🔥🔥Ron DeSantis to CBS: “You ain’t running over this governor, I’m punching back!”

Governor Ron DeSantis spoke this morning about the hit job on him that CBS 60 Minutes tried to pull on Sunday and suggested that he’ll be taking some kind of action against them: “You ain’t running over this governor, I’m punching back!”

Here’s the video:

In the clip DeSantis says that CBS 60 Minutes knew they were lying and ran with it anyway, and he’s going to continue to expose their lies.

Here’s an excerpt from the second half of the clip:

They went for the smear. They’ve been caught red-handed. Now, see all of these corporate media people, they scratch each other’s back, so a lot of them are just pretending it didn’t happen; they’re not going to really police their own. But we’re going to have a lot of people that are going to police their own.

But the message is, for people out there, unless you’re a partisan leftist do NOT trust corporate media. You can’t trust them. They’re not trustworthy. They will lie. They will smear. And then they just move on to the next target and think they’re going to get away with it.

You ain’t getting away with it here. You come down to our state and you try to smear people, we’re going to fight back and we’re going to hold you accountable. So this is not over by any stretch of the imagination.

It sounds like the governor is gearing up for a big lawsuit and I truly hope he does. He’s got all the facts in his corner and I’ve no doubt he could win such a lawsuit. What CBS did is egregious and, assuming he goes this route, he needs to make this lawsuit as big as possible. He needs to own CBS after this is all over. This needs to be a statement lawsuit.

Otherwise this will keep happening over and over.

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