Wednesday OT: Newt says goodbye

Well, not ‘goodbye’ in that sense, but that he’s suspending his campaign:

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  • DebbyX

    You’re welcome Newt!! Sorry to see ya’ go. I still believe you would have kicked O’s butt to the curb in a huge way. I was so looking forward to those debates where he would have been standing there with his mouth hanging open and his huge ears flapping in the breeze.

  • FutureOnePercent

    Well, at least I got my 7th choice…

    I feel good knowing I don’t have to settle for Buddy Roemer, Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, or Fred Karger (who I’ve never heard of until just now, when I looked at Wikipedia to count these names.)

    I’m so lucky.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      FutureOnePercent – you’re a very astute commenter. Glad to see you here. I enjoy your posts – they make me laugh and slap my head at the same time!

      • FutureOnePercent

        Thank you ISC, comedic relief is about the only thing us Conservative Californians are good for since we are worthless in an election.

        • Marky_D

          LOL, ok then – I’m a conservative (small c) living in South Wales in the UK. As you may or may not know, Wales is a left wing cess pit politically where the UK labour party can pile a mound of horse dung 6ft high and it will get elected. I have a strong interest in US politics as I see the US as the last bastion of free thinking, free speaking western democratic culture but obviously can’t vote in your elections.

          Beat that for powerless irrelevancy! 🙂

          • Is_Sense_Common

            Sounds like we’re hell-bent to mimic your great society Marky. I’d invite you over but I’m not sure what you’d find. It must be incredibly frustrating to be so completely unheard & unvalued. Please know that it warms my heart immensely to know that not everyone in the UK is a proud socialist like they make it sound here. They tell us how happy you guys are and how we too could be that happy if we’d just let the gov’t fix our problems for us. Awesome.

            • Marky_D

              No, not everyone – but it does seem people like myself are in a minority.

              That’s why I still have such hope for you guys – as Mark Steyn pointed out during the Tea party rallies of 2010 – look across the western world and although there are rallies and protests in every capital city, it’s only in the US that the people are protesting against too much government. In Europe people are demanding more government, more spending and more decline.

              You guys ”get it”.

              You know, your name just reminded me of something that happened a couple of months back. My father came to visit and one night we decided to go to the local pub. On the bar there was a collection tin for a local girl that had been born with cerebral palsy which meant that she was unable to walk. We both read the note on the tin, put a few coins in and went and sat down. Anyway, 10 mins or so passes and we get ”putting the world to right” and the subject turns to a current news story. Several babies had died due to bacterial infections contracted whilst in an NHS hospital. I casually mention that the whole NHS should be privatised as it is poor value for money not to mention poor quality and it’s only the fact that criticism of it is curtailed by our equally poor state media (BBC) that stops people seeing how obviously second rate it is and my father immediately gets offended and starts telling me how the NHS ”is the envy of the world”.

              I had to point out to him that we had both just put money in a tin to send a British child to the US to have surgery unavailable on our oh so wonderful state healthcare…


              My father is no idiot… but no, common sense just isn’t. Not in Europe anyway.

          • FutureOnePercent

            We’ve got George Clooney… can we just call it a tie Haha. But seriously, thank you for getting involved in fighting for freedom! No matter where its under attack in the world we need people like you.

            • Is_Sense_Common

              The truth of it is that the entire world is a better place with a strong and free USA. Not sure why that’s such a difficult concept for our own citizens to grasp.

              • Marky_D

                Yes it’s amazing how many of my fellow citizens are cheering on the decline of the US and the defacto rise of China. Even assuming we move to a world of Eastern order and not a world of no order (which seems far more likely) – what sort of lunatic thinks the world will be a better place?

          • FutureOnePercent

            Hey Marky,

            Can we trade you for an occupier? We’ll give you a two for one deal…

            • Marky_D

              Haha… I’d love to take you up on that – though I’m not sure my family are up for the move. Anyway, we have enough occupier types here – or as the BBC calls them ”refreshing, young, grass roots activists with a social conscience”.

  • Rshill7

    If anyone heard Fox’s Shep Smith after Fox aired this talk by Newt, you must have wanted to punch his lights out, same as I. I’d like to kick a field goal with Shep, and I’m willing to keep trying until he sails perfectly centered through the uprights. I dislike him more with each passing day. My wife cannot even stand to look at him 🙂

    Dat’s my gal!

    • wodiej

      You have a smart wife. Shep Smith is a liberal and I won’t even watch him.

      • PFFV

        Indeed, I hate the libtard Shep as well. He is not ‘Fair or Balanced’ in any way. Fox should fire his leftist a$$. My 2 cents, lol!

    • Sober_Thinking

      He’s a complete moron. Seriously, he’s their worst broadcaster by far – totally incompetent and at best, snarky and moderate. I can’t listen to him either. He’s a cartoon.

      • PFFV

        It’s a close one with Geraldo Rivera. I dislike Shep very much but Geraldo may be a tad worse…lol! 🙂

        • Sober_Thinking

          Ah, you’re right. I forgot about that liberal fossile.

    • 3seven77

      Rshill, if you read today there is a nasty hit job about Newt’s campaign and his “massive” debt. Seems like Roger Ailes is trying to make good on his threats about Newt never working for Fox again.

      Mr. Ailes is a sorry, sad little man.

    • FreeManWalking

      I seen who he was on election night 2008, or at least I saw him wet himself, that wet spot running down his pants leg when 0b0 was forecasted a wiener.

  • Thank you, Newt. You raised issues in an intelligent manner that we sorely needed to hear. You showed us how to be tough against the liberal agenda while being able to propose actual solutions that work instead of just complaining about liberals.

  • Islam_Sucks

    Say what you will…. this man turned the tide in the 90’s. My own take on history is that after he totally pissed off the Republican party he was ostracized. His struggle for relevance lead to bad decisions like sitting on the couch with Nancy. I’m guessing but I think he could have found the boots he wore in 94 and been a juggernaut of conservatism.

    ……….. but it’s hard to beat someone who can afford to spend $20 per primary vote.

  • WordsFailMe

    Good, he can rest up for the Convention.

    Thank you Newt!

  • Stehekin912

    Only in my dreams will I see what would have been the best debates ever Newt vs. O. Well, I guess I still have something to look forward to when I go to sleep at night. Maybe it will counter the nightmares.

    • FreeManWalking

      It would have been GREAT, but what I wanted to see more than the debate was someone leading this country pushing conservative ideas and principles, with the fortitude and tenacity and a strategy to implement and have them passed and signed into law.

      Thanks to all that put their self out there and their families on the line. A Special Thanks for you Newt.

  • wodiej

    Speaker Gingrich, thank you for what you tried to do. In the most simplest manner, you conveyed the meaning of America and what was happening to our democracy. When you were Speaker they did the same thing to you that they did during the primary. Shut him down, shut him up-he’s making too much sense. Our piggy banks will be cut off.

    The American people fell for the lies hook, line and sinker and now we have a liberal as the GOP nominee. When you have that many stupid people in the country it’s no wonder we can’t get a decent president. But THANK YOU FOR TRYING.

    • nibblesyble

      Thank-you for that…

  • WordsFailMe

    I’m mad at Beck. Again

    He had Geert Wilders, the Dutch (Netherlands conservative politician whose positions on Islam have generated over 200 fatwa’s on himself and his family. He is the Author of “Marked for Death” and is the most hated man since Salmon Rushdie. (QUOTES ARE NOT VERBATIM.)

    GLENN: I have a lot of Muslims friends who are moderates. How can you be opposed to all Muslims?

    Geert Wilders: ISLAM Is not a religion, It is an ideology with religious theme, a spiritual justification shielding lust for world dominance and slavery of non-Muslims. According to the Koran and recently reiterated by the President of Turkey, “There are no moderate Muslims. Islam is Islam. To call a Muslim a moderate is an insult.”

    GLENN: But I differ with you here somewhat. There are Muslims who live in the west and are not terrorists. What would you say they should do?

    Geert Wilders: They should drop the name Muslim.

    GLENN: But they are moderates. They are peaceful.

    Geert Wilders: Islam is less like a religion than it like and ideology, for example, like Communism or Fascism. (And here’s the question I wish he would have asked Glenn:)


    • wodiej

      Beck is not a rational person. “nuff said.

      • marketcomp

        Beck certainly as his moments where I don’t quite understand him. But, lets remember he is the one who used blackboards and chalk to explain the Obama administration when before anyone else could even put this administration together. Perhaps some scratched the surface but no one went into depth like Beck did. I mean he got kick off of FOX because of his insightfulness about Barack Obama, and some establishment Republicans. So I can put up with some of his lame moments.

        • GraceKnows

          I’m not so sure Beck was the “first” to get some of this information out. A great deal of what Beck was doing was, naturally, getting airtime and other coverage. But there were others out there, early on, light-years ahead of him. Beck had the big megaphone and the drama, comedic flair, etc. But there’s a lot more to the story.

          From Daily Caller, 4/18/2011:

          —–Mandy Nagy, a conservative blogger known online as Liberty Chick, spent untold hours last fall creating a chart that tracks left-wing billionaire George Soros’s influence over media organizations, only to see it appear, in its exact form and without any attribution, on Beck’s famous chalkboard. “We were laughing that he went to all the trouble of [recreating] the visual on the blackboard,” Nagy said, not sounding entirely amused.

          John Sexton, who blogs at, has provided Beck with material several times, and has sometimes received credit for it. But in several other cases, Sexton says, “he’s used our stuff without any hat tip at all. I don’t understand that.” According to Sexton, in one instance even famously liberal CBS News credited for content it used, while Beck, who lifted the same material, did not.—–

    • “They should drop the name Muslim” is classic. I LOL’d when I read that. Great answer.

    • Stehekin912

      Islam and Muslim are terms that confuse people, and I think Glenn and Geert were unintentionally speaking at cross purposes. They aren’t confusing, but they confuse, if that isn’t too confusing (ha ha). People like Dr. Jasser are saying there should be a (my term) reformation. I would guess that would be to help differentiate the people who follow the peaceful part of the Muslim religion as a religion vs. those that follow it as a religion and government. I wonder if that would be like calling someone a Catholic (pre-reformation when every Christian was the same “religion”) vs. a Lutheran or Methodist etc, insofar as the religious aspect of Islam. It is a trap when a religion and a government are mixed together. A similar trap occurred in Europe during the time of the Monarchs and the Pope/princes, yes? At any rate, I think this is a trap our Founders wanted to be sure America did not fall into when they wrote the Constitution.

    • Beck needs to be on medication. He totally lost me a year ago with his lunacy.

    • FreeManWalking

      I dropped him about 6 months ago and found that not watching or listening to bexter give me a better outlook on life.

      West responds to a islamic muslim… Allen at his best!

  • Good riddance. Hopefully, the Conservatives will start stepping forward to erase the damage people like you, and the rest of the Republican Establishment, have done to this country.

    • marketcomp

      Right on, VirusX! I mean after he lost the South he should have exited the race and given Santorum the opportunity to go head-to-head with Romney. I beleive we would be looking at a very different campaign right now.

      • keyesforpres

        We most certainly would. There is a good chance Santorum would have been our nominee.

        What I don’t understand is Santorum asked him a couple of weeks ago if he’d be willing to drop out so he could try to beat Romney and Newt said no. Selfish.

        • marketcomp

          You know I think there maybe some mental issues there and some are willing to either overlook them or just not seeing them.

          • keyesforpres

            I agree. He is also big government. Newt is always talking about gov’t solutions to the private sector. I don’t get it.

      • Santorum wouldn’t have won either. Mitt has bought this election and the GOP will have to pay for that.

        Jeb Bush is already the nominee for 2016. It’s all pre-determined.

        • marketcomp

          Jeb Bush’s ideas on immigration are outdated and do not work for the United States. I mean his ideas on illegal immigration are extreme.

          • I agree, but like I said it’s all pre-determined.

            • marketcomp

              Perhaps it is but elections are different depending on the time. For example, four years ago I was all for Romney because I thought he was the more Conservative between Romney and McCain. Well, this election is different becasue there were so many more Conservative cnadidates that the message was muddled and so we lost the most Conservative candidate. Because Romney has always had steady support the last man standing, inthis situation, perhaps not the best man or Conservative got the election. I think these candidates need to really think about organization and raising money before entering a campaign. But, the next four years may look very different than today.

              What Newt has done is just really stupid. He has racked up $4 million worth of debt and the worse part is that before declaring that he was broke he paid his wife’s marketing company and his daughter’s consulting firm owing millions to small business owners. Moreover, all of this could have been avoided if he had left the race earlier. So none of us know what the situation will look like for sometime with the teaparty getting stronger. I, for one, am sick and tried of these Big Government spending Republicans like the Bushs’ and particularly Jeb Bush. So I guess we will see.

              • David_Krys

                If Santorum would have left the race after South Carolina we would have a true conservative nominee and Newt would not be in debt.

                • marketcomp

                  Well, can’t we rationalize that if Newt had momentum it would not have mattered if Santorum was in the race? Let’s face it, Newt strategy to win the South did not work, period. And after his Southern Strategy failed Newt should have left the race gracefully and with a lot less debt. The problem is that even the South did not like Newt as you appear to.

                • David_Krys

                  The rational you posit relies on the assumption that the spitting the conservative vote did not matter. The Romney team understood that splitting the conservative vote did matter! This political reality was mentioned hundreds of times on the news.

                • marketcomp

                  Of course we knew that splitting the conservative vote mattered and the Romney campaign capitalize on that just like any strategic thinking campaigner would. Look, this is not complicated so my point to you is that if it was important to Newt that we elect a Conservative and it was clear that he was going to loose after the South then he should have left the race to clear the way for Rick Santorum. Now this really was not that long ago, a few weeks. So lets not try to change history to fit a narrative that never existed about Newt. I have always been suspicious about Newt that he was in this for other reasons than just being President such as increasing his value for speeches or selling books and increasing his value for television appearances as we seen with his quick turn around support for CNN against FOX. Yes, FOX was in the tank for Romney but so was CNN shilling for Romney so why would he suddenly prasie CNN? Well I think it was to improve his chances to get a contract with CNN. But whats worse is at the end of it all his campaign is $4million in debt now that is a reality check for some who wants to be President.

                • David_Krys

                  Let me be clear. The only way that Romney could have been beaten is early on by Gingrich taking Florida. The Romney campaign had too much money so momentum had to be gained early on for the conservative candidate. Florida was it. Had Santorum dropped out this could have been quite a different ballgame.

                  2012 Florida Primary Results
                  Romney: 46.4%
                  Gingrich: 31.9%
                  Santorum: 14.4%
                  Paul: 7%

                  Look at the numbers. Am I changing history or is it you?

                • marketcomp

                  Look David_Krys, Newt claimed that his stronghold was the South and he did not secure the South including Florida. Yes he won South Carolina and Georgia (his home State) but what about all of the other States. He continually put his foot in his mouth attacking Romney for capitalism. That was stupid! Moreover, some argue whether Florida is really the South. Yes it is geographically but the citizen composition is from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and other Northern States so the composition is quite different in Florida than in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, or Tennessee. So I am not really referring to Florida but he won none of the other Southern States except South Carolina. And let’s remember, Santorum won Iowa but it was not reported until the primary in South Carolina. I am not going to go through this entire process over to you because it appears that you were paying attention from the numbers that you displayed. All I am saying is that if the goal for conservatives was to get a conservative elected then Newt should have left the race when his Southern strategy failed because that was really his best shot.

                • David_Krys

                  Too much content so I had to split up my rebuttal.

                  Statement: “Look David_Krys, Newt claimed that his stronghold was the South and he did not secure the South including Florida.”

                  Answer: Like I pointed out the conservative vote was split. If Santorum left the race after South Carolina that would not be a problem. The Romney camp was smart to target Newt because he was Romney’s only real threat.

                  Statement: “Yes he won South Carolina and Georgia (his home State) but what about all of the other States. He continually put his foot in his mouth attacking Romney for capitalism.”

                  Answer: Gringrich blew everyone away in South Carolina and had momentum going into Florida. Santorum won Iowa? What by a handful of votes where the number of voters couldn’t even fill a small college football stadium? Attacking Capitalism? He was only pointing out that some of Romney’s business practices might be questionable. I truly hope that you are not one of those that believe Capitalism means that as long as the business practice is legal, even though potentially unethical, it is bad form to criticize the practice. If you do not take that position, then you should agree with me that potential unethical business practices of Romney should have been pointed out.

                  Statement: “All I am saying is that if the goal for conservatives was to get a conservative elected then Newt should have left the race when his Southern strategy failed because that was really his best shot.”

                  Answer: The conservative vote started to swing (for the 100th time) to another candidate (Santorum) but after Florida it was too late to fight the Romney buzz-saw money. Why did Santorum drop out of the race? Because he was going to be humiliated in his own state! Was that fault of Gingrich? Gingrich won his home state with Santorum in the race! Forget about the Southern strategy, what about the “I can win manufacturing states like Ohio (oops!), Wisconsin (oops!), Michigan (oops!) and of course Pennsylvania (a really big oops!)” on Santorum’s part (what a joke).

                  The version of history you are presenting could only be found on a bad episode of the Twilight zone.

                • marketcomp

                  Newt is out! It’s over!

                • David_Krys

                  Your the one who started this thread. I am just uncomfortable with revisionist history so I responded.

                • nibblesyble

                  Yes! Yes! Yes! Take that Santo-lovers who dare to come on this thread trying to sell their tired old wares. David, you are my hero with all of your posts. I notice Marketcomp, had a very feeble response because what else could be said/typed after that smackdown!?

                • David_Krys

                  Thank-you for those very kind words. After all the months of watching this whole primary saga unfold I wanted to at least put some of my thoughts on the record so I got enough courage up to blog on a site and I picked Scoop. I got so sick and tired of the Newt bashers that, like you, I wanted to come to his defense. Then I started to see so much nonsensical thinking even from fellow conservatives and that really shocked me.

                  For example, notice the short thread below between keyesforpres and marketcomp. They are calling Newt a big government guy. Nothing in Newt’s platform had anything to do with big government. Newt was running for president and he understood that what he was saying could become US policy if he became president. Newt spoke eloquently on this very topic of being held to a higher standard because of the potential US policy issue. In contrast, Santorum had a tax position that actually picked winners and loosers. Santorum would have made this big government intrusion US policy! Instead of Santorum sitting on a chair with Nancy Pelosi as a private citizen, he would be calling her into the oval office to do the picking and choosing!

                  I still keep giving Newt a donation every month to help him out because he is such a elder statesmen, eloquent speaker, and most importantly, a man with ideas.

    • 3seven77

      I was just thinking how appropriate your screen name is. Virus. Pretty much says it all.

  • PJRodman

    Hannity played most of it today. Had a great interview with Herman Cain after that…sounds like they are going to have a joint force message going from now on-well, except for guess who-it also sounds like everyone is going to hold Mitt’s feet to the fire and on the conservative message. Newt, Herman and both Ricks have some good ideas…hopefully he’ll be open to them and we can give Michelle her wish to walk out the front door and keep on walking.

    • wodiej

      Sounds like they will all have to carry Romney to victory. He sure can’t do it by his credentials.

    • Joe

      They will have to open a “double door” for her

      unless she walks sideways!
      (maybe that won’t work either)

      OH Well! – Double door open no matter what!

    • marketcomp

      I cannot wait to see her walk out the frontdoor and off a cliff given what those two have done to our country! I think having all the Republican candidates campaign to ensure this victory will drown out anything the Obama administration is saying is the perfect plan. So then we want be punished by listening to Barack Obama and perhaps we can get through these next 6 months.

    • keyesforpres

      I’ve got a short pier that she could take that long walk on.

  • Joe

    Too bad –

    A debate with ZERO would have been AWESOME!

    Zero would need diapers for sure!

    • nibblesyble

      Sigh, what could have been…

  • Newt is the candidate we need, but Romney is the one we deserve.

  • Sinsonta

    I’m so sorry to see Newt go out of the race. No daubts that he was the best to defeat BHO. Now we have to settle with the establishment candidate.

  • PFFV

    I wanted Newt to be POTUS but the establishment proved to be too powerful. They wanted Romney and they have him, one more election when all we have to vote for is the lesser of two evils. Romney it is…. can I get a Hell Yeah! No? OK I give up…lol!

    Vote Romney or we become the U.S.(Socialist)S.A.

    • Karl Rogue

      become? Hate to break it to you…you’re already there.



    • 3seven77

      He’s not a conservative either. But at least he’s not a communist. There’s that.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Hey there, folks … here’s a review today of Carrie Underwood’s latest disc …

    If you enjoy, please vote kindly!

    • GraceKnows

      I’ll be the “8 out of 1” people that found your review helpful, E. Lee. 🙂 I’m a Carrie Underwood fan. Have you reviewed Adele?

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        I have not reviewed Adele. My music tastes fluctuate quite a bit, but they haven’t gravitated to her yet.

    • CDS in Manitoba

      Speaking of albums, here are a couple of older ones that I have recently discovered and that I will be adding to my (very large) wish list:

      – “Simple Things” by Cargo (1970):

      – “I Like Guns” by Steve Lee (2009):

  • Conservthinker

    I really wished that Newt could get past his past….I liked him especially when he stuck it to the MSM…..but alas….now we have Romney and we should all get behind him.

    • PJRodman

      Yes….alas….we shall.

  • I’m not saying good bye Newt because I still believe you were the best one to be President with your loud voice and bold ideas.

    However, I do thank you for not endorsing Mitt Romney. That would have driven me over the edge.

    • PFFV

      It’s Romney or Bust Alan, vote against Obummer, Vote for Romney.

  • GraceKnows

    Thank you, Newt. I’m praying that you show up at Tampa, and that you’re going to have direct input in what goes down there. We need you. We need your patriotism, your intellect, your fighting spirit, your love of our history, and your optimism.

    I pray that you will help shape and mold what’s ahead for us, that you will have a say in what will happen in Tampa and beyond! 🙂

    • nibblesyble

      Amen Grace, amen!

      • GraceKnows

        Hi, nibblesyble! The more I hear about Newt suspending his campaign, the more I hear that he is determined to be a voice for those that have been ignored in this campaign. And what’s up with these articles coming out, saying he endorsed Romney?! He very pointedly did not!

        We love you, Newt!

        • That’s right Grace. Newt did NOT endorse Romney. He said there was a difference between him and Obama.

          The media that is reporting that he endorsed Mitt is wrong.

    • PFFV

      You took the words right out of my mind Grace, thank you and God Bless you and all ‘True Conservatives’.

      • GraceKnows

        God bless you, too, PFFV! It’s so good to be in the company of ‘True Conservatives’ like you! Thanks.

  • 3seven77

    My secret fantasy is that Romney chooses Newt for VP. Then, after Romney/Gingrich win by a landslide, Romney decides the Presidency is “under his pay grade” (literally – it doesn’t pay enough!) and he quits, leaving Newt to take the reins. Newt implements America’s perpetual smart energy policy which develops coal, gas and oil, the energy royalties are used to pay the debt off, taxes go way down, employment goes way up, America’s foreign policy is based on Peace through strength and that Moon Colony is off to a great start.

    Hey, a girl can dream, right? 😀

    Newt’s the best. Please stick around Mr. Speaker. Your country needs you.

    • GraceKnows

      I think we had the same dream! 😉

    • nibblesyble

      It is a lovely dream!

    • PFFV

      Mega-Ditto’s 3seven77 🙂

  • nehemiahreturns

    Once again, it appears we will have to choose between Commie Lite or Commie with Heavy Cream. In the end we will again have the worst president money can buy. Shame on everyone who is swayed by poisonous, force-fed rhetoric.

  • Linky1

    It’s not goodbye Newt, only farewell to the campaign for Republican nominee. Newt will be there, keeping Romney honest, calling him on his c**p, being a thorn in the side to the opposition and hopefully, be given a chance to help shape policy.

  • WordsFailMe

    Looks like more than just conservatives are getting bored sh**less with the tired tales of the poor, blameless black victim of slavery and discrimination in this country.

    Add the “Millennials.” Maybe Jesse, Al, Eric and Barrack, Sheila, and Maxine can take their little racist tap dance and song act to South America. Maybe the South Americans are stupid enough to feel guilty about what happened to somebody great-great-great-grandparents 200 years ago.

    Nobody else will ever be TOTALLY SCAMMED by that “black victim” crap in this country again.

    Pretty soon, black racists won’t be able to sell that shit on any continent on the face of the earth. China, Japan and the rest of Asia, where racism is acceptable, has blacks shut out. Russia has no interest Black immigration.

    South American is already black and nobody there feels sorry for another poor, gold tooth high school burglar/drug dealer who can’t earn. Australia? Hardly. Middle Eastern countries: They would not integrate a matriarchy with no visible means of support– No.

    Pakistan, No. India, No. Let’s see about 60 percent of the planet land area has no use for the black racist guilt trip, except maybe the French who will sheet up with anything. Nope they already over-run with muslims.

    So burn down the inner cities. Somebody. Please.

    • PFFV

      The Obamanation will burn the inner cities down, wait for it. It may be when Zimmerman is found not guilty of any crime and that he shot the Thug Trayvon in self-defense. Or it may happen when Obama gets defeated this November. One thing is certain a revolution is coming, be prepared.

  • nibblesyble

    Thanks Scoop! Newt is a man that I will always respect and frankly adore…he made me learn more about politics and how it has and will affect my life than any other political figure. My desire to find an avenue in which to support him and find a fair place in which to post and read other Newt supporter’s posts brought me here to Right Scoop.(which now Scoop is stuck with me for good!) I weep at what could have been, but he is right…Obama must go and I will do what I can to help achieve that..I’m with ya Newt, as always.

  • “Of all the words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, it might have been.” There was so much potential in a guy like Newt. Sad to see him go out this way. But if that’s what the Republican voters want, we’ll have to accept that. And Newt is absolutely right. If it’s a choice between Romney and Obama, the most liberal president in modern American history, then there really is no contest. Romney should be elected in a heartbeat. We just have to convince the other 46% of the population that wants to vote for Obama of that.

    • PFFV

      The national lap dog Obama media determined Newt’s fate mainly. The establishment has been touting RomneyCare for years. Romney or Commie Obama? It’s a no brainer.

  • MikeBri527

    Anyone who’s disappointed to see Mr. Gingrich suspend his campaign should take a look at this video:

    it might change your mind…

    • David_Krys

      Well I just took a look at the video and it was a total bunch of garbage. It just reinforces my belief that many of my fellow citizens cannot critically think anymore.

      • nibblesyble

        Well said David!

    • nibblesyble

      Take it someplace else. There is nothing that will change how we Newt supporters feel about him, we know the good the bad, the ugly but mostly we know the good he has done for the conservative cause. You will find plenty of youtube vid’s on all of the former men running, some good some bad, don’t waste your time here with that won’t fly I am afraid.

      • 3seven77

        I never will understand how some people just have to play in garbage.

    • Nukeman60

      Well, I just watched your cute little video as well. It’s a prime example of all the false smears that put Newt in the back seat with voters, when people should have been listening to him. I could counter each one of those smears with the facts, but since I see you’re touting Ron Paul with the video, I realize the facts don’t enter into your conversation.

      End of story.

    • GraceKnows

      It might change our minds??? Are you nuts! You have here, gathered together a series of distortions and lies, all of which can be easily answered, but I’ll bet my last dollar you haven’t DONE THE HOMEWORK! And now we’re hearing that old Paul has been running around behind the scenes, trying to monkey with delegates?! There is a reason you guys are called ‘Paulbots!’

      Those of us who have supported Newt over the long haul actually have done all the research, up, down, backwards and forwards. I would suggest you do the same about your candidate.

      • Nukeman60

        Absolutely, Graceknows. It’s because of all the research that we backed Newt, not in spite of it. Too many people missed that by listening to the smears, from day one. It saddens me, but we must still find a way to save this great nation. I have faith that we can.

        • GraceKnows

          Thanks, Nukeman. What’s that phrase? … Feed your faith, and your fears will starve to death! Amen to that. Thanks for your encouraging ways, Nuke. Sometimes all it takes is a few words, like “I have faith that we can.”

  • Galatiansch2vs20
    • nibblesyble

      Thanks TJ for the link.

    • WordsFailMe

      Great example of how the liberal establishment are still race wimps. They, the newspapers and the police department downplay these ignorant racist attacks and public beating of white people because the liberals still think the black rabble is useful.

      The liberal media will be the “next to the last” to discover that nobody is going to buy that racist cover up of black violence any more. The liberals are going to discover very soon that the poor, ignorant, easily bribed and manipulated blacks, the spear tip of the communist/progressive attack has been dulled literally as well as intellectually.

      The last to discover that black racism is a lost cause will be the black racist rioters themselves when police every where begin to enforce the laws uniformly, without regard to race.

      My best guess is that we will see the end of this black hate violence following the next race riot, inner city burn-down when firemen and police refuse to enter the ghetto and citizens everywhere refuse to use tax payer funds to rebuild it. Look for justice to occur when Zimmerman is acquitted and the blacks take again to th streets to get justice for Trayvon. (I wonder how many black have paid the Trayvon baby mommy for using that phrase?)

      The message must be clear. There is a penalty for failing to take advantage of the measures taken to integrate blacks into the culture. Time has run out. The grace period is over.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Here’s my opinion I posted to GraceKnows:

        These are reporters for THEIR OWN newspaper- of course this is news & should have been reported about! I think it shows a dishonor to their employees to not print the story and even offer a reward leading to the capture of the thugs that beat these two reporters & threw a rock at their car!

        I don’t know, wordsfailme, what you mean by “the Trayvon baby mommy”? I doubt these African Americans were bribed to attack these reporters. I do think that some are taking advantage of the Trayvon situation to excuse criminal behavior.

        I think African Americans do not need to give up having their own unique culture. I do believe they, like we all do, need Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. I have heard many times that many black people are incarcerated & I think if deemed appropriate, the police who came to the scene should receive official reprimanding for their handling of this case. It looks like there were a number of people aside from the police? who tried to help the reporters, which sounded positive.

    • GraceKnows

      “We bend over backwards not to treat ourselves any differently than the rest of the community,” Denis Finley told Fox News. “We don’t cover simple attacks. The fact that we know these folks doesn’t make any difference. We don’t want to be perceived as doing something different for ourselves than we would do for the rest of the community.”

      COWARDS. This makes you complicit.

      “We have no indication that this is racial, no indication that this was anything other than – so far – a simple attack,” he said. “There have been all kinds of innuendo, assumptions, prejudices, you name it revolving around the story but the fact is it was a simple attack and we didn’t put it in the paper.”

      Then you attempt to make the victims and the newspaper’s critics “prejudiced.”

      WEASEL. Maybe if YOU had been one of the victims…?

      This is not the first case of mob violence by blacks on whites which has been studiously swept under the rug, dismissed, and in most cases, the victims themselves derided, ignored, ridiculed, or patronized.

      This is Obama’s world.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        These are reporters for THEIR OWN newspaper- of course this is news & should have been reported about! I think it shows a dishonor to their employees to not print the story and even offer a reward leading to the capture of the thugs that beat these two reporters & threw a rock at their car!

  • PFFV

    Anyone can be smeared and Newt sure was, over and over by the left and the establishment right. Those that just believe anything without verification are the real problem in this country. Newt was and still is a great man that served this nation as a patriot and an accomplished leader. God bless him for his service to our nation! He loves his country which is a lot more than I can say for many people on the left and the right. We love you Newt!

    • David_Krys

      Your words caught my attention:

      “Those that just believe anything without verification are the real problem in this country.”

      This is why negative campaigning works and one of the primary reasons why we are in so much trouble as a nation.

  • PFFV

    Spot on my friend! 🙂

  • JoelDick

    Thank you Newt for teaching us that a good conservative is a conservative with discretion, and not someone that always takes the most extreme position on things, and all this while still being principled. Thank you Newt, you have taught me a lot.

  • Nukeman60

    You’re welcome, Newt. We did what we could.

    We appreciate all your efforts, your wonderful wisdom, and your valuable insights. But the ‘unwashed masses’ that listen only to the lamestream media rather than the truth decided that it just wasn’t going to be. To the moon, Alice!

    RIP, America.

    • GraceKnows

      I agree with you, nukeman! POW! To the moon! 🙂 God’s got something in store for Newt and for us, nukeman.

      The GOPe, along with other establishment insiders with boatloads of money and influence, bear the blame for a presidential primary race that was in the bag from the get-go. Whenever they felt threatened, they would bring out the Attack Machine, which was primed and full of lies and distortions. That’s where your ‘unwashed masses’ come in, who lap it up and believe every word that bombards them, but don’t bother seeking the truth.

      This is how they got Obama in. Don’t look at that man behind the curtain! ~ Look over here! No, over there! Anywhere but where the truth is found.

      • nibblesyble

        So true Grace, we as people, unless we are plugged in, will be distracted by a pretty face and some good rheteric. Newt wasn’t pretty, but he was solid and brilliant, and had real solutions and a plan to kick the bums out..that is why he had to be defeated at all costs. When he looks back over this month’s long campaign he can be proud of what he did and how much of a real threat he was. It won’t make up for the horrid smears he and Calista went through, the disgusting articles(even now!) the disdain(that is what get’s to me the most and how dare they!!!) and the bitterness these so-called conservative sites, pundits and political figures displayed, but we saw the truth and we tried to warn people. It was not because he didn’t fight hard enough, it is because the ememy had the secret weapon..causing the voters to be sheeple, with their million dollar ads and their pretty boy at the helm. It is a repeat with the dems in 08 and pretty boy Obama, what a darn shame. Romney is better than Obama, but then again so is my cat so there you go. Loved what you wrote(as always) and I know Newt is and always will be a force that no one can knock down.

        • GraceKnows

          Thankfully, Nibblesyble, there’s plenty of evidence here that a number of people have really been *listening* to Newt. I feel like I know him personally, almost! Once again, you are absolutely right!

          I watched the whole video of Newt’s speech, and I just hope Romney has the good sense to listen to him, as well! That is, of course, barring a BIG miracle that could happen in Tampa.

          OMG!! I just got a call from the RNC. The guy wanted me to fork over a “modest” hundred bucks, and when I said no, he said, “We really need the funds bad”! So I said, “Well, if Mitt hadn’t spent so much money trying to take down Newt… that’s who I wanted!! Thanks!” CLICK!

          Sorry, but I haven’t had my chance at one of those fund-raising dudes until now. 😉

          • nibblesyble

            YEEES! Man, I wish I had been there for that call, I hope they are getting a lot of that from true patriots that are tired of their machine. Girl, I didn’t think I could respect you more but after that..wooeee it is thru the roof! I love a good smack-down and I know God is proud of you for standing up to these people that look at us scathingly and then have the nerve to ask for funds. I love when Jesus went into the market place with the whip he fashioned himself and made his righteous anger known…that is what you did my friend and there is no need to be sorry!

    • nibblesyble

      RIP, America. that says it all doesn’t it Nuke? It was a tiring, thrilling, and maddening journey but I am glad we got to go through it, and especially with you and all of your wonderful wisdom. On to our next journey my friend….that Island..seriously where is it?? ; )

      • Nukeman60

        I said RIP because of the way they have pushed our society. But with great patriots like yourself and many here at TRS, I still think we can turn this tide.

        The boat will be waiting at the dock should we fail, but for now, we will carry on the fight. The good Lord knows the proper path for us all. 🙂

  • Sparky5253

    It is very clear that in America, he with the most money wins! Why even go through a primary process?

    First Bozo and now Romney!

    Newt was my choice and I do hope I will not be on this site next year saying that age-old phrase…”I told you so”….when Romney flops and flails about like the milquetoast, babysittter extraordinaire that he is!

    • nibblesyble

      So true sparky, but i have a feeling you will be doing that, if, Romney can even win against Obummer that is.




    I know that was odd of him waiting for a week to drop out.

    BUT since he was the closest thing we had to Ronald Reagan, I cut him some slack on this. He speackes to my heart and brain and soul even when quitting. O makes me want to puke….sorry for that visual.

    BUT, have you EVER seens so many in news and celebs waiting to pounce on him with all the usual derogatory ATTACK slapstick trash talk!Seems Shepard Smith of FOX has joined the clueless crowd now, I won’t be upset if FOX cuts him loose some day.

    I just don’t see NEWT as libs and progs and even re-pubes do.
    They do not understand how AMERICA works, they only see a man with confidence and ideas as some sort of delusinal character. LIke they say, everyone thought the WRIGHT brothers were quacks too !

    WE have to have goals and challenges, not smarmy snarky attacks all day long !

    I think they may be jealous of his power to persuade and have great ideas, and yes, he like to do it all himself, and that may be his biggest fault, wanting to manage himself. NO ONE can manage NEWT, not even NEWT.

    I love that his daughters helped him moderate, but not enough believers fell behind him, and Mitt has too much MONEY. NEWT has a following, always will have.

    I don’t think Mitt has what it takes to manage US GOVT, and I think NEWT DID PERIOD !

    All the pressure on Mitt now, and if he is smart, he WILL find a place to use NEWT and his ideas. Cost only 4.5 million, and that is a bargain.

    Hey add in Little Ricky too, they already signed up Michelle Bachman, good for her!

    O-BLAME-O has got to GOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!

    NEWT’s next book…….PROGS in SPACE….for his and OUR grandchildren.

  • David_Krys

    Moving my post to the proper party to reply to.

  • jollyjellybean

    Good Riddance. A very insightful commentary into the problem that is Newt Gingrich:

    That being said, I wish Newt and Calista all the best.

    • nibblesyble

      Sigh, go away Jolly..seriously why on earth would anyone come on this thread to make a petty remark and actually link a smear against Newt who has bowed out?? I have plenty of links for you regarding your Saint Rick, but he is out and I respect the Santo-lovers on this site, ahem too bad you can’t show us the same restraint.