Walid Shoebat explains Islamic Muruna strategy

I’m always looking for new Walid Shoebat videos because I always learn something new from him. In this video, he goes back and explains what really happened in Egypt with regard to their so-called ‘secular revolution’ and then ties it into his explanation of the ‘Muruna’ strategy in Islam. What’s interesting about it, other than it’s definition, is who created this ‘doctrine of balance’ and where we’ve recently seen him.

Here’s the full video clip:

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Paul supporters, you listening?

    • Anonymous

      They shut their eyes and cover their ears when they hear the truth about Islamic jihadism, but they’ll happily listen to Islamic propaganda about jihadism being the fault of the West/America; anything to fool stupid Ron Paul supporters (and other Westerners) into thinking that the Islamic texts aren’t the primary motive behind Islamic jihadism.

      You know, there’s a great video on the right panel of this website called “What the West needs to know”. I just wish all those idiot Ron Paul supporters would watch the video, because that would do a good job of kicking them from their stupor.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, are you? Did you hear the part where he was talking about the US falling into the trap of the Muslim Brotherhood and helping them by conquering the middle east, and surrounding Israel with her enemies?

  • Anonymous

    I’m always looking for new TRS videos because I always learn something new from them.
    Thanx a hugzillion 😀

  • Anonymous

    Interesting point about Israel being able to counter Iran’s missiles halfway (ie, over Saudi territory). One wonders how the Saudis are taking all this. You would think they would be strongly for keeping the nukes away from Iran.

    • Anonymous

      The Saudis are very worried about Iran.

    • Anonymous

      I think the Saudis are looking to get their own nukes now. Might be a day late and a dollar short.

  • Anonymous

    Scoop, I cannot tell you how invaluable your research is to someone who spends too much time working. Your ratio of browsing to posting has to be extreme, and I hope you know how much your service is appreciated.

    It feels good to be so well informed about the middle east, especially via the “Islam” movie (which we bought to share with local Paulbots) permanently posted on the right hand side of your site.

    Knowledge IS power!

  • Anonymous

    Islam = Evil = Enemy . (period) This is the TRUTH until the Muslim’s and their leaders renounce TERRORISM AGAINST THE INNOCENCE and recognizes the existence of the STATE OF ISRAEL . If not WW III .(period)

    • George King

      Did you not understand what Walid just said? The “moderate” Muslim leaders who have “renounced terrorism” are waging the same Jihad against the entire world as the “extremists”. By renouncing “terrorism” ie murder, bombings, rockets etc., they would only be showing that they have learned the lesson of Bin Laden and Achmadinnerjob and that they realized that the only way to win is by “peaceful” infiltration… Overwhelming nations and cultures by immigration and reproduction, as in France and much of Europe. They still have world domination by Islam at their very core value, they just lie about their intent and pretend to be “peaceful” and “moderate” until their numbers are strong enough to overtake the rest of the world!

  • Maruna. I hope people wake up. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. Those who claim to be moderates or who do not believe in jihad as war, are apostates in true islam.
    That was very interesting- thank you so much Scoop!

    • Anonymous

      What he just said here, is very interesting. It actually works with Ron Paul’s view, and Alex Jones. He was saying that the Muslim Brotherhood came to the US and put together a plan to conquer the middle east, and put themselves in power. 1989, none the less. Ron Paul and AJ have been saying, since before 911, that this was our government’s desire. They did not say that it was the Muslim Brotherhood, but they pointed out the pattern of our involvement over there.

      Our pattern in the old days was to covertly snuff out revolutions that might lead to secular governments in the countries over there. Back in the day, we were planting dictators that pandered to Islam, but were not actually Islamic extremists. Such as Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, etc.

      This started to change back in the late eighties and early nineties. The US started to look for reasons to go to war with the countries over there. This coincides with what Walid is saying. 911 gave the US carte blanch to start this campaign in full swing. Instead of taking out CIA asset Bin Laden, we took out and occupied Afghanistan. I know that people get all but puckered when you talk about this stuff, but it has been reported by the media, and admitted by our government.

      If you look at our involvement in Libya, Egypt, and other places, it becomes quite evident that the US was supporting the “rebels”. Walid points out that we just paved the way for the Muslim Brotherhood.

      This being true, would require that all of our presidents since then, were involved cohesively in a campaign to run through the middle east. It blows away the government’s public reasoning for the wars.

      Walid is actually talking conspiracy here. Otherwise, you would have to believe that they have perfectly suckered the US since the late eighties. In light of recent events in Libya and Egypt, I don’t see that as a viable theory.

      Ron Paul’s policy since the eighties would have been that of non-intervention.
      This would have allowed for the people in the middle east to work out their own destinies. Their rebellions may have produced a different outcome. The Muslim brotherhood would not have a foothold. Israel could have dealt with her enemies differently, and as they saw fit. This was Paul’s contention when Israel bombed Iraq’s nuclear facility in 88.

      Is Walid a Paul supporter.:)

      • “This would have allowed for the people in the middle east to work out their own destinies. ”

        Isn”t that what they’re doing now? The Muslim Brotherhood runs the show, runs the people. I don’t know whether that would have happened earlier or later if Mubarak had stayed in power.

        • Anonymous

          There is no way to tell what would have happened. We do know that there have been secular movements that failed due to our involvement. What they are doing now is going in behind the US invasions, or participating in them to take control when the dust settles.

        • Anonymous

          This is the kind of thing that makes people raise an eyebrow to what the US government is really doing over there, and here at home.


  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for posting this! Like you I follow very closely on Walid’s teachings. He has always been spot on! Thank G-d for Walid Shoebat work in informing the West about the danger of Islamic fanaticism!

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is ridiculous

    • KenInMontana

      We need to start smelting those lamps down. We can always find a really good way to send them back their brass. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Scoop. Keep ’em comin’ when you find ’em.

    That is interesting about the Arrow missile intercepting Iranian hardware over Saudi Arabia.

    • Anonymous

      It wasn’t clear to me whether Walid was talking about shooting down incoming nukes or sending Israeli nukes back.

  • Anonymous

    Walid and Joel Richardson are the premier eschatologists on the planet at the moment He is correct on his assesment on Iran. Iran will get the bomb and use it. Only Iran’s secret enemy #1 is Sunni Saudi. Pesrians resent the Arabs for invading their land. They resent the Arabic language and Mahdi-ists believe that the Sunnis are apostates. The Mahdi-ists realize that if the Saudis are marginalized or destroyed, Iran will head the 6th Califate and will then lead the Muslim armies against Israel. The good news is that they will be utterly crushed in the Valley of Jezreel. As the prophecy states: “I will gather all nations (that would be the nations surrounding Israel. “Ersatz” I believe the actual Hebrew word to be) and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.” Joel 3:2 It won’t be the trees and the rocks crying out for Muslims to kill Jews as in Bukhari’s dellusionary Hadith states. It will the Muslims who will cry out for the mountains and the hills to cover them to hide them from the face of the real Itah – whose name is not Allah, but the name that is above all names. He who is and always was. The Son of the Most High God whose name will be praised forever.

  • Josie

    Very interesting. Amazing stuff that makes much sense once explained.

  • My brother calls him a fraud because there is no evidence of his bombing. I know him as an expert and what he says is truthful.

    • Anonymous

      With his background, he could have been planted in the US. I doubt it. He seems to be pointing out some important things. As long as he sticks with scripture, and doesn’t take it out of context, or misinterpret words.

  • Anonymous

    How in the hell are we supposed to accept those that are muslim/islamic if their entire religion is based on lies? Lies in which it is important to teach their people that the US and Israel are the reason for all your problems. That in order for them to spread their religion they must lie to those that are not of their religion.

    When will WE learn that this religion intends to ONLY KILL. There’s no salvation within it.

  • Anonymous

    Who is interviewing Shoebat? Where can I find more videos of this interview? Link please!

    • @ tamminator His name’s Jonathan Bernis, and the show is Jewish Voice.

      http://www.christian.tv/channels/details/video/101 This should be the whole episode, solicitations for funds and all! 🙂 The top video is Kamal Saleem, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom for the older Walid Shoebat interview.