18-year-old slashes tire on a car over MAGA hat – but the owner tracks her down from surveillance video!

Some guy in Arizona got his tires slashed just because he had a MAGA hat displayed, but he didn’t let it go – he did some detective work and got the perp arrested.

From AZ Central:

Dugas works as a retail security manager, so he went back into the mall to look at surveillance footage of the parking lot.

At 12:40 p.m., a car parked next to his SUV. Four women got out. Two of them peered into his vehicle — where there was a red “Make America Great Again” hat on the console.

The women went into a store, reappeared seven minutes later and got into their car. But a minute later, the driver and front passenger got out again.

The driver squatted next to his tire. The front passenger stood next to her, scanning the parking lot.

The left side of Dugas’ SUV dropped. The women got back into their car and drove away.

Dugas couldn’t believe it.

This guy then puts his Sherlock Holmes cap on and gets down to business:

He looked closer and noticed the driver had a red beverage from Dutch Bros. Coffee in her hand.

“I just started picking the pieces apart,” he said. It’s what he does for a living.

Dugas walked across the street to the Dutch Bros. Coffee and asked about the distinctive drink. It turned out the manager knew the women; they came in often.

Dugas checked the coffee place’s page on Instagram, scrolled through the followers and recognized the women from the surveillance video.

He turned over their names and surveillance video to Phoenix police.

The time it took to get a ride from the mall to the tire shop, pay $300 to have the tire replaced and get across Phoenix, a 45-minute drive in traffic, meant Dugas missed his mother’s birthday dinner.

Wow, that sucks. What a dirtbag that girl is. 

The driver was 18. She admitted to police that she cut the tire. “She later told police that it was because she saw a hat with a political message inside the vehicle which she disagreed with,” spokesman Sgt. Vincent Lewis said in an email.

She was cited for criminal damage, a Class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by up to four months in jail and a $750 fine.

The guy made a good statement to the court about the matter:

Dugas would like to forgive the woman.

In a statement to the court, Dugas wrote, “In this case, the right thing to do is to forgive you rather than spill hatred onto you like you did to me. Rather than wish upon you the same fear you wished upon me that day. But I really hope that you are listening. Just because I have a different yet equally as important view as you do, it doesn’t EVER give you the right to spew hate, cause fear, and interrupt someone else’s life.”

Yup. This is what happens when people allow themselves to be radicalized by only reading and viewing news content that they agree with – they start dehumanizing the other side of the aisle. We all need to be better about being fair and reasonable to our fellow citizens. Except AOC, screw that idiot.

[h/t TheBlaze]

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68 thoughts on “18-year-old slashes tire on a car over MAGA hat – but the owner tracks her down from surveillance video!

  1. i hope he at least got his money back for the tire?
    He may be able to afford it, but just making them pay is part of the lesson.

  2. You see this over and over today with liberals going berserk over a Trump hat. What is wrong with these people who think they can do criminal acts like this just because they hate Trump? I’m surprised by now with all this kind of craziness coming from the left we haven’t seen the Trump Derangement Syndrome defense used in court.

  3. I’m all in with forgiving – but also with consequences. This young woman should be made to pay for the man’s tire, time and any other problem caused by her actions. She should have to apologize to his mother for causing her son to miss her birthday dinner.

    Then she should be made to do community service. Actions have consequences and it’s time that fools like this girl learn it. Also make the girl who shielded her do some community service too.

  4. If I slashed the tires on every Bernie bumper-stickered Subaru there would be a lot less traffic here.

    1. Considering I live near an Ivy League university and the loony leftist city they reside in, if it was illegal to display anything with Bernie Sanders’ name on it the traffic in the area would drop by 90%

  5. I wonder how the left is going to twist this to make the guy guilty instead of the perp who slashed his tires… hmmmm.

  6. Love the fact these idiots who are guilty enough to “look around” totally forget every move today is on someone’s video camera.

    God is watching over you – same thing. They should get time for being so stupid in today’ electronic world.

    1. Since she’s only eighteen her summer job should be to sit on the chair in a carnival dunk tank.

  7. This is starting to make my blood boil. The Corrupt Media never reports on it. If these were democrats that were being attacked by the right the stories would be running on endless loops with panels of moron liberals discussing how hateful the right is. This bias is destroying this country. Nobody seems to care until it happens to them.

    1. This is starting to make my blood boil.

      Anger clouds objectivity and rationality. Try to step back from the emotional outrage of it. Detach, so you can view the situation from an analytical perspective.

      If these were democrats that were being attacked by the right the stories would be running on endless loops with panels of moron liberals discussing how hateful the right is.

      Yes, it’s a double-standard. This is not new. But complaining about the double-standard isn’t going to make it go away. Nor will reducing yourself to it in order to “get back” at it or “fight fire with fire.” The only way to defeat a double-standard is to rise above it.

      But you have to be a good person for that. A truly good and rational person.

      Nobody seems to care until it happens to them.

      Well, that’s an unfortunate side effect of Individualism. Because we really don’t care about this kind of stuff until it ends up on our doorstep.

      This is why I always laugh at the nutters who talk about large-scale revolt. A) Ha, like we’re anywhere near organized enough for that; B) Haha, like we’re all going to abandon our jobs and families to go make the effort; and C) Hahaha, like a slashed tire is enough of a motivation for A and B.

      Maybe on the VERY local scale (eg. Neighborhood watches and stuff) – but on the national one? No way Jose.

  8. How is it not some sort of war when people just see a hat (a uniform) and they start attacking?

  9. This isn’t new. In Seattle, Portland, NorCal this happens when you have the wrong bumper stickers on your car.

    It’s why you don’t put bumper stickers on your car. It’s basically asking to be keyed. Crappy and wrong, and they do it with impunity knowing we won’t do it back (because we’re better people) – but that’s just how it is.

    1. Shut up! You are a moron taking a leftist stance of blaming the victims….
      So I guess a women deserves being raped because of the clothes she wears too, right? You freak.

      1. @cheetobuster That drivel is why I don’t engage AT anymore. She lurks about and will respond to my comment with a long, boring diatribe which I will ignore.

        1. @dr-strangelove AT was annoying as a pesky gnat last night. Best to ignore her , she’s not stable.

            1. Mostly because you can’t. You’re a smart enough fellow, so you realize when I’m right (which is most of the time) – but I suspect you find the idea of validating me, and thus inflating my ego, to be disdainful.

              That’s OK. I’m used to that.

              1. I don’t think you’re stupid, but don’t flatter yourself to think that Doc doesn’t get or couldn’t respond to your stunning arguments.

                No offense, but normally I skip your posts. Too many words that say too little in a way that I guess you think sticks your finger in the eyes of some people here or the Man or the establishment or Trump or whatever. To me they just come across as disrespect for the people you’re communicating with here. Looks more like trolling than an honest attempt to interact.

          1. Yea, Mike Lee, a tried and tested conservative for years upon years that we’ve all relied on to champion our causes, does ONE thing you all disagree with – which, by they way, is a very reasonable position for him to take, regardless of how much y’all disagree (which you don’t even disagree with on the merits, but rather because of a wall-obsession) – is now a mortal enemy.

            Because that’s the picture of stability.

  10. The hat should be arrested, charged, convicted, and deported. It is criminal and incites mindless people to violence and destruction.

    1. In Austin the police would have told him he was partially to blame for inciting the violence. The hat is only legal until its illegal

    2. I was just gonna say, that Austin cop was right after all. These hats do incite violence! For his last indictment, Mueller should consider the MAGA hat!

  11. And the Twitter mob cheered her action snd declared her a hero. And why were they looking in his vehicle in the first place? Maybe the hat was on thr dash and caught their attention – that’s the best case I can think of for that.

    1. “Maybe the hat was on thr dash and caught their attention – that’s the best case I can think of for that.”

      Thus the reason the guy should be ticketed for inciting violence. /s

  12. He didn’t have a spare he could throw on there until after his mother’s birthday dinner? Never be caught without a spare and a jack.

    I mostly say this facetiously, but after he found out who it was he should have slashed all four of her tires. Yeah yeah, two wrongs don’t make it right, but I think there’s a lot to say for “an eye for an eye” and people need to have done unto them what they do unto others….only worse.

    1. Yeah but 4 tires? A tire for a tire is more principled. So a tire on her car, her parents’ car for raising her poorly, and a tire of her social studies teacher for indoctrinating her. Oh, and throw in AOC’s tire for good measure… there you, go 4 tires.

      1. Lol. I say four tires because people have to get the feeling that worse is going to come back on them for the evil things they do. I would never encourage anyone to do it because going to the police is the right thing to do, but if he were to retaliate instead I wouldn’t have been upset about it. More like…”good for you”.

        As far as AOC, someone should let all the air out of her skull.

        1. AOC can do that trick with a chain. You know, the one where you put it into one ear, suck really hard, and it comes out the other ear, then you pull it back and forth as everybody laughs at you.

                1. That one was from a B. Kliban cartoon. That tire should have been able to be fixed if the hole wasn’t in the sidewall.

                2. I don’t know. It’s just what they told me. It still had a lot of tread on it too and it wasn’t in the sidewall. In any case that was a distraction (by me) from my main point. You can get a punctured tire at any time and pretty much any place.

                3. It’s pretty rare to get flats anymore. I haven’t had one since I quit buying used tires. (Back when I was po’) I get one every couple years in the big truck, but considering that that’s way over 200,000 miles, not too bad.

                4. @dr-strangelove It is rare as long as you stay off dirt roads, but when it happens you sure don’t want to be caught flat footed.

      2. AOC uses Uber. She has no tire to give, but if you use her logic, you can take a tire from an Uber she’s ridden in because she paid that Uber driver for his/her service which supported the purchase of the tire.

        1. To take it the next step, the bank that loaned the man money to buy his car and the hat should be held accountable as well.

    2. @Kong You wouldn’t believe how many cars I see on the side of the road with no spare.

      1. @dr-strangelove I’d believe it. I just don’t understand it. My mom ran over a nail a couple weeks ago while driving my car and when she brought it back I looked at the damaged tire (that someone took off for her). The head of the freaking nail was an inch across. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Never-the-less, they couldn’t repair it so I had to buy another tire. I guess people don’t get that you can run over that crap about anywhere.

    3. Many cars today don’t have spare but rather “run flats” for weight/cost savings. A sliced run flat is probably not very safe. Or, being in a border state, if the car had a spare under the frame (like a truck or some SUV’s) it had most likely already been stolen. I see spare tire hangers swinging in the breeze under vehicles all the time, even in here in Indiana.

      1. The “run flat” shouldn’t be on your car very long, so the odds of damaging it in the meantime should be minimal and the odds of someone slicing it are next to none. It works perfectly fine to get you by for a day or two until you buy a new one or get your “real” tire fixed (you just shouldn’t drive fast). If you don’t replace the “run flat” ASAP I categorize that as being unprepared.

        It’s not easy for someone to steal the tire underneath the frame. You have to have the long “key” to release it and lower it down. I’ve had a few vehicles like that. I would think that most people with the hanging cable just never replaced the tire they themselves took from it to use on the vehicle.

  13. So she’s triggered by something she sees while looking into someone else’s property? Is NOTHING sacred? The lack of respect for other’s personal space, property and belongings is just another version of the ‘me first’ attitude that seems to plague the younger generation. And there’s a whole generation of parents that have failed these punks miserably.

  14. Maybe he can forgive her if he really wants to, but that doesn’t mean his mother has to. 😉

  15. A $750 fine, a week in jail, repaying Dugas his $300 for a new tire and picking up trash on the side of the road in front of the mall for a month might make her think before destroying someone else’s property again

    1. @landscaper Only if it’s video taped and posted to social media. That’s the only thing that hits these kids where they live ❓

    1. See no reason why there cannot be forgiveness and still hold the person accountable and pay for damages.

    2. I would have laughed if he slashed all four of her tires. Sometimes people deserve to have things come back on them in the same manner.

    3. Forgiveness is for the Lord. An 18 year-old HAS TO learn the consequences of impulsive action. Betcha she wouldn’t do that again.

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