WOW: Poor Blacks in Chicago respond to the State of the Union

Rebel Pundit has outdone himself this time by interviewing a small group of poor black men and women in Chicago on what they thought of the SOTU and Obama. In short, it ain’t good:

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  • ellie pope

    This video has given me HOPE!

    • Taurnil Oronar

      I’d like to think that but the citizens of Chicago keep voting Democratic. Is Obama the straw breaking the Democratic back and will the citizens of Chicago finally realize the kind of slavery Democrats truly impose? I doubt it.

  • notebene

    Wow! These folks get it and you can bet the lamestream will do everything they can to disenfranchise them and belittle them for speaking the truth of what this imposter in chief and his minions have done to this country! The are living with the hell of this man’s lack of leadership and still we have idiots out there defending him! This regime would have the poor be poorer and add more to their ranks in order to maintain their corrupt power, instead of getting them real relief by getting private businesses out of the trash heap and bring back real jobs and not dead end public sector crap. I hope these folks continue to speak out with eloquence to everyone about the truth…they give me hope that not everyone drank the koolaid!

  • Yazz55

    This video shows that there is real hope for real change.

    These folks understand more about economics and the economy than all the so called progressive economic and financial wizards inside the Wash DC beltway.

    … and they don’t use no teleprompters!

  • tinlizzieowner

    When more Black folks figure out what a bunch of suckers they have been played for, by Obama and Co. things are going to get really ugly.

    • warpmine

      Never happen until they throw off their yolks of govt assistance, the Just-us brothers and their cronies in DC. I just don’t see it happening. The youth are still 100% brain conditioned to think it’s whitey’s fault or the rich. They’ll have to go through much of their adult life before they can find out how much they’ve been conned and by then it will be to late.

  • imatellau

    Yet their precinct registered a 100%, vote count for nomorbama.

  • stage9

    “If this is what you call ‘helping us’ then stop helping us.”

    Quote of the year right there.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      It also grabbed my attention when the gentleman was talking about how warm and fuzzy the SOTU address was: “We might have just as well had a cup a cocoa after he got through because we didn’t get nothin’ out of this ….” I don’t know if he intentionally or subliminally chose those words, but it sure seemed like a rejection of the pajama boy ads!

    • Crassus

      “Cap’n, I wish you’d quit bein’ so good to me.”

      –Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke (1967)

  • Dramamama54

    The only reason these folks voted for Obama was because he is black (1/2 anyway)! I am sorry but I saw through his facade and knew he would not be good. Never had any idea HOW BAD it would be under him! You voted this loser into office, you get his economics!

  • MadMadJack

    This video means nothing. The majority of blacks in the ghetto will always want something for nothing as long as democRats are in office and offer something for nothing.

    • Dramamama54

      It is why he got so many votes from the hood!

    • 24fan

      Hiya jack didn’t think I’d run into you here. 🙂 I wouldn’t want to lump in everyone I’d like to think some of em are sincere about what’s happening in war torn Chicago.

      • MadMadJack

        Morning 24, yes I come her as well. That American Duckie girl is a buddy of mine. 😉

        I think if more blacks would listen and learn from educated blacks like Thomas Sowell, Allen West and Bill Cosby things in the black community would get much better. It is education that lifts them out of the ghetto.

        • 24fan

          True, I guess if they have the mind to it more come out of the plantation and join the rest of us in the hills. I like this site too very nice.

          • MadMadJack

            Yes this is a great conservative site. Lots of good people here. Glad to see you here as well. 😉

            You’ll see me as MadMadJack, 1MadJack or MadJack all over the net. Some folks think I should go by SarcasticJack and I don’t know why. (rolleyes)

            • 24fan

              Lol! I’ll keep an eye out for you you rascal. 😉 take care today mate.

              • MadMadJack

                Will do and the same to you. And be careful out there.

                • 24fan

                  Aye aye! Will do!

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I wish more blacks would listen to them too, but maybe when they hear it from people from their own neighborhoods, they can relate to it more? Perhaps this is step 1 … opening your mind to the fact that there are other ways to do things that are more beneficial to blacks. Step 2 would then be prominent black men and women telling them what those things are.

          We don’t like it when liberals paint all people on the right with the same broad brush. Change happens one person at a time from the ground up. Those 5 people in this video each have relatives and friends they can influence, and so on. I wish republicans in DC would stop writing off large sections of the population as totally lost — or states, as in my case, NJ. There are lost opportunities to connect, even if they are the minority.

          Remember, the radical left IS the minority in this country, yet they have a hold on the majority. A minority CAN impact a great number of people. We have to help the few blacks who “get it” — we have to help get their message out.

          • warpmine

            It wouldn’t hurt white liberals to listen to them either but most of them are as dumb as rocks believing becasue they are “educated” that they know better than people with actual experience and there lies the problem with their philosophy it conveniently exempts all who have it from their living in the real world.

        • warpmine

          If I may, it’s that and education of Christianity which will bring you out. Education without the moral teachings from the Bible will just put you into the Marxist claptrap of blaming others for your failure.

    • warpmine

      As long as they control the schools anyway.

  • Myptofvu

    Far more educated than educated persons.

  • This is amazing! I didn’t ever think I’d see the day…
    Someone needs to let these people know they’re conservatives!

  • lilium479

    Kudos RS great posts!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chester Simms

    If a large majority of blacks embrace Conservatism, it wouldn’t be long before the black community flourishes.

    • MadMadJack

      Yes if they would get their news and education from the likes of Thomas Sowell and Allen West that would be a great start.

  • happytrails5

    Wow, that was GREAT!

  • Chester Simms

    Please watch this guy’s videos:
    He gets away saying the things he does because he’s black, and he deals with black issues. But he’s dead on.

    • las1

      Sound conservative common sense from this guy. Awesome!

  • NYGino

    Who is going to see what we’ve just seen? What media, besides Conservative leaning blogs, are going to show this? When will the vast majority of the country finally realize the destruction of America that liberals are causing? How far down the rabbit hole of demise do we have to go before people rise up and demand freedom and justice? Why does the Criminally Negligent Media aid and abet these treasons? Where are the officials that took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution?

    • Sentinel

      I hear ya and you’re 100% right. The media overall is guilty of negligence at the very least… though treason comes to mind. So much like Nazi propaganda… so unreal… so un-American.

      • clockwindingdown

        Problem with media came when jr was in office. During that time the rules were changed allowing single owner of media – paper, radio, tv, within a viewership zone. I remember when that happened and saying to another at work, “This isn’t good, propaganda and bias is bad enough, there are reason why this kind of thing has not been allowed.”

        Should America return I hope there are some very public trials…

        • Sentinel


    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Hear hear! The media, educational institutions and pop culture are the greatest threat to liberty today. BUT …. I always need to find a glimmer of hope, because without hope, we give up. Are you ready to give up? I’m not.

      The glimmer of hope is that the media isn’t just biased anymore — they don’t even bother to try to hide their bias anymore. That’s a big change, and an eye opener to the big swath of people in the middle — the uninformed/misinformed, or as I call them, the followers. There are a lot of educated people out there who hardly pay attention to politics, who have blindly voted for liberals, but now they seem to know that the liberal media is lying to them or covering something up, which polls have shown.

      Once the trust is gone, the fake illusion that the mainstream majority agrees with this extreme radical 20% who have a hold on our media, things start to change. Their house of cards comes tumbling down.

      Don’t give up hope. We’re getting there. Our message is starting to get through thanks to the likes of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and a few other conservative patriots. I swear they’ve all read Alinsky, they all know how to handle the diversion and gotcha questions, and they know exactly how to phrase things on THEIR terms — and it’s working.

  • sDee



  • MontyRay

    The guy who was talking about it being an American problem: Cronyism, padronism, nepotism, etc. NAILED IT
    If the poor want to understand how the stock market can soar while their brothers and sisters stand unemployed, see his comment and take time to understand where the money is.

  • las1

    “…The problem is patronage, nepotism, and cronyism…”

    ‘cept you forgot one very very important “ism”: Marxism in the White House.

  • Sentinel

    The black community is indeed suffering under this monster… ironic.

  • ooddballz

    Obviously, these are just some of those racist TEA party folks.

  • las1

    Paul McKinley’s group. When I hear these fine people, I see Republicans in suits and ties and racist white people… no wait!

    Chicago machine to Obama… “Hey Jack! Get up here stat! Things ain’t goin’ to plan. And Rahm ain’t holdin’ it together.

  • pajamakat

    This is awful. At least people are waking up. These people want to work. Wait until all the illegals are suddenly LEGAL. Nobody has a chance. It’s only going to get worse.

  • notsofastthere

    That was a very small gathering of awakened people, but that’s how you get the ball rolling. Bless them

  • warpmine

    They all “Uncle Toms” traitors tot he black race at least according 99% of the morons that continue to back Zero simply because his skin shade is similar to theirs.

    On the other hand what did you expect form this idiot? He isn’t from Chicago and he sure isn’t from lower class like they are. He went to high dollar private schools where he learned his classical Marxism where he learned to bullchit others with special words and phrases like income equality, spread the wealth around….”Spread the wealth around” was meant to spread the money to his connected friends in the bogus Green Energy sector. Sure he continued to hand out money but only enough so he could garner their vote but never enough to get going in terms of job skills because there weren’t going to be any jobs to be had.

    Sad, Mitt Romney couldn’t have picked up any of these folks to help him run but then they are just a few that realized early on that Obama was a con man.

    • NYGino

      “Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.”
      B. Hussein Obama wisecracked while meeting with his Jobs and Competitive Council. June 13, 2011

      • deloclem

        Yes he did and laughed about it too boot!

        • NYGino

          Yes, he did laugh about it. You could tell he was amused by how easily his lies were accepted by the “common folks”.

      • SurfinUSA

        Yep, OBagger acted like he was the glib late-night talk show host that he is equally unqualified to do:

  • toongoon

    Remember Sharpton’s town hall meeting last month?

    Of course it doesn’t automatically mean they will vote conservatively but they are figuring out that the democrats aren’t helping them.

    • SurfinUSA

      The deep seated background to that realization can be summarized:

  • John Queue

    Wow. Our conservative brothers and sisters really need to get this video out there on their own web pages, blogs, facebook, and all the other avenues of communication available to us…in fact 🙂 There.. Shared!

  • 31068

    One thing for sure, you will not see this panel on any of the news shows. These are the folks and there are many like them all over the Country who are suffering because of Obama’s policies.

  • Crassus

    Looks like just handing out Obama phones ain’t working anymore.

  • lawngren

    If you watch this video on youtube, there are numerous similar videos on the sidebar, some live confrontations between poor blacks and politicians. This link is worth bookmarking in case you’re arguing with a liberal.

  • Zerep11

    Doesn’t truths being spoken sound simply amazing…?

    I am very grateful to these AMERICANS for telling us like it truly is.

    God Bless them ALL, each and every one.

  • deloclem

    If the black community feel this way about the POTUS then how did he get elected a second time? VOTER FRAUD!

    • Zerep11

      Not only was this proven, but admitted by them afterwards as well.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Holy Cow!!! Obama gives a speech and a tea party breaks out.
    This has been going on under the radar for 5-6 years. There are factions of Blacks both poor and jobless, to the middle class in Chicago that are unhappy about Obama. They have him pegged……he is a do-nothing person no matter what position he holds. So is his buddy Rahm Emanuel. These people are suffering and the Democrats have done their level best to make sure that none of these people get relief. They can barely leave their homes unsure if they will return alive or injured. What an opportunity for Republicans. Will they take it and help? Heck, no. They are so afraid of being called racists. Sarah has been right all along. Cronyism, nepotism and any other ism you can think of has ruined these people’s chances to provide for themselves and their families.

  • Lynn Roland

    Holy moley…..this should go viral.

  • InBigSkyCountry

    I was completely blown away by this video. Put these People on the big screen! They are articulate, reasoned, and completely compelling. People like these are why I’m quite proud to be a Tea Party member – because THESE FOLKS, not the liberal talking heads and their stupid caricatures of anyone who wants to actually change ‘big government’, are the faces of life outside the Beltway.

  • misterlogic0013

    where is Madcow now? Real-Ville

  • Sandra123456

    Hope this video goes viral. Everyone should see this.

  • SurfinUSA

    The speakers in the video understand our American economy and how productivity creates jobs in the private sector. These folks make up the 10% of black voters that didn’t vote for OBagger. Their priorities are straight and their view is both pragmatic and realistic.

    Our glimpse into the vast majority of OBagger voters has made us wince. The immature and childish joy of a woman receiving a free cell phone, another deluded that she would never have to make her house payment again now that OBagger was president. Churlish supporters cheering his election in a out of control, emotional way.

    We don’t hear from the majority of his voters anymore because OBagger’s campaign of racial divisiveness and class warfare have effectively made this group both sullen and resentful. OBagger will continue to fan the flames of his core constituency as his job approval numbers dwindle in the face of the ObamaCare disaster.

    There is even a sign that the MSM has had its day with OBagger and is ready to move on. The 2014 race will set up the 2016 presidential run. OBagger increasingly becomes irrelevant to the national discussion as people turn to the idea of “how to fix all that OBagger has done,” beginning with ObamaCare.

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • rsfan1

    I live just outside of Chicago. A conservative as president can’t do much for the poor of Chicago when its mayor and 50 alderman are all big gov. libs. Even if the next governor is a Republican, he’ll be a rino. Rauner is a rino.

  • Would like to see what any white liberal fool would look like after calling any of these men Uncle Toms because of what they just said. Would also like to see Zo do a take on this.

    • pesky_facts

      Hear, hear! And I love Zo.

  • TraderJo

    No wonder Obumble doesn’t include his hometown of Chicago in his list of places to visit on vacation . . . .
    It’s too bad they weren’t on any of the “responses” to the SOTU speech.

  • snowbunny

    I have a friends page that has over 4,000 liberals I admins to let ppl in but don’t really participate on. I will post this there a lot of black democrats on it

  • miltonbasshayek

    It doesn’t matter. Minorities vote overwhelmingly for democrats, no matter what. I’m glad these “poor blacks” are outraged. Although, give them something free and they’ll be peachy again.

  • Hotlanta Mike

    Last night in Chicago, black grassroots activists reacted to President Obama’s State of the Union address at Wallace’s Catfish Corner–and it wasn’t pretty.

    J.R. Fleming of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign said, “This state of the union was the same ol’ same ol’, a bunch of talk and rhetoric to give favor to a dying economy in America–and the reason why our economy is dying is the President’s approach is always to place blame…It’s not the 1 percent problem, it’s not the 99 percent problem, it’s an American problem, and the problem is patronage, nepotism and cronyism.

    Joe Watkins, Founder of V.O.T.E. (Voices of the Ex-Offender) asked how raising the minimum wage was “going to help people who don’t have any jobs right now.” Watkins remarked that despite holding a graduate’s degree, he has been unemployed for four years.

    But perhaps the biggest slam was when Mark Carter, also of V.O.T.E., suggested that black Americans would be better off if the President would cut his presidency short and “just quit.” Carter direct his comments to the President, saying, “if this is what you call helping us, then just stop helping us.”

    Carter went on to criticize the President’s record during his time in Chicago as a community organizer. “He had never done anything for the community, he didn’t know the people in the community. All those things they talk about Altgeld Gardens, he wasn’t doing that stuff for real.”

  • Can you imagine that, me, a white senior radical right wing conservative agreeing with this group who the story says is a group of poor black Chicago citizens. I guess it’s not too surprising. Blacks used to be republicans in the same percentages they are in the democrats now after the democrats began their propaganda and give away schemes in the 60’s. I am noticing a shift back to the conservative roots in the black community. My wife is black and her very large entire family are conservatives and have no love for Obama at all.

  • This group has proven they have a better understanding of economics than Obama does.

  • sjmom

    This needs to go viral so that everyone may see its ALL of the people who are dissatisfied with Obama.

  • Longiron

    What an OPPORTUNITY for a conservative to go into the HOOD and give some solutions to these people then act on them ??? They will not win all of the people BUT they can win some BUT they have to go inside the HOOD and campaign with solutions. They are finally realizing the DEM party and Obama are just using them and taking them for granted. A real OPPORTUNITY exist if someone has the courage to take advantage of it ??

  • dcgwr


  • finlandbob

    Obama is like the sperm that made it to the egg. He’s the only Chicago politician so far not in, or apparently destined to…..


  • timerunnersc

    Excellent report, thanks Scoop.

  • Yeah, they’re one free iPod away from backing Barack again.

    • Take it easy Zim. These are people too. Besides, there is a greater chance of their wanting an IPod as an 8 track today.

  • poljunkie

    How sad.

    Where are the leaders of the right?
    Now – get there NOW and get to work.

  • Confession time. I never considered myself a racist. Prejudiced. Sure. Everyone to one degree or another pre judges another person based on their heritage. As a man with Scottish parentage, you might pre judge me to be cheap, have poor teeth, and drink too much. Right on some counts. But racist is another thing, and I believe that only since Obama have I found myself descending into racism. I would like to thank these people for the slap upside the head that I need to be more careful about my attitude toward people whose skin is darker than mine. These were fine upstanding people I could identify with and would enjoy being in their company.

    • warpmine

      You made a good distinction of the two and gave appropriate reasoning. Prejudice is nothing but being cautious or to say one is to preserve one’s life. Being a racist means you’ll stop at nothing to put an entire group beneath you at any cost no matter what threat if any exists to or at you. Cheers

  • Viet Vet 67

    These people impress the hell out of me. Articulate, bright and insightful. BRAVO to you all. Apparently there is still hope for us! Thank you.

  • dcnj


  • Laurel

    These people are impressive. Very impressive.

  • harglide

    While this may be a new look and a different view I wish the heck that these folks would the REAL word out to EVERYONE else that is stuck on the “just because he was black man” vote!!

  • 130munich


    • iaintlyin

      yeah, and 0 reaches across the aisle. BTW, snow melts

      • 130munich

        Thanks for the science report…!!!

  • Proud Nana

    The voice of America speaks, thank you.

  • Jay Lynwood

    I thought Republicans hated when blacks blamed the gov’t?

    Don’t Republicans say blacks need to take responsibility, why are you supporting these black people blaming the government for their poor decisions?

    • iaintlyin

      No, for me personally, I hate when anyone (black or white) causes or promotes the existence of another gov’t. agency that doles out money in a reckless way with all the plumb and abandon thats taking place with the SNAP program.. twist those words

    • notebene

      It must be really bothering you that some of them are realizing that the demoncrats are responsible for the policies that have kept them on the plantation! The koolaid is souring!

    • Crassus

      Soros Lib Troll Rule #1: Play the race card.

      • iaintlyin

        I welcome the intrusion, maybe they’ll learn somethng being the MSM ain’t letting them know the truth.

        • badbadlibs

          After years of dealing with these folks, I’m convinced they don’t want to learn anything or have a meet up with truth.
          They’re just here to smack down the right and many of them are just paid trolls.

    • iaintlyin

      You must be recalling me being upset at the Pigford case where 500% of black farmers got over 1 billion dollars with Obama in office. Yeah it was another more blatant form of reparations but if you care to do some homework and bring yourself up to date on it, you’ll be shocked at how many black farmers either live or moved to good old Chi town.

      Glad you reminded me of that one, soooo very long ago but a omen for what we as a country were in for. and by the way 5 yes 500% no typo

      • notsofastthere

        small correction iaintlyin – most never saw a farm, they need only apply to the lawsuit. It went further to separately add women and Hispanics as I recall. And American’s just shut their mouth about it, then again most never knew it was going on.

  • iaintlyin

    cell phone batteries dying?

  • msVickiFlorida

    Somebody say “reparations” and they will all get on their knees and praise bozo. The only one not whining because he is black and wants more is the guy with the red and green scarf, he gets it.

    • iaintlyin

      0’care is a form of reparations

      • msVickiFlorida

        Not so much, the poor already had Medicaid. ONOcare is for income redistribution.

        Not the 40 acres and a mule, which in today’s money, is over couple million each.

    • You’re not listening Miss Vicki. You’re reacting to your emotions. The man with the Angela Davisesque Black Power scarf was particularly articulate.

      • msVickiFlorida

        Black power scarf? Dang, missed that because I have never seen one before.

  • PR8ZS8N

    So much for all you conservatives who’ve been belittling Obama because you think he’s been giving handouts to the poor. I’m working poor, I expect nothing, I ask for nothing. And this administration, except for the rule in Obamacare that prevents me from being denied health insurance do to preexisting conditions, has done nothing to stem the tide of wealth siphoning by the super rich.
    Obama is a fraud, like all presidents. Americans would do well to understand who controls this nation. Republicans are far worse than democrats as far as cronyism and corporate conflict of interest, but there are at least a FEW sane, patriotic individuals in the Democratic Party, but the GOP has become a lunatic asylum of religious anti Americans, and corporate sycophants.
    When we cease allowing the corporate media to disseminate our news and give us their dishonest, manipulating opinions, we will see that all working people, the vast majority of us, left wing, right wing, and non political, are being raped and demoralized by the super rich and well connected.

    • Crassus

      Soros Lib Troll Rule #7: Blame it all on the evil rich corporations.

    • Why do you feel the need to mock a man that died 2,000 years ago? He never did anything to you, and given the chance that same man would care for you. You don’t have to follow his (His) teachings, and those who believe his (His) teachings to be a good way to live their lives are doing nothing to stop you from living your life.

      • notebene

        He thinks he’s being progressive and smart to not believe in anything but his own self pity!

    • notebene

      We knew that Odumbo’s promise of taking from the rich to give to the poor was a sham way before you did! We knew it because we knew he was a marxist long before. Marxists aren’t about helping the poor…they are about making more people poor so they can control them. If you are “working poor”…how do you have a computer? Those evil corporations you are talking to…they contributed to Odumbo’s campaign not only to keep their power over you, but to make you poorer! By the way…if you are really working poor…you would have known that Medicaid was already in place for you and you can’t afford the insurance that Odumbocare offers anyway…so you are still on a now poorer Medicaid because Odumbo drained it to create Odumbocare. You knew that…right? Because you are so progressive and smart!

    • Guest

      I would ignore this dude. Here’s another recent post from Bill today:

      “The Republican’t party has made an industry of preying on black people for decades. And they know it, which is why they don’t vote for them, despite the desperate lies being shoveled their way by political operatives like those employed by Fox and the Christian Industrial Complex (my emphasis). Good luck though.”

      • Thank you for the head’s up.

        • Conservator1

          Your welcome Duckie, but I’m not sure how my comment was listed as a guest, unless it’s only on my screen.

          • badbadlibs

            Doesn’t look like “guest” from where I’m sitting.

          • Must just be you- it shows up for me. I didn’t delete his comments because so many responded, but I don’t think he’ll be back to answer anything. Thanks.

            • Conservator1

              Thanks for letting me know. I posted that comment on a tablet and who knows what I did with my arthritic fingers. 🙂

            • warpmine

              As long as he’s not belligerent, let him comment. We need some practice and he needs the information. Starts to yell out names, well, that’s different.

      • MsSgt3

        So much of this crap … it tends to get a bit tiresome, don’t you think? ( IF you think!)

        • Conservator1

          Why would I pay any attention to someone who posted the following recently?

          Our government treats us like toilet paper… shit, wipe and flush!

          Think much pal?

      • warpmine

        He’s probably soomewhere in noman’s land disappointed with Zero and his policies and his perceived notions about the other party. After watching the GOPe screw up their majorities in the 2000’s who could blame him. Remember, he’s probably been watching the Alphabet networks and liberal rap music stations for his news.

        .The first step is to question what you’ve been told. The next is to seek out he truth. Eventually he will come around to realization of being lied to for his entire life as most of us have.

    • You’re all over the page, painting republicans with a broad brush. First of all, I’m in the poor class as well, but not one who asks for handouts, but know how easy it is to get them. They’ve made it way too easy and too many people who do would vote “D” just to keep getting them.
      There’s super rich on both sides- but we very rarely hear about those on the “D” side.
      I’ll agree that most “R”s are worse, only because they’re progressives just like the “D”s.
      As for the GOP being a lunatic asylum, only because there are too many who are just like the “D”s.
      You call them religious antiAmericans- yet you have a picture of Jesus as your avatar. Do you agree with the democrat party who denied God 3 times? You don’t see them as being anti God anti American?
      And as for the media- MSLSD is the Move Forward network. Need I say more?
      No. Have a good day.

      • Watchman74

        Look closely at his avatar, it’s Jesus on a piece of bread. It’s mockery. He’s obviously anti-religious. I would really like to know who those few sane democrats are, because where I’m sitting none of them are sane. And if he hasn’t been paying attention, most of the Republicans are moving further and further toward the democrats side. I am really tired about hearing about the rich this and the rich that, stop being a victim. There has always been rich and there will always be rich. That’s not going to change. There is not a finite amount of wealth in the world.

    • iaintlyin

      How many abortions since Roe? And the lunatics are where?

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Many criminally insane people support the democrat’s platform.

    • factsobill

      What a load of factless crap! Do you even know what time it is? It’s time for you to ESAD! Stupidity becomes you! How did you decide to be a trollhole for the Obutt-sliders!?

    • Toby66


    • warpmine

      Get this right, both parties currently suck when it comes to cronyism. Equally both have screwed Americans and America. America can only regain her mission when we take all the DemonRats and the RINOs and stand them up against the wall and well, shot.

      Furthermore, Corporate America will continue to influence politicians becasue they can. It’s up to us to put God fearing, Bible loving people in positions that will obey the constitution oppose to seeking out wealth.

  • airvet1968

    ALL I CAN SAY IS ” WOW ” Obama has lost his own people !

    • olddog

      Obagman wouldn’t make a pimple on a black mans @ZZ…He’s just a White-Trash POS…wanna be black folk..AT BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely (D)isgusting …in any color, or ALL THE ABOVE!!!!!

  • and2therepublic

    I would donate a substantial sum of funds to air this video during the Superbowl. Imagine the effect of it’s exposure.

    • timsrighty

      Great idea! I’ll throw some money in as well.

  • SirWilhelm

    If anyone that’s not Black, would say these things about Obama, they’d be called racist. It seems we need the Black We the People, to rise up against Obama, to lead the New Revolution against him, to avoid the racist accusations that could be used against anyone else, of other races, that would be involved. The question is, how many Blacks now think the way those in this interview do, compared to those that sill support Obama, unquestioningly?

  • Quitthevictimhood

    You voted for him so deal with it. Now you complain??? Whatever!!! I’m glad things are bad for you. Americans who voted for him need to feel some pain for their choices at the voting booth as well.

    • The one man said he didn’t vote for him either time because he didn’t do his job when he was an Illinois senator.

    • notebene

      Given the amount of voter fraud that occurred in the 2012 elections…we really don’t know that all the people the demoncrats claimed votes for actually cast those votes! With a corrupt DOJ…it will continue to happen! How do you explain 114% voter turn out in some districts? It’s not statistically possible!

    • valina

      Oh your so much better right, this is an american problem, I’m white and didn’t vote for him. He lied to everyone not just the blacks, everyone. Your pathetic man…………. WTF.

      • warpmine

        He just lied to the people dumb enough to believe him. The rest of just yawned and acknowledged that the next four years were going to be worse than tough.

        Time to stock up on ammo!

    • ucsdpapa

      People make mistakes and by God’s grace are able to repent. I hope that all black folks wake up as these have. We need to get rid of this plague in our nation that is Barack Hussein Obama.

      BTW, as an Hispanic American I pray that my Latino brothers also understand that Obama is bad for all of us, white, black and brown.

      • Wilber Smedley

        But ya know–I hear people all the time regretting their vote for Obama but they will be lined up to vote for Hillary.

    • badbadlibs

      I don’t believe these people voted for the con man, one even said so on the video.
      Not all blacks got sucked into the rhetoric of the con man.

      • wodiej


        • badbadlibs

          Considering there were just a few people on that video, they fit very comfortably in the 1%.

      • miltonbasshayek

        Just 9 out of 10 of them do

        • badbadlibs

          See my reply to wodiej.

    • miltonbasshayek

      Exactly brother!

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      At least one of the men did not vote for Obama, Quit the victimhood. They saw what he was before he became President.

  • and2therepublic

    Hillary won’t be any different a President than Obama, other than gender and race. Marxists are Marxists no matter what DNA they carry.

    • olddog

      (D)em-wits= Mutant (D)NA..The science is settled..ya know.

  • I’ve very seldom given down votes here because I generally agree with the opinions. I think it’s unsettling to see so many here who have become so angered by circumstances that they have forgotten that when black men cry their tears are the same color as a white mans.

  • marketcomp

    This says it all! And the GOPe, RNC, and democrats want to grant illegals citizenship? Take care of your own citizens first!

    • and2therepublic

      Not take care of us, leave us be.

    • MsSgt3

      Our government treats us like toilet paper… shit, wipe and flush!

  • susanhensley1

    GOD Bless those people!!!!! I want to hug them and tell them they are not alone,- I am so thankful the AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE FINALLY WAKING UP!!!!!

  • “Just quit. ‘Cause if this is what you call helping us.. just stop helping.”
    Couldn’t have said it any better!
    This needs to go viral.

    • iaintlyin

      Wow, I’d love to see followups on how these people are treated both by their neighbors and the good ole chi town political machine.

      • That would be interesting. But most of what they were saying was so well said and common sense, hopefully they will be talking to their neighbors more and getting through to some.

        • badbadlibs

          I don’t think these fine folks are new converts to conservatism. So, they’re probably use to whatever reception they may receive from their community.

        • poljunkie

          I agree.

          They all seemed like motivated individuals interested in the future of their surroundings. I hope they are able to find work and hang on a little longer.

        • Jack Smythe

          And if Hillary is the Dem Presidential candidate, they will vote for her in ’16.

          • Most likely, unfortunately. Conservatives need to step up an go talk to these folks.

    • BearNJ

      It sort of reminds me of Obama’ss first term mantra for every problem “I will not rest”. The American people “Give it a Rest”

  • Watchman74

    I agree with what they say tho I get the impression there still looking for government to solve their problems. If we were all as self-reliant as our forefathers were we would all be better off.

    • Most likely some do, but what a couple of these men were saying sounded like they just want to be left alone to pursue their own lives. Which sounds about right to me.
      Hopefully a lot more will get it.

    • miltonbasshayek

      Yep! They are bitter because Obama hasn’t provided them with more of your and my cash, nothing more. This video is as much of a breath of fresh air as taking a whiff of a dirty diaper.

  • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

    Now this is the real world. Boehner, you are and idiot!

  • Conservator1

    There is no other minority community that has suffered more from Obama’s socialist vision of what America should be than African Americans. Below is a portion of an article I recommend all to read in it’s entirety:

    NAACP President: Blacks Worse Off Under Obama – January 31, 2013

    Blacks have always been worse off under Democrats. So much of liberal legislative action to help blacks ends up hurting them and moving them backwards economically. There’s no doubt that many blacks survive the attempt to make them wards of the State.

    The black family has been nearly destroyed by Democrat initiatives. There was a time in our history when the divorce and unwed mother rates were no different between blacks and whites.

    Even Affirmative Action policies can be a problem. A black student applies to a college that ordinarily would not accept him or her because of specific entry standards. But because of certain government requirements to insure black educational participation, less qualified students get in and then flunk out because they really weren’t academically qualified.

    One would think that with nearly 95 percent of blacks voting for Obama, they would be doing so based on a better economic outcome. But it’s not the case. The Washington Times reports:

    “The black unemployment rate was 12.7 percent when Mr. Obama took office. While the unemployment rate in the U.S. as a whole is below 8 percent, the Labor Department reported the black jobless rate was up from 12.9 percent to 14 percent for December.

    “The worst during Mr. Obama’s first term was in September 2011, with 16.7 percent unemployment for blacks — the highest since 1983, the Department of Labor reports. The black teen jobless rate hit a staggering 39.3 percent in July 2012…”

    • warpmine

      It’s all good though, we have a black man in da office.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        His content of character, not the color of his skin, determined the direction he is leading the country in, a detriment to all.

        • warpmine

          He ‘s doing his best, really he is!

          Arewn’t you glad you didn’t pay for that education?

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            His best to destroy America.

            You mean his leftist indoctriNation?

  • 12grace

    This is actually hopeful, maybe all races can get together and get this clown out of office.

  • 12grace

    And after obama and kerry install NAU, we will ALL be screwed.

    Kerry signals advance of ‘North American Union’ plan

  • wodiej

    All I can say is you reap what you sow. There was not one single credible reason to vote for this man. He had no executive experience, had never managed anything, his origin of birth is still questionable so he may not even be a US citizen. His resume is so thin you can see through it. These people are upset because he’s not doing anything for them? Then they should have done what they should have been doing for decades. Do for yourself and quit relying on skin color.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I think these residents of Chicago want to work and are tired of the Obama economy which isn’t helping the job market one bit. And at least one of them mentioned they did not vote for Obama to be President.

    • famouswolf

      That’s for sure. All that plus having friends like Wright, Rezko, and Ayers should have stopped obama before any primary happened.
      The really depressing part is that then we would have had Hitlery or McInsane for a president, and God only knows what they would have done. And look at the rest of the century, the alternatives to Bush in 00 and 04-Gore and Kerry. Talk about being caught between bad and worse. The only bright spot in all that being the North Star, and she probably would have been truly neutered as vp.

  • Kimberly Petrich

    Holy smokes!

  • miltonbasshayek

    The problem is that people rely on government to “help” them. This is the first mistake. When you utter the phrase, ” what has this administration done to help us,” you are officially a brain-dead parasite, waiting on Joe or Jane taxpayer to pony up more of our hard earned paychecks to your bad life decision making skills, can’t lift yourself up by your own bootstrap, a$$.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Or maybe it’s pleading with the administration to take out an eraser and get rid of job-killing regulations and lower business tax rates.

      • miltonbasshayek

        I would like that very much

  • Philo Beddoe

    No reparations? No free home, no free car.

    You decided to vote for obama and all you received is a free phone?

    The reality of life hits people who are living in a delusional state pretty hard .

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      At least one of the men talking said they did not vote for Obama, knowing what his record was prior to his becoming President.

  • lovecookie

    These citizens have it right on! It’s a sad truth but at least they have awoken to the truth.

  • Toby66

    Well spoken. With a lot on their minds.

  • ms20

    Well, maybe its time to STOP voting for Democrats. The one guy said something about the TeaParty not being there, sounds as if it time to contact them and get something going.
    Change does not come from doing the same thing, voting for the same people or party, or dividing the people of this country into separate camps. And we have never been so divided along racial, economic or political lines as we are now.
    Thank you Mr. President.

  • Wilber Smedley

    Just wait until immigration reform passes–It will be devastating to the black communities, not to mention young people.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      I have tried countless times to explain to the LIV slugs that love them some Obama and thinks he still walks on water that the only people that should be worried about immigration reform passing are the LIV slugs that voted for Obama. I don’t have to worry about an illegal Mexican taking my job.

  • D. Noslen

    Democrats have never helped Blacks – never.

    • iaintlyin

      who gave them the cell phones that the black woman referred to as 0phones during the campaign?

      • Elle Commanderr

        Bush. Look it up.

        • iaintlyin

          so another program that Bush started is still in place. wow, this guy Bush, he wasn’t that bad after all, I mean 0 has been in office 5 plus years and hasn’t put the brakes on the program, in fact its a bit larger than ever, is the increased growth Bushes accomplishment too. Battery life on those Bush phones must be great.

          • Elle Commanderr

            Dictator O took credit for it. Again just pointing to a fact. You’re a very angry hostile person. Not sure why. I said no opinion either way just a fact like you wanted to so desperately point out to me before. I guess you only like your facts regardless of the fact that we are of the same opinion? Good luck with that. I’m not here to fight with you and I won’t fight with you.

    • iaintlyin

      BS with capital letters, they helped blacks stay exactly where they are for the last ……..oooooh, when did Johnson say, ‘When we sign this we’ll have these n….. voting for us for 200 years.’

    • warpmine

      Channeling Joe Bite Me, helped to put them back into chains!

    • Senior Pickles

      Lincoln was pretty good. Oh, wait he was a republican right?

  • Elle Commanderr

    why “wow”? Why would it be surprising to you that people in general are sickened. I’m guessing the “wow” is because you were thinking that “black America” ALL love this man? Can’t be further from the truth. I’m so glad you posted this video so that the myth of who is supporting Obama can die down. The only people supporting him are the ones benefiting from him…his corporate sponsors like Bill Gates.

    • iaintlyin

      maybe check the percentage of blacks that voted for 0 in 2012? it ain’t no myth

      • Elle Commanderr

        REALLY? because to become the President he had to get LARGE white votes as well. And MANY people not JUST black America have woken up to this Dictator over the past two years where he is blatantly out of control. Would you equally be as shocked to hear from any other Obama former supporter? Just asking. I’m not. Liars and frauds always expose themselves and while some take longer to see that…eventually EVERYBODY sees that.

        • iaintlyin

          look sweetie, if you don’t dig 0, thats fine with me. I was responding to an inaccurate statement you made. The statistic of how many blacks voted for this …whatever the 2nd time around disproves what you said in your first comment. As far as the millions of whites that voted for him, I knew the DNC wasn’t all black before you told me. and YES REALLY

          • Elle Commanderr

            Don’t be such an angry human being. It isn’t really effective for communicating. While I get that this entire country and what is going on is horrific… and I am part of the Anti Common Core movement which is the hostile takeover of our kids education at the Dictators hands, and Obamacare which has dessimated my field and created a situation that people cannot get help who are good solid working American citizens now… my point… is that there should be no shock that black people are none to pleased with him. That’s all. Like I said… Liars and Frauds eventually expose themselves to all.

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            You catch more flies with honey, and I don’t mean using it as a condescending name, I ain’t lyin’.

    • miltonbasshayek

      And upwards of 90% of black voters. That fact is day 1 material, fella.

  • Cheri Leona Short

    I know this does not really bring much to the conversation, but the man with the black, red, and green scarf on brought tears to my eyes with his amazing grasp of the problems the American people share.

    • tinlizzieowner

      I don’t know about the ‘tears’ part but he does have a grasp on the ‘Jive Daddy’ in the White House.

      • Tin Lizzie. Did you see the scarf the one guy was wearing.? I haven’t seen that since the70’s. It’s amazing what those colors meant to black people at that time. And now that they did get the representation that they craved, it turns out that a black man is worse to them than the white man. Imagine how much anger and embarrassment this must cause them.

        • tinlizzieowner

          Oh you can bet the ‘plantation’ Blacks went after these people with a vengeance. Informed, thinking, Black people are the left’s worst enemy.

    • Me too. He was by far the most articulate, and that was a Black Power circa 1975 Angela Davis scarf he was wearing.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      You were moved- that’s meaningful in my book!

    • It’s about time you made it over here. 🙂 Great comment and I think it did to a few of us.

  • DHardy

    these guys are spot on…They understand the issues WE all face and articulate their message clearly. What gets me is how Obama and his followers continue to allow this direct attack on Americans. I think Obama is a stain on our society and He represents black Americans that I think is outrages if I was black I wouldn’t see him or accept him as being Black. simply the guy is a MUTT and the son of two very messed up parents that raised their kid in a very corrupt political environment and he was well indoctrinated while attending an Indonesian Muslim school…That early influence stuck with Obama he wears it like a striped Schit suit and polka Dot Lie tie and an unscrupulous hat ban…

  • ReasonandLogic

    You never hear in the media that Republicans have always been for helping minorities up and out of poverty. People like Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and, yes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were all Republicans. It was the Democrats that stood in the doorways of the white schools and unleashed the dogs on the demonstrators.

    • notsofastthere

      Republican’s themselves never bring it up. They accept being called racists and any other derogatory name.

      • BearNJ

        Yep, conservativism is a harder sell but it creates opportunity and liberty. Under the last conservative President Reagan black employment, black business ownership and black professional jobs all boomed. To quote the link below: Between 1982 and 1988, total black employment increased by 2 million, a staggering sum. That meant that blacks gained 15 percent of the new jobs created during that span, while accounting for only 11 percent of the working-age population. Meanwhile, theblack jobless rate was cut by almost half between 1982 and 1988. Compared that to Obama disaterous
        double digit unemployment record for blacks.


  • johnos2112

    Bill Whittle has it right. Go to these people and tell them what do you want? Do you want just enough to barely get by? A crappy cell phone? A crappy wage? Or how about following your own self worth and follow conservatism!!!!

  • RedbirdNest

    It’s refreshing to hear this group speak up about what Obama is doing to the black community, they are absolutely correct that Obama does not care.

  • RJustified

    “We the People” ARE waking up!

  • WordsFailMe

    So, who’d yall vote for in the last two elections? Who will yall vote for as your alderman in the next?

    The one guy said it, “Chicago knows what it’s like to be under the greasy thumb of the Democratic party.” Did any of these people think that electing a democratic Chicago alderman to Washington DC would some how benefit them in Chicago? Is their any one in this video who really beloved that Obama could do more for Chicago as a president? Sound to me more like sour grapes” that an actual group of concerned Americans.

    Talk’s cheap–this video smells scripted to me.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Well, at least one of them said they didn’t vote for Obama- they knew his record from before he became President.

    • miltonbasshayek

      I know. I think it’s funny when people see these videos and claim, ” finally, people are waking up,” when you have record numbers of people on welfare, more and more people supporting government growth, etc..

  • Spongebob

    Wow!! Their eyes are open now for sure,,Wonder why We dont see this on MSNBC on Sharptons show?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      A rhetorical question, right?

      One thing I’m not sure of is if they’d been offered a job with a higher minimum wage by executive order, if they’d all say to the President, by executive order, that’s not the right way to get it. The one guy sure understood about raising minimum wage and inflation though, which is a positive sign!

    • notsofastthere

      Rumor has it that Sharpton, after seeing this video, went into convulsion on the spot. He was heavily sedated and released from the hospital. He now has a case of selective amnesia:)

      • Clarrissa Zamora


  • Peter Steffan

    Spot on message, time to grow the party. Good work team SLP!

  • crazedchef

    I’d like to have a discussion with these people! I wish more people, black, white, brown, or purple, would open their eyes like these individuals have. It is NOT a Republican or a Democratic “thing” it is an American problem!

  • leel004

    TRULY AMAZING….and hoping for the RIGHT change. God bless

  • Maybe this is nothing, but it just occurred to me how difficult it might be to a black person to admit that they were wrong. For years, they have been asking for equal rights and to be judged fairly. Then, finally, a black man comes along and becomes President of the United States. And then this same black man ends up treating black people worse than the …… let’s say white presidents since…….. Wilson. How is that going to make them feel? Can the say “Can we have a mulligan, a do over?” A truly proud-full Black man is going to be hard pressed to admit that one of “theirs” is worse to them than one of us. Oh sure, we have obama phone girl and plenty of other takers who are black, but there are plenty of white folk on the tit as well. But ….. it just seems to me that it must be very difficult for these people to say these things.

    • harleyone

      Very true, I know I HATE having to admit I’ve been wrong. Those of us on the “other side” must make a concerted effort to welcome these folks. Thank God some are finally seeing the light. In connection with Black advancement, there was a tv commercial many years ago that I’ve often thought of, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”; many are no longer being wasted.

  • sallyjohanna

    Alright!! That was inspiring candor and unexpected…since the nation are lead to believe ALL black people are 100% behind Otyrant! Especially the last gentleman in the argyle sweater and scarf…he sounds like a Constitutional conservative.

    Another video that needs to go viral! We need a site called video’s worthy of viral!

    • miltonbasshayek

      No, just upwards of 95% of black voters voted for Obama. It would be downright racist to say that 100% voted for him.

  • Guest

    Amazing video. Who better to state their problems than the very people who are effected. Note this was done by people that live with this every day.

  • dhebler

    These people speak the truth about Obama. Nothing has changed for them. The poor remain poor, and their are few jobs being created for them.

    This is a defeated group of people you see in this video. I hear it in their voices, and I see it in their eyes. And Obama doesn’t care……..

    Obama is destroying opportunity. He’s seizing power as a king would seize power; “its absolute power by Obama!” And those he should try to help, he’s pushing them further down the latter with no hope. “We the People” are at war with Obama.

    These blacks feel duped by Obama. This self anointed messiah has turned out to be a king instead of a savior for the poor. You can’t judge a man by the color of his skin, but you judge a man by his actions. Obama has failed the poor. And these blacks have finely come to the realization that Obama could care less about them…..most of the democrats are blind to these truths about Obama…..

  • Dan Defoe

    Come on. Vote Tea Party. We welcome you with open arms.

  • robertdavidhummel

    “Thank You,… American Patriots” of Chicago. This old Combat Veteran from Viet Nam… “Honors and Respects YOUR VOICE of TRUTHS”. …The Liberal Socialist Democrats …”HATE THE TRUTH…But The Truth Does’nt Care” …PERIOD.

    • Thank you for your service. Well said too.

      • tinlizzieowner

        ‘Welcome Home Brother’.

        • robertdavidhummel

          Thank You

          • tinlizzieowner

            I was there (USAF) in 66-67.

      • robertdavidhummel

        Thank You

  • Oldphartbsa

    Chicago had 100% votes for Obama…how’d that one guy say that he DIDN’T vote for him?
    And the guy with the white patch in his hair…I’d vote for him before I’d consider any of the two dominant parties.

  • maryb


    • KeepTheChange

      VOTING CHANGES NOTHING.. The system is BROKEN, it’s all fraud all the time. VOTE this VOTE that. , Revolution is the only solution

  • Dana Garcia

    I’m no longer young, so I can remember when lots of black Americans did construction and other jobs in the trades. Now when you walk by, all the workers speak Spanish.

    We’ve been invaded, with the help of our own government.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Illegal immigration is definitely not being deterred under this administration nor by amnesty pushing people in Congress.

    • lessthantolerant

      and it is going to get worse as the dems push for more immigration.

  • Kyle Bender

    so people who voted for Obama weather for his color or his false promises still voted for him even though a lot of folks said don’t vote for him because he just like everbody else thats in politics a liar it does not matter though because all of this still would have happened even if the other dude would have won it’s a fake good guy/bad guy, left/right, red/blue paradigm another words put an R or a D white black Mexican or purple and he/she will still be being controlled by their boss behind the scenes

  • Kyle Bender


  • jimmy777


  • KeepTheChange

    Right on and it’s unfortunate these people are right. Too little too late tho!

  • kenneth

    Any one of these interviewed would be a better president than Obama.

  • bt1

    These fine Americans GET IT! And it pains me to see them suffer economically because America elected someone who in no way was prepared to tackle the job. Elections have consequences.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      He tackled the economy in the wrong way- he and his comrades knocked it flat. You are so right- elections have consequences.

  • lessthantolerant

    I will bet most of them voted for him both times. They expected when he was elected they would be getting their stuff.
    They would vote for him again if he ran.
    Maybe they should have used their vote to put Romney in so they could be looking at growing businesses in America again.

    • DanteAl

      Nope. The V.O.T.E. group has always been against Obama – they supported Keyes when he ran. They are an avowed anti-democrat organization.

      • Elicia

        My family supported Keyes too. He would have been a wonderful president.

      • lessthantolerant

        Good to know, never heard of them.

  • Betsy Clark

    Wow! Those are some very smart individuals. I’d like to shake their hand or give them a big ole hug. My question to the left is: are these folks racist because they dislike the job the president is doing?

  • $73426719

    If blacks in the US are starting to talk like this, there is hope yet for America.

    • rickb8

      Problem is, they talk like this, but vote like that. If Obama could run for a third term, how many of these people would vote for him again? Or vote for Hillary or Michelle?

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        At least one did not vote for Obama.

        DanteAl on RS shared this:

        ‘The V.O.T.E. group has always been against Obama – they supported Keyes when he ran. They are an avowed anti-democrat organization.’ And gave this link:

        • rickb8

          OK. I say good for them. Glad to see that some have a head on their shoulders. Problem is, it’s a very small group. They need to get out there and spread the word.

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            Maybe you can help them? I imagine the more their video here is shared, the more visibility they’ll gain.

            • rickb8

              I do share videos like this. I share them via email with people I know and via Facebook. I send them to my senators, congressmen at both state and federal levels.

              • $73426719

                Carry on the good work. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But built it was. (If it is of any encouragement, I’m black and I’d never dream of voting for Obama.)

              • Galatiansch2vs20

                Glad you are proactive politically and helping them spread the word.

        • $73426719

          Wow! For Alan Keyes?! Didn’t know that. HECK THERE’S MORE THAN HOPE IN THAT CASE!

  • Beentheredonethatalready

    Hey Democratic opposition….Edit it down and make multiple commercials to run each and every night on all of the major networks. The only way to truly educate the masses.

    • notebene

      Too bad the major networks are so entirely corrupt and hell bent on pushing marxist agenda. These truthful statements will never see the light of day on the lamestream. We must fight through social media and take it by storm!

    • dnhook

      Hell, Barack gave the GOP hundreds of sound bites to use in 2012 and they did nothing with them.

  • Clarrissa Zamora

    MAd mad RESPECT you all…you hit the nail on the head…I would vote for YOU GUYS any day!!!!

  • sallyjohanna

    It is heartening to hear people that are actually experiencing the Socialist Progressive experiment on the poor…reject it for the it’s “real” failures….and not Otyrant’s brainwash talking points.

    One gentlemen refused to blame the 1% and believes in free enterprise to solve unemployment. Another said he knew Otyrant was a fraud before he was elected State Senator and he was proved right, he said I didn’t vote for him.

    This was a welcome confirmation that the truth does survive in a sea of lies!

  • It’s pretty tough over there in Chicago, but they are trying. The Democrat machine is a behemoth.

    • William Mitchell

      Yes it is.

    • ConservativeJoe


      “It’s pretty tough over there in Chicago,…..” That’s a lie!

      For the past 40 years the voters of Chicago gave the Democrats a chance to carry out their promises. After that 40 years, ALL of the voters in Chicago must be very well off, indeed.

      I mean it shouldn’t take more than 40 years to make good on the Democrat promise to make the car payments and pay the rent for the Chicago voters.

      So don’t try to get any sympathy from those people outside of Chicago about how “Tough” it is in obama’s old community. The people in other parts of Michigan haven’t been paying the state taxes just to line some politicians pockets, have they?

      • You’re right.
        But what you say we should do? Should we ignore them and allow the progressives to destroy this country? This isn’t just in Chicago. It’s happening all across the country. Towns are becoming bankrupt all across the country. Ideas have to be shared, and conservatism has to be promoted.

        Take note: Even in the midst of opposition, Ronald Reagan went down the South Bronx (poorest part of America at the time) to give a message of economic freedom.
        So, you can stay in your little shell and isolate yourself from the decay that’s happening in this country, or, actually reach out to people that are trying to do something about it. Republicans today have forgotten how to fight.

        • ConservativeJoe

          Booker, you’re not going to like my answer.

          This country is on the liberal road to a socialist Utopia. The Democrat Party has discovered the key to victory at the polling places. They found out that a lot of citizens can be bribed to vote for the Democrat candidate with the taxpayer’s money.

          This is exactly what the Founding Fathers feared most of all. “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” Thomas Jefferson

          Booker, dark days are coming and I don’t mean the next election cycles.

          The solution? I suggest that those who seek to maintain their independence from a government that abuses their inherent rights, keep two words close to their heart, namely resolve and preparation.

          Some might be alarmed by the word preparation and question what, exactly, is meant by preparing.

          Those that seek to keep their individual freedoms already know that answer.

          And for our good liberal friends who may be reading this post? Please disregard this message and move right along in your happy little world.

          • I wish it wasn’t so. I’m just hoping and praying that the trajectory of this country changes, or else it is all over.

            • ConservativeJoe

              Booker, don’t be such a pessimist!
              It will not be “all over” if our trajectory doesn’t change.

              We Americans are not like the Russians, Chinese and Cubans. When their countries fell into communism they accepted it like the slaves that they already were.

              Americans differ in several important ways. First of all, we are accustomed to the individual freedoms that are inscribed in the Bill of Rights.

              Second, we are a society that includes a great percentage of “ruffians”, namely people who would physically resist tyranny.

              But the most important factor is that which obama and all would-be dictators fear, the firearms that are in private hands.

              There are an estimated 318 million guns in the possession of civilians. At least 200 million of these are rifles and shotguns. Nobody knows how many handguns are privately owned in the state of Vermont because the government in that state does not require registration of handguns. Quick, pop quiz. What are the respective per capita murder rates involving handguns in Vermont and New York? New York has FIVE TIMES more handgun killings than Vermont, per capita. So much for gun registration benefits.

              If worse comes to worst, the liberals will discover exactly how many firearms exist in America. Unfortunately for the individual jack booted liberal, this knowledge will be lost an instant after he sees the muzzle flash.

              By the way, the reason Senator Reid voted against obama’s Background Check/Gun Registration bill last year was for a procedural reason. By voting against it, he retained the right to reintroduce the bill at a later time.

              obama knows that he must get a gun registration bill passed so he can send his minions around later to confiscate them.

  • rchguns

    I have to admit I am shocked! That there are actually people out there that are not black Americans, African-Americans but that are Americans of African heritage or Americans of Black heritage.

    Individuals that put America first and their thoughts and feelings. That’s what is been lacking on both sides of the racial issue that has been and is still being promoted by this administration. And the contrast between these individuals in the individuals were at the meeting in Detroit when they demanded that Obama bailout their city and pay them off because they voted for him.

    More people in the community were willing to stop and think and realize what’s been going on we could really put America back to work. Always malarkey income disparity and lack of income equality is totally ridiculous. Here’s why.

    For total income inequality the man who cut your grass would have the same income, dry the same kind of cars, live in the same type of houses, and enjoy all of the niceties of life That a Brain Surgeon Does. It doesn’t matter that the surgeon went to at least 10 years of college to learn his trade what he knows he’s going to get the same amount of money as a window washer. Where is the incentive? Any quality creates incentive promotes change in the overall good for the community. If there was no inequality which still be living in caves.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Some thoughtful comments- you may want to look over and do a bit of typo type editing though, for an easier to understand read.

  • Nick500

    Why A&E advertisements for ‘Wendy Davis’ plastered all over your site?!?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Why the ‘soft porn’ ads that are a plague? Maybe Right Scoop is not in control of this site’s ads?

    • Takiwiaa

      You might want to download an ad blocker, or Ghostery, I see no ads.

  • timsrighty

    Obama doesn’t care about Chicago. He only cares about himself and his radical agenda. Wait until he forces amnesty through and see the negative impact that will have on the black population and their search for jobs.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Amnesty- with the help of the likes of people such as Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan.

      • timsrighty

        Sadly, that’s a good point.

  • William Mitchell

    It is tough here in Chicago, and these men and women know who to blame. As the young man stated; “there ain’t no Republicans or Tea Party here in Chicago.

    • rootvg

      It’s tough everywhere. Walk around your local Sam’s Club or Costco or even the grocery store and listen to the conversations. I know a ton of nice, quiet, white suburban folks who are absolutely in flames about what’s happened to our government and country and even the popular culture in the last five years. He’s not going to be allowed to leave office without payback. I know these people. I hear it all the time. You wouldn’t believe the hatred…and most of it is well deserved. He asked for it.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Their answers seem too perfect, especially the man with the green and red scarf, who sounds like a conservative. Do we know for sure that this was not a staged video. Just wondering. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I don’t know why someone would down vote my post. I just asked a question that I thought should be asked. Did rebelpundit stage this video or not? And do we have proof either way? It;’s a simple question that any journalist worth his/her salt should ask.

      • timsrighty

        It wasn’t me.

      • $624034

        You mean like Progressive do?

    • jgilman1

      Yeah I think I recognize one guy from a video during 2012. They are the Republican party in Chicago however I think there are more than these people. I think the long haired guy actually ran for office as a Republican.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        Really? Than it would appear that rebelpundit stacked the deck.
        Look, I would love for poor people (whatever skin color) to have an apiphany and wake up to the realization that conservativism is their way out of poverty.

    • jjet

      Why do you conclude that? Sounds like a conservative????? What the hell does that mean? He sounded very thoughtful, sad, and waking up to the many disparities, and hopefully will listen and really hear both sides. And make truly informed, not blind bias opinions.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        I, as well as everyone else that watched this video, was under the impression that rebelpundit gathered poor black folks from the streets of Chicago, maybe even randomly. And that said poor people were most likely Obama supporters originally. This is what I question, based on the near flawless conservative response from them.

  • pajamakat

    Obama doesn’t need the black population any longer, the Dems don’t need them any longer. Their new favorite group are the illegals. They don’t like the fact that the black community is finally waking up. The illegals (wherever they’re from) are the new “victims” that need to be taken care of.

    • USPatriot

      …..”are the new “victims” that need to be taken ADVANTAGE of.”

    • jjet

      BINGO !!! pajamakat .

  • BarrackHussein

    BO found a new race with mo folks…

  • compresale

    I saw this story on FOX and was surprised that they cared what poor, dark skinned man thought.. then I realized it was just another of many Obama bashing stories. Business as usual on the “fair and balanced” FOX.

    • djtlc

      Just keep ignoring the truth my friend!

    • miketheorganist

      Well, sir, let’s face it. Except for occasional rare outbreaks of actual journalism, there is no constructive criticism of Obama on CBS, ABC, MSNBC, The NY Times / Wash.Post newspaper cabal, and NBC might as well be the official Democrat party house organ. So when we get ONE network that heaven forbid, allows serious conservative criticism of the left, and a diverse selection of talk radio hosts coming at commentary from the right, now there’s a problem because a whole bunch of people have a different perspective to check.

      You really want to feel threatened? Don’t look now, but The Blaze is gaining on all of them.

      As for Fox, the “fair and balanced” is the NEWS portion. Their reporters do not let politicians of either party slide; they always have hard hitting follow up questions when the pol starts dodging. But the COMMENTARY, which I suppose a low-information person might mistake as news, is mostly conservative; although there are some pretty hard-core libs doing commentary and debate on Fox News too. Not something you will find mirrored in the rest of the media.

      • compresale

        What you call the “news” portion is also often chock full of bias, I’m surprised you can’t see this ? I don’t feel threatened at all, thanks.. but obviously my comment bothered you. So tell me, when was the last time you heard FOX promoting what poor black people think on their “fair and balanced” network?

      • compresale

        FOX has your brain all twisted, do you seriously think that there is any balance at FOX, even in their so-called “News” block? If so them you are beyond all hope .

    • jjet

      You my dear are willingly being enslaved. You my dear have been indoctrinated, Not educated.

      • compresale

        You obviously don’t watch much FOX”news”… or maybe too much and you can no longer see when you’re being fed a script.

  • doriangrey11

    They brought Obama now they have to dance with him.


  • ellis blake

    when I grew up my parents taught me there were only good and bad people and it didt matter what color they were .I remember when the first people of color rode my bus and the word was they are going to be attending regular school with us whites. I saw no differance in them and their Grandfather Mr Jackson worked across the street cutting Mr Davis’ grass .He was about 70 And one of the nicest people you would want to meet. The Democratic party in 1964 knew that if they didnt stand behind civil rights That the democratic party was over. LBJ said of the welfare system if the democratic party did this for the black man ,that the black man would vote for them for the next 50 years. The moderate republicans have also sold us ,the american people out.Check out David Barton at Wallbuilders and see who the democratic party is. They were the kkk and still have that mentality by oppressing the poor and middle class with laws and regulations that their lifestyle is above. The people need to realize we do not have state represenative anymore and they are all politicians .They will tell us what we want to hear and then do everything in their power to enslave the american people with the econimy , laws and regulations, that the elite wont live under themselves

    • kipp

      The exact language LBJ used was, “We’ll have those NIGGERS voting democrat for the next 200 years.” I wonder how many blacks know that language was used and how can they support a party who views them as such? So far the blacks have proven LBJ right, and during that time frame they have only spiraled down when a democrat is president. Will they ever learn? Tal trumps proof and action in the black community.

  • MarineRet

    The Joe guy looks like the dad who disappeared on the old show Good Times.

  • Sojourner Truth

    These people might be poor, but they certainly have more wisdom and understanding than most of the nation right now. Listening to these people made me want to weep. I’m sure that many of them voted for Obama believing they would get a Martin Luther King, but instead they got Louis Farrakhan. At least these honest Americans figured it out.

    • $624034

      While some of them did vote for Obama, I recall one or two reports or videos of poor people from Obama’s district warning Americans about Obama but the media, as usual, failed to pick it up.

  • ConservativeJoe

    The obama voters in Chicago, and every where else, seem to be voting for government assistance to ease their daily burdens. You know like getting some government help for food, shelter and clothing.

    Pssst! If the Democrats are successful in bringing about their socialist Utopia, ALL Americans will get basic food, shelter and clothing. Then, we will ALL enjoy working for the same lifestyle of the average Russian in Stalin’s former U.S.S.R.

    Did you notice that I said “……ALL enjoy working….” in the liberal’s Utopia? That’s because EVERYONE will be working for equal paychecks doing what the government decides they will do.

    And the laggards who are just as competent and healthy as the willing workers? They will be given an all-expenses paid trip to a Siberian-type “resorts” at the North Slope of Alaska. The food fare will be spartan but the exercise routines will be top notch! The “guests” won’t be working for money, they will be working to get their daily food rations.

    If anyone thinks that the liberal elite will tolerate a population of laggards, he or she is in for a rude shock! The only ones that will enjoy
    a privileged life in a socialist Utopia will be the liberal elite themselves.

    And those government checks that the Tax-Suckers keep voting for?
    When the liberal elite gain immutable power, those checks will be the first things to go. Don’t worry, the government will find “meaningful” employment for each and every citizen.

    So keep voting for your favorite liberal candidate and you too, will get all that you deserve.

  • kipp

    I wonder how many blacks know that when LBJ signed welfare into law that his exact words were…”We’ll have those NIGGERS voting democrat for the next 200 years.” It doesn’t seem that they care. Nor do they care that the blacks spiral downward during a democratic presidency. it seems that in the black community what a man says trumps any proof, or what a man does.

    • famouswolf

      It’s WHO says or does whatever. There seems to be a general perception amongst the poor blacks that Republican equals whitey, and whitey equals enemy.
      You notice a preponderance of black politicians are Democrat? That’s it, in a nutshell. Only thing that accounts for 9 in 10 voting Democrat…if some blacks are Democrats, then Democrats must be the good guys. The chain of ‘logic’ stops right there.
      I haven’t really talked to blacks about it in a long time, but that is what I was told back when I cared. About forty years ago.
      These people in the video make me want to hope again…but naw, election time rolls around and I’ll bet on ‘no change’.

    • James Davenport

      First off the welfare act was put in for the people residing in the Appalachia region and it spread..Appalachia is far from the inner city. Sit on you’re hands if you do not know WTF you’re writing about.. You make us republicans look stupid.. .Soon after Walter Heller’s proposal, President Johnson launched an “unconditional war on poverty” during his 1964 State of The Union Address. On August 20, 1964 LBJ signed the Poverty Bill which created a new department (Office of Economic Opportunity) to begin the direct attack on the causes of poverty in the rural Appalachian region of America. Sargent Shriver was sworn in on October 16, 1964 to be the leader of this attack and the Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity. The poverty program was the first major legislation originated by President Johnson and it was designed to make a coordinated attack on the multiple causes of poverty. The major attack on poverty, which consisted of one fifth of the nation’s population at the time, can be broken down into three major weapons:

      • keyesforpres

        Blacks were encouraged to quit their jobs and go on the dole in the 60s.
        I’ve read Juilianie’s (sp?) book and he talks about it in the book.
        Johnson did say that about blacks did he not?

      • kipp

        Why don’t you Google the saying, “We’ll have those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years.” and see what comes up. I’ll bet I’m right and you are not as “edumucated as you think you is.” Your apology is accepted.

      • 57thunderbird

        And after 20 trillion dollars of investment,the war has been lost!The percentage of the population living in poverty today is as high or higher than when this so called war on poverty began.It is a failure like most government programs

  • disqus_fPYgoJntnU

    Love these ppl. Respectable and astute ppl amazingly objective. I like this. Refreshing.

  • satchmo22

    honestly they should be happy they got nothing since all i got was screwed

  • He’s 50% white, 43.75% Arab and 6.25% African.

    Why does the Black community feel he would side with them…He used you, he used every single one of you to empower himself…That’s it.
    And why would these people feel that they are deserving of better treatment, per say, than we Whites, or Asians and Latinos, because the Mulatto Princess is what…
    A Peckerwood Arab who is but 6.25% black?

    Hard to feel for a people who are disgruntled because they didn’t get their new sink, and the new kitchen to go around their new sink, and a new house to put the new kitchen in!
    And…. Who are not being charged with black on white crimes by the DOJ, and who can go around knocking out elderly whites and not being charged with a hate crime?
    Yep! I just don’t feel that sympathy thingy goin on, mayhaps apathy, perhaps?!

    • keyesforpres

      Arab is white. I know his grandmother’s parents were from Lebanon, I think?
      Frank Marshall Davis is his real father.

      • Takiwiaa

        Mother: Jo Ann Newman
        Father: Malcolm Little aka: El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
        Son: Bari Shabazz

      • I Agree…Being the hut Jumping Mother that she was, I doubt we’ll ever know who bedded her under those Zebra skins to take credit for the fatherhood of the Mulatto Princess!
        There are the three human species, Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasoid, the Arabs are considered Caucasoid! But, they are ethnically Arab! The color of our skins are but a byproduct of our ethnicity.
        Technically; Obama is still a Peckerwood Arab Thug!

        • Adam Hartman

          There’s only one human species, genius. Your whole racial theory is a bunch of BS psuedoscience.

          • These are ethnicity’s, racial classifications, so chill the hell out dickoid! Your definitely not part of the genius link [LMBO], which you meant genus, and it’s pseudoscience, not psuedoscience…And…it’s not a theory but a classification of our species!

        • Kim Shimkus

          yep again

    • 57thunderbird

      And 100% ahole!

    • Kim Shimkus


  • Chrisesmom

    I commend all of these people for their comments. It is very sad that these people put their hopes in someone that they elected to help make their circumstances and lives better simply because of the color of his skin. Obama is not the President for blacks or whites-for that matter, all Americans. Obama has an agenda to do away with the Constitution; and, to destroy America’s economy; to make Americans dependent on Government for our existence. To turn America into a socialist country. The things that made America great are dying under Obama. Increasing the minimum wage will be as damaging for job creation as Obamacare has been. Goods and services will be more costly. Employers will decrease hiring and not increase. Jobs will be lost and not created.
    Please remember that Democrats, not Republicans, were responsible for Jim Crowe Laws and for slavery. The Democratic Party is still keeping people poor and in poverty. Democrats, at one time, were for the working man; but, now are just for their special interests, unions; and, trying to help the President bury this great country in the ground.

  • Raven Snoe

    I applaud people like these that are speaking up, despite their original faith and belief in Obama. Its sad! So sad that he was The Hope…and now has devastated more people by strangling them with their own ropes of hope.

    • Kim Shimkus

      you got that right

  • M_Minnesota

    Palin/West 2016

    • jerry


      • badbadlibs

        You like being led around by the nose. Pathetic that your parents didn’t teach you how to take care of yourself.

        • jerry

          I love Palin! She’s hilarious!!!

          • badbadlibs

            How often do you get that ring in your nose fitted?
            Governor Palin isn’t a joke, not in the vein of shillary Clinton, that’s for sure.

            • jerry

              I think she’s awesome. Everything she says is so funny! And it’s so cool how she divides the GOP. She’s a great divider. The Yoko Ono of the far-right American nutbin.

              • twmon9816

                And you’re the perez Hilton of the looney left!

              • badbadlibs

                You must have been hit between the eyes as a young one.
                The great divider is the con man in the WH. You can’t even tell the difference between male and female, you have problems bub.

  • Donald Burkhart

    obama losing traction with the real honest African American citizens of the U.S.

    • withavengeance

      And all the other colors too.

  • What more is there to say? Eloquently spoken.

  • jzandensky

    Why would the squatter have any support?
    The creep was, is and will most likely stay a liar

  • bluerose75

    I guess they believed the Black Legend and Messiah (in his own mind) and his Know it all Big Butt Wife would have just spoken and the clouds would clear, money would flow like manna, their plight lifted and the seas parted…WELL people a Charlatan and his Lot are what they are FRAUDS to the core. They enrich themselves (can we say golf and a shopping spree on which Michelle never stops spending other people’s money), care only about their power, have no interest in the US Constitution, have no clue how the economy works, have no interest in African Americans being independent and self sufficient and love the governmental control and elites like themselves!

    Welcome to the real world I say and do not ever hold your breath because when you vote for people because they have a D after their name or the color of their skin you never see the true actions that never match the WORDS! You were sold a BILL OF BS and you bought it hook line and lie…and sadly not a great place to be!

  • WordsFailMe

    Save your applause. This video is a fraud, perpetrated by the same frauds who brought us the Equal Rights acts of the 1960’s.

    How did Chicago’s poor become so articulate? Where were these clear spoken, high minded people while the murder rat in Chicago went through the roof? All the sudden Ebonics isn’t cool? Is that they are finding out that the kitchen is getting a little too hot? What? Too late! Fraud!

    The only thing that is missing from this picture is a Hillary bumper sticker on a garbage can and a bullet hole in the window.

    This crap delivered to us by the prog’s and commies that infest Chicago, San Francisco and NYC ain’t over and this little windy city, tea and skittles party charade changes nothing, not one thing, for me. The scripts were probably written by Spike Jones. Fraud! Con men! Liars! Traitors!

    • 57thunderbird

      I tend to agree with that assessment.Now tell me how you really feel. 🙂

      • WordsFailMe

        Hoping I’m as wrong about this view as I was about the Civil Right acts of the 60’s.

        • 57thunderbird

          I hope you are wrong as well.I think if Obama ran again,they would probably vote for him.

    • ManaMoffa

      People like you are part of the problem

    • JohnCraven

      For what it is worth one of the men in this video was a Republican candidate against Jesse Jackson Jr. for Congress. Of course, he lost in Democrat-controlled Chicago but these people are much like the ones which The Right Scoop posted a few weeks ago at a town hall meeting with Al Sharp Tongue where they gave him an earful and very articulately at that in an auditorium filled with several hundred people. Some of them actually called for the creation of their own TEA Party at this town hall meeting.

      So your disparagement of the way they are speaking is not well founded after having watched and heard many of the same comments made in a very public format just a few weeks ago directed at Al Sharp Tongue.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      • WordsFailMe

        I won’t be fooled again…

      • WordsFailMe

        like I said: this video is a fraud. It does not indicate any change whatsoever in the Chicago obama community. The vid was staged to create some kinda ‘feel good’ thing for the good people of this country who are losing more of it every day.

        I don’t need the Chicago underground conservative to make me relax and take my eye off the ball.

  • ScarlettNY

    I’d like the person who made this video to stay in touch with the people who were interviewed. I guarantee they will have any public assistance they may have revoked in the coming weeks.

  • Deport all illegals

    I confirm that I feel the same way….I hope you all have places to go where you can hide. People have been killed or silenced in this administration.

  • David Peek

    Some of the comments posted below are beyond off the wall, put down the booze and crack pipe………….

    • 57thunderbird

      Projecting?Great comment.Not!How about commenting on the video?Maybe that is too difficult for you.

  • Richard Blakely

    Obama gave me a ebt card and a obamafone so im gonna vote for him agin.

    • Kim Shimkus

      then your a dam fool given up your rights for privileges and you deserve neither

  • withavengeance

    Good Lord! I can’t believe some of the comments here. SMHS. These folks live in CHICAGO! They KNOW even better than we do. Keep drinkin’ dat Kool Aid and warm fuzzies.

  • Hillary Shackley

    Amen to that young woman-Mehgan Kyle, very well stated. I couldn’t have done it any better than that. I would guess that Ted Cruz or Col. Allen West could use your help in their campaigns to fix the mess that Obama has created. Please consider it, they really have all Americans best interests at heart!

  • Hillary Shackley

    I have listened to this video 5 times, I am so impressed by everyone in it and how obvious it is to them how inept this Obama is. AMAZING. Good luck to the city of Chicago. I used to hope it would go the way of Detroit, but now I have hope they can fix the mess.

    • Bluerskies

      Wow, Hillary. Detroit thanks you. Not.

      • Hillary Shackley

        elections have consequences- Chicago realized it- Detroit had better- YEP- seems to me that we have to see these failures for any change to occur, we just might be getting there. Union towns suck- always will.

  • Mwarren1

    Government doesn’t create sustainable employment, it hinders job creation. Perhaps people are starting to realize the future obama dangled in front of them was nothing more empty campaign promises intended to get him elected and re-elected. If it looks too good to be true…

  • slave2liberty

    Amen. This is almost beautiful and gives me great hope that the message of liberty will break through to those communities who are being exploited for political purposes.
    The black community particularly, has been used and abused by elitist, privileged , social justice frauds (Democrats/Progressives/Socialists) for too long and it’s damn time they all heed the message communicated by these souls. The Democrats’ power requires dependency and enslavement to the idea that individuals, particularly those falling into some exploited [insert victim group] are only capable of achieving anything in life, when their masters throw out a few crumbs now and then, in exchange for votes.

    • Hillary Shackley

      This story has me in complete awe, I was just thinking… Why doesn’t Meghan Kelly have this young woman on The Kelly File. I would rather hear this story than one about cupcakes. WAKE UP MEDIA, listen to these folks, they have a story that is worth a CITY! Chicago has awoken- someone wake up.

  • Kim Shimkus

    it not just blacks now it every body now we have to get him out of Office the only way is to IMPEACH him and everything he has done is null and void

  • JohnCraven

    Ditto! to everything these people said. Ditto!

    I think, as a Tea Partyer, that this video presents a great opportunity for the TEA Party Movement and genuine Conservatives to join forces with these people and put a stop to all this nonsense coming out of Washington.

    The gentleman who mentioned “patronage and nepotism and cronyism” as being a big part of the problem is absolutely correct. It’s not a “1% or a 99% problem it’s an American problem” which is something that the TEA Party and genuine conservatives have been trying to correct.

    One of the men in this video said he has been out of work for 4 years and he asks how is raising the minimum wage going to help him get a job.

    Just think how bad their lot and the lot of all of us will become when the Democrats with the help of the Republican Party give illegal aliens amnesty. No American out of work right now will ever be able to find work and the massive regulations that Nero Obama has been dumping on American businesses will crush small businesses and entrepeneurs.

    And the rest of us who are American citizens and who have jobs of any kind will have to be constantly looking over our shoulders to see if we will be replaced with an illegal alien who was given amnesty by the Weeper of the House Boner in collusion with Nero Obama, Harry “the body” Reid and Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi.

    I think this is something that Glenn Beck should publicize on his Blaze TV and people like Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz should look into and reach out to these people in this video and see if we can join forces and rechart the direction of our nation.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  • Darren Morrison

    Obama doesn’t care about you. He is a Globalist you see that now.

    • Jimmy Reese

      I agree he’s definitely a globaist!!

  • Tracy M. Wackerman

    Fantastic. They told it like it is.

  • latinababe


    • jerry

      Did the Voices tell you to post that? lol

  • Manfrom Modesto

    The real problem is that Obama and his cousins Dick Cheney and George W. Bush (yes, they are really family) are all secret society satanists. Until people recognize the real war, their fighting will be ineffective. Turn to God and resist the devil (and his servants), and he will flee from you!
    Check out: Bohemian Grove, agenda 21, operation paper clip, Margaret Sanger… all part of the New World Order- a thing commanded to Satanists to pursue. That is told them in the Satanic Bible.
    Check out page 7 of Rules for Radicals. It is a salute to Lucifer. Obama taught from that book for 3 years in Chicago as a “community organizer.”

    • $17044315

      all join in a chant, bush, cheney haliburtibon, bush, cheney haliburtibon, and repeat for the next 10 years. Kumbaya my commie friends. Obama had two years of COMPLETE DICTATORIAL POWERS AND DID NOTHING BUT BLAME OTHERS. WHY didn;’t commie boy raise min. wage then to 20.00 and hour, HUH ?

  • Tony Anzalone



    It is not just obama,it’s shurmer,reid,Feinstein ,Biden,Pelosi and let’s not forget Hillary,because she is coming down the pike and she plans on continuing obamas work,they’re are the same peas in a pod.They are related,they breed together,they suck the money out of your pockets,the opportunities for you and your children and the life out of all of us.Obama has had no experience in anything,a questionable birthright,a questionable education and a questionable past,the man has not stopped lying since he took office and even beforehand.He lost his license to practice law because he lied about his place of birth,he lied about using more than one name and he lied about his education and his wife Michelle lost her license to practice law by using her position as an attorney to defraud an insurance company,they are patholigical liars.

  • $17044315

    Commie Boy Commie Care, Ohbummer don’t care.

  • James Mutter

    “create industry and business which will create jobs” very key statement.

  • Amazing how people can see truth when they are open to it.

  • Ms Ryan

    and.. they will vote for the next democrat who promises uncle sugar bucks.

  • teddy6139

    LOVE, love love this. I OFTEN wonder what his supporting base thought of the last 6 years. They sound like Consevatives. Love it. Thanks for this video.

  • mary

    WOW- what a great piece


    I feel they pain , but the government and obama are the blame .

    • badbadlibs

      Aww, that looks like my little guy I lost (the cute dog) two years ago. He was a conservative too and would have done the deed happily!

  • Abacrombee

    Is it possible, that the black community are actually beginning to see the likes of barack osoma , jester Jackson and al simpleton are not interested in what they can do for them, but how they can use them to enhance their own well being.

  • Coming Apart

    For the last 4-5 months I have also found, and surprising to me, that African Americans are turning away from Obama! I don’t think they have gone any where yet, but they are turning away in greater numbers…..

  • $3273457

    Tipping point?

  • PVG

    This was amazing! Not the narrative we are force-fed by the msm. We need a nationwide revolt on DC…….it very well could happen!

  • Sparticlistic

    This is a great article BUT, you should be writing/asking Democratic party leader Obama, Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, what “actions” they are going to take about the 1000 Black MEN,WOMEN,CHILDREN, shot/513 killed in Chicago, in 2012 (and every year). Chicago has the TOUGHEST ANTI GUN LAWS IN THE COUNTRY. (5000 killed in
    Democratically controlled Chicago, since 2002). WHERE IS THE
    OBAMA/BIDEN/KERRY,JACKSON/SHARPTON/RANGLE/OPRAH/MATTHEWS/PELOCI,REID, PHOTO SHOOT, SPEECH AND CROCODILE TEARS WITH THE GRIEVING BLACK MOTHERS OF THEIR 513 husbands, wives ,daughters and sons killed in 2012. WHERE IS THE FREAKING PRESS? Recent Obama speak on A FEW White children’s graves in Conn. : “So we have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this.Regardless of the politics”. Why not Chicago? THEN, what is Obama going to do about all the other, high kill rate, Democratically controlled, with tough anti gun laws, with NO “stand your ground” laws, with NO “Stop and frisk” law cites of N.Y., Newark, Camden, Detroit, East St Louis, New Orleans, Atlanta, LA., Oakland, Philli, Pittsburg, and Washington DC, WHERE
    just released THOUSANDS of ‘so called” non violent and drug criminals, to terrorize these same cites, citizens, families, women/wives, police AGAIN, because he thought it was unfair so many BLACKS were in prison. I guess Democrats care about Blacks/women, they just don’t care about Black men, women, children. God help save them from this incompetent and/or diabolical president.

  • mikeinidaho

    Sorry, sucks to be them.
    BUUUUT, elections have consequences and you get what you voted for.
    Maybe now you’ll THINK before voting like the sheeple the Dems think you are.

  • Who are these people? They have more common sense and insight then 100% of the teachers and govt. workers I’ve talked to over the past 5 years

  • Brent

    I don’t buy this. I don’t know if this was paid for or not but the simple fact is, for all Obama has tried to do for poor people, he has been thwarted by the Republican Congress. I can’t imagine anybody here can’t see who the real villains are. Republicans can, by virtue of their majority in Congress, put the brakes on any legislation they want. I’m not saying Obama is perfect but the man has tried, and when some far right website goes and either misinforms poor blacks or actually pays them to make statements like these, well it’s pretty evident who it is that is keeping these people from advancing. America has a serious problem with both racism and poverty. Interesting that the poorest people in the country are blacks and Latinos. Does it really make sense that a black president would go out of his way to see that people of his race don’t at least get a fighting chance? No. Republicans, you should be ashamed except your shame isn’t activated when it comes to treating what once were minorities badly. They’re coming folks and they’re pissed off as hell. I wouldn’t want to be you when folks who are angered by the truth, folks who know they’ve been lied to, come calling for some accountability. This is BS and there isn’t a thinking person in America who doesn’t see it.

    • Sojourner Truth

      I’m sorry but your ignorance knows no bounds. You probably live in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs and have a decent paying gov’mint job. The Wall Street Journal just published the actual unemployment rate, which is 37.2%, which is not pinned to the ridiculously low unemployment rate of 7.6%, arrived at by only counting those who receive unemployment benefits. Obama is destroying the middle class while posturing and lying about how much he cares. Don’t listen to what he says, watch what Obama does. Obamacare is the biggest tax ever imposed upon the middle class in the history of this nation. 1 out of 5 households are on food stamps, and you think this president is the messiah. You live in a complete fantasy created by Obama and his minions at CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN. It’s time to do some reading outside of the propaganda press.

      • Brent

        I am probably…
        a white Canadian who does indeed live in a nice neighbourhood and makes a decent income. But not “gov’mint” ( the word is government if matters to you.)
        I live in a fantasy (oh I wish), but at least I’m not deluded.
        Your talk about taxes is pretty revealing because Americans pay as much in tax (often more) than Canadians, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns, English and French. What’s different is that we pay our tax pretty much all at once. You on the other hand pay your taxes on every item you buy. In the end you put as much or more into the government coffers than I do. Here’s the simple math. Calculate how much your country spends on the military then look at how much other countries do. Apparently you spend more on your military than over a third of the world combined. Where does that money come from? You. And the math is called simple division: simply look at the the total cost of your military, divide it by the number of people in the country and you’re already paying considerably more than I am on defence or will in a hundred lifetimes. But do me that courtesy. Do the math before you lash out talking about the bounds of my ignorance. You would be surprised where I went to school and the degree I earned from Yale – oh damn, I promised myself I wouldn’t mention my Ph.D or that I earned it on a scholarship… yep, you paid for my post graduate education.
        But the problem with Americans is they don’t really have a clue that there is a “rest of the world”. So you consider yourselves the greatest country in the world while you are loathed universally. But more than that, by virtue of your self defined role as the world’s policeman, you are paying for the security of more countries that, when you add it up, amounts to more people than there are in the entire continental United States.
        Thanks for replying to me. it was generous of you. But please, for a moment, ignore the party line and do some independent thinking. You will realize that you and the facts are really not on familiar terms. I don’t know what that makes you but we have a word here in Canada, “dolt”, that seems somehow appropriate.

        • twmon9816

          Oh, you’re a Canadian? That explains a lot. You are just French lite, tell you what kid, go surrender to any country. That’s your history. Next time we americans may not bail your sorry a$$es out. Go to a message board for 15 to 18 year olds. That seems to be your speed.

          • Brent

            Oh, you’re an American. Well that explains a lot about you. Why you can’t read a map, even when all you’re looking for is Medicine Hat…, uhm, that’s in Alberta, a sprawling province… oh hey, wait a second, you likely don’t know where Alberta even is. But given its position relative to Quebec, the only province in Canada where French is the primary language, it’s very far west. Most people love visiting Quebec because of how European the cities of Monteal and Quebec are.
            But I digress. There are two official languages in Canada, French and English. However the preponderance of Canadians speak only English.

            Your mention of French lite is a red herring. Has nothing to do with the subject at hand. A common tactic of the uninformed.

            As for you coming to our rescue to bail us out, never happened. The Americans were the last into WW II and fought Japan, largely ignoring the German forces in Europe. We of the Commonwealth thank you for getting caught up in an entirely different conflict while our boys fought it out in Europe where the freedom of that continent was truly at stake.

            The Wall St crash in ’08 saw banks and car companies bailed out but not Canada. In fact we. unlike other countries in Europe who got screwed and pushed towards bankruptcy – Iceland and their three major banks crashed purchasing worthless CDO’s – Canada sat pretty with next to no exposure to the risk those investment products represented. Playing with other people’s money seems, to this day a risky and reckless proposition. That’s why Canadian banks don’t do it. There are strict guidelines that say how much any bank can put at risk. it was those guidelines that saved our financial butts.

            America is desperate for our oil. Extracting it from the tar sands is an expensive undertaking and yet America is willing to pay. But there is a serious debate taking place with respect to building an oil pipeline from Red Deer to somewhere in the US middle northwest. Canada is uncertain about this because the hazards of a pipeline to the environment.

            And lets look at the US debt, upward of a trillion dollars. But who gives a rat’s ass because America, if it truly needs some extra cash will just invade a country and take what it wants.

            By the way, I didn’t even know there were message boards for 15 – 18 year olds. But thanks for information. Which do you find more exciting, teenage boys or teenage girls?

            • Richard Suverison Jr

              Good point and people tend to forget the Wall Street bail out was done by the repubs and the Car company bail out was done by the libs. We Americans get nothing from that, they get the golden parachutes and we taxpayers are left footing the bill. This whole setup starting long before 2008 is to force the world into a one-world banking system. Now countries as you spoke of have had no choice but to abide by it to survive. Our true debt in this country is upward of 4 trillion and climbing. It will continue to climb until the FED is replaced by something else. Take the control away from the Banks. A quote by Mayer Rothschild that should scare people as it is happening now “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Then to speak of the military a great quote by George Washington that makes me wonder if they were fortune tellers as this is happening now “Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.”

          • Richard Suverison Jr

            twmon9816, what difference does it make that he is Canadian. Do you know that the Canadian Dollar holds more value right now then the U.S. Dollar. If we do not wake up soon, it will be us that will need to be bailed out. We are in a round about way are being bailed out by China right now. It doesn’t matter if Obama or some republican was in office it would be the same. All of Washington D.C. needs rebooted.

          • Pulseguy

            Ask anyone in your military who would they rather have beside them, a Canadian, or any other country. Without question they will say Canadian. Twmon….Canada has never lost a war. Never surrendered to anything. We beat you guys not that long ago. Ever watched us play hockey? That is Canada. Pure grit.

            Canada, England, and Australia fought the Germans, Italians, and Russians to a standstill in WW 2. If they had given up you’d be speaking German right now. Because the US alone would have lost in about two years. Your country wouldn’t fight when it needed to, and the war was almost lost as a result.

        • $2180674

          Your comment.
          ” What’s different is that we pay our tax pretty much all at once. You on the other hand pay your taxes on every item you buy”

          Since you claim you live in Canada tell me how you escape paying paying GST/HST on items you purchase. Sales taxes can be close to 14-15% in some provinces.

          • Brent

            Short answer is rebates. People making under $30K don’t have to pay, so when taxes are paid, a considerable portion of what you spent on GST comes back to you, unless of course you are wealthy.
            You don’t think that you, as an American, carry an onerous tax burden? Here’s a suggestion, next time you fly compare the real cost of the ticket to its advertised price. There are so many taxes, fees and so on it can sometimes come out that you’ve paid more in taxes and fees than you did for your ticket.

        • Richard Suverison Jr

          Nothing is going to change in Washington until there is a viable third party. The democratic and republican party are both to blame. They no longer listen to the american people. They only listen to the 1% that lines their pockets year in and year out. You speak of the American Military and the expense. The Military industrial complex have total control over the government. When you have companies like Serco with their tentacles all over government A BIG CHANGE needs to happen. According to the constitution the funding for the Military is suppose to be derived from corporate taxes. But, they are the problem. If you look back to the 1980’s on up to the mid 90’s Small businesses were thriving in the United States. You had mom and pop restaurants, grocery stores and so on. Corporate America swooped in undercut those small businesses then drove them out of business. Now they run it all. We as the American People are to blame for this just as well. For letting it happen. When you also have a Private Bank controlling this countries Monetary System there is also a big part of the problem. Our income tax that we pay each year goes to paying the interest we owe the Federal Reserve. It is about time we pull the plug and start over. The only way that will happen is if the left keep blaming the right and vice/versa. We need to stand as one voice and take the blinders off and stop electing cronies that are hand picked by the Major Corporations to run things. Who runs the media in this country? Of course Major Corporations. We live in a Police State with an illusion of Freedom. People Wake Up.

          • Brent

            It’s nice to see somebody on a message board who doesn’t start off with name calling. There’s either an inordinate number of neuro-pathologists on here, folks who know exactly what’s wrong with anybody who disagrees with them. It’s bravado disguising a complete inability to communicate in writing which means they can’t formulate a hypothesis that is there not to incense but to open the door to a discussion. Sadly there’s almost never a discussion because all they want to do is vent and this is a great place to do it. Maybe this kind of hostility will replace kicking the dog and slapping the old lady around. And that would be progress.
            Nevertheless just wanted to say I appreciated your post, the thought you put into it and the way you structured your argument. A breath of fresh air. There are far too many people who, if you don’t agree with them, brand you an enemy then pull out their thesaurus of epithets and invective, then let fly. You appear to be different and I commend you sir. Cheers.

            • Richard Suverison Jr

              The sad part is Brent, When I make comments such as mine. People are blind to it. They will not respond to them as they do not have the ammunition to do so. They would rather stay in the left and right paradigm with the blinders on. It is easier to name call and bash people. That is the problem with society in America today, well the world for that matter. They would rather watch dumbed down TV (American Idol and Sports) then pay attention to what really is happening in the country. I have ran into a number of people born and bred in other countries that really know what is going on. I can’t necessarily blame us Americans as they are spoon fed disinformation by a corporate driven media. The comical thing is when I bring up Media they immediately cling to the “liberal” media and blame them. I am blaming all media Faux news included. They are corporate driven too, bought and paid for by the Military Industrial Complex. Then you have Piers Morgan on CNN that is bashing everything that is American and people here in America listen to him. The perfect Thomas Jefferson quote to shut Piers up is this “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” I am sick of non-americans like him that have a voice in this country continue to bash our constitution. Our Government is committing treason daily “Republicans and Democrats included. While we sit idly by and let them do it. People also tend to forget that our healthcare bill was penned by lawyers for the Big Pharma and Insurance companies. Our congress continue to pass laws like the NDAA that continue to strip our rights away and people do not see it. If you look at the bill passage, both sides are equally to blame and yet they are exempt from the very laws they pass. It wouldn’t have mattered if Romney would have won the last election the Status quo would have stayed the same. But again people do not get it. If I can change the mind of one person and release them from the “Matrix” I feel I have succeeded. Thank you for your compliment. To add one thing to your argument. State sales taxes are legal per the constitution as it is an equal tax to all that live in that state. The IRS income tax by law is unconstitutional and should be null and void. People tend to forget that when you sign your tax return you are waiving your fifth amendment rights and that is where they get you. The very definition of Income is misconstrued by the IRS. It is funny that the IRS actually has no policing power as the FED knows they are unconstitutional. The IRS uses the local authorities to police for them. If they local authorities would begin to refuse to police for the IRS it would begin solve a lot of our problems as it would starve the Beast. I wish people would read the book “Creature from Jekyll Isand” and see what I mean.

        • miketheorganist

          I do not have time for all of your points, but I must make this one: Your national defense rests in our hands as does the national defense of every single one of the countries that comprise the West. I daresay, if your government was not absolutely certain that in the event of an attack from some country among the modern-day Axis, the United States would be there with all its might to stop it, it would not have a system of benefits as it does.
          The luxury you have of not having to field a world-class military leaves a good deal of money available for social welfare programs. We do not have this option. Not that this deters our leftists, who would like nothing more than a massive scaling back of the military and a diverting of the funds into the welfare programs. But I ask you: If America were to do this …. who would step into the breach to become the number one big shot on the block in this world? It would not be Canada.

          I do like your Canadian football though, and I think the NFL could learn a lot from your game.

          • Brent

            You’re not wrong Mike. But the trouble with that whole argument is, if nobody had weapons, in others word there was a complete disarming of all countries with nuclear armaments this all would be academic. But I can also see that Americans are reluctant to surrender personal weapons so the likelihood of convincing, not just the US but too many other well armed nations that it’s reasonable to believe that might makes right and America has a lot of enemies.
            I don’t hate the USA. As you point out, the protection of all of North America is pretty much in America’s hands.
            The danger that I see with America is, both its domestic issues and geo political ones are tearing at the very fabric of what once was the greatest nation on earth.
            America has to become a leader. It has to be the one that abandons partisanship with its politics and abandons military aggression to make its point. And there are a variety of ways that a country with America’s resources could pressure others to lay down their arms and activate their brains.
            I know, that’s not very realistic but, if America were to lead the charge there would be a number of countries that would take heed. Not saying it’s easy but America itself is going collapse if it doesn’t change the rules of the game, and do that with some haste.
            Canada has always been a peace keeper. Coming in after a conflict to ensure that the rebuilding process goes ahead without interference from radicals or other divisive forces in that war zone. It’s why Canada is often asked to participate and preside over peace negotiations.
            I think America is at a bad place right now as is most of the rest of the world. Somebody has to develop a peace strategy and I frankly think the only country that can do that and enforce it is the US. But when nearly half the people in the country perceive the president as its worst enemy, then you’ve got a problem that ultimately leads to revolution
            There’s a lot of work to be done however, when the likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, both of whom profited considerably from the war in Iraq, calling the shots, you have a conflict of interest that will forever stain America’s international reputation while at home the citizens will forever align themselves with like minded folks, folks with a distinct agenda.
            Somebody suggested having a third party would make a difference and while that might help, I think the solution to the domestic situation will never be identified nor carried out. Then it’s watch it, because there are a lot of angry people, who are armed. who more and more are taking the law in their own hands.

    • darkknight91

      What a racist you are too assume these people were paid to say what they did in the above video. Oballah is totally to blame for the economy. People on foodstamps have gone from 30m to 50m the last 5 years and you blame republicans? Name one thing Oballah hasn’t gotten because of republicans? Name one thing Oballah has done to help people of his “own race”. I thought he was half white, too? What about that race? He’s screwing us all except for his cronies on Wall Street and unions. You’re as stupid as they come.

    • boats48

      When was the last time your hero Obama went to Capitol Hill and actually lobbied Congress to support one of his initiatives? Any past president that wanted to get anything done had to do that, Obama refuses. It’s “my way or the highway” most of the time with this pompous horses’ posterior. Come out of your shell, stop watching MSDNC, and join reality.

    • darylhjohnsonjr

      Brent ~ I don’t owe you or any minority anything except a common respect. The Republicans are a minority in the senate, not the majority. Check your history… NOT ONE democrat voted to free the slaves and this the party which you hold up to champion the minorities? Isn’t it interesting that you talk about the poorest minorities, yet most of these poor minorities can be found in cities that haven’t had a Republican administration in 30-60 years. Detroit is an excellent example of Democratic control. A democracy is a majority rule. If the majority wants you property they vote and take it. We were never set up as a democracy. You will not find the word democracy in any of the Federalist Papers, The Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution. This government was set up as a Constitutional Republic. Your property is protected by that constitution, by law. The problem comes when people try to vote themselves free things at the expense of others. Or the become willing accomplices to Illegal actions to obtain the votes of those they help break the law. That is a democracy at it’s best. That is what Obama has done for my county…

    • $2180674

      I’m sure Obama does love poor people. In his 5 years he has created millions more. The shame is that you are willing to give up freedom for free stuff. You sure are foolish to think Obama cares for anyone of any race when his only concern is what’s in it for him.

    • sallyjohanna

      It is not true that Congressional majorities have a blank check…the Senate is involved in the approval process. That is why it is so important when the majority of both the House and Senate are the same party.

    • twmon9816

      You’re no thinking person, you’re just a shill. Grow up child, the dims have re-enslaved the blacks and the gullible. And idiots like you believe the republicans are against everything that goes with you morons dream world.

    • jjet

      Brent, Way off kiddo. If you would do some homework, the policies since the 60’s are what has hurt not help the black community. Please, stop the repub , dems noncence. The Dems should be ashamed for letting the progressives take over the once decent party. And it is they, who have disrespected the blacks in this country. They didn’t give a hand up, they said they needed extra special lowering of standards in school, and the work place, and the hand out drew them in for generations. AND INSURE THEIR VOTE. The dignity and respect they deserved was not given by the Dems my dear. I was there, you weren’t,or you’d no better.

    • Pulseguy

      Brent…name some policies he has put forth that were thwarted by Republicans? There aren’t any. He actually hasn’t done anything.

      The Republicans have put forth tons of job creation bills that can’t get past Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader. They die on his desk.

      Obama has not done anything. He has no ideas. He has no skills in getting things done. He pontificates, and that is about it.

    • miketheorganist

      Your post assumes that the federal government has the knowledge, the means and the power to help the poor when it has none of these. Obama “trying to help the poor” is the old adage about taking money that doesn’t exist (borrowed) and some that does (taxed), and spending it on people who plow right through it and are always back for more. Please forgive me for generalizing; that’s the language of the left so I thought you’d appreciate it. Your expression of compassion is genuine, I’m sure, and your zeal to enforce the golden rule by force of law looks, I’m sure, like the only way to remedy all the past wrongs and perceived present wrongs against minorities. But doing so the way you guys do it only keeps an entire subset of our population dependent upon government. After $20 trillion in wealth transfers in the last 50 years the exact same percentage of our people live poor as did in the days of LBJ. I would argue that this is by design, not because a bunch of Republicans want to keep minorities downtrodden. Now I’ve never lived in the hood, but I do have black friends and co-workers who tell me the stuff that they know people pull off to abuse the welfare state because with the sheer size of it, and the myriad bureaucracies that administer it, it’s impossible to oversee it. So we wind up with all kinds of fraud. A prime example is the mess that came from trying to level the playing field in the housing market and end redlining back in 1977, the Community Reinvestment Act, which got so big so fast and had so much federal pressure brought to bear on lenders that the lenders figure, if we can’t beat em, we’ll join em, and we wound up with what came to be known as predatory lending practices, which were nothing but an attempt to make the loans they were told they had to make with lowered standards, and the result 31 years later was the credit money freeze that began the current disaster.

      It isn’t enough to want to help people. Help has to take forms that have been thought all the way through to what the consequences must be if enacted, and no matter how popular, if a federal program is rife with waste the waste has to be rooted out. If it requires borrowing money because the funds do not exist, it must not be passed. If it requires imposing quotas that are race based, it must be vetoed. If it requires actions that are not given to Washington by the Constitution, it must be struck down by the Supreme Court. Perhaps following the charter voluntarily for about the next 100 years would enable the nation to start making a dent in the debt that has undermined the dollar and all other currencies in this debt-money world system, and placed the very existence of the Republic on the edge of extinction.

      And that is the SHORT version of my remarks.

  • Sojourner Truth

    It is encouraging to see African Americans who are not drinking the Democrat Party Kool-Aid, but are facing the facts about the condition of their communities. The government programs of Democrats are systematically keeping minorities locked in hopeless ghettos all the while talking about how much they do for the poor. They support Planned Parenthood, which was started by Margaret Sanger to promote abortions among African Americans as a program of ethnic cleansing. The purposes of Planned Parenthood have not changed, except for the happy face the Democrats have posted on the Planned Parenthood image. The current economy, with an actual unemployment rate of 37.2% published by the Wall Street Journal last week, is even worse than that of the Great Depression, which had an unemployment rate of 24.9% at the height of the Depression in 1933. Like the 37.2% figure, the 24.9% figure is the actual unemployment figure and not the Democrat sponsored ruse created by giving only the percentage of people who receive unemployment benefits. It is refreshing to see the victims of liberal social engineering begin to wake up to the truth. If white people could crawl out of their utopian fantasies and begin to see the truth also, there might be hope for the nation to recover from this economic nightmare produced by “progressive” thugs who are subverting the Constitution and looting the country of its wealth while pretending to care about the poor and the middle class.

    • Diana M

      Wow, it’s absolutely beautiful how sorry you are for black people. I’m sure they are super grateful for your pity.

      • Sojourner Truth

        I’ve been working with the poor for over 25 years, and yes, I do have compassion for those caught in the economic traps “progressives” have created because of their ignorant “pity.”

  • jerry

    I’m from Chicago. I’ve never met anti-union, pro-corporate, libertarian black people. This film is a rare treasure, it probably has some value, unless it is fake.

    • WordsFailMe

      I think the cast was well vetted. Does the background of the set look like any place in a Chicago ghetto?

      These speaker may actually hold the views they announce, san heavy, Chicago ebonics. But I fail to see how this group represents any Chicago “community.” What if the videographer took this vid to the streets and played it to random passers-by for reaction? What do you think the vote would be then?

      The other thing for me is what you were near. Isolated a group of black people, in a black community to discuss a black president hints at keeping racism a regular feature of the obama years.

      • EdB

        Of course they were vetted; didn’t you see the script of who they represented? I don’t think this video was intended to portray the ‘average’ Chicagoan, rather that there are those in Chicago who are not the stereotypical ebonic speaking, uneducated, blah blah blah, that the rest of the country is given to believe is all that exists in these heavily Black American populated cities.
        Taking a vid to the streets would yield the results the surveyor intended, whether by selective canvassing or selective editing.
        One other thing that’s too often overlooked is that until LBJ and his ‘Great Deception’, Black Americans voted heavily Republican. Now there’s a connection that should be explored.

    • sallyjohanna

      Well if it is fake…they are darn good actors.

    • Axelgreaser

      The poster states: “…I’m from Chicago. I’ve never met anti-union, pro-corporate, libertarian black people. This film is a rare treasure, it probably has some value, unless it is fake.”

      Al Sharpton recently met them. As did race hustler Jesse Jackson. I’m 80 minutes South of Chitcago. Trust me, we have plenty of conservative blacks in Illinois and plenty of poor’s who know they’ve been ‘played’ by Democrat’s, but Communist Chicago propagates poor’s, victims and corruption and puts politics and power WAY out in front of the good of the people, no matter what their color. Chicago has a Mayor who is part of the ‘Order of Obama’, an idiot of the first degree, who believes: “Never let a crisis go to waste” and has stated that publicly as though it is a badge of morality and courage. Not so, it’s just one more way of saying ‘Means to an end’, which is pure communistic ideology. The way I look at it, the way I look at the desperate condition of his ‘subjects’, and from observing his priorities attacking and terroriing Chic-fil-A, Chitcago will never lift itself out of the Democrat hell it exists in until more blacks, minorities and Chitcago’s ‘back up Democrats’, Mexican pawns, step up and demand it so.

  • Diana M

    I’m confused over what community is being referenced? It sounds like its just the “black” community which could be considered racist. The President isn’t a person – it’s an office and it has no color. Politicians are supposed to represent the majority – not themselves and not special interest groups. People need to pull their heads out of each other’s asses and start using logic not emotion. This government is not representing the majority and the morons in this country keep voting against their own interests because their value system is all screwed up.

  • Marridge

    These guys are smart. Real smart. I wish they were able to move to a red state.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    I have some issues with this video… I like to know that not every single black person is enamored with barry. That’s of value. I hope their distaste for him is contagious. However, my issue is that they repeatedly stated that the POTUS hasn’t “done anything for them.” Quite honestly, it’s not his job to do anything for them. His job is to follow and uphold the Constitution, to protect this country from enemies, and to set forth an agenda that will promote the health and well-being of the country. That doesn’t mean a government takeover of ANYTHING. It’s not up to him to come up with gov’t programs to DO STUFF for individual citizens, regardless of whether they’re in the “black community” or “white community.” This narrative of “he hasn’t done anything for me” is quite simply the wrong narrative, IMO. He and all his comrades need to get the heck out of the way and let America work as it was intended. And that sure ain’t by Executive Order.

    • Well he could “do stuff” for the poor by eliminating minimum wage and other restrictions that price the poor out of the market. Stuff like licensing that prevents the poor from entering certain industries. He could “do stuff” for the poor by ending the drug war and the so called “war on poverty”.

      • wisdom

        No he can’t! His hands are so tied because we voted him in and didn’t vote the next election to give him back up. We failled him, he did not fail us. The President is only as good as the Congress and Senate. If there is a Congress like we currently have which says left if he says right or yes if he says no, then what can he do? Yes unemployment is up. Life is worse since he entered office but it was already headed there from the Bush Administration. You tell me, if people were in the back room during his first inauguration plotting how to make sure he was not reelected, do you really think they were going to allow him to accomplish anything. Read all sides, listen, watch, and think with an open mind. He is not the Savior, he is the first known black president.

  • Alphonsus_Jr

    Except for the guy with the scarf, they’re all quite selfish. Indeed, if I spoke this way, I’d be branded as a rabid racist. Are blacks then to be held to lower standards and thus subject to the soft discrimination of low expectations?

  • Deacon Davis

    These people must be racists

  • NotAn0bamaSupporter

    Obama has done nothing for the black community except give them college degrees in African studies for free — absolutely worthless unless you are going for a government job. Oh wait LOL.

  • compresale

    Looks like my comments are being deleted, too bad you can’t handle opposing views here.


    the blacks voted for obummer because hey thought they were going to be GIVEN everything and would NEVER HAVE TO WORK AGAIN. (if they ever had a job in the first place) now that they see thats NOT going to happen,…their waking up…IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!

    • hallie

      it wasnt just black people that voted for Obama get your facts straight!!guess black people aren’t the only people that want something for free….IMAGINE THAT!

      • Pojo

        Texan you are a DA

    • hallie

      The president is only allowed in office for 8 years!! So” never have to work again” sounds like something you’re ignorant ass was looking forward to!!!!!

  • Dana Lynn Sharpton

    The truth is, not only blacks voted for him. Of course, blacks voted for him…a black President, but also, gay people of all colors voted him, and young women voted for him, and Hispanics voted for him because he used all these groups that wanted better and then he lied. Some of us knew he was lying and others had to find out later. Now we are all stuck with his sorry self!

  • Kevin Boudreau

    If you believe that the solution to all of this is simply a matter of voting the right person, then you don’t really understand the problem.

  • Mike Butler

    “In Chicago, there are no Republicans, no Tea Party, this is one of the most Democratic cities…” Yessir, you are correct, and we have all seen the results. Some people are waking up and realizing they have been played.

  • Joshua

    Once being homeless myself, I’ve come up with a private win-win solution for housing: finished warehouse space with open kitchen and public showers/restrooms(w/ UVC germicidal-light automation) and an array of finished, comfortable cubicles. The Owner could rent them out by 8hr blocks, days, or weeks. Each cubicle should have a desk, alarm-clock, lamp, and chair/bed (futon or recliner) with computer workstations also available. People should also be able to receive mail there. New York pricing would be ~$10/8hrs, $15/day, $75/week per furnished cubicle… 7ft x 7ft and your paying $20/ft squared per year of New York warehouse space…and you charge $75 for 50ft2 feet for one week…or $3900 for 50ft2 per year…at a cost of $1000 for 50 ft2/year…with full occupancy year round, you’d make a profit of 3 times your expense before electric/water. Everybody wins. $10 compared to the price of a hotel room for one night, with the same quality furnishings… I know what I would choose, even put one in the airport for people with layovers…I’m there. Also: you could offer a double size cubicle for families. you could rent out locker space. you could also rent things like headphones etc… Even add mingle room… a
    quality furnished environment, at an extremely viable entry rate. Suddenly everything is better. crime rate goes down, a greater sense of community emerges, the cost of living decreases reducing the expense of much the world over. I saw warehouse spaces online in NY from $13 to $30/ft/yr, making the rate of about $10/8hrs, $15/day, $75/week… just about right. It would be less in other cities, starting at ~$5 for a furnished sheltered nights rest.

    I don’t have the money to start this up for the initial warehouse rental,
    but I hope local entrepreneurs see the promise of making money while
    providing a great service to those in need of it.

    • KeepOnLearning

      If one political party says they’ll give the population free money, phones, rent, and babysitting (and is justifying marijuana) —
      and the other party says you should spend an extra hour at work to make yourself valuable, get schooling at night to learn new skills, and says you’re responsible for how your kids turn out…which party will get the most votes?

  • Bundle Up

    When Hussein Obama’s occupation of the White House began, there were about 32 million Americans on food stamps. Today, there are more than 47 million Americans on food stamps.Reference:

  • EdB

    The “Great Society” was really the ‘Great Deception’ perpetrated upon the Black American community by racist Democrats and the Race Pimps.

  • doro3666

    Foodstamps have to do more with poor education and the technological age then Obama. I believe Obama has a problem that makes him incapable of leading this country. Besides we don’t only have a dirt poor black community but also the white and the Hispanic poor…we always talk how much the poor get freebees…it’s just enough to live and only enough to keep from dying. The poor can’t buy a house with that, nor a car nor drive to a job that would take a few miles to drive….it’s all BS we should make it mandatory that you stay in high school and graduate, or you can prove you have an apprentice job at a company If you drop out of high school there should be special education centers you need to visit and stay there until you graduate or no welfare for the family. But we just can’t seem to get that done. I believe the pimps get encouraged by short jail sentences or no sentences to push dope because they spend the dough in the community…what a shameful situation..

  • CDavidS1951

    but they’d vote for him again tomorrow just because.