WATCH: David Drucker explains why intel agencies recording Flynn is a problem

David Drucker from the Washington Examiner explained to CNN this morning why it’s a big problem that Flynn’s call was recorded and transcribed by our government:

His main point is that the only way our intel agencies could have recorded Flynn’s call is if the government had gotten a FISA warrant. Absent that, any US citizen is not allowed to be spied upon or have their phone calls recorded.

Further he adds that if they are recording the calls of a foreign official and an American citizen is caught up in one of the calls, the portion belonging to the American citizen is supposed to be thrown out.

So the question is did the Obama administration get a warrant to record Flynn’s call or did they do it illegally. We know he expanded the powers of the NSA over wiretapping just before he left office. But that wouldn’t give him the authority to record the phone call of an American citizen.

As an aside on this, CNN’s Chris Cuomo actually said in an interview this morning that the people questioning whether Flynn was wiretapped need to be called out, because we don’t know that Flynn was wiretapped.

Skip to 40 seconds in and listen. He also repeats it again shortly after that:

So it’s okay to talk about Flynn doing something illegal in his call with the Russian ambassador even though we didn’t actually know what he said, but it’s not okay to question whether Flynn was wiretapped when we do know a transcript of that call exists?

C’mon. That’s ridiculous. Why do the wiretap questions have to be called out but the Flynn questions were turned into a political scandal?

Sounds like a double standard to me.

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