FULL SPEECH: Watch Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech in Virginia

Mitt Romney delivered a speech on foreign policy at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia. You can watch the full speech below:

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  • Ranger1325

    I’ve been looking forward to this. Thank you for posting.

    • JohnBarry2012

      High anticipation…

    • wodiej

      I second that. This site is awesome.

      • Yes it is! Its the conservatives nirvana that I and many like minded constitutional conservative, and Declaration of Independence loving people from all walks of life opine on, and look forward to everyday. Glad to have you aboard!

        • wodiej

          thank you. You read my mind.

  • Orangeone

    Again Scoop, doing the best to keep Americans informed! Thank you so very much.

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      I think I got spammed somehow. I’ve been spammed like that on Facebook and it was supposedly from my friends who never sent the messages.

      Can someone spam through disqus using other people’s names?

      • Orangeone

        Not spam.  Please reply via email.

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    • All three feeds are working now.

      • colliemum

        A very big thank-you from across the Big Pond for providing these videos.
        I have difficulties playing these important videos over here, too many alphabet broadcasters deny access if one’s outside the USA>

        So – thanks!
        Your work is very much appreciated.

        • MikhailKennedy

          Same here in Canada I go to TRS for my daily political news.
          Thanks Scoop from The Great White North(no racism intended)

  • Jetdoc

    Me too

  • Got video on the top feed. Waiting for start in about 3 minutes. Thanks for this feed Scoop!

  • Thanks, RS! You rock!

    • BHliberty

      I’ll second that!

  • Thanks, Scoop. Looking forward to this & seeing how the idiot MSM is going to say GAAAAAFFFFFEEESSSSSS!!!!!

  • hbnolikeee

    Chatroll doesn’t recognize my pwd. anyone have a url / email I can use to correct this?

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    …no sound RS .”

  • Don

    The New York Times is reporting sources within the CIA are that the bombing of Libya could be an October surprise before the October 22 Presidential debate on Foreign Policy. Romney showing he has a Foerign Policy plan on will be in deep contrast to the ONE who reacts to what ever the political polls tell him will improve his electability. Romney is only one choice to bring sanity back to our country. When a president doesn’t have a clue on what he’s going to do until he does it, we have a serious problem to deal with.

    • 3seven77

      Which hopefully will underscore what Romney just said, “The best way to win a war is to prevent one.”

      If The great Zero and Hillarity had been doing their jobs defending American interests we’d still have an Ambassador. And a consulate. And two former Navy SEALS and an IT guy.

      • NYGino

        ….and self respect.

    • ColoradoTim

      Who wouldn’t have expected some sort of military action as Obama’s October surprise? I’ve been waiting for it for well over a year now. I’m sure that Romney expects it too. He’s sharp.

      Obama is walking a tight-rope. There are a lot of peace-nicks in his party that are already holding their nose. He didn’t close Gitmo, and we’ve still got troops spread across the world. Will they turn on him when he starts sending drones over there? As long as it is drones, he might be fine. If he uses real troops, he’s toast with them.

    • Laurel

      Obama basically built Libya. I hope he does bomb it because it would be the foreign policy blunder of a lifetime!

      • conservocop

        I could be wrong on this, but I believe he is in a ‘ lose-lose ‘ situation with Libya no matter what he does.

  • JohnBarry2012

    A platform where God is esteemed and honored. God bless R&R to restore the country onto the path of righteneous again.
    “Those who honor me I will honor.” 1 Samual 2:30.

    • wodiej

      “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”- 2 Chronicles 7:14

      • JohnBarry2012

        People of God, pray with all our heart, soul and mind like our entire future depends on it (it is). Pray in the Word of God that in His blessed sovereignty, He will restore righteouness and the fear of God back to the land, and His thought towards us is the thoughts of peace, not evil to bless us so that we may have hope in the future.

  • joyfulgiver

    Just got on the site, how much time have I missed? I like what I’m hearing so far. Mitt gets it!

  • BostonBruin

    As he did in the debate, Gov. Romney is very clearly and forcefully pointing out the failures of Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East (without being snarky).

    Love this statement he just made: “Hope is not a strategy”. Yes!

    • JohnBarry2012

      Clear and resolute.

    • crosshr

      …”hope is not a strategy…”
      excellent reminder for all the touchy happy clappy feely emotional non rational liberals.

      Mitt delivered a very presidential natured speech that I like a lot. I am looking forward for the transfer of EMPTY out of the office, and the R/R relocation into Pennsylvania Av.

  • Go Mitt !

    Common Sense >> hope is not = strategy in foreign relations.

    Dear Obama ,
    Peace through strength does NOT mean the strength of our adversaries !!!
    Russia, Iran and the rest ….

  • joyfulgiver

    HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY! Awesome comment, right on!

  • scrubjay

    This is what a president sounds like.

  • NYGino

    To all those who’ve been asking for specifics in Romney’s foreign objectives, you definitely have them now.

  • NYGino

    Best speech I’ve ever heard. Obama has to be shaking with rage.

    • Orangeone

      And trying to figure out what of Mitt’s ideas he can steal.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I bet he will say, He is lying…….Lol

      • Yeah, lying like NObama’s prayer rug… 🙂

  • poljunkie

    Obama is taking notes for the next debate.

    • Not that it will do him any good.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Great speech We are now seeing a what a leader looks like, not a hollywood actor called Obama,if we as the people do not choose this man over the empty suit Obama is then we are doomed. I only had one little nit picking to do, I had a problem when the Governor said this “This was not the result of a reprehensible video”, by saying “reprehenble” you are validating the stupid notion put out by the propagandists on the Obama administration.
    Whether it was reprehensible or not the bottom line is we have the right to express outselves in whichever way we like.

  • BostonBruin

    Love this tweet by Jedediah Bila:

    “Is it just me or does @MittRomney already look like he’s President? More leadership in this speech than Obama’s given in 4 years.”

    No, JB, it’s not just you. You’re right! He’s already the leader of the free world.

  • scrubjay

    Just look at all the broad, heartfelt smiles of the cadets.

  • joyfulgiver

    I guess I missed 95% of it! I’ll be checking back for the full show. Thanks Scoop!

    • Orangeone

      Well worth it!

  • BHliberty

    OMG! That was just profound! I’m with the Syrian woman who said, “Not go from darkness to darkness”! This man must win in November or I will feel we will go from darkness to only more darkness!

    Thanks RS!

    • conservocop

      There surely are millions of us across the country that feel as you do. I only hope we are great enough in number to counter the clueless mess that will vote for this monstrous impostor.

  • Disagree with the Kraut. Not too late to prosecute the ME chaos as an election issue.

    Benghazi is heating up still as a scandal of negligence and dishonesty !

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Spot on, its never too late to ridicule Obama.


  • NYGino

    Obama just suffered a TKO before the foreign policy debate even started.

    And I’m sure he knows it.

  • IwjwI

    Great speech. Romney is prepared and will trounce Obama in the foreign policy debate.
    I feel much better about Romney and OUR foreign policy after this speech.

  • NYGino

    The light on the hill has just been re lit.

  • marketcomp

    Unquivering leadership! Lord I for one will welcome leadership!

    • you mean unwavering don’t you? I have never heard of inquivering leadership.

      • p m

        It’s a reference to what Zero does when he hears Romney speak on… just about anything. 🙂

  • I caught the tail end of the speech on Fox News and the on air presenter referred to Romney as the President! I laughed a little and just whispered… “Just wait a little bit…” 🙂

  • BostonBruin

    FYI – President Romney will be speaking at a rally in Newport News, VA later today at 5:20 PM ET. Not sure if it will be live-streamed here, but should be at live.cnn.com.

    • p m

      Thank you – that’ll get them a ratings boost but what the heck – we can stand it for a short while I guess!

  • CitizenVetUSA

    What a nice surprise for RS to have Gov Romney’s important VMI Speech available to view for all citizens to learn the policies of our next President!

  • Awesome speech! Now that is what a President sounds and looks like and what President who has a America’s BEST interests at heart!

    Bring on the debate! Romney is going to WIPE the FLOOR with NObama on Foreign Policy! I read on Drudge that Romney got a 5 point bump from the first debate, I expect the same or even better from the next one! This next one could be the knock out punch I’ve been hoping and praying for!!!

  • HARP2

    The torch America carries is one of decency and hope. It is not
    America’s torch alone. But it is America’s duty – and honor – to hold it
    high enough that all the world can see its light.

    Best part of an excellent speech. Reminded me of Reagan`s…”shining city on the hill” line.

  • Steven

    What a speech! What a speech! My eyes are misty right now, because I don’t know who this man is. Mitt Romney has indeed transformed into someone that I didn’t think was running this year after the GOP nomination was settled. I am feeling like the Obama campaign about who this man is, but unlike them, I am happily stunned by the transformation!

    This speech was Reaganesque. It was excellent and don’t let no one fool you. It was an excellent speech striking the right balance and at the heart of it is Reagan’s “Peace through strength,” along with Herman Cain’s “and clarity!”

    I am telling you this journey of Romney is becoming eerily reminiscent of Reagan’s. Just like Reagan, he lost the nomination 4 years ago (to someone we now regret having the nomination) only to win 4 years later. He is running against a man with a very weak economy and a disastrous foreign policy. I mean Obama supported the overthrow of our ally in Egypt in favor of fundamentalist, just as Carter did with Iran! Our embassies across the world have been attacked, just as our embassy in Iran was attacked then, but our ambassador killed instead of hostages taken under Carter (which is worst?). And he whipped Obama in the first debate just as Reagan did Carter (arguable he outclassed how Reagan outclassed Carter!).

    I can’t believe the turnabout in my perception of Romney now and he deserves all the credit for running a steady, conservative, and conciliatory campaign. He has learned from the nomination process and from Reagan. He didn’t select a safe pick for VP from the Bush orbit, but a dynamic, young conservative in Paul Ryan. And he has not diverged from his positions in the primary to rush to the “center.” Instead he has articulated a conservative agenda better than I have heard any Republican candidate for president since Reagan!

    I am very, very happy with his performance and he gives me no reason to doubt that he will continue to uphold the principles Reagan established for the party in domestic and foreign policy. Everything he is espousing in sharp contrast to Obama is out of the Reagan playbook. He has rejected the type of politics the Bush clan embraced with compassionate conservatism and has gone for what I will call practical conservatism (forgive the oxymoron, but it’s the practice today to apply adjectives to conservatism).

    I think Romney will win in a landslide if he keeps this up. This means, in my opinion some surprise wins in places like CT, MI, WI, PA, NM, NH, etc. that people won’t expect Romney to do well in. The emperor has no clothes and it’s because Romney is undressing him! Romney has found his stride at the right time and I pray that he can deliver the knockout blow in the next debate. Romney/Ryan 2012!

    • CitizenVetUSA

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We feel the aura of President Reagan too!

    • How’s RR doing in Romney’s home state, MA?
      If he pulled even there that would open a gaping hole in the starboard side of Team Obama…

      • The news is not good:

        Democratic President Barack Obama’s lead over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is growing in Massachusetts, and is now up to 30 points, according to a new poll conducted by the Western New England University Polling Institute for The Republican and MassLive.com.

        The poll, conducted Sept. 28 – Oct. 4, finds Obama getting support from 63 percent of likely Massachusetts voters compared to 33 percent for Romney, with 3 percent undecided.

        Read the rest: http://www.masslive.com/politics/index.ssf/2012/10/president_barack_obama_holds_3.html

        • Thanks… maybe post-debate?

          What does it take for these people?!

      • Shmoof

        It’s very hit or miss. Make no mistake, there are many of us on the right here. It’s just a very difficult thing to do. Presenting yourself as a conservative, Republican, or even a right leaning independant is scary thing.

        In my opinion, I do not see the electoral vote going to Romney in the election. I would not be surprised though if a decent amount of the popular vote (30-40%) goes to him. Like Clint said about those in Hollywood, we play it closer to the chest. It’s the same thing for us here in Mass.

    • scrubjay

      Thank you, Ann Coulter.

      • SoLongSong

        Would that make you Madonna? Ellen Barkin? S-S-SNOOP Dogg?

        • scrubjay

          I thank Ann Coulter because she was right about Romney being the best candidate that we could nominate. I originally was for all the more conservative candidates but as Steven said above “Mitt Romney has indeed transformed into someone that I didn’t think was running this year after the GOP nomination was settled. I am feeling like the Obama campaign about who this man is, but unlike them, I am happily stunned by the transformation!”.

  • Matthews, Soledad, StephanoCopulos et al:

    tell us about FuBar Ack’s achievements!!! His 4 year achievements!
    Name them!!!
    No, killing Osama is not – Prezzy had to be pulled from a golf course and convinced 50 times to do so…….nationalizing GM is NOT an achievement…
    You poor MSM urinalists – just do your job – report!!! Re friggin’ PORT!!!
    We’ll get the conclusions.

  • Nice to see a real President again.

  • Chapeau bas, Prez. Romney! 🙂

  • Chapeau bas, Prez. Romney! 🙂

  • Chapeau bas, Prez. Romney! 🙂

  • practigal

    Thanks so much for posting, Scoop!

    Can’t we do the foreign policy debate today? Looking forward to that 10/22 event.


  • While listening to the speech, there were moments when I felt he really is our President already. Romney is stepping up and taking the leadership space that O has left empty for 4 years. And he is letting the leaders of other nations know to not count us out. Good speech!

  • No, he’s just blaming Bush. This time he’s saying that Romney’s to the right of Bush. He has to get Bush’s name in one way or another. Romney makes O look like what he really is: an empty suit.

    • BiscuitCrumbs

      correction : an empty chair.

    • conservocop

      Romney’s ” to the right of Bush ” ?! That suits me just fine. This is what we need now more than ever.

  • tularockstar

    I am so proud of (future) President Romney in this speech! America has been a punching bag for those radical Middle East countries! Without our leadership, we are opening ourselves to more attacks and manipulation of policies–via the U.N.! No more caving to terrorists; no more caving to liberals and left-wing idealogues!

  • Rob_Bryant

    “Liberty and Tyranny,” That book has truly left a mark, for the better. Great to hear that phrase used here.

  • victorykd

    Leadership!! He will be a great president!

    Thank you Scoop for posting this incredible speech.

    God bless America.

  • Can’t wait to have a leader in the WH again!
    Go Mitt,Go!!!

  • BiscuitCrumbs


  • Laurel

    I disagree with Romney on arming Syrian Rebels.

    • p m

      Libya redux, eh? – although he did say support to the rebels who share our values. There’s a bunch of bad actors on both sides but a defeat for Iran would be good. My feeling is to stay out and let the proxies, Iran and Russia, have at it.

      Edited for a typo

      • Laurel

        The entire ME is bad actors. Put it this way…the bad actors far outnumber the good ones. The West doesn’t get that the ME thinking is polar opposite of the West. What we value and think as honorable, moral, true, and correct, the ME values and labels the opposite. There is no such thing as loyalty or grateful. they only recognize and value power and fear.

    • So do I Laurel. When I heard him say that I yelled at the computer. Libya and Egypt all over again. Lord, who do these people think are making up large portions of the rebels?!

    • davienne

      i totally agree with you…

  • colliemum

    Great speech, putting the enemies of mankind on notion.
    This President Romney is not going to bow to any Saudi prince or Chinese Premier.
    I liked it very much that Romney quoted Churchill at the end of his speech. That was a lovely little dig at Obama who got rid of Churchill’s bust as soon as he was in the WH.

  • davienne

    I have a problem with this…
    I have not now or ever heard Romney say that he would stop government aid to the rebels, hamas, jihadist , muslim brotherhood or iran the very organizations who want nothing more than to destroy America…

    • down_with_the_messiah

      You weren’t listening close enough. He very clearly stated that he would put conditions on middle east countries receiving foreign aid and gave detail on what countries he was referring to and what those conditions would be.

      • davienne

        yeah, i heard that.. but stopping foriegn aid to those that are hell bent on destroying our soviernity is different than “putting restrictions”…

        • down_with_the_messiah

          The clear implication of what he said was that if they don’t comply with the conditions, the aid will be stopped. There is – or at least, there is supposed to be – a quid pro quo purpose to our foreign aid. That purpose has been ignored by previous presidents and purposefully circumvented by the messiah. I got the impression from Romney’s speech that he fully intends to restore it.

          • davienne

            call me a skeptic, but i want him to come right out and say it… and do it.. Romney should stop all foriegn aid … not threaten them with an ultimatum… JUST DO IT.. our tax funded foriegn aid should go for natural disasters only, not just to keep them from attacking us

  • sjmom

    Excellent speech and very timely. Peace through strength.

  • SKL53

    Mitt Romney incumbant running against candidate incompetent…Barack Insane Obama!!!

  • kong1967

    Pretty detailed for just a candidate. It will all get a facelift after he gets his advisors and intelligence briefings.

    Compare this to Obama’s very knowledgable foreign policy when he was just a candidate. “What are you afraid of Iran for? They’re just a tiny nation.”

    And to think Obama is going to throw it out that Romney isn’t qualified to run the military or foreign policy. Go figure. Obama can’t even work his way out of a wet paper bag.

  • indthinker

    Cannot wait for this new Commander-in-Chief. Can I get an Amen?

    • Rightstuff1

      AMEN !!!!

  • mediaaccess1

    ..but he says Muslims among Christians, etc. This is a disappointment. Islam is a faith (not a religion) of tyranny. Bin Laden was mainstream in Islam, and not an extremist.

  • PJRodman

    He’s sounding very Presidential folks! I really never dreamed I’d be so excited about Mittens!

    But golly gee…I sure hope Snoop KatDog -or whatever he calls himself -doesn’t throw the election Obama’s way because of that scathing, hand written voter’s guide. There was some mature democrat/celeb priorities there, no doubt. Gosh, “Romney, He a ho.” That’s a toughie…should have the undecided scratching their head. (OBAMA PHONE!) The only thing we can hope for is that most of them have actually seen Obama play basketball…cuz, Tha Preezie fo shizzle ain’t got game…and hopefully they’ve seen him throw a baseball in his mom jeans and mull over whether you really think he’d win a fight. (that got me giggling…I bet he’d slap like he throws…LOL…”Wait…I..I..don’t have my bike helmet on yet…that’s not fair….uh…all up in here…uh…like…Dawg.”)

  • p m

    Excellent speech.

    >Gave credit to the intelligence services and military for getting Bin Laden – about time someone apart from us did.
    >Peace thru’ strength – getting the Navy up from its WW1 level (what an outrage that it has been so degraded.)
    >Rolling back the proposed DoD cuts.
    >Conditions attached to any aid that may be given.
    >Recognizing Israel’s importance as an ally that contributes greatly to the security of the West. About which…
    >I am thinking the allusion to the dead idea of a yet another arab statelet existing side-by-side, but really inside, the State of Israel is cover for a far more robust policy towards ‘our common enemies’.
    >Not so keen on arming Syrian rebels without knowing exactly who they are, being supported by Iran and all. He did specify supporting only like-minded rebels. Not another Libya please.

    Looking forward to that third debate. And to further statements from the future President as developments occur in the meantime.

  • wodiej

    “hope is not a strategy.”

    “we will not forget that you forgot about us.”

    Let me be the first to say that obama is in some deep doo doo for the Foreign Policy debate. I heard Hawaii is nice in November.

    Romney sounding like President Romney. I believe they were playing “hail to the chief”….how appropriate.


      Did you know that whenever President “W” spoke to the troops, that he never entered to “Hail To The Chief”?…..no wonder the troops loved him so.

  • Patriot077

    Romney is holding the torch high enough that even I can see it’s light! Thanks, scoop!

  • celestiallady

    That is our next president – awesome speech – bring it on!

  • No more “Leading from Behind.” That will stop with a Romney administration. The world depends on it.

  • Rightstuff1

    Presidential …….. !!!!!!!

  • Boring, boring, and again – fu*king boring!

    This is all about Mitt: he has the opportunity to crush Obama and..

    and .. and you know what?

    Well, nothing actually.

    Just boring and f*cking disappointing.

    • down_with_the_messiah

      Huh? All about Mitt? Did you even listen to the speech? The only time he even used the first person pronoun was when he was laying out the foreign policy measures he would adopt as president. Not once did he insert some lame anecdote about his poor, Kenyan ancestry. Not once did he apologize for our nation. This is the kind of clarity that has been missing in our federal government for years. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, and it’s apparent that you don’t either.

    • Wow. Way to show your intelligence there Pierre. Maybe you’d prefer the action over at Huffpo. They like language like yours.

    • PVG

      “Well, nothing actually.” Sums up your contribution here. Be gone!

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Thanks for sharing it with those of us who did not watch it live, Scoop.

  • Thank you RS. An American Foreign Policy Address. So refreshing.

    Our ballots are filled out. The PO’s open tomorrow. Can’t Wait!!!

  • down_with_the_messiah

    Wow, what a contrast between this man and the disgraceful cretin occupying our White House who travels the world apologizing for our country, making excuses for himself, and blaming everyone but himself for his embarrassing performance as president. This is what a leader sounds like.

  • Juan_Rico

    It’ll be nice to have a President that… well, sounds like a President and not like somebody who just wants to get this pesky leadership thing over with so he can head to the golf course for the weekend.

  • airborneaz

    This is the type of vision we have been looking for and my questions are surely answered. Works for me. Time to replace the current mistake.

  • tshtsh

    Once again we will have a President that does not elevate my blood pressure when he addresses our military. b.o. always put me on edge wondering how he was going to insult them this time.

  • PVG

    Sounds like a State of the Union speech given by an adult potus with a love for this country.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    A speech by the President I could believe….. Sorry not just yet but soon… I had almost forgotten what a speech by a President sounded like, way to many years of Barack Hussein Obama…

  • FreeManWalking

    Another Good Speech, Romney continues to impress me.

    I hope he continues too when he takes the reins.

    edit: I wish he would have given this 3 weeks ago, it might have forced the MSM to shed more light on the truth about the Libyan embassy attack.

  • conservativefirst

    With as much position-changing as Romney has done, his consistent pandering to the neoconservatives is significant.

  • You guys really are too much enthousiastic about Mitt.

    As far as I am concerned, I like the straight and well articulated people (like Paul Ryan) and still cannot bear Mitt who sounds very boring to my ears. But as soon as one makes such a simple and obvious remark, people here say it’s Huffington Post.

    Lots of us want to get rid of Obama but it does not mean that we should organize a cult of personality around Mitt .. The Left do it for Obama, let’s them do it.

    • Pierre, it is not a cult of personality around Mitt. After 4 years of someone who cares more about being cool (Preezy of the United Steezy) than being President, I personally want boring. I want someone who cares about being the leader America sorely needs in her time of pain. While America is hurting, the last thing we need is a candidate who cares about how he “looks” and “sounds” when speaking in front of people, but instead, we need a candidate who cares about how he expresses the principles of leadership America needs to heal, then grow and thrive.

      I can understand your point. Most of us here were trying to recruit either Allen West or Sarah Palin to run for President. When that did not happen, we supported either Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum. Most of us felt “stuck” with Mitt Romney as the primaries came to a close. Now you read a lot of comments about how excited we are when he gives a speech or performs in a debate. I can understand your concern.

      But rest assured, we are not excited about Mitt, the man. We are not excited about Mitt, the candidate. Our excitement lies in the fact that Mitt has continued to articulate conservative principles better than we thought he could, and most importantly, in a manner that leads us to believe he means it. His choice of Paul Ryan for Vice President tells us that he wants to listen to the Tea Party conservatives in his constituency, and we welcome that.

      Conservatives do not care about flash. We’ll take boring. We need leadership.

      Also, I will end by stating that when Mitt delivers a speech that articulates leadership and conservative principles clearly, we do not consider that boring; we consider that refreshing.

      God bless.

      • conservativefirst

        If the Republicans nominated a flashy candidate I have a feeling you wouldn’t be saying you personally want boring. Romney has been surprisingly articulate, but not on conservative principles. Sure he’s running a more conservative campaign than McCain, but that doesn’t take much conservatism. I’ll vote for him because he’s preferable to Obama, but that doesn’t mean I consent to what he’s going to do. If he’s elected, I will still criticize him for the same things I would’ve criticized a Democrat for.

        • conservativefirst

          And Gingrich? Really? I definitely prefer Romney to that.

  • JohnBarry2012

    It is exactly that “cult of personality around Mitt” that broke through the stale and confinement of his campaign chief Stuart Steven, and turned the tide on the polls in Mitt’s favor.

    Mitt Romney is not lack of articulation on both policy and substance, yet it is his passion, boldness and enthusiam in the debate that come through to resonate with people especially the undecided and independent. We are seeing a different Mitts now even in his Virginia speech on foreign policy (which Stuart Steven did not agree). The genie is out of the bottle of Stuart Steven. GO Mitts GO!