Walid Shoebat and David Hunt explain the history of Allah

This is something a little different. Back in 2007 Walid Shoebat and David Hunt explained the history of Allah and how he became the god of Islam. It’s really quite interesting as Walid Shoebat takes us all the way back to the days of Nebuchadnezzar and David Hunt fills in some very interesting details:

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  • Mensaman62

    Religion of pieces = Religion of Anti-Christ.

    Got it! Thanks Walid.

  • cabensg

    When many speak about the barbarism of Islam they try to compare it to the Inquisition and other ills done by the Christian church. The problem with that comparison is who was doing it and why. In the Christian church the clergy and sometimes kings were going against the teachings of the bible to enforce Christianity. In Islam the atrocities they commit to this day are ordered by the Koran. I’m no theologian but the bible does not tell you to kill or enslave anyone who disagrees with Christianity but this is exactly what Islam teaches.

    • Rshill7

      There have been many bad messengers throughout the history of Christianity. The message itself has always been sound truth. Bad messengers did incorrect and downright evil things in it’s name.

      After regular people, through that wondrous invention, the printing press, got their own copies of the Holy Bible in their own language, and read it for themselves, the Reformation took place and Protestantism came to be. Martin Luther of course, really got that rolling.

      Anyway, thank you Scoop for this video. It’s very good. I hope people take the time to watch and listen. I learned a couple of new things from it. Interesting indeed.

      • freenca

        Have a many blessings infested Thanksgiving my favorite bear! GRRRRRRRR!!! And bless you and yours !!

        • Rshill7

          Same to you but more of it 😀

    • capelady

      The Inquisition was still a misapplication of the Christian faith and arose out of ignorance and lust for power, etc. Much of the history of the Roman Catholic Church was more about politics and power than anything remotely connected to the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • actually there were several inquisitions, and they all had the same goals to root out luciferians and enemies of the Christian faith. there is a lot of propaganda involved history is written by the victor(illuminate, luciferians and fake chrisitian converts the church was trying to find). we can see the same thing is used to destroy the USA from within as the people they were trying to suppress were holding some of the inquisitions. Jesuits(although).

    • the inquisition was originally set up to try and find jews who pretended to convert to Christianity bu twere usupers and were worshiping satan. aka the NWO crowd we see today americas inquisition was MacArthy-ism and he was proved correct over time. like the witch trials in America it got out of hand but was based on finding the destroyers of civilizations aka luciferian jews who were also druids. this is common in British aristocracy today, even the last archbishop of Canterbury is a druid.so it was inside the church it was conducted. Islam persecutes anyone who is not a muslim, their religion is a religion of conquest. Christianity has its roots in jewish then Roman persecution. Muhammed was never persecuted just mocked he returned a conqueror and spent the rest of his life warring with rival tribes. Islam conquered the Christian lands and became the scourge of europe for over 1000 years, chrisitan slavery in the middle ages was worse than the more modern day equivalent.

  • Cindy09

    The moon god.

  • WhiteGuy2

    The religion of death and bondage lives by the sword, and so shall die by the sword.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Isaiah 10:5 and 31:8-9 says that ‘Assyria’ (Babylon, Egypt, etc. ) are the rod of correction in GOD’s hand when His people fall into sin (as has the Western world with sexual sin, perversion, abortion, etc.) but that Assyria will fall by the sword, but not the sword of man, the Sword of GOD… which is the Word of GOD.

      Pray that GOD’s Truth will be revealed in Islamic countries, in Islamic hearts and minds. Pray that GOD’s Truth will be revealed and revived in Western countries also. We have forgotten GOD and His Commandments. We now have laws that allow us to break all Ten Commandments and some that would force us to do so.

  • I would be careful with this one fellow Patriots. It is true that islam is antichrist path and of the devil, and its presentation of God is in many ways opposite than that of Christ. I know cause I have seen it from the inside being raised in muslim lands and taught by muslim family members and teachers. However, I have also heard from Christians in the region that Allah as I have heard in their worship in Arabic speakign Churches was the word for God before islam and Christians used it in their Scriptures before islam. Plus we use the word “God” but we are not honoring norse “Gott” as the God of the Bible, and in Spanish we used “Dios” but we are not honoring false gods of the Mayans or even when we use “Theos” in the Bible in original Greek, God did not honor the false gods of the Greeks but distinguished through the Logos in Christ Jesus, beyond the pagan usage of “Logos”.

    I think also it’s possible that historically the Crescent moon symbol was actually stolen from the Christians who had it as a symbol of God becoming Man in Christ Jesus through Virgin Mary.

    • Cindy09

      I was about to mention the story of Gideon who went from being an amazing judge to later leading his people to sin against. While the story about the crescent symbols is found in Judges 8:21 to 28, in the context 911Infidel just mentioned below, there is reason to believe that those were still found in forms of amulets in the time of Jacob. And then there is the story about Rachel stealing then concealing her father’s amulets (under her), she lied saying that she had her period and couldn’t get up, etc. Also for what it matters, one needs to look at Abraham’s (then Abram) background when he was called out of Ur (in Iraq) to come and follow God. The practices then were to worship the sun and the moon. Some Jewish sacred texts refer to Abraham’s early life and the religious beliefs that prevailed in Chaldea during his childhood days.

  • 911Infidel

    That’s an oldie but goodie. Allah is called the Itah (the god) in the Koran. Translating Allah’s name as God…is incorrect. Anytime you see a Muslim translation that uses the word God in place of the word Allah just change it in your mind to the factual meaning not the Western translation. In other words Allahu Akbar doesn’t mean that “God is great” It means Allah is the greatest. Ask yourself is it correct to say there is no god but Allah and Muhammed is his prophet? Or is it correct to say that there is no god but God and Muhammed is his prophet. No. Its the former.

    Allah, aka the greatest of deceivers, the most proud one, the giver of death, the greatest of schemers, is no god. He is not God. He is the anti-God. And Muhammed is the anti-Christ.

    Muslims like to tell the false narrative that we all worship the same God. Oh really? Do they believe that Jesus is the Divine? Or do they believe that Jesus did not die on the cross and that to say that God is one person in three is blasphemous?

    And who is the anti-Christ? According to John it si one who does not believe that Jesus is the Christ, who died on the cross and sits at the right hand of his Father.

    Do we all then worship the same God? Looks to me from Muslim and Christian references that Islam worships the fallen angel. Whereas Christians, worship the real Itah…the one true God.

    Go back in your Bibles and read the story of Gideon. Notice that the bangles and ornaments that Gideon melted down were symbols of the crecent moon and the day star.
    Gideon knew who those symbols represented. They were the symbols of Baal. That’s who Allah is. He’s Baal. Or as we know him, Belial, the Lord of the Flies, Lucifer, the most luminous one (another Arabic name for him),

    The only Walid that has any idea of what’s happening in the ME isn’t named Phares. His name is Shoebat. PBUH. To hell with Muhammed.

    • freeperjim


      Piss be upon him!

      It truly is based on the “book of satanic verses”

      • 911Infidel

        The Koran, Hadith and ‘Umdat as-Salik wa ‘Uddat an-Nasik’ are all Satanic verse. They are all lies as told by a pedophile, murdering, genocidal maniac and his fellow Nazis who have been hell-bent on world conquest since the 7th Century. The followers of the false god and his sock-puppet Mo have been responsible for the deaths of 600 million people since its founding.

        Allah is not God. He is the opposite of God. Islam is no religion either. It is a political construct and a lifestyle that hides under the rubric of a religion. Islam doesn’t mean peace either. Though the word Islam is derived from the same Arabic root word as the word “peace” is, Islam nonetheless means “submission”. There are three Arabic words for “peace”. And in none of them is the single word “Islam”.

        • white531

          Heavy stuff, Infidel. I admire your knowledge of the history of Islam. I am reading more myself, because I believe it is important to know your enemy.

          Let me ask you a question. Isn’t it possible that the, “Antichrist,” is not a person at all, as we have been taught, but rather all of Islam combined?

          Here is a site reference for that thought:


          • 911Infidel

            Thank you.

            Q: “Let me ask you a question. Isn’t it possible that the, “Antichrist,” is not a person at all, as we have been taught, but rather all of Islam combined?”

            A: “but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the anti-christ, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world. (I John 4:3)

            Rome was a antiChrist kingdom. Pagan worship was well-known in John’s time. It is obvious from that passage that the spirit of the anti-Christ was present in his time.

            However these passages identify an anti-Christ who is a person:

            2 Thes 2 3-12 talks about the MAN of sin being revealed

            Amos 3:7 – Man of sin

            Isaiah 10:24 – The Assyrian. Ah and this squares with Muslim eschatology too.

            Daniel 9 – The Prince

            Isaiah 14:4 – The King of Babylon

            Daniel 1 36-37 – Sounds like Islam/Mo/ Mahdi

            The spirit of anti-Christ/anti-God is present in this era. Not only in Islam but in avery leftist philosophy from Marx to Alinsky.

            The Mahdi is a real person. He will be imbued with the spirit of Muhammed which is the spirit of Satan. He will be the human version of Satan.

            The spirit of anti-Christ is definitely sprinkled liberally on Islam. But it has also been sprinkled liberally on this corrupt generation outside of Islam.

            The anti-Christ will be a person AND it is also a spirit of corruption, both at the same time and not confined only to Islam.

            Here is a quick study:

            I will look at your reference. Iron.. after all… always sharpens iron.

            • white531

              Thank you. I will look at your reference also, but it is lengthy, so give me a couple of days.

              • 911Infidel

                Okeedoke. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Conniption Fitz

      911 Infidel is correct on all points.

  • freenca

    I am glad you brought this to us today RS. Our rejuvenation has to be begun on the realization of the the struggle of good and evil, it never ends and always will be with us and our progeny going forward. Tomorrow we take the time to thank our creator for our gifts and potentials. May it be so forever, that we give thanks for our struggle for our salvation.
    God bless all the RightScoopers, may they be there for one another, always!
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here and everywhere. God bless us all !!

    • Happy Blessed Thanksgiving freenca!!

      • freenca

        Back at you my ABiC friend!! ((((((((()))))))))) xoxoxo!!

  • What is “the name” of the God of…

    …Jacob (Israel)

    See the Hebrew of Exodus 3:14 and 15.
    3:14 – I Am Who I Am / ehyeh asher ehyeh.
    3:15 – Yahuah / yhwh
    (… some prefer Yahweh / yhwh)

    Is “the name” Allah or HaShem/the name or LORD/adonai or Yahuah/yhwh (some prefer Yahweh/yhwh … some prefer Yahowah/yhwh)?

    What should be the response to Allah u Akbar?

    Answer –
    Yahuah u Akbar

    (… some prefer Yahweh u Akbar)
    (… some prefer Yahowah u Akbar)

    and his son is
    Yahusha ben (son of) Yahuah


    … this articulation of the proper name of the God who said to Moses at the burning bush that his name is YHWH… Yahuah (… some prefer Yahweh) may be premature for some people.

    So, the issue remains.

    What is the biblical response to Allah u Akbar?

    My choice is Yahuah u Akbar… and his son is Yahusah ben Yahuah.


  • proudhispanicconservative

    I dont think any of us clear minded americans need to watch a video like this to understand that this religion is the religion of murder, hate, and death. I just could not finish watching this video the word Allah makes me wanna puke.

    • freenca

      Me too, the puking part at least. Keep clear phc, we have to rebuild and rehabilitate our nation. You are a GOOD part of that rebuilding, IMHO.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Thank you, you are a breath of fresh air.

    • I can understand not finishing some videos…like with Obama speaking or some graphic violence or something.

      But this video is quite informative and interesting.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Happy thanksgiving to you too my friend, but just the word Allah to me is graphic and violent. Lmao

        • Lee

          I agree, listening to Arabic makes me sick.

      • Dittos Scoop…

        Both Walid Shoebat and Dave Hunt are very informed about the spiritual darkness… aka, the spiritual wool over the eyes, so to speak… that is enveloping the whole world, theists and atheists together.

        That is one quick explanation about why the American ‘shallow thinker media’ protects and defends the Arab street and ridicules the Jews, in Israel and around the world.


      • freenca

        I watched the entire video and feel that it is one of the better ones about Islam to be published and will send it on, too. You are so much a part of our salvation by informing us all of the surrounding travails of our fellows! Sometimes we forget to appreciate the very wonderful works that you do. None of us would be as well informed without you and your sagacity, RS !! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !! We all know that you are the one of the best among us! You will be remembered in a lot of thankful prayers tomorrow, of that I am sure!

        • Thank you Freenca and have a wonderful Thanksgiving yourself.

          • Happy Blessed Thanksgiving Scoop!

            • Rshill7

              The sun’s peeking up over the trees towards the east. My little cutie beauty is already stirring up those old familiar smells which will start wafting into the living room, just as I remember from earliest childhood and ever since. I mean that gal has got it down. She can hang with my dear ole’ Momma, (who just turned 80), any day of the week when it comes to culinary genius. It’s one the best parts about being me…that lovely lady’s cookin’.

              Right now she’s performing the prerequisite magic to the medium sized Butterball, and even though it’s just she, I and our youngest daughter here today, she’s still going to make everything as if we had a full house like we’ve always had for these 25 years we’ve been happily wed. That’s love, and nobody does it better. It’s the main ingredient in every dish, and nothing tastes or feels quite as good.

              I’m thankful for friends and family, and count you as both ABC, along with all of the wonderful people here at the Scooparium. Thankful for life and that persistent liberty we still possess. Oh it needs nurturing, that’s for sure, and many need that wake-up call the Pilgrims got when they learned that individualism and self-sufficiency beats collectivism 7 days out of every week, hands down, no contest. The answer came to them in newly realized abundance, after nearly starving to death, and they shared that bounty with the Indians, who literally feasted for days with them.

              This recognizable song of praise was orig­in­al­ly writ­ten in 1597 to cel­e­brate a Dutch vic­to­ry. Written by Adri­an­us Va­ler­ius. You know it well:

              “We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing;
              He chastens and hastens His will to make known.
              The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing.
              Sing praises to His Name; He forgets not His own.

              Beside us to guide us, our God with us joining,
              Ordaining, maintaining His kingdom divine;
              So from the beginning the fight we were winning;
              Thou, Lord, were at our side, all glory be Thine!

              We all do extol Thee, Thou Leader triumphant,
              And pray that Thou still our Defender will be.
              Let Thy congregation escape tribulation;
              Thy Name be ever praised! O Lord, make us free!”

              God Bless Us! May we ever be free 🙂

              • I love to see a happy mybear in the mornin’! beautifully said and God Bless myBear! ((()))s

              • colliemum

                Thank you for that beautiful hymn, and congratulations for your 25 years of happy marriage!

                Yes, love is the ingredient, the most important one, in all our endeavours, great or small. Where it lacks, nothing will avail … as St Paul told us so beautifully in I Cor 13.1 – 13.

              • Lee

                She is indeed a lucky lady to have such a gracious husband as you.

              • virginiagentleman1

                Sounds like a joyous time at your house, little brother! God Bless you and yours and have a safe and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! VG

      • Lee

        I agree. Shoebat is intelligent and brave for sure, but every time he mentions Allah and other Arabic words, I want to turn him off. Listening to Arabic makes me cringe.

      • white531

        It was a good video, Scoop. Thanks for posting it.

        One of the things that keeps me coming back to The Right Scoop again and again, is the collective knowledge of the members themselves, as they post their thoughts and responses here on the site. Not only do I learn from them directly, but I learn even more, indirectly, because I am always forced to do more research on my own, to fill in the gaps. I don’t believe I am unique in that.

        I have sometimes spent the next several days, doing further research, because of a single post. In the course of doing that, I find information that I didn’t know existed.
        It is a continually rewarding experience.

  • colliemum

    Happy Thanksgiving, scoop – and to all scoopers!

    Thanks for putting up this interesting video – learned something new today!

    Meanwhile, Robert Spencer has brought out an equally instructive book earlier this year:
    “Did Muhammad Exist?”. It is based on the latest scholarship, and shows clearly that no, not as prophet and no, the quran wasn’t ‘revealed’ in one fell swoop. It is all an invention of warlords who wanted to cement their power, and who did it through ‘religion’. That’s why islam is more a political ideology than a religion. A lot of the texts are stolen from Christian literature, some from Christian sects which persisted in the M.E. after the various Councils.

    It makes sense, and the more we can learn about this system, the easier we can defeat it. Nobody really wants to engage in a war of religion – but a war, a cold war, of ideologies such as we fought against the USSR, that’s doable, isn’t it!

    • Rshill7

      Blessings to you British sister!

      • colliemum

        And to you, dear American brother!

    • Good mornin’ mum! Thank you 🙂

      • colliemum

        Top of the morning to you, ABiC – from a very grey, windy, wet and soggy Great Britain!

        • I have a sunny and cool mornin’ here. I just saw your comment over at The Muqata. Thank you sister. Have a Blessed day *evening*? 😉

          • colliemum

            Sunny and cool morning – aww, it’s a few days since we last had those, and will be a few more because we’re into the days of the typical November storms. They are always around Nov 20st – 25th, and oddly enough the really bad ones seem to fall on the 23rd. I have no idea why, it’s been happening for as long as I can remember.
            It’s like someone wants to make sure that all the leaves are really off the trees!

            It’s early afternoon here, 3 p.m. – still daylight if one can call dark grey ‘daylight’. But it feels like a cup of tea would be a good idea – in fact, there’s never a time of day where a cup of tea wouldn’t be welcome. So I’m off into the kitchen to make one …!

            I’m keeping an eye on my favourite Israeli bloggers/tweeters. There’s much which will be talked about in the coming days, I’m sure. And yeah, I do love Jameel of the Muqata!

            • Enjoy your tea mum. Sigh. I used to make tea every evening for my parents. I don’t know how I got roped into it lol, but they always liked the way I made it 😉 It’s been a while since I’ve had some… now that it’s cool, I might join you.

              • colliemum

                As long as it isn’t like the Japanese tea ceremony, ABiC! 🙂

                Funny, how some family habits develop. When my beloved husband was still alive, every time one of us went into the kitchen, between meal times, we automatically asked ‘cup of tea?’, regardless of the time of day, and made one when answered in the affirmative, regardless of the reason one went into the kitchen. It was lovely. I miss this, I miss him …

                • aw sweet colliemum. My folks drank tea a lot too, but preferred it after dinner. Enjoy your tea and think happy memories. ((((())))s to you sister.

                • colliemum

                  Thanks, and {{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}} to you, too, dear sister!

                  I hope you’ve hunted down the perfect turkey for today – and don’t forget to put thin slices of bacon across the turkey breast!

                • LOL. My sister in law is doing the Turkey. Which reminds me, I’ve got to get my green beans on…. Bacon will come later-with the leftovers 🙂

      • virginiagentleman1

        HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours Milady! VG

        • Aw, Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to you too myVirginiaGentleman and your family!!!! ((()))s

        • colliemum

          And to you, dear VG, to you and yours – I am sure this is a very special Thanksgiving Day for you all.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Thank you Scoop for posting this. Very enlightening.

  • Happy Black Friday Eve, Scoopers!

  • virginiagentleman1

    No politics from me today my friends. To each and every one of you that I have had the priviledge and pleasure to ‘talk’ to over this last year, I want to wish you all a:

    Remember, get STUFFED! ( with your dinner of course!)
    s/ VG and Family

    • colliemum

      Thank you!

      There’s no Thanksgiving Day like yours here in the UK – and I find it a bit sad that this beautiful Holiday hasn’t been brought back here. But then again – giving Thanks is something we should do every day, morning and night.

      Enjoy the turkey and all the trimmings – we have ours on Christmas Day!

      • virginiagentleman1

        Mum, consider yourself a part of my family and at my table today dear one!
        Happy Thanksgiving! VG

    • white531

      And to you, Virginia Gentleman.

  • I can’t wait for “The Innocent Prophet” and more films like this to come out:

  • white531

    Allow me to go off topic here just for a moment, and take you back to 1954, to a Hollywood that doesn’t exist anymore. A Thanksgiving Prayer.


  • I have been saying for years Isalm was the devil’s religion. Listen to this video by scholars.

  • MBP Lee

    Religion has been generated and replicated over the generations through memetics.

  • How clear does God have to spell it out? Allah is not Jehovah! He is Antichrist in every aspect! Yet, we have today so many notables in Christendom who agree publicly that Allah is the same god as Jehovah. Blasphemy!