2009 Chuck Hagel keynoted George Soros’ J-Street conference

Yid with Lid has the down low on this, including the video:

YWL – In 2009 Chuck Hagel was a keynote speaker to the J-Street Conference (J-Street is the fake pro-Israel group created by George Soros to give cover to anti-Israel activists).

Succumbing to the pressure, J-Street finally posted the video this afternoon.

In viewing the video (30 Minutes long-embedded below) we learn that Hagel is a believer in the meme created by former Secretary of State James “F**K The Jews They Won’t Vote For Us Anyway” Baker as part of his Iraq study group.

This falsehood is that all of the United States’ problems in the Middle East are caused by the Israel/Palestinian conflict–be it Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan–all of it would be easily solved if there could only be peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. It has nothing to do with radical Islam?

When originally suggested by Baker’s study group then Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Joe Biden stated that he rejects the linkage the study group made “Even if a peace treaty were signed tomorrow, it would not end the civil war in Iraq,” Biden said during a January 17 2007 hearing. But it is a falsehood Hagel perpetuates in his speech.


I’ve said in the past that it doesn’t really matter who Obama chooses, whether it be Hagel or some other Israel-hating Jew. And while that’s true, it’d be better for Obama to pick a Democrat so that he can never blame the GOP in the future for his foreign policy failures.

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