What does John Boehner know about Benghazi that he is hiding?

So what does John Boehner know about Benghazi that he’s not telling?

SHOEBAT.COM – Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) appeared on Laura Ingraham’s radio show and discussed the testimony of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton relative to the Benghazi attacks on 9/11. At the end of this clip via the Daily Caller (h/t Diana West), Boehner addresses the question asked of Clinton by Rand Paul, which involved whether or not the CIA Annex was being used as a hub for gun trafficking.

Here is the relevant portion transcribed:

Ingraham: Mr. Speaker, Rand Paul asked a question about funneling perhaps arms from Turkey through that CIA Annex to be shipped ultimately to Syrian rebels. Hillary Clinton – there was about four or five beats before she answered the question. Do you know anything about this and have you been briefed on any possibilities…?

Boehner: I’m somewhat familiar with the chatter about this and the fact that these arms were moving toward Turkey but most of what I know about this came from a classified source and really can’t elaborate on it.

If Boehner knows, what are the odds Hillary doesn’t know four months after the attacks?

Also, if Boehner knows that Hillary either knows now or knew then, he knows that she lied in Congressional testimony.

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  • Maybe she lied, but what difference, at this point, does it make?

  • Spill it Boehner. Its time for the truth to come out.

    • Orangeone

      Spill it Mr. Speaker, in the Articles of Impeachment for Obama, murder charges for Obama, Holder, Clinton, toss in accessory after the fact on Billy Boy and Huma the Moooslim too, surely there was pillow talk

      • Ray Lusk

        Just quit with the impeachment crap. It’s not going to happen and makes you conservatives look even more nuts to the rest of America. Pathetic.

        • TexasPGRRider

          “A Quitter never wins and a Winner never quits” Tom Landry

          • Ray Lusk

            I doubt Landry was talking about some delusional fantasy. Sorry.

            • NYGino

              You’re being paged at Mother Jones Ray, seems they need one more delusional anti-American on board tonight to make a quorum.

            • yanksrule

              Ray get back to us when you graduate junior high….now go troll somewhere else moron

            • TexasPGRRider

              How about “And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free” John 8:32….

        • NJK

          Stop calling people who are law abiding nuts. If they are arming Al Qaeda, you don’t consider that impeachable? Did you ever consider that those weapons killed the hostages in Algeria? Did you ever consider those weapons might someday be used on this country. If you are arming an enemy of the United States, that is impeachable, and it’s only one of the things he’s done, that is. It’s you who’s nuts, for not seeing how serious this is. Were you 10 when 9/11 happened, and you don’t really remember it? They still want us dead, because we won’t convert to Islam. You’re nuts.

    • This is the “Fast and Furious” of the middle east.

      From FOX back in October: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/10/25/was-syrian-weapons-shipment-factor-in-ambassadors-benghazi-visit/

      Although what was discussed at the meeting is not public, a source told Fox News that Stevens was in Benghazi to negotiate a weapons transfer, an effort to get SA-7 missiles out of the hands of Libya-based extremists. And although the negotiation said to have taken place may have had nothing to do with the attack on the consulate later that night or the Libyan mystery ship, it could explain why Stevens was travelling in such a volatile region on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

      • Orangeone

        And he had just met with the honcho from Turkey an hour or so before!

  • Joe

    I am sure at this point Boehner is a full fledged Traitor to the American People

    I believe that he is being blackmailed

    Purportedly – He has a drinking problem – which could lead to anything

    There is no other explanation for his behavior

    • Orangeone

      I don’t think it is blackmail, money laundering perhaps

      • Or just good old fashioned money in plain brown envelopes being exchanged for silence.

        • Orangeone

          And waiver of the tanning tax 🙂

          • Joe


          • BlueGood

            and lifetime supply of Kleenex to wipe his prodigious tears….

            • Kelly60

              ….lmao…I actually snorted….

            • Orangeone

              Please pass one, I have laughter tears running down my cheeks today

        • marketcomp

          Perhaps the weapons explains Obama’s donations from foreign countries so well known during the campaign.

          • Orangeone

            And watch the foreign money poor in to his new nonprofit, gag, gag, gag

        • cabensg

          Just how much frickin money does a person need to live well. He’s as old as Methuselah in time spent at the Washington trough. We know he’s a coward and not to smart but someone must have sat down and calculated he could live like a
          millionaire without selling his country down the drain.

    • marketcomp

      Joe, I think your right about Boehner. But I also think that if the information is true in that Hillary knew the destination of those weapons then Boehner being quite about this only works to Hillary’s advantage because now neither will the public know nor is the informations on record confirming the eventual destination of these weapons. The Republicans have a number of opportunities to expose these Marxists politicians and because many republicans are not articulate and incapable of using their resources to get the information out then these snake-oil democrats, like both Clintons, uses that silience to their advantage.

      • How can anyone expect any truth to come forth from the Clinton doctrine?
        Last thing I heard, is that Bengazhi is at Walmart.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Possible… think of the movie: “The Firm” – plausible. I think he may also have been bribed in some way. Regardless, at this point, he’s untrustworthy… and I could agree to the word: “traitor” too when speaking of him… he’s certainly a traitor to the ideals of the Republican party.

      Drunk with power… 😉

      • Orangeone

        Time to do some research on how We The People can have nearly all of them charged with treason.

        • Ray Lusk

          We the people? How pathetic. More like you the whacko nuts. We the real Americans rejected your crap and reelected Obama. Now you are going even more crazy and further damaging your image.

          • TexasPGRRider

            Do you see an image when you look in a mirror? Just asking….

            • Ray Lusk

              Yeah I see an image of a real patriot. One that supports America and isn’t always predicting its failure. One that trusts an election that was held according to our Constitution. You know the Constitution all you supposed patriots always claim to support. Keep up with all this crazy talk and you will lose even more ground in 2014 and 2016.

              • Orangeone

                Could you please point out the voter fraud provision in the Constitution? And also the provision in the Constitution that permits illegal aliens to vote? Right, neither exist.

              • TexasPGRRider

                Do you have a photo ID? Just asking…FYI…Romney won all the states that require a photo ID to vote, B.O. won all the states that did not….

          • Orangeone

            You are an embarrassment to America. I hear your Mother Jones calling you home, little ray is up way past his bedtime.

          • NYGino

            “Whacko nuts” didn’t take you long to revert to typical liberal name calling. You must have been at your peak somewhere around fourth grade. Oh the good old days.

          • NJK

            Real Americans? If you voted for someone named Hussein, you belong in Egypt. You can hardly call yourself American. Americans don’t vote for someone named Barack Hussein Obama. By the way, here’s what they think about your Jim Jones clone, in Egypt. Crawl back under your rock, little boy.

            Sign in Tahrir Square: ‘Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians’…

          • It’s so cute to see the trolls come out from under their rocks… Then they begin to type… And I start looking for the troll spray again! 😉

            • Orangeone

              And I love that you have an unlimited supply of it!

              • 🙂 So many trolls… So much more troll spray! 🙂

      • StrangernFiction

        And probably often just drunk.

        • Sober_Thinking

          That may have something to do with his pigment. 🙂

    • Joe

      UPDATE just now from Drudge – Bonehead “regrets” deal he made

      Something really is fishy

      Maybe he just read TRS and knows we are on to him!


      • Orangeone

        Boner can’t make a deal on his own. Trey Gowdy is the Chair of the immigration committee, hopefully he sent a Dem up Boner’s plumber’s pathway to cleanse him out.

    • StrangernFiction

      I doubt he needs to be blackmailed.

    • NJK

      I agree with you. Boehner is not to be trusted. I pray someday these people are put on trial and punished.

  • It’s perhaps rather easier to tell what Boner does know than what he doesn’t which is boundless…He is a colluding RINO twerp. Things are now so bad from within and without, that I wonder when the collapse will come and take us all down with it…Within 18 months or less? No, really. Colonel Neville

    • martha chandler

      This whole system will collapse sooner rather than later. Socialism hasn’t and doesn’t work. Then those 800 FEMA camps obama has set up will be put to good use, but first things first, he has to disarm us, then crush capitalism, then the moochers won’t get their free stuff. Then the riots and people put in cattle cars and shipped to the camps. The vision of the new world order. Only the elites will have power and money.

      • StrangernFiction

        If it doesn’t happen it won’t be for a lack of desire.

    • deTocqueville1

      Very well stated!

    • Ray Lusk

      One thing consistent about you pathetic haters of America is that you are always predicting America’s imminent collapse. It’s been going on for hundreds of years. You aren’t patriots you are really traitors.

    • Ray Lusk

      Oh I just read you aren’t even an American. What you are is a foreign enemy. And I see some Americans on here are conspiring with you. They are the traitors.

      • NJK

        Go away you idiot.

        • What JNK said!

          • Orangeone

            Flip that, what NJK said 🙂

      • Orangeone

        Barky Boy isn’t an American either, born in Kenya as told by his own blood relatives, raised in terrorist nation of Indonesia.

        I truly hope if you have daughters, they have been made aware that YOU want to strip them of all of their freedoms.

  • Cindy09

    Looks like Boehner has a democrat backbone too!

  • By the way SCOOP, coming here and breitbart, malkin, steynonline etc are essential for me. There is nothing to compare to therightscoop for value here in Melbourne Australia where there is quite frankly, close to nothing as regards a news source worth a damn. Thanks a million stories! No, really. Colonel Neville.

    • Orangeone

      Glad to see you here Col. Neville! America shall fully regain her independence and then the Conservatives shall lend assistance to your great country down under and our sister nation across the pond and our sister nation to the north so that we may all enjoy the God-given right to bear arms and defend ourselves from tyrannical gov’ts.

    • Well, you’ve got Tim Blair. So there’s that.

      Trevor Loudin, too, but he’s way over in Middle Earth.

      Not that you should leave us, or anything! We also have a few regular blokes who comment here from Oz.

    • NYGino

      Colonel, would hope that you stick around and give us your perspective on things. Always glad to hear various viewpoints. Thanks for your kind words.

    • TexasPGRRider

      WELCOME COLONEL !! I keep abreast of events in your part of the world via sheikyermami.com, a good source for tracking islamic activities globally. Please feel welcome and don`t hesitate to share with fellow TRUTH SEEKERS who know NO borders !!!! Peace be with you….

  • Call me cynical, or just sick of lies, but Boehner accepted the Speaker position in the first place. He has neither the guts or the parts to do it, and the rest of those who voted for him again are all as much to blame if nothing comes of this. People are lying. There is much more to Benghazi than what they’re trying to claim. Boehner knows it- they all know it. Good men are dead because of it. Dear leader’s lying, Clinton lied, Boehner knows it and I guess that’s why he’s never bothered to return my emails.
    Nobody died in Watergate, yet more people still talk about it than know what Benghazi is. It’s sickening. God give peace to the Smith, Woods, Doherty and Stevens families.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Uh,oh. It’s more than common knowledge. Rand Paul has mentioned it. Now Boehner. Glenn Beck had it back in September. A couple of Judge Piro’s guests have talked about it. That’s more than a few sources. It’s out there—way out there in the common knowledge realm. Beck has also said that it’s a mistake to consider Benghazi a consulate. It was a CIA safehouse. WTH? Why was am ambassador there in the first place? What did he have to do with a CIA operation? I guess we can consider it a CIA deal. But wait! Our CIA director has been disgraced by having an unwise affair. Did anyone think to ask him what this was? I’ve never heard of the CIA getting involved with a mess like this. No one is asking the right questions. This is bigger than Hillary and O’s lying. We know O gave the order to stand down. Isn’t that a disgrace big enough for impeachment? I think it is. But why? Why would he involve the CIA? Don’t they have image problems? Doesn’t Obama have enough image prolems?

    • If anyone will notice- dear leader, Clinton and anyone else has never called Benghazi a consulate. They’ve called it a “mission”.
      Gun running, and possible screwed up plan of trading the Blind Sheik. All of which have sent weapons into the hands of al quaeda and other enemies of ours. This is beyond impeachment. This is treason.

      • Benedict Arnold can’t hold a candle to this corrupt traitorous crowd!

        • NJK

          John Roberts recieved the Benedict Arnold award last year.

          • If he contrives to betray us again, I’m putting him in for the “Lifetime of Betrayal Achievement” award.

      • Orangeone

        I did not notice that, great catch Duckie!

  • Orangeone

    Mr. Boehner, what did you know and when did you know it? Why are you perpetrating a fraud upon the American people?

  • Boehner the babbling cry baby needs to grow a backbone and start doing the job he was put there for! Which for his info is NOT to be a mat in the shape of a RINO for libtards wipe their feet on! He needs to be REPLACED!

  • 911Infidel

    Consider this an addendum. Here is the Benghazi timeline. It makes big freaking difference Hillary…you stinken lying witch.


  • RocklinConservative

    They all know. Jason Chaffetz pointed out in the first hearing that on his visit to Benghazi he was told the compound and the pic they were using at the first set of hearings were classified. They were briefed when they were they. Why would anyone think they were not? Why do you think all the questioning is still about the film and not at all, with the exception of Rand Paul, about the nature of the compound.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This would explain a lot. Why isn’t anyone in congress doing a proper investigation or bringing up the “i” word (Impeachment)?

    Boehner seems to have a chip in the game or something since his golf outings with the monster Obama have been more frequent. How nice for him… he is one with the Borg.

    We keep waiting for justice for Fast and Furious, for Solyndra, for illegal EOs, for Beghazi… there are many more things to list… and yet, Boehner appears reluctant or incompetent to make the big decisions and do the right thing. How do phonies like Obama, Reid, Boehner, Pelosi, Holder, etc. move up the chain without corruption or palm greasing? What a case of chapped lips they all must have. The must take yoga for all the bending over backwards that they’ve been doing. Their favorite eating utensil must be the spoon… because that’s what they keep doing with their enemies.

    And once again I’ll note… the media is silent on all of this.

    • Orangeone

      Rep Steve Stockman from TX has related to overreach and illegal use of EOs for 2nd Amendment. HE was just sworn in and a man to watch! Issa’s Oversight Committee has not concluded its Fast and Furious and Benghazi investigations as yet. Trey Gowdy has requested Hitlary be subpoenaed before their Committee. She’ll get interrogated then!

      • Sober_Thinking

        Very encouraging.

    • NYGino

      Agree mostly S_T. The only thing I would question is the direction of their bend. I don’t see them bending over backwards, I see them bending over forwards. Kinda like the impostor has done on so many occasions.

      For whatever reason proffered.

      • Sober_Thinking


        He bends both ways as it’s convenient or if it benefits him in some way.

  • Whatever it is must be HUGE. We still haven’t heard from those 30 survivors. If I were a family member of the 4 dead, I’d haunt their offices everyday. Not saying a word, just letting them know I wouldn’t forget.

    • Do you or anyone know if the survivors are all sworn to secrecy or have they just not come forward of their own free will to speak to the media yet?

      • All I’ve ever heard is that there are 30 survivors. Period. Why can’t we hear from them? Why aren’t they talking? Where are they? Who did they work for? All I hear is silence and that makes me very suspicious.

        But, there has been much reported on the filmmaker.

        • Just discovered you are on Twitter (your screen name being a big clue! 🙂 ) And started following you. Looking forward to your tweets. 🙂

          • Orangeone

            I copied your stalking behavior and am following as well :<)

            • LOL! I’m never going to be happy with the terminology. do you follow me? yes! I’m getting a restraining order! Why? You can restrain me anytime! (very old joke)

              • Orangeone

                LOL, but I don’t want to restrain you my Wolfie friend, I would like to let you off the leash and run beside you 🙂 okay, likely a bit behind because my legs are shorter….but you get my meaning

        • Orangeone

          Gowdy and Chaffetz have asked for them to be subpoenad and brought before Issa’s Oversight Committee. I’m a bit concerned why they have done nothing now that the Session has begun.

        • Orangeone

          I copied Wolfie and am following you on Twitter too!

      • Orangeone

        There is one at Walter Reed, heavily guarded. I wonder if that is to keep him quiet. As I understand from the hearings the other 25-30 are not in the country. Convenient isn’t it. With Barky and the Clintons involved, wonder if their hearts are still beating….just sayin’ past history is a clue…

        • NYGino

          Orangeone, you are Fostering some evil thoughts.

          • Orangeone

            Sorry, bad habit looking at history to predict future events…..

      • TexasPGRRider

        All active duty are subject to the CoC (Chain of Command). The “spooks” have their own set of rules….

        • Orangeone

          But they are not required to follow illegal orders. The courts have told Barky on multiple occasions that his “orders” are illegal and more cases will soon be ruled similarly.

    • Orangeone

      The families have been eerily quiet since the initial news shows. I wonder if they’ve already been well-compensated.

  • WhiteGuy2

    The answer is simple, the chances of Hillary actually telling the truth, are slim and none. Therefore she must be lying. Rule of thumb when it comes to the Clinton’s , if their lips are moving , they are telling a lie.

    • Depends on what your definition of the word “is” is. 🙁

      • Orangeone

        Mr. Levin’s amicus brief, and the great Appellate Court decision included the definition of “the” and “happen” . This I LIKE!

    • NYGino

      White Guy, a very unique occurrence. Hillary and truth in the same sentence.

  • louisiana_mom

    All of Washington knew what was going on and did nothing! They are all complicit that’s why they will not go after Obama on this… just put on a little side show for the people and then drop the matter…

  • http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/sean-smith-benghazi-libya–188130451.html
    Benghazi Victim’s Mother Seeking Answers

    I’m really surprised that we haven’t heard from Pat Smith or Charles Woods. Especially Charles as he was so vocal in the initial weeks following the attack.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Threats? Bribes? Media silencing them, covering for Obama and Hillary. There’s plenty of all of those going around.

    • Orangeone

      Wonder if a lot of taxpayer $$$ found its way quietly to them……

  • stage9

    I think we’re giving Boehner entirely too much credit. Based solely on his previous “bluffing skills” I would say he couldn’t possibly be hiding anything. He’s really just not that talented. Give him time and he’ll put it all out there.

  • sue-marie

    So it is ok to lie in a Congressional hearing? Aren’t there ways to just not answer instead of lying if it is classified “and legal”? Does a President need Congressional authority to commit arms to another country? I think yes… so if Boehner knows something isn’t he just as guilty by not exposing the deceit?

    • c4pfan

      Obviously, it is ok. Just as long as the media says it’s ok!

    • Orangeone

      Yes, yes and yes. The problem is that the fox is inside the hen house…..

  • If Boehner knows, then Hillary is guilty of perjury, again. I’m just wondering when somebody in Congress will actually SAY that. The fastest way to destroy Hillary’s chances for 2016 is by nailing her on Benghazi NOW, while it is still an issue. By 2016, the lapdog mainstream media will sweep this all under the carpet for Hillary and people will have forgotten all about it. Four dead Americans? According to the mainstream media, nothing to see here, just keep moving America. Pathetic.

    • NYGino

      Long gone bumps in the road.

  • Conniption Fitz

    This administration and the last four, even Reagan if you count the Iran/Contra scandal, have dealt with, funneled money and arms to Islamists, hijackers, kidnappers, anti-American groups, which by definition are terrorists and aggressors and enemies of the USA.

    American foreign policy is like a person with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). We sponsor, arm and befriend a dictator and ten years later, take him out. There is no integrity or reason other than oil (and heroin, etc.) to befriend these people. We have lost too much precious American blood in Islamic hell-holes and trillions of taxpayers hard-earned dollars.

    It is impossible for a true Islamist to befriend, be loyal to or keep faith or treaties with an infidel. It is forbidden in the Koran. Any treaty, peace process is futile.

    We need to wise up. Stop diplomatic relations and stop aid to Islamic countries.

    Don’t let them come here. Send them away if come illegally and if they do not want to become true Americans who appreciate, understand, respect and obey US Constitution, Laws and Freedom.

    • Orangeone

      Send them all back to sender. There are too many sleepers in our country. moooslims that do not stand up against the Sharia are part of the problem and need to have citizenship rescinded and then deported. There is a reason we have internment ability to protect ourselves.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Followers of islam REJECT democracy, it`s against sharia….

  • Myptofvu

    No one asked what I wanted to know which was why didn’t they send help after they received 3 pleas for help? (might have been more) Help would have arrived in time to save them (not the Ambassador) because they were only 2 hours away and the fight lasted 7 hours.

    You know the reason was Political Correctness because when help finally arrived 12 hours later it was led by the Libyans with our people in tow.

    Yes I know they said that they thought help was on the way but why didn’t they allow our Special Service troops who wanted to respond but were told to stay away anyway just in case if she is so concerned about their lives as she says she is you would think they would have done that and said to hell with political correctness.

    Does she explain to our people before they go on missions that if their life is in jeopardy that she won’t do anything if it may rub somebody the wrong way or look bad for her? If they are forewarned that’s one thing but its another to believe that Govt will have your back.

    • Joe

      Really fishy !

    • c4pfan

      You would think with all the lawyers there are in DC, they would get a clue how to question.

    • TexasPGRRider

      TONS of eyes witnessed these events in real time you can BET on it !! It was broadcast on secure DOD monitors worldwide. A quick response effort was staged and ready to GO !! The situation was so extreme, the order to stand down could only come from ONE place….

      • Orangeone

        And Generals and an Admiral have been relieved of their positions.

  • c4pfan

    Interesting point! Too bad the kiss up interview with 60 Mins will probably swipe this all away.

  • Apologies that this is O/T but there is No open thread yet and I think this info needs to be out there far and wide so here goes:

    I never used Groupon, and now I never will: I read this on Twitter a little while ago:
    Groupon has stopped all current and future gun-related deals.

    .@groupon has stopped all current and future gun-related deals chicagotribune.com/business/break…— NRA (@NRA) January 23, 2013

    Some poster, and I won’t use that poster’s name here in case I get in trouble for posting this at all replied to me in part:

    I could not find a way to cancel my account so I contacted Customer support. Here is the link: https://www.groupon.com/support

    I told them it is their choice to do this in a free market and my choice not to do business with a company that succumb to government pressure because that is the beginning of the end of free enterprise.

    Thanks again for the heads-up.

    Now you know and hopefully understand my urgency in posting this here.

  • I’m sure he’s just doing it to protect us from ourselves.

    • NYGino

      I thought that was Mayor Bloomingidiot’s job.

  • deTocqueville1

    But are we sure that Bonehead even knew what the nature of the question was? He seems pretty much out of it except when he is caving in to Obama and cutting down conservatives.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Boehner’s name should be forcibly change to surname Boneless, first name, Back.

    • Orangeone

      Spit alert on post above!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Benghazi was NOT a Consulate as such. It was a CIA outpost that Obama/Hillary/Panetta, et al used to funnel guns to the ‘Muslim Bro-hood’ which is in reality AlQueda and Hamas and Hezbollah.

    There is no reason to arm or fund these crazies. NONE. Except Obama is probably a closet ‘Twelver’ looking for the Mahdi, hoping to establish the Caliphate, make the US an Islamic State, wreak hate, destruction, vengeance on the Infidel, whitey, Israel, Jews, etc.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Once again Conniption, Spot ON Observation, resulting in more Fitz we are sharing as we search for the TRUTH !!!!

    • waytngtym

      This would explain everything, wouldn’t it.

      I have been reading books that come right before my eyes, literally, when I walk into my favorite used bookstore recently. I am on a curriculum from the Lord it appears, and I don’t want to take it lightly. I just looked up these things you mentioned and I admit I am a little bit frustrated that not only did I not learn about Biblical prophecy in any of the many churches I have been in (I have a tendency to explore), but neither did I learn about any Islamic prophecy, which it now seems may be important/useful to know. I will explore this further also. Especially intrigued that they foresee Jesus coming from heaven and fighting with great power with an army of the righteous against a leader of evil! While also believing they have to destroy the church along with the Jews. It adds to my understanding of the degree of their fervor, and the depth of their confusion.

      Obama being the most massively confused of all, but boldest to step out on it anyway.

      We have to learn at a fast and furious pace all we can. I have a question. I have read a few writers of prophecy, including Dr. Michael Evans, the writer of Left Behind (can’t remember his name at the moment), and now Dr. Walid Shoebat from following this site. I hope you don’t mind my putting you on the spot with this, but I was wondering if you could tell me which approach you put most stock in? Just a lttle nudge would be sufficient.

      Thank you for all you are doing, on behalf of myself and my family.

  • sjmom

    If Boehner knows Hillary lied I hope he is going to pursue it through Congress. Next question; what does he know about Obama??????

  • Nukeman60

    The Benghazi Congressional hearings with Hillary were a farce. They are just a dog and pony show to appease the American people that “something” was done. She answers the way she wants and the questions are softballs. If it gets too hot and heavy (because of an honest Congressman asking the questions), then the “it’s classified” card is pulled out or they say we’ll get back to you with written statements (which they never do or we never see).

    Well, I’m thinking, if the government did something illegal (like gun-running), that is not classified in my opinion. If people like Boehner know about what went on and aren’t talking because it’s classified, then they are all complicit and should be held accountable.

    Somebody has to be held accountable. If none of them are accountable to the American people, then what kind of government do we have, but a Dictatorship and Tyranny. I’m tired of the dog and pony show. Showtime is over. Eventually, We the People are going to have to take matters into our own hands, if they won’t do it in Congress.

    • 1tootall

      And how do you propose we do that??? Huh?

      • Nukeman60

        Many are already prepared. It starts locally and moves outward. I’m not writing a battleplan on a website, but if you don’t think we need to be in control, then you’re not a part of it. We have a corrupt government. Look around. Talk to people. Pull your collective heads out of the sand.

        I’ve addressed a three point plan before to take out the media, defang the progressive RINOs, and assure the elections. Push comes to shove with the 2nd amendment and we have a revolution on our hands. Everybody has to be prepared. Are you?

        • 1tootall

          A+ for emotion and drive. Not sure about execution, however. “Talk to People”. Really? talk is cheap. I’m sicking of going to Tea Party meetings where all they DO is talk. No one does anything in a “collective” manner. In fact, I don’t like that term, for some reason. This is what bothers me….we have a lot of passionate patriots going off half-cocked and they get picked off overnight when Obama claims civil disobedience. It’s not that simple. Am I ready? For now.

          • Nukeman60

            What are you, a sheeple? Think for yourself. Stop asking others what they can have you do. The talk I was referring to was not to the choir. Get the uninformed informed; turn the low information voter into high information people; pass videos of Levin, Malkin, Limbaugh, Palin, PJMedia and on and on, around the social networks.

            If you don’t like that, go next door and kick your liberal neighbor in the shins, if you like. But don’t just stand there with your socks in your hand wondering what we can tell you what to do. Stop whining and start winning.

            • I love you Nukefriend.

              • Nukeman60

                Too much???

                • Never. Just right.

                  You did better though. When you said kick your neighbor, my thought was a little higher than the shins and on the back side 😉

            • waytngtym

              I am here to learn at a fast and furious rate about many things to which I have not been paying attention. At the same time, I am trying to funnel information to ones near and dear in my own family who know nothing or next to it about all of this, who I am hoping will tell certain friends they are close to, etc. There is no time to waste if we care about anyone or anything. I do this with a confidence that every seed planted and every effort will bear some kind of good fruit. We have to do this in faith. And mighty thank you for all you do–it inspires me greatly.

              • Nukeman60

                Excellent job. That’s what I’m talking about. It may sound like we are just preaching to the choir here, but we gather info and spread it around. Sounds like you are doing exactly what we all should be doing. 🙂

              • Orangeone

                If you are not on Twitter, I suggest you join. Many of us here tweet as well and it is a great way to get the message out in addition to friends and family. When we tweet and someone with 20,000 followers retweets our tweet to their followers and so on and so on, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people with your message.

    • Landscaper

      Philosophically speaking; there is a giant bubble over D.C. The people on the inside peering out with a great big smirk on their faces. Making deals to enrich themselves and throwing a few scraps the constituents back home in the way of pork projects.
      The idea of public service to a great nation has been soiled a long time ago. I don’t know if this will blow over in time with Obama or get nasty.
      Only time will tell.

      • Nukeman60

        I want to say that a single tactical nuke would take care of the situation (and still be fertile land within 10,000 years), but that sounds too much like terrorism and certainly not the way to go. But we do need to get rid of most of them (in a political way) to turn this thing around.

        • Orangeone

          What I find interesting is that DC has gun control (to protect the tyrannical gov’t of course) and when you look at the blue states surrounding it there is a direct tie to gov’t contracts.

  • NYGino

    I haven’t read all the posts here, but I have listened to the interview. Boehner refers specifically to “these arms”, not arms (in general) not supposed arms (disclaimer) but “these arms” a specific reference to specific arms.

    To me this says they exist. To me this says they are specific arms shipped to a specific group for a specific purpose.

    As I said, I have not read all the posts here so If anyone has brought this point up before now I apologize.

    • Nukeman60

      You know, that was a key catch. Politicians are ever so specific on what they say (eg, the definition of ‘is’). He should normally have said something vague when dealing with classified information, but he didn’t. It seems pretty clear. Nice job.

      • NYGino

        Thank you Nukeman.

  • Jazzee

    God I can’t believe this is my country anymore
    so boehner you idiot…………..4 Americans died and 4 more in Africa
    and no one gives ahoot
    wow God help us …the repubs have lost their minds…fools just like obama and crew

  • 1tootall

    Oh my. Hillary lied, again. John Boehner knows something but won’t confront anyone. Obams thumbs his nose at a Circuit Court Finding……Where have I heard all this before????

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Boehner = Obama’s Tool

  • Let me try to understand. The Secretary of State can lie to the Senate and the American people if it is classified. Hum… Sounds imperialistic to me.

  • waytngtym

    Not news to you, but to maybe to some (me): how much executive management time Obama really wastes, as the world goes to pot, and the NYTimes reported it last Sept? Reveals he worse than a socialist/etc–he’s really out of it?


    It’s all relevant, and time to bring it all together?

  • kong1967

    Yes, but he won’t do a damn thing about it.

  • sDee

    Looks like the sellout has screwed us on amnesty too. If Gutierrez is involved it must be bad news.


  • snowshooze

    If we had “legal covert operations” ( Yes, that is stuff we have ) Boehner would have known.

  • TexasPGRRider

    The purpose of the attack on Bngaz was to keep the weapons earmarked for Syria in country for efforts in N. Africa and Mali, where the turbin cowboys hope to establish their own state. This is another “Fast & Furious” coverup by B.O. and his ilk….

  • aZjimbo

    JB is an idiot.

  • marmo43

    it has been common knowledge that guns were smuggled by obama into lybia, i think stevens and the other three men knew about it and had to be done away with so obamas high crimes would be covered up… he will get his due in time, hell for sure

  • hongryhawg

    Boehner has been in the bag for this administration since 2010. All his bluster is fluff and he should have been voted out as speaker a month ago. But, they got to those that could vote him out and changed their minds because Boehner is on the hook for some reason and the pretender is not in the mood to change lap dogs at this time. And that is exactly what Boehner is; never mind the bs bravado he’s been spouting. He is a very large part of the treason going on in DC.

  • NJK

    Dear God, Boehner has covered up for Fast and Furious and now we find out he knows they are arming Al Qaeda? Just what side is Boehner working for? I won’t vote Republican again. After seeing the clip from Hannity with Steve Bannon, I want nothing to do with the likes of Boehner and the rest of that bunch. I’ll only vote for someone not tied to the old guard. They’re corrupt.

  • Remember the other day when Panetta made this comment?
    Panetta: “Well, I can assure you, Barbara, that if we find out who the perpetrators were. we’re going to go after them,”
    “What difference does it make”???? ***we have 4 dead Americans and our government does not care these men died that day. So….why should we feel they CARE about any American citizen?
    How can we expect any of them to get to the truth if all branches of government are involved? I have never experienced such a corrupt government in my lifetime and I thought LBJ was bad, this administration is making him look like “small potatoes”!

  • Skevvy

    This used to be “blood in the water” to some shark journalist looking to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, journalists today have become advocates and defenders of one political party and worldview. They will never pursue even obvious scandals against Democratics, while inventing unfounded scandal against Republicans. How different would this country look today if we had an honest news media for the last 25 years!

  • mikeinidaho

    As a member in good standing of the “good old boy club” of DC insiders, Boehner will NEVER rat out ANYONE in politics in DC. He, like almost every other politician in DC, is out to line his own pockets while controlling the drooling masses known as “serfs”. We the People are not represented by our Congress and will be treated like the slaves of the State we have let ourselves become until we stand up and fight back.
    Lock and load, the seond American Revolution is coming.