WATCH Mark Levin at the Values Voter Summit 2013

Mark Levin spoke today at the 2013 Values Voter Summit and you can watch it below. Here’s a quick quote:

“So when people say to me, what do you want to do, change the Constitution? HELL NO, I want to EMBRACE the Constitution!”

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  • Netmilsmom

    Mark and Beck are talking again. Sean Hannity is using Beck’s NYC offices while his new ones are built. TheBlaze just hired Dana Loesh from the Big sites and already got Laurie Dhue from FoxNews. We are all coming together. Thank YOU Lord!

    • RobertMahoney

      You had better batten down the hatches. The established GOP won’t go quietly into the night.

      • Buff

        Let’s push them out – they are already out they just won’t go!

    • It’s taken Beck a Looooong time to complete his hire of Dana Loesh.

      After Andrew Breitbart died, the management of the Bigs was in disarray. When she entertained an offer from Beck, they shut her down entirely–wouldn’t let her out of her contract, and wouldn’t let her write, either. So she’s been in limbo waiting to work for Beck. I hope she’s tanned, rested, and ready to dig in, because she’s really good.

      She’s amazing to see live, too.

    • boogsmama

      I agree.

  • clockwindingdown

    Brought tears to my eye’s…

  • deTocqueville1

    A brilliant, impassioned, logical Constitutionalist patriot.

  • Stehekin912

    Something I was thinking as Mark was making his powerful statements is that We the People have been trained by the Progressives to think we are not capable of being involved in our government at any level, except to vote for the choices the Elitists have provided to us. This has been an insidious disintegration of the active interest of the American people….let us handle everything, from the town council and the school board to the Congress and the President.
    Perhaps we are nervous, collectively, about the Liberty Amendments, because we have been TRAINED to be AFRAID of our own judgment (don’t get me wrong…I think the Liberty Amendments is a GREAT idea – I am talking about people in general). Oh no…we cant do that (wring hands, make scared face) how will we do that? What can we doooooo?
    We must have faith in ourselves, not only to be involved and make OUR OWN good choices, but to make a COMMITMENT to our government. Involvement in our government has to be part of our daily life, not just something we do for a week or two before elections (again, I am speaking GENERALLY, not about the people here at TRS, who ARE involved).

  • stage9
    • 57thunderbird

      Imagine my surprise.

  • aboutdat

    I think that was the REAL Mark Levin today and he was spot on, really on FIRE with his choice of words, and beyond terrific!
    I think if we can get him to commit (ON AIR, his radio show LIVE) to working for President Cruz as ATTORNEY GENERAL, DOJ , maybe we can help get this roman candle lit for 2016!!!!
    Maybe he can get rid of some of this stink on DOJ from HOLDER is leaving behind.. THE 2 of them could really clean house firing people and making sure most of the OBAMA EXECUTIVE ORDERS ARE DISMANTLED.
    Mike Lee could be VP or RAND could and they could slip PALIN in as Sec, Dept of Energy and we could get cracking.
    We would go from ZERO (obozo) to CRUISING speed on one glory filled
    Hopefully McCain (and rino friends) will retire or be DEFEATED by 2016 !!!!

  • Robert A Mitchell

    “Mark Levin – Its time for him (Obama) to shut up and sit down.” That was the icing on the cake for me.

    • jlbs

      Me too!! Short, sweet, and easy to understand.

  • guest

    He is just magnificent!

  • Dennis Sherbinski

    still waiting for my book cant wait

  • Litttletime

    We need the Mark Levin’s and Ted Cruz’s of the world to teach all Americans on their Constitution! The Tea-Party people know this stuff and it scares the hell out of the GOP and the Democrats!

    • 57thunderbird


  • marketcomp

    RS, where is the Mark Levin show today?

    • aboutdat

      I am not RS, but…..

      Click the LISTEN LIVE (black) button up top right to listen to
      todays show or on air now. I think it is 5pm to 9pm est.
      Choose AUDIO REWIND button on menu bar
      on this page CLICK on red button for play now 10/10/13 or wait until after 9pm to get todays show 10/11/13
      IF you do not listen to him regularly, it may take while to get used to his gruffness.
      HE is really a teddy bear who takes in rescue dogs.

  • mary

    I wish Mark would run for president he is just what this country needs.

  • Nancy Geren

    Thank you Mark for educating all of America.

  • A Datum

    When I listen to this guy, I think that (whether he recognizes it or not) God has placed this man in his position for this purpose. God bless Mark Levin!

  • 57thunderbird

    Levin is on fire!This is a great meeting for him to speak at,because the people in that audience are the types of people that will take the bull by the horns.

  • Bill

    I am looking forward to Saturdays rally for Steve Lonegan for Senate in NJ…Mark and Sarah!
    For sure a long shot in blue NJ but doing our best.

    • 57thunderbird

      Keep pounding the pavement and knocking on doors.Best of luck sir!

  • WinMissouri

    “Let them implode, let us be free and get rid of Obamacare” Love that line.

    • Eva

      Yes, me too!

  • Dominic Baptista

    My local Tea Party memberships have increased significantly. Thank You President Obama & The Parks Dept.

  • PaulS47

    Mark Levin: a George Patton of Constitutional Conservatism.

    • colliemum

      That’s a great comparison!

  • JoeTulsa

    The Great One!
    We love him.

  • colliemum

    “Take out country back” – yes indeed!

    “We want our country back” is what UKIP here in the UK runs under. If we are getting 24% and more now, from a standing start, in local elections, then what is stopping you, with your long tradition of grass root movements?

    The Great One has given you the perfect slogan to run with in 2014 – use it!

    • 2014 – The Impeachment Round

  • YankeeTexan

    ❤ Love you Mark! You have opened my eyes and then I fell in love with our Constitution for the first time! ❤Thank you!!

    • Patriot077

      Good on you, Yankee Texan! The beauty of your statement is that you are not alone. Our numbers are growing and our knowledge is our defense and protection.

      I bought copies of Liberty and Tyranny when it came out in paperback and have given them to people I thought would learn and pass it on. It shows plainly how bad policy and bad ideologies got us to here. His later volumes are also exceptional but that one is my personal favorite. I’m digesting The Liberty Amendments now, and heap admiration on Mark for always thinking of ways to expose and enlighten. If I miss one of his shows, my day isn’t complete 🙂
      God bless him, he will be in our history books as a patriot every bit as honorable as our Founding Fathers.

  • Lippenheimer

    We can do this. Thank-you, Mark Levin!

  • SurfinCowboy

    The interviewer sounds like David Letterman. Heh.

    Oh yeah, Mark rocks, Article V baby!, etc., etc.

    • JoeTulsa

      Except Tony Perkins is an articulate conservative.
      David Letterman is an inarticulate lib.

  • That was beautiful. I love the passion. States have much more power than we think.

  • PVG


  • Belinda Duras

    do you have a choice on the ads that appear on your page? because some are flat out lies and deception

  • Belinda Duras

    WRONG our only hope and options are not in your book and in your ideas only but in the Living Word of God and turning back to HIM first place and GOD will absolutely turn things around OVERNIGHT for those who put their trust and faith in HIM first and go with HIS Wisdom to take back our country

    • Trudge1

      Go to church today. When the preacher starts saying that Jesus is a socialist (like so many other misinformed so called Christians are saying) then stand up and holler WRONG.

    • $77284767

      God helps them that help themselves. Don’t expect Him to do your dirty work. He has more important things to worry about.

    • JoeTulsa

      Praying is good, and the answers are in the Bible, but we can’t just cower down and pray.
      We have to stand up and fight!

  • JoeTulsa

    Mark Levin is so right!

  • Michael McNabb

    Get marks book read by more young people! Have them read Marks book and discuss it with you next time you have to or want to contribute to the college education or their business start up or even if they have to live at home. A months rent for reading and discussing Marks book with you. Might work well with your state reps or people running for office. P.S. check out a group iAmAmerican they have picked up Reagans balanced budget amendment and are on the verge of reenlisting several states. Pass the message on.

    • Judith77

      Will do. Thank you. I have three teenagers. This is timely.