Watch Glenn Beck’s Entire Speech at the Villages on November 21, 2009

There was much ado about Glenn Beck’s big announcement at The Villages this weekend, and he did in fact give a sneak peak into what he is planning for next year. Here’s the full speech and it’s approximately 45 minutes. And it’s awesome:

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  • New York

    This is the real reason why this administration doesn't like Glenn. He speaks the truth.

  • What an amazing speech, what a thought-provoking speech, what an INSPIRING speech!

    I've never heard the poem about the statue explained, or read, in that way, but it sure lent an aura of power to his finish.

    Those who fear, dislike, or just plain don't understand the man, don't realize that what he's trying to do is so simple:

    He's spent a year, or more, trying to wake Americans up, make us see the danger all around us, and encourage us to do something about it, not with the lethal weapons of violence, but through the weapons found in the power of the ideas of the Founders, and of our own thoughts, and ideas, and tried, true American Values, things that have powered the engine of this nation for 233 years now, and have inspired freedom loving people all over the world.

    He's gonna have these conferences, and come out with a book, sure, but the whole point is that we, the people, concerned about the futue of our nation, will think about the ideas these events, and the book, present, and forming our own opinions, and plans of action, find the strength to fight the good fight, and take back our nation from those out to change it for the worse forever.

  • That is so awesome that you posted this video for us! Glenn is awesome! I hope he uses his money to run for President of the United States.

  • These are sites dedicated to SEXY GLENN! Again, thanks for posting this video of awesome Glenn!!!!

  • victoriamiles

    Thank you for posting this. I have enjoyed every minute of the recorded speech by American hero and national treasure Glenn Beck.

  • This one too! 🙂

  • smileyfreak

    I hope he doesn't.

    I love Glenn and all, but I don't think he's the right fit for POTUS. His gifts are better used how and where they are being used now.

  • Carolyn D.

    Glenn. God Bless. YOU are the help we Americans need. All of you who have a mic, PLEASE STAND UP WITH GLENN AND WITH ALL OF US. We MUST stop this government for our kids and grandkids. When I looked into the big, beautiful blue eyes of both of my baby daughters were born, I was so proud and so happy that they could grow up in America where it's free. Law enforcement was on OUR side. We could drive any car anywhere we wanted to drive. We had MORE of our own money. We worked hard and we loved working hard. But can you imagine the grief us parents and grandparents are feeling right now that they MAY not have a country to raise their babies in? YES, you know. Oh God help us all. Keep Glenn safe. Thank you so much Glenn and prayers for You, your family, and your staff.

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  • jeannedavis

    What a great speech. I'm reserving a spot at one of the conventions and attending the march on Washington. For those of you who missed the 912 march, it was the most amazing thing I'd ever attended. Had to be at least a million people, probably closer to 1.5 million. A tremendous outpouring of patriotism. Let's do it for our children and grandchildren. God bless Glenn for leading the charge!

  • gailmarie

    I was at the Villages and after watching it again on this site…. it still brings me to tears… God Bless Glenn and alll the Patriots who stand with him…. Much Love, Gail Marie

  • gailmarie

    I was at the Villages and after watching it again on this site…. it still brings me to tears… God Bless Glenn and alll the Patriots who stand with him…. Much Love, Gail Marie