WATCH: Ted Cruz highlights Trump’s VERY LIBERAL record on The Kelly File

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Ted Cruz explained Donald Trump’s big win last night by pointing out that New Hampshire is a great state for a liberal Republican like Donald Trump. He goes on to highlight his liberal record on the issues, like being very pro choice, supporting Tarp and the Stimulus, and spent quite a bit of time explaining Trump’s record on socialized medicine.

Watch (I’ve cued it to 2:50):

This is what Cruz is going to hammer in South Carolina and I think he’s right, that it’s absolutely a winning strategy. No need to sling mud. Just explain where The Donald has been on the issues, especially socialized medicine.

I can’t show this enough. Just watch the first minute or so:

Everybody must be covered. And who is going to pay for it? The government.

And he admits that’s a very un-Republican thing for him to say. But he believes it so strongly that he’s willing to lose votes over it.

We also hopes he loses votes over it.

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