2009 Chuck Hagel keynoted George Soros’ J-Street conference

Yid with Lid has the down low on this, including the video:

YWL – In 2009 Chuck Hagel was a keynote speaker to the J-Street Conference (J-Street is the fake pro-Israel group created by George Soros to give cover to anti-Israel activists).

Succumbing to the pressure, J-Street finally posted the video this afternoon.

In viewing the video (30 Minutes long-embedded below) we learn that Hagel is a believer in the meme created by former Secretary of State James “F**K The Jews They Won’t Vote For Us Anyway” Baker as part of his Iraq study group.

This falsehood is that all of the United States’ problems in the Middle East are caused by the Israel/Palestinian conflict–be it Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan–all of it would be easily solved if there could only be peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. It has nothing to do with radical Islam?

When originally suggested by Baker’s study group then Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Joe Biden stated that he rejects the linkage the study group made “Even if a peace treaty were signed tomorrow, it would not end the civil war in Iraq,” Biden said during a January 17 2007 hearing. But it is a falsehood Hagel perpetuates in his speech.


I’ve said in the past that it doesn’t really matter who Obama chooses, whether it be Hagel or some other Israel-hating Jew. And while that’s true, it’d be better for Obama to pick a Democrat so that he can never blame the GOP in the future for his foreign policy failures.

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24 thoughts on “2009 Chuck Hagel keynoted George Soros’ J-Street conference

  1. We are becoming a nation of idiots.

    Apparently Hagel is devoid of the history of the ME and their evil deeds prior to the formation of Israel.

  2. To all you Jewish-Americans who voted for the Islamo-fascist and his administration: You get what you deserve! It’s gonna’ suck to be any of you traitors-to-your-heritage and Israel.
    I’m Irish and we’ve fought the British both in Ireland and the US for many years before we were free. Hope you are prepared to fight for your freedom, too.

  3. My thoughts on Hagel’s nomination are this: if we try to relive the 2000s and debate over Bush’s decade-old policies on Iraq or whatever we lose with most people. We’ll get Kristol and Rove actually passionate for something, but most people wouldn’t be into it. The Tea Party doesn’t have a foreign policy, but it rejects Bushism and doesn’t get animated defending his policies as we know he expanded government too. If we nail RINO Hagel on keynoting a SOROS CONFERENCE, we might get somewhere.

  4. Ted Cruz and I think Cornyn and I can’t remember the other person didn’t vote for John Kerry. So, I am sure that more will feel more ‘brave’ to vote against Hagel. Only problem would then who would he pick to replace him!

  5. I wish I had the link, but I read that Ted Cruz is signed on to a bill with I think two other GOP Senators that brings focus on the money corruption going on in DC!

    Does anyone know which bill that is? Thanks!

  6. Hagel was bought and paid for to exit the womb for pete’s sake. Sold his and the souls of those that believe in him since. There is honestly nothing that this utter “DEVIL CHILD can offer but that of a negative nature!

  7. Sorry Soros is a destroyer and a hater – his target Western nations. He likes to bring down economies, currencies, societies into depression, chaos and decadence. He did thing in the UK before coming to the US. He should never have been allowed to operate here.

    J Street is not his only effort, Soros has other organizations and conferences dedicated to destruction of the USA. He supports every immoral and godless agenda there is.

    He’s getting old, but his son is scheduled to take over his evil empire after him.

  8. Okay. Is this where I’m supposed to act surprised? Hagel is just keeping the promises he made to those who pay him.

  9. Why is this such a great surprise? This country has a long history of failed policies, regarding our dealings with other nations.

    I am amazed that so many among us, are just now finding that out.

    1. Really! I was disappointed in Rand for voting Kerry as SoS. I really like his positions so far and is more than just a blip on my radar screen. More like a cat 5 hurricane approaching fast. I sincerely hope he is not a complete disappointment. This is why I dislike it so much when a newcomer says a few words that are chum to the base and all of a sudden everyone wants that person to be the next president ….(Rubio / West). Don’t get me wrong, I love West … but once he got into office he made a few key votes with establishment that were not in line with Tea Party. Rubio is hobnobbing with establishment and is going to get us into another amnesty situation, but it will have a better chance of passage with a republican leading the charge, but it will still most likely end up with amnesty and no border security. (think Reagan) … BORDER SECURITY FIRST!!! Then we talk.

  10. So funny how all the webs like together. And look at the spiders in the middle waiting for their prey.

    I agree Scoop… Obama is going to nominate a POS no matter what. Best if it’s a Democrat so we can make a clean sweep in 2016.

  11. The only comment I would make on this post, is Thank God for Scoop. Because you would never see anything like this on mainstream media.

    I fight with Scoop all the time, because I don’t like the mysterious existence of the person behind it all. That’s just me. That’s just him. It’s a draw. To his credit, I did not create this magical place we all come to each evening. He did. I didn’t.

    To my credit, I tell everyone I can, about the existence of this site. I try to steer as many people as I can, to the nightly conversations we have here. Not so they can listen to me. But so they can listen to you.

    No one individual on this site is important. What is important, is that anyone with a brain, has a voice here. “Anyone can cook!” Sorry for the movie reference. Disney/Pixar. Ratotuille. Anyone can cook.

    The solution we are looking for, to save what all of us still believe in, rests with all of us.

    It is not what I think. It is not what you think. It is what we think as a group. A group of people who are against what we see happening.

    1. Is Scoop a Guy? your right he is mysterious. That is okay with me, people have Seen him at CPAC, last year they won the Award !! I haven’t seen him, nor met him, But I have said Hi to him here. ROFL At least he fights with you. I better keep my mouth shut now, because I think at times he would like to tell me to just be quiet LOL LOL LOL

      I just know I am so very Thankful for this site. I get so much good stuff from this site. So Scoop I am thankful.

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