WATCH: Ted Cruz makes his position on illegals plain enough for even BillO to understand

Amid the many interruptions by BillO – which were frustrating to both us in the audience and to Ted Cruz himself – the interview went very well for Cruz who was challenged to explain exactly where he stand on illegals. And that he did. In short, Cruz said he will follow the law and deport illegals and when asked if he’d have the government look for them, he said absolutely, that’s what ICE is for.


Cruz also pointed out that unlike Rubio and Trump, he is not for a path to citizenship for illegals under any circumstance. Trump may deport illegals at first but says he will allow them back in the country at which time they can get in line for citizenship. Rubio won’t even deport illegals (I assume he will deport criminal illegals), but will put them on an elongated path to citizenship unless the country wants to do something different. Rubio was a bit wishy washy on that point, saying it depends on what the American people want to do.

I think Cruz is on very solid ground here, noting that under current law illegals who are deported are not allowed to become citizens.

At the end of the interview BillO finally got it despite his many annoying interruptions.

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