DEBUNKED! Walid Shoebat SMEARED by local WDAY 6 news reporter after two Muslims were asked to leave church


Walid Shoebat has now been smeared in a blatantly biased report by Kevin Wallevand of WDAY6 News after two Muslims were asked to leave a Perham, MN A/G church where Walid was recently speaking. Before I get into the details, watch both the original news report and the shorter update:

Original Report:


First of all, who cares if two Muslims were asked to leave a church service? People are asked to leave events all the time. Why is this even news?

Secondly, the report is very light on what exactly happened at the church and why the boys were asked to leave. The boys claim that they weren’t there to argue with Walid and that he must’ve gotten angry at their questions. And then they say they were rudely asked to leave.

But what about Walid’s side of the story? The pastor of the church seemed to indicate it turned into a shouting match, but for all we know Walid was angry and shouting at them. The report never states that they tried to contact Walid for his side of the story nor did this reporter, Kevin Wallevand, seem to care about telling Walid’s side of the story.

On top of that, Wallevand used the false report from CNN to bolster the idea that Walid Shoebat is a fraud and was misleading people, and that these Muslim boys were totally in the right for trying to call him out. And then CAIR gets involved and they do an special update just to further smear Walid Shoebat as some kind of nut job.

Well friends, I’ve got the facts. Not only did I contact Walid Shoebat myself for a statement from him in light of these terribly biased reports, but I also have audio of what happened. First the audio.

I should note that some of it is difficult to understand, but if you listen to it you will get a clear picture of what happened. And it’s not as these Muslim teenagers have suggested. In fact the first question one of them asked Walid Shoebat was “Why do you lie?” Does that sound like a question of someone who is only trying to learn or investigate? No, they wanted to provoke Walid, but they found that he is much more difficult to provoke than they had ever imagined.

They argued that they were peaceful and they had witness for it, and wanted to know about the Mahdi. When Walid tried to answer their questions, they became more argumentative and began raising their voices. Much of that is garbled.

When they were finally asked to leave after they got out of control, it was not rude. The Associate Pastor finally intervened saying “Gentlemen, I am an associate pastor here. I am asking you to please leave.” They replied that they would, but insisted that people do their research on Walid Shoebat, something Walid welcomed by saying “Please do.”

After they left, Walid explained to the crowd how they were just there to throw bombs, and despite them declaring that they were peaceful, they were only there to fight him, the one who is exposing terrorists. Walid said they aren’t going to go fight the actual terrorists, just the one who is exposing them. How brave of them.

Listen to the full audio below:

As I mentioned earlier, I had contacted Walid for a statement in response to the biased news reports and the events of that night. Here is what he wrote to me in full:

My statement is simple: two Muslims came to church and during the question/answer time, they were obnoxious and were asked to leave and they left.

What’s the big deal?

As far as to why they were asked to leave is this; these two did not ask any questions but started to make long statements. I interrupted them and stated “these are not questions, you are allowed to ask a question and not make long statements. What did they do? One of them asked “what makes you such a great fraudster? Instead of me even answering this question, they interrupted me again and then continued to read from a paper what seems like endless statements. They then were asked to leave and they left, out the door and down the road.

It’s that simple.

Yet one side tells his story by not including the full story to only present half truths.

As far as what they say regarding my statements about “Antichrist” Well, in church “Antichrist” is a subject of discussion regardless if people think it’s Islam, the Catholic Church, Hillary Clinton, Obama or Henry Kissinger etc etc”.

As far as my statements that “Obama is Muslim” Well, what if I said that I though that Obama was a New Age, Unitarian, Candomble, Jainist, Rastafari, Shinto, Taoist, do you think that anyone would care? Then why is it that if someone thinks that Obama is a Muslim is a problem? Would it not be a compliment to attribute to Obama the Peaceful Religion?

I rest my case,

Walid Shoebat

It seems clear that Kevin Wallevand of WDAY6 News is either incompetent or has a politically correct agenda of his own. He should be called out for not pursuing the truth in this matter. And the CNN hit piece that he thew into the report to bolster the claims that Walid is a fraud is easily debunked on Walid’s website. If he had bothered to contact Walid, I’m sure Walid would have explained it to him.

It’s a shame that journalism these days has been reduced to agendas and politically correct nonsense. This story should have never even been on the news. No doubt these Muslim teenagers had agendas of their own and they succeeded in manipulating the news to do their bidding, to damage Walid Shoebat. And I’m guessing they had help and it wouldn’t surprise me if CAIR was behind the whole thing from the beginning.

UPDATE: Walid Shoebat wrote me to add this: “The news coverage increased my book sales, not that I expected it. But the more CAIR focuses on me, they advertise my books, at the same rate, they accuse me of doing what I am doing to “sell books”. Thanks CAIR.

Ha! Keep up the good work CAIR!

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  • Sober_Thinking

    The lying liberal lapdog criminal MSM IS the enemy and the biggest danger to this country.

    It’s reprehensible that this passes for “news” these days. But of course, the Bible told us these days would come. Sadly, with a monster in the WH, these dark days come more often and they grow darker it seems.

    Islam is not good. CAIR is not benevolent. Muslims are not peaceful. If the world would open their eyes and ears… if they would embrace these truths, then Satan would be stopped dead in his tracks… at least for now. But sadly, that’s not going to happen. However, thanks to Jesus, the story does have a happy ending.

    • bbitter

      “…if they would embrace these truths, then Satan would be stopped dead in his tracks… ”

      If the devil didn’t lie, no one would follow, and he has no power over man that we don’t give him. Pushing lies is a direct service to the Devil. Pushing truth is service to God.

      “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

      So, I guess we know who CNN serves.

      • Sober_Thinking


        Well said.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Thank you for sharing this Scoop! Excellent job!

    Thank you Walid for fighting the good fight!

    May God bless you both. Richly.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • las1

    Why is this even news?

    Because they’re Muslim. They sit at the top of the media’s victims food-chain list.

    When a Muslim’s in trouble, who ya gonna call? Islamophobe-Busters (aka the Democrat Media Industrial Complex)

    • BULLS EYE!

    • badbadlibs

      What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right and what is evil is good and what is good is evil. This is the world we live in, thanks to those who reject Jesus the Christ, the Only True God.

      • tinlizzieowner

        “What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right and what is evil is good and what is good is evil”.

        Obama’s pal Van Jones out it this way. “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out”. It’s all part of Obama’s ‘Fundamental Transformation’.

    • bbitter

      Because Walid is a living testament against Islam; he is literally what they deny exits: a convert to Christianity from Islam. Not only is he a convert, but he is an open convert who is very articulate and can explain his conversion in a way that completely debunks Islam.

      …Islamists, (CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, etc.), are desperate to shut him up, and they are calling out their resources to try to silence him any way they can. Obviously, CNN is in their pocket.

      • Mary Sieg


    • Conservative_Hippie

      Well said!

  • bbitter

    “… it wouldn’t surprise me if CAIR was behind the whole thing from the beginning.”

    That is CAIR’s pattern when it encounters criticism: create a combative scene, play the victim/repressed and peaceful-respectful citizen, get media to push their ideal (smear) and push for ‘acceptance’ amounting to preferential treatment.

    ‘course… CNN is anti-Christian, that’s been known for years. That they would so obviously smear Walid like this is not surprising, but completely reprehensible.

    I’ve had a policy for years of not clicking on any story or link hosted by CNN; I won’t give them the business, the web traffic, nothing. It’s stories like this that keep that going.

    • hateobamacare

      Agree with your assessment of the CNN crap. While I was in Bahrain 5 years ago as a contractor helping the US Navy, I turned on the TV to skim channels. Guess who has a major news network there? CNN was covering the primary presidential election and had extensive coverage of Hillary and BHO. They never even mentioned other candidates or parties. Not once all week I was there.

  • I stand with walid any day . That man is a truth teller and they cant stand it.

    • Mary Sieg

      He sure is, LiveFreeOrDieTryin….I’ve been paying attention to him for a while now. Love the guy. He sure is brave to do what he is doing. I think there must be a price on his head. No better way to learn about what makes these killers tick….Walid was Islamic, studied the Koran. He loves America, too. He takes a great risk being so outspoken.

  • It is very apparent that those two boys went to that church with the express purpose of causing trouble. It is also apparent they are receiving outside help in fanning their flames. They have unwittingly made themselves pawns.

    Ever notice Muslims can’t stand criticism? Ever notice our president can’t stand criticism?

    Hmmm…maybe the pattern is a coincidence.

    • badbadlibs

      I agree. The evil one is emboldened because he knows there is little time left, and little opposition.

  • OneThinDime

    WDAY6 is out of Fargo, ND, which borders MN.

  • bjohnson55

    The host mother is the hate monger here, I would expect the two brainwashed suicide bombers to act like idiots but the woman who enables this in her neighborhood is a whack job.

    • badbadlibs

      The blind are living in a darkness that seems to be getting darker by the moment.

  • WDAY 6. Contributing to the dumbing-down of America. What a shame.

    • First of all, I thought a church was a private establishment? What’s the big deal? I think Walid handled the engagement very well. More grease to your elbows, brother.

  • Mr Shoebat said it best when he said ” see how it works, they come in and they throw a smoke bomb” ie: I heard one of the guys call Mr Shoebat a liar,( Y u lie) more than once.
    These guys knew exactly what they were doing. I wonder how they knew to be in the right town, at the right time. Also since they are muslims and were clearly not interested in learning about the Christian faith, I have to ask, why would two very young muslim men walk into a Christian Church. They could have waited to asked the question outside the church.
    This family should have asked them not to go to a church, or they should have accompanied them to be sure to avoid any possible issues, and whos idea was it to call the reporters?
    This whole affair surrounding this faimly and these two muslim men smells rotton to the core.
    I hope someone there is awake.
    We pray for this church and for Mr Shoebat.

    • I grew up attending this church (Northwoods Assembly of God). From my understanding, these boys are foreign exchange students in Perham. Pastor Dirk’s son attends school with them and had invited them to attend the service. Obviously you know the rest of the story. This was elevated to the news stations by the boys’ host mother. Search “EOT Focus” online (the town’s local paper) and look up editorials – one by the boys’ host mother (I believe her name is Mary Anderson) and one by Sue Berg (whom I know personally). It sheds light on the different sides (and the one not being told) of the story. I know the heart of Pastor Dirk’s family is that these boys would come to know Jesus, and that’s why they were invited to attend. I think, in praying for the church and for Walid, you need to remember to pray for these boys, too, as they are lost souls in a very dark world.

      • Hi KAMI, sorry, I couldn’t help but notice you made no mention about Mr Shoebat or his lecture. I hope you will take a moment to give me your thoughts about the subject.

        respectfully waiting

        • Hi there! Yes, I did not make mention of Walid or his lecture, entirely because I was not there and did not hear what he had to say (yes, I grew up going to Northwoods Assembly, but I have since moved away and have a family of my own, so we attend a church close to our home). I have tried a couple of times to go to the church’s website and listen to the podcast of those messages, but I am a mother to five kids, so free time is almost nonexistent for me! 🙂 To be completely honest, I am not all that familiar with Mr. Shoebat, which is also why I don’t have much to say. I was merely trying to shed some light on your questions as to why the boys were there, that’s all! 🙂

          If you’re looking for what side of the story I stand on I am a huge supporter of Mr. Shoebat’s message (again, not having heard it, but knowing what he stands for and what he talks about). I believe with all of my heart that he has a message that we all need to hear!

          I also am a big believer in the fact that God told us to love one another. Some of the comments made on this board, by people who I’m assuming are Christians, are anything but loving. Granted, these comments were not made by you specifically, so please don’t take this as an attack! I just really believe the verse in John 13 that says people will know we are disciples of God by our love. Now I don’t think we need to stand down and take a beating over this, but I do believe that even in the midst of all of this crazyness, we still need to show love to these boys who clearly do not know a true relationship with our Creator.

          Thanks for your response 🙂

          • No my friend I didn’t think you were attacking me at all. I clearly knew you were beinging sincere. And the suggestion about praying for the boys was a great suggestion and of course all Christians pray for all in Christ name.
            Well I know your busy with the family and god bless and we pray that he gives you strength.
            We’ll keep you an family and your Church family, the old and new in our prayers.

            take care ((;

      • Hello KAMI, you mentioned you really didn’t know much about Mr Shoebat so I thought I’d send you this video link so in your spare time you could watch and see what he is all about. There are other videos of his lectures on youtube, but this maybe a good place to start, it is very interesting information,

        bless you
        stay safe (;

  • Nukeman60

    Has anyone checked into what classes these boys are taking, on the government dime?

    Classes sponsored by CAIR:

    -Bomb-making 101: the Molotov is your friend.
    -Flying, part 1: how to take off and read instruments.
    -Ammonium nitrate: not just for farmers anymore.

    Perhaps, these boys should be reprimanded for skipping these vital classes.

  • W. A. Whitestone

    Two muslim youth coming to badger and disrupt? Why does that sound so familiar??? Because it’s the every day activity of CAIR, MoBro-hoodz, Mus-Stud-Assoc. protesters…who shout down and close down as many speakers as they can (without campus or city police removing them.)

    Islamists are intolerant and do not give others the right to dissent or disagree with them.
    Just like the Obama leftists.

  • Yazz55

    This has all the aspects of a muslim brotherhood / cair setup.

  • WE LOVE YOUR COURAGE, Mr. Shoebat! Bravo! Bless your heart. Islam is the antichrist. It is “opposed” to Christ– and that is what “antichrist” means. There I said it!

  • jimitony

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  • Men and women need to pay attention to this. Thanks to you, Scoop, for doing the work that the journalist(??? – if we can call him that).

    The homosexual Left and the Muslims are using this type of tactic to intimidate us. It is not going to be any easier no matter who is in political office.

  • 57thunderbird

    Nothing these liberal biased so called journalists has to say has anty credibility with me whatsoever,regardless of the subject.You go Walid!

  • louisiana_mom

    If the Ministry of Truth (formerly known as the MSM) are taking notice of Mr. Shoebat he must be on to something. They never attack (smear) unless the person is exposing their agenda… Keep up the good work, Mr. Shoebat, God bless you.

  • las1

    Step 1
    Create false narrative (CNN’s original smear against Shoebat) against the target (Walid Shoebat himself) and never retract narrative in the face of contradictory evidence or pressure.

    Step 2
    Use the false narrative as a normative smear should the name of the target ever arise.

    Step 3
    Keep the smear alive against the target by bringing in fake victims (provocateurs) in order to help revive the original false narrative and to double down on the smear.

    Step 4
    Having now established victims, add to the calumny by doubling down on the first provably false narrative. Always remember, truth is no defense for the targeted victim, and truth is never the goal of the ongoing smear.

    Rinse and repeat.

  • mike morrison

    “I thought they were going to a house of love.”


    I’m sure the people of that church were very loving towards all visitors until they became disruptive. Walid deals with this all the time. He can see them coming a mile away and he simply calls them out before they have a chance to muddy the waters and disrupt his teaching time or Q&A. Same thing happens to David Horowitz and he does the exact same thing. He’s polite until they start with the same old anti zionist questions or start questioning him personally instead of dealing with the topic of the speech.

    Try and do any of that in a Mosque in America much less in a muslim theocracy. The word “loving” is nowhere to be found unless by “loving” you mean “torture” or “imprisonment” or “execution”.

  • Anything involving Muslims always turns into chaos eventually. A broad generalization, but true nonetheless. Muslims in general are rude, arrogant, inconsiderate people. They are intent on bringing their boorish behavior to this country and making it seem perfectly acceptable. This why true Americans cannot stand these people and never will – regardless of how the PC morons try to gaod us into accepting them as equals. They are not equal. They are squalor.

    • Proud Khaffir

      They’re worse than that James, & don’t forget, their ultimate goal is world-domination, at any price.

  • Goad – not gaod.

  • Curiousmoi

    Thanks for defending Walid Shoebat.. Everyone in the world should be listening to him.

  • SurfinCowboy

    Hey Scoop, did you forward the audio to Kevin Wallevand of WDAY6 News, and ask for notification for when they do their correction of their false story?

    Perhaps Wallevand should be asked why he, a reporter (cough cough), didn’t contact Shoebat, get the audio, listen to the audio, and – uh – report?

    Great work Scoop!

    • warpmine

      Be sure, he did get the audio, he just tossed it in the can. Can’t have the truth ruin a good narrative when you’re attempting to smear someone.

  • Ray

    Did you send this to the station, and if so, what was their response?

  • harglide

    WOW!!! What the heck?????
    Why is it that we Christians continuously get the wrong end from these terrorist muslims?? They rant, rant, rant. We give them money. They pull a 9/11 (now 2 times) we give them money! Where the heck does it cease??
    Free speech is one thing, but thug concepts and overbearing misuse of a religion gets real old.
    The white house isn’t a flippin bit of help on any of this either. I am glad that audio is out there. Just goes to show what a bunch of losing frauds the idiots are for the libs.
    I wonder why Fox has not picked this up……………….

  • stage9

    OMG! Walid was out of control! I thought he was going to kill the guy!

    You know, if THIS is the media’s idea of yelling, then I’d hate to see what they would do if they had witnessed an ACTUAL shouting match.

    When the truth is being proclaimed, all hell will rise against you.

    If the world loves you, then you should be concerned.

    • las1

      disqus test test

  • warpmine

    “A special international program that educate Americans about Muslim culture”

    Sorry, didn’t we get an overdose of that culture on 9-11-01? We didn’t learn the lesson so we need another dose? Holy crapola, what is it in MN’s watershed that’s poisoned so many?

    Excuse me, I have to open the door and scream into the night.

  • Mary Sieg

    I love Walid Shoebat. He is so brave to be so public, speaking with so much knowledge…he is a former Islamist, turned Christian. He has said “Wake up, America. You have been infiltrated. Your president is a muslim”. He speaks with so much passion. I think he is spot on. He is trying desperately to save our country. Go Walid! God bless you!

  • I’d’ve never let those koranimal guttersnipes through the door.

  • G_unitttt

    i’ll be looking for an update and retraction by WDAY 6 news!

    • tinlizzieowner

      They will say they simply mis-spoke, like liberals always do when they get caught with their real feelings on display.

  • Godisright

    I think we need to start taking names and making a list of these intruders. They will come back somewhere in the future.
    Walid, keep up the good work of spreading the Gospel truth!

  • mediaaccess1

    Finally had a chance to finish this text, and the last video. Thanks.

  • Yazz55

    To borrow a line from Mr Rush Limbaugh…

    These islamofascists will tell you who they fear the most, by who they go after with the most venomous attacks.

  • grassroots_conservative

    Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing how Christians can be so peaceful (opposite of Muslims who say cut the heads off people who don’t believe in alah), yet we are so cut down n trampled on…….. Just verifies how true n real Jesus really is. It confirms what Christ said when he said

    MATT 10:22
    And all nations will hate you because you are my followers. But everyone who endures to the end will be saved.

    I am determined to endure!!

  • God Bless Walid. Those two punks need their teeth knocked out.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Being in ‘a Church’ in the first place would get these little Punks shot under the religion they adore so much, in the Middle East. They were ‘plants’ pure and simple, let’s follow the trail and see from where.

  • NCHokie02

    RS sice they used your video from youtube in the first video clip you should contact the news station about why they did not try to contact Walid for his side of the story and what he said. Especially since it seemed pretty easy for you to get a response from him.

    As to the story itself, I always find it commical how muslims say they can “read” Arabic because thats what the Koran is written in a supposed to be read in. I can learn how to repeat any language. That doesn’t mean I understand it. Exactly as Walid pointed out when he recited a Hadith in Arabic and the boys could not answer as to what it meant because they don’t UNDERSTAND arabic. Perhaps they can sound out the words clearly if seen written but they don’t understand them. This has allowed mullahs to preach whatever they have wanted when reciting the Koran. In Afghanistan they are muslim and the mullahs recite the koran, but Afghans speak Pashtu no Arabic. And it’s not just like they can get on the internet in a lot of those places and learn about it. A lot of those places are the other side of the moon.

  • DavidRobertson

    I’m not sure which is more disturbing: This story where a local news org tries to smear christians for being intolerant because they asked protesters to leave, or the quote from the newscaster on the first video stating (paraphrase) “These students are part of a special international exchange program to teach American students about other religions and culture, and to show the foreign students what life is like in America”. –notice that the teaching of religion and culture only goes one way. The second part of that description (sure to be a readout from the program’s mission) only states that the foreign exchange students get to “see what life is like in America”. Our education system top to bottom is corrupted.

    Furthermore, the anti-Christianity movement is the most aggressive and complex movement of our time; yet, the least discussed in large forums. I say complex because it is a mix of muslim hate of Christians, secular hate of Christians, communists, atheist activists who attach themselves to the conservative movement and are trying to convince others that conservatism can be re-defined , and Christians practicing exclusion with other churches who believe in Christ over points of doctrine. The point is that it is coming from all directions. These truly are the last days spoke of in the Bible.

  • mikeinidaho

    What else would you expect from a lying member of the Lapdog media?
    No one trusts any of them anyway, so this is a non-story.

  • DavidRobertson

    If this country doesn’t get leaders that are willing to throw old diplomacy borders aside and call out the evil that is lurking in prominent muslim countries, organizations, and groups, we will be at the brink of a bloodier war than the one they think they are avoiding by pacifying them.

    Unfortunately, we’ve gone from speaking softly and carrying a big stick to speaking softly and bowing. History is replete with examples of how this ends badly. History has no examples whatsoever of this approach being a successful one…but, who cares? We are smarter than our ancestors. We are more enlightened, and society is way beyond the brutality and human rights disasters of yesteryear. I mean, just ask North Korea or our friends in the Sudan. Heck, don’t even travel that far. Just ask our friends in Mexico who live without any fear or intimidation.

    • ryanomaniac

      An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. Winston Churchill

      You and Winston are correct.

  • proverbs2611

    Hopefully someone does some more investigation on the boys’ host. IMO, she probably instigated the confrontation.

  • Sounds like these two so called “students” were patsies, who were “trained” to go and disrupt the Q&A. This goes higher up the food chain.


    Folks, arguing the merits of the issues over situations like this is not going to do any good because leftists could not care less about merits. Rather, follow the money. That is the key. For instance, how does a tv station pay its bills and where did the money come from.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    I wonder how many thousands of Muslim foreign students you have in the USA sent there by stealth funds from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Sunni countries in the Middle East. I suspect that these kids are being sent here to brainwash the minds of young Christian students and at the same time perhaps to start friendships and laisions for future cells working in tandem for terrorism acts or infiltration in your govt.
    Knowing how their intention is to take over the world in the name of islam … if I was a Muslim with never-ending tonnes of money, that would be my strategy too. I blame our Western govts for their stupidity in importing more and more Muslims. The Muslims coming here are doing exactly what they are supposed to do….discredit anybody discrediting islam.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Walid should have just started reading this list to them:

    Every one of these jihad attacks was documented and published in a public newspaper.

    Though it does not cover even half of the killings by Islamists, the list an indictment of Islam and its ways.

  • FreeManWalking

    SCOOP The only fault I have with your analysis It’s a shame that journalism these days has been reduced to agendas and politically correct nonsense.

    is that IMO the sentence should read.

    These days TV Networks and on air personalities push their agendas and politically correct nonsense while trying to pass it off as journalism.

  • Brett_McS

    “Why do you lie?” is a nice example of “begging the question”, a phrase which is often used incorrectly.

  • I love Walid’s statement to you Scoop. Well done! Thank you!!

    • las1

      ABiC… although this is not an O/T, I put this here as I thought you may find this very interesting. It’s the website called The Isaac Brock Society: Liberty and justice for all United States persons abroad.

      Isaac Brock died defending Canada at the Battle of Queenston Heights at Niagara after Americans crossed the Niagara to invade Canada in 1812. It was the first major battle of the war.

      The website deals with issues between Americans and Canadians… expat Americans, American born Canadians, Canadian born Americans and Americans who feel they have to give up their US citizenship.

      The biggest issue on the site concerns America’s Foreign Bank Account Report for the IRS… it is one big huge and frustrating headache which even leads to marriage break up. In the American Government’s UNENDING search for more revenue, they have been resorting to targeting US citizens outside the US for money. Surprise! I mean if they target US citizens within the US, it’s no surprise they would go outside the borders.

      Anyway… this website is dedicated to helping Americans caught outside America being subjected to the IRS, as well as other related issues.

      Anyway FYI only. I found it a fascinating read on a subject I knew next-to-nothing about.

      Bookmark it! It just may come in handy.

      • Thank you Las1! I appreciate it. Yes, I’ve bookmarked it and will totally check it out. Thanks brother!!

  • UnCL3

    Go figure. Liberals and Mvslims lying…who knew?

  • Conservative_Hippie

    I hope Walid sells a ton of books! God works in mysterious ways!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Praying that these two kids will become Christians also and tour with Walid!

  • TheUnseenBattle

    I was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by an angel who told me to sit up. He wasn’t a shiny angel and he didn’t even have wings but somehow I knew he was an angel. I got out of my bed without him telling me to and I found myself fully dressed.
    “Come with me,” he said, “for I have been commissioned to show you something.”
    We went out my front door and found ourselves standing inside a simple room. I had never seen this room before but it looked nice. On the wall of the room were many doors, I didn’t bother to count them.
    “There are things going on in your country which you have no idea about. Yet now you will,” came the angel’s voice again.
    I nodded, as if this whole experience was totally normal.
    The angel motioned to the door closest to us. “This one first,” he said.
    I walked over toward the door and opened it.
    Immediately I was in the midst of students at some sort of college function. On the stage in front of us stood none other than Nancy Pelosi. This was Trinity Washington University and she was speaking at commencement. She was telling the students about the time her chair was crowded in with spirits of deceased female activists during a meeting with Democratic House leadership. She told of how they told her that they now had a seat at the table.
    Suddenly I was looking at Nancy Pelosi again, but the setting was different. She was speaking at an event celebrating herself. She told the story again.
    Then I was back in the first room with the angel. “Do you understand?” the angel asked.
    “Nancy Pelosi likes to talk to dead people?”
    “They’re not dead people, but she is not having hallucinations either,” the angel pointed me to the door to the left of the first door, “enter there.”
    I obeyed and found myself in the room with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership. She was sitting there at the table until suddenly I saw her surrounded by the spirits she claimed to have been crowded in by. However, I saw that they were not deceased women. They were ugly spirits posing as dead women. They were grotesque and haunting things, almost looking like stereotypical aliens. They whispered things to her and she seemed to understand and obey. But I knew she was oblivious to their true form. At the end of the vision, I heard the unclean sprits warn her that she should tell many people about this incident if she wanted to keep her power. She agreed.
    Then the vision was over and I stood with the angel again. “What does all this mean?” I asked the angel.
    “You must understand the unseen battle all around you, especially the unseen battle in Washington,” the angel answered. Then he pointed me to the next door.
    I entered and found Barack Obama sitting in his Oval Office alone. He looked distressed. I saw across from him another unclean spirit like the ones who had talked to Pelosi, but this one seemed more powerful. My President was in distress as he told the spirit how he was afraid that he was not going to be re-elected. He despaired over his potential loss of power. The spirit consoled him and offered him a deal: more political power in exchange for more human sacrifice. I could not imagine what the spirit was talking about, but Obama seemed to understand. He vowed to push more abortion and vowed to speak with Catherine Sibelius and Cecile Richards about expanding abortion access. The spirit chortled and acknowledged that he spoke with these women often.
    The next vision showed Vice President Joe Biden sitting in his car alone, talking with a different spirit. This spirit demanded that Biden proclaim on a national stage that the definition of marriage should be changed. Biden agreed to support same-sex marriage on a national platform.
    The next vision showed Joe Biden and Barack Obama in a heated exchange over Biden’s pro-same-sex-marriage stance which he spouted off on a Sunday media show. Biden told Obama about his spirit encounter and this seemed to calm Obama. The two men agreed to work together.
    Still another vision showed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sitting alone in his bedroom, looking distressed. He was grumbling about wanting to run for President of the United States and did not want Hillary Clinton to run. Cuomo wanted power and asked out loud to no one in particular how he could have the power Barack Obama received to win re-election. The same unclean spirit who spoke with Obama in the Oval Office appeared on the bed beside Cuomo, but the governor did not seem to notice. This spirit whispered into Cuomo’s ear, but I could hear the message loud and clear. The spirit told the New York governor that it would give him power in exchange for the blood of humans. The remainder of this vision showed Cuomo pushing his late-term abortion bill in the state legislature.
    I stopped opening doors after this vision and looked at the angel in horror. “What are we up against?” I asked him.
    “All the forces of darkness. There is one more vision I will show you before I give you your final message,” the angel flicked his hand and we were standing above the ground during the night. We were above a street somewhere in Virginia. I don’t know how I knew this. We seemed to be moving through the air together, as if we were on a flying carpet.
    The angel pointed at a person walking down the sidewalk whom we appeared to be following through the air. He was well-dressed, but his clothes were unkempt. There was an unclean spirit walking beside him, but he did not seem to notice. The angel moved us closer as he explained who the man was, “This is Senator Mike Crapo, a self-proclaimed teetotaler.”
    The unclean spirit was telling the Republican Senator to stop at a bar to have a little drink. Crapo decided to obey and stopped at an Alexandrian bar. Then the vision was over.
    “Neither party is exempt from this influence. The Republicans are just as involved as the Democrats, yet it is the Democrats who are tapping into real spiritual power in exchange for the slaughter of unborn children,” the angel told me.
    “What do you want me to do? This seems hopeless,” I told him.
    “It is hopeless on your own. You must tell the people, especially the people of God, to tap into the greatest spiritual power of all in order to keep morality in society. Those who serve and worship Jesus Christ have the greatest power of all at their fingertips, if they will only be as devout in their faith as the Satanist power structure is to theirs. Jesus Christ trumps Satan every time.”
    And with that, the vision was over and I was back sitting on my bed as if nothing had ever happened.

  • Shery Hancock

    Yes, these journalists enlist the advice of CAIR…now that’s an unbiased source…NOT! “We cannot allow the Muslim faith to be blasphemed”…remember our own president said as much. Wake up, America! Soon we will all be forced to take the Muslim faith, or be killed.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “Soon we will all be forced to take the Muslim faith, or be killed.”

      That’s been the plan since the 7th century.