Watch Bill Whittle’s The Stratosphere Lounge below LIVE. Below is the normal chat and below that is Ustream chat in case you want to interact with the show.

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  • PAWatcher

    Bill Whittle explains things so entertainingly. I’m not a sci-fi follower, but he makes it interesting. Super intelligence and good old horse sense, egomania and humility….attributes that don’t survive together.
    Really like being out in the Stratosphere (had to look up exactly where that is) with Bill, thanks RS for presenting it.

  • Paul Altimas

    Why are your ads in french we speak english in Alberta Ca?

  • you’re not special … you’re defective
    Bill Whittle is great!

  • Doc Clear

    I didn’t watch live, but I’ve been catching them the day after. The one that’s up on your screen now is the one from last week. I sure hope he didn’t screw up and not record last nights. It would be 2 hours of pure intelligence lost :-(.

  • 12grace

    I am a huge Bill Whittle fan. He is a patriot!

  • DebbyX

    This episode was from last week. I was so looking forward to new segment.

    What up?

  • Enoch73

    Same great show as last week. Didn’t appear to be a new show on Ustream itself either. Maybe he just skipped a week? Are we missing something?

  • Mo86

    I wasn’t able to find it live, and this is a repeat. Did he skip a week? I am totally confused.

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