WMAL: Reince Priebus defends RNC support for Cuccinelli, Mark Levin calls in and FIRES BACK at Priebus

This morning both Reince Priebus and Mark Levin were on WMAL…but not at the same time. RNC Chair Reince Priebus was asked to respond to comments Mark Levin has made that they’ve done next to nothing to support Cuccinelli in the VA. Gov. race. Priebus basically said that the RNC has spent 3 million on their ground game in VA which doesn’t just help Cuccinelli, but also other candidates on the Republican ticket.

But hearing that, Mark Levin called into WMAL and basically said that’s not true, that the money the RNC has spent in Virginia had everything to do with their post-2012 autopsy and has nothing to do with turning people out to vote on election day. Levin charged that Priebus has showed up in this last weekend of the election to position himself to talk about his great ground game if there is a victory or criticize the candidate if they lose. Otherwise, he said the RNC is nowhere to be found. Levin said it’s the church groups, Tea Party activists, and others who are doing the hard work of getting people out to vote on election day. He calls out Priebus to tell the truth.

Listen to their remarks below:

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  • marketcomp

    This fight is in the open now and this is what they do. Chris Christie and Romney do completely different activities that are anti-tea party and Conservative. All of these people are using the Tea Party and it is time for us to change the rules and start with ignoring those who want to destroy us Conservatives.

    • slhancock

      We have to get a lot better at finding real conservative candidates. We cannot afford to keep supporting those who run on tea party principles, only to abandon the base later. And, we need to remind voters in SC and other RINO senate seat states of their voting record, to not let them get by with their shenanigans and then turn conservative at the last minute so they look electable again. Term limits would help to eradicate these bums.

      • marketcomp

        I do believe that we have gotten better within the last 4 years but we still have to have the skills and knowledge to root out the Jeff Flakes and Kelly Ayottes and Mitt Romney’s and Chris Christie’s of the world. All these people had track records and we need to do a better job of vetting.

  • ArchAng3l

    The Fight for the heart of the GOP has finally been publicly engaged…Levin was awesome

    When all us said and done however, there will be a 3rd Party….too much money in the GOPe and not enough Constitutionalists.

    • Exgunman

      There will be 3 parties for a bit, but the repugs will be the 3rd and only for a short while then they join the WHIGS and the estab rinos will join up officially with the demoncrats

  • speakez6

    Reince is a beta male loser.

    • chelmer

      Why didn’t his parents at least give a more macho name, like Milton Armitage or Chaddius Wadsworth?

      • 3seven77

        I like Percival McWeenie myself.

        • johnpaul

          Don’t forget about that nut bag from Geogia…Saxby Chambliss. Yeah…his parents must have liked him alright!
          Saxby? Good God!

  • Blightness

    Despicable. Typical Rinos. The entire reason why I yelled at the RNC when they called asking for donations. They would just blow it on something worthless.

  • doorsxp

    Priebus would be a great name for a new Toyota Prius-based hybrid minivan. Just sayin’.

    • Laurel


  • Keith Cameron

    Levin speaks the truth. The GOP is dead and RINO’s killed it!

    • chelmer

      Levin always speaks the truth.

      • College Geek

        He’s never afraid to tell it like it is, that’s why he’s my favorite talk show host.

  • stage9

    Why does Priebus sound like a stoner? He sounds like Jimmy Fallon.

    • Laurel

      He does!

  • Surry918

    The GOP died when the republicans started acting like and acting with the democrats. The people lost interest when they could no longer tell the difference between both parties.

    The Tea party is the only chance the GOP has to become legitimate again.

    • $7850405

      Look how close we got with virtually no R.N.C. support. Had Mr. Priebus’ big-business, liberal-globalist Republicans given Mr. Cuccinelli the same support they gave Gov. Christie, we would have won in a landslide … but that would have proven the Tea Party is the only thing that serves for a beating heart in the Republican Party, and that’s just not a narrative Mr. Priebus wants to let out of the bag.

      • oldandtired

        Gop didn’t want him to win.

    • Press Watchusa

      Another sad day in America

      Cucinelli lost tonight in what may be an big eye opener for the GOP

      The GOP sucks at what they do – They have been screwing up for years

      The “good” news is that McAuliffe will screw VA big time and he is corrupt just like the guy in DC – The people will soon see that

      Hopefully this disaster will wake up the dopes in VA to make sure every Conservative votes in 2014 to take back the Senate

      The Senate is key in 2014 –

  • Laurel


    I will not turn out to vote for or give money to RINO’s any longer.

    • miltonbasshayek

      Never again! I voted for Romney last go-round. I don’t care about the lesser evil crap. I won’t turn out, except for conservatives.

      • Kelly Brian Kuhn

        Milton. You are brilliant. Get off the web you big dope! Fight your fight for primaries, get your candidate nominated. If you fail, you still have to vote for the lesser or you will get pure evil. Grow up!

        • Laurel

          We get it regardless.

          Did Romney win?
          How about McCain?

          • Missing Link

            Those of us who supported Ron Paul were disappointed that the RINO’s nominated McCain and Romney, but by not voting for the lesser of two liberals, we end up with the more liberal one. If conservatives could have just sucked it up and voted for the more conservative of the two liberals, then Obama would never have been president.

            • Laurel

              Sorry…but nope. That is projection and hope that a RINO won’t govern as a liberal. If McCain had won we would have been involved in hot wars in the ME. If Romney had won we still would have Obamacare because he would of compromised and band aided it to fix it.

              RINO’s talk the talk but have never ever in my lifetime walked the walk and people instinctively know it.

              And why elect a semi imitation of a progressive when one can elect the real deal? that is how people see it. They want to know what they are getting.

            • BS61

              I would have sucked it up proudly if only Ron Paul woulda had some clue on foreign policy that the Muslim pirates have been kidnapping us infidels since Thomas Jefferson was Prez.

            • No_BlahBlah

              libertarians doesn’t necessarily equal conservatives.

              Just by your post it seems I would be considered more conservative than you and I am very, very tired of ‘moderates’ blaming conservatives who VOTED for your progressive candidates with an ‘R’ beside their name losing.

              They lost because the no info voters couldn’t tell the difference. NOT because I voted for the loser.

        • lawngren

          We’ve been doing that for many long years, and that is what put obama in the White House. No more. I’m with Milt.

          • PuritanD71


        • miltonbasshayek

          Don’t be a RINO Kelly. Be a man!

        • PuritanD71

          Even evidence seems to point to the contrary. Take Indiana last election, Romney won the state hands down, but our Conservative candidate for the Senate lost to the Liberal and our decent conservative candidate for Gov barely beat out the liberal.

          It would seem that GOP loves the liberals/moderates more than one is willing to admit to.

  • CableNewsGuy

    I’z ain’t gittin me no sound.

  • tony tee

    If the gop continues to march losers out there like mccain, and romney, they will never get the base back. the deomocrats manage the rotting of our society, while the gop points fingers, and they all make money in the Washington, DC corporate money making machine. How about they all open their portfolios for their constituents to see? Otherwise the gop is irrelevant, and yes there is a hard right base, but they seem harder because the party keeps moving to the left of center.

    • slhancock

      Have you read that both McCain and Romney have muttered something about running again? We will run them off the stage should they try to obtain the nomination again. These people must think we’re stupid.

  • SisterMary

    If Mr. SisterMary weren’t so awesome, I’d have an enormous crush on Mark Levin. Just sayin’…

    • BearNJ

      Bigger than the bromance Christie had with Obama?

      • SisterMary

        No comparison!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I don’t think there is no doubt as to who I am going to believe in this case. In one side we have a constitutional patriot, on the other side we have a big time rino, I believe Levin hands down.

  • jaxholley

    Give it to him Mark. RINO’s SUCK

  • dfinn0103

    So sick of the GOP establishment. When was the last time the GOP had a person with some cojones as chairman. I will not give a penny to the RNC until we see some real change.

    • johnpaul

      Spread the word to every republican you know…..even if they’re not conservative. The message has got to get out!

  • Paulie Walnuts Thielen

    This is how we do win! When the establishment spews their lies, confront them on the spot and call their BS out!

  • Alan Larsen

    Never again will I send the RNC a single dime. I will only support candidates endorsed by Hugh Hewitt and Mark Levin.

    • atyler2011

      HH? Not a good one. He is very smart and entertaining but not “decisive” like ML. He always acts like an arbiter bet the establishment and grassroots. He can’t choose to be one or the other. He is not very good in “predicting” either. You know he still considers Candy Crowley as a journalist. What that tells you? He is still “bitter” over Romney’s loss. It is sad for a political party to have consistent losers telling others on how to win.

    • johnpaul


  • Payton

    Did somebody say street fight!?! Well, if that’s what you want – that’s what you will have. Thanks Mark for not backing down and showing us how/what to do it. C’mon McCain, Romey, McConneel, Lindsey and the rest of you establishment fogey’s – let’s boogie!

  • miltonbasshayek

    The “hispanic, African American, Asian’ card? How about using the “American” card, you wanker. I won’t donate a damn dime to the RNC. Every time they give me a call, I tell them I don’t talk to liberals. Wanks!!!

  • Churchillis1

    Get him, Mark!

  • miltonbasshayek

    Mark kicks a$$, plain and simple. My damn hero!!! He’s a meat eating Pitbull!!

    • belief101

      My sentiments exactly. Love Mark!

    • johnpaul

      Although I despise this sort of thing he would have been Michael Vick’s champion! Case closed.

  • OneThinDime

    Anyone else notice that Preibus dissed all of the Americans that donated to Cucc’s campaign? “If we don’t do it no one does” re: spending money on the campaign. The arrogance. Has he been hanging around Paul Ryan lately?

  • Mary

    Priebus showed up here in New Jersey three days before the election for the US Senate. He briefly spoke at a rally for Lonegan and then left. The RNC didn’t give Lonegan the money they promised and they didn’t give him the support he needed. They DO NOT want Conservatives to get elected anywhere. I hope the RINOs pay a huge price in 2014!

    • PuritanD71

      One would think that when the Dem’s do win that RINOs rejoice….what is the difference between them again? LOL

  • Radiant Studio

    Would love to see Levin run for office.

    • DeeDEEthree

      Levin is going to be President Palin’s Attorney General.

      • Troof Detector

        Who said Palin’s running?

        • Missing Link

          Demographically, Palin may be the only conservative who can split Hillary’s base of female voters.

      • Radiant Studio

        Not that Palin will make it, but Levin would be a fabulous AG.

  • Judges718

    Reince is what is wrong with the GOP. He would rather Democrats win than have a Constitutional Conservative win. Worse yet, rather than just wishing for it, I think he actively works behind the scenes to defeat Constitutional Conservatives.

    He is an unprincipled deceitful devious lying unctuous little worm. On the slimy scale, Reince Priebus is just behind Karl Rove and Terry McAuliffe.

    How did the disastrous Priebus get re-elected as party chairman after 2012?

    • SisterMary

      I blame Rove.

      • Judges718

        …and the other assorted Bushies.

        I hate to say it, because I have a deep respect and admiration for how G.W. Bush handled the “War on Terror”, but otherwise the Bushes have been disastrous for the Republican brand.

        • Dorotha

          old man bush has been pushing for new world order for a long time, now people seem to think jebby will be a good candidate? he has ruined our kids education chances by pushing the common core crap, obozo wants common core badly so that tells me jebby is just another PROGRESSIVE out to MURDER AMERICA!!!!

    • Fiveseven

      Preibus and the RNC are doing everything they can to undermine conservative candidates so they’ll have justification to keep nominating RINOs like Christie.

  • rikoshaprl

    I sent my RNC donation envelope back empty with a note saying my money was going to the Senate Conservatives fund.

    • Quindar


  • johnpaul

    NOT ONE DIME TO THESE HACKS!!!! Already sent a donation to the primary challenger to help defeat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. Hit them where it hurts! In their pocketbook! Support only conservative candidates. Defund the republican party!!

  • Chester Simms

    It incenses me when people misuse adages. It’s, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating,” not “the proof is in the pudding.”

  • Chester Simms

    Is it only me, but had any body ever hear about this Priebus, before he became the chairman of the RNC?

    I am happy to be educated here.

    • SisterMary

      It’s not only you. And I count myself lucky to be among those who hadn’t heard of him. Imagine having known of him as an ineffective namby-pamby two-faced, wishy-washy so-and-so and then having to accept him as the chairman of one-time honorable committee. One shudders at the thought.

      • Chester Simms

        This is why, Bill Whittle calls the RNC a “circular firing squad” and the RNC is called the “party of stupid.”

        Take an unknown and make him in charge of everything Republican Party.

    • speakez6

      I called him a loser for a reason. He lost to Democrat for a Senate seat in Wisconsin. After that, the RNC rewarded this loser by putting Priebus in charge of losing at a national level.

    • ApplePie101

      Never heard of him, but when he was chosen, I felt instant animosity against him. Now I know why.

    • Jeffrey Ward

      He did a good job of finding good candidates to run in WI > But I really don’t like what happenning NATIONALLY !!

  • Stevie10703

    I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Party left me. These RINO’s would rather see a Dem in office than to have a true Conservative get into office. We’ve seen it before with the way they treated Reagan. Glenn Beck is right, defund the Republican Party.

  • notenoughtime

    Amen, Levin!

  • Terry Dietzler

    We need to push Levin into running.He wont want to, which is one of the greatest qualifications.

    • ApplePie101

      ‘Speaker Levin’.

    • Missing Link

      Mark Levin will become Attorney General in 2017.

  • m0r0

    You telling me Reince that if you and Rove wanted Cuccinelli to win your couldn’t find a little ‘soft money’ to throw his way?????? I hope he wins and rips the RNC a new a**hole while happily shooting them the bird. They disgust me!

  • tp517

    Rove and Rince Pussyface lie pretty much just like Obama.

  • Paul

    Priebus is a blowhard POS, a typical establishment politician and the RNC is a total waste. They constantly send out these b*llSh*t surveys with their own answers, I just send it all back in their own envelope. They’re not helping the country, They’re just money sponges

    • Sentinel

      I don’t know if this was sent to you or not… I’ll try one more time.

      Here’s my lengthy form letter that I send back to them – on their dime. Sorry for the length.

      I am no longer a Republican… I used to blindly vote down party lines and that got us George W. Bush – who bloated government and started this insane spending spree. Then in 2008, you guys tried to pass off liberal RINO (Republicans in Name Only) John McLame on us – with a straight face. He conducted what is arguably the worst campaign in American history. And he LOST abysmally against a guy who is completely and utterly unqualified to be our President.

      In 2012, you once again asked us to hold our noses and vote for Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney? He conducted the most brutal primary ever against good and decent candidates… candidates who were more serious about helping Americans, rather than themselves or their party. You people screamed that Mitt was ‘the only one who could win’. Bull squeeze! What do you take us for? Mitt created the blueprint for Obamacare! He conspired to smear all the other serious conservative candidates. And again, his campaign was mismanaged and pathetic. He lost because we (millions of us) refused to vote for another phony moderate (and that’s being kind) in conservative’s clothing. Who are you going to try and push on us next? Chris Christie? Jeb Bush? Marco Rubio perhaps? Laughable.

      And now, there is a war going on within the Republican party. The war is between TRUE conservatives and the elitists – or the GOP establishment (GOPe). The GOPe is made up of RINOs, cronies, liberals, closet statists, and especially elitists who refuse to do the will of ‘We The People’. You viciously attacked Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee (to name a few) – just like you did with Michele Bachman and so many others before her. Steve King and John McLame were among the most vocal in their disdain and smears.

      And for the record: You had every chance to defund Obamacare for three years at least!!! In 2010, we handed you guys the House and you abused your chance. Squandered! You never once seriously fought this growing evil or defunded that abomination! And even today you still let Obama get away with Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, NSA and scandal after scandal. You’re not America’s ally… you guys aren’t serious or honest at all. You’ve lost your credibility and will… and our respect.

      And then earlier this year you conspired with Harry Reid and allowed cloture to take place when we had another chance to defund Obamacare – WE ARE WATCHING YOU! So don’t give me this bull squeeze about how you want to fight Obamacare. You are liars. When it came to the debt ceiling… how many of you voted how many times over the last five years to keep raising it? And then you railroaded the true conservatives in October (18 of them in the Senate alone) and voted to raise it yet again, casually discarding the leverage you had to make a serious change for the betterment of this nation.

      We are no longer asleep. We are keeping score. And we WILL defeat all of you in 2014 and 2016. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are up for reelection I see… same for Boehner. You guys will be the first to lose your race. And then next, we’ll focus on defeating Alexander (TN), Chambliss (GA), Cochran (MS), Collins (ME), and Johanns (NE). Even Karl Rove won’t be able to help you. We will do EVERYTHING in our power to defeat you (financially, with our time, our energy, through education for what you REALLY stand for, etc.). It will be our mission to clean house and revive the very soul of the Republican party. No longer will we stand for your lies, your cronyism, your spin, your backroom/closed deals or your empty promises… that ship has sailed. If we fail to defeat all of you, we WILL start a third party and get it done that way – sure, it may take longer… but you are bad for America and we can no longer abide by a lawless, corrupt, anti-conservative, anti-Constitutional single party (you and the Demoncrats). You’re pretty much indistinguishable these days.

      So, I am now Independent and I will only contribute my time, fortune and efforts directly to honorable, principled, serious, conservative candidates – no matter what their party is… not progressive cowards with an “R” behind their name who refuse to stand on principle or fight. The RNC or any other arm of the Republicans who are trying to raise money will find a closed door and a deaf ear in my household. For the last five years, you gave up and spooned the enemy. No more. Your traitorous times are coming to an end… we will primary you and we will see to it that future candidates are thoroughly vetted and effective before we consider them.

      By the way… I just saw a headline that the DNC edged out the RNC in fundraising this month. Hmmm, wonder why…

      • Who totally ROCKS?!! You DO!! Excellent. I’ve been holding on to the one I just got- waiting for some righteous indignation to build up. But came on so fast, I had to calm down lol.
        Well said Sentinel!

        • Sentinel

          You’re very sweet. 🙂

        • Sentinel

          P.S. I’m also going to add a piece about the Cuccinelli betrayel by the RNC.

  • The RNC is corrupt and evil to the core. Cuccinelli didn’t “honor” the backroom deal between McDonnell and Bolling, so they hung him out to dry. We the People do not honor or RESPECT your backroom deals. We didn’t want Bolling anymore than we want another pathetic excuse for a “conservative”. Cuccinelli made a huge mistake trying to distance himself from those who worked to get him where he is today, the Tea Party. If he loses, he can blame the RNC AND himself.

    • BHliberty

      I was just thinking the same! My understanding was he did his best to avoid Ted Cruz at one event since he thought of him as a divisive figure! Why? Cuccinelli was the one who fought to disband the bill as did Senator Cruz! So what gives? Anyway, his odds are long and if he does win, I think it will reflect the crumbling base of the Democrats or Independents ( who sway more left ) because of Obamacare!

      • palintologist

        Similarly, Sarah Palin would’ve been in VA in a flash if KC had just asked, but his mind has been poisoned against the TEA Party as well.

        • BHliberty

          Yeah.. I often wondered why she never made an appearance as well. I agree with you though, SP would have graciously accepted to speak on his behalf but it just didn’t happen! Perhaps, KC was dispirited from the Lonegan results! Who knows! Anyway, it didn’t sit well with me. However, if I lived in VA, I vote for him in a NY minute considering what the choice was. (As Presidential candidate, maybe not so much!)

  • Rightwingger

    We’re so dumb…

  • I would also recommend that NO ONE send money to the RNC, EVER. Send it directly to any TRUE conservative.

  • No_BlahBlah

    It is obvious that priebus is lying,
    the establishment gop are in bed with the socialists.
    priebus = liar
    Mark Levin = reality and truth

    IF Cuccinelli wins, it is because of grassroots NOT the rnc dopes

  • Sentinel

    Reince Priebus is a liar and a crook. It’s just that simple.

    • Sentinel

      Here’s my lengthy form letter that I send back to them – on their dime. Sorry for the length.

      I am no longer a Republican… I used to blindly vote down party lines and that got us George W. Bush – who bloated government and started this insane spending spree. Then in 2008, you guys tried to pass off liberal RINO (Republicans in Name Only) John McLame on us – with a straight face. He conducted what is arguably the worst campaign in American history. And he LOST abysmally against a guy who is completely and utterly unqualified to be our President.

      In 2012, you once again asked us to hold our noses and vote for Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney? He conducted the most brutal primary ever against good and decent candidates… candidates who were more serious about helping Americans, rather than themselves or their party. You people screamed that Mitt was ‘the only one who could win’. Bull squeeze! What do you take us for? Mitt created the blueprint for Obamacare! He conspired to smear all the other serious conservative candidates. And again, his campaign was mismanaged and pathetic. He lost because we (millions of us) refused to vote for another phony moderate (and that’s being kind) in conservative’s clothing. Who are you going to try and push on us next? Chris Christie? Jeb Bush? Marco Rubio perhaps? Laughable.

      And now, there is a war going on within the Republican party. The war is between TRUE conservatives and the elitists – or the GOP establishment (GOPe). The GOPe is made up of RINOs, cronies, liberals, closet statists, and especially elitists who refuse to do the will of ‘We The People’. You viciously attacked Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee (to name a few) – just like you did with Michele Bachman and so many others before her. Steve King and John McLame were among the most vocal in their disdain and smears.

      And for the record: You had every chance to defund Obamacare for three years at least!!! In 2010, we handed you guys the House and you abused your chance. Squandered! You never once seriously fought this growing evil or defunded that abomination! And even today you still let Obama get away with Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, NSA and scandal after scandal. You’re not America’s ally… you guys aren’t serious or honest at all. You’ve lost your credibility and will… and our respect.

      And then earlier this year you conspired with Harry Reid and allowed cloture to take place when we had another chance to defund Obamacare – WE ARE WATCHING YOU! So don’t give me this bull squeeze about how you want to fight Obamacare. You are liars. When it came to the debt ceiling… how many of you voted how many times over the last five years to keep raising it? And then you railroaded the true conservatives in October (18 of them in the Senate alone) and voted to raise it yet again, casually discarding the leverage you had to make a serious change for the betterment of this nation.

      We are no longer asleep. We are keeping score. And we WILL defeat all of you in 2014 and 2016. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are up for reelection I see… same for Boehner. You guys will be the first to lose your race. And then next, we’ll focus on defeating Alexander (TN), Chambliss (GA), Cochran (MS), Collins (ME), and Johanns (NE). Even Karl Rove won’t be able to help you. We will do EVERYTHING in our power to defeat you (financially, with our time, our energy, through education for what you REALLY stand for, etc.). It will be our mission to clean house and revive the very soul of the Republican party. No longer will we stand for your lies, your cronyism, your spin, your backroom/closed deals or your empty promises… that ship has sailed. If we fail to defeat all of you, we WILL start a third party and get it done that way – sure, it may take longer… but you are bad for America and we can no longer abide by a lawless, corrupt, anti-conservative, anti-Constitutional single party (you and the Demoncrats). You’re pretty much indistinguishable these days.

      So, I am now Independent and I will only contribute my time, fortune and efforts directly to honorable, principled, serious, conservative candidates – no matter what their party is… not progressive cowards with an “R” behind their name who refuse to stand on principle or fight. The RNC or any other arm of the Republicans who are trying to raise money will find a closed door and a deaf ear in my household. For the last five years, you gave up and spooned the enemy. No more. Your traitorous times are coming to an end… we will primary you and we will see to it that future candidates are thoroughly vetted and effective before we consider them.

      By the way… I just saw a headline that the DNC edged out the RNC in fundraising this month. Hmmm, wonder why…

      • Zuni3

        Very Good!

      • Roy Allen Fields

        Give ’em hell!!! 🙂

  • Tony Boyd

    The RNC called me the other day and started their “would you be ok with donating bla bla bla” I said I would be ok with you not calling me again.

    • Mr.Goodvibe

      They sent me a letter saying that since I have not sent them money in a while that I must want to leave the party and then asked for more money. I sent them their letter back and basically told them to F off.

  • misterlogic0013

    lets see / Priebus sounded quite surprised (concerned) at Kens ground game, support, overall message. doesn’t fit his narrative. Priebus = POS

  • 12grace

    Don’t mess with Levin, he knows his stuff and he is one tough cookie- God bless him!

  • Songman7

    I always trust mark Levin!

    • giveususfree

      Except when he blames Obama for defunding NASA, that was decided on and begun before he came into office. That’s one of very few things I’ve noted Mark not being 100% on.

      • Burleson Fred

        How are the Obama lies working out for you slick? “IF YOU LIKE YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN, YOU CAN KEEP IT.” “IF YOU LIKE YOUR DOCTOR, YOU CAN KEEP HIM.”

        • giveususfree

          Really? Because I believe Levin is off the mark on something I’m a mindless Liberal siccophant? Get ahold of yourself. Think an Obama assmuncher is gonna buy signed copies of Ameritopia and Liberty Amendments?

  • Songman7

    any contribution I make goes straight to the conservative candidate…

    • $29528627

      Me too.

  • BHliberty

    Yeah….a lot of my R mail goes straight to the trash! I’ve severed ties with them altogether! I used to belong to the Republican Women’s group but no more! I contribute to SarahPac and that’s it! I was disappointed to see RP reelected as chairman of RNC so perhaps, that was the beginning of the end for me!

    • FreeManWalking

      I return their pre-paid postage envelops with a handwritten note telling them how much I despise their RINO supporting ways and that they are not going to see another dollar from me.

      • BHliberty

        Yep, same here FreeMan! They no longer represent the kind of organization that I can participate in considering they are just as corrupt as the Democrats! They can stick it!

        • NPC

          same here .

  • rusty12100

    I will never again send any money to the RNC. I will directly support conservative candidates. but do not want any of my money to go toward the support of Graham, McCain, Alexander and many others. No conservatives should be supporting the RNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • alan


    • adamamy

      I agree. I will not send any money to the RNC, but I will send as much as I possibly can, to the candidates themselves. You have Karl Rove who get the big money people, and then the Rove group sends it all to the candidate they pick for us, instead of letting the people pick the candidates. Well I will pick my own…..Not Karl Rove, or the RNC. I will send my money to all those good Constitutional Conservatives. We have many, but not the old cronies, who need to just get out. I love the Tea Party’s. They are the one’s who want what is right for the country and the people. I’m sick of Rove, Priebus and their ilk.

    • NPC

      …….Period! and I ain’t lyin’ 🙂

  • bones327

    The RNC needs to return to its philosophical foundation, the US Constitution. Until it does, it is just DNC lite.

  • fishmonster

    The RNC is no different than the DNC. They need to be taken out one by one…John McCain, Lindsey Graham and on and on. I have gone independent because it is a cleaner way to live than being aligned with the Beltway republicans…

  • FreeManWalking

    GOPers may bring in the corporate bucks, but I think a lot of the conservative little people like me will be directing their $$ directly to the conservative candidates.

  • Priebus tried to claim the same thing last fall when Michele Bachmann was in the fight of her life- getting absolutely no support from the RNC financial or otherwise. He claimed they did, she said no- they didn’t, even thought she was up against a dem with millions to spend.

    I trust Priebus about as much as I do Karl Rove. Send NO money to the RNC. Send it right to the candidates themselves.

    • maybefree

      That does no good. They have to turn the money over to the RNC. Send your money to conservative pacs. Be it the Tea party, Freedom works, etc.

      • Conservative_Utopia

        Huh? Since when?

        • maybefree

          If they are in the party they have to put a percentage of fundraising money back in to it.

    • JohnCraven

      AmericanDuckie, we need a party of our own. I believe that trying to take the Republican Party back to the conservative principles of Ronald Reagan is going no where fast. It wastes our resources and time and energy and that’s exactly part of the Big Whigs’ strategy is to get us to waste ourselves in a vain effort to rest control of the party from them.

      I believe you are on the right track with The Constitutional Rights Party, however, I think it needs to be more than just a website as it is right now although it is supporting good conservative candidates. If we are to ever get anything like the Liberty Ammendments ratified we are going to need such a third party to do it.

      I posted a link to a column by Maggie Gallagher which I think you will find an excellent prediction of what was to come tonight. I’ll post it again here:

      Thanks for telling me about Robert Maness. He’s getting a number of endorsements here in Louisiana for his run against Hillary Landrieu. I hope the Duck Commanders take a shine to him and endorse him too. But the only radio commercials I’ve been hearing are for the other GOP candidate, Rep. Cassidy. Robert Maness needs to put something on the air soon.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      P.s… by the way, Dear Leader is visiting my fair city on Friday and virtually everything from the Port of New Orleans to the Airport is going to be shut down for the BORG Queen’s visit. It’s going to lay off thousands of workers for a day, including me.

      • First of all, God Bless and I feel your pain on the shut down of your city for the dear leader. Been through that here. It’s no fun and dang it’s like all the air gets sucked out of the atmosphere when he’s here.

        Second, I agree- but until we get more people, I just don’t have the means of growing this any faster than we are. I’ve got a handful of trusted folks helping in every way they can, and without them, I’d still have nothing much more than just the blog. We are growing, I do hope we can get our website updated and streamlined- hopefully by the end of the month, or end of December at latest. I don’t know anything about set up, it’s in the hands of a friend.
        We’re doing all we can right now– but yes, I agree, we need to get growing and hopefully more exposure. As for the Amendments, keep your eyes on K-Bob, his site is almost fully up and going. Too many folks look at Cuccinelli’s loss tonight, because of the libertarian guy getting backing from dear leader because of third party and yet some thing the time is right.
        Frankly I don’t like the thought of having to- but the RNC is leaving us no choice. America deserves better than what they’re given with the current two/same party system.
        If we grow into a legit 3rd party, it will be up to the people.

        Glad Mannes is getting alittle more traction, but I’ll have to see about getting in touch w/him about commercials- thank you!

        Thank you John! I appreciate all your thoughts!!

        • JohnCraven

          Dear AmericanDuckie, I’m fully aware you are moving as fast as humanly possible in putting together your website and quite frankly if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have ever heard of Col. Robert Maness. He really is a great candidate. I listened to a conservative radio interview he did on a radio station out of Illinois which you can listen to at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/altconradio/2013/11/04/conservative-revolution-with-ken-hannah

          I think a lot of my thinking about us needing a party of our own is encapsulated in the Big Whigs’ sabotage of the Cuccinelli campaign which, until he started attacking ObamaCare again in the last month, was going no where because he was apparently following the road map set out for him by the advisors of the Big Whig Republicans whom Cuccinelli apparently turned to for advice early on in his campaign and, of course, that was a total mistake. He was running away from everything that made him a great conservative candidate until he went back to being himself and attacking the roll-out of Obama(doesn’t)Care.

          I could be wrong but it was my understanding that in the beginning of Cuccinelli’s campaign he turned to Karl Rove and other GOP Big Whigs for help which is always a mistake. And I think Karl Rove and the Big Whigs convinced the poor guy to go mute on everything that makes him a great conservative.

          Then, as we are learning from Rush and Levin and Hannity, Kris “Krispy Kreme” Christi made a deal with Nero Obama when they were holding hands on the beach after Hurricane Sandy in which the Big Whigs and Krispy agreed to undermine the Cuccinelli Campaign in Virginia and the Lonergan Campaign in New Jersey in return for Krispy getting a sacrifice Democrat candidate to run against in his re-election campaign which is what Krispy Creme Christi did get.

          And Karl Rove and the Big Whigs happily obliged because they love ObamaCare almost as much as Nero Obama and to his detriment Cuccinelli unwittingly went along with doing the things that deflated his base because this is what the Big Whigs advised him to do because they knew it would cost him the election but then ObamaCare hit the fan and Cuccinelli rediscovered his voice against it and this didn’t sit well with Karl Rove and the Big Whigs who had cut a deal with Nero Obama to sabotage the campaigns of any true conservatives who opposed ObamaCare.

          In response to Cuccinelli going on the attack against ObamaCare and surging in the polls as a result of that, the Big Whigs in the GOP and Karl Rove openly sabotaged his campaign by cutting off money to the campaign and this basically threw the fight to MacAulliffe.

          This kind of sabotage is hard for insurgents to overcome from within the party because of the entrenched and deep intercommunications between the Big Whigs of the GOP and the Marxists of the Democrat Party who are both working torwards the same goal of a totalitatian government which they can control to the detriment of our nation but to their own benefit.

          When someone like Cuccinelli confides in these Benedict Arnold’s he is telling the opposition how to defeat himself whether he realizes it or not.

          A conservative alternative party can do a much better job of keeping its election plans to itself and within house and would be in a much better position to defeat both the Marxist democrats and the Big Government Republicans in the general election. Primarying Big Government Republicans in 2010 was possible because the Big Whigs were caught off guard by their own lies but it is no longer as possible to accomplish with exceptions like Maness here in Louisiana. Rep. Cassidy here is running against ObamaCare but he tried to pass something similar in the Louisiana Legislature and he has been a big contributor to Mary Landrieu in the past. Needless to say he has the backing of the Big Whigs in the GOP. So we know what that will amount to if Cassidy wins the GOP nomination and not Maness.

          AmericanDuckie, you and others at this site keep my hopes up and all of you all are in my prayers.

          John Craven
          New Orleans

          • John I covet the prayers. Thank you so much!! I appreciate all the encouragement. I doubt we’ll get that third party status this election time- but vetting and getting the names out is hopefully helping, and teaching as much as we can through videos and articles about our Constitution and Founders- while using the leftist words against them- well with a lot of prayer and help we can chip away at the crap on both sides of the aisle and get people to thinking for themselves again!

            As for Krispy- I heard dear leader called to congratulate him. I wonder if that was a job well done on being reelected or for torpedoing Steve Lonegan and Ciccinelli?

            Rove and the others are worse than democrats. I hope while all attention is on trying to mess with the Tea Party, we can come in under the radar and knock them upside the head with Constitutionally strong winning candidates!!

            Thank you SO much John!!

            • JohnCraven

              AmericanDuckie, I humbly apologize about the lengthy rant which you were gracious enough to respond to.

              I heard on Mark Levin’s show tonight from his guest host, some guy named Carr, I think, who hails from Boston, I think, that the president of the Indiana state legislature has responded to Mark Levin’s Liberty Ammendments by inviting or calling for a constitutional convention of the states at Mount Vernon to consider ratifying the Liberty Ammendments.

              If that is correct, and I truly hope it is, than maybe our national nightmare of Marxist totalitarian socialism that’s been inflicted upon us by both national parties is coming to an abrupt end.

              Pray! Pray! Pray!

              If you got rosaries get them out and pray!

              Make a lifetime of novenas and pray!

              By the way, I’ve come across a book which you may actually like a great deal – “The Spiritual Life of George Washington” by Janice Connell which you can get through Barnes and Noble.

              Another which you may be interested in is “The Prison Life of Jefferson Davis” by John Joseph Craven, written in 1866, which you can get through Amazon.com. Dr. Craven was the commanding surgeon at Fortress Monroe where Jefferson Davis was taken after he was captured by the union. Before he became a doctor and a union surgeon at most of the worst battles of the Civil War, he worked for Samuel B. Morse and while working there Dr. Craven invented the underwater telegraph cable which was used to connect America with England and Europe and which made possible all global communications.

              After the war Dr. Craven invented something else our modern world can’t live without – the refrigerated shipping container – in the 1880’s for shipping perishable items across land or sea. And somewhere between Samuel B. Morse and the Civil War he went off to the California Gold rush of 1849 but didn’t pan out so he came back East and learned how to be a surgeon. There is even a photo of him in a tent surrounded by other physicians as he prepares to amputate a union’s soldier’s leg.

              Dr. Craven is the only union officer ever honored by both the Union and the Daughters of the Confederacy but please don’t let ZoNation know that. He might go John McCain nuts if he found out!

              I don’t know how closely we are related to Dr. John Joseph Craven but my dad’s name is John Joseph Craven too and my dad would be 100 on January 3, 2014, had he not passed away 5 years ago.

              John Craven
              New Orleans

              • John you need to find out if you’re related to Dr. John J Craven!! That’d be SO COOL!!

                That said, I have been swamped with work these past few weeks and haven’t had so much time to pay attention to everything so please don’t ever apologize for giving me information- because while some I may know already, some like this I don’t. So Thank you again for that!
                I’m not Catholic but I pray and God hears me! I will pray!! Thank you brother! Now- GO- find out what you can about the Dr. Craven!!
                Let me know if you find anything. Try seeing if you can get a trial run on Ancestry.com

                • JohnCraven

                  The Good Lord hears all our prayers whether spoken in the silence of our hearts or in union with others and sung at the top of our voices.

                  All the Cravens come from Yorkshire England, in particular, most hail from a very small village in the West Riding of Yorkshire in the District of Craven called Appletree-wick. Many Cravens are listed in the Register of Freemen of York having been admitted to the Freedom of York after having served as apprentices in their various crafts. The earliest Craven appears around 1283 A.D. in the Register of Freemen of York. One later Craven became the Lord Mayor of York and one became the Lord Mayor of London, twice. By the way, many women have also appeared in the Register of Freemen of York and very early on too. The Register covers some 700 years or so.

                  Not all Cravens were born well off and in fact most were born to poverty and were the descendents of paupers, including the Lord Mayor of London.

                  One of the common traits of the Cravens were the passing forward of honored names of ancestors to subsequent generations and through various lines of descent, like breadcrumbs lain out on a trail for us to find our way home again. So through many different lines of descent from the founding father of the family, John Craven, and his wife, Beatrix Hunter, we will often see the same names repeated over and over again and similar traits.

                  My father ofter told me that his dad was the smartest man he ever knew and my dad was pretty smart in his own right. My dad’s father built a roller coaster around the family home for all the kids to play on after school and being the head foreman of the linesmen of the electric company in New Orleans at the time my grandfather would order extra creosote telephone poles as winter approached and had my dad and his brothers cut them up and give them to the old widows in the neighborhood for their fireplaces.

                  My dad told me that his dad invented the transformers we see on the telephone posts today and just gave it to the company because he was a company man grateful for the work and though he had a brother who became wealthy in construction my grandfather passed away without much in his pocket. He died many years before I was born so I never knew him except from what my dad has told me.

                  My dad always thought we had come from Ireland – there are Faheys on my dad’s side – and that we had some Scotish in us which is why one of my dad’s sisters may have been named Beatrix after Beatrix Hunter a Scotish name. Of course, my dad may have misunderstood and it was Scotch in us and not Scots in us.

                  Which brings me to the story of Dr. John Joseph Craven.
                  You can read it in a lot more detail at

                  John Craven
                  New Orleans

                • That’s so cool John! I think its so cool when people know their family history. I haven’t got a clue about mine. I’m adopted,so I have done my mom and dad, but as for bloodlines, I haven’t a clue.
                  I love that roller coaster and cut up phone poles for widows part- thats great!!
                  I’ve put the story of Dr. Craven in my files to read when I can take time to read it properly. Thank you! 🙂
                  Thank you for sharing it!!

                • JohnCraven

                  AmericanDuckie, through Jesus we’re all adopted children of our Heavenly Father.
                  My grandfather’s brother adopted a girl who became a nun. Adoption is a loving thing and a lovely thing to do.
                  Whenever you get to read that story about Dr. Craven let me know what you think about it.
                  John Craven
                  New Orleans

              • PS- Thank you too for the Book suggestions. I’ll write them down, but I have to say I have very little time for books right now, but when I do, I’ll try and find them!! Thank you! I love history books!

    • ApplePie101

      Hey Duckie, I cast my first write-in vote for a CFP candidate today–you!

      • You Rock ApplePie!! You made me smile the first time all night. Thank you!! 🙂

  • anestat

    This is why conservatives are abandoning the GOP. They are useless. They support the Rinos that hang with the demorats and vote with them. If the GOP wants the support of real conservatives they need to change their candidates, and then support them.

  • CalCoolidge

    Here’s proof. Listen to me say, “Ground game. Ground game, Ground game.”

  • alan

    My opinion, we should first take back the Republican Party before we can Take-Back the country for freedom. If the GOP gets our dollars directly then they will promote old, “has been” party leaders that do not deserve a “comeback”, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, John McCain. OMG, nothing good has happened under their watch. The job of the Tea Party, whether or not they ever become a real party, is to take offensive and negatively “root out” the quote-unquote “losers”. I would encourage others in the other parties to do the same. It never helps the democrats for Jimmy Carter to speak up … but is helped when Bill Clinton speaks up. And even the winners have had their day. Now even the winners must allow the masses to move on with the future of political representation without them. The only way to do that with Republicans is to throw out the bums and party operatives like Karl Rove, Priebus and mouth pieces like Dick Morris! And stop watching Bill O’Rielly for having given them way too much “face time”. I think that Bill O’Rielly’s ratings should have already dropped for having pushed and represented the “Washington Insiders”. I am convinced that what Fox News calls “fair and balanced” is their attempt to divide “Air Time” for conservative causes equally between Tea Party Candidates and Republican “Washington Insiders”. This, in and of itself, creates a civil war of the GOP Party against itself. – – – Therefore, to remove funding from GOP Party is not a bad thing since they are “in the way” or at least “in my way” to having my freedoms restored.

    • EdgeOfTheCliff

      You donate to Conservative organizations. The RNC will soon be broke and then have to crawl to the Conservatives to beg for money. Then we can turn out the true fatuous asses like Rove, McConnell, Boehner, Graham, and the worst of all McCain.

    • Conservative_Utopia

      I don’t think the party system is serving us any longer. The Reagan democrat still shares values with the Reagan republican, but the two parties have left all the Americans behind. I agree that the statists should not get to absorb the republican party, but on the other hand, what the hell have they done for us lately? Just ask Palin, West, Bachmann, et al. IMO the GOP is not worth saving if they’re just going to polarize the issues and push false arguments to distract us from the destruction of our republic.

  • CalCoolidge

    Remember when Priebus tried to chill Levin out by floating Levin’s name as a possible questioner at the 2014 debates?
    Levin accepted. Priebus never called.

    • trytothink

      The RNC was hoping that Mark would chill out and kiss their asses a little if they threw him a bone. Think again, RINOs… Mark Levin has principles and he saw right through your BS.

  • bri

    We have RNN (rino news network) CNN (commie news net) MSNN (socialist news net) Would ne nice to have a conservative news network to get out this kind of news. Thanks TRS

    • April Drinkwater

      It’s called TheBlaze……Need to get the cable companies to carry it…….Oh, but Aljazzera is more important it guess………..


    ….donate to the Cruz Lee ticket for 2016 . To hell with all the crooks in D.C. .”(period)

    Praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  • 2yves

    Thanks to Mark Levin for calling the RNC out. I hope more people hear this and wake up.

  • Robert Brickwood

    Why is this dummy still calling the shots for the Republican Party….he should have been fired after Romney’s loss!

  • aboutdat

    OT s I know these idea have been thrown around a lot over the years, but I enjoy seeing the feedback,
    IF, IF, IF we breakoff the TEA PARTY people (conservatives) from the RE-pubes at some point, here is the old idea again.
    We are going to need a SOLID thinking Billionaire who thinks TEA PARTY for starters, and decide up front what the PARTY PLATFORM is: I vote for the party of, Small SMART INNOVATIVE Government, JOBS, small and big business, STRONG DEFENSE ( but stay out of war at all cost), buy American, Strong DOLLAR, no more printing, etc.
    SCHOOL CHOICE (pushed back to the states), and to follow the CONSTITUTION PERIOD, or amend it to clarify something or fight back the progressive movement EVOLVING our Civil Society.
    Fighting over social issues should be pushed to the back burner, PERIOD!
    We can add in FOR LIFE but all this fighting over ABORTION, GAYS, Women issues, keep it out of the TEA PARY PLATFORM .
    I say give Sarah Palin to run the PARTY as CHAIRMAN, and pay her what she wants.
    Mark Levin can be co-chair unless he has to give up his radio show..
    All expenses paid, and give her a PURE CONSERVATIVE NETWORK, like the DEMS have MSNBC…..I am not talking like FOX. FOX has gotten pretty bad lately…Oh, get her a 787 plane to travel on.Hey, emergency times call for radical ideas.
    If he took co-chair, let him work from home, pay him what he wants, and all expenses so he can travel and appear on TV shows, and show up on all conservative radio shows, SAME for PALIN.
    Same plan if we can take over the re-pub party, but good luck with that, those people are very nasty. If we can get their (R) polls down to 5% (HEADED THERE SOON), they may have no choice but to give up the party to TEA Leaders (PLEASE GOD). If only we could get the FAT CATS TO STOP GIVING !!!!!
    IF THEY CAN NOT RSISE MONEY< they are through !!!!!
    She would be happy doing this and very good at it, just think who we could get as candidates if WE were doing the recruiting against the PROGRESSIVES.
    I would sure love to drive John McCain out of the party, or into the DEM party where the belongs. THAT would be a fitting end to his career he decided to trash himself. How Ironic SARAH would be the "shining" ROCK STAR and he would wind up being the SENATOR LEADER who gave up the REPUBLICAN party to its future.
    I never have disliked JM, but he is on some kind of power trip and believes he is more important than the American People…It is just sad. I do not see him saving himself or his party, he knows better you see.

  • Ralph Thomas

    Thank you Mark for saying what NEEDS to be said.

  • EdgeOfTheCliff

    Hmmm, let’s see Mark Levin, or Reince Priebus? No-brainer. Levin’s right.

  • pslim

    Priebus? Reince… Priebus??? he looks and talks and acts just what you would think a “Reince Priebus” would look, talk and act like. How did a big F’in nerd like that become head of the RNC??? Nobody else wanted the job?

    • NPC

      McAulife turned them down.

  • EdgeOfTheCliff

    RINO Hunting Season should be open soon. McCain doesn’t require a tag. Get your unelect, or recall tags at your local NRA meeting. If you have contributed to the RNC in the past year, you will not be allowed to enter.

  • VHG1

    Levin’s right and the RNC is definitely beholden to the establishment and RINO’s which includes amnesty, doing nothing about Obamacare and doing even less on spending cuts!

    • ttodd

      And the RINO’s criticize and work against conservative candidates and even Conservative people in the Senate and House! These corrupt RINOs must be voted OUT ASAP!

  • Immigrant_from_Socialism7

    Apparently Reagan’s golden rule ended when he passed.
    Money certainly corrupts.
    But I’M RELIVING EAST GERMAN and SOVIET UNION Politburo subterfuge….and ONLY the Citizens SUFFER.
    Native born Americans YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR a better FUTURE for you’re kids and grandkids..DON’T UNDERMINE THAT AMERICAN DREAM.

    • xjesterx

      Reagan beat Bush in the primary, he certainly pointed out the things his opponents did that weren’t conservative or that he never agreed with. This myth that Reagan somehow won primaries and never criticized Republican opponents is silly. Thank God he criticized H.W. Bush and won the nomination!!!

    • jedward1000

      The conservatives are standing together and those that favor big government and call themselves republicans are standing with their socialist brothers. It is what it is. As we here in the Texas Tea Party say……..it is going to have to get A LOT worse before people see what is really going on. I am not even sure that when DC decides to Nationalize peoples 401K they will wake up. Likely we are in a tough decade or more.

  • JP cline

    It’s appears as if pandering, and lying ones fat arse off is now the pre-requisite to being afforded any financial and logistic campaign support from our illustrious Beltway controlled RNC !

  • blueniner

    Rince Prebus is a liar, he told Hannuty that he went to the Cuccenellis rally on Sunday, he sent a staffer there. RNC didnt help Cuccenelli, maybe a few crumbs and a nod wink, thats all.

  • aboutdat

    Not sure how this race will, end, but if what Levin said the other night about how the Rs wanted the DEM to win in Virginia, I say this is the time to start planning to split off if we can or after next election if timing is bad.
    RENCE should get fired for this disgrace, he is caught red-handed now.
    A winnable race for Ken, either way the Rs got to pay.
    I can’t believe that 3rd candidate has 124,000 votes.
    I was expecting for him to flame out and votes to go to KEN.
    This has proven they have lost their way.
    I change the channel now when ROVE come on, I hope FOX fires him soon!
    Expect big things to happen in the next 12 months, this OBUMMERcare is going to get worse and worse and they have already blame everyone else, even the people for the results.

  • $7850405

    Mr. Priebus, I promise to give the Republican National Committee the same support you gave Mr. Cuccinelli, i.e., exactly none. Don’t ever ask for money from me again.

  • Jane Gilbert Milliron

    What makes me angry was the fact that Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling never formally supported Cuccinelli…or at least I do not remember throwing his support behind him.

    • gibbygoo56

      I think Bill Bolling made a ad for McAuliffe.

  • Eddie frOly

    The simple fact is that like it or not the base of the Republican party is the Tea party conservative type. These idiots need to stop trying to push these MUSHY MODERATES on us and or they are going to vanish like the Wig party of old to be replaced by a true conservative brand unafraid to stand on principals.

  • ttodd

    Mark Levin also spoke today on his radio show, about how some rich donor in Texas, supported the fraudulent effort to produce a “Spoiler” candidate, running as a Libertarian, but whose policies were all LIBERAL, to run as a 3rd party candidate, in the VA governors race. Well, guess what? That guy took 125,000 votes away from Cuccinelli, allowing the criminal, McAuliffe to win. Cuccinelli had this race WON!! Is there no criminal prosecution, of what the Dems did, to steal this election with a false candidate? I’m convinced that our government is TOTALLY CORRUPT!

    • mare

      Yep, that is what I read today too. The corruption is spread far and wide…….I am sick to death of the government and all of the people in it. Our country is lost. Very sad.

    • ApplePie101

      You are implying is that those 125,000 votes rightfully belonged to Cuccinelli and the GOP, instead of to the voters, and that the third party candidate had no right to run. However nefariously his candidacy was arranged, he had a right to run, and his supporters had a right to give him their vote. Republicans had better not rely on the votes of ‘wackos’, ‘hobbits’, ‘chuckleheads’ and ‘knuckle-draggers’ to give them victory.

      • sallyjohanna

        Very true. Who knows if it was only a two party race if those people would have stayed home or voted. Ross Perot split the conservative ticket and did a lot of damage…that is how we ended up with Clinton. Embarrassed to admit I fell for all his charts and he seemed like a stronger conservative.

      • InfoDump

        Yep, unfortunately it is perfectly legal. Unscrupulous and underhanded is more what it is, but that’s the trademark of the Demokratik Party and evidently, the Trotskyite wing of the GOP.

  • Guest

    If you take all the vowels out of Rience Priebus…you are left with “RNC PR BS” …NEVER FORGET THAT!

  • Guest

    If you take all the vowels out of Reince Priebus…you are left with “RNC PR BS” …NEVER FORGET THAT!

  • Patti Jury

    If you take all the vowels out of Reince Priebus…you are left with “RNC PR BS” …NEVER FORGET THAT!!

  • NPC

    Piebus, a Carl Rowe understudy. I have about as much use for him as I do McAulife.

    • InfoDump

      They are all cut out of the same mold. It’s just one group is the in-your-face socialist/communist kind and the other group is the subtle backstabbing socialist/communist kind.

  • aboutdat

    Good Lord Virginia, I think you are now a BLUE progressive state.
    The demographics and progressives have their claws into you now.
    Once a carpetbagger can come in with the most money and win, you are no longer
    really valid.
    With OBUMMERCscare imploding, you STILL voted for the CORRUPT part?
    I thank all of the voters (in Virginia) who made it close and voted the issues.
    I am beginning to believe that maybe we will need to support Christi. because I could take him over Hillary.
    But right now, he is giving us a lecture, He is more like OBAME than REAGAN, YUK !!
    I get job offers (contracts) all the time to go Virginia and Jersey, I think I will stay in TEXAS
    I used to like Chris at first, but he said so many stupid things, and did not FIGHT against OBOZOcare. I hear he is Progressive, I guess we will find out now for sure.
    LEVIN can not stand the man, and I am beginning to agree, he reminds me of OBOZO in a lot of ways.
    ANYBODY but Billary? prove me wrong man ! PLEASE !!!!

  • M_J_S

    The GOP Establishment just formed a 3rd Party. Thank me!

  • Stephen Bradford

    Reince Priebus is a caricature of every reason why people dislike the GOP (creepy, rich, out of touch, white guy, with a 60’s side-part). He has been dreadful as head of the RNC. His GOP led party is consistently defeated by Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS)!

    He likes to criticize the “candidates” when they lose, well it is time he looks in the mirror. When the GOP gets handily defeated by a party led by a President whose approval rating is 39%, and DWS, who has the intellectual capacity of a gold fish, there are MAJOR problems beyond just the candidate.

  • Bonnie Girard

    So very sad. I really thought the RP was a good guy, but I cannot support anyone who is not Tea Party supporter.

    • trytothink

      Priebus talks the talk but he doesn’t walk the walk. Maybe deep down he has some decent ideals, but as the leader of a system and a party that continues to disappoint… if he had integrity maybe he would go do something else.

    • Tilon

      Why on God’s green Earth would you trust someone who the Establishment trusted to put in charge of the GOP?

      *knocks on your head* Anyone home in there? Any logic?

  • WordsFailMe

    When the Robo Call went out in VA Monday Night, accusing Cucc of supporting Obama Care and Federal Fin abortion, why wasn’t RInce Priebus poised over a conservative robo call button, waiting only for the last minute statement to be recorded? Have these republicans never spent the last night before an election? What were they waiting for?

    Down with the National Socialist Republican;’s Party. Shame on them. A pox on them!. Bury them in the Liar’s and traitor’s Dung Hill of history!

    Bless you Mark Levine! Bless you Glenn Beck De-fund and de-stroy The N S Republican’s Party!

    • picnicfun

      National Socialism is Nazi, not Russia style socialism.

      • WordsFailMe

        Nazism same as stateism, except carried out with style.

  • valerie

    I used to think Levin was a great guy, but now I detest him . He is a divider and instigator. In my opinion he is partly responsible for Romney’s loss.

    • sallyjohanna

      I wanted three things out of Romney…fix our broken economy, repeal Obamacare and reduce the size of Government. He promised America that is what he would do..I believed he was sincere and could have done it. I would have settled for that.

      One thing use to bug me…Romney wouldn’t say the word Constitution. He wouldn’t call Obama a Socialist…. not to mention Obama plays dirty pool, Romney was too nice, and nice guys nowadays finish last!

      Levin was for Romney once he got the nomination…he was a cheerleader.

      Levin is fed up because the establishment RINO’s are severely undercutting restoration of the Constitution…which is of primary importance if we are going to save our Nation. Levin is highlighting a problem that already exist.

      • carolinelouise

        Romney did say the word Constitution…. He spoke of those words behind him when asked what is the first job of the American president… he said to uphold the constitution, those words behind me. I heard Mitt say the word Constitution many times during the race.

        • sallyjohanna

          “Romney did say the word Constitution…. He spoke of those words behind him” …..sorry, I am not getting it?

          • carolinelouise

            I can understand how you didn’t get it…. I didn’t make myself clear….Ok, in one of the the debates, both the president and Mitt Romney were asked, what is the first most important job of the President… Obama said, “To keep Americans safe.” That was not a bad answer but actually not the FIRST JOB of the American president. Romney got it right. He said, “The first job and most important thing of any president is to uphold the Constitution and keep the people FREE. Just what those words say written behind me.” See, in that debate the words of the Constitution were written on the wall behind both men. I forget what debate it was. There were 3. In one of the debates the words of the Constitution were written either on the wall or a plack behind both men….. Romney actually got the question right….. The very first job of the president of The United States of America is—To keep the people FREE and uphold the US Constitution…..You can be “safe” in your own little home but not free…. It’s no good being safe if you are not free and controlled by government…. So Romney mentioned the Constitution in one of the debates when referring to the most important job of the president. He said it’s to uphold the Constitution….I also heard Mitt mention the Constitution in speeches he gave all across this land, as he traveled from one state to another. .

            • sallyjohanna

              Hi Caroline, You have a good memory…it was last debate with Bob Schieffer. It had a beautiful backdrop with the words of the Contstitution. The one with Obama’s insane glare at Romney! LOL, that alone should have turned Obama into toast with the voters!

              I watched all the debates, the RNC , news and radio. By election day I was totally sold on Romney/Ryan. They both did superb jobs in my opinion! Obama was so wrong, and the debates are now an historical revelation, especially the foreign policy one.

              Before the 2008 election, I was already invested totally in the movement…AnybodyButObama. Obama needed to be defeated at all cost!! I could see Obama’s socialist/commie leanings early on…for the life of me, I can not understand why the majority of Americans could not see what I saw..it was so obvious. Maybe, they are beginning to see the light now?

              If there is one silver lining out of that election, it was shining a National spotlight on Sarah Palin and giving her a National voice to share her patriotism with all of us.

              One of the tools to achieve our freedom and liberty, is our capitalistic and free enterprise economic system and smaller Government. Without a healthy economy, America will be weak and vulnerable…a strong economy is as critical as air and water…it sustains our well being, environment and helps us to defend ourselves.

              When I said Romney wouldn’t use the word “Constitution and Socialist” I am mainly talking about interviews with the cable media…I don’t know if it was his handlers steering him…but it was very frustrating! I wanted him to call Obama a Socialist Progressive that was destroying our Constitution. Sorry I was not very clear either.

              I really believed Romney/Ryan were the perfect duo at the right time, to fix our economy and repeal Obamacare. I still feel like that election was stolen. Haha, I just can’t prove it 🙁

              I am a Constitutional Conservative, I prefer a candidate that will defend our Constitution no matter what opposition they have to face.

              A lot of Constitutional Conservatives do not believe Romney would have kept his promises. WE will never know.

              I believe it would have been much easier for us to hold Romney’s feet to the fire, than it is to hold Obama’s tyrant commie regime to the fire!

              Sorry about writing a book…I needed a good vent!

              • carolinelouise

                It’s ok that you needed to vent. I rant on all the time. lol….There is no doubt whatsoever that Romney would have been better. At the very least we know he was born here and is an American. Ha! Originally I was for Rick Santorum. His passion ignited so many and he may have won the nominee if not for the rinos. They scared people and started the saying, “Only Romney can beat Obama.” Remember that? Gheesh. Santorum ran in second place. After the election Santorum and Romney met and Mitt said to Santorum, “You were a worthy opponent and you ran a good race.” Santorum was creeping up him big time. Santorum got in Obama’s face and that’s what people loved about him. he was bold and brave and even called the president a looser. Rick’s wife made him take that back. Ha, again. LOL…. But we saw such passion in Rick about the Constitution and freedom……Santorum is still working hard and doing so much to help the disabled children and other projects. He has a new Christmas movie coming out in November called “The Christmas Candle.” It will be on TV.. he is fighting Hollywood and all the corrupt movies that are in our culture. Rick also said Romney needed to talk more about freedom too and not just the economics of it all….. But yes, it was AnyonebutObama…. How Obama won is beyond me… There was a hige “uprising” in this country against Obama…So it’s very hard to understand how he won…Mickey Mouse could have beaten him…. I could be wrong because I have no proof but I smelled a rat with that election. I Know many conservatives did not vote because they did not like Romney and they were for Santorum or Gingrich or someone else. That was so foolish of them. My man was Rick, but when he lost it, after a couple of days of crying. lol… I immediately switched to Romney….I knew what I had to do.and I found out many things about Romney that I liked. He gives to so many people behind the cameras eye. He and his family have helped so many in need. Glenn Beck had on his radio show where he films it, people who came on who told their stories about what Mitt had done for them. It was truly amazing what he has done for others. These people were tired of hearing Mitt demonized by Obama so they called Beck and asked him if they could come on….So yea, Romney would have been far better, no doubt. Romney predicted all this would happen if Obama was re elected. And Mitt was right.

                • sallyjohanna

                  It is difficult to choose the right POTUS, history tells us that. The greats emerge after they get in office and prove they had the mettle and what it takes to meet the challenge. You pray the awful ones will just not do anything to harm America while in office.

                  We should always let the Constitution and loyalty to it, be our guide. Romney was vetted and ripped apart by LMSM. But they couldn’t shake anything lose.

                  Obama was never vetted, and was posing as a loyal American. Now we have an enemy in the WH.

                  Glad to know venting is welcome and I’m not alone!

                • carolinelouise

                  agree.. the Leftist Mainstream Media elected him. Never asked him one tough question.

                • sallyjohanna

                  I like the way you put that! “the Leftist Mainstream Media elected him” that is good because it is true!

    • trytothink

      Romney would have been useless in office. Did you see where he has already admitted that he wouldn’t have gotten rid of Obamacare like he campaigned to? Another big spending RINO would have been just another disappointment like W.

      At least Levin operates on a principled basis. If Levin were just pushing for the same RINOs as usual, what use would he be?

      • picnicfun

        Romney rightly said he would have kept the provision in Obamacare to take out the ban on preexisting conditions. What is wrong with that? Why would you leave millions helpless because of what they already have? Romney had the right idea.

        • Tilon

          Are you going to pay for all those Mexican and South American immigrants coming for their free health care?

          When you offer it for free to everyone who doesn’t contribute, what do you think is going to happen?

          Get ready to go broke paying for José’s kids!

          You know what I’m sick of more than anything? Bleeding hearts who never, ever mention HOW WE ARE GOING TO PAY FOR INFINITE COMPASSION in their endless screeds about how people should bleed more.

          Where is all that BLOOD you’re demanding going to come from?

        • trytothink

          This was in a recent interview. Romney indicated that he would have kept a lot more than just one provision of Obamacare. Mark Levin did a segment of his show on it the other day.

          Besides, studies show that the so called “preexisting conditions” situation is a problem for an extraordinarily small portion of the population. Breaking the hell out of the whole healthcare system to fix that one small portion is irrational.

    • James

      The RNC RINO’s are the dividers. If you’re a republican conservative the RNC and the entrenched republicans donot want your support. Screw them. Ted Cruz is my senator and he has more backbone than the entire RNC who is busy sucking Obamas pecker.

  • sallyjohanna

    I guess Virginia wants Obamacare…they want to be controlled by a lying corrupt Socialist Federal Gov’t agenda. The outcome of this race is extremely disappointing. I would like to know more about the spoiler Libertarian…but it won’t do any good. We don’t have what it takes to beat the Socialist Progressives.

    • M_J_S

      Not true. We have have the Second Amendment.

      • sallyjohanna

        Yes we do…. 😉

    • JohnCraven

      sallyjohanna, our candidates – strong, courageous conservatives who are unashamed to stand up for what they believe – Ted Cruz comes to mind – do have what it takes to win elections when they stand up for what they believe.

      Cuccinelli did not do that for the most part. He adopted what Maggie Gallagher in the Washington Post on October 17 called the “truce strategy” which has always been a favorite of people like Karl Rove where they go mute on issues like abortion and immigration and defending the sacred institution of marriage and defending the family from the liberal onslaught.

      Had Cuccinelli gone “Ted Cruz” in the campaign I believe he would have won.

      I have argued for a very long time that we need to “shake the dust off of our feet”, as Jesus would say, with the Republican Party and create our own political party of conservatives and people who cherish the founding prinicples of our nation and who will fight for them. The Republican Party, in my opinion, can not be “taken back” because it refuses to allow any such possibility. The Republican Party is in essence a shill for the big government statists in the capitol and they have come to stand for nothing, fight for nothing, aspire to nothing and inspire nothing in anyone.

      Certainly not the base of the party which Ted Cruz well represents.

      Trying to “take the party back” is an endless drain on our resources and time and energy and talent and is effectively going no where because this isn’t simply a “David vs Goliath” fight. This fight is in the same category when Moses led Israel in its fight with another adversary and as long as Moses kept up his arms Israel had the better of the battle But when Moses arms began to weaken and droop Israel began to lose the battle.

      In the end Israel won but it took, I think it was Aaron and Jacob, I believe that’s who it was, to prop up Moses’ arms.

      Likewise, we need to prop up our candidates as never before and to God will be the glory and the victory. And we need a party of our own to do that, just as Israel needed a place of its own to provide for themselves as God had intended.

      And we also need such a party of our own to promote the Liberty Ammendments which Mark Levin has championed because neither the Marxist democrats nor the Big Whigs of the GOP will allow that to happen which would cost them dearly in the influence they both peddle as Big Government shills.

      This is worth reading for its prescient insight into what Cuccinelli did not do well enough to win: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/cuccinelli-is-paying-the-price-for-the-gops-truce-strategy-on-abortion/2013/10/17/3c1ac994-3743-11e3-80c6-7e6dd8d22d8f_story.html

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      • sallyjohanna

        In addition to being a Constitutional Conservative, I am a 10th amendment hawk. I believe the Constitution is the answer to restoring our economy. I believe if states were given back their rightful power under the 10th amendment they would become strong, and in turn America would be strong. I believe the Federal Gov’t needs to resume their limited role. I believe in a fair tax system.

        I am told I am a dreamer, naive and we are too far gone to turn back.

        We the people are responsible for allowing the Constitution to erode to this degree…just ripe for a Communist to sweep into power.

        Look at Virginia…after all the coverage of Obama’s lying and the nightmare Obamacare has become….and they still voted for the Socialist!!! In former years the Conservative would have won by a landslide with that incentive alone.

        We the people have to become heavily invested in sending the right people to DC to represent us. State by State. We have to hold their feet to the fire when they get elected.

        Right now America is under attack from a terrifying enemy…I fear it is a luxury to divide ourselves…as much as I abhor RINO’s. We need to work hard and rapidly to find Constitutional Conservative candidates in our states to support. We need to put the fear into RINO’s already in office in our states. We need to put fear in the RNC…and we need to make the CONSTITUTION COOL AGAIN.

        It may take a third party…which could take decades to gain traction. Maybe we have not tried hard enough to wake up the GOP?? I am not smart enough to know what is better.

        After the holidays…I plan to investigate my local Republican party and Tea Party and get more involved.

        In the end we the people make the difference.

        • JohnCraven

          sallyjohanna, my prayers are with you in your efforts to do what you can to become more involved with the TEA Party movement and in investigating the Republican Party in your area.

          I really don’t think it will take decades or even very long to get a third Constitutional conservative party formed. I think the catastrophic disaster that is Nero Obama and his regime and ObamaCare will force its creation very quickly. At least I hope so.

          John Craven
          New Orleans

          • sallyjohanna

            Thanks…I hope so too! I would love nothing better, to have Constitutional conservatives in office. I have voted GOP since I could vote. But obviously that does not cut it. Just voting is now only one maneuver in the battle in the war. Heritage has a conservative scorecard tool…it looks interesting. The current Tea Party needs to be stronger have a much bigger platform…and a huge megaphone!


      • suedixon

        john we will have to do that for 2016. have a conservative party and if christie is the nominee, help him lose like the gop helped ken to lose.

    • InfoDump

      Well the McAuliffe campaign did have the assistance of the “Libertarian” candidate who was able to steal votes from Cucinelli. Of course, the “Libertarian” candidate was paid off by an Obama bundler to sway the election McAuliffe’s way. I suspect there were also voting “inconsistencies” in favor of the Dem candidate as well.


      • InfoDump

        I see I’m a day late and a dollar short. TRS already has a post on this.

      • sallyjohanna

        I heard that today..I absolutely do not trust the results of elections anymore. I still believe 2012 was somehow stolen.

        The reason being, I can’t believe that Americans are this far gone and would keep voting to destroy their economy and lives by voting for these lying Socialist Progressives.

        It’s is head shaking disbelief…we are not in Kansas, Virginia or any other US state I recognize anymore…we are all going to have to move to Texas lol! We the people need to rise up!

        • InfoDump

          It kind of makes one think if one’s vote even counts anymore. Widespread corruption, vote rigging, and dirty tricks seem to be the norm for mostly the Demokratik party. Texas is not exempt from “progressive” politics. I don’t completely trust Perry, since he supports amnesty for illegals. Virginia is sunk and even though that election was fixed, they will get the destruction they elected into office. McAuliffe is about as radical a leftist as they come. The leftist GOPers are in cahoots with the Dems. Anything to try to destroy the TEA Party. At what cost? I guess at the cost of losing elections. No “moderate” Republican has won a Presidential election. If they think Christie has a shot, they are deluding themselves.

      • Yazz55

        This strategy is known as – divide and conquer. Nothing new. Been a highly successful donkey party strategy for many decades.

    • binky354

      Actually, if you look at the entire map of Virginia, Most of Virginia didn’t want Obamacare or a Democrat governor. I’ll bet the majority of the people are in mourning. See map here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/Virginia-politics/polls-open-across-Virginia-in-hotly-contested-governors-race/2013/11/04/06c6205c-45d2-11e3-bf0c-cebf37c6f484_story.HTML

  • Not the GOP

    The Republican Party is finished. 2014 midterm will yield that the House goes D and the Senate remains D. Hillary has 2016 sewn up. It doesn’t matter who runs against her. The socialist party is here to stay. There’s no hope that tea leaves can be rustled in any measurable way to stir a ground game capable of undoing the damage done by the radical left wing of the democrat party. It’s full steam ahead for big government and entitlements galore. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. May the GOP rest in peace. They have no one but themselves to blame for their unmitigated failure.

  • Guest

    Good! another wimp Republican establishment defeat. But will this wake them up, I doubt it.

  • bjohnson55

    Enough of this Progressive GOP crap. These fools are gearing up to push Christie and this is going to be exactly the same shoot for the middle, try to appeal to the fence sitting independent cowardly idiot crowd. Result will be the same, loss of next run for the White House and control of the Senate. FOOLS!!!

    • suedixon

      they can have christie all lthey want. we will do to them what they did to us here in virginia and nj (lonegan) no money or votes for their fat boy christie. If they come out and say he’s the only one who can win, i’ll just reply like romney, mccain and dole?

    • AnointedSword

      Yes, but we need to support the conservative candidates in the primaries and go all in! Remember, if we wait until election day, we lost already. Get involved and stay involved.

  • JP2012

    Same story in New Jersey…Priebus and the RNC show up 3 days before the election, just in case Lonegan pulled off an upset, having sent the campaign $0.

  • froggy19510

    When I get mail from the RNC, AARP, or other odious places I write return to sender on it and put it back in the mail box and let the postal “service” deal with it.

    • Guest

      I answer their questionnaires bluntly, then explain why no contribution is enclosed, then send it back in their postage paid reply envelope. So far, they are not getting the message from this growing number of us.

      • kong1967

        They’re getting the message, they just don’t care. They are trying to destroy the Tea Party, which is a huge part of the conservative base. That tells me it’s not about victory to them. It’s about keeping the game going and keeping power in the RNC.

        • froggy19510

          You hit it on the head. If they were concerned about defeating Democrats they would have spent more money in Virginia and defeated McCullif. They are ok with Democrats in power as long as they keep their chairmanships and keep the scam going.

          • kong1967


      • froggy19510

        I used to do that. It never mattered. I Never once got a reply.

    • Delphinus13

      I’ll only donate to individual candidates from now on. No more money to the RNC so they can filter it, pilfer it, and withhold it from candidates that share my conservative views.

  • SocietyDweller

    The RNC did nothing to help Ken and everything to help that sleezebag McCaulifffe.
    I left the Republican Party months ago and re-registered as a Libertarian. Priebus is an idiot. Mickey Mouse could do a better job. He is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other.

  • Joseph ewing

    The story of VA is not this nonsense, but the results of having a third party candidate in the race.

    Anyone think that the “Libertarian” took votes away from McAuliffe?

    If that guy is not in the race, Cuccinelli wins easily. Any wonder that the DNC helped him (reported elsewhere)?

  • colliemum

    If it wouldn’t affect so many innocent people, and if we’d know that the prog destruction of your beautiful country could be reversed, I’d say let it burn, baby – let the LIVs and the DC swamp dwellers deal with the inevitable mess coming down the line in the very near future.

  • kong1967

    It’s a game to them people. I haven’t looked at the other threads yet, but I heard on the radio tonight something about the RNC supporting the third party candidate to make sure Cuccinelli didn’t win. I am without facts right now, so I could be wrong.

  • spin43

    Reince Priebus is a big liar and I wouldn’t give a cent to the RINO Party. I will concentrate on conservative candidates like Greg Brannon for NC senate.

  • spin43

    The Demonrats are now funding the Libertarian candidate and will now use that strategy in other states in 2014 to win back the house and fundamentally transfer the country closer to communism.

    • AnointedSword

      They will try. Don’t sound like a loser already; stay in the fight and if you have to speak like this, speak to yourself in the mirror.

  • guest

    One of Obama’s bundlers from Texas funded the so-called liberterian (who was actually a plant and not even a liberterian). This should have been brought out a long time ago. This race was fixed.

    • In_the_OC

      Yes, it was fixed, in my mind, anyway. And everyplace I looked – even on the Fox News website – all I saw were pictures of McAuliffe. All over the website. Maybe 5:1 Cuccinelli. All I saw was “McAuliffe’s going to win” and “McAuliffe’s got the edge” and “McAuliffe is way out in front and early…” I saw it and it made my blood boil. It was ALL about McAuliffe, and not just on FoxNews website. Other places as well.

      WHAT HAPPENED TO PAGES TOUTING CUCCINELLI??? Where were those stories? And where was the TRUTH about WHO WAS FUNDING THE SO-CALLED LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE??? I didn’t see anything about that until AFTER the election was over! WHY WHY WHY????? Why was that story not front and center on ANY show on Fox News? Why was it not a story WEEKS AND WEEKS AGO????

      Virginia is TOAST. I hope all you Virginians who insisted on WASTING YOUR VOTE on the Libertarian to make your statement are today very, very satisfied with what YOU helped do to your state. Because NOW you’re going to have to live with it. Enjoy McAuliffe. He’s all YOURS now.

  • Delphinus13

    Not one more dime to the RNC. They only support “Establishment” candidates, and withhold funds from true conservatives and TEA Party candidates. From now on, I’ll only donate to individual candidates. RNC of today is like the Whig Party of the 1800s.

  • AnointedSword

    RNC did not try and help any true conservative because they are in it to keep the power within the party. For the power hungry within the GOP, this was a win-win; if the conservative won, they can say they backed him, and if he did not win, they can say we told you so and support their real choices–moderate liberals.

  • Delphinus13

    RNC spent $(M four years ago in Virginia to win by 17%. They spent only $3M this year to lose by a hair. No more sending money to them. All they do it filter it, pilfer it, and withhold it from candidates I support. Answer: ALL my money goes to individual candidates from here on, NOT the political machine.

    • kathin9

      they spent over 9 million dollars in 2009

    • senator20526

      SarahPac is a good handler of money. Sarah has a good record of supporting winners…

  • Mike Porter

    RNC, DNC…what’s the difference? If we want a conservative candidate to actually win, we the people need to do the hard work, and we need to support that candidate in any way we can. Let the RNC starve.

  • clubgitmo

    Once again time for a 3rd party and the hell with the GOP.

    • JohnG911

      No we need to take over the GOP just as the communist took over the DNC!

  • ryanomaniac

    The Libertarians that didn’t vote or voted for the fake Libertarian candidate really give able minded Libertarians a bad name. These are groups of a naivety that knows no bounds. I don’t understand these people and their thought processes because my brain won’t allow me to be that dumb. What a bunch of idiots. If I were a thinking Libertarian I would be totally embarrassed to call myself one right now.

    • binky354

      On an intellectual level, I know that Sarvis had a right to run, but on an emotional level I despise him for helping to put the Democrat in office.

      • David Anfinrud

        Remember he was funded by an Obama fund bundler. It is just the Democrat party put in a third party candidate so they can take power. Money well spent in the eyes of Democrats

  • BEH

    Not one dime is going to the RNC… hear that Priebus?

  • sacha

    DEFUND THE GOP AND THE RNC! Priebus and Rove need to STFU and GO AWAY! Tea Party all the way in 2014. No more RINO’s! F the GOP, RNC and ALL THE RINO’s!

  • Cecile Tourville

    Guess what? I am writing off the GOP! Will give to alternatives.

    • answer1776

      Please DO NOT give to alternative groups/orgs/parties. Give to each individual candidates YOU want elected.

  • susan trepagnier

    This is the reason I am no longer a member of the GOP, the RNC and would never be a member of AARP. From now on, I will either support the candidate, the Heritage Foundation or the Conservative Senate Fund.

  • Max Ende

    Now we have a two party system that are both against the will of the people. The DNC has a socialist agenda and the RNC is in the pocket of crony capitalists. It is ridiculous to believe that we conservatives can win an election under the “Big (full of holes) Tent” of the RNC. The ones who said we cannot start a third party was the RNC and it was for a reason. We conservatives cannot win an election unorganized. We MUST organize. We MUST create a platform and we MUST look to the future if our freedom is to be regained.

    • ChicoEscuela

      Go T-Party!!!!!

    • InfoDump

      I believe there is no difference between the DNC and RNC. They both support whomever will solidify their power base and augment their offshore accounts and tax shelters.

  • Terri Schiavone

    you folks who send money to the RNC remind me of folks who keep buying dog treats from china and expect that its safe….what the hell is wrong with you??? Get over, quit buying the poison and spending your hard earned money on waste!!

  • butchz

    Conservatives have no one @ all in the whitehouse. This is truly a test of faith in my eyes. God bless America again.

  • ChicoEscuela

    Time for Reince Priebus to be escorted out of the Republican party

    • SouthronKittie

      Why? To be replaced with another anti conservative member of the ruling class? If you’re placing your hope in the Republican party, prepare for an eternal wait.

      • ChicoEscuela

        Unfortunately you are probably correct!

  • giveususfree

    Rinse Priebus, lol.
    It’s more like Rinse and Repeat, the talking points and BS.

  • GigiOf3

    I love it when Mark says Rinse Priebus. That said, the RNC is in a world of hurt and will continue to be so. Each time mail arrives from the RNC, I open and reply on whatever is inside that as soon as the RNC starts to recognize the TEA party as a supporting part of the RNC, I will complete their surveys and give money. Until then, they can pay for my postage round trip and I will contribute to candidates that will represent me. I have one ready to go out this afternoon! I will get even, one stamp at a time.

    • harleyone

      Yep me too.

  • SouthronKittie

    We may not give money to the GOP but Sheldon Adelson has more than millions to cover for us.

  • harleyone

    Hey Reince are you paying attention? We The People DON’T WANT YOUR TYPE RNC, WE WANT THE INDEPENDENT, FREEDOM LOVING, SMALL GOVT, LOWER TAXES TEA PARTY TYPES. You RINO go alongs are done.

  • HBninjaX

    Reince Princess is part of the problem

  • Laurel

    Just so people know. the Republican Party spent 9 million to get Bob McDonnell elected. They only spent 3 million on Ken Cuccinelli.

    GOP must think we are stupid.

  • Lynn Roland

    I love a good Levin smackdown. It puts a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Dang! Mark Levin is right again. From on the ground it was a bunch of tea party members calling people at the Republican office to remind them to vote. All of a sudden one or two of them showed up at a couple of polling places where the majority was Republican so they could say they were seen. One was an officer at our polling place who I had never seen in previous elections. All the while some of the members kept insisting that they had been there all along. No they weren’t. No money from the local Republicans for the House of Delegates nominee. He won on his own with no help from his party. Nothing much if anything from the state party. From on the ground reports there was zero, nada, zip, nothing from any Republicans. The old guard thinks that they are going to stop us, but where we are in the ‘change’ cycle they think they are going to win.

    Good for Mark for pointing this out and making a big f’in deal about it. Bob McDonnell pretended he was a Conservative to get elected, but the Establishment knew he wasn’t. I am thrilled that Mark is jumping on the Republicans and doing it vociferously. This is a big jump for him. He never campaigned with a nominee much or any time that I can remember. The sleeping giant is out there front and center now. And you haven’t seen the last of Ken Cuccinelli either. Too bad Obama. Both of them are coming after you with more force than before. You have pissed off the wrong people.

  • AmericanKim

    I was a poll watcher in Fairfax, VA. yesterday and I can tell you first hand that Mark Levin is 100% CORRECT….I have pages and pages of notes on just how bad it was. Mark, I would LOVE to tell my story to you or anybody who will listen. MAKE NO MISTAKE, Mr. Cuccinelli’s loss is a direct result of the GOP and RNC’s failures…..I will NEVER support either one again…financially or at the polls.

  • The reason they were giving so much to Christie was so he could continue to build a war chest for 2016. That was obvious. He certainly didn’t need to use it here.

    • Francie26

      I sure wouldn’t vote for Christy. He leans too far toward “democrat” for me. I can see him being great friends with the Clintons.

  • Burleson Fred

    No more support from me for Republican Candidates that are not Constitutional Conservatives. I will only vote TEA PARTY and will never support Crispy Cream for Prez. Without the TEA PARTY, there will no longer be a Republican Party. SO GOODBYE RNC RINOS we no longer need nor want you because every vote for you is a vote for Big Government Socialism.

    • omega_man

      I only contribute directly to candidates….not a penny to the Establishment RNC, only scorn.

  • TaxTheirn

    The primary reason for Cuccinelli’s loss was the 7 or 8% support for the libertarian 3rd party candidate where democrat party money was only too eager to fund. Mark Levin, if you have a problem that gnaws at you, you need to speak to that issue. You might find yourself looking in the mirror.

  • chicodon

    Senate RINOs are petrified of the Tea Party. Sarah Palin warned them not vote for cloture during the budget fight. She promised to look into primarying anyone who voted against House Republicans. They made fun of her for the threat. Now they can see the wheels starting to slowly turn in the grass roots world and they are panicking. There will be primaries whether they like it or not.
    The RNC is worried about the Tea Party influence on 2016. The President is 1/3 of the government and they don’t want them to have that power. Billions are at stake. They’d rather see a Democrat win.

  • wfwilson6

    Mark Levin, Priebus and his GOP friends can no rely on the argument that a vote for a 3rd party candidate or no vote can lead to a democrat winning. WE DO NOT CARE ANYMORE. Screw the republicans, ALL of them.

  • Bill589

    I can’t vote for these back stabbing traitors. They are worse than the enemy that at least fights us to our faces.
    A Dem voting progressive is bad.
    A GOP voting progressive is worse. It adds a bipartisan legitimacy to the vote, and more.

    My first choice is to vote for a Constitutional patriot – no matter what capital letter occurs after his/her name.

    My second choice is to vote for anyone running against the worst of the worst – the GOPe progressive. That includes Democratic party, Libertarian party, Aliens from Mars party, etc. – anyone of these is better than the traitorous saboteur GOPe.
    Even if another is just as progressive as the GOPe, at least they’re not lying to my face and then stabbing me in the back.

  • softunderbelly

    In an argument between these two men (Levin & Priebus), I’ll back Mark Levin every day of the week including twice on Sunday. “ground game” my ass!

  • Roosan

    I left the Republican party because they were too yellow bellied to stand up to the Demon-rats. And now I see that the Establishment Republicans are back-stabbing their own.

    Hey Reinhold Reince Priebus, John ‘Bonehead’ Boehner, and Mitch ‘Gridlock’ McConnell – you had better wake up – and fast. You’re about to get steamrolled.

  • Tom Ripley

    What we (Repub ) need is a man like Mark Levin to run the RNC.
    Someone with back bone, one who will stand up to RINOS in the Repub. party

  • Soxfan1032

    What the RNC needs to understand is this. Whether it is an establishment candidate or a Tea Party candidate, that candidate is the choice of the people in that state. It’s not the RNC’s choice but the peoples choice. That choice once it is made means the RNC must get behind that candidate 100%. If they can’t do that, then it’s time to defund the RNC.

    • Don

      I think many of us have cut them off. I have. But I suspect the RNC et al are still getting money from the same corporate cronies that support Obama, and I believe that fact has poisoned their actions.

  • Hand of Doom

    Levin / Gowdy 2016

  • Vinita Thonen

    I am a registered Republican, have been for many years. I no longer support the RNC because they don’t seem to follow the will of the people they represent. They don’t have the spine to stand up to the democrats. I support the candidates directly, and the solicitations from RNC go straight to the trash. If they provided the proper leadership, there would be no “Tea Party”, which is just patriotic Americans wanting to get back to basics, like the constitution, and the limited government that was intended by the Founding Fathers. It is no longer “by the people,, for the people”, it for the enrichment (financial) of a few, who really couldn’t care less about ordinary people wanting to provide for themselves and their families. We need to get back to the basics.

  • Kimber1911

    Not a single penny more to the RNC.. They want wussies and yes men.. People that will work with Democraps.! Well thats not what We want ! We want leaders not Sheep..If they won’t support the peoples candidates then it’s time that we conservatives create our own party and defeat them .. make them go the way of the Whig party…

  • RedRyder

    Rance is just another weak RNC chairman. Establishment RINOS are our (conservatives) weak link to saving America.

  • Renny

    Some of these guys are starting to sound like Obama. You wonder if they really believe what the heck they’re saying and then they do.

  • mapache

    The RNC can suck wind as far as I am concerned. I am done with them. I will support Freedomworks and individual candidates.

  • Sam

    Tea Party…our only chance for freedom….

  • KentM

    The RNC sucks they could not plan a 5yr olds birthday party let alone make a winning strategy for elections. They are beltway brats with no common sense

  • Robert Caleb Potter

    Listen folks. If the objective is to defeat Liberal Progressives and move our country back to sanity we need to get seriously organized. I propose a National Convention to include all Patriotic Groups (Tea Party and others) …even those good Republicans who wish to attend. We need to bridge the divide or else we are going to get our clocks cleaned again by the well funded, well organized DNC. The fight between who is more Conservative needs to stop for now. We can do that when we back away from the Communist Cliff and America is on safer ground.

    • SickofPoliticks

      Exactly how I feel. Which is why I voted for Romney. Was he the best candidate? I don’t know. But I know he would have been a lot better than Obama.

      Nevertheless, as I’ve written to Mr. Priebus, whom I really like, until the establishment Republicans stop trashing other more conservative Republicans, my donations will go to individual candidates, not to the GOP.

      Will I vote for Christie? I don’t want to, but I will if I have to. Anything to stop this progressive movement farther and farther to the left. But I’m sick of establishment Republicans, like McCain, Christie, etc. trying to tear down Cruz, Lee, Paul, et al., only because they’re keeping their promises to their constituents. If the RINOs would stop bashing and start supporting, the GOP would be considerably stronger.

      • Robert Caleb Potter

        No argument here. This is why a National Patriots Convention is needed, in part to promote the message to the Rupublican establishment and Tea Party alike that there are bigger fish to fry and the war needs to end. Also the weapon of disunity among us needs to be taken away from the media.

  • stbaumsb9155

    the RNC is just a bunch rino buuuullllshit!! priebus is rino liar very little money went to Cuccenilli, the tea party and conservatives NOT THE RINO’S !!!!!!!!!! bullshit on the ground game == what game?

  • pandainc

    Sorry, Reince, that dog don’t hunt. No more bucks to the RNC, period.

  • pcisbs

    100% Pathetic Loser Priebus’ own words prove he is a piece of shit. He kept saying RNC spent $3 Million Dollars – WELL HE (RNC) SPEND $9Million for the same VA Governor’s Race in 2009

  • MizGeek

    Every time I get a fund raising letter from the RNC, I fill out the b.s. survey and check the Other amount and fill in a big fat zero. In the name I fill in Tea Party Patriot with #DefundTheGop in there somewhere. Then I top it all off by writing something to the effect that when they stop supporting Obama, I will start supporting them again. Mail it back in their postage paid envelope. I also get the fund raising calls, same response no money for Obama supporters.

  • WJW

    Proud to say I have never given any money to the RNC, and never will until it is controlled by TEA Party conservatives, and that would only have to be 57 members.

  • Terry Story

    Precisely why I am not providing any money to the RNC or any other Republican group. I am sick to death of the disingenuous nonsense that the “establishment” Republicans, (think John McCain and those like him), are spouting. My money will go to those that are aligned with the TEA Parties and those that are as conservative as they are, and by that, I also mean Constitutionally oriented groups. The Constitution is as relevant today, perhaps even more so, than it was when written, and I support the original intent of those that wrote the words and I take the words literally!

    • carolinelouise

      Touche! The Founders spoke of Tyranny… Here is a beautiful video where their beliefs can be shared. They are speaking to us through their graves. Take heed Americans. They tell you here how we are a Republic and not a Democracy, for democracies waste themselves and commit suicide. This is because we are a “Nation of Laws,” not men…..They tell us here to always question our government and how it is our “duty” to stand up against tyranny.. In this video, they urge us to teach our children of the principles of freedom, and much much more… What’s happening today, they have warned us of. This has been coming for many many years even before Obama. It’s just that now, he’s taken that all and ran it ball the way down the field. However we have been moving further and farther away from the Constitution for decades now. They speak of “knowledge” here too, so educate yourselves, for knowledge is what makes good choices when voting.

      Another misconception by the left. The founders were not anti-government. They recognized we needed a government. They were for “LIMITED” government however. The Tea Party for example is not saying to do away with the government, They are saying, and rightfully so to government, “You have LIMITED powers upon me! Back off! Leave us alone!” The Constitution which is a document of— “The government shall not, The government shall not, The government shall not.”.. and on and on. It is CLEARLY a document giving “LIMITED” powers to government.

      Today we see our God given freedoms being destroyed by the present day issue of healthcare. Now, the government will decide what’s the best healthcare for you… You have lost “the freedom” to decide that on your own. The “government” knows better than you do. This is what they are telling us today. This is not what the Constitution nor the Founders said.

      Brick by brick, bill by bill, we are losing our freedoms. They chip away at it. It does not all happen at once. Thomas Jefferson here in this video says, and I paraphrase…. that even under the best circumstances government by “SLOW OPERATIONS” can pervert us into tyranny.

      The Founding Fathers are speaking to you here from their graves. Take heed Americans and stand up against all forms of tyranny.


  • lowestpaidnurse

    I have been a Republican all my life, as was my parents, but I won’t give them one thin dime or one minute of my time. They have forgotten what being Republican was all about.
    Like McCain and the rest of the RINO’s, there is no truth with Mr. Priebus. Reince Priebus and the RNC left Mr. Cuccinelli hang like Obama left the Seals in Benghzi! Under attack by the big guns, Obama, Biden & Clinton, and tons of funding for both candidates that were running against him, Reince Priebus treated Cuccinelli like a red headed step child. Afraid to to allow another candidate that would serve the American people in office, Priebus proved that there is no difference between the RNC & DNC. They are one snake with 2 heads. (That may be why God gave us 2 heels).
    What Reince Priebus and the RNC was hoping for was a landslide win for the DNC to cover his treachery. Mr Cuccinelli and the American people foiled his plot. I would like to see Mr Cuccinelli as a candidate in 2016. But as for now, we were shown where loyalties lie, that any race is not between the RNC & DNC, but between Liberty and Tyranny. The RNC has chosen it’s side and it is not with America

  • Robert Caleb Potter

    We do not have much time to organize before the 2014 elections so if the objective is to defeat Democrats we need to get our house in order. I think a Summit with the Republican National Committee that at least delivers a truce or a National Convention to include all Patriotic groups with Republicans invited could produce the following; It could gain access to more committed RNC funding for Tea Party candidates in general elections if we can get together on candidates who ‘can win’. There is no doubt that we do the country no favors by contesting ‘sure bet’ Republicans in elections. Some of the best candidates will be Tea Party candidates but some will certainly be average Republicans. After the primaries we must all get behind the candidate who wins the primary regardless of affilliation. Hopefully a straightforward meeting with the RNC can smooth some differences. Also it can if successful dispell this notion held by the media that those forces who oppose the uninterrupted march of Socialism are divided. Once again I say, this weapon must be taken away from the Liberal media. The choice is simple. Do you want America to win or lose?