Video: Lt. Col. Allen West on why Radical Islam is the norm and not a perversion

This video isn’t new, but thanks to reader KeninMontana for pointing it out. It appears to be from February of this year so it isn’t that old, but it’s awesome.

To say Radical Islam is redundant – all you need to say is Islam, because it’s inherently radical. But I don’t mean radical in the same way that the founders were radical, or that Jesus was radical. I mean radical as in evil, violent, and oppressive. And Lt. Col. Allen West seems to understand that quite well and gives the best answer I’ve heard in a long time on this very point:

It’s interesting that no one up there could give a coherent answer as to why Islam was a threat, except for West. I’m telling you, get West and Patraeus together on a ticket and I’m all in for 2012.

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  • KeninMontana

    Thanks for posting this RS , as long as we're throwing out fantasy 2012 tickets how about West/Bolton? LtCol West would get my vote in any race I could vote in.

  • Oh yeah, I'd vote for that ticket. Thanks again for the video.

  • AmyAme

    I admire Lt. Col. Allen West a lot.
    During a debate with Daniel Pipes, Wafa Sultan quoted Erdogan: “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”
    I think that's essentially what Allen West was also saying.

  • rslancer

    As the saying goes, there may be moderate muslims (though I don't really know what that creature really is, sounds awfully mythical to me), but Islam itself is not moderate. And those that adhere to what their book says, cannot be any shape of moderate.
    I attended a local debate for the republican nominee for NH CD-1 (to rid ourselves of Carol Che-Porter) and had the chance to talk with a few of the 6 candidates, and one of them was the type of person that the Lt. Col. quotes as being the problem with leadership. I had to correct him and educate him about what I have considered significant threat to our freedoms and security, and my desire to see legislation that will outlaw sharia law within our republic. The very notion of islamic law is so antithetical to our system of rule of law that it's mere acceptance should be considered a direct threat to our constitutional form of government. I haven't yet had the chance to ask all of the candidates the Islam question yet to make sure that they won't be part of the problem, but I have until Sept. for the primary.

  • rabcf1

    Gays in the military, where does the constitution say the majority must be submisive to a life style choice of a minority. One more way to subvert what might be left of any national morality. The army is not a democracy. And neither is my Co. RABCF

  • Radical Islam is a threat. I don't know why the author of this blog post is trying to deny that.

    He is speaking as though Islam in general–or at least a majority of the Islamic people–are violent or radical. I would go as far as to say that radical Islam is a threat but that we shouldn't lump moderate Islam in with radical Islam as the author of this post did when he said, “To say Radical Islam is redundant – all you need to say is Islam, because it’s inherently radical. But I don’t mean radical in the same way that the founders were radical, or that Jesus was radical. I mean radical as in evil, violent, and oppressive.”

  • Mitch, if I offend with my reply, I really couldn't give a rat's ass. Hair splitting, self deluded, half assed people like yourself are the reason that Europe is in the shape it's in now. In fact, I'd have to say that it was people who have your frame of mind that allowed wonderful people like Hitler and Mussolini to come to power un-checked and un-challenged.

    You absolutely refuse to see the historically larger picture. You probably have some tamed apostate muslim in your neighborhood that plays nice with others and you think that's the majority of them? Please grow up before it gets you killed. Islam is probably the most evil religion to curse this planet since the Kali death cults first rose (and were irradicated, see also exterminated) in India.

    It has absolutely NO redeeming qualities. How can it when it's holiest Prophet was a frigging pedophile.

    Here's a nice idea, re-watch the clip above. This time write down the list of historical conflicts that he listed with Islam. Look them up and educated yourself. It was your so-called moderate muslims that opened the doors in Europe to the eventual neutering that they've recieved in the last hundred years

  • Until Islam receives a new Prophet with a new book that circumvents the Koran, there is no hope for Islam. You're right, “Moderate” Muslims are as real as unicorns.

  • Greywolfe, you are so INTOLERANT!!! : ) Of course you are right. Unfortunately education in America doesn't teach history. If it did, we would see much clearer the threat to our individual liberties both from the dead god, allah, and the false messiah, obama.

  • poptoy1949

    Just gotta love the truth.

  • LT . COL . Alan West is as smart as a whip . It is a travisty that the majority of americans do not posses , the intelligance and common sence , that mr. West has achieved . I am proud and it is my pleasure to stand with LT . COL . in the fight for the freedom of our country . REMEMBER NOVEMBER

  • rhondako

    I really like this guy