100% PANTS ON FIRE: Glenn Greenwald’s mini documentary ENDING ‘Typhoid Mary’ Nicolle Wallace is a masterpiece

“Serial deceit is not a liability for a thriving career in corporate journalism but rather a vital asset,” says Glenn Greenwald in the article with his merciless destruction of Nicolle Wallace. Dead on.

You know, I hate when hip so-and-so blue checks say “more of this please” but, seriously, more of this PLEASE.

“Lurking beneath her perky smile, multi-million-dollar media contracts, gushing liberal fan base and a long list of media admirers is something extremely dark and pernicious. In a swamp of professional liars and sleaze merchants, Nicolle Wallace has distinguished herself easily as one of the most seamless and casual liars in the world of Washington politics and media,” he writes.

He goes on to LAY WASTE to her. Here’s the trailer for the documentary. I m telling y’all, even the TRAILER is devastating. But I watched the whole doc and it is STUNNING.

More from the article:

But few Bush-era propagandists have thrived more, made more money, and developed a more devoted and swooning liberal fan base than the official Communications Director of the Bush/Cheney White House and 2004 Bush/Cheney-reelection campaign, Nicolle Wallace. Having catapulted from her work as Jeb Bush’s Press Secretary to the White House to senior adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign (working for her close friend, Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt, who recently performed one of the most public and sustained nervous breakdowns in the history of the internet), Wallace was always beloved by the DC press corps.

I wish I could clip for you just the part about the Wuhan lab. Just that part of the full mini documentary alone should be career-ending for Wallace, if not her whole network. But she continues to be treated as smart and credible.

Our media is a joke. But this takedown of Wallace is no joke at all, it’s nuclear annihilation.

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