Video – Obama on Iran: “Give Peace A Chance” … Seriously. He Said That Actual Thing.

The President took questions today in the Oval Office in a joint presser with President Mariano Rajoy of Spain. The President spoke about security, and discussed the Iran nukes deal.

My preference is for peace and diplomacy, and this is one of the reasons why I’ve sent a message to Congress that now is not the time for us to impose new sanctions; now is the time for us to allow the diplomats and technical experts to do their work. We will be able to monitor and verify whether or not the interim agreement is being followed through on, and if it is not, we’ll be in a strong position to respond. But what we want to do is give diplomacy a chance and give peace a chance

After his remark, the President suggested we imagine all the people living for today.

It’s funny, people joke about hippie Democrats, and then they go and give you something like this on a silver platter. With a platitude like give peace a chance, one cannot help but think of the recent revelations from Robert Gates’ explosive new memoir. Now that we know how unseriously Obama dealt with Iraq and Afghanistan, hearing him state his philosophy on Iran’s nukes as something so trite and so contrary to everything we know about the Iranian regime takes on a meaning that goes well beyond humor. President Obama and Secretary Kerry have been nothing if not mealy-mouthed appeasers on the matter of the Iranian nuclear program, and this is just more of the same.

Would that we had a President who could speak the vocabulary of strength and power, rather than the euphemism-heavy, platitude-driven “can’t we all just get along” double-speak of a spineless community organizer.

And Democrats wonder why conservatives pine for Reagan. Reagan wouldn’t have been caught dead waxing flower child on a threat such as this. Obama is practically in feetie pajamas gripping a hot cocoa and giggling at a Rachel Maddow snark snit on foreign policy.

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  • Clare

    John Lennon lives.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Oh brother what a god complex this loser has!!

  • Tollthis

    Words from an amateur moron.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Professional moron. 😉

  • Clare

    The President of the United States of America channels John Lennon.

    • John Richter

      Moron Reagan did too. What is with these morons? Lennon was a commie.

  • stage9

    This guy is a friggin idiot!


    • lawngren

      Good slogan!

  • Clare

    Give Colin Powell a chance in Iran.
    With the same level of voracity as he did in Iraq.

    • stage9

      There are FAR BETTER Commanders that come to mind.

      • Clare

        Colin Powell was a top military General. He lied to us and the whole world, he sold us snake oil. He told us there were weapons of mass destruction, but all he had was weapons of mass deception. I could not bear to listen to disingenuous Colin Powell – I cannot stand hearing Obama who speaks in a similar vein. Thinking about both of them sends my mind to the bottom of the cesspool. My comment was thus sarcastic, you know, as in ‘ouch’.

        • lawngren

          I read both Powell’s and Stormin’ Norman’s books on Desert Storm. The Bear was a gentleman all the way through, but powell jeered at him and ridiculed him, both in the field and in his book. When I read that, I decided powell was something I wouldn’t even use as a doormat.

  • Clare

    I’m trolling the bottom of the cesspool to think of another one.

    (We have to laugh before we shed tears.)

  • sybilll

    I can never, ever listen to Obama talk about Iran without recalling how beautiful Nada was gunned down in the streets of Iran in 2009, and Obama didn’t say a damned word. There is something far more sinister behind his views on Iran, Valerie Jarrett’s connection aside.

  • joyfulgiver

    These talking points sound a lot like “We have to pass the bill in order to know what’s in the bill.” Are there any “diplomats and technical experts” left in this administration? On the subject of “monitoring and verifying” what were they monitoring during Benghazi? and what did they verifying?

  • All we are saying, Is Give Peace a Chance… as long as they are all sunni muslims. If they’re American military and/or patriots- you give them one way Ticket to Ride over in some hell hole with crap ROEs to deal with.

    I’ve got another one for you dear leader… So you say you want a revolution?

    • famouswolf

      Do you feel like there is a lit fuse getting close to detonation, there, Duckie?
      I do too.

      • I’ve felt it for a while famouswolf friend. Praying for some way to avoid it, but I just don’t know.

        • tinlizzieowner

          I’ve got a suggestion? 😉 😉

          • Amen. That’s a good song to wake up to after about 3 hours sleep. Thank you tinlizzie

          • lawngren

            That looks and sounds like an original. I don’t know how it survived this long, but I’m glad it did. Thanks, tinlizzie.

            • tinlizzieowner

              Kay Kyser’s band 1943.
              Kay Kyser was a hugely popular big band leader before Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman or Tommy Dorsey. 😉

              • Laurel

                You ought to see the exhibit at the WWII museum in NOLA of the big bands and entertainment of the troops during WWII.

                • tinlizzieowner

                  Some day I’d love to. My mom was a singer and my dad was a sax player in NY in the 40’s. I have some of their (78rpm) records.

                • Laurel

                  Oh that is just cool!

                  In a couple of weeks they will be opening
                  the Stage Door Canteen next to the museum that is full blown restaurant
                  replete with live shows from the era. Reservations and tickets have to
                  be purchased in advance and I bet they sell out quick so if you go, go
                  on website and buy your tickets in advance. I’m sure it is worth it
                  because so far nothing at WWII Museum is a disappointment and they just
                  keep adding.

              • lawngren


    • Yazz55


      Don’t tell the obamessiah that the Beatles song Revolution contains the following line…

      “But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao

      You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow”

    • John Richter

      We owe it to the Shia to help them.They helped us in Iraq.

      • Laurel

        No they manipulated us in Iraq because we don’t fight wars anymore and let PC press and propaganda call the shots.

    • lawngren

      Amen, sister!

  • PNWShan

    “Let the technical experts do their work.” That’s the same old elitism.

    • Caleb Howe


    • Laurel

      And pie in the sky nonsense.

  • NYGino

    Please, somebody get me a bucket.

  • Rand Careaga

    Ronald Reagan, addressing a joint session of Congress on 25 January 1984, said this actual thing: “We must have the courage to give peace a chance.” IOKIYAR, eh?

    • And that was nine months after the bombing that killed over two hundred Marines, right? It is but to shake my head.

    • John Richter

      That’s the same moron that claimed bus drivers paid more taxes than millionairs, then raised taxes on the wealthy, and dropped millions of low income people off the tax roles, to as he put it,”make it more fair”. Reagan was a butthug.

  • Nukeman60

    “Give Peace a chance”?

    What’s this bozo gonna say next? He’s more popular than Jesus? I know, in his heart, he believes it.

    So I’m guessing the “diplomats and technical experts” have been on coffee break the last 40 years. Now they’re going to go to work and do their jobs?

    Not likely.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “What’s this bozo gonna say next? He’s more popular than Jesus? I know, in his heart, he believes it.”
      He thinks he’s America’s John Lennon.

      • tinlizzieowner

        I can hear Barry singing this right now. :-/

      • Yazz55

        That John Lennon comment has always been taken out of context. It was more like a sarcastic kneejerk response to a reporter, who was trying to prompt or provoke them. On the other hand, the obamessiah really does believe that he’s bigger and more popular than G-D.

        • tinlizzieowner

          You’re right, it was a ‘knee JERK’ reaction. 😉 😉
          His song (below) expresses exactly how he and Obama see the world.

    • lawngren

      obama thinks he IS Jesus, or at least the 12th imama. I mean imama. All the same to obama, just worship at his feet.

  • Sentinel

    “Just give peace a chance” sure worked well in Benghazi now didn’t it you fraud?

    • blder

      Yea, let’s just kill them all!

      • lawngren

        Sounds like a winner to me. Much better than “Submit to allah, you whiny dhimmis, and quit worrying about your little girls. We’ll take real good care of them.”

        • blder

          Yup, those are our only two options!

          • lawngren

            I wouldn’t say that, but the first is the option the muslims are trying real hard to force on the world, as they have since muhammed had his conversations with a demon, and the second choice is our BEST option.

            Winston Churchill said that there would never be peace in the world as long as the koran existed.

            • blder

              I’m guessing you oppose the 1st Amendment then?

              • lawngren

                I suppose you got that from my obvious opposition to islam. I can’t see anything else I said which you could have used as an excuse for such a strawman argument.

                I’m going to assume you know nothing about islam. Educate yourself. With an internet connection and a browser, it doesn’t take long.

                I oppose islam because its stated goal is to force the entire world to accept islam or die, or be slaves / dhimmis. To replace all religions and all governments with sharia law. I oppose islam because of their barbaric, brutal, savage treatment of women, their common practice of adult males raping and subjugating little girls under color of “marriage”. I oppose islam because of their common practice of sending children with bombs strapped on them to kill their enemies. I could go on, but you can take it from there if you want to learn.

                If you do NOT oppose islam, come right out and say it. So far in this conversation you’ve used what I would call “shy” sarcasm instead of plainly stating what you believe and why.

                • Laurel

                  Well said.

                • lawngren

                  Thank you.

                • blder

                  Well I think you must admit that what you really oppose is the way that Islam has been interpreted and practiced by the people you mention. I do as well. I suppose I could educate myself more on Islam, however it doesn’t really matter to me given that there is not much I can do about it. I imagine you’d also agree that there have been plenty of Christians throughout history, more so at an earlier time in history, who have been brutal. If they had access to the same weaponry, I suppose we’d have seen similar tactics. The New Testament could be interpreted in some pretty startling ways (see: Luke 12:51-53).

                  What I meant by asking you if you opposed the 1st Amendment was to ask if you thought there was anything you could actually do about Islam, while still supporting our rights to freedom of religion.

                • lawngren

                  “the way that Islam has been interpreted and practiced by the people you mention”

                  That’s not an accurate statement. The practices I mentioned are outright statements in the Koran and the Haddiths. Those who do these barbaric things are practicing their religion, not an interpretation of their religion.

                  If you don’t care to educate yourself on islam because there isn’t much you can do about it, then do not make statements in support of it.

                  When “Christians” (as opposed to Christians) do such things, they are definitely NOT practicing Christianity. The Scripture you quoted was definitely NOT a command to attack people or force Christianity on them. Jesus (the one speaking there) also replied to Pilate, “If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight.”

                  Finally and most importantly, what one should do about islam while still supporting our right to religious freedom is BAN islam from America. It is islam which is opposed to religious freedom and to any other form of government than sharia law, vehemently, persistently, ruthlessly, and implacably. How is it that you have not realized this?

                  You can’t have freedom of religion when you allow a religion which says, “We will destroy your religion and your government and force ours on those whom we choose to allow to live.”

                  That is not religion. That is war. Islam has declared war on America, and on Western Civilization. Google “terrorist acts + location” or something similar, and see how many pop up, right here in America.

                • blder

                  “The Scripture you quoted was definitely NOT a command to attack people or force Christianity on them” – I mean, that is your interpretation. What is to stop others from interpreting it differently?

                  I think you need to open your eyes a little more and see the other interests behind the Islamic terrorist movements. Basically, much of it comes down to power. The extremists are just tools to the ones directing them. Most of those at the top surely live in excess, and do what they can to gain more power. Most of the extremist soldiers are ignorant and can’t even read the Koran.

                  Lastly, I’m sure you can see the absurdity in the concept of banning a religion, yet also supporting the freedom of religion. If Islam is not a religion, what is the definition that will provide protection to practice one’s religion peacefully? What is to stop us from one day declaring that Christianity is not a religion?

                • lawngren

                  “That’s just your interpretation.” Like it’s my interpretation that noon is mid-day.

                  OK, you have just unmasked yourself as one with an agenda. Probably islamic, probably anti-Christian, but it doesn’t matter. You’re not interested in truth, and that’s where discussion becomes useless. This conversation is over.

  • barrystutner

    The Ronald Reagan I remember didn’t have time to meet with Adm Rickover but did have time for tea with Islamic fundamentalists at the White House.

    The Ronald Reagan I remember had no problem sending arms to Saddam Hussein. The Ronald Reagan I remember had no problems sending Ollie North to Teheran to pay tribute to the Ayatollah in the form of weapons in return for the release of hostages.

    The Ronald Reagan I remember had no problem comparing Islamic fundamentalists with our founding fathers and dedicating space shuttles to them.

    The Ronald Reagan I remember had no problem not investigating the assassination of an US Ambassador (he replaced that ambassador with one who later complained about the US obsession with Al Qaeda and Osama bin laden

    • “Al-Qaeda, a global militant Islamist and takfiri organization founded by Osama bin Laden in Peshawar, Pakistan, at some point between August 1988 and late 1989.”

      • barrystutner

        Arnold Raphael was killed in August 1988. Ronald Reagan appointed Robert Oakley to succeed him. Ambassador Oakley made his comments in 2000.

        Thanks for posting the August 1988 and 1989 dates. I was unaware of that. But I can see why Amb. Oakley would now make those comments.

        And we can all wonder if what would have happened between Aug 1988 and late 1989 if Ronald Reagan had appointed someone else to be US ambassador to Pakistan.

        • The USA I grew up in should always be highly concerned about an organization and/or an individual who openly declares war on it.

          • barrystutner

            That was the same USA that I grew up in. Something changed in January 1981. We began trading arms for hostages. We began supporting Islamic fundamentalists and entertaining them in the White House. We began dedicating space shuttles to Islamic fundamentalists.

            In 1995, our newspapers (the Wall Street Journal) cheered the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

            In late 2001, the White House ordered the airlift of Al Qaeda fighters out of harms way (the harm being US Special Forces). This airlift has been referred to as the ‘Al Qaeda Dunkirk’ and the “AirLIft of Evil”.

            As last as January 2009, the USA would not use its military might to capture / kill Osama bin Laden for fear of upsetting Pakistan.

            Actions often speak louder than words. Theodore Roosevelt did not say Talk Loudly and Carry a Small Stick.

    • FredBeloit

      RR? A little off topic, no? Is this all you’ve got?


    Give peace a chance he says . Bull Sh?t .Or was he talking about a song ?

  • blder


  • Army_Pilot1967

    I kind of expected to hear John Lennon singing in the background……….

  • RestlessLegs

    Shortly afterward, off-microphone, he added, “I am the walrus, coo-coo-cachoo.”

    • lawngren

      Made me laugh out loud! Thanks; I needed that. We all do, after hearing such drivel from The Drone. (Drone as in beehive – drones don’t work. They’re only good for one thing – scr____g the worker bees.

    • Laurel


  • dabbobean

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Rouhani tweets a picture of himself buggering Obama up the you know what.
    This is what happens when your Svengali is an American hating Iranian b*tch.

  • sjmom

    Obama the fool. All he needs is a Joker’s hat.

    • FredBeloit

      Major Mushbrain, we’ll call him. Shades of Chamberlain, and I don’t mean Wilt.

      • sjmom

        He’s worse than Neville Chamberlain. What I want to know is where is our Winston Churchill or Ronald Reagan? May they come soon, very soon. I’ll even take another “Give ’em hell” Harry Truman. May God save us from “Major Mushbrain”!

        • lawngren

          Now is not the time for Ronald Reagan. I who voted for him say it.

          Now is the time for Patrick Henry and Sam Adams.

          • sjmom

            I’d also throw in Thomas Paine who had “Common Sense”.

            • lawngren

              Absolutely right.

      • lawngren

        Good thing you don’t mean Wilt. Wilt was actually good at something. He’d probably hit you very hard if you compared obama to him.

  • John Richter

    What an idiot. If Israel wants us to bomb the carp out of them, that is what we must do. They are our ally.

  • lawngren

    When obama got up this morning, his press advisor told him, “Promise them anything, but give them Arpege.” (Last night the advisor snorted what he thought was free cocaine left on his bathroom sink by his last “visitor”, but it was Comet Cleanser left by his maid.)

    obama replied, “Even uncle joe can do better than that. I’ll wing it. Don’t worry; am I not The Choom King? I can boo detter tahat miff ha mead filled wit the war frog. I mean fog of war. I mean …. go get me some coffee.”

    It’s important to keep a serious perspective on these things. We have a president who was a Harvard law professor, and president of the Harvard Law Review. (Even though he never published a single teeny review himself.) His every word just drips with wisdom.

    No, I did not just call our president a drip.

    • Laurel

      And apparently a president that had to settle some sexual harassment cases while at said Harvard Review.

      • lawngren

        I hadn’t heard that. Thanks for the link

        “…with two male editors…” That was the question in my mind as soon as I read your comment. I guess it’s official: we have a homosexual president.

        I will pass this on.

        • andthesliveytoves

          You people are pathetic. That. Is. All.

          • lawngren

            Thank you. Anytime I am scorned for being correct, straight, normal, or Right, my feelings of self-respect and self-worth increase significantly.

  • Why is it that conservatives always have a woody for war? Is it related to your sick fascination with guns?

    From where I stand, the GOP looks less like a political party and more like a death cult.

    • brendawatkins

      You have the right to remain stupid.

  • Laurel

    Shouldn’t he be saying that to Iran? Palestinians? Al Qaeda? Muslim Brotherhood? Hamas?

    • brendawatkins


  • Exodus2011

    **’Give PEACE a chance’ ? …. sounds like talk from ‘The Peace Monkey’ to me **__**

    (Watch Sarah Palin take out ‘The Peace Monkey’ in the final stretch **__** ~> ) Westport 8 March 2013 Race 10 ~>

  • Michael L

    Iran announced that they want nukes SO THEY CAN USE
    THEM AGAINST ISRAEL. There were sanctions in place to
    stop this but the “Muslim in Chief Obama” dropped the
    sanctions and is letting Iran purchase centrifuges to purify
    uranium to weapons grade. This is the most anti-Israel and
    anti-peace act ever done by a President since Clinton sold
    ICBM software to China ( Chinese ICBM’s were burning up
    upon re-entry so Clinton gave them the simulation software
    ….for a small campaign contribution)

  • brendawatkins

    Somebody needs to lay off the hallucinogenics, seriously! It’s so easy living in your fairytale world when you’re NOT surrounded by enemies! Enemies that want your total DESTRUCTION! I think I can honestly say, without any doubt, that Obama has absolutely NO redeeming qualities!

  • DZ

    And Democrats wonder why conservatives pine for Reagan. Reagan wouldn’t have been caught dead waxing flower child on a threat such as this.

    This Ronald Reagan?

    “There is hope for a free, independent, and sovereign Lebanon. We must have the courage to give peace a chance.” — 1/25/84 State of the Union Address. I’ll let others calculate how many Americans died in Beirut in the months before Reagan said this.