15 black teens beat white teen unconscious, threatened family with baseball bats and knives

Actually this white teen was beat up in Southaven, MS by these thugs twice, the first time and the end of June by 15 black teens who beat him unconscious and then again a couple of nights ago by 6 from the same group. He says the boys claimed he knew who stole their bicycles but if you ask me they were just looking for someone to pummel.

His father says that several from the group approached his house with bats and knives while he was holding a barbecue. He didn’t go into more detail.


I’m guessing this won’t be part of the ‘conversation about race’ by Obama, the NAACP and the race-hustlers Sharpton and Jackson.

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183 thoughts on “15 black teens beat white teen unconscious, threatened family with baseball bats and knives

  1. Oh for the days before the fbi came in and screwed up the system portrayed in Missossippi Burning. This nonsense wouldnt be going on now if the people of Mississippi had tossed the fed out on its ass back then.

  2. When this kid gets enough, snaps, and shoots up some public place, I don’t want to hear Pierce Morgan crying about gun control. Don’t sit there and ignore a problem. It is no secret. Young black kids jump white kids ALL THE TIME!!! I graduated high school nearly 20 years ago and I remember the same thing happening to myself and others. This hatred for white people is continuously preached throughout the black community. That is the problem. And No, I do not think that Trevon should have been shot. I do not think he was a thug and his killer should have been at least charged with manslaughter. All I am saying is that if this cycle continues to perpetuate then will are likely to see the worst shooting on public record. And who do you blame???  If you are part of the media or Law Enforcement and sit there and do nothing then look in the mirror jackasses!

  3. The guy holding the barbecue should have invoked the castle doctrine and left these 6 thugs on the ground dead.

  4. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson all race baiters conspiring to take your minds off what’s going on in Washington. Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious……They seem to be doing a good job because we still have no answers and our attention keeps being drawn to these events. These animals run in gangs because that’s how they strike fear into the hearts of their communities. Force in numbers. If you can separate them they lose their power to intimidate. A shotgun will separate them very quickly in more ways then one. That of course isn’t feasible and someone goes to jail. Usually the wrong one. So use some other forms…..Tear gas, stun guns, fire hoses and then there’s the old standby, wasp spray. Shoots 20 feet and will take out an attacker faster than pepper spray. It can also kill them if they drink enough….. The main point I’m getting at is you’re going to have to meet this force with a stronger force and apparently the law isn’t going to help. Keep your actions within the self defense guidelines of your community but strike back with force and vengeance…..

  5. This started as a relatively small brush fire and now being waved into a inferno by the breaths of Bozo Not-so-sharpton and Jesse Ass-kson! The criminals catch the hints they keep putting out there and recent history shows the authorities do not actively seek these animals and even when they do nothing special is done to them we true Americans have to get this message: “We are on our own!! Defend your own or all will be taken!” Anyone going around in large cities without a gun is asking for serious personal harm!! It is on you from this point forward. Not for at least 3 years will this pandemic be exterminated and only then if we rid ourselves of all apologist liberal Socialists!!

  6. With
    all the hype about diversity being touted we should be ARMPIT deep in UTOPIA by
    now, but empty promises from elitists about multiculturalism have left our
    schools, cities, and society in ruins.
    The media has created an illusion that African Americans are
    the ones who will return your lost dog, hand you your wallet when you drop it,
    and are so cool compared to nerdy White people.   It is on about every commercial now in case you have
    not noticed.  
    As important as not playing with fire or looking both ways
    to cross the street; parents should be teaching their children to ALWAYS stay
    away from African Americans.
    Keeping your kids alive is far more important than being
    told you’re a racist, bigot or not Christian for avoiding multicultural
    Innocent, unsuspecting, and hopelessly naive Whites are
    mugged, raped and murdered each day. The African Americans are becoming much
    more violent each year.  Law
    Enforcement seems to insure the criminals’ rights are upheld far more than
    arresting obvious criminals. Think about your loved ones; Death is a high price
    to pay for an incorrect assessment of Black Crime. 
    In conclusion; the tsunami of violent crime in our cities,
    schools, and society gives tremendous credibility to those who first opposed

  7. I would have pulled my best Clint Eastwood impersonation from “Gran Turino”, gotten my M4 out looked at them and said “Get off of my lawn……”

  8. What would happen if a few kids of the mainstream media parents got attacked like this ? I’ll bet they’d give it some attention, then. Maybe they’d learn not to throw fuel on the fire also.
    Worse is going on in South Africa. Lots of pages on Facebook, like ‘Savesouthafricanfarmers’, or ‘R.I.P Fallen South Africans’ . Makes this look minor.


      1. American Vet
        Hey – no problem – maybe someone else would find it interesting to see where we might be heading – you know – like the old saying, “canary in the coal-mine” ? Over there, men, women and children have been tortured to death in horrible ways, and close to a million people are being deliberately shut out from the job market because they’re white, and are now starving to death, and the media denies or ignores it completely. You want to ignore it also, and say, “we got our own problems” – good going – we need people taking care of things here also. But, it certainly wasn’t worth you getting your @ss so bent out of shape, over it. I’ll say what I want. Don’t like it ? – Don’t read it.

      2. American Vet GordonJones  
        You totally missed the point. It wasn’t about someone thinking we need to intervene in South Africa.  It’s about the fact that good old Saint Mandela’s beloved countrymen are slaughtering whites in increasing numbers.  Similar to what’s going on in Egypt with Copts being slaughtered.
        If you miss what’s headed your way, you have no one to blame but yourself.

  9. If people would start killin these bastards theyd change some  of their ways, Come up in my yard brandishing weapons and see what the hell happens.

    1. MikeJerrell Yep.  They would be looking down the barrel of my Remington pump 12.  I can load it as fast as I fire.

  10. Gosh, will anyone that’s been whining about white racism and how hard it’s been for them…what with coming out of slavery a 150 years ago….have anything to say about this blatant black on white violence/racism?
    Oh, I didn’t think so.

  11. Just thank a liberal/progressive/democrat for this!  The party of emotion rather than logic!

    1. RobertaJoyceRodgers How can the sheriff say that his report said one teen when the kid says 9 or more in two separate attacks? Why does the reporter say he got into a fight or a fight broke out? No one except a crazy person gets into a fight with 6 or more people. They may be attacked or beaten up which is what occurred here but a fight broke out? Give me a freakin’ break.

      These politically correct turds will literally be the death of someone !!!

      So sick to my back teeth of all this hand-wringing crap.

  12. The Chief said….Before it turns into something you know, worse???? What is worse than 15 negroes attacking a white teen and knocking him unconscious and then going back to beat him again?

    1. wodiej No there is no issue. Its normal in this day and age for mobs of wild, crazy, animalistic negroes to stomp on a kids head. Nothing to see here. Had enough yet?

  13. ‘His father says that several from the group approached his house with
    bats and knives while he was holding a barbecue. He didn’t go into more
    He should have to showed them how easy it is to light a barbeque with an AK-47. 😉 😉

      1. DawgfanInFL 
        I was going to say ‘He ought to show them how easy it is to light charcoal ……’ but I decided to be a little more ‘diplomatic’. 😉 😉

        1. Ha! Be careful though, you know the environmentalist will surely have something to say about charcoal. 😉

        2. DawgfanInFL
          The environmentalist movement isn’t bright enough to figure out what charcoal is. 😉

  14. JackJackson1 Right Scoop, please consider some sort of reprimand for this person. This kind of nonsense is unacceptable. Flagged.

  15. Damn!  I’m tired, folks.  And if we are not careful, there will be another civil war in this nation.

  16. This won’t become national news until one of the ‘innocent’ black kids wielding a baseball bat or machete gets killed. THEN the national media will get involved, Rev. Al, Pres Obozo and his 2-Live Crew and all the race baiters will be on this like stink on roadkill! Until then? WTH! It’s just a white boy & his family being “harassed” by some black “kids”.  Twice. The details of this whole thing will be buried and won’t matter.  All the ‘sins’ of the past will be brought up – 200 yr. old race problems, but God forbid that any mention be made of the fact that the slave sellers in Africa were themselves BLACK! Do you know any other country in the world who continues to PAY for having once had slaves?? NO? Me neither.  But all the old crap continues to be brought up to muddy the water so the real problems never get resolved. Like my dad used to say, “time to sh*t or get off the pot”.  Until we put an end to this one sided idiocy we will never have peace in this country.

    1. BlueMtMom I’ve always been told that the best revenge is to live well.  Have blacks had enough revenge yet?  oh……wait……

  17. People are so stupid. Do you know how many white people have killed young black boys. This should not have happened, but don’t act as though white don’t commit the same crimes.

    1. stopthehate07  you sir are an idiot…. can you show us some of the incidents you speak of….

      1. BrianOConnor stopthehate07 Yes Brian, STH needs to think about it. However, he’ll have to take it easy at first until he gets used to it.

        1. DomenickDeRose BrianOConnor stopthehate07  Is that the best come back you have? Pitiful.

        1. stopthehate07  No one ever said they didn’t.   That attack you mentioned was heinous and the whites need to go to prison…and in my opinion torture the hell out of them first.  Beat them around for a while.
          The point is you don’t see any outrage when blacks do it to whites a lot more often.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.  Liberals select a much rarer scenario and make it into a national issue as if it happens around every corner.

        2. kong1967 stopthehate07 Well there should be outrage and here we go again with the numbers. Ohh if we could only count the number of blacks that were hung by your forefathers I thing the statistics would be different. But let’s don’t go there.

        3. stopthehate07 kong1967 impossible!!! my forefathers weren’t not here during slavery. Actually, if you read some history you’ll find that the majority of immigrants fled their home countries to avoid persecution and slavery.

        4. stopthehate07 kong1967  
          Helpful hint: the dead are responsible for their own deeds in life, not the living.  Even so, the total number of lynchings those dead people committed isn’t remotely as high as black-on-black numbers today.
          If you’re interested in stopping the hate, you might begin by stopping the making of excuses for the hate by leftist race-hustlers, skin-color-obsessed Democrats, and violent gangs living in Democrat Voter Plantations.

        5. stopthehate07 kong1967 
          Yes, hung by democrats. The KKK lynched over 3000 blacks….and they lynched over 1000 white…Republicans. The KKK was formed to stop Republicans (the Rep. party was formed in 1854 to stop the spread of slavery into the Western terrorities).
          Blacks kill more blacks in ONE YEAR than in all the lynchings COMBINED.
          It would be nice if blacks would start condemning this black violence instead of “whites do it too”.
          We condemn any acts of violence.
          Your silence is your sanction.

        6. stopthehate07 When do we let go of the past? Or do we have to keep justifying black on white crimes because they’re pissed about being slaves? Show me an African American who was a slave and show me a white person who owned a slave.

        7. K-Bob stopthehate07 kong1967 Couldn’t have said it better. Heck, my ancestors fought to end slavery. Perhaps I should get a thank you along with the usual kick in the pants for what neither I nor they were even alive to cause or suffer.

        8. stopthehate07 kong1967  Time to get over that crap….it was your OWN ancestors who sold you into slavery…so if you want to blame anyone, blame your own AFRICAN cousins, aunts and uncles, brothers and grandparents. And also, are you aware that the very first “slaveholder” in the USA was a BLACK MAN?????? As far as the issue of any of my ancestors goes, mine were the ones who helped you thru the Underground Railroad AND the ones that died to free your sorry arses. Sick to death of people like you using race as a method to live off of other people and refusing to take any ownership of your own problems of which you have a TREMENDOUS number that are all self induced!

        9. KatieKeeton stopthehate07 kong1967 
          Wow, didn’t know that the first slaveholder was a black man.

    2. stopthehate07 actually you are wrong. only blacks beat-up single whites in huge groups. white fight one-on-one. they should have all been charged with attempted murder. too bad the boy didn’t have a gun to protect himself.

      1. kems stopthehate07  The point I am trying to make is  It doesn’t matter if it’s a black person committing crime or a white person committing a crime I dislike crime either way. I would like for white people to stop believing their race (white) is crime free.

        1. stopthehate07 kems  
          Maybe if the begin to believe that you’d have a point.  None believe it now except skin-color-obsessed leftists.

    3. Bullcrap. You have swallowed too much Hollywood coolaid. Step back and take a dose of reality. Or not, who cares.

    4. stopthehate07  Don’t act like white teens don’t commit the same crimes?  Blacks commit crimes against whites at a much much higher rate than whites commit crime against blacks.  Blacks commit ten times the murders as whites and Hispanics combined.  Blacks rape white women 115 times for every time a white man rapes a black woman.
      It’s ALL bad, and all of them, black or white, should be imprisoned.  But  liberals are only targeting the much rarer white on black crime.  Somehow the black man has to fear the white boogey-man and can’t walk through a white neighborhood in safety.  That is such a load of bullcrap. 
      There should be outrage over all crime, not just when the victim is black and the supposed attacker is white.

      1. kong1967 stopthehate07  I see you can’t read as well. My point is crime in general. not the numbers. We need to work to prevent crime from happening to blacks and whites regardless of the statistics, which white people seem to point out at every opportunity.

        1. stopthehate07  You’re wrong.  Why are we pointing out the statistics?  What do you see on the news?  Massive outrage over one black guy not getting justice, and how racism in America is so bad and the black man is a victim of whites.  They act like this is a one way street and we are living in the 1950’s where blacks are being lynched at every street corner by white people.  We use the statistics to show that this is a lie.  The problem is not blacks being targeted by whites like the left and the media want the public to believe.  The occurrence of such crimes are uncommon.

        2. stopthehate07 kong1967The problem is no longer an issue of Black vs. White – it’s an issue of law abiding citizens vs. everybody else and apparently our government is backing the everyone else. Which is ironic in itself since they hope to punish those pulling the wagon vs. those riding in the wagon

    5. stopthehate07 How many white gangs are there running around out there? How much Hollywood ‘crap’ revolves around gangsta rap and gangsta life, glorifying it! Time for blacks to STOP allowing their kids to act like hoods! Time for whites and hispanics to STOP  allowing their kids to listen to this garbage “music” that glorifies hate & disrespect. Make your kids dress appropriately – pull their damned pants up! Quit acting like punks! If you don’t want your kid(s) to be in trouble, know what they are doing and who they are with. YOU are the parent! ACT LIKE ONE! STOP expecting everyone else to be responsible for YOUR kids!!

      1. stopthehate07 BlueMtMom Go ahead and  ignore me. As for education? LoL! More than you, I can guarantee you!  Your ignorance regarding this young white boy shows your one sided nature.

      2. BlueMtMom stopthehate07 First of all I doubt you have more education, secondly I am horrified at the thought of this young boy being attacked I am a mother. Shame on you..Shame on you!

    6. stopthehate07 I think the point of all these stories about black on white crime that are currently appearing on primarily conservative websites is to showcase the double standard.   The brouhaha over the “racial overtones” of the Zimmerman case that the left is peddling is troubling.  The shooting of Martin was clearly a case of self defense in which race played no part.  In this case I can’t see that race played a part.  They were mentioning a stolen bicycle and this boy knowing who stole it.  Doesn’t make the violence justified.  But I think it would be more apropos for us to give examples of actual violence that occurs because a person is black or white.  Maybe than the idiots in the media would see the difference.  There are plenty of examples out there.  We don’t need to manufacture one out of whole cloth like has been done with the Zimmerman case.

      1. Unionville stopthehate07  Okay first of all, the killing of Trayvon Martin was not self-defense. Zimmerman was told not to leave his car. When you got out of his car Trayvon became the victim and if???? he beat Zimmerman it was self defense. I have a theory that Zimmerman already had the gun pulled in Trayvon Martin when he approached him. Just saying.

        1. stopthehate07 Unionville I’m sorry, but no, Zimmerman was not told not to leave his car. Nor was he instructed not to follow Martin. The 911 operator did not give him specific instructions. When the operator asked Zimmerman if he was following Martin and Zimmerman said he was, the operator said,
          “Ok, we don’t need you to do that.” 
          No instructions were given as to what Zimmerman should do. Here is a link to a transcript of the call. 
          As for whether the Martin killing was in self-defense or not, no one who was not there knows one way or another. Unless you have evidence to the contrary, the jury did the right thing. Do you? Theories are worthless. Facts are what matters.

        2. stopthehate07 Unionville People, stop replying to this troll… He is emotional and unable to handle facts.

        3. JohnQueue stopthehate07 Unionville Troll, such a grown up word. I have a right to speak my peace just like every other American.

        4. JeffWRidge stopthehate07 Unionville  I believe don’t is the key word in the sentence.

        5. stopthehate07 Unionville   He was not told to stay in the car but even if he was, it is not against the law for anyone, and certainly not a neighborhood watch member, to follow someone that he believes could be a potential burglar.  And he based that not on his race, cause he didn’t know his race for sure, but on his behavior.   A stranger meandering around in the rain.  And since Jeantel, the Einstein prosecution witness who was on the phone with Martin believes he threw the first punch, I’m gonna go with that.  And since we have a credible eyewitness who saw the dude in the hoodie on top of the other dude pummeling him MMA style, I’m going to go out on a limb (eye roll) and say Zimmerman shot him in self defense.

        6. Unionville stopthehate07 It is not against the law for a teenager to go the store and purchase ice tea and skittles then walk home to watch the NBA all star game.  About Neighborhood Watch
          Community members only serve as the extra “eyes and ears” and should report their observations of suspicious activities to their local law enforcement.  Trained law enforcement should be the only ones ever to take action; citizens should never try to take action on those observations.

        7. stopthehate07 JeffWRidge Unionville You claimed that Zimmerman was “told not to” get out of his car. His car, which, incidentally was a truck, was not mentioned by the operator. Nor were the words an order, as you claim. The operator never told Zimmerman not to follow Martin, or not to get out of his vehicle. 
          “Ok, we don’t need you to do that” is not an order, command, or an instruction in any way shape or form. If you want to debate whether Zimmerman should or should not have followed Martin, there are good arguments for both sides. 
          But please do not claim that the operator gave Zimmerman instructions. That never happened.

        8. You have very few ties to reality, if you think Martin attacked someone with a brandished weapon, and did all that damage before one shot was fired. I also noticed you avoid mentioning the fact that his own friends believe he started the altercation. Apparently, you didn’t examine the evidence Bill Wittle produced, and you’ve not a clue what “lean” is.

        9. stopthehate07 JeffWRidge Unionville Ok, we need to clear some things up before we go any further, because you are becoming harder and harder to understand.
          Are you now claiming that you never said that the 911 operator told Zimmerman not to get out of his car? Yes, or no. 
          If yes, then you were, and are, claiming that the operator gave Zimmerman instructions on what he should do, because telling an individual not to do something is to give that individual instructions. If no, then I have no idea what you are talking about.

        10. stopthehate07 Unionville I agree, it is not against the law for a teen to go to the store and by Arizona Ice Tea and Skittles. 2 of the 3 things that you need so you can make some “fire-ass lean.”  But it is against the law to punch someone than get on top of them and pummel them.  Which Martin  clearly did.   And Zimmerman did call 911 and report his observations.  He was following because he wanted to be able to tell the cops where Martin was.  And perhaps if Martin, a citizen, had not taken action and had called 911 himself, he would still be alive.

        11. stopthehate07 Unionville  However, it IS against the law to be trespassing, to sneak up behind someone and sucker punch them and then slam their head into the concrete! TM’s own father said the voice crying out for help was NOT TM’s. Since when is it illegal to walk behind someone? Get over your stupid self!  And for your information, GZ was actually on his way back to his vehicle and no longer walking behind TM when TM attacked him…so NOW what is your excuse for his behavior???? He was a thug and a wanna be “gangsta” all by his own admission and texts/tweets to his friends. AND, he spent the last 2 weeks of his life trying to buy a gun. Maybe GZ should have waited to walk behind him until AFTER TM  bought that gun, just to make sure GZ wasn’t FALSELY charged with racism????

        12. stopthehate07 Unionville  p.s BOTH of which ingredients are part of a ILLEGAL DRUG currently being manufactured in Florida and elsewhere!!!

        13. stopthehate07 Unionville Sorry, no.  First, Zimmerman had at least as much right to be there as Martin did.  Second, he was never told not to get outof the car, he was told by a non-LEO dispatcher they did not need him to follow the Martin thug AFTER he was out of his vehicle.  To which he said OK.  Sometime after that, nearer his vehcile he was jumped by Martin.
          Nobody cares about racist theories.  The facts are available.  Learn them.

        14. stopthehate07 Unionville Community watch is there to report suspicious activity.  A thug hanging around for FORTY minutes for an errand that should have taken five and looking in windows is suspicious.  So Zimmerman was well within his rights to be wary of the thug.  And….yes…he WAS a thug.  Trayvon got pissed off because his plans were being derailed….  The operator’s words had George back off a bit, which emboldened Martin, seeing George was smaller (and now acting scared of him by retreating) and there goes that hair trigger black temper…..and you have……well dead thug.  I for one……happy as hell.

    7. stopthehate07 Actually, more whites have been killed by blacks than the other way around. During Jim Crow days, there were some 3500 blacks who died by lynching. In the last 40 years, blacks have murdered over 260,000 other blacks, when you discount the number of whites murdered. So your point is?

    8. stopthehate07 I wish someone had the balls to do actual numbers of who does what. but that wouldn’t swing with the aclu. everybody is so scared of them. Me too. racial profiling bad bad…..but numbers tell the truth even if you hide your eyes. Bah!!  Actually you don’t need numbers. Just turn on the t.v. and as we have seen stand out in your yard in many places. Sucks.

    9. Stopthehate07, do you know statistically blacks commit more violence on blacks than any other race in this country?

    10. stopthehate07 
      Oh, you ARE right…..but they were white democrats….they formed the KKK doncha know?

  18. 1) They beat him TWICE? Nice of his family to protect him. If it were my son, there would have been a few less gang members after the FIRST time. And if they threatened me and my family, they would have gotten a swift reply from me and my friends Smith and Wesson.

    1. mikeinidaho and the family & friends would be in jail for assaulting minor black “children”. They chose to try to deal with it within the law. See where it got them? Aren’t you glad you live in Idaho? I’m glad I live in Eastern WA…. 😉

  19. I just emailed Al Sharpton’s National Action Network this story. I hope they act, soon.

    1. VIRUSX2K1 I’m sure they are tripping all over themselves to get to the bottom of this. 🙂

    2. VIRUSX2K1  
      Hey, VX, who’s about weighing in on the whole Detroit thing whenever Scoop puts up another post about it (or in an open thread)?  I’ve been waiting to see your take on it.

  20. Watch and see. This kind of brutality is gonna end up with some dead blacks.Then and only then will there be a report made on the poor angelic black kid.

  21. I can guess that the following will not be “part of the conversation” encompassing the dismantling of the “Stand Your Ground” legislation.
    Obama co-sponsored legislation strengthening Illinois’ “stand your ground” law
    Sunday, July 21, 2013
    Obama Voted to Strengthen Illinois’s Stand Your Ground Law in 2004
    July 22, 2013 8:56 AM

  22. Interesting this doesn’t happen in my town….but most of use will drop you where you stand. Esp. if you threaten their child.

  23. It’s always a large number of blacks against one lone white person, or a defenseless family or a child. Can blacks not fight one on one? And why do they only pick on the weak and defenseless? Are they cowards? White people need to start looking out for one another and stop standing around like a bunch of idiots as their fellow Caucasians are pummeled into a coma.

    1. E Lee Zimmerman

      Reports of suspensions paint more complicated picture of Trayvon Martin
      March 26, 2012
      Judge Rules Whether Trayvon’s Alleged Past Drug Use And School Suspension Permitted In Zimmerman Trial
      May 28th, 2013
      Breaking – Jury will not get to see Trayvon fighting texts
      July 10, 2013 at 9:15am

  24. Actions like this and Al Sharpton is all we need, to become the racists we’re all being accused of .

    1. DomenickDeRose I will never become racist!  I don’t care how racist others are and how they malign who I am!

      1. Conservative_Hippie DomenickDeRose Me neither,but I understand what he is getting at and how somebody could feel that way with all that is happening.

      2. Conservative_Hippie DomenickDeRose Nor I however, people who do not possess your attributes become victims of what most of us don’t want to be, racists. We’re being tested everyday. I must admit however, the thought crossed my mind

  25. This is the sad truth of America today. White people are target number one by the left, have been for some time now. The only solution is to be prepared for anything. Parents teach your children to defend themselves or to run away if necessary. Be aware of your surroundings, and don’t underestimate anyone.

    1. WhiteGuy2 I think it’s proper to say white males are the target of the Left.  The War on Women is a farce perpetrated by the Left, so I don’t think they’re really all that much in their sights, not like white men are.

  26. In obama’s world it’s okay for blacks to beat up whites.  No one in his corrupt administration is going to say a negative thing about it.

    1. stevekiker1969 
      It’s the same way Zimmerman used his face to beat the crap out of Martin’s fists.

  27. I’m sure the kid was hurling racist slurs at his attackers.He is white after all.(sarc)

    1. CaniacSteveHenderson He will be all over is if there is retaliation.  We can’t be having any of that “eye for an eye”” stuff going on.

  28. We’re on our own. Our “government” instigated these attacks and all the attacks to come. Now more than ever, take care of yourself. No one else will.

    1. lawngreen We’ve been on our own but now they want to take away our right to defend ourselves.

      1. JohnGarrett1 lawngreen  dont let them  ,   hide your  defences   and  get  more .you’ll need it  before this is over  . when obama let on that he wanted to get rid of  all guns ,he bit of his nose to spite his face .it made people suspicious and the more he pushed  for it  the more  people  started buying  guns  untill the  gun owners of  america  now   have  doubled or  trippled

        1. RulieHaveman JohnGarrett1 lawngreen A gun behind every blade od grass,as one Japanese Admiral so astutely observed during WW2.Even more so now.

  29. Story sounds weird to me.  With the first altercation there were 12-15 teens, he was knocked unconscious and “woke up at home, with the police in front of me”……why “home” and not the hospital? The second assault, there were 6, yet the police report only had a single assaulter with only one person charged, and the police chief didn’t even know about the others.

    Somethings fishy IMHO.

    1. tencole maybe fishy..but i have seen something like that happen..not recently..but it has happened..

  30. I just love the initial report which does not mention any identification of the kids that assaulted the boy.  Of course, why was there no one arrested in the first assault?

    1. Probably because the boy was white…..really though, police don’t do anything. It’s his word against theirs and there were how many of them??? I was thrown out of my car once, hair ripped out, black eyes and the two people that did it claimed I got out of my vehicle and attacked them. Funny thing is I was in my car waiting for my son to get in after his tutoring appt. Nothing came of that.

  31. For the love of pity, arm yourselves, people! When I was 15 I was assaulted twice by two individuals. The police did nothing. It was my word against theirs. 
    Shortly after that I purchased a pocket knife, that I carried everywhere. I oiled that knife and worked the hinge until I flip it open with one hand like a makeshift switchblade. The next time those thugs came at me I flicked open the knife and waited for them; they walked away. 
    Later my brother, the felon, told me that they complained to him that I had pulled a blade on them. He punched them out breaking one’s jaw.

  32. Get used to this black on white violence. Obama/Sharpton will ensure it continues long into the future.

      1. americalsgt therightscoop I failed to include it was in Mississippi when I first posted it. For those already reading the post, I decided to make it a comment so they might see it as well.

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