Wow. Megyn Kelly’s focus group goes at it over Crowley’s “act of terror” misadventure last night

I’m not sure who is independent in this group because all of those supporting Candy Crowley stepping in last night sound like leftist hacks who don’t understand logic or truth. But on the flip side there are some in the group that make fantastic points about why Crowley should have kept her pie hole shut and let Romney argue with Obama.

If anything the dissension in this focus group over Obama’s phrasing of “act of terror” and what it meant bolsters the point that Crowley should have just stayed out of it.


(h/t: Mediaite)

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  • Looks and sounds to me that Crowley and Obama had that coordinated. Obama said “get the transcript” and Candy magically had it ready.

    This also is more of an attempt of this administration and the left to redefine ‘terrorism’.

    And if Romney was a bully, Obama was thug. He repeated his same old talking points just more aggressively.

    • Howzah123

      It absolutely was

      Notice that Obama’s Campaign had to scour everything he said about Benghazi being a terrorist attack to one speech in the Rose Garden where the words “Act of Terror” was actually used. Where was the fountain of quotes of Obama denouncing terrorism, terrorists, Al Qaeda, ect. after Benghazi? It doesn’t exist.

      In all the speeches, interviews, ect he never mentioned it. Pure staged political theatre between Obama and Crowley. Coordinated. It’s Obama and Crowley trying to set up the most laughable strawman in American History.

      It’s not going to work. We have a debate on Foreign Policy coming up. Obama has some splaining to do!

      • 3seven77

        Actually the phrase “act of terror” was NOT used in that speech. Here is a transcript of relevant paragraphs from the Rose Garden speech:

        “As Americans, let us never, ever forget that our freedom is only sustained because there are people who are willing to fight for it, to stand up for it, and in some cases, lay down their lives for it. Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe.

        No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.”

        Notice the use of the word “acts”. With an ‘S’. Its a plural. That alone indicates it was being used as a generality to describe MORE THAN ONE incident. If Obama had said, “No ACT of terror” and then included a comment that was specific to Benghazi there would be no doubt about what he meant. But even a statement like that would not explain over two weeks of every hack in his administration blaming a youtube video for the attack.

        • Howzah123

          You are absolutely correct sir

        • SineWaveII

          Amen! Great call.

        • BlueGood

          Well Done Sir!…now here’s some news you Super Scoopers might like!

          If you have not read it, I suggest you do…This guy seems to have a handle on it!

          Romney wins in a landslide — Las Vegas oddsmaker doubles down on prediction

          By Wayne Allyn Root

          Published October 09, 2012

          Read more:

          I was skeptical at first…but then I read his thoughts and track record! WOW


          • librtifirst

            I’ve seen that guy on youtube videos. He is hard to argue with.

        • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

          Correct… Also Barack Hussein Obama was using it as if to say: “No acts” that cause us great discomfort “will ever shake the resolve of this great nation”….. Was not at all addressing a specific attack……

      • LiveFreeOrDie2012

        When Obama referred to an “act of terror,” he was referencing 9/11. Read the speech.

      • SineWaveII

        What I now loathe obama for is his speech at the UN. As far as I’m concerned he joined Al Qaeda on that day.

        • keyesforpres

          Obama was letting the muslim leaders know he supports the blasphemy laws under the shariah. Treasonous and outrageous. He basically told them he believes Americans should be killed for speaking the truth about their raping, murdering, pedophile, “prophet”.

          • SineWaveII

            Very true. Anybody would have to be out of their minds to think we can trust him now.

      • jaym68

        …some FOOD for thought-

        Say it was ‘coordinated’ – many on the right are now saying Crowley’s ‘defense’ has only served to (inadvertently) put a much brighter spotlight on this issue. It is the #1 topic in the news today and cannot be avoided in the next debate on Foreign Policy.

        We’ve seen time and time again that when the left tries to overcontrol and manipulate – they FAIL …miserably.

        R/R 2012

    • conservocop

      You make a great point – and who at this point would put it past them. As for Obama, in my view, he is a damned cocky punk !!

    • Orangeone

      Not only ready but open to that page and notice how Moochier Obama started the applause so no one could hear Crowley try and fix her mess or Romney hold her accountable. And it detracted from the real issue, dead Americans and an act of war with no response.

      • mike3e4r7

        I didn’t catch that. She was the one who started the applauding? In-freaking-credible!! November 6th can’t come soon enough!

        P.S. Romney signs outnumber Obama signs in my neck of the woods (Central Florida)by a large margin. In fact, the only Obama sign I’ve seen was put up last night by my next door neighbor – an Obama-bot.

        The left side of the sign has a picture of George Bush (who knew Bush was running against Obama, I though Romney was) and says “This man took 8 years to create the mess”. The right side of the sign has a picture of Obama with the quote “I’m giving this man 8 years to fix it”.

        What a complete tool. Put me in a really foul mood until I thought about the point Mark Levin often makes. There are a certain percentage of drones out there who will never be swayed by evidence or logic. I just happen to live next door to one of them. But we still outnumber them by a wide margin.

        • Orangeone

          I read about Moochier on Breitbart.  Shows even more how the whole thing was staged!  Sorry you live next to an Obamabot, I have 2 union drones next door.  Like you I see very few Obamabot signs but very little Romney as well (mine took 9 weeks to arrive) and MN is a huge Demorat state.  Keep up the fight in FL Mike.

        • ObamaPelosi

          Really hope the signs in Ohio are the same as what is going on where you are in Central Florida. That would be great news!

      • SineWaveII

        Don’t forget Obama’s incompetence in causing the whole mess.

        • PFFV

          Huh? I thought Obama inherited all his problems from Bush? Just kidding….lol!

          Isn’t it amazing how everything is Bush’s fault almost 4 years later? Proof Obama is no leader at all. Reagan never whined about inheriting an even worse economy from Carter. Real leaders don’t point the finger of blame they solve the problems at hand.

          Obama has no interest in solving our economic, domestic, or foreign policy problems. He just makes it worse by design. Cloward and Piven? That’s what he has been doing.

          Romney/Ryan or we lose our Republic! God bless you all.

      • ObamaPelosi

        Now I know why she clapped. I was wondering why she was clapping when Romney was speaking. She did it so that no one would be able to hear what Romney was saying. What a dick she is!

    • I said the same thing when it happened live. It seemed choreographed!!! Still does…

    • Susitna

      Obama also directed Candy to repeat her statement! This was an act of cowardice.
      I wish someone would ask Obama, Biden and Hillary what they would do if they had to work in an Embassy situated in a war zone and without security.

      • ObamaPelosi

        Amazing how Obama cared so much about letting everyone know he said the words ‘act of terror’ in the Rose Garden, and how proud he was of himself when Candy Crowley took his side, and asked her to repeat her statement!! Then he has the balls to say ‘no one cares more about getting to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi that me?” What a joke! He cannot continue to be our president.

    • deeme

      I have not been listening to what they are saying about Romney but I have to tell you many of U.S. have waited a long time for someone to stand in Obama’s face and demand he tell the truth…

      • Amjean

        Yes, I applaud Romney for looking straight at Obama and challenging his lies.
        Noone else has the courage to do that. I keep looking for John Boehner and
        the other wienies in the house and senate. Hello! Where are you?

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Good point and well said!

  • Jeeze…The black guy lied, Romney did NOT interrupt Crowley. The AUDIENCE including Michele Obama interrupted her by clapping for her. Just watching all these Democrats is a testament to how unlikable and nasty they are. She never “held Obama to the facts”.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      And speaking of interruptions, Crowley interrupted Romney 28 times last night to Obama’s 9 (mostly for going over the clock). Where’s the outrage from these libs, the party of unfaaaaaaair!

    • some dishonor the true meaning of democrat…some rebubs the same for their party name meaning also…it’s still a REPUBLIC on paper hijacked by two agressive parties purporting a democracy…we forget the intent the writers of the constituion had in mind was not “Party” dominance as they knew that would not be beneficial to the nation…If GOD can hear all of this chatter and agrguing right now I think HE has put his fingers in both ears and is screaming lalalalalalalalalaalalalala!!!!!

  • detectivedick

    Pants and Candy Panties on fire, Plus FLOTUS classless. “say it louder”. I guess the LIAR was waiting for his “if the glove does not fit you have to acquit”…..

  • Take note that the Democrats in this video are atypical in that everything is personal and they just can’t resist snarky labels and names in regards to Romney. The more Obama loses, and he is losing, the worse it gets.

    And if this administration had it’s act together in the first place without all of the mixed messages once again on yet another topic then the lefties wouldn’t be projecting their frustration like children in a school yard.

    • CO2isGood

      They will look you in the eye, and tell you that you are not really seeing what you are clearly seeing, all the while giving you an attitude that says, “Not only are you blind, but you are stupid too.”

    • actionsspeaklouder

      I believe this administration likes it better when people are confused. I believe that they purposefully “mix” their messages to keep us off-balance and confused. Once you are so completely befuddled – you just give up trying to get to the truth. That’s what they want to happen. They want us to just throw up our arms in confusion and say – “whatever”.

      • SineWaveII

        It isn’t happening.
        Mainly because Obama is such an lousy liar. He’s not smooth like Clinton. You can untangle Obama’s BS, it’s not hard.
        Whenever you’re listening to Obama (or any democrat) just remember the words (of either Mark Twain or Will Rogers not sure which) “It’s very hard to believe a man is telling the truth when you know you would be lying if you were in his shoes” Of course I add to that ” and also have his lack of character” because there are many people who wouldn’t lie no matter what.
        So when Obama speaks remember his lack of character and then ask yourself “would I be lying if I were him” and you’ll have your answer.

        • actionsspeaklouder

          I like it. Everyone lies a little throughout their lives – but this guy takes the cake. His lies are not of the “little white” variety – they are traitorous. They are dangerous and meant to obfuscate, cover up and undermine America. You are right, he is no slick Willie – but, he seems to have the teflon angel working overtime because with the help of the lying media – he has gotten away with literally murder – he should have been impeached or removed militarily long ago. With all that hasn’t stuck to him – he will walk away a wealthier man than when he went in and totally sidestep prosecution and jail. It’s criminal.

    • SineWaveII

      I feel sorry for “President Romney” though. I’m afraid that what Bush went through is going to be a Sunday School picnic compared to what Romney is going to have to endure. And I feel sorry for America, because we are going to have to endure it right along with him.

      • I have to agree with you. That means the bulk of us are going to have to speak ever louder in response. Conservatives seem to be only good at defense. It’s time for some offense.

        • SineWaveII

          Absolutely. Fight fire with fire, it’s the only thing that works.

      • PhillyCon

        You are correct. Levin says this all the time.

      • practigal

        Bush went through it before the Tea Party. We The People / Tea Party will be holding President Romney & Congress’ feet to the fire to do what they’re supposed to do & what we want done. We (the level headed) will be backing our man just like we’ve been doing all through this election cycle. The MSM is quickly becoming obsolete. Conservatives own Twitter & RULE on social sites. It will be a different dynamic. They’ll be vicious but we’ll be in their faces at every turn, speaking TRUTH. They can’t handle truth…

        • SineWaveII

          I really hope you’re right. And I’ll be doing my part to make that so. But my own take is that the current old media MSM will be with us for about another 20 years. That’s enough time to completely destroy an eight year Romney presidency followed by an eight year Ryan Presidency and then two years left over for 1 more term of one more republican. (Best case scenario obviously).
          I’ve seen how they operate and I don’t see any incentive for them to change course at this point.
          However that being said this November will certainly be the first big test of that. After all I’ve never in my life seen a news media so in the tank for a president as this one is for obama.

          • practigal

            Mark Levin keeps saying he senses that something’s happening — referring to the “awakening” that has occurred for so many since Obama’s been in office. I sure see and feel it online. But living in solid blue New York, I don’t see the activism like you see in some parts of the country.

            I’d be very surprised if the MSM has 20 years of significant influence left in it. Anecdotally, we don’t have cable tv at our house & rarely watch tv anyway. Netflix for entertainment, and we stay very well informed by reading articles on our tablets & watching news segments online. Add to that free & paid podcasts, and we’re up on lots of topics. I’m even thinking it’s time to stop the delivery of the local paper, which we get on weekends. It’s mostly old news by the time we read it in print. And, living in the shadow of Eastman Kodak, we’ve seen that these shifts in the digital age can happen very quickly. The switch to digital cameras has practically turned the lights out at Kodak, in fewer than 10 years.

            Yes, November will be the first big test. The debate moderators and MSM have certainly put their bias on full display, and according to Gallup, 60% of Americans don’t trust the MSM. How ironic that digital progress may well be creating an environment that leaves the so-called “progressives” in the dust at the polls.

  • 4Hoppes2

    Some folks get all enraged and upset over sporting events and start cussing and cursing as a means to let off steam. At 9:30 last night I was so disgusted, so enraged and as the last line of The Lords Prayer, before the doxology, I was begging to not be led into temptation but to be delivered from the evil of Obama’s lies so I went to bed. How do people allow themselves to be swayed by this charlatan? It is no longer little lies about little things he has demeaned himself to telling big lies about everything.

    • poljunkie

      I was so wound up and anxious that even after staying up late into the night and watching a few movies, I tossed and turned- and couldn’t sleep.
      I am having so much anxiety,I cant believe it.

      • SineWaveII

        Obama has that effect on people.

      • actionsspeaklouder

        I can believe it! Same here. My stomach feels woozie all the time. I’m clenching my teeth so hard in my sleep I wake up with a sore jaw. Watching all the news clips showing the debate – Crowley was clearly overstepping her authority. But, when I think about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if Axelrod told her what to do. She and Obama were in cahoots against Romney – that much to me is pretty evident. What a sham of a debate. Romney really gets kudos for doing a masterful job with such high odds against him. It shows his superior intelligence, superior knowledge of the issues, stellar character, his presidential demeanor and he has a backbone. The whole debate was an orchestrated effort to help Obama get “it” back. IMO – Obama lost “it” a long, long time ago – and, to many, he never had “it” in the first place. America has HAD IT with Obama. We don’t want “it” and Mrs. “it” in our White House – or, in our country for that matter.

        • I may have to watch this again but didn’t Obama say to Candy “get the transcript”! Did they provider her with talking points? Why would you just assume she had a transcript right there in front of her unless you already knew she had it – something really stinks here.

        • poljunkie

          You are so right. It is so amazing to me how the liberals always get to be in charge of the debates. Even when, during the primaries FOX hosted one they did it in combination with I think it was GOOGLE, so it had a slant to it as well. And lets just say Meghan Kelly or Bret Baier was a MOD at a debate like last night- they would never lean over to the a Republican like Candy did for Obama. I just think they have too much integrity.
          I just dont get it.

          I am proud of (most of) the Republican and Conservative base though. A large percentage of us didnt want Romney in the primaries, but we have all pretty much banded together now, and I think that is awesome. Sure there is a small sliver that wont vote for him for “their” reasons- but in my view we have to VOTE Obama OUT NOW.

        • ObamaPelosi

          Candy Crowley had interviewed Axelrod the Sunday before the debate. I’m positive what you said is true. They definitely planned this in advance.

      • ObamaPelosi

        Don’t worry. When Romney becomes president, these days will be worth it.

    • Orangeone

      Ask yourself how millions could have followed Mao. How millions could have followed and murdered for Hitler.

  • poljunkie

    Well, at least the point has been made that a terrorist attack occurred under Obamas watch.
    It wasnt an off handed killing.

    He so badly wanted to claim that he defeated Al Queda. AND now that has been taken off the table.

    • Amjean

      Good point! And I read that the “guns for Syria” might be a new scandal brewing.

      • Orangeone

        Left overs from F&F program since it was purportedly shut down?

    • PhillyCon

      Also, didn’t the libs used to say that “getting” Bin Laden wouldn’t fix the problem when Bush was in office? Now all of sudden, its a big deal.

      • poljunkie

        …and every Dem was a war protester during the Bush years. Where is Cindy Sheehan? Is Code Pink still rallying?

    • Orangeone

      Check out today’s news. Attempted bombing of the Federal Reserve today by Banglideshi mooslim….Al Qaeda connection?

  • Joe

    The words

    ——————You LIE

    should be used more often

    and it seems odd that Obama wanted the transcript

    He is easily riled up!


    The “focus” group was the worst one I’ve seen as far as being civil and neutral

    Definitely leaned to the left – The nasty ones showed their colors –

    What’s up wit dat? anyways

    • SineWaveII

      Yeah I noticed that too. It’s Fox New’s soft liberal bias. There were two democrat strategists (liars for pay) in the group, but no republican strategists. Why was that? She said they were from all walks of life but that wasn’t true. They were politcos and reporters and two democratic staff members. Hardly “all walks of life”.
      That’s why I hate television news and don’t watch them anymore.

    • PhillyCon

      The liberals I know personally are militant and bullying … kind of funny they accuse us of this. If you disagree with their position, they literally go all postal on you, and channel Chris Matthews. Its not pretty having to deal with such people.

      • SineWaveII

        Yes that’s an old trick Lenin used it in Russia and Hitler used it in Germany. You go out, commit a crime then accuse the other side of doing it. Everything that the left accuses people of, they do themselves, everything the left says people are, they left are. It’s been their SOP for over a century. (Remember StufFromThe Gutter trying to make Benghazi Romney’s fault?) Last night Obama tried to blame Romney for his own lack of being able to get things through congress (Romney isn’t in congress).
        They also think everyone else is stupid, because they are.

  • Orangeone

    Very easy to see the Demorats in this group talking over the conservatives.

  • As has long been evident from her previous on air comments, Candy Crowley is clearly Democratic leaning.

    At the same time, it is impossible to be alive without having internalize a great many biases. There is no such thing as fair (fairness is in the eye of the beholder) and balanced (balance is in the eye of the beholder). For any living human, the is not such thing as totally impartial (other than possibly totally uninvolved and non-participating in any way in any related issues).

    Thus, for reasons of “conflict of interest” disclosure, the voting records of people in the media who report on political issues needs to be quite public and continuously updated.

  • Blacks support Obama to the tune of 98%. The fact that they are so represented in those focus groups makes absolutely no sense.

    How about having focusing groups made up entirely of Mormons while we’re at it?

    • Amjean

      That would be hilarious.

    • NYGino

      Blacks voting 98% one way can only mean their vote is based on one thing, and one thing only, race. Independent thinking and open minded analyses goes out the window.

  • Botzilla

    The only thing I care about right now is Romney 51% Obama 45% muwahahaha

  • sjmom

    Romney only looks like a bully because twice in 24 hrs Obama needed a woman to cover for him. First, Hillary and then Candy.

    What they and we saw in Romney was how a man stands and confronts the opposition and also how a gentleman shows respect to the female moderator, unlike Biden last week who argued with Marha.

    • NYGino

      He also used another woman as a shield……Susan Rice.

  • AbdulBX

    The bottom-line is Mitt tried to get too surgical on Libya, otherwise he could be planning his inauguration. Now he has to work like hell for the next 3 weeks. Sucks, but no one said it would be easy.

  • lilium479

    What focus group?

    • AbdulBX

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Kelly hyped the panel because it was loud and raucous. But a group of partisan spinners all squawking their talking points at high volume is neither edifying or entertaining.

    • PhillyCon

      A focus group is supposed to be “regular” people not former and current political operatives. Its basically crossfire with 10 ten people instead of four! LOL.

  • odin147

    The truth is plain and simple for all to see, AlQaeda was telling America they can still bomb on American soil on 9-11, Osama may be dead but AlQaeda is alive and well. Nothing to do with the video, it was a message to the one that you have failed. The one lied to us because he did not want to admit defeat. Plain and simple.

  • bjohnson55

    The Conservatives made sense and used facts to support their arguments. The Liberals used snarky comments “Mitt = Mythological” “Binders or whatever” with sideways smartassed little grins because they cannot support their arguments with facts. Crowely should have kept her mouth shut and anybody with an ounce of good character in their bones knows this and that is why the liberals are having such a hard time with this fact.

    • AbdulBX

      I notice this with Obama and Biden too, little smart ass, snarky remarks. While Romney/Ryan just attack the a-hole’s record, while being nice.

  • Nukeman60

    The two black people on this panel should be ashamed of themselves. What kind of objectivity do you have when you throw yourselves to the foot of the Obama altar with no compunction at all?

    I literally hate listening to that guy second from left in the front row (Bernard). He is and always has been a real a$$. His goal was to switch the narrative to Romney being a bully and totally failing in the debate, not the subject at hand. That is his MO.

    No one brings up the point about Crowley’s supposed defense of Romney as being totally backwards. She said it took upwards of 2 weeks for the story of it being a protest crowd and the fault of a video to come out. That is wrong. It took 2 weeks for the video and protest to be debunked. So she missed two points in the same sentence, the terror comment and the video comment.

    Lastly, it doesn’t matter whether he said Benghazi was a terrorist attack the day after or not. If he didn’t (which I believe), then he lied in the debate. If he actually did, then he lied for 2 weeks after the Benghazi event. Either way, he lied to the American people and he should be held accountable. He can’t have it both ways.

    • She said it took upwards of 2 weeks for the story of it being a protest crowd and the fault of a video to come out. That is wrong. It took 2 weeks for the video and protest to be debunked.

      Excellent point! The fact is that many people would be claiming it was whatever the administration says it was regardless of the facts known……there are people that care more about their false messiah than the truth.

    • Landscaper

      “Bernard”-guy second from left, tried to hi-jack the discussion and Megyn had to tell him to put a sock in it. Major jack-ass.

      Agree about the black panelist being in the tank for Obama.

      The whole thing was a sham not a debate Tuesday night.

  • kamiller42

    Obama put all his eggs in the Mohammed video basket and it was turned over. Now he wants to rewrite history with another what is “is” moment. Slick Willy was slick. Obama is just liar. Joe Wilson, you are vindicated every time Pres Ego speaks.

    Side note — I’ve said many times before and still holds true: Conservative women are the best looking. 🙂 Megyn, nice hair but you can do without the glossy lipstick. You’re not 15.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Slick Willy would’ve never gotten away with what he got away with had there been an army of citizen truth-seekers with internet access.

      The left relies on lies, but their house of cards is falling apart.

  • shield1

    Sure, Romney was the ‘bully?’ Crowley interrupted him 28 times vs 9 for Obama and when Romney objects to that it’s being a bully> the left is something else isn’t it?

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      I know. They think he’s a bully because he had the audacity to mention gas prices, the unemployment rate, the ballooning debt, the yearly deficits, Fast & Furious and a terrorist attack on Obama’s watch with ensuing cover up. We call that the TRUTH, they call it bullying.

      What was that line? “YOU [THEY] CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”


      • Amjean

        I think you are correct. And it is mindboggling to know of how big and varied are
        Obama’s failures, when you see them all in a row in your posting.

        They also say he is a bully, a liar, too rich, etc. because they have nothing else.

    • kong1967

      Romney wasn’t a bully, but in my opinion Obama needs to be pushed around. He’s pushing nothing but platitudes, lies and propaganda (half truths). Gotta look tough on him for being such a scam artist. I loved the look on Romney’s face when he was asking Obama if his claim was that he said it was an act by terrorists on day one (and not a video). It was a serious look as if to say “are you going to dare to confirm that lie to me right now?”. Of course, Obama didn’t…..”please continue” he said.

      • Orangeone

        Wish Romney would have looked at O’Bambi and said “Mr. Obama, please remember that as an elected official you and the other gov’t employees work for us, not the other way around.”

        • kong1967

          Lol, that would have been great.

  • michael carpenter

    This is the first time I’ve heard an argument concerning context. The argument they where having during the focus group was about the context surrounding Obamas statement “acts of terror”. Was he, or was he not, calling this episode an act of terror? The question is moot. Both sides have a valid point of view. However! When this statement by Obama, the day after 9-11-12, is viewed within the context of the assertions made by him and his minions for two weeks after, it becomes clear that his “acts of terror” statement was not specific to Benghazi, but was a generalized statement. The administration’s avoidance of calling it a terrorist attack, for two weeks, speaks to his original intent of his “day after” speech.

  • Amjean

    Bottom line – do we really want a president who conspires with the debate moderator?

    • kong1967

      It looked really bad when Obama was looking to the moderator for help, and after she gave it he asked her to speak up. He was acting like a child.

  • PapaLouie

    I checked the transcripts and this was the last question in the debate where Romney got the final response. He was not only interrupted by Obama and Crowley during his rebuttal but was also cut off after his first point and was not allowed to finish. Obama then got the last word on all three of the remaining questions. So how is it a fair debate when Obama got to respond to Romney but Romney got no chance to respond to Obama on the last three questions. In fact, Obama got the last word on four out of five of the final questions. That amounted to about a third of the entire debate. This is proof that Crowley was not an even-handed moderator, but I haven’t seen anyone else point this out.

    • poljunkie

      Exactly- and thats why he save the 47% closer. He knew Gov Romney wouldnt be able to correct or amend anything he said.

    • Orangeone

      I mentioned during the debate that I always saw the clock when Romney was speaking but never when O’Bambi was. The media was diverting our attention away from how long O’Bambi was rambling.

      • poljunkie

        Funny, I noticed that too.

  • Major914

    …fantastic points about why Crowley should have kept her pie hole shut…

    Judging by her more-than-ample girth, it certainly looks like she’s never had much success keeping her pie hole shut…

    • kong1967


  • marketcomp

    Wow, the angles a lie can take!

  • PVG

    Megyn would be a great moderator. In fact, in light of the latest gaff, the GOP should insist on someone from FOX!

  • wodiej

    You know what-I don’t care what a focus group thinks. This is 8-10 people giving their opinion. We all have one. So what?? That doesn’t mean they are experts-no one is, not even political pundits who blow hot air all day.

  • PhillyCon

    Someone please explain, how the heck is Romney a bully if he is rebutting a position? These people are unreal.

    • I would argue that he was attacked first by Obama…..lies about a person are just veiled attacks. I wonder what the lie count was.

      • NYGino

        Vegas had the over/under on Obama’s lies at 23.

    • colliemum

      Everybody who dares to look at Obama, calling him out on a lie (remember Romney looking at O, saying ‘no-no-no – what is the number of drilling licences?) is a bully. and a racist as well, of course.

      The dems who are trying to push this “Romney is a bully” don’t seem to notice that this makes Obama look really weak. So let them go on and do it: who wants a weak man as president?

  • The thing I’ve noticed in the two debates between obama and romney is that BO never seems to take the stage with the dignity and physical demeanor some might expect from a president with international influence to the people he serves and to the international community that’s watching, He always comes in with a defensive demeanor…not like a defence attorney…but like a guilty gang member the attorney is deffending…I keep trying to figure that out…but if you start with lies you’ll always be defending your lies because theres no GOOD Fruit that can come from then…so like the serpent…you’ll always be defending the Bad Fruit to some one unsuspecting as GOOD fruit…

    In this last debate obama came right in saying romney was a liar…what’s funny in that is knowing romney’s back ground and faith…why would romney sacrifice that with lies?

    But barrack won’t tell you why he wears the ring he does and about the insign on it, say’s he’s a christian yet says the “future doesn’t belong to those who do what?” a Wolf in Cameleon’s skin…and many others got in line for the same heart transplant…they don’t see the deception…they already drank the coolaide…is there a remedy to save? only if they don’t refuse it when offered…and it’s not romney…romney’s a servant heart…barrack is a heart served…too bad…

  • TJinNJ

    The whole night was scripted with Barry and Candy

    • DebbyX

      I thought so too! Especially when he “told” Candy to read the transcript. How did he know she even had it?

      • poljunkie

        I know that irked me too.

        But what gets me , is that during the debate prep Obama obvisiouly knew the Benghazi thing would come up so the preppers looked for something he could use to satisfy the “response” answer…So he wouldnt have to fess up to the 8, or 9 days response time ( not including the video remarks)

        Hmmm remember you went out into the Rose Garden? Lets read what you said, and see if we can parse anything and make it work.

        • Orangeone

          I think the Rose Garden was scripted for multiple uses and it was his plan all along to use that line during the debates.

      • TJinNJ

        Problem with her transcript was she didn’t bother to read it, therefore she LIED…Barry never said anything about terrorist attack in Libya. He did say terrorism at the end which could mean anything especially since just prior he was talking about 9/11/2001….

        Here’s the rose garden speech….

        • Thanks TJinNJ for this link because I felt like Romney, I honestly didn’t remember TERROR or TERRORISM anywhere in this speach. But after listening to it again, thanks to you, I feel certain he is referring to 9-11-01 when he speaks of terror because he follows that up with “today we lost four more to a senseless act of violence”. The man is slick but he isn’t fooling anyone. In fact I would say that the majority of us that were watching last night thought this is the most blatant lie I believe I ever heard him say!

  • kong1967

    I love Megyn Kelly. She plays devil’s advocate off and on and people are fooled into believing she’s a Democrat. She makes for a darn good lawyer because she can effectively argue any side of an argument….which she does to try to balance the debate.

  • What upsets me more than Ms. Crowley butting in and correcting Romney (incorrectly) is that she stopped the discussion short and moved to another topic, when it would have been appropriate to allow this critical discussion to continue. Mitt appeared ready to go through the litany of events immediately following the tragic murders, but never got the chance.

  • Landscaper

    Speaking of losing control…… this panel is full of CHILDREN and Megyn could barely them keep them in check.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Franky I see no value what so ever in this segment. You got the right and the left and they are simply arguing.
    The black chick in the middle on top states Romney had his facts wrong. Well we all know that is BS. Crowley let her uncontrollable mouth over load her ass, which is a pretty difficult task I am sure.. Crowley ceased being a moderator and plainly became the advocate she truly is..
    Crowley and Obama had her facts wrong. Anyone can read the transcripts.
    Obama did use the word terrorist but he never referred to the attacks as a terrorist attack.. plain and simple. Not to even mention the “Official” position for the following week +..

    Obama lied, people had already died. He jetted off to Vegas the very next day.
    If THAT does not tell you where Obama’s priorities lie then you are too dumb to be allowed to vote..

    There are no undecideds. Only liars with an agenda or total fools, many are both…

    And Barrack Obama is a lying POS who could care less who dies or how many die to advance his personal agenda.

    I wonder how long he worked on his fake anger routine for last night…

  • I liked the way Candy admonished the crowd for making any noise, especially when Michelle kept standing up and applauding the President.

  • CalCoolidge

    I abandoned any belief that there is what Megan called a “stright journalist” a long time ago. I think its time those who control the microphones gave up on their pretense.

    Even Chris Matthews claims to be a centrist. He describes himself as on the 40-yard line. Yeah, maybe on a 1.000-yard football field.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    What is so ridiculous is – This president Barack Hussein Obama told the American people for 14 day that this was spontaneous event caused by a Youtube video… I don’t care if he used the word or words – Attack – Terror – Bubble Gum in the Rose Garden…. They had lied to us for 14 days claiming this was spontaneous event caused by a Youtube video and protests happened days before the violence.. in reality= “terrorist attack” on 9/11/12 and that it was not because they hate America etc… This killed a United States Ambassador and other Americans… All which we all know are lies…. One truth I will tell you is that Barack Hussein Obama and his chosen people are a clear and present danger the United States of America and her citizens… President Romney will I hope undo all the socialist nonsense we the citizens are weighed down with…. November 6. 2012 America speaks with a loud roar……

  • librtifirst

    I like the lady in the blue dress. She was very assertive, and on the point. She would have done better than Romney.

  • paulejb

    Barack Obama would certainly have scored higher with debate viewers if he didn’t have to share credit with his loyal debate partner Candy Crowley.

  • badbadlibs

    In order to be able to breath if you are a liberal, you must know how to lie without blinking an eye or losing an ounce of sleep. Otherwise it’s curtains….
    The leftists on that panel are beyond the pale.

  • Rosebud

    Crowley went from being the moderator to Obama’s “debate coach”. I have never seen more outrageous behavior from a moderator. Crowley has no business trying to be fact checker in the debate.

  • Rosebud

    When are the GOP going to learn you cannot have committed biased liberals as sole moderators positions in debates. One liberal and one conservative moderator present should always be the case.

  • hongryhawg

    Any hopes that Crowley had of being considered an unbiased member of the heavy moderator club left earth last night for many reasons. She and obama ambushed Romney on the Libya thing. obama and she had discussed it beforehand because when he told her to get the transcripts, she already knew. She was pretty pathetic with her failed moment in the sun.

  • drphibes

    I’ve got to watch this again. She struck me alright last night, but even Rush, who is pretty objective about such things, thought she was awful. Maybe I was under the spell of her smoking sex appeal.

  • NJK

    This was a charade. It was staged for Zero. The problem this year is everyone knows who he is. You’re finished, you Muslim fraud. I hope we can prosecute you for treason one day. If not, I can’t wait until God seeks vengeance on you and the rest of your ilk.

  • Jazzee

    candy stunk as usual
    obama sounded like a little girl ‘candy candy’ grow up and enjoy chicago

  • colliemum

    The really great thing about this Crowley shilling is that everybody is now talking about Benghazi again. Great stuff for the upcoming debate!
    But even better – and this has been lost here – Romney can now ask why Obama went to Las Vegas right after the Rose Garden speech if he really thought this was a terrorist attack. And why, for days afterwards, his whole administration, kept harping on about the video, right up to and including Obama’s speech at the UN.
    The best thing is that this is a self-inflicted wound: Obama stepper right into this, with the help of his shill, and all the dem defenders are making this dungheap greater every time they open their mouth.
    Don’t disturb them! They’re doing fine, getting Obama deeper into this mess.

  • aposematic

    Amazing how Crowley insisted just three weeks before her debate deflection of the truth that Obuma did not say Benghazi was an act of terror the day after the attack (she was interviewing Axlegreasyrod) but defended Obuma saying he did say it the day after at the debate… Square that for me please. Did the Obuma Admin. let Crowley know she had strayed off the plantation and needed to get back or get punished?

  • aposematic

    One defender of Crowley defending Obuma’s lie said he was defending Crowley because he thinks people need to be told what to think… Did you catch that?

  • Mr. Romney has to read the Rose Garden speech transcript at every next debate to show Americans that Candy and BHO LIED.
    If he is not permitted to do it, he should leave the debate.
    Candy’s “clarification” long after tens of millions watched them lying just doesn’t cut the mustard.

  • bobemakk

    Why are all the moderators of the debates liberals??? What’s happened to fair and balanced commentators. The lamestream media rules again????

  • stage9

    Yeah, well yesterday morning the FOX morning show gave legitimacy to a pro-homosexual marriage organization by giving an interview asking “what issues are important to pro-homosexual marriage advocates.” Not what issues are important to families and actual marriage advocates!

    With the pre-commercial set-up I assumed they were going to be interviewing Family Research Council to find out the status of pro-FAMILY issues in this election, but NO, they opted instead for an interview with a pro-homosexual marriage advocate.

    Granted, Fox is supposed to be a news organization, and it claims to be “fair and balanced” except for when it comes to Romney of course who they’ve carried water for before he even got the nomination. But anyway, their bias is there, so why the shift from pro-family to pro-homosexual?

    Maybe THIS will shed some light:

    Figures. I haven’t watched Fox in over a year, but the first time I do I see this garbage.

  • Two black people on this panel, both sticking up for Obama as usual. Reverse racism.