[VIDEOS] Violent ‘Justice for Trayvon’ protests break out, LAPD says “will not be allowed to continue”

Below is a news report from from last night on the violence that broke out in Los Angeles:

LA TIMES – Los Angeles officials late Monday night commended police in their response to violence following a protest of the George Zimmerman verdict and vowed to crack down on similar actions beginning Tuesday.

About 350 Los Angeles Police Department officers swarmed the Crenshaw district after groups of youths broke away from a peaceful protest in Leimert Park and stomped on cars, broke windows, set fires and attacked several people. Among those attacked were a television reporter and his cameraman, according to law enforcement authorities.

Late Monday, at least 13 people were arrested on suspicion of committing various offenses, the LAPD said. Reporter Dave Bryan and his cameraman, both of whom work for Channels 2 and 9, were attacked and one of them was taken to a hospital with a possible concussion, Lt. Andy Neiman told The Times.

Police estimated that about 150 people took part in the violence after the peaceful vigil at Leimert Park following the acquittal of Zimmerman, 29, on Saturday in Florida on second-degree murder and manslaughter in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year.

At a late-night news conference, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti blamed the violence on a “a small group [that] has taken advantage of this situation.”

He said that protesters have the right to voice their disagreement with the verdict. “But people also deserve to be safe on the streets and in their cars.”

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck put the public on notice that officers would be taking a more aggressive posture toward protesters beginning Tuesday. “This will not be allowed to continue,” Beck said.

Greta also had a short clip showing protesters trying to pull down a fence:

This video shows more violence as the protesters swarm vehicles:

If you have any other videos of actual protest violence you want me to post, send them to me.

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  • Conniption Fitz

    NOTE to LA – Call Sheriff Joe Aripaio

    • Conniption Fitz

      Fire your Wussie Liberal Mayor and City Council.

      • tvlgds

        Conniption Fitz and goobernator.

  • DavidHurley

    The Moron State of Califorina Speaks

  • tinlizzieowner

    Read this link on Fox news and then ask yourself, would you be released on your own recognizance after you rear-ended a car with no driver’s license, no insurance and violated your probation?

    Of course you wouldn’t, unless you were a member of the privileged,celebrity. Black ‘victimhood’ class.

  • 3d81

    How many of these kids look like you mr Obama?

    • lawngreen

      3d81   Every last son of a mother of them.

  • njmom

    Time for the handcuffs and paddy wagon.

  • Orangeone

    Every victim of this violence, including the one with the concussion needs to sue the Mayor and law enforcement for allowing this to happen. I highly doubt these thugs have a permit. The more coverage they get the more the violence will escalate.  We’ll see a repeat of how the Koreans properly defended themselves, not that that is a bad thing but when law enforcement stands down and allows 150 savages to behave violently and then arrest less than 10% of them, we must protect ourselves.

  • tvlgds

    By design, this will be happening all over the country. The squatter in chief and his minions are inciting the violence here as they did in the mideast

  • angelheartnikki

    I am sorry this happened/ is happening. It is entirely uncalled for and does nothing but set us back. This is plain wrong, a peacefully protesting Is not illegal, destroying property and harming others is. This is sad and shameful.

    • stage9

      angelheartnikki And THIS my friend is unfortunately why so many white folk are racist. I don’t condone that; I don’t believe in that. I don’t personally believe in exchanging hate for hate, after all I’m a Christian and believe racism is a sin, but THIS is why many white folk hate blacks.
      There is like this mental SWITCH that goes off whenever something like this happens, and rather than answering this decision with peaceful protests if you disagree; it’s met with violence and vigilante insanity. This isn’t civilized behavior. This is third WORLD behavior! And how will this be answered? With bloodshed? Is that what we want?
      My God folks, if this utter racist hostility isn’t brought under control in this country, this could effect YOUR neighborhood and your family’s safety! I don’t want MY kids dead in the streets over something so utterly insane. Nor do I want anyone ELSE’S family or children dead. We are a CIVILIZED nation of laws, not some third world banana republic!

      • angelheartnikki

        stage9 angelheartnikki The sad thing is, this started peacefully. I will say this for white people who has a mental switch go off… this is not a representation of all black people, or even most black people. Trust me when I tell you that, but these few make us all look bad.

        • stage9

          angelheartnikki stage9 And there are racists on OUR side that make US look bad. It’s got to stop! NOW!
          This is NOT the America we were intended to be. We are a free and prosperous people. We are all BLESSED beyond MEASURE to have been born here. What are we WHINING ABOUT??
          Could you imagine growing up in a third world nation? No running water. No food. No peace. No safety. No freedom. No free speech. I mean we are a spoiled bunch of pampered children in this country. We have it all, EVEN THE POOREST AMONGST US, and still we demand more.
          We live like kings and act like idiots!

        • angelheartnikki

          stage9 angelheartnikki Stage9, you’re so right, and its true of African americans that switches go off and we think if we experience racism then all white people are racist. I agree it has to stop.

        • Conservator1

          stage9 angelheartnikki The politicians and political pundits would like you to believe the majority of African Americans are upset with the Zimmerman verdict. Yet, with all the calls for demonstrations by the political race provocateurs, the turnout has been small and most often from younger people who most likely never heard or read any of the testimony.
          Nixon referred to the silent-majority and IMO, there’s a silent majority of African Americans who don’t believe racism was involved in this case.

        • angelheartnikki

          Conservator1 stage9 angelheartnikki Well I wouldn’t exactly put it that way, I just think most African Americans try to deal with it in a more dignified way, or else try to move on. As I said before, I may not be happy with it, but the case is over, the verdict has been rendered, and no amount of protesting, marching, etc. will change the verdict. I’m in Pennsylvania,(near philly) and people are still going to work and going about there business. There was some peaceful protest in philly but no one hurt, nothing damaged, ny as well.

      • lawngreen

        stage9 angelheartnikki   stage9, it’s not so much that this kind of stuff provokes hatred of blacks as it is anger and disgust and most of all, knowing that it can easily spread. Fear, in other words. Rational fear of a terrible danger. Mobs often become literally inhuman in their savage treatment of their victims.
        The late Col. Jess Cooper advised his students to turn fear into anger. That works. It’s a mental switch that for most people is easy to flip, once you think about it.

        The only possible way to end this conduct is the way George Zimmerman had to do it. But when confronting a mob, it’s best to have as many high-capacity magazines as you can carry.
        And we have just seen what our twisted, guilt-induced politicians will do to us if they can. We’re on our own, and that makes the fear much worse.

        • stage9

          lawngreen stage9 angelheartnikki But dude, in reality, the consequences of that — “having as many high-powered magazines as possible” — is just not a good scenario. It sounds good from an armchair, but I take the line from the movie The Patriot to heart when I hear this sort of thing:
          “Granted, but mark my words, this “war” will be fought not on the frontier or on some distant battlefield, but amongst us, among our homes. Our children will learn of it with their own eyes and the innocent will die with the rest of us.”
          Yes, I will defend my family from any threat that faces it, but I do not seek a war of any kind. Whether it’s over race or over liberty. I seek civility and lifelong peace.

        • lawngreen

          stage9 angelheartnikki   I absolutely agree that the consequences of a massive shoot-out are not at all good. The only worse thing I can think of offhand is NOT being prepared to darken the sky with a lead rainstorm, and becoming a victim of an inhuman mob.
          We will not have a choice of whether or not to seek war. That choice always lies with the aggressor, which is emphatically not us. But I am reminded of a description of Jim Bowie, he of Bowie knife fame, by the late Col. Jeff Cooper:
          “If he never instigated violence, his riposte was terrible.”
          If internal war comes to America, there will be incredible casualties. Statistically, I have to accept that I will likely be among them. If that happens, I don’t want my (surviving) enemies saying, “What a wuss.”
          I’d rather they have wake up screaming or soiling themselves for weeks afterward.

        • stage9

          lawngreen stage9 angelheartnikki Hey, I agree. if you have a mob entering your neighborhood hungry for blood and they are murdering people and pulling people out of their homes then I say answer it with extreme prejudice. That is your right as a human being. But the law and the police exist to curb this sort of behavior. If it ever gets to the point (God help us) that the law no longer functions to protect us, then we will have no choice but to act on our own behalf. At that point, the nation will be under a state of martial law which is a frightening prospect.
          We can be a Billy Bad A**es right now in a time of peace and safety, but when you can’t go to the grocery store with your family for fear of a mob ambush like that found in a third world country, then you’re DARN RIGHT that’s friggin scary.
          You aren’t a wuss for wanting to live in peace.

        • angelheartnikki

          lawngreen stage9 angelheartnikki I agree with stage9, yes if its affecting your neighborhood, and there is no help from authorities, by all means, but calling for an all out war is just crazy. From what I can tell this has not gotten beyond police control, they seem to have a handle on the situation. This is sad, and terrible but it will fizzle its way out very soon,

        • lawngreen

          angelheartnikki stage9   We can hope so. But this time the fedgov is complicit in stoking the fires. Time will tell.

    • tinlizzieowner

      No surprise to me that it’s happening in one of the liberal bastions of ‘acceptance and diversity’. 😉 😉
      I was there during the Rodney (the drug dealer, who was fleeing from the cops) King riots. They destroyed their own neighborhood and we (the taxpayers of California) rebuilt it for them. :-/

      • angelheartnikki

        tinlizzieowner angelheartnikki Well, I cant speak to the Rodney king incident, as I was a child when this happened and couldn’t really understand the whole thing.

        • tinlizzieowner

          angelheartnikki tinlizzieowner 
          I’m an old guy (67). I remember it well. I also remember what was going on before the cops beat him up. Were they wrong to do that? Absolutely. There was a whole lot more to that story than just the 20 seconds of video that made national news and created the riots. Like the police chase that started everything, the car (full of drugs) crash and the fight he started with the cops before they finally got him down and beat on him long enough to get the cuffs on him. That part of ‘history’ has been erased. 😉 😉
          2 wrongs don’t make a right but to ignore the first ‘wrong’ and focus on the second wrong in an effort to create racial division, (sound familiar?) is even more wrong. By the way, the ‘usual suspects’ (Sharpton and Jackson) were up to their butts in that one too. 😉 😉

        • angelheartnikki

          tinlizzieowner angelheartnikki lol well I have seen the video of the beating and it looked a bit excessive even with all that being said, It seemed like a little bit more then trying to subdue a suspect.

        • lawngreen

          tinlizzieowner angelheartnikki   tinlizzeowner, I bought the full video of the Rodney King incident for the benefit of those I knew who didn’t have access to the full truth. As you say, there was a lot more to it than the 20-second clip the biased media played.

          I also read an analysis of the incident by a 3rd-generation Iranian-American police officer. He pointed out that the officers tried a taser, which they’d been told would drop anyone, and it had no practical effect.
          King continued to defy them, and they used their nightsticks as the last resort before using deadly force on a suspect who not only shrugged off the taser, but was showing physical symptoms of drug use. As fear as they could tell, they had a drug-induced psycho on their hands, one who only moments before had endangered innocent lives in a high-speed chase. They had a duty to the public to take this wild lawbreaker into custody before he could harm someone.

  • EchoMike

    “Community Organizing” at it’s best!!!!

  • Matt2Matt

    Obama’s amerika

  • 3d81

    not sure how many of you guys have seen this smoking guy telling it like it is.
    straight from the mouth of a black man. Preach It Brother!

    • kong1967

      3d81  Wow!!  That was blunt and he told it like it is.  Only a black man can get away with saying that because they would call us racist for bringing it up.  He’s awesome!  Then again, they call blacks racist as well if they leave the (Democrat) plantation.

  • Theresaaa

    Someone please explain to me how / why does a protest for “justice”  always become an opportunity to smash and grab ,  to destroy property .  Where’s the justice in a mob robbing a store ?

    • kong1967

      Theresaaa  I can’t explain it.  I think it’s just an excuse to do things in a mob and get away with it.  Much easier to rob a store when there are hundreds of people right beside you.
      Even if there’s a broken window to a store it doesn’t entitle people to walk in and steal things.  I wouldn’t do it.  I would call the police to have them notify the owner….unless of course it was a mob that broke the window in which case I wouldn’t even be walking by, lol.

  • kong1967

    Some people are trying to get something big started.  Hopefully they get shut down before it spreads.

  • Buckeyemom1776

    This is exactly what this administration wants….Chaos!