17-year-old eggs Australian politician over NZ attack, gets punched in the face next

People are loving a 17-year-old who snuck up on an Australian politician and slammed an egg on him because of comments he made about the attack on mosques in New Zealand.

So now #EggBoy is trending because assaulting a politician is a reasonable response to the left.

This account is claiming responsibility – they tweet a lot of Muslim stuff:

Here’s what he said that got everyone riled up:

“As always, leftwing politicians and the media will rush to claim that the causes of today’s shootings lie with gun laws or those who hold nationalist views, but this is all cliched nonsense.

“The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”

It does seem irresponsible to say that, as if it’s a reasonable response to terrorism to commit acts of terror. This kind of rhetoric doesn’t help anyone. But then, neither does egging.

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94 thoughts on “17-year-old eggs Australian politician over NZ attack, gets punched in the face next

  1. The liberal left is one big fat lie no matter where you are in the world. Shame on you for calling a 17 year old a kid only when you need them to be kids. The 17 yr old kids are adults when they need them to vote. The 17 years old kids are an adult when they need them to fight wars. They aren’t 17 yr old kids when they need to make money off of their abortions the killing of babies. The liberal left has a nut-job problem.

  2. We can criticize the politician for being a jerk, but really, how many of you would have restrained yourselves if you had been in his shoes? I don’t think I would have been able to.

  3. A bit of perspective from someone who lives in Australia and is from the same state as Fraser Anning. Fraser Anning is not an elected official. He became a member of Parliament when another person from the party he was in, was forced to resign due to not being an Australian citizen. Fraser Anning had only received 19 votes. He received 0.0% of all the votes. He was elevated to a position that pays him $200,000 by a quirk in Australian electoral laws. When the other candidate was legible to reclaim his seat, the seat he had actually won, Fraser Anning, who by then had declared himself (when the far right leader of the party he was in questioned his racism and anti-semitism) as an independent, refused to relinquish the seat.

    He then joined another far right party, who deemed his racism and anti-semitism too extreme and he was kicked out of that too.

    The man is an awful human being who in his maiden speech in Parliament, spoke of a need for “the final solution” to non-white Australians and migrants. He is a regular fixture at the tiki torch carrying types of protests, be they in front of mosques and synagogues, screaming white supremacist slogans and swearing at men, women and children who are Muslims, Jewish, Buddhists or not white.

    For those of you praising his “security detail”. At least one of them is a white supremacist convicted criminal (he is the one who put the kid in a headlock and nearly broke his neck while others there pleaded with him to not do this and to call the police and escort him outside).. The delay in calling the police (they were too busy taking photos of the kid’s face as he was pinned down by 4-5 people, including the convicted criminal who had him in the headlock), the manner in which his “security detail” then tried to interfere with the police when they got there, the manner in which they were caught on camera mocking one of the police officers who is a woman (asking her if she needs a real man in a lewd fashion).. Actually says a lot about the types of people Mr Anning surrounds himself with. These individuals may end up facing charges as a result of their disproportionate response to having an egg thrown at Anning.

    1. Okay, the politician is a jerk. Noted.

      Now, what does that have to do with the snowflake assaulting him?

  4. Aww, poor kid got punched in the face for being a schmuck. Good! Now, there are already calls of “child abuse” from the same vermin who pushed the kid into doing this… you can’t make this stuff up.

    Fredo Cuomo, Dim Lemming, plus the U.S. Hall Monitor, Brian Stelter, and other anti-Trumpists, are claiming violence has gone up since Trump was elected POTUS.

      1. Don’t try to put NZ massacre on Trump.
        It’s outrageous to do so…
        And how about all the violence under Obama,
        “Hans up don’t shoot”, “black lives matter”
        “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon”…..
        Just as outrageous…..

        1. “Don’t try to put NZ massacre on Trump.
          It’s outrageous to do so…”
          Yeah, I’d say that’s kind of a no-brainer. But then CNN and other like-minded lefties aren’t exactly known for being brain trusts.

  5. The 17 year old is NO child! He attacked the man! He deserved what he got! I agree with the senator, no good comes from the Muslim invasion of countries!

    1. Muslims should be required to assimilate into the country in which they seek refuge… That would greatly reduce the animosity felt by others…. by no means, not asking they give up all their religious beliefs, but having “no go” areas, and instituting sharia law in those areas, give people pause towards acceptance. In the USA, we’re supposed to be a nation of laws, and sharia law is outside the bounds of our laws, as is FGM.

  6. First of all if your dumb enough to strike someone with an object at close range expect an even greater force of retaliation, he’s lucky the politician wasn’t an ex boxer because defending yourself is not a crime at least in certain places.
    but this SJW decided he wanted his 20 seconds of fame by his premeditated assault, so he got the desired affect.
    When a horrific tragedy like this occurs the last thing you want is to throw gasoline in the fire and have some on the left blame Trump for a massacre by right wing extremists even tho the politician has the right to free speech.

    The left will cry hate speech to silence opposition, its one of an arsenal of tactics they apply especially when confronted with facts they can’t argue against so they resort to throwing temper tantrums like caged chimps in a zoo.

  7. Kid got what he deserved. If you think you are man enough to egg someone, then you should be big enough to take the consequences.

  8. Bet you the parents are really proud of this little sh*t who obviously wasn’t taught the meaning of respect. Should have cold cocked him.

    1. The fact the kid was so ready to punch back, even though he knew he was the aggressor – a very disturbed and angry, and probably high, young man.

      Put him under close observation.

  9. And note, he’s got his camera ready to film it all. Too bad the politician didn’t knock that against the wall first, then gave him one of those Hollywood punches that knock them cold immediately.

    ‘Course, that’s my reaction because I can’t stand it when punk kids show no respect for their elders.

    I will further use that logic of mine to say that the kid should have expected something explosive to happen if he’s going to smash an egg on top of the man’s head. But the courts will probably say it’s all on the older man, and the kid’s just a teen. :facepalmg:

  10. I’ll bet the kid’s parents attempt to sue both the politician and his security staff for assault on a “minor”.

    That being said, the kid deserved every fingerprint of that slap.

  11. Stupid kid. He assaulted the politician and people are upset that the politician responded? It’s a natural reaction when you get assaulted. If you assault someone you’re to blame if they turn around and beat your ass for it.

      1. @kenoshamarge The kid should be brought up on charges, but I’d be willing to bet that he won’t be.

          1. @factotum Probably. I don’t know anything of what followed. You’re the first I’ve heard of an update.

  12. If I was a judge I’d throw this out of court. The kid got just what he deserved. The only reason he was hit twice is because the first blow was not quite hard enough.

    1. It is actually more along the lines of

      If you Spare the rod, you hate your children.

  13. How did the kid get so close? What kind of security are they running there? Crap, apparently. But I really enjoyed watching the little, dumb*ss get smacked. Now he can go crying to his liberal mommies.

  14. You go down this road it doesn’t end well.


    to see all the idiots cheering this little twit on because the politician wrote something offensive …I fear we’re not far away from political violence becoming the norm in our own country

    1. With how crazy the Left has become the last 3 years, if Trump wins re-election I fear this to be the case with these leftist crazies. Their mindset is “By any means necessary”.

  15. You want to play politics with the big folks then you take the consequences. Some snotty kids eggs me I’d have done the same.

  16. Beautiful left hand slap. Would have preferred a closed fist short left hook followed by a straight right hand.

    1. If I had done that to an adult back when I was 17 in the late 90s, I would have received an WWF Undertaker-quality chokeslam…from my parents.

  17. Though restrained, a perfectly rational response in my estimation. Something like this may have been more deserving:

  18. Egg Boy DESERVED much worse — a full tanning. Anning did what any normal person would do. The kid should have been spanked, open-handed, on his knee for a good ten minutes, as cameras rolled. Spanking is good.

  19. Personally that politician was way too easy on that brat. I would`ve rammed the whole carton of eggs down that punks throat.
    As Dana Loesch says… “don’t start none, won’t get none”

  20. The Senator should be able to say whatever obnoxious thing he wants to say without being physically attacked.

    The pop in the face was a reasonable reaction. Once someone takes aggressive physical action, it’s hard to blame the victim for responding in kind.

  21. Violence is never an answer, whether it’s an assault using an egg, or a corresponding answer with a punch. And if the person using the egg had been an adult, it WOULD have been classified as an assault!

    However, I will say that this exemplifies why 16 year-olds should NOT be given the right to vote. Children like these haven’t matured enough to make informed decisions. They make rash decisions and react with their emotions, rather than thinking things through.

    All that being said, I have to say it was gratifying to see the Senator punch that kid in the face. Young people today think that their actions don’t have consequences. This young man learned a valuable lesson – sometimes they do!

      1. Disagree. It isn’t like this “kid” was 8 or 9 years old. He’s 17! Well within 12 months of ACTUALLY BEING classified as an adult. He knew how stupid his actions were and he found out that doing stupid things have consequences. Also, it’s not as if the Senator beat him senseless. The poke to the face was as harmless as the egging. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of young people using their age as an excuse for their bad manners and bad actions.

    1. Violence created the USA. Violence freed slaves in America. Violence ended brutal Spanish rule in the Caribbean. Violence ended Empire building in Europe and around the world. Violence ended brutal Fascism, murderous Nazism, and racist Empirical rule around the world. Violence ended brutal communist control in dozens of places around the world. Violence stopped an ignorant and stupid kid from continuing his assault on a politician. Jesus said those without a sword, to sell their cloak and buy one.

      So, yeah. Violence often is the answer.

  22. People need to read the Senator’s entire statement which makes his position seem more lucid and clear.

  23. There’s a long video where the kid gets held down by 4-5 adults and is given a good talking to while he’s in a choke hold about the inappropriateness of physically assaulting a politician at a public event. I’m sure the kid will try to sue everyone claiming he was assaulted, but honestly, they had no way of telling he didn’t have a weapon or wasn’t planning a more violent assault.

  24. little disappointing to see the senator react so mildly and even more disappointing to see that the eggboy suffered only a little redness on his cheek.

  25. This is why kids his age should not be able to vote. They do stupid things. On the bright side, he probably won’t sneak attack egg someone on the back of the head again.

    1. To be honest, leftists adults everywhere have cheered the kid on and think that the use of an egg to the head was appropriate. They shouldn’t be voting either.

  26. Weird that no one out there gets this worked up when Christians are murdered (at about a 1000 to 1 ratio) or disrespected. I’m guessing people are now lining up to egg AOC… oh wait, Christians truly ARE peaceful!

  27. And what Senator Anning said was entirely correct. Islamic mass-immigration, and the hatred spread by Islamic ideology, only bred more hatred. Hatred that created a murderer that killed innocent Muslims. It might sound cold, but the truth is often ugly.

    And, yes, that little punk was asking for a smacking.

    1. Considering the fact that the shooter was a citizen of Australia, wouldn’t it just as correct to say that immigration from Australia was the cause of this incident and NZ should seek to choke it off?

    2. How is that different than what Islamist terrorists say when they claim they are killing innocents due to US bombing a country in the middle east?

      Just wondering because to me it sounds like the same rationale for evil.

      I dont agree its immigration per se, but the fact that immigrants arent expected to assimilate, and instead stay in their own little areas and act as though they arent a part if us, but bringing their own culture here.

      1. True. Islamic terrorists would use a call against infidel invaders as an excuse to murder innocents. Immigration should be allowed in, in a trickle, not a flood. It should not be cut off entirely, but if you want your country to remain as itself, then assimilation is a must, and that takes controllable and digestible levels of immigration.

        The statement about immigration would be true about any other group of immigrants outside of Islam, as immigrants as individuals can choose to assimilate. Islam, as an ideology, is utterly against assimilation in any form. It is an utterly regressive ideology that is completely backwards, and against our modern beliefs. We even have many problems with it here in the US, such as in Dearborn Michigan.

        1. Yes, there is a strong resistance to assimilate in some groups of muslims, and I happen to think our culture is better than the barbarism they want to bring with sharia and FGM. This isnt going to end well at all, because the two cultures are incompatible.

  28. And the kid got what he deserved. Dont start crap if you arent willing to get punched.

    Edit: lol can you imagine if the covingting kids had egged someone? I think it would be covered a lot different than this.

  29. Anning spoke a partial truth. But it is much better to be complete and condemn the evil murderer as well. Statements like his help those who want to discount the truth, he looks bad, and his point gets slammed.

    I think it was fine what he did regarding the kid though. He didn’t necessarily know it was a kid first off. And he was assaulted. Who knows what else the kid had planned. The kid should have been arrested and charged. He is disturbed to think he has any right to do that.

  30. Once again, only the non-leftists have to reign in their speech.

    Yes, it’s the right thing to do. But apparently that’s only if you’re not on the left.

  31. This isn’t the last we’ll be seeing violence of this kind. The Left has gone off the rails and unless the authorities step in it will only get worse.

  32. I can understand Senator Anning’s knee-jerk response to the foolish kid that egged him.

    I also do not disagree with Anning’s statement because it’s the truth. However, what he should have said was that there is a pro islamic jihadi segment of the muslim population that are responsible for the vast majority of the criminal acts perpetrated by them throughout the world.

  33. People are DEAD and maimed, possibly for the rest of their lives.

    Can everyone please just take a breath? And quit popping off?

      1. @tracy You mean for people to turn on each other? I didn’t read what he said. But it makes sense he wanted to stir up hate and more violence.

        1. Yes he spelled it out very clearly he wanted to start a conflict.

          Leftists are very interested in what he has to say

          Trump calls immigration at southwest border an ‘invasion,’ echoing New Zealand gunman’s rhetoric (link: http://bit.ly/2TGEXY0) bit.ly/2TGEXY0

    1. Social media makes idiot hot takes (the politician) and idiotic viral moments (the dumb kid egging the dumb politician) more popular than ever.

    2. Doesn’t sound like a very Noble comment to me.I think I will wait for the monitor to suggest what I can say or cannot say and not some lowly appointed Nobleman

        1. I just thought the collection of responses here today were on target and none of the Responders should have taken a deep breath and worried about what he/she was posting.Just my opinion,No offense intended

          1. @bigsir74 Ah I get it. We had a misunderstanding. I had actually posted my comment before I saw anyone else’s, so I was referring to people at large in the world, like the Senator AND the EggBoy, not commenters here. No offense taken, buddy!

    3. It’s too late to edit my comment above, but it appears I need to clarify that when I said “everyone” I was NOT referring to RS commenters here. I was specifically referring to people with public voices in politics and Media (and obnoxious EggBoys).

        1. The shooter seemed to migrate to NZ from Oz. So I guess you could say migration is to blame and NZ should shutdown migration from Oz till they find out what is going on.

  34. That egg attack looked to be premeditated regardless of what this politician said. This kid was walking around with his egg, and he had his cell phone out to record the dirty deed.

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