FULL SPEECH – Watch Mitt Romney address the NAACP

If you missed this speech live then you’ll surely want to watch it now. It was a great speech by Romney who didn’t go to pander, but to stand firm on the issues even if it meant getting booed. And he did get booed a couple of times, but he also got plenty of applause including a standing ovation at the end. Romney was much more aggressive coming out of the gate than I had expected and did a fine job trying to convince NAACP members that he’s the right choice for president.

Watch below:

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153 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH – Watch Mitt Romney address the NAACP

  1. As a native Houstonian (3RD Generation) I can tell you that Democrats in Texas in my youth were both moderate and conservative as much as many many republicans today! Now today’s democrats are so liberal and progressive that a moderate is as hard to find as a wee person’s pot of gold at the end of a rainbow….and I am now talking about a rainbow coalition! As Americans we all have our political views and personal opinions and as such should vote as we feel we must. But if I may ask, are you or me or our families better off today than we were 3 1/2 years ago at the beginning of the current administrations ascendancy into political power or are things worse? If your lives are not better today, would not your common sense tell you it was time for real change and getting back on a path of positive things in America ie; more and better jobs, better wages, better lifestyles, larger savings accounts and retirement plans, ability to send our children to good Universities and many more personal freedoms? Perhaps it is time to vote for the party of Lincoln, Reagan and yes, Martin Luther King so that we can again pursue prosperity, happiness and the true American Way. May God Bless us all in America.

    1. 08-03-12 Hey GB! WOW! Haven’t heard from you in a while and have been asking about you.

      Hope everything is okay with you and your family. Take care and we hope to hear more from you soon, my friend!

      1. Hey man,How’s it? I got into line for some delicious Chick-Fil-A sandwiches about three weeks ago and have been stuck in perpetual motion attempting to get closer to the counter and finally order.There is some crazy whack job in the drive-up giving a sweet girl a hard time and I am ready to jump the counter and bust his balls.
        Been chasing rats.They build up a resistance to Decon so it was time for some recon,recoil and ruin,and the guy that lost his job over his rant at the drive-up thought he was having a bad day! Thanks for the comment,good to be back.We all kiss the soil of the USA upon return.It’s been tasting a little soiled lately.November has a way of disinfecting parasites.

        1. The planet can always do with a few less rats! Glad you and yours will be around to celebrate the November round-up!

          I read you post to Mrs. WFM.

          When I got to “…recon, recoil and run,” she said, “You mean they had to di-di-mau?” That was a blast from the past!

  2. Integrity. Mitt didn’t change his message, his cadence, his accent for the NAACP audience. No pandering .
    Unlike Mrs.Clinton and Mr.Obama, who pick up a drawl and twang when they speak to a black audience.

  3. A very well-balanced speech that addressed the fundamental issues of entrepreneurial free-market economy vs. Big-government Obamanomics to the right audience of NAACP and the black communities at large without polarized-conservative political overtone. Most importantly, Mitt chose NAACP as the forum to unveil his comprehensive 5-steps economic plan for the nation; which spoke volume of the importance he placed to win their vote and confidence by effectively reaching out to major ethenic groups. The 5-steps economic plan is down-to-earth and comphensive enough for the common folks to click-in and understand.

    Mitt is not the ideal candidate of choice for many conservatives, yet he is now the man of the hour (perhaps for good reasons or sovereign will of God) to unit all Americans (save for the hardcore far-left progressive) for the restoration of constitutional government and common good.

  4. I have not watched the whole thing, but I have seen the clips from today, and the ending, just on NBC news.

    Getting respect after his open and honest speech WAS and IS encouraging.
    Oh-UH-O has not done the AA or Black folks well if you ask my opinion.

    What I saw was a partial standing ovation at the END, and that is a VERY GOOD SIGN!
    May mean a few more votes than John McCain got !!!!
    He only got 4% (against O, 96% voted for him), I think W got 8%, With Oh-oh-no’s record, maybe Mitt can pick up a few conservative Black voters (I pray)?

    HE went, they appreceated it, and there probably was a moderate, conserative, or independent there who is aware of our situation.

    Houston is my home town but I live in San Antonio now and these people were respectful.

    If they vote for Mitt, and he is elected, lets pray he gets them ALL back to work (who are out of work and want to go back), family and friends included.

    We can’t survive this progressive takeover if extended with O-BLAME-O’s re-election, the country will be changed in a very negative and PROFOUND way.

    I think it was said, FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED is the goal I hear.

    As it is, it is going to be very rough ride, WE ALL KNOW IT !
    And very difficult to grow our way back to prosperity.

  5. Thanks for letting us see the whole speech. The radio pundits are only focused on the “booing” episode but there was so much more that was good.
    Mr. Romney did a great job of showing that he will be the President for ALL the people not just the white or the black communities but the entire American Community.

  6. memo to black and non black alike, electing a president black or non black does not lift anybody the only solution is to get of your lazy ass and read some books specifically on Math and Science.

  7. This is my first time on this site. I like the variety of opinions and respect shown to each commenter. I will be back. I am an AA and I really liked Romney’s speech, especially when he said something to the effect that if you knew or I could adequately communicate what’s in my heart… It was powerful but probably not effective to this particular black audience.

    1. Didn’t you have some comments on here a few minutes ago. My wifi was all screwed up and wouldn’t load the video worth a darn…I tried to reply and like your other two comments-with no luck. Or then again, I have been having some senile moments. But, whatever I read….it was really good.

      1. I speak from the heart and I do not have a deceptive bone in my body. I can’t stand a liar either. That is my problem with Obama he is a natural born liar who relies on deception to “win” and to get his bills passed. He deceived regarding the stimulus saying unemployment would never reach 8% and would fall to under 6% in this quarter (instead 830 billion for 2.5 million jobs at a cost of $330,000/job, unemployed over 8%) healthcare (preminums lowered $2500, 20 new middleclass taxes, increased cost to the states to be passed on to the middleclass), 2 million green energy jobs(Spent 38 billions for 60,000 jobs at a cost of $633,333/job). Now he is using deception to try to smear Romney’s stellar busines record and excellent record as governor of MA. DECEIVER = CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.

        1. Thank you. I don’t know what happened to your other posts on my feed, at least one other commenter got it based upon the reply above, but…Welcome to Right Scoop. We are occasionally a dysfunctional family, but usually get over it…with gnashing of teeth.

    2. Wisewoman2, I just read your other post below describing yourself as an AA who was a democrat for 45 years. I think you can give us all some great insight in terms of how to talk to disillusioned liberals who may be questioning their allegiance to the Democrat party. Political junkies like us tend to talk about politics a lot with our friends. I live in a very blue state and often wonder what I could say to convince democrats who are disappointed in Obama that the reason they are disappointed is because their party’s ideology has become progressive socialist, and that it is OK to vote for the other party! So I look forward to seeing more of your comments here at TRS and welcome your unique perspective.

      1. Just tell them in kind words that they were deceived. He wanted the presidency so bad that he was willing to do or say aything to get it. They voted for him on the belief that they were getting the real thing. Tell them that the country can not stand 4 more years of an individual who would from the pulpit of a black church in 2008 claim that his mother and father met at the Selma march in Alabama in 1965 and “little Barack was born” when he was actually born in 1961.

  8. If Gov Romney didn’t appear before the NAACP they would have mocked and ridiculed him. The media would of had a field day.

    He went in and gave what I think was a realistic overview of what’s occurring.

    Did he change any minds? Unlikely. Unless there were a few that just didn’t want to show much real appreciation for fear of being ostracized.

    1. The only thing I would have added on this exceptional speech was to ask point blank for their votes. He could have said “Lend me your votes for this election. I know I’m asking a lot. But we have a lot to fight for together come the next four years.”

      1. I like that Vorlath — “Lend me your votes for this election….” What a great way of putting it.

  9. I think it’s great that he went and at least tried to talk sense to these people but I fear it will fall on deaf ears. As long as one clings to the past, they can’t move forward and that’s a fact.

    1. If there was ever a group that needs to look to a new future it is Black Americans.

      The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…

    1. What he said was “I support traditional marriage” (which is the only real marriage anyway) – the so-called “same-sex” marriage is just institutionalized lust.

  10. This was brilliant African Americans may not support him but this goes a long way in insuring they will not FEAR him and irrational fear of Romney is Obama’s only weapon .
    If Romney can do what he did here among Hispanics and Women as well, he will win easily. And isn’t that what really matters since Romney at his worst is ten times better than Obama at his best

  11. I liked it. It wasn’t a receptive audience to begin with, so given that fact, that there was any applause at all was a good sign. At one point I thought the quiet/tepid response from the audience was due to the SOBERING FACTS ABOUT BLACKS which Romney so patiently and clearly spelled out. I think they heard a bit of reality… hard to deny the truth when every statistic he stated rings so true.

  12. AARRGGHH!! We are our own worst enemy at every stinking turn. Look at the intro paragraph. Think about this from an advertising perspective…

    “Even if it meant getting booed” is the way you start your article? That’s going to be part of every shared link. You are reinforcing the message “Romney gets booed”.

    Try this as an article intro instead:
    If you missed this speech live then you’ll surely want to watch it now. It was a great speech by Romney who didn’t go to pander, but to stand firm on the issues, and it earned him a standing ovation. And he…

    Folks, the PRODUCTS for sale in early November are set, you get two choices – Romney or Obama. From here on out this is an advertising campaign. We on social media can either help or hurt.

    1. To your point this is the AP head line on my local NBC affiliates web site (my favorite Liberal hunting site): Romney Draws Boos From NAACP When He Dings Obama

  13. My favorite part is where he tries to rush through his explanation of repealing obamacare, as if they might not catch it, hahaha.

  14. I liked the five clearly stated points, well done in front of a hostile audience. The only time they booed was when you threaten to take away that free Obama money. There was a time in America when people were ashamed to take the Government hand outs. Where have those times gone?

  15. In conclusion – IMHO

    It was 4 out 5 stars

    Applause at the end

    + the organist applauding with his instrument

  16. Pleasant surprise, maybe he is starting to get it, more strong in this speech then he has sounded in the past.

  17. You stuck to your guns Mitt. Whether people agree or disagree, I’m sure you gained some respect today.

  18. Good strong speech. Full of facts and figures. Delivered in a straightforward and respectful manner. None of the arrogance we *always* see when NObama is repeating what his teleprompter tells him to say. More applause then boos, and this from the NAACP as well. I’d score this speech 9/10.

    1. Biden will be the feature spewer at NAACP tomorrow. He’ will demonize anyone who disagrees with liberals view and denigrate anyone who’s earned his wealth.

      Biden is one speaker who can reach the level of the NAACP.

      I wonder if the attendees will have to show ID?

        1. You’re right, W, the ability to spot, and experience, irony is pretty high up there on the scale of human emotions.

          Remember Maxine Jackass Lee talking on her cell phone while a constituent asked her a question? And then waving her hand for the person to continue speaking? Do you think that if Slap-ass Maxie watched the video today, that she would understand the incongruousness of her Congressional behavior toward a voter.

          You think Maxie “the arrogant, idiot-slob” Jackass Lee came by that grotesque ability naturally or did she have to learn it from her parents, her pastors, her grand parents, aunties, uncles and cousins, friends, associates, childhood heroes, relatives and peers?

          (I’m headed over the edge here, so I’ll stop.)

  19. Rush more or less calling this an epic fail on the radio. I agree with him. No need for Romney to go before these idiots. Total lost cause.

    1. Well I have to disagree with both you and Rush on this..
      Romney’s stance on Education, his Faith based character and most importantly the importance he places on Family will resonate with many in the room.. The adult black community is actually quiet conservative in respect to these issues.

      Romney made progress today.

      1. I agree with Boris, Romney will be the President of the entire nation not just the white voters. It is a show of good character to these folks and the rest of us, something that has been sorely missing in the nations leadership for some time now.

      2. “Romney made progress today.”

        Going into the enemy camp is a good move. If he reached one voter in this partisan audience who may finally realize the path of destruction Obama is leading them down, that’s a good step.

        Romney has to keep hammering away like this, be relentless and more voters will follow.

    2. Also, Rush seemed to think Romney didn’t expect to get many votes out of the group. He believes Romney was using the opportunity to get his message out through the media coverage and re-runs of his speech, etc.

      1. So be it, sounds like smart use of resources to me.. not that I buy into that take all that much.

        America is all kinds / color of people. I do believe we have had more than enough divide and conquer by the current administration to last a long time..

    3. Ah, so if Rush says it, it must be true. It’s just his overblown full of himself opinion.

      1. Yes I admit it, there are times I disagree with the big guy… but there are more times I do not.. 🙂

    4. Disagree, Romney can’t be caught pandering to subgroups like Obama has. Romney had a nice jab at Obama regarding his sending Biden as a substitute, pointing out Obama was being ungrateful to this demographic.

      Romney also did a great job explaining education plan, because all black leader know Obama has not done anything for the education of intercity kids and in fact has stifled the growth of charter schools, DC being a glaring example. Without Romney being there, this group would have missed this important explanation/comparison of educational programs of intercity kids. It was a excellent idea for Romney to cover this topic as it is probably more important to the black community than jobs.

      1. I liked his focus on education too. Millions of black families are desperate for a decent education for their kids and have been ignored for far too long.

        I might add that millions of white (and other races) families are also desperate for decent schools & teachers 🙂

  20. Beautiful speech! And like Scoop said, without pandering. I really did feel that he was talking from the heart. Even if he changed the mind of only one person in that room, it was worth it. I think that the more African Americans hear and see him, the less they will fear a Romney presidency, even though they will vote for Obama. Remembrances of his father and the MLK and Douglass quotes were very moving and appropriate for a speech that was basically about “the way forward” in education, jobs, etc., and he delivered them beautifully.

  21. Please notice anytime Obama is mentioned

    There is either silence or booing

    When Romney mentions jobs for ALL Americans – there is applause

    just sayin’

  22. RS…”A great speech”?….seriously? It’s funny how two people can watch the same thing, and come out with two completely different opinions.

    1. Yes, I thought he did great. He didn’t pander, he handled the boos great, and he said some things they need to hear and he did it in front of them.

      Major kudos to the Mittster

  23. He MUST STOP talking about African Americans


    Start saying ALL Americans

    any self respecting, intelligent person will understand him.


    Some people will never be swayed – so be it

    He must appeal to the swing voters

    1. J, the speech he gave can apply the Latinos, hispanics, Black Americans, and really all Americans. I think using facts to highlight the real problems in the Black American community was stark and enlightening. I, for one, respect him for addressing these progressive/marxist!

      1. I agree to a point

        Some AA’s have much hate – just like some whites do

        And those types on each side will never be swayed

        What is needed is to swing over the open minded – America Loving voters

        1. I agree, Joe! But what surprised me is that Romney did not back down when he was booed on Obama care. He tried to explain to them why it needed to be repealed. I thought that was far beyond anything Obama could have done because when Obama gives a speech it’s like he is talking at you instead of having a vertical communication interchange. Romney didn’t pander to these progressives, but he address them like he would any group. I applaud him for that!

  24. For all who says that it was a waste of time, I’m black and I’m glad he went. We are in culture war, let’s hope some of them stay home then vote in Nov.

  25. I thought Romney sounded a bit too wimpy.

    Needs to get some of the Herman Cain style and perspective, especially about economic issues like jobs and taxes.

    He really needs to develop some sort of attention getting economic plan, just like Herman Cain did. While I didn’t completely agree 100% with Mr Cain’s plans, and thats not my focus now, they did have merit. And more importantly, it got folks paying attention, discussing and debating it.

    While cutting taxes and government regulations do help to create jobs, the libfag lamestream media is all over something like that. And thats one thing to avoid.

      1. I agree. Even though I was not in the room, from a black person’s perspective I could almost feel the audience listening keenly to every word. This was not a rah rah speech. It was a “come let us reason together” speech. It was almost like a closing argument in a trial that was on point in every aspect. It was not a “let me butter up to you” speech. I really liked it.

        1. Wisewoman2 – I have really enjoyed your comments and your reasoning. I would absolutely love to meet you. Don’t worry, I’m a older white woman that admires common sense and honest perspective. You seem to have both. Thanks for the comments.

          1. Thanks. I’m an older black women who was raised in the south, marched with MLK during my college days in MS, have worked in the north, lived out of the country as an enlisted army wife for 2 years in Germany, owned a small business for 4 years, worked as a teacher for about 3 years (1972, 1988, 1989) worked in the private sector for about 16 years followed by working for the federal govt. at the USACE for 14 yrs. I had 12 sisters and brothers. We were raised to not lie, cheat or steal. If we were caught in a lie we got our mouths washed out with soap. With my background I simply don’t relate to Obama.

            1. Thanks for the reply and the history. I’m older but not old enough to have marched in the MLK rallies. My father was a pilot in the AF for 20 years and got out when I was 5 but he never got over needing to move around. I was educated in 5 different elementary schools, 3 junior highs and 3 high schools. My parents were stationed in Germany before I was born. My fifth brother was born there. I worked in restaurants, fast food places while in high school then got a nursing degree while I worked as a Student Nurse. I now have a MN degree in Perinatal Nursing. I’ve taught some High School classes and worked in several different hospitals – always in the Birth Center. I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters and we were taught not to lie, steal, cheat or be unkind. I have raised the 8 of my 10 children who survived the same way. I believe we have more in common than just this – I would consider it a privilege to get to know you and be a friend. Sincerely.

              1. I consider us friends. Let’s keep in touch. I am not on facebook or twitter and I don’t plan to sign up for either. Any other suggestions for keeping in touch during this campaign season?

    1. The last thing Romney needs to do is get caught up in acting like something he is not.

      Next some will expect him to adopt new speech patterns depending on his audience.. as we have all seen some before do, how disgusting and down right insulting to the audience..

  26. I watched the speech on FOX and thought that Romney did well. He had some applause and was only booed when he mentioned Repeal of Obamacare….he even had some organ music played.
    Overall, he received a better reception than I had expected. There must be many sensible blacks who feel caught between a rock and a hard place in this election.
    Romney certainly did no damage today.

  27. I have to admit that I’m warming up to Romney more and more. It took some gonads to go in front of the black liberals and proclaim that you would repeal obama(doesn’t)care.

    1. Loved that comment about, “If elected President, I will show you the same hospitality next year, that you have showed me today.” There’s something classy and human about that.

      1. I think that may have been a dig on the fact that Obama has not spoken to the NAACP convention in 3 years. Obama: I got their votes, now they are on their own.

    2. The more he says he will repeal ObamaCare, the more trouble he will get into trying to wiggle out of doing it or amending Obamacare.

    1. The “perception” in the black community is that it’s “free”, therefore the booing. However, when the IRS comes a knocking….

      1. GOOD point!

        The more I think about what you said, the more truth I see in it. It’s tragic that:

        1. We politically involved people BELIEVE that the NAACP as made up of people who simply do not understand that the majority cannot continue to create wealth, then share it with and support those who actively live in the perpetual state of “victim hood.” OR the opposite–
        2. The NAACP really is made up of that kind of people.

        Neither alternative is palatable.

    2. Yeah, that’s where he should have explained that it’s not free that you have to buy insurance or pay a fine and that your medical records will be kept in DC and you will have to get permission from DC to get medical treatment.

    3. I did like how he brought it around to jobs. The MSM will just cut the clip at the booing not the reaction to his explanation that Obamacare is a job killer. — and yes he should have explained the penalties.

    1. I respectfully disagree

      Although many people are lost –

      Many others are looking for a better way for their families and realize Obama is not the answer

      Don’t assume Obama has ALL of the Black vote


      But I still think you are OK!

      1. Sorry Joe, I should have been more clear. I wasn’t referring to all black people, I specifically meant those in attendance to this conference.

        I should edit my post to make that more distinct.

        1. How could you possibly know that… You seriously believe that in all the attendees, there is no one there because they want to hear what the speaker has to say..

          Your statement defies logic..

            1. “I believe that some people are “cereal” hecklers ”

              Kinda like Fruit Loops…lol

        2. No apologies needed and I agree with you —

          I always have to EDIT my posts

          (Since Obama is perfect – He NEVER has to) sarc


          I still think you are OK!
          ( I hope you feel the same way)

  28. Don’t understand why Romney is doing this. It doesn’t matter BLACK PEOPLE DON’T PAY ATTENTION to politics they only care about skin color. Barack Obama didn’t show up because he knows he already has their votes because Democrats see black people as a pack of sheep they can rely on for votes. Too bad black people have accepted this and don’t care about any fact when it comes to President Obama

    1. Maybe you should talk to Congressman Allen West.. Last time I checked he is still black… and I don’t think he would agree with you one bit.

        1. Quote:
          “Too bad black people have accepted this and don’t care about any fact when it comes to President Obama ”
          “It doesn’t matter BLACK PEOPLE DON’T PAY ATTENTION to politics they only care about skin color. ”

          Must have missed the reference to democrats.. Oh I see one in there but it is referring to the pols not the people..

          Look do I think 95% of blacks voting for Obama is racially motivated? Of course. A very big part of it.

          But if we want to ever change things we simply cannot approach the issue with your logic.. It is falling right into the leftist way of divide and conqueror..

          I prefer the Tea Party approach, we are all Americans.

    2. I am a black female, former democrat of 45 years, now independent leaning republican and I care. Romney told the unmitigated truth. I voted for McCain because I knew Obama was not experienced enough by background or temperament to be president. Count me as one of the 5%. I also knew that he was not capable of telling the truth. I knew this beyond a doubt when he stood in the pulpit of that black church in the presence of John Lewis in 2008 following Hillary Clinton’s speech and lied about his mom and dad’s involvement in the Selma march and “little Barack was born”. He got a thunderous applause and all the blacks in attendance accepted the lie. The march occurred in 1965 and Barack was born in 1961. Although Chris Matthew pointed this out on his program once only the MSM did not. THE MAN IS A DECEIVER who is gambling that he can deceive the voters one more time and get elected.

      1. Count me in as the 5% as well. This guy is a horrendous failure to not only African Americans but this ENTIRE nation. Every single Democrat goes into the NAACP convention and dumbs themselves down in order to relate to African Americans which is racist beyond words. Romney meets them at eye level and somehow is booed out of the building.

  29. Man, I don’t like that he says he will replace Obamacare with his own version where insurance companies have to take folks with pre-existing conditions. That means you don’t have to get insurance until you are sick and that will put insurance cos. out of business and it’s unconstitutional.

    Notice he’s not getting much applause when he talks about jobs. Very sad.

    1. What I’ve heard is that the extension of benefits to adult children, for an additional 5 years, will have a greater impact on insurance cost to you and me than covering the “previous conditions.”

      I could be wrong.

      1. Yeah, that needs to go too.

        The federal gov’t has constitutional authority to do one thing when it comes to healthcare: Allow us to buy health insurance across state lines. That would fall under the commerce clause and that would cause competition to soar and that would bring prices down some.

        1. Competition is the answer, TORT reform, and then maybe something needs to be done about Medicare/Medicaid. As long as government has those programs, they are involved in healthcare and they affect healthcare. We need to privatize those too.

          1. Oh, I agree. Medicare and Medicaid needs to be put at the state level and then states can choose to faze it out and absolutely no foreigners should be allowed on it. I agree that we need tort reform, but I believe that needs to be done at the state level as well, because I believe it would be unconstitutional for the federal gov’t to get involved with that.

            1. And I forgot one other idea I had read somewhere on another site, and that is tax incentives for doctors based on the hours they volunteer at free clinics and/or poor patients they treat at little or no cost. I think it was actually a doctor who threw this idea out there.

            2. Medicaid already is a State program, although States get some supplemental aid from the Feds, but it is administered by each State. Medicare is the Federal program. Tort reform would almost certainly need to be handled at the Federal level, just to get a uniform and across the board reform.

              All that being said, I think everyone is missing the point on healthcare reform, it is the cost of care that needs to be addressed the cost of insurance will follow the cost of care, not the other way around. The cost of insurance is high due to the cost of care being so high, regulating the price of insurance will not bring the cost of care down, but it will collapse the private insurance providers.

              1. Oh absolutely. The problem isn’t the cost of health insurance, the problem is the high cost of medical costs. Health insurance companies can’t randomnly raise their rates. It’s my understanding they have to go before a state board (?) and show their costs in relation to what they have coming in. It is my understanding the they have a very low profit margin.

                I do know it would help to get illegals out of here. Most of them waltze into the emergency room and never pay anything. Cases of TB has skyrocketed and most of the cases are illegals and we pay all their costs along with when they have babies. Dozens and dozens of hospitals have shut down because of illegals not paying.

                Can states opt out of medicaid?

                1. Usually the Public Service Commission or State Insurance Board. As for States opting out of Medicaid (primarily funded by State Taxpayers), I don’t know, I suppose they could just vote it away (Voter initiative or Act of Legislation), but that would likely be akin to political suicide.

      2. But why? (not a challenge — I’m really asking)… If an empty nester has insurance, they are paying the married couple rate. When their unemployed 23 year old goes back on their insurance, they get charged the significantly-higher family rate. The 23-year-old is a low-risk addition to the pool, and he/she is being paid for by the parents (or young adult themselves, who might be reimbursing the parents) in their premiums. In what way is this contrary to the insurance model of insuring lots of people, hopefully more low-risk than high risk?

        I read an article before the SCOTUS decision in our local paper’s business section that if Obamacare was overturned, United HealthCare was going to continue to offer insurance for young adults to their customers because it was making good business sense for them to have these low-risk additions in their pool. They also thought if they continued this popular piece of ObamaCare, they would gain more customers who needed this type of coverage.

        I see this as no different than having your 23 year old on your family car insurance plan, which lowers the cost for the 23 year old. My young adults (under 25) are on our plan — they pay us their portion, but they save money staying on our plan. Same with our cell phone family plan. They’re hardworking kids just starting out (one is totally underemployed, works 50 hrs/week between 2 part time jobs), so it just makes economic sense for them to pay us to stay on our plans rather than go on their own and get hosed for the same exact coverage or service.

        As far as Romney, I do not agree that government should have anything to do with this. In a truly competitive market-based situation, insurance companies like UHC would decide for themselves if charging reasonable rates to young adults, or allowing them to be kept on their parents’ policy for a fee, is profitable. I don’t see anything wrong with young adults staying on their parents policies if (a) parents or the young adults themselves are willing to pay and (b) it’s profitable for the insurance company.

        Am I missing something with this “young adult” thing? I really don’t get what the problem is. The other 2600 pages, absolutely. But this one thing — I’m not so sure I understand, unless in ObamaCare, the parents aren’t allowed to be charged to add their young adult to the policy. THEN I get it. But for us, adding our underemployed son to our policy moved us from couples to family coverage at a much higher monthly rate (but much cheaper for my son), so I’m not understanding what the problem is.

        Thanks for any light you can shed on this for me.

        1. My understanding is that whenever the number of insured people in the pool goes up, the cost for everyone, even the cost to the empty nesters with ZERO adult children living at home.

          The insurance companies are not in the habit of taking the entire risk themselves. The other thing is that, if you have insurance, you are going to use it. Young people, like everyone else are going to use insurance if it is available. When I was in college, 3 wars ago, and had pneumonia, my girlfriend took care of me. bless her. I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident, went to county and made monthly payments, and “borrowed” money to repair the bike from my mother and paid that back too..

          I didn’t worry about living healthy, quitting smoking and minor ailments.

          I really am not against insurance for adult children, I’m just pointing out that there is no free lunch and those of us without the possibility of adult kids moving back really don’t think the adult children provision offers that much to the nation, in general.

          1. I understand what you’re saying. As a parent, I don’t worry about the sore throats or ‘well visits’ for people this age, but I do worry about the catastrophic injury or accident. I would never want to be faced with the decision of choosing between the life of my child and our retirement or our house if one of my kids were hurt badly or became very sick. There’s probably some happy medium — the opportunity to purchase catastrophic coverage for those rare occurrences at a reasonable cost — and all of that other stuff could just be paid-as-you-go. If both doctors and insurance companies were allowed to compete, it would be as affordable to go have a sore throat checked out as it would be to have a hair cut. And you are right, most young people would live with the sore throat until it went away if they knew they had to pay out of pocket for the visit anyway.

            This provision may not offer much to the nation in general, but it is nonetheless highly popular, even among people who are not liberals, which is why UHC decided it made good sense to continue to offer such coverage even if ObamaCare was overturned. I know someone who is voting for Obama ONLY for this reason — to keep her 23 year old on her insurance. The fear of losing “everything” if her uninsured kid ends up sick or hurt is enough for her to vote for him. I know that’s sounds unreasonable, but it’s true. So we need understand this, and understand that it may be why Romney hints at keeping these popular provisions of ObamaCare.

            Thanks for your thoughtful response — and I disagree with you: Words NEVER fail you! 😉

        2. My understanding is that the “children on the parents’ policy” applies only to COLLEGE STUDENTS still at home with their parents up to age 26. For everyone’s information I personally know that this policy has been in effect for students up to age 24 at least since 1988 when my daughter was in college and in 1999 when my other daughter attended college. Our private insurance covered them in college and up to 24 years. Obama has only added 2 years to the policy and is pretending like it is a brand new plan. Keeping students on until they are 26 may be good but he is claiming credit for something that was already in effect. As I said he is adding 2 years to the same policy that was already in effect. Stop letting this man deceive you by commission and by omission and get the facts.

          1. It’s true you could always keep a college student on, but under this law, they do NOT need to be college students. In fact, they don’t even need to be living in your house.

            It sounds like you had good coverage. Our insurance company dropped our kids the day they graduated college.

            1. This is the confusion about who this applies to. I may be wrong but I think you have to be a college student. I could be wrong. I heard Obama’s health guy let it slip regarding the college aspect. I think they are trying to deceive the voters. This is why Pelosi said they had to pass the bill in order for people to know what is in it. It doesn’t make sense since some children could be married at 18, or working their own job at 22. I don’t think these people would be on their parents insurance.

              1. There is indeed confusion, but you don’t have to be a student (I’ve got a 24 year old covered on mine who is not a student. He works 2 part-time jobs @ 50 hrs/week but has no coverage otherwise). This is from the healthcare.gov website:

                “Your children can join or remain on your plan even if they are:

                not living with you
                attending school
                not financially dependent on you
                eligible to enroll in their employer’s plan

                There is one temporary exception: Until 2014, “grandfathered” group plans do not have to offer dependent coverage up to age 26 if a young adult is eligible for group coverage outside their parent’s plan.”

                Basically, they’re saying as long as they exist and they are under 26, you can enroll them on your plan. There is really no other criteria for qualifying. You CAN be married, you can even be working full-time and eligible for coverage yourself under your employer’s plan! That’s pretty ridiculous. I’m not against being able to insure a young adult child on a family policy who is still living with you and has no insurance otherwise (as long as it isn’t the GOVERNMENT telling insurance companies they HAVE to), but the rest of it is nuts.

                1. Thanks for the update. If this is true Obama has really jumped the shark. Some of the categories of coverage are unmitigated foolishness that will turn young adults into a dependent class and cause everyone’s preminums to go up. Thank goodness the cutoff is 26. We certainly had our kids on our insurance plan until they were 24 but they had to be in college not out working on their own. We also had to prove that they were in school by sending copies of their transcript to our insurance carriers.

          2. Good points.
            As far as keeping your children on your policy for longer, the requirements probably vary a great deal from one company to another.
            My own experience (fairly recently) is that my insurer would cover my son until the age of 22 provided he was a full time student.
            Since he worked part time he could not qualify. Even if he had qualified, the insurance wouldn’t have covered his final year in a 4 year school because he graduated at 19 as his birthdate missed the cut off for our school district.
            Fortunately he didn’t have any health problems to speak of for the time he went without insurance. Thank you, God.

      3. No, many of the insurance companies are willing to accommodate keeping “children” (who are not children by any measure) on their parents’ insurance until they are 26 because the amount is not that significant. But insurance companies cannot cover those with pre-existing conditions effectively and the states will have to find solutions, as they are already doing, to make coverage available to the relatively small number of people who deal with that.

        In MA those with pre-existing conditions are covered through Mass Health (Medicaid) so that is one solution. I don’t know if it is the best solution. We must come up with creative solutions to health care that are based on free-market principles and include tort reform, etc., perhaps separating it from employment and using a form of medical accounts… but surrendering it to the federal government with its massive bureaucracy, inefficiency, and corruption is certainly not the answer, for our medical care, or our liberty!

        1. You’re right! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We are Americans. Unlike communists, we choose our destiny. we create our own future.

    2. His first comment about replacing Obamacare was to LOWER the cost of healthcare. That is what people want and the “Unafforable Care Act” (UCA) aka Obamacare does not do that at all. I’ve spoken with financial managers at hospitals and they said that the UCA will RAISE the cost of healthcare. This UCA must be replaced by real reform including tort reform.

      1. Remember, Romneycare has raised insurance rates like crazy in MA.

        I want the federal gov’t out of our medical decisions.

        1. Me too! I am convinced that the biggest driver of our current health cost troubles started when they signed Medicare into law. When the insurance companies and doctors got a never ending chain of new customers that didn’t see the bill, pay the bill, question the bill … I know it is a complex subject and there are many more causes that also have grown problematic over time.
          (Medicare reimbursement rates and the AMA proprietary billing codes play into this as well)

        2. There will always be a concern about increasing medical costs when the government gets involved. It is my understanding that the insurance rates in MA did not rise significantly under Romney’s tenure but when the Democrats started tinkering with regulations etc. and then a new Dem governor came in the costs began rising exponentially. I agree that we need insurance for castastrophic events but the little stuff should be paid for at the time of service, even well checks. The ER should NOT be used as a doctor’s office. Until the consumer sees what the true cost of care is, there is little chance of real positive change.

          1. Well, Romney signed the law forcing folks to get insurance or pay a fine. Tyranny.

            I agree about the ER. The Emtola act was never intended to be used as an excuse to use the ER for free nonemergency care. ER’s should have the right to turn away non emergencies.

  30. It’s no wonder the black community is in such dire straights… their so called “leaders” don’t understand the basic economics of how a job is created.

    When you talk about removing a massive tax increase, and they boo you…. you deserve what you get.

    1. Many of the people represented by the NAACP are on welfare and disability programs… so they aren’t as concerned about job creation as they might be – otherwise you would think that their 14% unemployment rate and the ongoing
      failure of Obama’s policies would upset them. Are they willing to even “hear”
      these numbers and face reality? They are willing to overlook all of his failures because he is half black.

      The NAACP does not work for the benefit of the black community but for the preservation of their own power and influence. That requires them to perpetuate the victim mentality and hitch their wagon to the progressives who will keep as many people as possible dependent on government. They make their poverty more comfortable, but do they ever lift anyone out of poverty? No! They don’t want people to be proud and self-reliant. Obama’s USDA has made that clear recently announcing that those traits are getting in the way of increasing the number of people on food stamps and must be eradicated!

      A number of black celebrities have admitted that they voted for Obama and will vote for him again, because he is black. That is racism, pure and simple. And Obama is only half black, so Morgan Freeman pointed out we haven’t had our first African-American president.

      I hope and pray that ALLEN WEST will be our first REAL black president!!! I wonder if the black community will vote for him….. just because he is black???

      1. LOL like we would pull a fast one on ’em?

        The day after election everyone wakes up and says “Wait a second, he was a REPUBLICAN?! What the!”

      1. Allah is the same God of Christ….It is Mohammad that is the one filled with hate.

        1. Nope, allah is a moon god. Hence the crescent moon. You see, the pilgrimage to Mecca used to be a pegan event and one of the god’s was the moon god. Mohammad decided to make the moon god the god for islam and “allah” is the word for “god” in Arabic.

          I have met some former muslims and they say the same thing, “Allah is not the same god”. It’s not just Mohammad that says to kill the infidels it’s their god as well.

          When a friend and I were in NY we were walking back to the ferry and my friend was talking to a muslim. He told her he would not hurt her, “Unless allah willed it”! When my friend told me what he’d said (he said it before I walked up), I said, “What a nice god they have”.

        2. Allah has absolutely nothing in common with the God of the Jew and Christian, nothing.

          If you are not aware of this, then you need to go off and find out BEFORE making comments about something you know nothing about.

          1. Dave B… Ya gotta help equip and educate. Always provide sources of information to help lead others to learn truth.

            Feel free to use the links I provided above in the future.

        3. David,

          “Al-ilah” was the Moon God waaaaaayyyy before Mohammad ever came along. The bible actually speaks against many of the practices of the followers of the Moon god in the Old Testament.

          Shortened to “Allah” … The cry of “Allah Akbar” is usually mistranslated 99% of the time as “God is Great”, the cry is actually “Allah is Greater”.

          When you hear that cry… it is a declarative statement in defiance of the God of the Jews and the Christians that “Allah” is GREATER THAN “Jehovah”.

          In June/July of 2001, The Koinonia House ministry published a talk given by Avi Lipkin who said “we will see planes and buildings coming down” (going by memory, that quote may not be exact). Even the late Zola Levitt acknowledged that Avi Lipkin knew something was coming and tried to warn us.
          You can purchase the speech here: http://resources.khouse.org/products/cda05/

          Khouse did a live broadcast nationwide on the evening of September 11 to inform folks about Islam, and much of that information was put into a briefing package called “Jihad:America’s New War”.

          It is simply THE Best study on Islam that you are going to find anywhere… I highly suggest you get a copy and get properly equipped on the matter.

          David, I’d buy you a copy myself if I had the funds…

          For something FREE… you can probably get a lot of background info on Islam by listening here:

          PS. I’m not Anti-Arab… but those who know and understand Islam, know that it is a Warrior code system of Religion that is totally works based and leads to a form of insanity that forces those who cannot live up to its standards to take the guaranteed shortcut to Paradise… martyrdom.

            1. Mohammad made islam up. He took a little of this and a little of that. The reason muslims don’t eat pork was to try to appeal to the Jews.
              There is also some speculation that mohammad never existed. The Arabs definitely roared out of Arabia around 630 AD and swept across N. Africa. There is some speculation islam was made up after they started invading other countries to “justify” it. Robert Spencer has written a book,
              “Did Mohammad Exist”. He has written an article on it as well.

              As far as an offshoot of Abraham, muslims claim they were descended from Ishmael. The Bible did say Ishmael’s descendents would be trouble.

              1. Well…. there’s a couple of theories about how Islam was invented… Including competing theories that either a Jew, or a Christian devised it all for Mohammad as a way to gather the tribal clans under a system of Monotheism… by elevating the Moon god “Al-ilah” above the others in their Pantheon of gods of the time.

                For “Al-ilah” or “Allah” to be exalted… they forcefully destroyed all other pagan idols that they would find. Those practices still happen today as evidenced in the destruction of the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan… and they destroyed a UNESCO site just this week in Timbuktu.

                Everywhere they go… they destroy all competing places of worship. The Buddhists and Hindus of Asia are very aware of their potential.

                During the hours after the attack on 9-11… Hindus all over Asia were urging the U.S. to help them in solidarity and were openly weeping and voicing support for America.

            2. Islam and Ishmael… are two different things.

              There’s around 2600 years separating the time of Abraham with the arrival of Mohammad…

              That would be like saying that a New Religion based on the offspring of Nebuchadnezzar just started… Today.

              That is the amount of time you are dealing with.

              Seriously friend… take a little time to investigate.

              Have you ever heard of Ashura Day? It’s observed by the Shi’a Muslims… It is related to Baal Worship.

              From 1 Kings 18:28
              And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them.

              **** Disturbing Images in link below ****
              Scenes from Ashura Day:

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