my avatar wears bits and pieces and I feel guilty enough over that- if it weren’t for my vet friends, Marine & GB, I’d never consider it. I didn’t earn it. And that’s just for a cartoon.
            I do wear desert camo stuff, but never pretending.

            The people who wear the Uniform, through training and through service or combat have earned the right. We haven’t.


            • timerunnersc

              I understand your point completely, and even so I respect the man for having the respect and courage to show his courage for all to see, and especially so his regard for his family and America. But not just that alone, He put himself in great danger but not only for himself but to show others his was there. Honor shows it’s self in many ways and those ways are not always understood by those who are not in tune with the environment or the expression of honor. It’s clear this man wasn’t looking for praise or honor but was only wishing to inspire others. Personnaly if I were in a jam I would hope this man would be in the room. Proper ID or not I’m sure he would stand the test, especially when instructed to do due to the circumstances. From my experience I tell you that is true.
              I do not know the complete story of the guy but what I do know tells me, he did the right things for all the right reasons. And I’m saddened that he has been unloaded on as are all our American patriots.

            • NPC

              If the dude was so patriotic was he in voluntary support of the Wounded Warrior? The local Veterans organizations would have loved any patriotic help and services from him.
              Our friend timerunner is taking a lot for granted by that due’ actions and his verbage.

              • Very good point. There are a ton of MUCH NEEDED ways of helping. Excellent point NPC.

            • timerunnersc

              I love your avatar, me thinks it’s great and displays your heart felt love for our servicemen and women, America. Your a great American patriot. And as far as I’m concerned you deserve to wear any uniform you wish too. I have seen many in uniform who should not be wearing the uniform nor serving, I say that because some serving thinks the military is a university meant for a free education and want no part in really defending our nation. Over the years I’ve heard these words come out of theirs mouths. I could tell you other words I’ve heard but really there is no need to. Just think Political Correctness in the military and you have the picture. Sadly I know few great men who resigned because of the PC crap infesting our military.
              As for me deserving to wear the uniform, well I hung up my uniform a while ago, but if need be it could be dusted off, dry cleaned and put back into action. And the way the country is going that is a possibility.
              The man pretending to be a Ranger was dead wrong to say he actually was a Ranger or to wear real service medals, but him wearing a uniform just doesn’t bother me. I love the military and I love American patriots, I wish we had more of them and the reason is if we had more, today we would not have Obama and his Democrat ghetto kings and queens in charge. This Obama bunch has done more and are doing much much worse to our nation and it’s moral than this pretender has done or could ever do. I’m sure he has learned his lesson and is really sorry for his poor judgement in pretending to be a Ranger.

              • Well said, and I do appreciate it. I’ve seen some poor behavior by some military folks as well and it’s sad, but the majority of them you know better than I do how much they take pride and have every right to in their service.

                Thank you my friend.

                • timerunnersc

                  Yes ma’am Duckie, and thank God for those great honorable service personnel for their service they give and gave to us all, sometimes we have to wonder where do these American’s get the strength to go through the days of trails and sufferings as they do. They are incredible people, not the warmongers the shameless John Kerry’s and Dick Durbin’s of the nation try to make them out to be.

                • I honestly believe, whether some of them believe it or not, they are born warriors. God gave them the ‘stuff’ in their heart, soul and spirit to begin with. I think that’s why we can tell them apart from others even who wear the uniform whether they have that same spirit or just in it for college and benefits.

                  And yes, some have that stuff who will never get to wear the uniform too.

                • timerunnersc

                  Well said Duckie your words are so right on.
                  Amazingly I had in my comment “some have the right stuff” but I decided not to post that part of my comment. I’m glad you and I are on the same page.
                  You know what they say: “great minds think alike” what! (-: lols
                  I think of you and your mom often and hope you guy’s and your families are always going well.

                • Thank you my friend. I think of you too. Hope all is well with you as well 🙂

          • tinlizzieowner

            I support the Sheriffs, can I run around in a Sheriff’s uniform? 😉 😉

            • timerunnersc

              good point.

              • tinlizzieowner

                Well, can I? NO, I can’t. I would be charged with being something I’m not, ‘Impersonating A Police Officer’.

                • timerunnersc

                  Your point is well made and appreciated.
                  We’re talking about two completely different situations that have opposite outcomes and meanings. But to answer your question No you could not impersonate any law enforcement officer. That is a felony.
                  This man lying about being a Ranger and wearing their medals puts him way out of line. But him wearing the uniform doesn’t bother me but if he tried to slip on a military post or interfered with military operations or committed some other obvious violation of law while wearing the uniform then sure that would be a big deal, a investigations and charges would be called for.
                  By the way Caleb @ TRScoop explained to me that the guy had posted on facebook that he lied about being a true Ranger and that he lied saying he had earned the medals, at that point I agree the guy was completely wrong and way out of line.

  • dhebler

    As kid I dressed up in my dad’s uniforms and played army with the neighborhood kids. Nobody got their nose out of joint!

    I was in the army and I paid my dues, so I don’t care what this guy wears, as long as, he wears it proudly as a American citizen!

    The only people left fighting for our rights these days is the “Tea Party.”
    I doubt the military is were you want to be with Obama running the show!
    I say leave the guy alone…….

    • Caleb Howe

      I disagree. A ranger earns that uniform. It’s not a costume, and it’s not a t-shirt with a pro-America slogan. If you haven’t earned it, take it off. Would you be fine with someone wearing a fake Medal of Honor?

      • timerunnersc

        Sorry Mr Howe,
        When an American wears a uniform or a badge of a unit regardless of the unit, and knows what and who the badge represents or then wearing these badges on your sports coat or camo, it is a sign of respect and honor. Like wearing the flag of the USA on your lapel, everybody knows where your coming from.
        We’re not talking about terrorist here, we’re talking about Americans honoring other Americans and their units by wearing their badges.
        Let freedom ring and let the enemy beware as they better, is the message for these days and times.
        Consider Academia and their legions of Anti American subverts. Who stands against them but men such as this man.
        There are many American Rangers, Special Forces, Green Berets and other special Op units who did not have to eat lizards, rats, worms, leeches, snakes and frogs in the field, but still they earned their stripes in other dissatisfying ways. And it is my contention this man would be willing to do the same, to make the same sacrifice for his fellow American.
        As Always my friend respectfully.
        Tea Party American, we fight to win.

        • Caleb Howe

          This is simply incorrect and wrongheaded. I ask again, is it patriotic to wear a medal you weren’t awarded? A man is given a congressional medal of honor for his ACTIONS. not his FEELINGS. Wanting one and earning one are not the same thing.

          • timerunnersc

            I agree, he should not be wearing medals.

          • timerunnersc

            Thanks Caleb, I stand corrected about the guys lies. I wasn’t aware of all the details, so thanks again and no it isn’t right to lie.

        • Caleb Howe

          Not to mention you are not tlaking about what happened. This guy didn’t put a fan badge on his facebook page. He dressed up in uniform and pretended to be a Ranger. That’s a pretty big difference.

          • timerunnersc

            Thanks for the correction, your right on.
            While him wearing the uniform doesn’t bother me, he should not have lied about being a true Ranger and wearing their medals. That is wrong.
            I hope he has learned his lesson. But I also hope at some point in his life he does get beyond this and gets to serve honorably. I think his heart was in the right place even though his judgement wasn’t.

    • I’m grateful for your service, but disagree. Playing dress up and army with friends is a lot different than being all grown up and pretending to be a Ranger

      • dhebler

        leather flight jackets were the rage when I was a teenager in high school. Some of us sowed patches on our jackets from different squadrons during Korea. And some of those guys were in outlaw biker clubs. Nobody was outraged, not even my dad who fought both in Korea and WW11.

        You should be more concerned about woman in combat. Gays in the military. Priests unable to give Sunday sermons. Only a Ranger can dishonor a ranger…this guy is a civil….

        If you want to be outraged, then show Obama, you are one pissed off American about how he is dismantling the military. Then I would back you in your cause, otherwise, this is much ado about nothing!

        • Believe me, I am outraged over a lot of what dear leader and our government is doing. I’ve written about a lot of it. Often.

          I do understand, but I still don’t think it’s right. But I’m only a civvie with my own opinion of it.

          Thank you again for your service. I do mean that.

          • dhebler

            I know you mean it.

            Until you’ve been their, and done that, the only one that counts is the guy on your left, and the guy on your right, in that foxhole. Otherwise, its all nonsense! This fake Ranger counts for nothing, he’s just playing army…..

            This guy is of little consequences in the scheme of things today; its time to attack those in Washington before we have no military to rely upon. These are the times that try men’s souls. And may God be with us again!

        • tinlizzieowner

          You don’t have a frickin clue how much this woman has already done for the military and continues to do, right now.
          Just for the record, the bulk of those ‘outlaw bikers’ back then, were Vets.

          • dhebler

            Your talking through your hat. You’re talking like a political correct liberal!
            A woman in combat especially in a foxhole, is not unreliable. I don’t think you know what you are talking about in combat…
            If you read the word; you’ll discover women are made from man, and man came through woman. We are connected, but we are different in structure and thinking. God never used a woman to fight in combat! Try reading history and the word about men at war……

            • I think you mis read tinlizzieowner’s comment. He’s a Vietnam Vet, so he knows. But the woman reference, he was talking about me- not women in combat.

              • dhebler

                my apologies!

            • tinlizzieowner

              Where did I say anything about ‘women in combat?
              What do I know about men in combat? About all I needed to learn in Viet Nam in 66 and 67.
              “Duckie’ has done more for troops last year than you have probably done in your lifetime.
              What do I know about military history? I just got off work in a military history museum, where my Mrs. (a Woman’s Army Corps. Viet Nam era Vet) and I work every Sunday, how about you? 😉

              • dhebler

                Guess what? Duckie said I responded to the wrong person. I already said I apologized. However, I haven’t changed my mind about women in combat!

                • tinlizzieowner

                  The overwhelming majority of the women in the military are not interested in serving in combat positions alongside men, either. It adds another facet to ‘combat’ that is totally unnecessary.
                  This is all just more of that (liberal) ‘social engineering’ being brought about from outside the military.
                  You will get no argument out of me, or my ‘Army’ Mrs. over this.

                • dhebler

                  We are all on the same page!

        • Caleb Howe

          Your jacket example is still not the same thing as putting on a full uniform. I’m sorry you can’t see the difference between wearing a band’s t-shirt, and telling people you’re the bass guitarist.

          • dhebler

            Back then; some wore fatigues with their jackets. Some wore boots. Some wore hats without fatigues. Some put more patches on their hats and jackets. This was not a sign of disrespect! This was a sign that they believed in a strong military.

            You’re overreacting to a guy that dressed up in a uniform. Take it from one who has been their. The only one that counts is the guy on your right and your left in the foxhole.

            The band analogy was kind of a stupid thing to say in my opinion about uniforms….

            • Caleb Howe

              Wearing a fake military uniform is kind of a stupid thing to do. So I guess we’re even.

              • dhebler

                I apologize to a follow vet–we have bigger problems in this nation than this guy playing army…let us “both” not forget that!

  • d1comment

    He lied then and he is lying now…he got caught.

  • Nukeman60

    …”I was just supporting my cousins and my family in the military”…

    This is an excuse that was thought up after considerable thought and one he hoped would deflect any criticism. If he felt that way, he could have said it in the beginning.

    However, if you listen to the original tape, he claims to be a Ranger and he just forgot his ID. Let’s face it, he’s a para-military wannabe and that doesn’t excuse him. I suspect he has a well used copy of the video game “Call of Duty” sitting on his coffee table at home.

    The uniforms can be bought in any army/navy store and he can go play ‘soldier’ like any other little kid, but there is no need to pretend that you earned the patches. They had every right to call him out on it.

    Support your military, but don’t try to fake it. I’m pretty sure the cops would have had a different attitude if he were walking around campus dressed as a cop, with patches and a badge.

    • I go hiking in my military stuff all the time, but I’d NEVER wear it pretending to be one of the troops. Well said Nukefriend.
      If he really supports his cousin, it’s a pitiful way of doing it, my cousin is 101st Airborne and I’m insulted.

  • poorhardworker

    I don’t believe this malarkey!!! If he was really trying to “honor” his relatives he would have said so when called out!!! Instead he made up an excuse…!

  • jhny_777

    Sorry this little punk was lookin for some publicity. I’m a Vet and would never wear the uniform unless a parade or an event asking to do so! Also Active duty, if it hasn’t change are not allowed to wear everyday uniform in civilian population unless it is class A or if in transit. Plus he would rather be a mouthy pos instead of walking away! I also noticed he did not know uniform protocol.

    • Caleb Howe

      When I was in the Marine Corps, wearing your camis in town would get you busted lickety split.

      • johnfromjersey

        How easy it is to tell you’re a Marine Caleb.

    • Swamp Fox

      Attention towards whatever reason, yes; but I do not think he was looking for publicity.

    • NPC

      Yeah that’s how I remember it.

  • I agree, even though I feel a little guilty for duckie’s attire sometimes- the Uniform must be earned. No matter how much he may have wanted to serve, it’s still no excuse to wear full uniform in public passing yourself off as a military member.

    While people say the Veterans should have handled it better, they ought to understand what the uniform means, what the patches mean, and how insulting it is to those who have PAID a high price to wear them.

    • johnfromjersey

      Hey Duck-head, you wear that stuff out of solidarity, not to mock… there’s a big difference. Besides, anyone who’s read anything you’ve ever written, understands how much you love our troops. I doubt that anyone in uniform would be upset with you.
      This country needs more Duckies!

    • kong1967

      Agreed, but he does get it now and he never realized he was disrespecting the real men in uniform. I forgive him….unless he’s a liar and keeps doing it.

    • NPC

      While people say the Veterans: Duckie we both know you can’t pound common sense into feelgooders. I’m referring to the people saying the Vets should’ve handled it better. This feel good, is the same as PC .It’s surrender.

      • I agree. Sometimes I forget a large part of the population are PC fools.

    • Caleb Howe

      Duckie, you understand the line between honoring something and borrowing something’s honor. You have nothing to worry about.

      • TexasPGRRider

        Clear and Concise

    • Mike Wilson

      Nobody likes a posser

  • johnfromjersey

    Ah, playing war. That’s what we did as kids. Growing up in the 50’s in the Jersey suburbs… what a grand time to be a kid. We listened to all the war stories from our dads or uncles, and acted them out “down the mountains.” That is what we called the little hills that was a short walk from my childhood home. But, coming out of Newark, it was like I was in the old west, or the ETO, or Africa fighting back the nazi hoards.
    Maybe the kid is a little mixed up… maybe he is a wannabe… maybe he had no dad to teach him how to be a man, who knows. If he reads any of the comments, he might want to get a Wrangler Jacket and put the patches of his family members on that, and I’d suggest an American Flag as well.

    • But as I know you known, there’s a big difference between playing “Army” as a kid and trying to pass yourself off as military when you’re a grown @ss man. There is something seriously “off” about this granola bar. I think characters like this want attention and to be thought of as the “big” man, just like those who try and fail to become cops.

  • “I’d serve today,” said the man, Joseph Scott. “One phone call and I’d be gone.”

    No one is stopping you now…. Yeah, he’s a wannabe who got caught and doesn’t have the guts to really serve!

    • kong1967

      Yeah, but if the story is true he has been trying to pass the test to serve and has failed. Technically, someone is stopping him. Rightfully so, but….

      I’m just glad to hear he wasn’t doing it to act big and look like a hero on campus.

    • NPC

      And only a phone call away from Syria too?
      His behavior is anything but an intelligent way to accomplish a goal.
      Make belief is still make belief, but some get lost to reality.

  • Swamp Fox

    A well written piece Caleb. I dig the respect.

  • edsmanedup

    Its tough not being good enough……I’d serve with him…Fear not……

  • I think the veteran in the video was angrier at the tags. Camouflages can be gotten anywhere. But don’t make up fake platoons and patch them on your shoulder.

  • MaxineCA

    I’ve been following this thread on and off all day. There’s plenty to be said for the actions of the family and especially the recruiter, but it does appear there was no malicious intent. Unfortunately, hindsight is far different than info the true Ranger had at the time of the incident. (Go back and watch the original video.)

    The most troubling thing for me is what I think is the root cause of this whole situation: The kid bought an authentic (Edit: authentic looking to a civilian) army uniform complete with the Ranger patch from a surplus store.

    Question to the military folks here: Is that legal? Are these available in surplus stores?

    • armyvet10

      Most military uniforms can be purchased in many Army Surplus stores. And many of the patches can be found there as well. In fact, any individual can purchase much oh the basic equipment used by military people. Web gear, ruck sacks even compasses. Other more sensitive items are harder to get. As a retired military man, I can still purchase military uniform, medals I have earned and basic items at my nearest clothing sales store, which is Ft. Knox Ky for me (that is if I want a fully stocked clothing sales store). There is a limited selection here at old Ft. Benjamin Harrison, but they don’t carry everything I have earned. (Or at least not all the time) Hopes that helps.

      • MaxineCA

        Thank you for the response. Out of curiosity, I checked out the surplus stores in my area, but never saw a “complete” uniform. (but they did have some really cool stuff). The ironic thing is, the only people he would have “duped” with his pieced together uniform would have been us, the civilians. The REAL Ranger in the first story caught it right away.

        Guess I should edit my post to say “authentic looking uniform to civilians”. Being naive as we are, and not knowing, I would have gone up to shake his hand to thank him for his service, as I sincerely thank you for yours!

        • One of my only real favorite place to shop is at the Army/Navy store in town. 😉 They have everything- uniforms, patches, flags, just not medals or ribbons, which is a good thing.

          I just like the stuff cause it’s comfy when I go hiking.

          • MaxineCA

            Wow, tough thread. I deliberately didn’t post an “opinion” comment as I’ve never worn a military uniform and didn’t feel I earned the right to have an opinion on the matter. Actually, I think Caleb said it best in his post at the top.

            • I did too. I mean, thought Caleb said it best. But you know me, I can’t keep my bill shut on any topic.

  • Sentinel

    I appreciate his intent but the method he used was seriously messed up.

  • Time4Offense

    So… tomorrow he’ll wear a police uniform on campus, because maybe he’s always wanted to be a cop. That’s easier to wear than the deep-sea diver’s outfit, which tends to be a bit clunky.

  • timerunnersc

    Bibles, Freedom – Liberty & Top Guns

  • digipanic

    I am a vet and don’t wear my old BDU’s anywhere – I got bigger! But my wife likes the shirts for when we go camping. Of course the rank, name, branch of service and all that were removed on those shirts – I think there’s a regulation about that. There are other ways to honor and support our troops and pretending to be an active duty person who swore an oath to our country with his or her life is not tolerated in my book. I didn’t watch the explanation video and don’t care to either.

  • harglide

    I too am a vet, and do NOT wear my uniforms EVER, because I did serve and got tired of wearing them. I do not see a reason for it. I may wear the pants because they are comfortable, but just do not need to wear them.
    Now, this moron and possibly, (most likely mentally challenged) individual should have been told by his parents/guardians, that it is flippin wrong to wear this uniform and LIE ABOUT SERVING!!!!!
    In the original video he lies about serving, and is challenged the vets, and continues to swear he served. This moron is wrong for what he did, intentionally!

    • Terrenceor

      He was an easy mark for those Veterans. No soldier would ever be caught walking around outdoors without his cover. That was a recurring bad dream was having to walk across post without your hat that you misplaced.

      • Caleb Howe

        I had that same nightmare many times. Not having a cover in a dream is the same as the civilian version of being at school in your undewear.

  • MiBones

    The kid “suffered severe trauma at age three and consequently has PTSD.” Is that code for developmental disability? Especially since he took special ed classes and never finished high school. I don’t blame the (Ranger?), but maybe the recruiting officer should have instructed the kid on proper protocol to honor his family members.

    • B-Funk


  • USPatriot

    When my son was in the Marine Corps, [as I understood it] was nothing but “civilian” dress when he left base. Stateside or deployment. Exceptions for wearing their Dress Blues were for special occasions. Weddings, funerals, etc..

  • ClintonDryCleaners

    This little ***hole gets busted faking honors he doesn’t deserve and we’re supposed to feel sorry for HIM because he’s been stupid since age 3? What kind of world are we living in?!? Only regret is that the Rangers didn’t beat his ass. Guarantee that a FundAnything campaign would have paid their legal bills.

  • TexasPGRRider

    Don`t say you did, if you didn`t….

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Good thing he didn’t dress up in Crip colors and wander into Blood territory.

  • Steven Simmons

    As long as he wasn’t actively admitting that he did something he didn’t or said he was someone he wasn’t then everyone needs to take a step back and realize it doesn’t matter. These veterans should have been more responsible and acted like leaders opposed to the bullies that they claim to protect us from. Based on what we’ve discovered, he obviously has a mental handicap of some sort so acting like he’s some sort of scum is ridiculous. The comments I’ve read in this thread are disheartening and shameful and prove that many of you are no better than the people you complain about regularly.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “As long as he wasn’t actively admitting that he did something he didn’t or said he was someone he wasn’t then everyone needs to take a step back and realize it doesn’t matter.”
      He said he was a Ranger. If he had come right out and admitted all the ‘spin’ his family, the press and many have engaged in here from the beginning, this wouldn’t even be a story.
      I remember another guy who liked to play dress-up in military uniforms.

    • On the original story he never confirmed he wasn’t a soldier, he said he didn’t have ID. He never answered the vets when asked why he was dressed in the uniform.

      As for the comments on this thread, many of them are from Veterans. People who have earned every right, more so than people like me, to comment. If you can’t understand why the Vets in the video were upset, or many of the people here, you’ll never understand. But they all fought for your right to have an opinion.

    • Nukeman60

      I agree with Tinlizzieowner. You need to watch the original video.

      Upon confrontation, he claimed he WAS a Ranger, but merely forgot his ID. If he had said he was only trying to support his military family, as the later fabricated story claims, then the Vets may well have just scolded him about his faux pas and let him go about his way.

      But to claim you are something that you obviously are not would enrage any veteran who actually earned the right to say they put themselves in harms way for all of us.

      As AmericanDuckie said, if you don’t understand that, then you will never get it and are probably okay with someone burning the American flag.

    • MaxineCA

      What is “disheartening and shameful” (your words) to me is the disrespect for our military that some have displayed here. There’s and old American Indian proverb: “Never criticize a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins”.

      And yes, it does matter. It matters a great deal for those that have walked the mile. It also matters to those of us that support them.

  • Guest


  • Gregory Yates

    I agree the kid was dead wrong, however I am sadly disappointed in the vulgar and aggressive undisciplined reaction of the vets. Seemed like shoot first and ask questions later. I’m sure the vet was capable of taking the guy down while maintaining his own dignity.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Then, you’re just fine with him impersonating a police officer, right?
      I don’t think the cops would be OK with it. In fact, I think his relatives would have been told to bring him a change of clothes at the Police station. 😉

      • Gregory Yates

        As I said, the kid was dead wrong. I was disappointed in the way the vet handled himself. I believe the kid needed to be confronted, but in a more diplomatic and professional manner. Aggression first is not good unless being approached with aggression which was clearly not present… only ignorance/stupidity. 🙂 I expect to see a member of our military carry himself such in a non combat situation.

        • tinlizzieowner

          Some of us have dealt with ‘posers’ in the past and we don’t take it lightly. I served in Viet Nam on a plane (USAF), I wouldn’t have a ‘CIB’ on my uniform.
          I wasn’t injured, I wouldn’t have a Purple Heart ribbon on my uniform. Why not? I DIDN’T EARN THEM.
          If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand, anyway.
          I’d love to stay and chat but I have to go run a place where only the real need apply.

      • oldaarpy

        The kid was wrong, he got chewed on! Public places are not drill halls and not the place to prove vets can use profanity! You show your ignorance when you can’t make a point without cursing! And, yeah, I’m a vet!

    • LIRight

      EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL (EOD) SPECIALIST – US ARMY RANGER – 101st Airborne. all difficult to earn insignias worn by Scott!! Also, I left out that he is wearing Master Sergeant (E-8) rank which takes many, many years of dedicated experience to achieve and this guy Scott never served one day in the military.

      “The guys making the accusations were vulgar, aggressive and undisciplined??” Tell you what…..spend ONE MINUTE in combat, watch as friends are blown to bits and come back to me or any other combat veteran and write that crap again. Until then, let me be clear and vulgar; shut the hell up!


    this kid had no direspect to the uniform and the organization it represents . he did not burn or damage it in anyway . have you ever heard not being able to enlist because of flat feet , physically or mentally unable . the military are looking for a few good men , now all they get is fruits , nuts and fairies

  • TexasPGRRider

    Sorta reminds me of our current “Poser in Chief.” Most Americans, as well as a major portion of the rest of the world, are aware of the fact, that a Fraud has been perpetrated, allowed to fester, and is effectually establishing precedent, for the eventual chaos and collapse of Our Great Nation. I for one, will NOT stand by and allow this FRAUD to continue absent confrontation ! ! ! 16 May 2014, will provide us ALL, an opportunity to share some Time and Space, with Fellow Liberty Lovin`, Freedom Fightin`, Patriots.

    • lawngren

      Peace, brother.

      Through strength. (Is there any other way?)

      • TexasPGRRider

        AMEN…The EYES Have It….

  • Laurel

    I wondered about his mental capacity when I saw the first video.

  • lawngren

    That is NOT the way you support relatives in uniform. And if true, he should have said so at the time.

  • Al Egro

    Although we rely upon the geniuses among us to create the gadgets, gizmos, and gasoline we depend upon, genius becomes bottled up and useless when centralized restrictions limit liberty.